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JP77 Crazy Crate JP 77


Here's a list of John's upcoming genealogy conferences. We're looking forward to seeing you at some of them.


September 24, 2011

Fox Valley, Illinois Genealogical Society Conference

Grace United Methodist Church, 300 East Gartner Road,

Naperville, IL


October 8, 2011

Dane County, Wisconsin Genealogy Conference

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

4505 Regent Street, Madison, Wisconsin


October 15, 2011

Louisville Genealogical Society Conference

Bear Grass Creek Church, Louisville, KY


November 5, 2011

Western Michigan Genealogical Society

Prince Center, Grand Rapids, MI


Hello Everyone,


In our previous Crazy Crate (Crazy Crate JP 76), we listed some of our family histories and genealogies. Now, this crate offers a few more titles. Our next crate will finish up our listing of family histories and genealogies, but we still have some more great books for you in our upcoming crates.


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 1: The Trek from Scotland to Indiana. The Linn, Lynn, Lenn (spelled interchangeably), Taylor, and Related Families. A Family History. Written and Edited by Charlotte Taylor Koewler. Illustrations by Mark Virgin. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery, Inc. 1997. First edition. 217 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. The name Lynn or Linn,  or Lenn originated in Aryshire, Scotland. In one of the early religious persecutions some of the above named emigrated to Ireland, Dublin and Waterford. Later on, a number of the Lynns or Linns emigrated from Dublin and Waterford to America. Knowledge of the first representative of the author's particular branch of the Linns is based on tradition that is not confirmed by any known contemporary records. It is dependent largely upon information furnished nearly a century ago by Andrew Linn, of Cookstown, Pennsylvania, in correspondence and an interview with Dr. Lyman C. Draper who was collecting material for a series of lives of western pioneers, and material among the treasures of the Wisconsin Historical Society.  Andrew Linn, who provided the information, lived near his grandfather, Andrew Linn, Sr., head of the Linns discussed in this book, until he was eighteen years old and near his own father Andrew, Jr. as long as his father lived.   Thirteen chapters cover: Scotch-Irish Heredity; the First Linn, Andrew Linn, Sr. and 1st wife Crow and 2nd Unknown;   The Children of Andrew Linn - Andrew Lynn, Jr, and Mary A. Johnson; the Children of Andrew Linn - William Linn and Letitia; The Children of Andrew Linn - Nathan Linn and Hannah; the Children of Andrew Linn - Benjamin Linn and Hannah Sovereigns; The Children of Andrew Linn - Nancy Ann and --- (Linn) Pope; The Children of Andre Linn - James Linn and Hannah W. Bruntz; The Line Continues - James Stephen Lenn and Ruth James; the Line Continues - Thomas Jefferson Lenn and Lucinda Griffith; the Line Continues - Andrew S. Lenn and Amanda P. Judd; The Line Continues - Anna M. Lenn and John R. Taylor and The Line Continues - Clarence M. Taylor and Susan Snider Taylor. Each chapter contains biographical information, family history and family stories, illustrations and documents. Eighty photographs, illustrations, maps, and documents enhance the text. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 2: Luther Families of Mohra, Germany. By Joanne P. Schneider and L. Leo Luther. Evansville: Evansville Bindery. 1984. 365 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean.   The Luther family is a very old and distinguished family in the Thuringia area of Germany. The old Luther lineage is open to much speculation, as are most old lineages. Many of the oldest sources do not always agree in all respects. The authors have chosen to use what they feel is the most accurate date. For example, they have chosen to use data taken directly from the church books in Bad Salzungen over data published earlier which had incomplete or conflicting dates. According to Paul Luther, a Luther researcher in Bad Salzunger, Germany, the earliest known Luther was Wiegand von Luder/Luther who came from the village of Luter by Mohre. Already by the year 1300, the Luther family owned land around Mohra. In the year 1413, Kaiser Sigismund granted a coat of arms to Fabian "von der Heede" Luder/Luther for his loyal service. Foreunately for the authors the earlier Luther researchers continued the lineage to a point where the current authors can pick up their part of the family in the church books and continue to the present.   Due to the land system laws in use at the time, Dr. Martin Luther's father moved from Mohre to Eisleben and the family home in Mohre was passed down to the author's side of the family.  This book begins with information on Wigand von Luder/Luther from Luter by Mohre in the Thuringen area of Germany.  He had at least one son. The book contines this line through the 2rd generation, providing information on the Luthers in Germany as well as the descendants in Indiana, Kentucky and other states.   Over 40 photographs as well as fifteen genealogy charts and seven maps enhance the text.   The 29-page index covers over 1,500 names.   Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 3: Luther Families of Mohra, Germany. Volume II. By Joanne P. Howard. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery, Inc. 1997. 155 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. This volume is a supplement to the first history published in 1984. Because of the large volume of data and number of generations (23) in the original book, each chapter contained all the individuals within a given generation. Volume II contains the name of all the descendants of the immigrant ancestors to America - Johann Martin Luther and his wife Anna Catharina Luther, Anna Catharina's brother Johann Heinrich (Henry) Luther and his wife Maria (Mary) Catharine Wilck/Wilks, and her brother Johannes Louis Luther and his wife Pauline Theresa Henriette Lieber; information about the family of Ferdinand Luther, who was so helpful in securing data for the original book; and information about the Luther/Weigand family who also immigrated to America. Volume II is arranged by family units, with all members of that family listed together. This is only a supplement to the original book. For information concerning earlier generations, or individuals who had no changes, please refer to the original book. The 35-page index covers nearly 1,500 names. Price: $25.