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Newsletter Subtitle: JP CONSOLIDATED CRAZY CRATES JP30 - JP42.
Month Day Year: AUGUST 24, 2010

JP30 TO JP42.

HI, EVERYONE!  John has so many good things for us to look at this time, so let's go directly to the books this Tuesday, August 24, 2010.

ENGLAND - CRAZY CRATE JP30 BOOK 9: THE GENEALOGIST - NEW SERIES VOLUME IX.  [NOTE: The title page is missing so I cannot provide editor, date of publication or publisher.  288 pages.  Hardcover.  Note: this is an original edition, not a reprint.  ex - library copy, with stamps.  The binding is getting very loose.  Some of the pages are loose. Others are cracking along the inside spine.  The spine and outside edges of the covers have been re-reinforced with bookbinder's tape.   Like the other volumes, this is a treasure of information for genealogists researching English ancestors.  Among the articles included are the Dormant Barony of Somerville; Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls;  Dugdale's Visitations of Yorkshire;  Topham's Index to Chancery Proceedings;  Extracts from the Burial Records of St. James, Bath; The Parish Register of St. Mary Magdelene, Bermondsey, County Surrey and much more. [NOTE: The thirty pages of the Index of Names and Index of Places are nearly torn from the book.]  The 22-page Index of Names covers over 3,000 names.  The ten-page Index of Places covers nearly 1,500 places.  [Note: Pages 287 and 288 of the Index of Places has been torn from the book and re-set between pages 264 and 265 of the Index of Names.    Price:  $15  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

HERALDRY - CRAZY CRATE JP30 BOOK 10: THE HERALDIC JOURNAL:  RECORDING THE ARMORIAL BEARINGS AND GENEALOGIES OF AMERICAN FAMILIES.  VOLUMES III AND IV.  Boston:  Wiggin and Lunt, Publishers.  1867 and 1868.   Various paginations. (about  384 pages).  This volume contains all of the loose issues from January 1867 through October 1868.  [Note:  This is an original edition.  Not a reprint.  Ex-library copy.  The binding is tight and the original covers are still attached.  This comes in an archival box.  Contains family genealogies, obituaries, coats of arms, book plates, official seals and wills.  Families include Tylor, Fiske, Schuyler, Campbell, Winthrop, Penn, Wallace, Fitzpen, Cotton, Worthington, Lawrence, Sheaffer, and many more.  Price:  $45,  Now on sale with 10% off at $40.50.

CIVIL WAR BOOK CHECKLIST - CRAZY CRATE JP31 BOOK 2: CIVIL WAR BOOKS.  A PRICED CHECKLIST.  Edited by Tom Broadfoot.  Compiled by Ann Sterling and Marianne Pair, General Books and Regiments and Stuart Wright, Confederate Imprints.  Wendell, N. C.  1978.  Avera Press.   503 pages.  Hardback.  Although the prices in the book are outdated, this is a good starting place to see what Civil War books were available in 1978 when this book was published.  It covers new and used books.  General books, regimental histories, and Confederate imprints are all listed.  Regimental history information includes narratives by soldiers, memorials and funeral sermons for soldiers, annual reunions and veterans' reports.  Confederate imprints are materials printed in the Confederate States during the war.   The editor used eleven major book dealers to compile his list.  Price:  $20.  Now on sale with 10% off at $18.

MIDWEST CITIZENS - CRAZY CRATE JP31 BOOK 10: THE VALLEY OF DEMOCRACY.  By Meredith Nicholson.  With Illustrations by Walter Tuttle.  New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons.  Published September 1918, Reprinted November, December, 1919.  284 pages.  Hardcover.  [NOTE:  This is an original edition, not a reprint.  Ex library copy with labels, check out cards, etc.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean, except where library markings occur.]  Nicholson was an important Indiana writer at the turn of the century and his books were highly popular.  This book is the fourth edition of his down-to- earth book on the Mid West.  The six chapters cover the Folks and Their Folksiness, Types and Diversions, The Farmer of the Middle West, Chicago, The Middle West in Politics, and the Spirit of the West.  The sixteen  illustrations include Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Ten Days of New York, Art Exhibits, The Municipal Recreation Pier in Chicago, Types and Diversions, The Perry Monument at Put-in Bay, a Typical Old Homestead of the Middle West, Students of Agriculture in a Pageant, Judging Graded Shorthorn Herds, the Ham Fair in Paris, and more.   Price:  $7.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $6.75.

