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Now on to the books!  Thanks for reading our crazy crate newsletter today.  We have a few books from Massachusetts on the menu, so take a look at these Massachusetts books on the list today. 

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MA1 - MASSACHUSETTS CRAZY CRATE MA1  BOOK 1: FFA068: THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER. Periodical Booklet, VOLUME CXVIII, OCTOBER, 1964, WHOLE NUMBER 472.  Editor was Gilbert Harry Doane.  Published by the Society.  79 numbered pages, queries, and 6 additional pages of ads and catalog.  The major articles cover Shepherd of Littlecote; Samuel Church of Stonington, Connecticut; Benjamin Franklin Wilbour; The Rev. Richard Bourne of Sandwich, Massachusetts (1610 - 1682); Noah Lougee (1792-1842); The Camfield Husband of Sarah Willoughby and the wife of Samuel Camfield; The Diary of Elizabeth (Porter) Phelps; Inscriptions from the Pleasant View Cemetery, Tiverton; Harvard Classes [names of student with their home states] of 1756-1760; Bowdish-Burleson Bible Records, Vital Records of York, Maine.  Names, names and more names!  This issue is not indexed here, but definitely there are lots of names in here.  Was $3 Now sale priced 20% off at $2.40
MA1 - MASSACHUSETTS CRAZY CRATE MA1  BOOK 2: FFC065: GENEALOGISTS HANDBOOK FOR NEW ENGLAND RESEARCH.  By the New England Library Association.  1980.  129 pages, 8½ by 11 inches, slick paper cover, punched holes, round plastic circular binding.
Librarians from each state, MA, VT, RI, CT, ME, + NEHGS, worked together to compile this very definitive guide on how-to and where-to do research in New England.  Includes excellent town and county maps for each state, lists of the towns, with much information about them such as: when established, parent town(s), county and code names.  For each state, wherever available, is listed the locations in which to find detailed information on these 12 subjects of importance to genealogists: 
1.)  Vital Records (Births, Marriages, Deaths). 
2.)  Census Records (U. S. and State Census). 
3.)  Probate Records (Wills, Administrations, Divorces, etc.). 
4.)  Land Records (Registry of Deeds). 
5.)  Cemetery Records. 
6.)  Church Records. 
7.)  Military Records (Federal and State). 
8.)  Immigration Records. 
9.)  Libraries - with unique or significant genealogical          collections. 
10.)  Genealogical Societies. 
11.)  Journals, periodicals and newsletters. 
12.)  Books and Articles. 
PRICE: Was $15  Now sale priced 20% off at $12
A SURNAME GUIDE TO MASSACHUSETTS TOWN HISTORIES By Phyllis O. Longver and Pauline J. Oesterlin.  Published by Heritage Books, Inc.  ©1993.  425 pages, softbound, wrappers.  Given a surname, and there are over 14.000 in this volume and over 56,000 citations to the 128 volumes of Massachusetts history that have been collected there.  This book has been needed since genealogy was first begun and these town histories were first written.  Many of these town histories contain genealogies and biographies of great interest to us IF we simply knew which ones they were and where to find them.  A volume-by-volume search of all of them could take a lifetime.  This is a master guide to surnames found in 128 volumes of Massachusetts town histories.  Each town name is associated with a code number which you will need to identify the history.  What a wonderful finding aid to use to find the siblings of your ancestor when they moved out of the hometown.  The book is alphabetically arranged by surname.  PRICE:  $35  New book, may not last long enoug to go on sale!
MA1 - MASSACHUSETTS CRAZY CRATE MA1  BOOK 4 and 5:  Two copies.  CHRONICLES OF OLD SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS.  By Frances Diane Robotti.  Foreword by Russell Leigh Jackson.  Subtitle:  A History in Miniature.  Bonanza Books, ©1948.  129 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, (1) book jacket,  Here she has covered the colonial expansion period of England during which Massachusetts was founded.  The growth of Salem from 1626 to 1932 is portrayed against the background of the state and national scene.  The author traces the history of witchcraft from 1484, when a Papal decree made it a crime, to Salem's participation in the mass madness.  The book covers the Quaker whippings, the military disaster of King Phillip's War for Indian or white survival, the "privateering years" in which Salem became so great a sea power that Salem meant America in exotic ports of the world.  Comprehensive in scope, the book is authenticated by leading scholars in America and England, contains bibliography, index, addendum and is illustrated with twenty-eight selections from the Essex Institute Collections - woodcuts and portraits are scattered throughout.  Two copies, one with dust jacket, one without.  First caller gets choice.  PRICE:  $10  Summer SALE:  20% OFF $8
MA1 - MASSACHUSETTS CRAZY CRATE MA1  BOOK 6:  THE GUARDIANS OF THE NEW WORLD.  By Doris H. Wackerbarth.  278 pages, softbound, wrappers, ©1980.  Signed by the author. This interesting SAGA started in New Haven
In 1630, John Winthrop led a Great Migration of over 3,000 souls westward across the Atlantic to establish a new England.  The Massachusetts Bay Company, unlike the lonely band of near martyrs of the Mayflower Plymouth Company who had come ten years before, was not off-course nor was it of one mind.  Indeed, some members never seemed to agree with anyone!