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 4:  Clayton McCormick, Ancestors and Descendants. By James H. Gates. Evansville, IN; Evansville Bindery, Inc. No date. (2001?) Various paginations.. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. Clayton McCormack (McCormick) may have been born in Bedford County, Virginia, but the earliest record for Clayton is in Roane County, Tennessee in the year 1820, where he married Elizabeth "Betsey" Evans on March 9, 1820. She was born in South Carolina in 1796, the daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Samuel Evans. Clayton and Elizabeth later moved to Van Buren County, Tennessee. The book is divided into two parts.   The first section documents results of the research on family histories and has its own index.   Section 1 (174 pages) begins with William McCormick, Sr. "The Emigrant". Twenty-one separate chapters cover William McCormick, Sr; William McCormick Jr.; Records of John and Lucy McCormick (Children of William McCormick, Jr); Micajah McCormick; Anderson Family Records; Poindexter Family; Samuel Evans; Elizabeth "Betsy" Evans; Clayton McCormick and Elizabeth Evans; James M. McCormick; Marylene McCormick; Sarah McCormick; Benjamin McCormick; William McCormick; Nelson McCormick; Samuel McCormick; Nancy Jane McCormick; Clayton McCormlock and Louisa Jane Howard; Martha Clementine McCormick; Elizabeth Hazeltine McCormick; L. V. Vyanne McCormick, and Isaac McCormick. The 49 page index covers nearly 2,500 names. The second section is dedicated to the descendants of Clayton McCormick and has a separate index. Section 2 (352 pages) covers the descendants of Clayton McCormack and his wives Elizabeth Evans and Jane Howard. The 87 page index covers nearly 8,700 names. Price: $50.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 5:   From Robert MacFarlane to You. Second Edition (Circa 1670 Scotland to --) McFarland Family Ancestry. By Floyd C. McFarland. Farmington, MO. Published in Evansville, IN by Evansville Bindery. 2005. 455 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. The Clan MacFarlane is a branch of the ancient Earls of Lennox, taking the name from Parlan, brother of the 3rd Earl, who inherited the "Lands of Arrochar" first in 1225 on the northwestern shores of famed Loch Lomond.   Information for this family begins in the 1300s. 19 chapters cover 1) Before Robert MacFarlane, 2) Descendants of James MacFarlane. James MacFarlane (born in 1695 in County Tyrone, Ireland and died October 31, 1770, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He married Janet Buchanan October 1725 in Paqua, Pennsylvania, daughter of Robert Buchanan.   3) Descendants of John MacFarlane, 4) Meet Captain Aaron Deviney, 5) James McFarland (the Journey to Missouri), 6) Joseph and Elizabeth Hunt Taylor, Susannah's Parents, 7) Ancestor Tree of Susannah Taylor, 8) Descendants of Joseph G. McFarland, 9) The Family of James Paterson McFarland, 10) Larkin A. McFarland, 11) Norman McFarland, 12) An Elvins Sports Legend - Melvin (Quail) McFarland, 13) Clarence and Bessie McFarland-a Photo Story, 14) A McFarland Love Story, 15) Virginia Laura Belle McFarland, 16) Descendants of Mary Eliz McFarland, 17) Descendants of William McFarland (Out Line Tree), 18) Descendants of Luther McFarland, 19) McFarland Heroes plus a Fallen Soldier.   The 30-page index covers nearly 3,000 names. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 6:   The Christopher Magottaux (Magoto) Family HisTory. Written and compiled by Sandra Faith (Frazier) Magoto. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. no date. 347 pages. Hardcover. Note: the binding is tight and the pages are clean. Chirstopher Magoto was born on March 2, 1812. He married Celestine (or Mary Catherine) Humbert on January 29, 1834. On January 12, 1852, the last of eleven children was born to Christopher and Catherine while they lived in France. Five of those children had died before the family left for America from Hannonville, a small village in Lorraiane, France. in March 1852. Eventually the family settled in Darke County, Ohio. The 1860 census is the first census in which they are listed. Catherine died in January 1861. Christopher died in 1892. This book is divided into four parts: Part 1) History and Family Sketches (History of Lorraine 300- 1980 A. D.; A visit to Hannonville, France, and Family Sketches for Christopher Magottaux, Jules Francois Magottaux, Catherine Justine Magottax Petrat, Marie Jeanne Magottaux, Jacobs Lammers, Joseph Peter Magoto, Louis Charle Magoto, Estella Magoto Foy, Florence Magoto Fulkerth Marshal, Albert Magoteaux, Leopold Magoteaux, James Herman Magoteaux, Joseph Julius Magoto, Luella Marguerite Magoto Olding, and Thelma Magoteaux Dapore Collins Oldiges. Part 2: A Magoto Family Photo Gallery. Part 3: Additional Genealogical Information Part 4: Genealogy of Magottaux Family through the seventh generation. 76 photographs and eight maps enhance the text. The 50-page index covers nearly 4,000 entries.   Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 7: Royal Families. Americans of Royal and Noble Ancestry. Volume Two: Reverend Francis Marbury and Five Generations of His Descendants Through Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson and Katherine (Marbury) Scott.By Marston Watson.   Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. 2004. 342 pages. Hardcover. Note: the bottoms of each page have a slight wave in them. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. Thousands of Americans are the direct descendants of Reverend Francis Marbury through his daughters Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson and Katherine (Marbury) Scott, who immigrated to this country with their husbands in 1634 and 1633 respectively.