WILLIAM LOWE BRYANT BOOKS / INDIANA UNIVERSITY-  CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 1: TWO BOOKS BY WILLIAM LOWE BRYAN, FORMER PRESIDENT OF I. U. BOOK 1) FAREWELLS. By William Lowe Bryan. Indiana University. 1938. 166 pages. Hardcover.  Bryan was professor of philosophy at Indiana University from 1885 to 1902, acted as vice-president 1893 to 1902, and President of Indiana University for thirty five years. This book contains 18 commencement addresses and reprints of 156 newspaper columns.
BOOK 2) LAST WORDS. By William Lowe Bryan and Charlotte Lowe Bryan. Indiana University Foundation. 1951. 87 pages. Hardcover.  This book contains selected articles from previously published books and several addresses by William and Charlotte Lowe Bryan. Charlotte Lowe married William Bryan in 1889. She was an outstanding graduate of Indiana University, majoring in Greek and Mathematics. She translated several Greek plays and mathematical books into English with critical acclaim.   Price:  $15.00 for the set of 2 books.  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50 for the set of two.

INDIANA / INDIANA UNIVERSITY /CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 2: INDIANA UNIVERSITY, MIDWESTERN PIONEER.  VOLUME 1:    THE EARLY YEARS.  By Thomas D. Clark.. Bloomington:  Indiana University Press.  1970. 371 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note:  Page 244 has some smudge marks.]  When the doors of Indiana Seminary were opened to classes in 1825 the central challenge became at once the broadening of its instructional base in such a way as to shatter the narrow parochialism of the classical academy curriculum which prevailed in America.  There had to be developed a practical educational program and philosophy which unlettered people in the throes of pioneering in virgin country could understand and accept.  The earliest curriculum of Indiana Seminary and University was formulated within the context of two eras of American higher education, 1825 - 1902.  The decades down to 1880 witnessed an eternal struggle to survive, in which little change or innovation could be made.   The post-Civil War era took Indiana University headlong into the vortex of the American intellectual revolution.  In 1883 the University took another philosophical and educational change.  Over thirty photographs enhance the text. Price:  $20.  Now on sale with 10% off at $18.

INDIANA UNIVERSITY - CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 3: INDIANA UNIVERSITY, MIDWESTERN PIONEER.  VOL. 3: YEARS OF FULFILLMENT.  By Thomas D. Clark Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 1977, 678 pages. [Note:  Inscription "Rive Todd, 1977".]  In 1937 an old era ended for Indiana University when a new president,  dynamic Herman B. Wells, came into office.  Determined that Indiana University was not to remain at the foot of the Big Ten ladder, Wells restructured both the faculty and the aims of the University, hiring outstanding research-oriented professors, reorganizing traditional departments, and securing increased appropriations.  New major and graduate courses were developed, and an extensive counseling system was added.  War brought many changes to the campus, and with the influx of veterans at the war's end, the narrow provincialisms of rural Indiana were once and for all destroyed.  The university community experienced more fundamental change in the first postwar years than had occurred in more than a century and a quarter of institutional history.  Thirty-five photographs accompany the text.  Price:  $30.  Now on sale with 10% off at $27.

By Jared. F. Gerig.  Fort Wayne:  Fort Wayne Bible College.  1980.  232 pages.  Softcover.  Note: Inscription:  Julie Ann Ziegler, 1996".  For 75 years Fort Wayne Bible College has been in the business of helping men and women prepare to impact their world for Jesus Christ.  The education of leaders for the church as it carries out the commission given by our Lord is one of its most important functions.  Originally starting in Bluffton, Ohio, as a small-town bible school, the college was transplanted to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where it took deep root and grew and is now a world leader in Bible college education.  Its influence through the spiritual ministries of its graduates has literally reached the ends of the earth.  The author begins with a review of Bible college education in the 1800s, then the beginnings of Bethany House and its expansion.  Each of the presidents is profiled and information is given on various organizations and departments.  Price: $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.

