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Newsletter Subtitle :  CONNECTICUT COMPOSITE #4
Month, Day, Year:  AUGUST 3, 2010

We finally finished the index to the Wethersfield book, so here it is!  This should finish up our current stock of Connecticut books.

CT4 - CONNECTICUT CRAZY CRATE CT4  BOOK 1:  THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT WETHERSFIELD.  VOLUME 2 ONLY.  By Henry R. Stiles.  940 pages, 6" by 9", hardbound.  This is a very good facsimile of the 1904 edition.  New Hampshire Publishing Company in collaboration with The Wethersfield Historical Society, 1975.  This is the Genealogy and Biography Volume.  The one we genealogists like best!  Since the mid-1630s when a band of "adventurers" began farming the meadowlands along the Connecticut River, Wethersfield has been a vibrant, complex town.  Farming, far-reaching commerce sophisticated education, visceral politics, and a dynamic architecture not only co-existed, they flourished.  In Volume I Henry R. Stiles and Sherman W. Adams recorded the narrative history.  In this second volume, Stiles, working alone, approached the town's past through the genealogies and biographies of those first "adventurers" and of the thousands of inhabitants who eventually followed them.  The index, in small print, starts on page 929 with three columns on each page and runs to page 940.  Surnames appearing on 1, 2, 3, or 4 pages are not listed here even though that could be the entire sketch of just one or two families..  Spelling is not standard, but is published as it is recorded in this book.  Surnames with five or more pages are marked with the actual number of pages on which that surname appears: Abbe /Ab(b)y/ Abbey 10, Abbott 9, Ackley 5, Adams 81, Allen 33, Allis 7, Ames 10, Anderson 7, Andrews 34, Andrus/Andross 37, Appleton 5, Arnold 13, Atwood 15, Austin 7,  Avery 8, Ayrault 13, Backus 8, Bacon 9, Bailey 14, Baker 15, Balch 6, Baldwin 21, Ball 5, Barber/ Barbour 10, Barnard 17, Barn(e)s 23, Barrett 9, Bartholomew 5,  Bartlett 11, Bassett 5, Bates 12, Baxter 11, Beach 13, Beadle/ Beed(el/le) 9, Beckley 36, Beebe 11, Belden\Belding 135, Belknap 5, Bell 5, Benjamin 9, Bennett 6, Benton 33, Berry 6, Betts 8, Bidweell 28, Bigelow 14, Bingham 5, Bird 6, Bishop 7, Bissell 5, Blachleach 5, Blake 5, Bl(i/y)nn 73, Bliss 12, Boar(d)man 102, Boosey 10, Booth/e 10, Bostwick 7, Bosworth 6, Bowen 7, Brace/y 12, Bradfield 6, Bradford 9, Bradley 13, Brainard 12, Brewer 13, Brigden 6, Bristol 5, Br(o/u)(m/n)son 21, Brooks 23, Brown/e 37, Buck 66, Buell 9, Bulk(e)l(e)y 96, Bull 15, Bunce 23, Burnham 15, Burr 17, Butler 116, Buttolph 5, Cadwell 9, Cady 6, Caldwell 7, Callender 8, Camp 33, Canfield 5, Carey 8, Carrington 6, Carter 17, Case 18, Caswell 7, Catlin 5, Chadwick 5, Chamberlain 11, Champion 6, Chapin 26,Chaplin 7, Chapman 21, Chauncey 6, Chester 42, Child/s 6, Chittenden 7, Church 22,  Churchell 24, Churchill 27, Clapp 9, Clark 59, Clarke 11, 
Cleveland 7, Cobb 8, Coe 9, Cole 31, Coleman 47, Collins  36, Colt 10, Co(u)ltman 7, Colton 6, Cone/s 6, Cook 29, Cooke 10, Cooper 9,
