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Newsletter Subtitle:  JP CONSOLIDATED CRAZY CRATES 1-15
Month Day Year: AUGUST 17, 2010

HI, EVERYONE!  This is John Palmer and I am working on consolidating all my crazy crates, so I can join Pat in her August Crazy Crate Sales.  You have been very good shoppers, and I don't have a lot of books left on my Crazy Crates from #1 to #54, but we will get started with the following books and see how many books
we have left out of the 54 crates that originally went out! 

CRAZY CRATE JP01: SOLD OUT!  Thank you very much!

GREAT BRITAIN CENSUS- CRAZY CRATE JP02 BOOK 1: CENSUS RETURNS, 1841-1891.  A DIRECTORY TO LOCAL HOLDINGS IN GREAT BRITAIN, CHANNEL ISLANDS, AND ISLE OF MAN.  By Jeremy Gibson. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. 1998. Sixth edition. 56 pages. Softcover. The census for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are at the Public Records Office in London and they have all been microfilmed. The census was organized in Registration Districts, based on Poor Law unions, and Sub-Districts, often overlapping county boundaries. Thus, straight-forward seemingly complete-county entries may hide missing places on county borders or include those in neighboring counties. Price: $8.50. Now on sale with 10% off at $7.65.
GREAT BRITAIN NEWSPAPERS - CRAZY CRATE JP02 BOOK 6: LOCAL NEWSPAPERS, 1750-1920. ENGLAND AND WALES, CHANNEL ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN.  A SELECTED LOCATION LIST. Compiled by Jeremy Gibson. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. 1987. 64 pages. Softcover. This guide is designed to tell family historians what newspapers have been published in any specific place and where they can be consulted. No differentiation is made, therefore, between the original paper copies and microfilms of originals elsewhere. This guide can be used as a starting point. The basis for this guide has been the British Library eight-volume Catalogue of the Newspaper Library Colindale published in 1975. The listing is arranged alphabetically by county and then alphabetically by the towns within the county. Information includes the name of the newspaper. Dates shown are covering dates of the holdings of the British Library (Colindale) between 1750 and 1920. Price: $8.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $7.65.

 By Jeremy Gibson and Mervyn Medlycott. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company. Third edition. 1998. 48 pages. Softcover. Lists naming officers only are not mentioned in this pamphlet. The records mentioned in this guide are of the reconstituted militia from 1757 on, and various others engendered by the Napoleonic Wars between 1797 and 1815. Price: $8.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $7.65.

GREAT BRITAIN POLL BOOKS - CRAZY CRATE JP02 BOOK 8: POLL BOOKS, ca. 1696-1872. A DIRECTORY TO LOCAL HOLDINGS IN GREAT BRITAIN.  By Jeremy Gibson and Colin Rogers. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Third edition. 1990. 56 pages. Softcover. Poll (voters) books offer an extraordinary and anachronistic window onto the electoral practice of our predecessors because they record the name of the candidate for whom they voted. From the early eighteenth century, it is normal to find only the name and parish of each voter, especially in the original manuscript poll books. Price: $8.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $7.65.

BUSINESS & INDUSTRY - CRAZY CRATE JP03 BOOK 2:  ALL IN A CENTURY. THE FIRST 100 YEARS OF ELI LILLY AND COMPANY.  By E. J. Kahn, Jr. Indianapolis, Indiana.  Eli Lilly and Company.1976. 211 pages. This book is an amiable look, by an outsider, at a corporation as it concluded a century of highly complex and diversified operations. On May 10, 1876, Col. Eli Lilly opened a small establishment for the principal purpose of producing medications to be dispensed by physicians rather than carnival sideshow barkers.  It was a desperate gamble, but he had nothing to lose. As a Yankee army officer, he had been captured during the Civil War and interred in a Confederate prison.  In 1866 his wife died from complications resulting from pregnancy, leaving him with a 5-year-old son.  Lilly tried to make a living as a cotton planter in Mississippi, but he went bankrupt. Returning north, he started two other businesses which failed. Beginning the pharmaceutical company with two employees, his sales were modest - less than a $1,000 a year. But the company did grow - slowly. At the time of his death in 1898, the company was selling over 2,000 products and sales came to over $300,000 per year. By 1974, when this book was written, the company had 23,000 employees and yearly sales were over $1 billion. Over a dozen photographs accompany the text. We have (2) multiple copies. Price: $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.