Compiled by Laura E. Kelsay.  Washington:  National Archives.  General Services Administration.  1964.  202 pages.  Hardcover.  The General Land Office, established as a bureau of the Department of the Treasury and later transferred to the Department of the Interior, was engaged chiefly in the survey, management, and disposal of public lands.  Although many of its functions were strictly legal and administrative in character, the surveying and mapping of the public lands were among its most important activities.  As the functions of the Land Office changed overtime, it was reorganized to meet current needs.  The records described in this list constitute four closely related series, three of which are records of the Division of Surveys of the General Land Office.  The fourth series is composed of published records issued by the offices of the Surveyors General and the General Land Office, usually without reference to a division.  The records in the four series date from about 1790 to about 1946.  The four series consist of:
1)  the manuscript and annotated maps unofficially referred to as the "Old Map File,"

2) boundary survey maps and diagrams,   
3) field notes and related records known as "Old Case 'F' File, and
4)  published records.  The forty-page index covers over 3,500 entries.  Price:  $15 Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

PENNSYLVANIA / VALLEY FORGE - CRAZY CRATE JP 35 BOOK 2: VALLEY FORGE.  [PENNSYLVANIA].  By Stacy A. Swigart.  Charleston, SC:  Arcadia.  2002.  128 pages.  Softcover.  (Part of the Images of America Series.)  Valley Forge is a name that many Americans associate with George Washington and the American Revolution.  As the site of the 1777-1778 encampment of the Continental Army, it has come to symbolize determination and triumph.  Using the rich historical collections of The National Center for the American Revolution and the Valley Forge Historical Society, this book shares the early twentieth century history of the area through nearly two hundred images, the majority of which are published for the first time in this book.  A variety of historical views and background make this an excellent source of light reading.  Highlights include Washington's Headquarters and the patriotic and inspiring Washington Memorial Chapel, as well as Revolutionary War artifacts, (such as the tent Washington used on many of his encampments) that have found a home in Valley Forge.  This is a behind-the-scenes look at the work done by W. Herbert Burk and a dedicated group of men and women who set out to preserve this important historical site as a symbol of our ancestor's struggle to gain freedom.    Price:  $19.99.  Now on sale with 10% off at $18.

INDIANA/ ST. JOSEPH COUNTY / SOUTH BEND / POSTCARDS - CRAZY CRATE JP35 BOOK 5: SOUTH BEND [INDIANA] IN VINTAGE POSTCARDS.  By John Palmer.  Charleston, S. C.  Arcadia Publishing Co.  128 pages.  Softcover.  In the early 20th century, South Bend, Indiana's population more than tripled.  Established industries like Studebaker and the Singer Sewing Company rose to unprecedented heights of production, new businesses took root, and immigrants flooded into the area.  Photo postcards, originally a quick and inexpensive form of communication, became key documents in South Bend's growth, recording events, businesses, landmarks and people. Through nearly 200 vintage postcards, this book details South Bend's story from the turn of the 20th Century to the aftermath of World War II.  These images give a glimpse of lost glamour, representing the city as past generations witnessed it.  Price:  $19.99.   Now on sale with 10% off at $18.

INDIANA / SOUTH BEND - CRAZY CRATE JP35 BOOK 6: SOUTH BEND, [INDIANA] REMEMBERED.  VOLUME 2. South Bend, IN:  South Bend Tribune.  2004.  160 pages.  Hardcover.  This second volume contains an excellent collection of local color and provides an excellent resource on South Bend, Indiana history.  This book contains mostly photographs of individuals or families, with short captions.  The earliest photograph is 1899 and the latest is 1976.  Photographs are not arranged in chapters, but there is a loose arrangement by decades.  Price:  $29.95.  Now on sale with 10% off at $27.