Corey 8, Cornish 5, Cornwall 9, Cotton 5, Couch 7, Cowles 16, Crafts 6, Crane 51, Crocker 8, Cro(w)foot 11, Crow 8, Culver 7, Curtis 97, Curtiss 6,  Danforth 7, Davenport 6, Davi(es)s 24, Day 5,  Deane 14, Deming 179, Dennison 10, Denton 5, Dewey 9, Dibble 8 Dick(er/in)son 69, Dim(m)(i/o)ck 22, Dix/Dickes 39, Dodd 9, Dodge 5, Doolittle 5, Doty 5, Douglass 10, Drake 5, Dudley 8, Dunham 17, Dwight 5, Edwards 52, Eells 5, Elli(s/ce) 7, Elsen 6, Ely 11, Evans 12, Fairchild 6, Ferr(e/y) 5, Ferris 5, Field/s 12, Finch 8, Fitch 10, Flagg 9, Fletcher 11, Flint 14, Flood 7, Flower/s 11, Foote 43, Forbes 8, Ford 5, Fosdick 13, Foster 9, Fox 28, Francis 92, Frary 8, Fra(s/z)ier, 7, Freeman 7, French 10, Frisbie 6, Frost 6, Fuller 20, Gain(e)s 6, Galpin 7,  Gard(i)ner 15, Gates 8, Gaylord 13, Gibbs 22, Gibbons 5, Gilbert 31, Gildersleeve 7, Gillett/e 30, Goff 20, Goodale 5, Goodrich 92, Goodwin 32, Graham 7, Grant 112, Graves 24, Green/e 16, Gridley 8, Grimes 18, Griswold 123, Hale 69, Hall 32, Hamlin 7, Hand 5, Hanmer/Hanmore 31, Harrison 12, Harris 47, Hart 39, Haskell 7, Hastings 8, Hatch 13, Haven/s 11, Hawley 18, Hayford 5, Hay(s/es) 5, Hayward 5, Hem(m)ingway 5, Higgins 8, Hill 23, Hills 24, Hinckley 6, Hinman 5, Hinsda(el/le) 11, Hitchcock 11, Holcomb 12, Hollister 63, Holmes 30, Hooker 29, Hopkins 22, Horton 6, Hotchkiss 6, House 19, Hovey 6, Howard 21, Howe 9, Hoyt 9, Hubbard 58, Hubbell 5, Hudson 5, Hull 6, Humphrey 6, Hun/n 14,  Hunt 14, Hunter 6, Huntington 13, Hurd 8, Hurlbu®t 40, Ingraham 5, Ives 9, Jagger 5, James 5, Janes 6, Jennings 7, Johns(t)on 49, Jones 33, Jordan 5, Judd 20, Judson 12, Keene/Keeney, 11, Kellogg 42, Kelsey 21, Kent 7, Ketchum 5, Kilbo(u)rn 61, Kilby 19, Kimball 5, Kimberly 20, King 16, Kirby 9, Kirkham 15, Knowles 5, Lamb 5, Lane 7, Larkin 9, L(e)arned 5, Latham 6, Lathrup 7, Latim(er/ore) 41, Law/s 7, Lawrence 8,  Lee 11, Leffingwell 5, Leonard 10, Lester 5, Lewis 24, Lin(d)s(l)ey 7, Little 6, Livermore 5, Lockwood 16, Loomis 25, Lord 16, Loveland 36, Lucas 7, Lusk 13,  Lyman 14, Marsh 22, Marshall 6, Martin 8, Marvin 5, Mason 18, Mather 8, May 18, Maynard 7, McLean 6, Meakins 9, Merriam 14, Merrills 8, Miller 48, Mills 15, Min(e/o)r 11, Mitchell 35, Mix 13, Montague 22, Moody 8, Moor/e 18, Morehouse 6, Morgan 30, Mor(e)ley 9, Morris 12, Morrison 5, Morse 10, Morton 10, Mo(u)seley 9, M((u/o)nson 6, Mygatt 12, Nash 7, Neff 7, Newell 5, Newson 5, Newton 14, Nichols/Nicolls 14, Noble/s 7, Nordham 5, North 26, Norton 30, Nott 40, Noyes 8, Ogden 10, Olcott 5, Oldham 7, Olmstead 17, Osborn 8, Owen 5, Page 6, Palmer 15, Park/e 8, Pa(i/y)ne 7, Parker 21, Parmalee 7, Parsons 25, Paterson 10, Peaswe 5, Oeck 15, Pelton 22, Penfield 7, Perkins 11, Perrin/e 7, Pettibone 5, Phelps 14, Phillips 11, Pickering 5, Pierce 10, Pierson 9, Pitkin 11, Platt 6, Plum/b 10,
Pomeroy 10, Porter 37, Potter 16, Powell 5, Pratt 16, Prenti(s/ce) 6, Prescott 5, Preston 8, Price 19, Prudden 7, Randell 5, Ranney 8, Raynor 8, Reed/Read/Reid 10, Reeves 7, Reynolds/
R(e/u)nnels 23, Rhodes 17, Rice 11, Rich 11, Richards 14, Richardson 10, Richmond 5, Riley/ Reilly 59, Ripley 5, Risley 8, Robbins 150, Roberts 25, Robertson 8, Robinson 12, Rockwell 10, Rogers 13, Root 21, Rose 36, Russell 51, Sage 31, Saltonstall 7, Sa(u)nders 7, Sanford 17, Savage 15, Sawyer 6, Scott 30, Scov(el/ille) 12, Seeley 7, Selden 6, Seymour/ Seymore/Seimer 35, Sha(i/y)ler 6, Shep(h/p)ard 13, Sherman 22, Sherwood 8, Shipman 7, Sim(m)ons 6, Skinner 12, Slosson 13, Smith 54, Spa(u)lding 5, Spencer 23, Sprague 6, Squires 5, St. John 5, Standish 23, Ste(ph/v)ens 41, Stiles 6, Stillman 50, Stocking 14, Stoddard 55, Stone 11, Stow/e 7, Stratton 6, Strickland 16, Strong 30, Swayne 7, Swift 5, Taintor 7, Tqalcott 55, Taylor 30, Terry 11, Thayer 6, Thom(p)son 38, Tild(e/o)n 8, Tinker 5, Trac(e)y 17, Treat 84, Trumbull 5, Tryon 36, Tucker 8, Turner 18, Tuttle 11, Ufford 6, Wade 5, Waddams/Wadhams 13, WQadsworth 14, Waite 5, Wakelt 5, Walker 17, Ward 37, Warner 88, Warren 7, Waterbury 6, Waterhouse 7, Waters 9, Watson 12, Webb 27, Webster 39, Weed/e 11, Welch 6, Well(e)s 182, West 5, Westcott 7, Wetherell 6, Whaples 8, Wheeler 18, White 41, Whiting 22, Whitman 7, Whit(te)more 14, Whitney 13, Whittelsey 11, Wickham 21, Wilco(x/cks) 33, Willard 38, Williams 145, Wil(l)son 18, Winchell 5, Wolcott 70, Wood/s 18, Woodbridge 10, Woodhouse 26, Woodruff 21, Wood(w)ard 9, Worthington 11, Wright 54, Wyatt 5, Wyllys 14 and Young 5.  