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Newsletter Subtitle NY1 - NEW YORK 1 - COMPOSITE
Month Day Year:  AUGUST 13, 2010

Here we are with another consolidated crate sale available at the reduced prices to our newsletter subscribers only.  Following this, they will be available only on the website at the original prices.  Most books have been marked down today FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!
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I have been working on our New Jersey and New York shelf for some time now, and we will show you some of it here this week.  New Jersey has some books left and so does New York.  Here are some of these New York books.
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK 1:  1820 FEDERAL CENSUS OF TIOGA COUNTY, NEW YORK.  Compiled by Nellie C. Hiday.  Typed by Maryan Gill.  Published by Heritage House, 1970.  25 pages.  Arranged in alphabetical order, the full name of the head
of household is given, followed by all the numbers in the columns showing the sex and the age groups of both males and females. Have it at home for instant searching. No computer required!  Surnames with 3 first names indicating different families (just a comma) or with 4 or more heads of households, indicating 4 or more complete households,  with that actual number: 
TOWN OF CADOR:  Andrews, Bacon 4, Brink 5, Clark 5, Cortright 4, Cow(e)ls, Fletcher 4, Gridley 6, Harris, Hart 8, Herrick, Hewitt, Hull 5, Johnson 6, Jones 5, Judd, Mead 5, Sanford, Smith 9, Taylor7, Whitley, Woodford 7.
 TOWN OF CAROLINE:  Blackman 4, Boyce, Bush 7, Chambers 6, Clark, Dennist, Humphrey 4, Legg, Middaugh, Mulks, Olney, Paine 4, Park, Perry 6, Personius, Quick 6, Rounseville 6, Slater, Speed, Stevens 6, Vandemark, Vickery 4, Willey.
TOWN OF CATHERINE:  Agard 4, Andrews 4, Baldwin, Barber 4, Bardslee 9, Bennett 4, Bentley, Booth, Brink 4, Brown 5, Catlin, Chapman, Clark 5, Coe 4, Compton, Coryell, Foot 4, Frost, Hall 4, Hoyt 4, Jackson, Jones, Knap/p, Latt(e/i)n 4, Lee, Lockerly 4, Lovell 5, Lyon 6, Mallery 6, Nicholas 4, Olmstead, Rogers, Sealy, Sherwood, Weller, Wygant. 
TOWN OF CAYUTA: Allen 4, Armstrong, Barton, Brown, Chafee, Clark 6, Davenport, Denton, Edwards 4, Elston, Everhard 4, Fauver 4, Gillet/t, Green, Johnson 5, Linderman 6, Lovell, Maltby, Ogden 4, Payne 4, Savercool 4, Sebring, Smith 6, Stark/s, Strong 4, Taylor.  Each town in separately indexed, so I am getting too many little towns with complete alphabets.  But how lucky for you, because you will know what town to search in half of them!  In the book, but not abstracted here are the TOWN OF CHEMUNG, TOWN OF DANBY and TOWN OF ELMIRA, but they are in this book! NEW. $5.  Now sale priced at 20% off at just $4. 

NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK 2:  THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT - A FAMILY HISTORIAN'S GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY CEMETERIES.  By Caroline Inskeep.  Published by Ancestry. 2000. Rapid development, rising property values, lack of space, health concerns and government regulations have conspired to not only move your poor dead ancestor, but to move the entire graveyard he was buried in many years ago!  So how do you go about finding him and his new resting place before they move him or her again?  This lady wrote the book on this problem and included the answers!  Telling the story of the changing landscape of New York City graveyards was her mission.  She provides the new names of the moved cemeteries and the present location, so you can find your lost ancestor. 
She also provides you with the names of some of the rich and famous or the rich and infamous who are buried in the same location.  The book has a very complete index that helps you locate his old burial ground and his new resting place.  NEW,  $25.  Now sale priced at 20% off at just $20. 