CALIFORNIA / LOS ANGELES - CRAZY CRATE JP35 BOOK 8: LOS ANGELES, [CALIFORNIA] THEN AND NOW.  By Rosemary Lord.  San Diego, CA:  Thunder Bay Press.  2002.  144 pages.  Hardcover.  The Native Americans called Los Angeles the "Land of Smoke" because of the haze that often hangs over the basin early in the morning.  The first Portuguese explorer, Juan Cabrillo, sailed into the bay and called it the "Bay of Smokes".  Later, the Spanish Governor, Felipe de Neve, brought 44 settlers from Mexico and re-named the area "La Reina de los Angeles." Today, settlers from every nation on earth have found their way to Los Angeles, and the city has grown from a small hamlet to a major city.  Kansas prohibitionist Harvey Wilcox sold parcels of his tiny ranch for a development to be called "Figwood".  But his wife changed the name to "Hollywood".  The small train stop called "Morocco" became the elegant Beverly Hills area.  At the turn of the twentieth century movie producers discovered Hollywood and made it the film capital of the world.  Many of the early beautiful buildings were torn down in the 1960's to "modernize" the area, but historical societies managed to save many buildings from destruction and have restored them.  Surviving disastrous floods, fires, riots and, of course, earthquakes, Los Angeles continues to charm residents and visitors alike.  138 full-page photographs match historic nineteenth and early twentieth century black-and-white images with full-color photographs of modern Los Angeles, showing how the multifaceted, multicultural "Dream City" has evolved.    The index covers over 180 entries.  Price: $15.  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

CALIFORNIA / SAN FRANCISCO / EAST BAY - CRAZY CRATE JP35 BOOK 9: EAST BAY THEN AND NOW. [SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA.]  By Dennis Evanosky and Eric J. Kos.  San Diego, CA:  Thunder Bay Press.  2004.  144 pages.  Hardcover.  History has divided the East Bay, the San Francisco Bay's Eastern shore, into three parts.  In its agricultural south, farms once helped feed the larger northern and western cities.  An urban heart beats from the center, which is home to the flagship of one of the world's greatest university systems, the University of California.  International industry and shipping dominated the economy in the north, where oil - the lifeblood of industry - is still refined.    The East Bay was first known as Contra Costa - the opposite shore.  Native Americans first inhabited the area.  The Spanish visited the region in the 18th century and settled at Mission San Jose and awarded veterans of their army huge land grants in the area.  When gold was discovered in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1848, men and women came from all over the world to make their fortunes.  Most were unsuccessful, but they founded new cities.  These cities are celebrated here:  Mission San Jose, Niles, and Irvington - all of which became part of the city of Fremont in 1956 - Hayward, San Leandro, Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Albany, el Cerrito, and Richmond.  This fascinating book looks back at the way things were and shows how dynamics have shaped things into what they are today. 138 full-page photographs match historic nineteenth and early twentieth century black-and-white images with full color photographs of modern East Bay.  The index covers nearly 400 entries.  Price:  $15.  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

y Peter T. Malery.   Secaucus, New Jersey:  Chartwell Books, Inc.    1985.  Hardcover.   [Note: There is a red dot on the top of the pages, but it does not bleed into the pages.]  The meeting houses on this northern frontier formed the religious and secular centers of early communities.  Pete Mallary examines more than thirty buildings, ranging from the early and simple Old Ship at Hingham (1681) to the massive Greek Revival meeting house at Quincy.  He traces the origins of each building, its construction, the restorations and unravels the complicated roles of architects and builders.    Price:  $25.  Now on sale with 10% off at $22.50.

BIOGRAPHY / CONFEDERACY / ROBERT TOOMBS & ALEXANDER STEPHENS - CRAZY CRATE JP36 BOOK 2: THE UNION THAT  SHAPED THE CONFEDERACY.  ROBERT TOOMBS AND ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS.  By William C. Davis.  Lawrence, KS:  University Press of Kansas.  2001.  284 pages.  Hardcover. [ Note:  ex-library copy.]  With style and authority that has made him one of our most popular historians of the Civil War, William C. Davis has written a biography of a friendship that captures the Confederacy in microcosm.  He tells how two  Georgians - one a robust charmer given  to fits of passion and the other a frail, melancholy man of quiet intellect forged a friendship that dominated the formation of the new  nation as Vice President and Secretary of State.  Davis traces the unlikely relationship from their early days in the Georgia state legislature, through the trials of secession and war, revealing how both men persevered during the war and developed a deep animosity toward Jefferson Davis.  He then chronicles their postwar lives up to the death of Stephens, who died only four months after being elected the Governor of Georgia.  Toombs died in 1885.  Price:  $7.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $6.75.