Winthrop's Puritan company were political refugees.  The leaders were men of estate, and the majority were businessmen, tradesmen and freeholders; many had left Old England without permission; the dependent families and single men and women passengers were chosen for the contribution they could make in the new undertaking.  From the first, dissenters struck out in every direction seeking like-minds. 
In 1675, Hadley, on the Connecticut River, was a pre-planned community, the third fresh start for its chief engagers.  When King Phillip's War began, they had been secretly, and treasonously, sheltering in their midst, for eleven years, a pair of old English political allies with a price on their heads.  They had retreated from not-so-safe-keeping in Milford and New Haven.  The Guardians is the story of the pioneer-settler protectors of two Judges of Charles I, men who found the English King guilty, and the judge's friends who sheltered them at the time New England was coming of age.  The Guardians is a stirring account of the settlers who came to the wilderness of the New World in an effort to preserve representative government, and their struggle to prevent their established governments from being corrupted by absolute power.  Wonderfully instructive about our early history.  PRICE: $18 SUMMER SALE 20% OFF $14.40
PLYMOUTH COLONY PROBATE GUIDE.  Compiled by Ruth Wilder Sherman Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists and Robert S. Wakefield, FASG.  Published by Plymouth Colony Research Group.  Publication #2.  ©1983.   Wonderful map of the approximate boundaries of towns in Plymouth Colony about 1690 on inside front cover, and on the inside back cover it has a 1980 map of the boundaries of present day towns in what was once Plymouth Colony.  167 6" by 9" pages.  Hardbound.  Plymouth Colony came into being in 1620 with the arrival of the Pilgrims from England, and lasted until absorbed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in October of 1691.  During those seven decades the Colony encompassed most of the area now lying within three southeastern counties of Massachusetts - Barnstable, Bristol and Plymouth - and also portions of two adjacent counties of what became Rhode Island - Bristol and Newport.  Of the resident adults living herein less than one-fifth even left any kind of probate record.  The bulk of that material is found in Colony records.  A significant additional portion is found in the three Massachusetts counties listed above, all of which were incorporated in 1685.  Furthermore, because the law stipulated that all colony estates of more than £50 value probated during the term of Sir Edmund Andros as Royal Governor of the Dominion of New England (1686-1689), and also during the final years of the Colony (1689-1691) were to be handled at Boston, these are found in the records of Suffolk County.  The largest single published source of Colony records is Nathaniel B. Shurtleff and David Pulsifer's RECORDS OF THE COLONY OF NEW PLYMOUTH.  That work has been supplemented, corrected and/or duplicated by George Bowman and/or Lucy Hall Greenlaw.(Two other good sources!)  Information in this volume will help you to locate the information you want from the probate records of about 800 Plymouth Colony men and women.
This book actually includes many, many abstracts of the actual wills as found, as well as the location for you to look for the actual original records themselves!  Too many names to list here.  Sorry!  New Book. PRICE:  $25.    
