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 John Palmer joins us for a few weeks of newsletters containing Family Genealogies.  Hope springs eternal that we will find someone, somewhere, who has already found the answers to our brickwall problems.  Well, today may be your LUCKY day!   Happy Hunting! 

JP Crazy Crate 76:  August 19, 2011









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JP76 - Crazy Crate JP76 - Friday, AUGUST 19, 2011


Here's a list of John's upcoming genealogy conferences. We're looking forward to seeing you at some of them.



September 24, 2011 - Fox Valley, Illinois Genealogical Society Conference, Grace United Methodist Church,

300 East Gartner Road, Naperville, IL


October 8, 2011 - Dane County, Wisconsin Genealogy Conference, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,

4505 Regent Street, Madison, Wisconsin


October 15, 2011 - Louisville Genealogical Society Conference, Bear Grass Creek Church, Louisville, KY


November 5, 2011 - Western Michigan Genealogical Society, Prince Center, Grand Rapids, MI


John is sure going to be getting around a lot this fall!


Hello Everyone,


Well, it's been quite a while since I've listed any of my family genealogies and histories, so my next three crazy crates will have a lot of family genealogies and histories. Hopefully, you will find one here that you need to answer some of your genealogy questions.


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 1: The Salt of the Earth People. Some Northern Indiana-Southern Michigan Families.   Including Some Facts on Brunbaugh, Brown, Jacobs, Reese, Flowers, Hasse, Priebe, Crawford, Claypool, Hill, Webster, and Thomas Families. A Compiling of Data from Books, Public Libraries, Cemeteries, Public Records, Newspaper Articles, and Personal Interviews. By Eldora Priebe. South Bend, IN: Published by the author,1979, 465 pages. Hardcover. Note: ex library copy. with name plate. A dedication by the author is on an inside page. The inside front hinge shows a little discoloration.   Several hand written annotations and updates have been added to the book, presumably by the author.   This book is an attempt on the part of the author to produce the background of some families in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. The purpose is to give the author's daughters a simple presentation of their ancestral lines. Seventeen families are covered in this volume. Information for each family varies but usually begins with the immigrant ancestor, provides detailed information on the first and second generations, sometimes even military service of ancestors, then continues with the direct line to the author's children. At the time of this publication many of the current descendants of those families were living in Portage and Clay township, St. Joseph County, Indiana, but some other areas include Marshall and Kosciusko Counties in Indiana and several locations in Michigan.   Nearly 400 family photographs, reproductions of Family Bible pages and original documents, newspaper articles and maps enhance the text. The 28-page index covers nearly 1,600 entries. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 2: Benjamin Belcher. By Bonnie Jaco Johnson. Evansville: Evansville Bindery. 1999. 93 pages. Hardcover. Benjamin Belcher was born 4 February 1844 in McMinn County, TN, the only boy in a family of girls. His parents were Noah Belcher and Nancy Jane Maynor. Benjamin's sisters were Mary, Cassandra, Julina and Diana. Somewhere between 1855 and 1858 the family moved to Pope County, Illinois. The author provides information on all of the sisters, their husbands and children but concentrates on Benjamin since he was her great-grandfather. Contains over 60 photographs. Price: $25.00



CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 3: The Bells of Pleasant Ridge, 1760 - 2000. By Paul E. Coffman and Patricia A. Coffman. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bnidery. 2000. 486 pages plus a 45 page index. Hardcover. Pleasant Ridge is in Clark County, Indiana. The Bells were great landowners and had orchards and livestock. Some were blacksmiths, politicians, and show owners. The book begins with Thomas Bell (born between 1760 and 1780).  We do not know when he married Rachel Dunbar (born between 1760 and 1780). He and his wife are listed in the 1820 census for Clark County, Indiana. They have 2 boys under 10, 1 boy 10 to 15, years old, 1 girl under 10 and 2 girls 10 to 15 years old. The only child that we have proof of is Elias E. Bell. We do not know when Thomas Bell or Rachel died.   12 chapters cover various Bell families:

1) Thomas Bell and Rachel Dunbar.

2) Elias Bell and Jemima McKinley,

3) Thomas Bell and Lydia Emmons.