INDIANA / CENTENNIAL FARMS - CRAZY CRATE JP36 BOOK 10: CENTENNIAL FARMS OF INDIANA.  Edited by M. Teresa Baer, Kathleen M. Breen and Judith O. McMullen.  With Genealogical Indexes by Ruth Dorrel.   Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society.  2003.  122 pages.  Softcover.  In 1947, in conjunction with Purdue University, the Indiana Historical Society began a program, originally called Pioneer Farms, to honor families who had owned a particular farm for one hundred years or longer.  At that time about 45 percent of Indiana's population was still rural.  Nearly 700 family farms were identified in this study.  This book takes the results of that survey and makes the information available to everyone.  Genealogists will especially like the format, which includes three detailed alphabetical indexes, including an index to the name of the original land owners of the farms and the dates they purchased the property, an index to the descendants currently owning the farm, and an index to the counties in which the farms are located.  Over sixty historic farm photographs accompany this book.  Price:  $24.95.  Now on sale with 10% off at $22.50.

By John C. Carlisle.  Photography by Darryl Jones.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society.  1995.  93 pages.  Softcover.  In 1933, at the height of the depression, the Treasury Department's Advisory Committee on Fine Arts, along with its invited guests Eleanor Roosevelt and the directors of eight of the major art museums in the country, met in Washington, D. C. to develop plans for the employment of  unemployed artists.  By the end of the meeting, the Public Work of Art Project was a reality. The Civil Works Administration allocated money to employ artists to decorate public buildings and parks.  One of the major construction projects funded by the New Deal Congress included the erection of new post office buildings in many communities throughout the country.  The Post Office served as the most public of all public buildings, and this program of painting murals in post offices would allow the people all over the country to view at least one thing of beauty.  Thirty-seven mural commissions were executed for Indiana post offices, with thirty-six of them remaining today.   The art program gave artists the exposure and experience, as well as income, during difficult times.  When the federal patronage ended, some artists were still able to earn a livelihood.  Many disappeared from the art scene and are virtually unknown. This volume gives a brief history of the federal arts programs and then focuses on the histories of the thirty-six murals still evident in Indiana.  The color photography of Darryl Jones brings the murals to life and shows the detail and workmanship of these artists.  Close up details are shows on several of the murals, making a total of 71 color photographs of these historic treasures.  This is an excellent addition for anyone who collects Post Office materials or is interested in 1930's art.  Price:  $15.  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

"OLDE WEST" - CRAZY CRATE JP37 BOOKS 13 A AND B: TWO BOOKS FOR THE ONE PRICE. A) THE CHRONICLERS.  By the Editors of Time-Life Books.  With Text by Keith Wheeler.  Alexandria, VA:  Time-Life Books.  1976.  240 pages.  Hardcover.  (Time-Life Series of the Old West.)  [Note:  Ex library copy.]  In 1832, when the immense wilderness beyond the Mississippi was inhabited by fewer than 20,000 Americans, the novelist Washington Irving headed west on horseback.  His purpose was to observe and write of "those great Indian tribes, which are now about to disappear as independent nations."  Irving was followed by hundreds of other writers, artists, newspaper reporters, and photographers, who chronicled daily life in small towns and lonely ranches, wild majestic landscapes and more. Using contemporary photographs, drawings and illustrations, letters and diaries, the author presents a highly-readable history of the American West from those who saw it first hand.  150 photographs and illustrations enhance the text.  The three-page index covers nearly 500 entries.  B) THE SOLDIERS.  By the Editors of Time-Life Books.  With Text by David Nevin.  Alexandria, VA:  Time-Life Books.  1974.  239 pages.  Hardcover.  (Time-Life Series of the Old West.).  [Note:  Ex-library copy.]  Fear, fatigue, poor rations and little appreciation from his countrymen - that was the lot of the U. S. soldier whose job it was to enforce the nation's arrogant and often muddleheaded Indian policies.  In 1845 the territory from the Mississippi to the Pacific Coast was the home of more than 300.000 proud, possessive Indians.  Less than 50 years later, the Army had established complete control over the West, and not a single truly free Indian was left. Using contemporary photographs, drawings and illustrations, letters and diaries, the author presents a highly-readable  history of the United States Army in the American West.  130 photographs and illustrations enhance the text.  The three-page index covers nearly 500 entries.  Price for the set:  $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $8.