Used. Back hinge is beginning to, the top 3 inches, pull its way loose, but is still well connected to the cover or this book would be priced much higher.  Dust jacket is also flaking away because of the type of paper that was used for it and its age.  PRICE $65 and well worth it if any of the above surnames are yours!  That was one very long job!

CT4 - CONNECTICUT CRAZY CRATE CT4:  BOOK 2HB AND BOOK 3SB.  See below.  FFB044  THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF STONINGTON, COUNTY OF NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT FROM ITS FIRST SETTLEMENT IN 1649 TO 1900, WITH A GENEALOGICAL REGISTER OF STONING TON FAMILIES.  By Richard Anson Wheeler, member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society; Life Member and one of the Vice Presidents of the Connecticut Historical Society, and Life Member of The New London County Historical Society.  Originally published in New London, Connecticut in 1900.  This is a reprint by Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore, Maryland in 1977.  This reprint carries one short page of Corrections and Additions.
"The territory
that became the town of Stonington was included in the first patent of Connecticut granted by Robert, Earl of Warwick, in 1631 to William, Viscount, Say and Seal, the right honorable Robert, Lord Brook and others, acting therein by authority vested in him by Lord Charles, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland.  The colony of Massachusetts, having furnished men and munitions of war for the conquest of the Pequot Indians in 1637, claimed an interest by right of conquest in all the lands held by the Pequots before their overthrow, and determined to occupy it in advance of any settlement on the part of the Connecticut authorities, though they had asserted jurisdiction as early as 1640-41-42 by granting lands thereof to Capt. John Mason and others.  But notwithstanding all this, Mr. John Winthrop, Jr. located himself at Pequot as early as 1645.  The next year the Massachusetts General Court gave Mr. Winthrop a commission to begin a plantation there in behalf of that colony.  Connecticut resisted the claims of Massachusetts, and in order to reach a peaceable settlement of all questions in dispute relative to jurisdiction, both colonies united in referring the whole matter to the Commissioners of the United Colonies, who, after an exhaustive hearing in the premises decided in favor of Connecticut."
The history of Stonington continues with historical data concerning the growth of the town, the effect of the Revolutionary War with listings of those who served;
Copies of Town Hall Meetings and decisions made.  Then the advent of the War of 1812, orders issued, a battle fought in Stonington, names of some who served.  Then the Civil War 1861-65 adds pages of names, and this part ends with a single page devoted to the Spanish American War.  "Two full companies of volunteers were recruited.  The heroism displayed by the American volunteers brought this war to a close in a very short time."  No further details are available in this book.