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE -CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK 3:  THE NEW YORK FOUNDLING HOSPITAL AN INDEX TO ITS FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL CENSUS RECORDS 1870-1925.  ©1995  By Carolee R. Inskeep.  Clearfield, softbound wrappers, 339 pages  approximately 5.5 by 8.5 inches.  [NOTE:  She did the Cemetery Book on New York City listed above.  Included in this book are the censuses of this institution that took in the orphaned and homeless children of New York.  Here are their names, 13,000 of them.  Some made their way to the Midwest on the orphan trains.  Some found families, some ran away, some got lost and some just got older anyway they could.  Many of them have descendants living in the Midwest now.  Each name in this book has a story to tell.  Many of these children grew up with fine adoptive parents, but their lack of knowing about their past haunted them all their lives.  Families were often broken up and the children spent their adult lives looking for brothers and sisters they remembered, but could not find.  Censuses covered are 1870 Federal Census, 1880 Federal Census, 1890 New York City Police Census, 1900 Federal Census, 1905 NY State Census, 1910 Federal Census, 1915 NY State Census, 1920 Federal Census and 1925 NY State Census.  Information available differs with each census but may include name, race, gender, *  indicates name or gender may be incorrectly listed, age at last birthday in years or months, MOB (month of birth) if born in census year, Relationship of each person to the institution, mostly as inmate.  All persons listed as single, birthplace of each child listed as NY, parents listed as unknown for the children.  This home was founded by the Archbishop of NY for the many children whose parents had "gone away, never to return." The first infant arrived Oct. 11, 1869, the second later that night, left upon the stoop during a rainstorm. By the end of the first month the Sisters of Charity had 45 children.  By 1873 they were located in a large complex filling the block and 5 stories high.  Eventually the overcrowding was somewhat alleviated by the orphan trains which took huge numbers of them west.  New $27.50.  Now sale priced at $22.
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK 4:  HISTORIC HOMES AND INSTITUTIONS AND GENEALOGICAL AND FAMILY HISTORIES OF NEW YORK.  SET OF FOUR VOLUMES.  By William S. Pelletreau.  A. M. Member of Long Island Historical Society, Author of Old New York Houses, Early Long Island Wills, Records of Southampton, Long Island, History of Smithtown, Long Island, etc, etc.  Illustrated.  Volume I has 402 pages, Volume II has 402 pages, Volume III has 329 pages and Volume IV has 346 pages which thankfully, include an index.  This is a two-column index with 60 names to a column, 120 names to a page and only 10 pages or about 1,200 names.  I could not, for a minute figure how he could have such a small index for such a large set of books!  A closer look at the book enlightened me, as it always does.  The entry read "Alexander Family V.3,P243 and it covers 8 more pages which include at least 26 members of that family with full notes on their military service, their wives, their businesses, their children, even their classmates at school and their in-laws!  Now 1,200 FAMILIES with that much information is a different kettle of fish entirely!  The detail in this book is astounding.  It is obvious this man knew members of the family or had their help in documenting their lives.  Having written so many books he had the materials to put these family sketches together.  There are differing amounts of information about the various families, but you could fill out at least four generations of the Alexander family tree from this information and would be able to start at least a dozen plus family group sheets!  Here are some of the families covered in this set of books.  The scanty index should be replaced with an every-name index which would, probably, be over 600 pages long.  I am just so sorry that none of my ancestors ever lived in New York!  Index contains information on the following surnames plus others not indexed here which appear for only a page or two:  Abbott,  Alexander, Anderson, Androvette, Arnow, Avery, Barklage, Barto, Bayard, Baylies, Bedlow, Beekman, Bell, Blake, Bloodgood, Bogardus, Bogart-De Bost, Bogart, Bowne, Brinkerhoff, Brohmer, Brower, Brown, Bryant, Burbank, Burger, Burling, Butler, Campbell, Cheesebrough, Christoffell, Christopher, [Note:  In this index there is a place where about 125 Churches are identified and listed with volume and page numbers.] Churchill, Clarke, Clinton, DeWitt, Clinton Family, Clinton-Jones, Coddington, Cole, Cozzino, Crawford, Crooke, Crowell, Cutting, Darcey, Davies, Dayton, De Bost, Decker (19 entries), DeHart, Delafield (25 entries), Diering, Dixon, Doherty, Dresser, DuBois (25 entries), Duryea (6 entries), Ellis (6 entries),  Ely (5 entries), Embree, Fish (5 entries), Flake, Floyd, Fordham (6 entries), Fox, Franklin, Franz, Gerard, Gilham, Glover, Goelet, Goodwin, Gouvernour, Grafe, Harigan, Hart, Hawkins, Hendricksons, Hewlett, Hill, Horton (46 entries!), Howell (14 entries), Hurry (9 entries), Johnson (5 entries), Jones, Kelsey,  Kenyon (5 entries), King, Knight, Lawrence, Lawton,  LeRoy, L'Hommedieu, Livingston, Lowenbein, Lydig, Mersereau (6 entries), Mesier, Miller, [Note: The distinguished ancestry of Clement C. Moore who received one line in the index (V.3,P203) which caught my eye and since I, like all other children at heart, love that poem, I looked up the reference.  