CRAZY CRATE JP 38:  SOLD OUT.  Thank you very much!

CIVIL WAR / GENERAL CUSTER - CRAZY CRATE JP39 BOOK 3: UNDER CUSTER'S COMMAND. THE CIVIL WAR JOURNAL OF JAMES HENRY AVERY.  Compiled by Karla Jean Husby.  Edited by Eric J. Wittenberg.  Forward by Gregory J. W. Urwin.  Brassey's.  Dulles, VA:  Potomac Books.  First paperback edition, 2002.  First Memoirs of War Editon.  2006.  185 pages.  Softcover.  [NOTE:  There is a black mark on the bottom of the book, but it does not bleed into the pages.]  The battlefield journals and postwar remembrances of Sergeant Avery offer detailed descriptions of Civil War cavalry movements and daily life in the Michigan Fifth Regiment. The text is augmented with notes that provide useful historical context for the reader. Avery eloquently describes his personal experiences in battles that included Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Yellow Tavern, and Cedar Creek. This book contains the only known account of the torturous two-week march back to friendly lines made by elements of the Fifth Regiment after they were  separated from their comrades on the first day of battle at Trevalian Station, Virginia.  The nine-page index covers over 700 entries.  Price: $7.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $ 6.75.

GREAT LAKES / HISTORICAL FICTION - CRAZY CRATE JP39 BOOK 6:  PEOPLE OF THE LAKES. A NOVEL OF PREHISTORIC AMERICA.  By Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear.  New York:  Tom Doherty Associates book. 1994. First Edition-August 1994.  608 pages.  Hardcover.  Award-winning archaeologists and master storytellers Kathleen and Michael Gear spin a provocative tale of the perils and passions of the lives of the Hopewell tribes in early North America.  Star Shell, the privileged daughter of a prominent Hopewell chief, must save her people from the corrupting influence of an evil totemic mask.  No one will be able to recover it if she carries it northward across the Great Lakes and throws it into the torrents of Niagara Falls.  Otter, one of the finest Traders on the great river of North America, finds himself in the middle of Star Shell's race against time.  Otter aids Pearl, a beautiful runaway who has stolen his heart. She is being pursued by the vengeful chief who wants her back.  Star Shell's lifelong enemy is almost upon her as well.  Otter, Star Shell, and their companions must brave the stormy waters of the Great Lakes, relying on the lunatic ramblings of the Contrary Green Spider.  Set against the splendor of the lands surrounding the Great Lakes two thousand years ago, this book follows the paths of Otter and Star Shell as they race across North America, carrying the fate of the Hopewell Mound Builders in their hands.  Will they lead their people to salvation or annihilation.  Sounds like an exciting story to read, doesn't it?  PRICE:  $7.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $6.75.

ACCESSORIES - CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 1:  "NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY CONFERENCE IN THE STATES, MILWAUKEE, AND AMERICAN SAMPLER, 15 - 18 MAY 2002"   This sturdy 15 inch wide by 16 inch high canvas bag was printed by the N. G. S. for their conference in Milwaukee on May 15 -18, 2002 and was designed to carry handouts, purchases, and knick-knacks found at the conference. One side has the imprint of the conference, in a red and blue border with a red and blue sampler quilt star pattern in the center.  The other side is imprinted with the Wisconsin Historical Society name, logo, and internet address.  Just the right conversation piece when you go shopping.  Save the plastic bags, use this sturdy bag, over and over and over again! Price: $5.  Now on sale with 10% off at $4.50.

Accessories - CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 2:  2002 CALIFORNIA:  A GOLDMINE OF DIVERSITY, 7 - 10 AUGUST FGS/CSGA ONTARIO CONVENTION CENTER, ONTARIO CALIFORNIA.  A CONFERENCE FOR THE NATION'S GENEALOGISTS.   This sturdy 14 inch wide by 16 inch high canvas bag was printed by the Federation of Genealogical Societies for its conference in Ontario, California.  One side shows a flower, "2002",  and "Ontario Convention Center" all in brilliant orange, while the theme is printed in solid black.  The dates are printed in white on a solid black field.  The other side of the bag is printed with "Ancestry.com  The No. 1 Source for Family History Online."  The bag was designed to carry handouts, purchases, and knick-knacks found at the conference, but you can use it just about anywhere.  Price:  $5.  Now on sale with 10% off at $4.50.

