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Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe NewsletterJP78:  More of John Palmer's Family Genealogies - last crate! August 26, 2011 -  JP78






Here's a list of John's upcoming genealogy conferences. We're looking forward to seeing you at some of them.


September 24, 2011

Fox Valley, Illinois, Genealogical Society Conference

Grace United MethodistChurch, 300 East Gartner Road,

Naperville, IL


October 8, 2011

Dane County, Wisconsin Genealogy Conference

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

4505 Regent Street, Madison, Wisconsin


October 15, 2011

Louisville Genealogical Society Conference

BearGrassCreekChurch, Louisville, KY


November 5, 2011

Western Michigan Genealogical Society

PrinceCenter, Grand Rapids, MI


Hello Everyone,

Here is crate JP 78: More Family Genealogies!


In our previous two Crazy Crates (Crazy Crates JP 76 and JP 77), we listed some of our family histories and genealogies. Now, this crate completes our listing of titles. I hope you find something you can use.


CRAZY CRATE JP-78 BOOK 1: Our Schlensker Family. Frederick and Henriette (Kahle) Schlensker, Heinrich and Caroline (Schlensker) Bosse, Frederick and Louise (Schlensker) Niederhaus, Otto and Wilhelmine (Schlensker) Reininga, and Heinrich and Wilhelmina (Bussman) Schlensker. by Barbara Smith Manzi. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. 2004. 168 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. Johan Heinrich Schlensker and his family arrived on the ship Columbus at the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 12, 1850. From there they made their way to Vanderburgh County in Southern Indiana. The family settled in Scott Township among other German immigrants and bought their first forty acres on February 15, 1850.   This book provides photographs, copies of documents and genealogical information on Frederick and Henrietta and their seven children. Information is provided for 409 families. The 13-page index covers over 1,500 names.   Price: $30.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 2: Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Adkins. Their Ancestors and Descendants. Volume I. By Beverly J. Neises and James H. Gates. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. 2003. 725 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. This book begins with the adventurer, Richard Shockley I, who sailed to America from the British Isles, in 1671. The blood of his daring flowed in the veins of grandson, Richard Shockley of Virginia, the brave Indian fighter of three colonial wars. Young Richard married Elizabeth Adkins. As new lands opened for settlement, their children and grandchildren followed the rivers to Tennessee and Missouri. Twenty-three parts and six indexes trace the footsteps of six generations of this Shockley clan - from the landing on America's shores through the American Civil War.


Part I: The Shockley Family of Somerset County, Maryland.

Part II: Richard Shockley II (Son of Richard Shockley I).  

Part III: David Shockley (Son of Richard Shockley I).  

Part IV: William Shockley (Son of Richard Shockley I).  

Part V: John Shockley (Son of Richard Shockley I).

Part VI: Elizabeth Shockley Magee (daughter of Richard Shockley I).

Part VII: Shockley Cousins from England.

Part VIII: Shockley VS. Stockley.

IX: Richard Shockley of Virginia.

X: Thomas Shockley (Son of Richard and Elizabeth).

XI: Richard Shockley, Jr. (Son of Richard and Elizabeth).  

XII: Ann Shockley Bowman (Daughter of Richard and Elizabeth.).

XIII: Elizabeth Shockley Dalton (Daughter of Richard and Elizabeth).

XIV: Isaiah (Josiah) Shockley (Son of Richard and Elizabeth).


The children of Isaiah Shockley (continued as part of XIV): William Shockley (Son of Isaiah and Ruth),

Samuel Shockley (Son of Isaiah and Ruth.

The African-American Shockley Family of White and Van-Buren Counties, Tennessee (Slaves of Samuel Shockley).  

Nellie Shockley (Daughter of Isaiah and Ruth.

Rutha S. Shockley (Daughter of Isaiah and Ruth.

Thomas Jefferson Shockley (Son of Isaiah and Ruth.  

Sarah "Sally" Shockley (Daughter of Isaiah and Ruth). Richard Shockley (Son of Isaiah and Ruth).

Isaiah Shockley, Jr. (Son of Isaiah and Ruth).

Uriah Shockley (Son of Isaiah and Ruth).

Mary Ann "Polly" Shockley (Daughter of Isaiah and Ruth.)


XVI: John Wilson Shockley (Son of Richard and Elizabeth).

XVII: Isham (Isom) Shockley (Son of Richard and Elizabeth.

XVIII: Alicy (Alicy/Elsie) Shockley Farmer.

XIX: Mary Ann Shockley Crawley.