Finally found him mentioned with the poem on Page 208!  So, 1 page in the index produced 5 pages and about five generations of ancestry for him.  The poem was written in 1822 as a Christmas gift to his children, first given out to a paper by a friend of the family to be printed Dec. 23, 1823, and has warmed the hearts of children, no matter their age, ever  since.  See why I love my job!]  Back to the index! Morgan, Morris (5 entries), Newins, Nicoll-Churchill, Nicoll, Payne, Philipse, Philipse-Gouverneur (7 entries), Phillips, Rapelye (5 entries), Ray. Richter, Riuker (8 entries), Robertson, Sandford, Schieffelin (17 entries), Schmachtenberg, Schuyler, Seaver, Shirley, Shultes, Simonson, Skidmore, Smith (7 entries), Steiner, St. John, Stoll, Talmadge (8 entries), Tappen, Tietjen, Tiffany (7 entries), Timpson (6 entries), Townsend, Van Buren (5 entries), Van Cortland, Vanderbilt, Van Horn, Van Rensselaer, Walsh (5 entries), Walton, Wandell, Weeks (5 entries), White, Whitten, Willett, Williams, and Wyeth (5 entries).  Wow!  Set is New $150. Now sale priced at $120.
God bless the folks who make, sell and repair air conditioners!  I love sitting in our nice warm-in-the-winter and air-conditioned in-the-summer, humidity-controlled-year-around-well-lighted shop.  I can't believe it has been this hot for this long ever before!
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK :5  NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH.  By Dr. George Schweitzer Ph.D., Sc.D.  ©2005.  This book is the best guide to doing genealogical Research in New York, has a recent copyright date, 287 pages, 6 by 9 inches in size, and slick finish cardstock covers for durability. If you have ancestors from New York, this book is the key to getting the records you need to prove it.
He begins with a short, concise but comprehensive coverage of NY history and geography as it applies to your ancestor, and therefore to you-the genealogist.  The historic and geographical background can be so important as to where they came from and where they went next after NY.  Chapter 2 covers 35 different types of records detailing what they are, where they are kept and how you get copies.  Chapter 3 delves into the mysteries of the locations of large quantities of records collected for genealogists to use.  Chapter 4 concerns research procedures and includes special notes on New York City Research.  Chapter 5 is always my favorite.  This chapter goes county-by-county and details the types of records available in that county.  All-in-all, for any state Dr. Schweitzer has done; his book will be the best guidebook written to assist you with your work. Multiple copies are available.  $12  Sorry, this book s a staple on our shelf, but we are unable to sell it for less unless it iis used, which these are not.  NEW.  PRICE $12
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK 6:  WHERE TO WRITE FOR RECORDS IN NEW YORK.  Another Researchers Publication.  No date.  An 8-page list of the most important locations of records.  Includes Birth & Death Records, Marriage Records, Will, Land, Military, WWI & WWII, Naturalizations, Census Records, A full list of counties with year of formation, county seat and zip code. Addresses for 15 denominational church record depositories, and other depositories of church records at other localities are included.  A few addresses may be dated.  Multiple copies are available.  Has been $2, now 20% off at only $1.60
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1:  BOOK 7:  SETTLERS OF RENSSELAERSWYCK 1630-1658.  Edited by A. J. F. Van Laer.  Excerpted from the Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts with Index to Biographical Notes.  Clearfield Co. 1998.  Originally published in 1908.  This list gives a concise record of the arrival and occupation of these settlers in the colony, from the date of its founding to the end of the administration of Jan Baptist van Rensslaer, in so far as such record appears in the Original Manuscripts and the Rensselaerswyck Manuscripts.  Together these include practically everything of consequence that has been preserved,
Names mentioned in the index 2 or more than 2 times are of varying spellings, only one of which is listed: Adriaensz 6, Aertsz 4, Albertsz 4, Andriesz 6, Appel 2, Arentsz 2, Barents/z, Bastiaensz 2, Bilt 3, Brants 2, Carstensz 4, Christensz 2, Claesz 5, Coningh 2, Coren 2, Corneliusz 13, Crijnen 2, Dirksz 4, Elbertsz 3, Fredericksz 2, Gerritsz 7, Ghijsbert 3, Harmensz 2, Hendricksz 8, Hooges 2, Huybertsz 3, Jacobst 9, Jansz 40, Koijrmans 2, Lambertsz 2, Laurennsz 4, Pauwelsen 3, Pietersz 7, Rensselaer 2, Segersz 2, Stol 2, Teunisz 13, Thomasz 5, Vastrick 2, Vechten 2, Voorhout 4, Vos 2, Waelingen 2 and Zegers/z 2.  Again, the detail in these sketches tells where they came from, their occupation or job, where they were going to live, what they were charged for supplies, their terms of work, their wages, If they leave the colony, it is so noted; if they returned to it is also noted.  Lots of all that is available for this time period is noted here. NEW. $10.  Now sale priced at 20% off is $8.