The Ecclesiastical History comes next with sketches of the churches.  Common Schools follows with the statement, "The founders of this state were educated men, and seeking for the best opportunities of educating their children the common school system was introduced in Connecticut.  The first law upon the subject was enacted by the town of New Haven March 25, 1641."
Details on the establishment of highways, bridges and ferries with an example of a toll schedule for crossing a bridge [Hghly amusing in today's world to read a schedule that would charge 2 cents for a
"foot person" to cross the bridge, 1 cent charge for sheep or swine-each!
  A man or horse was 5 cents.  For each coach or hack, or other four-wheeled carriage, drawn by two horses abreast was 35 cents, but each additional horse was 2 cents extra!  Information on the ship-building industry follows with a list of the ships [sloops, brigs, schooners, vessels, ships, three-masted schooners, barks, gunboats, pilot boats, ferry boats, steamers, and even an electric clipper ship with their names and dates] were built here.
Mills and Manufacturing, the first mill to be built here was built in 1662. Banking came along in the early 1800s.  Next were the Railroads, the Press followed with "The Journal of the Times n 1798.  Now,[1900] the Stonington Mirror, established in 1869 covers the news for this booming town.  The next chapter covers all Civil Officers.  Chances are good you may find your ancestor named to some civil office because there are pages of lists.  A single chapter is devoted to the Pequot Indians who were defeated, in many cases, but not all, by anyone they challenged.  Indian trbes of which there were several, fought against each other and then against the English.  A reservation was established for the Pequot Indians, but none of them live on the reservations established in Ledyard or in North Stonington by 1900.
The reservations do not, at the present time, contain a single wigwam house, nor a residence of any Pequot descendants.  A lage part of the Ledyard reservation has been sold wth the timber of the rest of it, and the avails thereof have been safely invested under the care and control of their overseers.  The North Stonngton reservation remains intact and is leased as pasture land and the yearly income of both reservations is applied by the overseers thereof for the benefit of the sick and feeble old men and women of both of the clans of the Pequots, wherever they may reside.  The rest of the book is the Genealogical Register of Stonington Families.  The major families covered with many pages each of lineages with names, dates and places begin with AVERY FAMILY 12 pages, BABCOCK FAMILY 12 pages, BALDWIN FAMILY 6 pages, BENNETT FAMILY 4 pages, BENTLEY FAMILY 3 pages, BILLINGS FAMILY 8 pages, BREED FAMILY 5 pages, BREWSTER FAMILY 2 pages, REV. CHAD BROWN FAMILY 5 pages, EDWARD BROWN FAMILY 3 pages, LYNN BROWN FAMILY 14 pages, BROWNING FAMILY 3 pages, BURCH FAMILY  3 pages, BURROWS FAMILY 6 pages, CHAPMAN FAMILY 3 pages, WILLIAM CHESEBROUGH FAMILY 19 pages, CLIFT FAMILY 3 pages, COATES FAMILY 2 pages, COBB FAMILY 4 pages, COLLINS FAMILY  3 pages, COPP FAMILY 3 pages, COTTRELL FAMILY 3 pages, DAVIS FAMILY 3 pages, DEAN FAMILY 3 pages, DENSON FAMILY 28 pages, EELLS FAMILY 3 pages, FANNING FAMILY 2 pages, FELLOWS FAMILY 2 pags, FISH FAMILY 6 pages, THOMAS FISH FAMILY 1 page [16 Fish family mentioned including the Thomas Fish who married Rebecca Pabodie, the great-granddaughter of John Alden [yes, the Mayflower one!], FRINK FAMILY 5 pages, GALLUP FAMILY 16 pages, GORE FAMILY 3 pages, GRANT FAMILY 5 pages, GREENMAN FAMILY 3 pages, HALEY FAMILY 3 pages, HALLAM FAMILY 3 pages HANCOK FAMILY 2 pages, HART FAMILY 2 pages, HEWITT FAMILY 11 pages, HINCKLEY FAMILY  4 pages, HOBART FAMILY 2 pages, HOLMES FAMILY 7 pages, HOXIE FAMILY 1 page, HULL FAMILY 2 pages, HYDE FAMILY 2 pages, KELLOGG FAMILY 1 page, MAIN FAMILY 7 pages, MALLORY FAMILY 2 pages, MANNING FAMILY 2 pages, ANDREW S. MATHEWS 