MA1 - MASSACHUSETTS CRAZY CRATE MA1  BOOK 8 & 9. Two copies THE MAYFLOWER STORY.  Published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Mayflower House, Plymouth, Massachusetts, November 1973.  Twenty-two 5.5 by 8.5 inch pages, cardstock cover,   The story of the Pilgrims is the one story which stands out in history showing what can be accomplished by faith, determination and hard work.  It is as true as it is beautiful and as authentic as it is sublime.  They came with the desire for civil and religious freedom.  This booklet was designed to interest young people in their story.  An extensive bibliography gives additional reading materials.  Other booklets are available from this publisher and eight items for children 6 - 12 and ten items for young people 12 and up.  Listed are the following surnames of passengers who came to Plymouth in the Mayflower in 1620 (with an * which indicates descent has been proven) with some items of interest about each one, and sometimes even includes birth, marriage, death data if known.  *John Alden, *Isaac Allerton, Mary Norriss Allerton, Bartholomew Allerton, Remember Allerton, Mary Allerton, John Allerton, *John Billington, Eleanor Billington, John Billington, Francis Billington, *William Bradford, Dorothy May Bradford, *William Brewster, Mary (Wentworth) Brewster, Love Brewster, Wrestling Brewster, Richard Bitteridge, *Peter Brown, William Butten, Robert Carver, John Carver, Katherine Carver, *James Chilton, --?-- Chilton, Mary Chilton, Richard Clarke, *Francis Cooke, John Cooke, Humility Cooper, John Crackston (2), *Edward Doty, *Francis Eaton, Sarah Eaton, Samuel Eaton, --?-- Ely, Thomas English, Moses Fletcher, *Edward Fuller, Ann Fuller, *Dr. Samuel Fuller, Richad Gardiner, John Goodman, William Holbeck, John Hooke, *Stephen Hopkins, Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, Damaris Hopkins, Oceanus Hopkins, Gyles Hopkins, Constance Hopkins, *John Howland, John Langmore, William Latham, Edward Leister, Edward Margeson, Christopher Martin, Marie Power Martin, Desire Minter, *Richard Moore, Jasper Moore, Ellen Moore, --?-- Moore, William Mullins, Alice Mullins, Joseph Mullins, Priscilla Mullins, *Degory Priest, Solomon Prower, John Rigdale, Alice Rigdale, *Thomas Rogers, Joseph Rogers, *Henry Sampson, *George Soule, *Myles Standish, Rose Standish, Elias Story, Edward Thompson, Edward Tilley, Ann Tilley, John Tilley, Elizabeth Comynes Tilley, Elizabeth Tilley, Thomas Tinker, --?-- Tinker, --?-- Tinker, William Trevore, John Turner, --?-- Turner, ---?-- Turner, *Richard Warren, *William White, Susanna Fuller White, Resolved White, Peregrine White, Roger Wilder, *Edward Winslow, Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, Gilbert Winslow, --?-- --?--.  [John Alden's lineage includes descent from William and Alice Mullins, John Howland lineage includes descent from John and Elizabeth Tilley.]   What a lot of information! PRICE: $3! SUMMER SALE 20% OFF AT $2.60
REMARKABLE RECORDS OF REV. GIDEON BOSTWICK, 1770-1793, GREAT BARRINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS.  Transcribed and indexed by Arthur C. M. Kelly.  Published by KINSHIP, Rhinebeck  ©1988.  118 pages sized 6 by 9 inches.  The first baptismal records, over 4,000, kept at St. James Episcopal Church of Christ in Barrington, MA are by Rev. Gideon Bostwick.  The church was founded in 1760, but the whereabouts of the earliest records are unknown.  June 17, 1770 he records the baptisms of twelve children listing their parent's names.  He traveled through a large section of Massachusetts and New York as well as portions on Connecticut and Vermont.  Records continue to 1792.  Wives are not listed separately in the index if they are in the same entry with the same last name as the husband.  103 pages are filled with baptisms.  Three pages list deaths with an item #, date, name and sometimes relationship or comment.  #4010 - 9.22.1776, Sharp, Jacob son of Coonrodt & Sarah, 19 months at Great Barrington.  # 4036, 12.3.1785  Holenberg, Mrs. Catherine, 81 y[ears] at Great Barrington who leaves 136 descendants.