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE  NY1:  BOOK 8:  CORRESPONDENCE 1647-1653.  NEW NETHERLANDS DOCUMENTS SERIES, VOLUME XI.  Translated and Edited by Charles T. Gehring, Syracuse University Press, ©2000 The Holland Society of New York.  273 pages, hardbound.  This is the translation of Peter Stuyvesant's Papers of Correspondence in the first six years of his seventeen-year tenure as director general of New Netherland.  This period spans the final years of the war with Spain through the first war with England.  These were letters written at the time by someone in a position of power and responsibility.  He dealt on a regular basis with important people.
I have chosen a few to list about which he wrote:  Isaac Allerton, Anthony Allert, Harald Appleboom, Claes Backer, Andries Barentsz, George Baxter, Judith Batard, Sir William Berkeley, Andrean Bloemart, William Bradford, Oliver Cromwell, Theapolis Eaton, John Endicott.  I will stop here at the Es, but the list of the important kings and governors and everyday people with real personal problems it took political savvy to solve are in here.  He wrote letters to and received letters from kings, governors, princes and common men who were petitioning for favors wanted, paid for favors or wanted to do him a favor.  The rich and the famous, the movers and shakers, the criminal and the scalawag all kept his mind busy and his pen scratching out answers for most of the time during his tenure.  You get a real feeling for what was going on in the colony at this time in history.  PRICE  $75 now 20% off $60
NY1 - NEW YORK COMPOSITE - CRAZY CRATE NY1 BOOK 9:  OLD FAMILIES OF STATEN ISLAND.  By J. J. Clute.  Originally published as Annals of Staten Island in 1877.  Reprinted by Clearfield 1998.  103 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, softbound, sturdy cardstock, slick finish cover,  A short explanation precedes the sketches of the families which include Alston, Androvette, Barnes, Bedell, Blake, Bodine, Bogart, Braisted, Britton, Burbank, Burgher/Burger, Bush, Butler, Cannon, Christopher, Cole, Colon, Conner, Corsen, Cortelyou, Crips, Crocheron, Cruser, Cubberly, Decker, DeGroot, De hart, Depuy, Disosway, Dubois, Dustan, Eddy, Egbert, Enyard, Fountain, Frost, Garrison, Guyon, Hatfield, Haughwout, Hillyer, Holmes, Housman, Jacobson, Johnson, Jones, Journeay, Laforge, Lake, Larzelere, Latourette, Lisk, Lockman, Manee, Martling, Martino, Merrill, Mersereau, Metcalfe, Morgan, Perine, Poillon, Post, Prall,Ryerss, Seguine, Sharrott, Simonson, Stilwell, Sprague, Taylor, Totten, Van Buskirk/Van Duzer, Vanderbilt, Van Name, Van Pelt, Wandel, Winant, Woglom, and Wood.  Sketches vary in length.  But consider the date.  These people who gave him this material may have known, and shared, what was the truth about their family lines with this man.   $18.  Now sale priced at $14.40.
How about that!  I have enough books left to make a separate crate of NEW YORK books for next week.  So if you have a NEW YORK ANCESTOR, and you didn't find him here, check out Tuesday's crate, because he just may be in it!
Thank you for reading our crazy crate this week.  Enjoy the lack of snow while you can.  It will be coming soon enough!  Pat from YOGS


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