XX: The Adkins Family.

XII: The Parker Family.

XII: The Owen Family.

XIII.-XXIII: Source Documents : Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri.


Index: Parts I - VIII (15 pages. Covers over 750 names)

Index: Part IX. (13 pages. Covers over 600 names).

Index: Parts X - XIV (Thomas Shockley, Sr. through African-American Shockley Family). (34 pages. Covers nearly 1,700 names.)

Index: Parts XIV - XIX (Nelly Shockley through Mary Ann Shockley Crawley). (22 pages. Covers nearly 1,100 names).

Index: Parts XX - XXII. (17 pages. Covers nearly 800 names).

Index: Part XXIII. (22 pages. Covers nearly 1,100 names.)

Plus Descendancy Charts.  Price: $50.00



CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 3: Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Adkins. Their Ancestors and Descendants. Volume II. By Beverly J. Neises and James H. Gates. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. 2003. 858 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. This volume covers the descendents of Richard Shockley and Ann Boyden. Information in this volume covers: Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Paynter,

Elizabeth Shockley and John McGee,

William Shockley and Sarah,

Amy Shockley and Richard Adams,

Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Adkins,

Thomas Shockley, William Shockley, Richard Shockley, Jr., Ann Shockley, Elizabeth Shockley, Isiah Shockley, William, Nellie, Samuel, Rutha, Thomas Jefferson, Sarah, Richard, Isiah, Jr,

Uriah, and Mary Ann, John Wilson Shockley, Meredith Shockley, (Isom (Isham) Shockley, Alcey (Elsie) Shockley, Mary Ann Shockley,

Thomas Shockley and Prudence,

David Shockley and Grace ,and

John Shockley and Sarah. The 170-page index covers nearly 17,000 names. Price: $50.00  


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 4: Pioneers of West Virginia with Shrewsbury, Graham, Howerton, McKinney and Allied Families. By Doris (Graham) Slaughter. Evansville: Evansville Bindery. 1997. 501 pages. Hardcover. This book is mainly about 4 families: the Descendants of Jeremiah and Mary Shrewsbury,; the Descendants of Robert Graham; The Descendants of Thomas Howerton and the McKinney Family.  A fifth section includes some information on allied families: the Akers Family, Richard Bailey, Thomas Copley, Thomas Godfrey;. David Lusk,, Samuel Mills, the Snead and Gadd Families, Charles Walker and the Whit Family. Maps for some Virginia counties are also included. A "photo album" section contains 40 photographs. The 50-page index covers nearly 7,000 names. Price: $45.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 5: Genealogies of Ben Stephenson and Ezekial Maudlin. No author. (Dorothy Stephenson?) Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. 2004. Various paginations. Hardbound. Note: the binding is tight and the pages are clean. The first part of this book is 266 pages and covers thirteen generations of descendants of Richard Stephenson. 1,193 family entries are listed. This is followed by a 27-page index of 3,000 Stephenson and allied family names. ( pages 147 - 174 taken from a larger "Index of Individuals" but only covers the Stephenson descendants of Richard Stephenson and families who married into the Stephenson family). This index is followed by descendancy charts for Nancy Stephenson, Simpson Stephenson, Delilah Stephenson, Cynthia Stephenson, Nelson Stephenson, Mary Ann Stephenson, Catherine Jane Stephenson, Elmira Stephenson, John Stephenson, Eliza Jane Stephenson (most of whom are descended from Ben Stephenson. This is followed by a 94-page listing of Descendants of Ezekial Maudlin containing 266 family entries. This is followed by pages 54 through 94 of the just mentioned Ezekial Maudlin listings). The final section contains a 5-page listing of Maudlin and associated family names, (pages 57 - 61, taken from the previously mentioned larger "Index of Individuals".) Note: many names listed in the "Descendants of Ezekial Maudlin "section are NOT listed in the index. Price: $50.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 6: Tysons of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. By Patty Tyson Wilson. Nortonville, KY: Greenacres Publishing Company. 2003. 310 pages. Hardcover. Ancestry of the Tysons living in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky between 1816 and the early 1950s can be traced back to Ezekiel Tyson. Ezekiel was born about 1794 in North Carolina and settled in Muhlenberg County around 1816. In 1819 he married Nancy Anne Mercer. Nancy was the daughter of Martin Mercer. Ezekiel and Nancy were the parents of ten known children: Thomas, Wiley Mason, William C., James L., America Elizabeth, Bailes D., Sarah Jane, Rebecca, Ursula J., and S. A. The book covers the descendants of all ten children. Twelve chapters cover: Chapter One: Tyson Origin.