BIOGRAPHY - CRAZY CRATE JP03 BOOK 3: ELI LILLY: A LIFE, 1885-1977. By James H. Madison. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society. 1989. 342 pages. Hardcover. Eli Lilly's long life extended over a wide range of endeavors in which he made major contributions. Under his active leadership, the company which his grandfather had created flourished and led the way in developing biomedical breakthroughs, including the development of insulin. Hard working, he developed other interests, including prehistoric archaeology, which he helped to financially support; history and historic preservation; and art. Later in life, he gave away millions of dollars through the Lilly Endowment. In addition to financial involvement, Lilly also actively explored historical locations and led archaeological investigations as well as writing books and articles on the results his investigations found. Nearly 70 photographs enhance the text. Multiple copies are available. Price: $15.  Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY/INDIANA - CRAZY CRATE JP03 BOOK 4: A HISTORY OF THE INDIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 1830-1980.  By Lana Ruegamer. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society. 1980. 383 pages. Hardcover. Using her unlimited access to the records of the society, the author has compiled a detailed but very readable history of the society, from its feeble beginnings, near death in its infancy, and its struggle to mature into an institution of real consequence to Indiana history during most of its 150 years, and especially within the past 50 years when it has made occasional noteworthy contributions to the national historical community. This ten-chapter history reveals how rare and valuable were the persons who concerned themselves about state and local history. It discusses its beginnings as a fledgling historical society, entry into the publishing world, transformation and new life, the Christopher Coleman years, Eli Lilly and Glenn Black, and its continued growing presence as a major historical institution. Nearly 130 photographs accompany the text. Included are a complete listing of officers and staff from 1830 to 1980, a complete listing of the publications of the Indiana Historical Society, its charter and by-laws. A 13-page index has nearly 750 names. Price: $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY - CRAZY CRATE JP03 BOOK 5: NINETY YEARS AND GROWING.  THE STORY OF LINCOLN NATIONAL CORPORATION. By Michael C. Hawfield. Indianapolis, Indiana. Guild Press of Indiana. 1995. 161 pages. Hardcover. This book examines the Lincoln National Corporation from its modest beginnings as that little company above the grocery store to today's success as a $50 billion financial services corporation with global operations. It focuses on the people whose hard work and shared values have brought about the company's success. Contains hundreds of photographs. Price: $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.

BIOGRAPHY - CRAZY CRATE JP03 BOOK 9: DR. MILES. THE LIFE OF DR. FRANKLIN LAWRENCE MILES (1845-1929). By Martha M. Pickrell. Carmel, IN: Guild Press of Indiana. 1997. 131 pages. Softcover. Franklin Lawrence Miles was born in Olmstead Falls, Ohio, in 1845, and was one of three children of Charles Julius Miles and Electa Lawrence. Charles Julius Miles was gone from the family for long periods of time, leaving Electa to cope with three young children. Between May 1856 and January 1857, when he was 11 years old, Franklin's brother, sister and mother all died of various diseases. On her death bed, his mother made Lawrence promise to study science. Julius returned to the family in 1860 and took Franklin to Elkhart, Indiana, where some relatives of Charles had become successful merchants. An inquiring, inventive and practical person with a compassionate spirit, Franklin found Elkhart too confining and, after three years, attended various schools in the East, finally enrolling in the University of Michigan's medical school in Ann Arbor in the 1871/1872 academic year and graduating from RushMedicalCollege in Chicago in 1874. Later returning to Elkhart, he became a hard-working physician, stressing health education, writing many pamphlets on healthy living. He experimented with medical remedies, finally inventing a nerve tranquilizer, which he originally prepared on a stove in his home in Elkhart. His discoveries led to criticism of him by other physicians as a medical quack. But he never gave up on his experiments, finally discovering several remedies that helped him make his fame and fortune. His hometown experiments developed into Miles Laboratories, one of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.  Multiple copies are available. Price: $12.  Now on sale with 10% off at $10.80.