ACCESSORIES - CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 3:  THE TRACK:  FAMILY RECREATION CENTER.  RACE TO READ AT THE SEVIER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY.  This sturdy 15 inch by 15 inch canvas bag was used for knick-knacks and handouts at a genealogical conference held at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, about six years ago.  [Note: It has two small light brown stains near the top.]  The printing is in dark blue.  The opposite side of the bag is blank.  Price:  $4.  Now on sale with 10% off at $3.60.

ACCESSORIES - CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 4:  INDIANA LIBRARY FEDERATION.  This sturdy 14 ½ inch by 14 ½ inch canvas bag was used at a recent conference of the Indiana Library Federation held in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Librarians love to jam these bags with freebies.  One side says "Indiana Library Federation" in dark blue underlined letters and the other side says "Emery-Pratt.  The Nicest People in the Book Business. Library Book Distributor", and their website in white printing with a dark blue background.  Price:  $5.  Now on sale with 10% off at $4.50.

INDIANA \ COLLEGE YEARBOOK / GOSHEN -  CRAZY CRATE JP40:  BOOK 6: GOSHEN COLLEGE MAPLE LEAF, 1983.   GOSHEN, INDIANA:  Goshen College. 1983.  176 pages.  Hardcover.   This book contains nearly 1,000 photographs covering sports, departments, activities, administration, faculty and students.  The names and city of each of the students in all four undergraduate years  is listed along with photographs of each student. The five-page index lists nearly 1,000 names.  Price:  $15.  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

COLLEGE HISTORY / SAINT MARY'S / NOTRE DAME / INDIANA - CRAZY CRATE JP40 BOOK 7: A PANORAMA: 1844 - 1977.  SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE, NOTRE DAME, INDIANA.  By Sister Mary Immaculate, C. S. C.  (Helen Creek).  Saint Mary's College.  1977.   301 pages.  Hardcover.  Sister Mary Immaculate attended St. Mary's College as a student in the class of 1930, entered the novitiate of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross before taking a degree, and a few years later received a B. A. in English from St. Mary's.  With only a few interruptions she taught at St. Mary's for more than thirty years.  This book covers the early history of the Holy Cross Order in France, the move to Bertrand, Michigan, and then to Notre Dame, Indiana, and the slow growth into a major college.  Discusses the transition into the turbulent 1960's and 1970's, the change in the college's publications, the first Priest-President of the college, and much more.  Price:  $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.


CRAZY CRATE JP40 BOOK 8: STUDIES ON INDIANA:  A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THESES AND DISSERTATIONS SUBMITTED TO INDIANA INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION FOR ADVANCED DEGREES, 1902 - 1977.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Bureau.  1980.  377 pages.  Softcover.  This book is an excellent source for researchers looking for lost gems on Indiana history.  Many of the theses and dissertations have never been published for commercial purposes, so their significance is often overlooked.  In no other writings has the state of Indiana been studied in such detail as in the theses and dissertations submitted to Indiana institutions of higher education.  Each Indiana institution was visited if it had a graduate program requiring a thesis or dissertation.  2,727 dissertation entries are broken down into an alphabetical list of ninety subject categories based upon the system used by Dissertation Abstracts International.  Civil War, ethnic groups, cities, counties, migrations and much more are included in the dissertations.  The entry includes the name of the author, the title, the name of the educational institution, the degree for which the dissertation was written, the date and number of pages.   The 32-page author index contains nearly 2,400 names.  The 16-page Name and Subject Index covers nearly 1,000 entries.   Price:  $12.  Now on sale with 10% off at $10.80.

CRAZY CRATES JP41 and  JP42:  SOLD OUT. Thank you very much!  

John, thank you very much for putting together this neat set of crates for us to look at and search for some books that will raise our level of knowledge about our hobby and our ancestors.

If you, our reader, find one or more of these items you would like to order, remember to call Pat at her toll-free nmber 1-800-419-0200!  Remember, helping genealogists is what we do here!  Pat from YOGS.COM


Contact Information

Free telephone:1-800-419-0200 for orders.

Office telephone for questions, tracking numbers, availability of books not listed. 317-862-3330

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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