They have royal and noble connections to William I, the Conqueror through their mother and to Charles I (Charlemagne), emperor of the West through their father.   Mrs. Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson is a major figure in American colonial history. A Quaker-like "heretic" and co-founder of Rhode Island, she and several of her children were killed by Indians in what is now the Bronx, only nine years after her arrival in the New World. From the four children who survived, married and left descendants, Mrs. Hutchinson was, among royally descended immigrants, second unto Gov. Thomas Dudley in the size of her notable progeny.   American descendants of Mrs. Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson and Mrs. Katherine (Marbury) Scott may also claim Edward I, King of England (d. 1307) as an ancestor.   Not only has Watson traced hard-to-find Rhode Island and Boston descendants of these Marbury sisters, but he has also covered the Marbury descendants of a variety of major historical figures, including Mrs. John Singleton Copley, Baron Lyndhurst and British Lord Chancellor Thomas, Margaret Sanford; Mrs. Thomas Heyward (wife of the signer of the Declaration of Independence), and Mrs. Stephen Hopkins ( wife of the signer of the United States Constitution). The 51-page index covers over 6,000 entries. Price: $40.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 8: The Mellett and Hickman Families of Henry County, Indiana. by Franklin Miller, Jr. Volume 1: Family Origins and Early History. Ann Arbor, MI: Braun-Brumfield, Inc. 1974. 301 pages. Hardcover. Note: this is volume 1 of a 2 volume set. Volume 1 gives what is known of the earliest origins of the Mellett and Hickman families as well as allied families. It also provides material on the early days in Indiana and summaries of each family to about 1890. Volume 2 contains a listing of all the known descendants of John Mellett, Sr. and of Joshua Hickman, with occupations and addresses where known. Unfortunately, I do NOT have volume 2. In the period 1795 - 1825, several families living near what is now Fairmont, West Virginia, were closely related by ties of religion, friendship and marriage. This book is about the descendants of John Mellett, Sr, (c.1745 - 1790), who married Sarah Suter and had 3 children and 27 grandchildren. It is also about Elder Joshua Hickman (1766 - 1842), who married Josinah Van Meter and had 12 children and 98 grandchildren. While still in Virginia, the Mellett and Hickman children and grandchildren married members of the families of Veach, Reed, Johnson, Moore, Williams, Perfect, Dodd, and Ice. The author's great-great-grandfather was John Mellett, who married Mary Ann Hickman. In the years between 1826 and 1833, one by one, the families moved to Henry County, Indiana. By 1833 not a single descendant of John Mellett or Joshua Hickman remained in western Virginia.     The eight-page index covers over 900 names. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 9: The Weaving. By Gwendolin Rahrig. No place of publication. No Publisher. No date of publication. 183 pages Hardcover. Note: Spine is getting weak. This is not a true genealogy book with ancestor charts and names and dates. Rather, the author presents family stories of her grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters. Family names are Andrew Jackson Owens; Anna Kiene Owens; James Owens, Sarah Owens; Otto, Frank, Joseph, Agatha, Mary and Zenobia Owens; William Bushnell Lowry, James Lowry, Linda Bushnell Lowre, Gwendolin, Lenore, Corienne, James and Frank Lowry; John Kiene and Agatha Kiene. The locations involved Bluffton, AllenCounty, Ohio; Glencoe, also in Belmont County, Ohio, and Lima, in Allen County, Ohio.   Stories include several Civil War family stories, the new automobile, oil, reminisces of farm life, Fort Meigs, the War of 1812, cleaning the organ and more. Nearly 30 photographs accompany the text. Price: $25.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 10: The Surname Oberst in the United States. Their Location anD Allied Family Names Gained Through Marriage.   Prepared by Charles Lowell Obest. 1989. 84 pages. Softcover. Information in this book begins with John Martin Oberst (Born in Switzerland, Kanton Aargau, Mayden, 1754 and Died in America, 1845). He married Ursula Luetzzelechwab in Switzerland. They had one known child, John. This book follows the descendants of John Martin Oberst through the 8th and 9th generations. Information provided includes names and dates and family relationships. No index. Price: $25.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 11: Brief History of the Puls-Honsel Family, St. Louis, Missouri.  By Alexander E. Puls. No place of publication. No publisher. 1975. 47 pages. Plastic comb binding. Note: ex library copy with call number and stamps. There is an acquisition number stamped on the introduction page. Part of the information included in this brief family history was obtained from census records.   Other data were obtained from Amelia M. (nee Pfeifer) Puls of Saint Louis, Missouri and from Hana (nee Honsel) Rivers some 40 years ago and were recorded by Alexander E. Puls, son of Fred F. and Amelia M. Puls.   