BUSINESS & INDUSTRY - CRAZY CRATE JP03 BOOK 12: TURNING WHEELS: THE STUDEBAKER STORY.  South Bend, Indiana: Studebaker Corporation. 1954. Reprinted 2002 by Michiana History Publications. 16 pages. Softcover (comic book format). "This is the story of a great American corporation, of blueprints and tools, of wheels and engines, of sleek automobiles and sturdy trucks. It is a story, too, of a community and of the men who kept the plant humming told though the life of a typical employee and his family. Let's pick out one of these men and hear what he has to say. Let's hear his story." This full-color comic book was a great promotional tool for the corporation, following the life of old Joe Powell (fictional character) and his family, beginning as a youngster visiting his father at the factory and following through his own life working for the company, his retirement, and the final joy of seeing his grandson join the company, where he would have a long, steady job. (In reality the plant was on its last legs and closed ten years later). Multiple copies are available. Price: $8.  Now on sale with 10% off at $7.20.

CRAZY CRATE JP04 and JP05:  SOLD OUT!  Thank you very much!

MAPS - CRAZY CRATE JP06 & JP07: These crates included John Palmer's wonderful collection of early map reproductions in their lovely clear archival displays.  You will find Indiana with seven, Kentucky with four, Ohio with one, Pennsylvania with one and fifteen reproductions of old maps of Germany.  These may be seen in full color on the WWW. under the "YOGS.COM" Website under the heading of Main Catalog - then look for "Atlases, Gazetteers and Maps. There are fifteen different German maps, of different parts and different times which are found a little over half-way through that category. You will also see a full-color map of Ireland and one of Scotland all in full color and enclosed in archival protection and all for just $9 each.  These are highly suitable for framing and displaying in your home or office.  The German Maps and their original year of printing are:  1.) THE MINOR STATES OF GERMANY 1869.  
4.) GERMANY 1886. 
5.) GERMANY 1840. 
8.) PRUSSIA 1828. 

26.) WUERTTEMBERG 1912. 
27.) WESTFALLEN 1897. 
31.) OLDENBERG 1912. 
32.) HESSEN 1892. 
33.) HANOVER 1892. 
34.) BAVARIA-BAYERN 1889. 

Other maps also available are: 
10.)  SCOTLAND 1855.
11.)  IRELAND 1855.
13.)  OHIO. 1828. 
14.)  KENTUCKY 1824. 
15.)  KENTUCKY 1828. 
17.) MAP OF KENTUCKY 1838.
18.) INDIANA 1877. 
19.) INDIANA 1850.
20.) INDIANA 1843. 
21.) INDIANA 1840. 
23.)  INDIANA 1832. 
24.) INDIANA 1824. 
These lovely 11 by 14 inch reproductions of authentic maps are all in full color and may have been very slightly altered to fit into the clear archival sheets into which they have already been inserted. PRICE $9 Now on sale with 10% off at $8.10.

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY - CRAZY CRATE JP08 BOOK 2: THE BUILDERS BEHIND THE CASTLES. GEORGE LOORZ AND THE F. C. STOLTE CO.  By Taylor Coffman.  San Luis Obispo, Ca:  San Luis Obispo County Historical Society.  1990.  223 pages.  Softcover.   [Note: The name Jerry Giolitto is written in the lower-right-hand corner of the half-title page.  Over forty large boxes of George Loorz's papers enabled the author to compile an edition of letters which provides insight into the life of one of California's most ingenious construction engineers.  In 1938, six years after he began working at San Simeon as construction superintendent, George Loorz received a letter from William Randolph Hearst complimenting him on the mansion's construction and offering to provide a reference to anyone who wished to use Loorz for future projects.  This book begins with 1932 when Loorz arrived at San Simeon and continues through 1937 concentrating on his work at the Hearst mansion.  Nearly fifty photographs and illustrations enhance the book, showing such projects as the RomanPoolBuilding, the Gables, Brown Bear, the NacimientoRiverBridge, the Neptune Pool, Cinderella House, and more.   Price: $7.50.  Now on sale with 10% off at $6.75.

CRAZY CRATE JP09 and JP10: SOLD OUT! Thank you very much!