Surnames with 5 or more than 5 first names or 5 or more pages indicating perhaps, births, marriages and/or deaths, are listed here.  Adams 10, Allen 18, Andrews 8, Arnold 7, Atwell 7, Bacon 11, Bagley 7, Baker 9, Baldwin 6, Ball 8, Bankston 5, Barnes 6, Barret 16, Beach 8, Beebe 6, Benedict 8, Bostwick 28/9 names, Bradley 17, Briant 8, Bristol 6, Brown 11, Brusee 48, Buel 6, Bunt 6, Burchardt 73, Burr 5, Cable 7, Camp 5, Canfield 6, Carley 14, Chapman 8, Chappel 5, Church 9, Clark 12, Cleveland 10, Curtiss 25, Davidson 14, Dibble 12, Doud 6, Dwight 6, Edminster 5, Edmunds 5, Edson 15, Everts 6, Fairchild 6, Farnum 7, Finch 9, Foot 5, Fowler 5, Frasier 5, Freese 8, French 6, Gerlach 16, Gilbert 11, Goodrich 6, Granger 7, Gray 14, Green 7, Grigory 7, Grimes 6, Hall 28, Hallenbeck 25, Harrison 7, Haskins 5, Hatch 11, Hauch 10, Hawkins 6, Hawley 26, Hill 7, Hinsdale 7, Hitchcock 19, Hood 6, How 5, Hubbard 22, Hubbel 7, Hurlburt 9, Ingersoll 23, Jacobs 6, Jervis 9, Johnson 24, Joiner 5, Jones 15, Lee 5, Lehman 18, Lobdell 11, Lockwood 11, Loomis 28, Ludlow 6, Lyon 14, Mallory 24, Marsh 9, Martindale 5, McKinster 16, Meeker 14, Messenger 5, Miller 14, Minkler 14, Morrison 6, Nash 7, Negro 13, Noble 10, Northrop 5, Noys 11, O'Brian 9, Olds 8, Orton 5, Osborn 6, Ottaro 6, Perry 5, Pixley 24, Platt 13, Powell 15, Preston 5, Purde 6, Race 36, Reed 6, Rice 6, Rogers 8, Roorbach 5, Rowley 7, Russel 14, Savage 18, Scribner 7, Searles 11, Seeley 22, Sharp 11, Sherman11, Sherwood 13, Smith 24, Spoor 24, Sprague 6, Squire 7, Stewart 11, Stone 15, Taylor 8, Thomson 6, Thurston 6, Van Deusen 54, Van Guilder 15, Van Valkenburgh 16, Vaughn 11, Wainwright 7, Warn 20, Warner 21, Watson 6, Webb 8, Welch 6, Westover 13, Wheeler 7, White 14, Whiting 11, Whitlock 6, Whitney 15, Williams 8, Winchel 9, Wood 18, Woodward 8, Wotmer 5, Wright 14 and Younglove 6.  Baptisms have date, parent's names, child's name, and place.  Sample:  In 1770 on 6.17 (June 17) Eleazar Williams & Mary had child #1 baptized, name of child was William. Place was Nobletown.  PRICE: $17 SUMMER SALE 20% OFF $13.60
©1989.  This document reproduces information filled in on a membership profile form filled in by the members and is indexed by the surnames being researched.  Seventy-seven 8.5 by 11 inch pages indexed in small type.  The profile lists six major genealogical points:  B. geographic areas of emigration, C. geographic areas researched within the U.S., D. counties researched thoroughly enough to help others, E. Other counties and states researched, F. surnames researched the most and G. other surnames researched. 
A reader will first search the 15 page index for a surname on the reader's lineage.  This will lead to the page on which a member has filed they have done research.  Sample Membership Profile is for Nancy B. F.[now deceased.] (full name provided upon request)  Member F088.  Occupation -  Certified Genealogist, Researching since 1962.  Address and phone# are given [but are not current.] B. Searching British Isles, Germany, France, Holland, C1. Ohio, C2 by mail Mass., Conn., New York, Penn., Virginia, Maryland, Ill., C4. In person: New York, Penn., Virginia.  D1. Ohio: Hamilton Co., in person - Franklin, Butler Counties D3 Kentucky - Kenton - Campbell Counties. E. Ohio - Ashland - Delaware - Wayne Counties.  Virginia - Frederick County.  New York -Duchess County.  Connecticut. Illinois - LaSalle County.  F (Surnames - Bushnell, Hills, Rising, Krieger, Lennington, Potts, Yocum. Comments:  has over 400 American names in her file.  Foster to Yorkshire, England only. Firbank to Gadsden, England only. Making connections is what genealogy is all about.  This book can help.  PRICE $12.50 SUMMER SALE 20% OFF $10
A GUIDE TO BERKSHIRE COUNTY, MASSACHUSETTS CEMETERIES, By the Berkshire Family History Association,  ©January 1988.  ix, 110 pages, 8.5 by 11 inches, cardstock cover, GBC binding, plastic circular spine.   There are three basic sections.  The first section is a directory of every burial ground, private or public, found in each of the thirty-two towns and/or cities of Berkshire County and is divided