4) James Bell and Mary Frances McCutcheon,

5) John Bell "The Bachelor",  

6)  Elias E. Bell, Jr and Catherine Schardein,

7) Alexander Bell and Elizabeth Ford,

8) George W. Bell and Frances M. McCutchan,

9) Gabriel Bell and Indiana Baggerly,

10) Mary "Polly" Bell and Constantine Davis,

11) Sarah "Sally" Bell and William McCutchan, and Sarah "Sally " Bell and William Logue, and

12) Other Bells.   Nearly 300 photographs enhance the book.   The 45-page index covers over 6,700 names. Price: $40.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 4: A Memoir of The Buchanan Family, and in Particular of George Buchanan, Kt. M. D., LL. D., F. P. S., 1831 - 1895. Privately printed at Aberdeen University Press. 1941. 56 pages. Hardcover.   Note: The front cover has a small circular stain and also shows other signs of light wear. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. The author discusses his great-grandparents, George Buchanan, and Mary Williams, briefly mentions their seven children, one of whom was the author's grandfather, George Adam Buchanan. George Adam Buchanan married Sarah Harrison in 1831. They had three children: George, Mary and Albert. George was the author's father. He married Mary Anne Murphy in 1857. They had two children, Maud and George. But Mary Ann and George (the child) both died in 1862 and Maud was sent to live with her grandfather. In 1865 George married Alice Seaton.  George died in 1895, after a long and successful career as a physician.  

An appendix lists the many degrees and honors awarded to Dr. George Buchanan. The author also discusses the Seaton family. Short biographical information is provided on Maud Buchanan, Helen Margaret Buchanan, Sir George Seaton Buchanan, Florence Buchanan, and Commander Robert James Buchanan. Fourteen photographs accompany the text. Price: $30.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 5: The William Clark Family of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States of America. By Robert Keith Clark. No place of publication. Self Published. 1998 and 2004 (updated). 342 pages. Hardcover. Note: this is book number ---- of ---- . The writers of this book have researched the history of the William Clark family that extends from approximately 1653, from the horrific taxation and religious persecution of the Quakers in England to the twenty-first century descendants in Edwards County, Illinois. The earliest that could be found on the Clark genealogy was that of William Clark, of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England. This family became a part of the early Quaker movement. Information includes Early Quakerism, Quakerism in Chipping Norton, the Town of Chipping Norton, and information found in the William Clark Family Bible. Fourteen sections cover: William Clark (1653 - 1735), Henry Clark (1681 - 1751), John Clark (1728/29 - 1772), Margaret Clark May (1759 - 1825), Hannah Clark Hurnard (1757 - 1835), William Clark (1765 - 1842), Ellen Clark Dickson (1812 - 1842), Isaline Clark Kenner (1819 - 1878), David Clark (1808 - 1874), Charles Clark .(1845 - 1910), Bracy Clark (1850 - 1897), William Hurnard Clark )1878 - 1967), Fannie Clark Gill (1869 - 1926) and Herbert Clark (1876 - 1971). Sources cited in this book are letters to children and other relatives, deeds, and records, wills, Over 300 photographs and illustrations enhance the book. No index. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 6: Royal Families. Americans of Royal and Noble Ancestry. Volume One: Governor Thomas Dudley and Descendants Through Five Generations. By Marston Watson.   Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. 2002. 327 pages. Hardcover. Note: the bottoms of each page have a slight wave in them. The binding is tight and the pages are clean. Thousands of Americans are direct descendants of the immigrant Thomas Dudley, Esq[uire, a title used in this country to mean a person of considerable influence or wealth,] who was the governor or assistant governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1630 - 1653. They have lineal connections to his royal and noble ancestry through his mother and likely his father, and through his second wife Katherine Deighton. They are direct descendants of John I, King of England, who signed the Magna Carta at Runneymede on June 15, 1215. Current descendants of this early colonial governor are entitled to the privilege of membership in many hereditary societies.   This book covers five generations of Governor Dudley's descendants. The surnames are capitalized and in bold type for easy reference. In cases where a birth date is unknown, a circa (ca) date is inserted for context within that generation. Whenever possible, the citations for the first five generations are vital records.   In most cases, the identity of the parents of each spouse named is also provided in the biographical data, along with other relevant marriages of the individual. The sixth generation is provided for convenience and is not intended to be comprehensive in its citations. It should be noted also that the male members named in the fifth or sixth generation often include their service in the American Revolution. The 54-page index covers over 6,000 names. Price: $50.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 7: The Finfrock-Rhoades Story. Howard Frank and Dorothy (Rhoades) Finfrock: Their Ascendants and Descendants. By Barbara J. Finfrock. Chelsea, MI: The Bookcrafters. 1987. 502 pages. Hardcover. This is the story of the author's parents. The book starts with their wedding in 1925 and proceeds to background information on both parents, their parents and their grandparents. It presents a historical account of family life in Indiana from the late 19th century through 1986. Maps, census records, newspaper clippings, and family documents are enhanced with 487 photographs. The six-page index covers over 600 names. Price: $40.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 8: Biographical Sketch of Matthew Watson Foster, 1800-1863. By J. W. F. Washington: 1896 86 pages. Astor Place, NY: J. J. Little Co. listed on verso of title page. I'm not sure if this is the original publisher or the new publisher. This is an undated newer reprint. Bound. Matthew Watson Foster, the youngest son of George Forster and jane Watson, his wife, was born at Gilesfield, County of Durham, England , on the 22nd of June, 1800.   George Forster was a tenant farmer and the family of Jane Watson were tradespeople. In 1815 George Forster and a portion of his family migrated to New York. Upon their arrival, they dropped the first "r" in their name and settled in the MohawkValley.  However, land values were high and the family could not purchase land. At the age of seventeen, Matthew started out alone to look for a new and permanent home for the family. He walked as far west as St. Louis, Missouri, then retraced his steps and settled in Albion, Illinois temporarily, then walked to Indiana, where he selected land near Vincennes. He walked back to New York, reported to his family, and in 1819, Matthew, his father, mother and two brothers moved to Indiana. Eventually the family settled in Pike County where Matthew was engaged in farming and the mercantile business. In June 1829, he married Eleanor Johnson, the eldest daughter of Colonel John Johnson. This detailed biography discusses Matthew's interest in politics, his election as a judge, provides brief information on Matthew and Eleanor's eight children, several letters to his children, the Civil War and his death in 1863. Price: $10.00  