Chapter Two: Pioneers of Muhlenberg County,

Chapter Three: Ezekiel and Nancy, (the life and times of Ezekiel Tyson and his wife, Nancy Anne Mercer).

Chapter Four: Children of Ezekiel Tyson, (Genealogy of Ezekiel and Nancy Mercer Tyson's children and their descendants - the first one hundred years ,and their connection to over 40 families).

Chapter Five:   Historic Tours of Cemeteries - Tyson family plots, (lists fourteen cemeteries).

Chapter Six: Bill and Bett (the life and times of William Cornelius Tyson and his wife Elizabeth "Bett" Mercer).  

Chapter Seven: Dorcas and Colonel McNary, (The biography of Dorcas Mercer, widow of Thomas Uzzell and sister of Nancy Anne (Mercer) Tyson. McNary and Uzzell family history).  

Chapter Eight: Silas, (the life and tiems of Silas Aaron Tyson and his first wife, Martha (McNary) Mercer, and their five children).

Chapter Nine: Billy and Belle, (The tragic love story of William C. Tyson and his wife Lucinda Belle Durall, Billy's trial and prison life).

Chapter Ten: Joseph and Dovey, (the biography of Joseph R. Rickard and his first wife, Dovey Tyson, and their two children; and Joe and his second wife, Mary Ella Tyson, and their four children).

Chapter Eleven: Eli and Mariah, (the biography of Eli Matheny and his first wife, Anne Mariah Loney, and their seven children. And Eli and his second wife, Blancahe Forester Bowman , and their four children and Blanche's two children from her first marriage to James Bowman. the Matheny and Gill family history and genealogy and more).  

Chapter Twelve: Roy and Hallie (he life and times of Roy L. Tyson and his wife, Hallie Mariah Mercer) The 11-page index covers nearly 800 names. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 7: Historie des "V. Welde(n)". Germany - U. S. A - Canada - Belgium. By Armand Vanwelde.   Bruxelles, Belgium. no date. 40 pages. Softcover. Note: the inside of the cover is a little discolored. The title page has an embossed seal at the lower outer corner. The outer lower corners have a very slight bend from use. The red tape on the spine is beginning to split on the back side near the top. This book is written in French. The name "Welden" has existed since the 10th century.  Brief information is given on early Weldon history, with a discussion of Les Chevalirs de Wenden in the 1300s, then quickly jumps to the 1800s. Various Weldon families and their arrivals in America are discussed. This is an excellent overall article on the various families. No photographs No index. Price: $10.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 8: Johannes Werbel and His Descendants. The Warvel - Warble Family History, 1740 - 1881.  Compiled by Ralph W. Morton and John H. Warvel. Jr. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. No date. Various paginations. Hardcover. Note: the binding is tight and the pages are clean except the front flyleaf which has some discoloration.   The outside cover has a small black spot. This is a genealogy of the family of Johannes Werbel and his descendants. This surname has evolved over several generations into Warble, Warbel, and Warvel. The emphasis has been to follow the various lines of those families with the Warble-Warvel surname (male descendants)> Many of the associated branches (female descendants) have been traced down to the present day and are encompassed here. Other branches, such as the Rawalt family, presented in Chapter 25, and the Kershner family presented in Chapter 35, have been researched previously by others.  For this reason, only skeletal frameworks of these two families are included here.  The book is divided into eight sections covering 42 chapters.

Section One: Chapter 1: Johannes Werbel - immigrant

Section Two: Descendants of the First Child - Christopher Warble, Sr.

Chapter 2: Christopher Warble, Sr.

Chapter 3: Jacob Warble.

Chapter 4: Sarah Warble Sellers.

Chapter 5: Christoper Warvel, Jr.

Chapter 6: John Warvel.

Chapter 7: George Warvel.

Chapter 8: John Peter Warble and Anna Marie Warble.  

Chapter 9: Elizabeth Warble Kaylor and Henry Warble.  

Chapter 10: Anna Warble Leap.

Section Three: Descendants of the Second child - Elizabeth Warble.

Chapter 11: Elizabeth Warble Kretzer.

Section Four: Descendants of the third child - John Warble, Jr.

Chapter 12: Joohn Warble, Jr.

Chapter 13: Elizabeth Warble Shuck and Catherine Warble DeRush.

Chapter 14: Jacob D. Warble.

Chapter 15: Margaret Warble Eakle.  

Chapter16: Susannah Warble Bowser.