into 32 parts, one for each municipality, arranged alphabetically.  A detailed map is on the facing page of each: Adams, Alford, Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Egremont, Florida, Great Barrington, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Ashford, New Marlborough, North Adams, Otis, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Sandisfield, Savoy, Sheffield, Stockbridge, Tyringham, Washington, West Stockbridge, Williamstown and Windsor. Section Two has Sources for Cemetery Inscriptions [which should be available in any library of the county and Section Three holds a few inscriptions from cemeteries in the very small burial grounds.  No names of the deceased, except in the third section, but great information on where the names can be found.  Great maps with directions to all these locations.  PRICE:  $15
HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF LANESBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS 1741-1905. PART 1.  By Charles J. Palmer.  ©1994.This is the history of this town, republished with an addendum and index by the Berkshire Family History Association, inc.  1994.  147 pages, cardstock covers, GBC plastic circular binding, punched pages, $15  There is an extensive Table of Contents which includes a history of the Lanesborough family, a sketch of Framingham from which the first settlers came, military musters, extracts from newspapers, town records, births, deaths and marriages, names of Revolutionary soldiers, many miscellaneous tales, Civil War Records, Cemetery inscriptions from North, Tower and Talcott Cemeteries, obituaries, biographies, wills and notes on various families.    Surnames in the every-name index with five or more than five first names are [An * indicates ten or more than ten first names.] [A ** indicates 20 or more!]: Adams, Allen, Angell, Arnold*, Babbit/t**, Bacon**, Bagg**, Baker**, Barker**, Barnes*, Barns, Barnum, Barton, Beach*, Beers*, Belcher*, Bennett, Bigod*, Billings*, Bingham, Bliss, Bond, Botcome*, Bradford, Bradley**, Briggs*, Brodie*, Brooks, Brown**, Brundige, Buck*, Burbank, Burgess, Burlingham*, Butler**, Butler-Danvers*, Casey *, Chpman, Chase, Churchill, Clark**, Cole*, Collins, Cornish, Covil, Cowan, Curtis**, Curtiss*, Day*, Dodge *, Dorwin, Dow, Drake, Durant, Durwin*, Emerson, Ensign, Evans, Evarts*, Farnam, Farnum**, Fish*, Fisher, Foot, Frisb(ie/y)*, Fuller**, Garlick*, Gibbs, Gilbert, Goodrich*, Grant, Green**, Greenfield, Gregory**, Grosvenor, Guitteau, Hall**, Harris, Harrison, Hill*, Hinman , Hoppin, Horton, Howard, Hoyt*, Hubbel, Hubbell**, Humphrey, Humphreyville*, Hungerford, Jackson, Jacobs, Jarvis*, Jewett*, Johnson*, Jones*, Jourdan, Keeler, Kent*, King, Kingman, Lamphier, Leland, Lewis*, Lincoln*, Linn*, Loomis*, Lyon*, Maltby, Marescotti, Martin*, Mason**, Maynard*, McIntosh, Mead**, Middlebrook, Miller, Minor, More*, Morrell, Mowbray*, Munro, Munson, Nash, Newton**, Noble, Norton*, Nurse, Osborn, Ostrander, Owen, Palmer, Parker, Parks, Perkins*, Peters*, Pettibone**, Phelps**, Phillips, Pierce, Pike, Platt**, Porter, Potter*, Powell**, Pratt**, Redway, Reynolds, Rice, Robblee, Robinson, Rockwell**, Roice*, Rood, Royce*, Rubblee, Rust, Savage, Scott*, Seymour*, Shaw**, Shepardson, Sherlock*, Sherman**, Short*, Simmons**, Smith**, Sprague*, Squier**, Squiers*, Starr, Stearns**, Sunderland*, Talcott**, Talmadge, Tambling, Taylor, Tedman, Tillotson*, Torrey, Torry, Tower*, Tyler**, Tyrell*, Tyrrell, Wade, Walker*, Warren, Washburn/e*, Weed**, Wheeler**, Whipple*, White, Whitney*, Wilcox **, Williams**, Wolcott, Wood**, Wright, Young and Zink.  PRICE: $15  SUMMER SALE 20% OFF AT $12

Thank you for checking out the first pages of our Massachusetts Composite - MA1.  PAT FROM YOGS


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