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 9: The Gee Family. Descendants of Charles Gee (d. 1709) and Hannah Gee (d. 1728) of Virginia. With A Chapter on the English background. By W. J. Fletcher. Rutland, Vt: The Tuttle Publishing co., Inc. 1937. 158 pages. Hardcover. (Note this is an undated reprint). The Gee family name in England may have originated from several sources. One source says that the name may go back as far as 1272 and may be derived from the French pronunciation of Gui, Guy, or Wido. Another source indicates that it may have derived from one of three French villages, possibly in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cheshire or Lancashire. Early English Gee family is provided for several families. The first authentic record of significance referring to a Gee in Virginia is that found in the records of the Henrico County Court in 1678. The first reference found to Charles Gee is the 1704-5 quit-rent rolls, in which he is taxed for 484 acres in Prince George County. Chapters in this book cover 1) the Gee Family in England; 2) The Gees in Henrico, Surry, Sussex and Prince George Counties, Virginia; 3) The Lunenburg and Brunswick Gees; 4) The Gees of Halifax County, North Carolina; 5) The Gees of Cumberland County, North Carolina, 6) the Gees of Gadsden County, Florida, and an Appendix by Dr. John Henry Gee. 29 photographs enhance the text. The four-page index covers nearly 200 first names with the surname Gee. No other surnames are listed in the index.   Price: $25.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 10: The Graue Family. A History of the Graue Family of the Kingdom of Hanover, (West Germany). In Warren, Lincoln and Montgomery Counties, MO. In DuPage County, Il. And in Ripley County, IN. With Notes on the German Families of Reuter, Kesemeyer, Kartelmann, Mense, Spricksmeyer, Haselbusch, Hespos and Musemann. And the German American Families of Rethorn, Brase, Keumell, Scnarre, Schroer, Shearmire, Eichhoff and Schwier. By Norman R. Peters. Baltimore: Gateway Press. 1989. 378 pages. Hardcover. Note: Ex library copy, Iowa Genealogical Society. Inscription: "Donated by Norman R. Peters." All of the families with the Graue spelling have been traced back to the area around the city of Hanover, West Germany. There are a number of Graue families in the United States. One of the largest Graue families in the U. S. came from the vilalge of Bahrenborstel near the town of Kirchdorf and settled in Missouri. Dietrich and Gerhard Graue, two brothers, were the founders of this group. There was another Graue family from Legenhausen, near Syke, that settled in Ripley County, Indiana, and part of this family later moved to Arkansas and southern Missouri where their descendants now live. A third branch of this family arrived in the U. S. in 1833 from Landesbergen, Near Nienburg, and settled in DuPage County, Illinois, where they built the Old Graue Mill at Hinsdale. There is also a large Graue family around Covington, Kentucky, but they did not come from the Hanover area of Germany and there is a question about the spelling of the name in Germany. Up to the present time no relationship between the various families has been found. All of these families are covered in this book.   The 23-page index covers nearly 4000 names. Price: $35.00  