Washington, D.C. National Archive and Records Administration. 1986. 245 pages. Softcover. This select catalog lists National Archives microfilm publications of records that relate to the history of our U. S. diplomatic relations. It includes records dealing specifically with the internal affairs of other countries and with the personnel and operations of the U.S. Foreign Service. The catalog is divided into four parts, each arranged differently. Part 1 is arranged by record group and thereunder by subgroup or series, with publications of the same type listed either chronologically or alphabetically. Part 2 describes the State Department decimal file (1910-63) and lists the publications that reproduced decimal file documents. Part 3 lists publications dealing with specific countries, alphabetically by country name. Part 4 lists all publications in numerical order by publication number, with complete titles and roll-by-roll lists of the microfilm. Most of the microfilmed records described in this catalog are among General Records of the Department of State, Record Group 59. This record group contains all correspondence of the Department of State, as well as records of administrative units, records relating to various functions of the department, and records relating to special subjects. Price: $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.

BIOGRAPHY - CRAZY CRATE JP13 BOOK 2: SCHLEIMMANN IN INDIANAPOLIS.  Edited by Eli Lilly. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society. 1961. 95 pages. This book discusses the short time in which Heinrich Schleimman lived in Indianapolis. . Born in 1822 in Germany, he had been an adventurer, gold miner, sailor, and merchant. He had gathered a small fortune and married a Russian woman, who unfortunately, did not share his passion for travel and excitement. She remained in St. Petersburg. Schleimman was passionate about learning languages, and had easily mastered Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese in only a few months. Later he learned Swedish and Polish. Then he learned Greek and became interested in archaeology. After compiling a major fortune, he liquidated his business career and devoted most of his time to archaeology. In 1869, Schleimman moved to Indianapolis to establish American citizenship and also to divorce his Russian wife. After divorcing her, Schleimman vowed to leave American women alone and find a good Greek wife. He moved to Greece, found a Greek wife, pursued his archaeological hobby - and found the famous Greek Lost City of Troy! Price: $5.  Now on sale
with 10% off at $4.50.

NEWSPAPER COLUMN/ MICHIGAN/ INDIANA CRAZY CRATE JP13 BOOK 8: MICHIANA ROOTS. VOLUME 1.  By Carol Collins. South Bend, IN. South Bend Tribune. 1982. 220 pages. For nearly 20 years Carol Collins provided a genealogical column in the South Bend Tribune newspaper. Information in her column included useful general research information on books, conferences, libraries, research trips, handy tips, and thousands of queries. This volume covers the first five years of her column and covers the first 1,060 inquiries. Some inquiries received answers; some did not. Although many of the inquiries concerned Indiana and Michigan names, many of the names were also from other states. A 27-page index covers nearly 20,000 names listed in the inquiries. A two-page subject index covers the various topics discussed in her column. Price: $15.00 Now on sale with 10% off at $13.50.

SOUTH BEND /ST.JOSEPH COUNTY/INDIANA -  CRAZY CRATE JP14 BOOK 1: SOUTH BEND, CROSSROADS OF COMMERCE. By John Palmer. Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing. 2003. 160 pages. Softcover. South Bend, Indiana, stood at the crossroads of several major Native American trading routes long before the Europeans, led by the French, arrived from Canada and the East Coast to trade their furs. The city on the southern bend of the St. Joseph River soon became an important commercial center for settlers moving west. Eventually, the University of Notre Dame and the Studebaker Corporation would call the growing community home.  This book provides a general overview of South Bend from the time of the Ice Age, then chronologically through the early Native American settlements, conflict between Europeans and Native Americans over control of the fur trade and the eventual rise of Little Turtle and Tecumseh, who attempted to stop the American invasion of Native American lands, the first settlers in South Bend, the Civil War, rise of industrialization in South Bend which resulted in the need for thousands of immigrant workers, the slums, World War I, resentment against immigrants which resulted in the Ku Klux Klan rally in South Bend, Knute Rockne, John Dillinger's last bank robbery, World War II, the rise and fall of the Studebaker and Oliver companies, urban renewal, and new hope for the coming century.  [Note from Pat:  John Palmer helped develop the Local History/ Genealogy Room of the St. Joseph County Library and worked in it for ten years. He is a member of the NorthernIndianaCenter for History and the South Bend Area Genealogical Society. His compelling narrative, complemented by David Blodgett's sketches of early pioneer life and vivid historic images, is an enlightening and entertaining portrayal of this important Indiana city.  The author, John Palmer [the writer of all the JP crates] will personally sign the book for you. Please let us know how you would want it signed. Price: $25.  Now on sale with 10% off at $22.50.