Chapter 17: Mary Ann Warble Smith.

Section Five: Descendants of the Fourth Child - Margaret Warble.

Chapter 18: Margaret Warble Hovermale.

Chapter 19: Sarah Hovermale Kingerly.

Chapter 20: John Hovermale.  

Chapter 21: Judith Hovermale Miller.

Chapter 22: Elizabeth Hovermale Kingerly.

Chapter 23:   Peter Hovermale.

Chapter 24: Daniel Hovermale, Mathias Hovermale and Margaret Hovermale.

Chapter 25: Susannah Hovermale Miller.

Chapter 26: Joseph Hawvermale.

Section Six: Descendants of the Fifth Child - Mathias Warble.

Chapter 27: Mathias Warble.

Chapter 28: Adeline Warble Rentfrow.

Chapter 29: George W. Warble.

Chapter 30: John Warble.

Chapter 31: Daniel Warble.

Chapter 32: Elizabeth Warble Wertz.

Section Seven: Descendants of the Sixth Child - Peter Warble.

Chapter 33: Peter Warble.

Chapter 34: John Varvel.

Chapter 35: Sarah Warble Kershner .

Chapter 36: Susannah Warble Walter and Juliann Warble Walter.

Chapter 37: Elizabeth Warble Gibson.

Chapter 38: Samuel Warble.

Chapter 39: Margaret Warble Gedling.

Section Eight:

Chapter 40: Phillip Warble - a brother to Johannes? Chapter 41: Addendum - not indexed.

Chapter 42: Unknown - not indexed.   

The 96-page index covers nearly 15,000 names. Price:   $60.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 9: Daniel And Susan (Ream) Yoder Family History. By Ruth Graybill. No place of publication. No publisher. No date of publication (1979?). 58 pages. softcover. (Cover title: A Family History: Descendants of Daniel and Susan (Ream) Yoder.   Note: the paper cover shows a little wear.   Much of the material on Daniel's ancestry as found in the book "Descendants of Barbara Hostetler" by Harvey Hostler. Many of the Yoder clan seem very modest and refrained from giving the author interesting information about themselves and their families. So some families are lacking in elaboration while others were more free in writing. Daniel Y. Yoder, son of Yost and Elizabeth (Stutzman) Yoder, was born April 3, 1829 in StonyCreekTownship. Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He had two brothers, Samuel and Jacob, and one sister, Nancy (Miller). He died on January 7, 1899, in Middlebury, Indiana.   Susannah Ream was born on September 27, 1830 in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of John Ream, (born in 1808 and died November 18, 1864) and Annie Blough (born in 1802 and died in 1870). She died on December 13, 1910 near Shipshewana, Indiana at the home of her daughter, Mary Schrock. Daniel married Susannah (date not given and for the first five or six years of their married life they lived in Stony Creek Township, where Joseph and Lorancy were born. Then they moved to Conomaugh Township, also in Somerset County, where Elizabeth, Mary and Masellas were born. In the fall of 1863 they moved to Indiana. In 1864 they moved to Middlebury where Amaniah was born in 1866. This book provides information on all six of Daniel and Susannah's children as well as information on their descendants. Information includes birth, death and marriage dates and sometimes other information. 84 photographs accompany the text. Price: $20.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 78 BOOK 10: Letters 1904 - 1910 of Helen Burke Young to Her Son William J. Young.Published in 1981. 49 pages. Softcover.   Helen Burke and Philip Young were married in 1882 and were the parents of three children: William John, born in 1885; Frank Joseph, born in 1886; and Helen Mary, born in 1898. These letters were written to William while he was at CreightonCollege in Omaha, and later at the Jesuit Novitiate at Florissant, Missouri, which he entered in 1906. He was ordained at Barcelona, Spain in 1921 and made his final vows in 1923. He said his First Solemn Mass in 1924 and celebrated his Golden Anniversary in 1956. He died at BellarmineSchool of Theology, North Aurora, Illinois in 1970. Price: $7.50


0h!  if we could only see the entire index we might be able to

hook-up" our Family tree to some of these, but some of these indexes are just too big to reproduce here. We all keep looking for something to connect us with somebody else, don't we? It is hard to get lonely when we have all these ancestors just begging to be found! It would have helped if they had not been too busy trying to improve their lifestyle, you know, "trying to live indoors and eat three meals a day." They just didn't know we would want so very much to find out more about them or they would have tried harder to leave more records! Keep looking, today may be the day you get lucky and find something out about an ancestor you didn't even know you had! Happy Hunting! Pat from YOGS

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