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 11: The Gustin Family Tree. By Emily Gustin Flynn. No place of publication. No publisher. No date. 69 pages. Hardcover. (title on front cover: Gustin Records 1597 - 1952 - 1968.) Note: there is a mailing label of the previous owner on the inside front cover. This appears to be a bound copy of pages photocopied from an original edition. The last page has a stamped number on it. This book is written by the youngest daughter of William L. and Sarah A. Gustin. It is designed to continue the history of the Gustin line of the family as given in the Gustine Compendium and for the benefit of those who did not get of copy of this book, the author has traced through it, the direct line of descent from their first ancestor to come to America until the present time. The book begins with Edmund Jean (1597 - 1674) who married Esther Le Rossignol in 1638. She died in 1672. They were the parents of four children, including Augustine Jean (born in 1647). Augustine Jean came to America during the King Phillip's War. After settling in America, Augustine Jean changed his name to John Augustine and signed his name with various spellings, including John A. U. Gustin. In 1677 he married Esther Browne (daughter of John Browne and Esther Makepiece) at Marlboro, Massachusetts. They had eight children.  This book traces the descendants, gives names, dates and more. Price: $15.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 12: Herran, Herren, Herrin, Herron Family Genealogy. by J. Gordon Hearon.   No place of publication. (Clay, Kentucky?)No publisher.(selfpublished?)   No copyright date. various paginations (153, 16, 20). Herrenalb (or Herrenberg) is believed to be the home of the first group to use the Herren name. the oldest Coat of Arms believed to have been used by the family dates from 1100 A.D. to 1200 A. D. and is registered as Herrenberg. Religious wars, economic conditions and lack of land caused many German families to migrate to England. The first German emigrants arrived in England just as the colonization of America was beginning.  Many emigrants were farmers and artisans who eagerly sought passage to America as indentured servants or "redemptioners" where they would eventually be able to find economic freedom and land. In the early 1700s a second mass migration to England was undertaken by Germans. Herean (etc.) families participated in both migrations.   The book is divided into four sections:

I: Family Origins, the Herren Name and Coat of Arms:

II: First Migration, Herren Families in England, Herren Families in Ireland, Herren Families in the Colonies, Transylvania Company Lands, Herrens in Western Kentucky and Herrens in Western Tennessee;

III: Lineage of William Elisha Herrin, James Elisha Herrin, Sarah Jane (Herrin) Rushing, Caleb Abimlick Herrin, Lineage of Moses Herrin, Lineage of Bevery Herrin, Lineage of James W. Herrin, William Herron, Rueben Herrin, Lineage of John Herron, Lineage of Elisha Herrin, Lineage of Eli Herron, Lineage of Isaac Herrin, and Adjunct Lineages;  

IV: Introduction to supplemental Genealogies, McWhorter Genealogy, Marks Ancestry, and Lincoln Connection.   A four-page general index covers over 300 entries. A 16 page lineal index covers nearly 1,600 names.   Price: $30.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 13: My Grandmother Hubbard's Cupboard. By Richard E. Coulter. Evansville, IN: Evansville Bindery. 2002. 536 pages. Hardcover. The first that we know about the Hubbard and Weddell families is that they were living in the British Isles and later migrated to Virginia, where they were among the earliest inhabitants.  As both families moved westward the two families became neighbors in Hawkins County, Tennessee, as early as 1813. Soon after, these two families moved to Jackson County, Indiana. There were many Hubbard/Weddell marriages through the 15 generations of Hubbards covered in this book, and the author's grandmother was one of those weddings.   Twelve chapters cover: 1,) Outline Descendant Tree of Robert Hubbard (1600 - ca. 1663),

2.) Register Report of Robert Hubbard,

3.) James Lynch Log Cabin,

4.) Outline Descendant Tree of James Lynch (1788 - 1870),

5.) Edmond and Nancy Hubbard's Grave Markers,

6.) Hubbard Places,

7.) Three Generations of Hubbards,

8.) Outline Descendant Tree of Nicholas Wineinger (1725 - 1788),

9.) Register Report of Nicholas Wineinger, and

10.)Hubbard Family Members that Served in the Armed Forces. The 71-page index covers nearly 6,300 entries. Price: $35.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 76 BOOK 14: Families of Eliza Walters and Benjamin Franklin Johnson of Orange Co., Indiana. Including Robert S, Richford, Jones, Oldham, Lindsay, Stewart, Goodpaster, Johnson, Clements and Gaar. By J. W. Johnson. Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc. 1977. 300 pages. Hardcover. Eliza Walters did not lead an easy life.   She was born in 1876 and was orphaned at the age of two With her sister, Nancy, she was reared by an uncaring guardian. The guardian left when Eliza was 17 years old and another guardian was appointed. She married Benjamin Franklin Johnson in 1900. Her mother, Esther Ann Oldham, had also had a difficult life. This book provides historical information and family stories on Elizabeth Oldham and her family, James England, James, Joseph and Mary Oldham, Dr. Richard D. Walters and Esther Ann Oldham, the family of Benjamin Franklin Johnson, and James Luke.   25 photographs and illustrations enhance the book. The ten-page index covers nearly 500 names. Price: $35.00


We surely do hope you find some genealogical help in these family genealogies. Call Pat to order any of these books [1-800-419-0200] that might help you find more information on one or more of your relatives! She does not have the actual book in Indianapolis, Indiana with her, so I will not be able to answer any questions about the content or index in the books. Hope you can find a portion of your family records in one of these. PAT from YOGS.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

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