CIVIL WAR MILITARY / BIOGRAPHY - CRAZY CRATE JP14 BOOK 5: THE BRIDE AND THE BANDIT.  THE STORY OF MATTIE READY OF MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE, WARTIME BRIDE OF GENERAL JOHN HUNT MORGAN. By Dr. Robert O. Neff and Edith Elizabeth Pollitz. Evansville: Printed by Evansville Bindery for private publication by Robert O. Neff and Edith Elizabeth Pollitz. 1998. 394 pages. Hardcover. Mattie Ready came from a well-known Tennessee family and married dashing Confederate General John Hunt Morgan in 1862. We are grateful to Mattie's younger sister, Alice, for including information on her in her own diary. Alice's faithful recordings of exciting and dramatic events as they unfolded in her little hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, have allowed Mattie's dramatic and tragic story to be told in some detail. Morgan, the daring cavalry leader, captured the young woman's love soon after he met her in 1862.  He was 37 years old.  She was 21. They were married on December 14, 1862.  Shortly after their marriage Morgan invaded Indiana and Ohio. Information is given on Mattie's parents, Murfreesboro during the War, Morgan's war-time activities, his capture, his escape, his return to Mattie, more raids, his second capture and his death. Tragically the marriage was short-lived and only one daughter was born to them.  Mattie's life after his death, her marriage to Judge William H. Williamson in 1873, and their life together are also discussed. Some information is also given on other family members. Nine photographs enhance the text. Price: $25. 
Now on sale with 10% off at $22.50.

CIVIL WAR /BATTLE - CRAZY CRATE JP14 BOOK 6: FIRST BLOOD. THE STORY OF FORT SUMTER.  By W. A. Swanberg. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1957. Book of the Month Club Printing. 373 pages. Hardcover. [NOTE: Inscription "To Dad from Bob, Jr. Christmas, 1972".  Also there is a book plate belonging to R. A. Clark.]  The attack on Fort Sumter started the greatest war that the American nation had ever seen. It had far more causative significance than Pearl Harbor. It was not a point selected for a surprise attack. It represented the North-South quarrel in miniature, and the crisis sizzled there for months, gradually gaining intensity until the explosion came. The author explores the story of the truly extraordinary episodes in American military history, a half year of mounting tension that broke into actual war with the surrender of the fort. At the center of the narrative stands the defender of Sumter, Major Robert Anderson, a man trained for war who fought against it and yet, was fated to start it; a Southerner who did his duty as a Union officer while Buchanan's administration withheld any real support. The book vividly depicts the plight of the tiny garrison at Sumter during these months of 1860 - 1861, and it conveys the spirit ashore in Charleston, South Carolina, in a way that makes one understand how the fires of secession were kindled. The siege is discussed in detail. Despite the nearly 33 hours of heavy bombardment, there were no Union or Confederate deaths, and only a few slight wounds were received. Ironically, the only soldiers killed at Sumter were killed after the battle, when the Union flag was being saluted and the cannon blew up!  Photographs of the fort, officers and men accompany the text. Price: $10.  Now on sale with 10% off at $9.

MEMORIAM/ BIOGRAPHY- CRAZY CRATE JP14 BOOK 7: SORIN OF NOTRE DAME. EDWARD SORIN, C. S. C., 1814 - 1893, AN ANTHOLOGY IN MEMORIAM.  Edited by M. Myers. Introduction by Rev. Anthony R. Grasso. Bristol Banner Books. 1991. 211 pages. Softcover.  Father Sorin founded the University of Notre Dame in 1842. The eleven-page introduction provides a brief biography of Fr. Sorin. The remaining pages are a compilation of many short poems, most of which neither discuss Sorin, nor refer to him. No reason is given for the selection of any of the poems and no information is given about the identity of the editor, "M. Myers". Price: $6.  Now on sale with 10% off at $5.40.

CRAZY CRATE JP15     SOLD OUT! Thank you very much!


John certainly did sell a lot of the books that were listed on these crates!  This was fifteen crates at roughly 14 books each, roughly 210 books and these are all that are left!  John certainly seems to find the books people want to read!  His shelves are still full, so help him out and buy some of these, so he can go looking for more to be put in future crates! 

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