Information in this book begins with Adolphus Conrade Augustus Puls (born Dec. 23, 1823, probably in Berlin). The names of his parents are not known. Adolphus died January 21, 1900, in St. LouisMissouri. Adolphus may have had two brothers, but their names are not known.   In 1849 Adolphus and a close friend, Gottlieb Plass, migrated to America and settled in St. Louis, Missouri.   Puls found employment, working for Dr. James B. Walker. Anna Louisa Honsel was employed as a domestic by Dr. Walker. Adolphus and Anna were married in 1857. They had eight living children. and four who died in infancy. Anna died in 1885 in childbirth with her thirteenth pregnancy, at the age of 48.   Biographical information is given on each of the children. Anna Louisa, Anna Margaret, William Honsel, Frederica (Rachel) Honsel, Hanah Honsel, and Gustave Honsel Information is also given on the Honsel Family, beginning with Frank and Wilhelmina, the parents of Anna. A detailed sketch of Wilhelmina's boat trip from Bielefeld, Germany to St. Louis with her six children, shows that the ship was at sea for three months. It is not known where Frank or Wilhelmina are buried or when they died. A large section entitled "Incidents in the Lives of the Puls Chldren" discusses Fred Puls' broken leg, afternoon sermons, a Civil War musket, the Puls temper, a fight in Hillsboro, the loss of Will Puls' eye, the dead rabbit mystery, and more. Price: $7.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 12: Raef, Burgund, and Bigard/Bicart Ancestry. By Jane Smithenry Klotz. Evansville: Evansville Bindery. 257 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. This family history/ genealogy is the culmination of intensive research to find the ancestors of the author's paternal grandmother, Mary Christine Bigard Smithenry. The author was able to trace her grandmother's Raef, Burgund, and Bigard ancestry back to the 1760's in Breidenbach, France. Although the book includes three families of Raef, Burgund, and Bigard/Bicart, 90 per cent of the 4,000 descendants documented have lineage going back to the Raef family. Family stories and photographs are included in the book. The 26-page index covers over 4,000 descendants.   Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 13: A History of the Robinson and Hawley Families (Including findings on the Morris, Putnam, Cary and Plummer Families. By Dr. Duane Robinson, Lombard, IL: self published. 1974. Various paginations. Each chapter has its own separate pagination. Hardcover. Note: There is a stamp on the inside flyleaf that says "Rhode Island State Library, November 19, 1976", but there are no library markings in the book, no library labels or bar codes. The author is the son of Morris John Robinson and Hazel Hawley. This book traces the history of both sides of his family, The history of the Hawley family begins with John Hawley in the middle 1600s, in Leicestershire, England, and his involvement with the Society of Friends (Quakers). In 1834 Henry and Jane Brady Hawley arrived in the United States and had six children, three of whom died in childhood.  Marriages into the Hawley family included Putnam, Carey, Munro, Plummer, McDowell and Porter surnames.  The history of the Robinson family begins with vague information about Reese Thomas Morris, who may have been the son of a Welsh baron, but there is no proof as of yet. Reese and his parents came to the United States in 1844 and settled for a number of years in Buffalo, Michigan, and then moved to Mears, Michigan. In 1877 John Wesley Robinson came to the Morris Lake Shingle Mill to work for Reese and fell in love with Ellen Morris.  John Wesley Robinson was the son of Perry Robinson.  Perry had three brothers and seven sisters. A few remarks are made on some of the family. John's mother was Pheobe Stoner. In 1896 the marriage of John and Ellen dissolved. Information is also given on John's brothers and sisters. This well detailed book also includes information on the children of John's second wife and Ellen's second husband.   Thirteen photographs accompany the text. Areas mentioned in this book are Buffalo, Mears and Grand Rapids, Michigan; and La Porte, Indiana. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 77 BOOK 14:  Russ Family Genealogy III. No place of publication (Littleton, Co..?). No publisher. (Self published by Herbert M. Russ?), 1922. 284 pages. Hardcover. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. No information is provided about which Russ family this book covers, or what original book it is updating. Heads of families (in capital letters) are in alphabetical order by (1) surname; (2) by given name; (3) chronological order by birth date, and may not appear in the index.   Information varies with each entry. Most information includes names of parents, date of birth, place of marriage, name of spouse, information on spouse's parents, names of children, date and place of birth, place names of spouses. There are two indexes. The first index contains 22 pages of Russ names only, and covers nearly 3,000 first names.   The eight-page Surname Index covers nearly 1,200 other surnames.   Price: $20.00


We would all love to find a family genealogy on one of our lines. When we started this family-oriented business, it was our goal to trace as many of our ancestors back as far as the immigrant ancestor. We have worked on our lines for years, and some of our ancestors have been very cooperative, and we have found much of interest on several lines. We were doing genealogy before the A.I.S. census indexes were created. Ancestry.Com was just a gleam in somebody's eye. Computers weren't in common use anywhere.


How times have changed, but everything we learned about our ancestors were in print, and I now have many books that cheered me greatly when I found them. I have a Flake Genealogy that has my great-great-great-grandfather's line all the way down to my Grandmother and her sisters. I have books on FrederickCounty, Maryland, that have snippets of information about the Van Treese family. I have "Decades of Digging" on the Van Treese Family that a cousin wrote with the cutest "SNOOPY" lineage charts that fold out to hold our huge families. We have published books on various branches of the family, and I still check every index in every book I review for my Van Treese, Wade, Jenkins and Gann grand-families that may happen to wind up being mine. One of these days I am going to retire AGAIN, and write a book about what I know about my colorful, intriguing, fascinating, wonderful ancestors.

They used to say, that nobody is ever dead, until all of those who knew him/her are dead, too. But even that is not true in today's age.


We read and hear about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and, in that way, they are both still alive, too. Keep dreaming about that book you are going to write, and each week, sit down and write a paragraph about a memory of the ones you have loved in the past and in the present and hope for children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to take you into the future!  


NOTE:  I have a new little girl in Oregon that will, when she is older, know something about her great grandmother, because I am collecting pictures for her to look at soon, and say, "That's my MAMAW!" Write your story, your book, your scrapbook! Your descendants will love you for leaving it for them. One paragraph a week will write a chapter a year! PAT from YOGS


Contact Information TOLL-FREE Orders phone is 1-800-419-0200!

Office phone for questions and our genealogy help line is: 317-862-3330

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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