1 page, MAJOR JOHN MASON FAMILY 6 pages, MINER FAMILY 13 pages, MORGAN FAMILY 3 pages,  MOSS FAMILY 2 pages, NOYES FAMILY  18 pages, PAGE FAMILY  2 pages, PALMER FAMILY 23 pages, PARK FAMILY 2 pages, PEABODY FAMILY 2 pages, PENDLETON FAMILY 6 pages, PHELPS FAMILY 3 pages, POLLARD FAMILY 1 page=26 names, POMEROY FAMILY 2 pages, PRENTICE FAMILY 3 pages, RANDALL FAMILY 7 pages, RHODES FAMILY 3 pages ROSSITER FAMILY 2 pages, RUSSELL FAMILY 3 pages, SEARLE FAMILY 2 pages, ROBERT SEARLE 2 pages, SHEFFIELD FAMILY 2 pages, SISSON FAMILY 2 pages, JOHN SMITH FAMILY OF STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT, 6 pages, THOMAS STANTON FAMILY  25 pages, ROBERT STANTON, 4 pages, STEWART OR STEWARD FAMILY 4 pages, SWAN FAMILY 9 pages, THOMPSON FAMILY 2 pages, THOMPSON FAMILY #2 1 page, TRUMBULL FAMILY 3 pages, VINCENT FAMILY 2 pages, FRANCIS WEST FAMILY 4 pages, MATTHEW WEST FAMILY 6 pages, WHEELER FAMILY 22 pages, WILCOX FAMILY 4 pages, ROBERT WILLIAMS FAMILY 21 pages, WILLIAM WILLIAMS 4 pages, WITTER FAMILY 5 pages, WOODBRIDGE FAMILY 4 pages, YORK FAMILY 7 pages,
This is followed by a copy of an agreement between James Babcock and his Mother Mary regarding the disposal of his assets.  The disposition of the Estate of John Babcock [Court documents].  A list of Stonington Men who served in the Colonial Indian Wars of New England.  The will of Nicholas Cottrell.  The will of William Cheesebrough.  The will of Mrs. Anna Cheesebrough.  The will of Capt. George Denison 5 pages.  Book of Deeds paper signed by William Denison.  Will of Major Israel Hewitt.  Abstract of the will of Mrs. Anne Parker Noyes, Will of the Rev. James Noyes.  Will of Capt. Thomas Noyes.  Will of Brian Pendleton.  Will of Walter Palmer, Marriage Contract of Joseph Saxton and Hannah Cheesebrough.  Will of Daniel Smith.  Will of John Smith.  Will of Joseph Smith, Husband of Zipporah Branch.  Will of Isaac Wheeler, Sr.  Will of Thomas Wheeler.  Inventory of Capt. Thomas Wheeler 4 pages.  Will of Robert Williams. Following this Appendix is an historical Index.  The Genealogical index begins on page 738 and runs through to page 754.  Great details galore, hundreds of names, documentation all over the place!   Rare, insightful look into Stonington's past to be used as a clue to the future of all the hundreds of people mentioned in this book. 
Book 2 is a Hardbound edition, clean pages, hinges strong, used, but gently.  $75.
Book 3 is a softbound edition, cardstock covers, wrapper style, clean pages, new.  $60.

CT4 - CONNECTICUT CRAZY CRATE CT4  BOOK 4:  MANUAL OF THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH IN SUFFIELD, CONNECTICUT.  Comprising Historical Notices, the Confession of Faith, and Covenant; Rules and Regulations, and Chronological Catalogue of Members.  Originally published by Samuel Bowles and Company, Printers, 1858.  Reprint by Aceto Bookmen, FL, 1999.  Forty-three 8½" by 11" pages, cardstock cover, glued binding. 
The book begins with historic notes. Little is known of the very early days of this church.  There was a succession of Pastors from 1698 through 1853.  A chart gives their education level, ordination date and date deceased or dismissed for the following men:  Rev. Benjamin Ruggles, Rev. Ebenezer Devotion, Rev. Ebenezer Gay, Rev. Ebenezer Gay, Jr., Rev. Joel Mann, Rev. Henry Robinson, Rev. Asahel C. Washburn and Rev. John R. Miller.  Deacons starting from the ordination of Rev. Ebenezer Devotion in 1710 were:  Jonathan Taylor, John Hanchet, Joseph Remington, John Mixer, Uriah Austin, David Granger, Alexander King, Asahel Hathaway, Gad Taylor, Asa Hale, Charles Sherman, Howard Alden, John A. King, Horace Sheldon, Nathaniel C. Warren, Henry A. Sykes and George Fuller.  Dates of election and death dates are given. 
Given in full are the Confession of Faith and the Covenant.  The Rules and Regulations are here on pages 13, 14 and 15.  There are 19 in all.  The Present [1858] Officers are listed with Rev. John R. Miller as the pastor.  The Catalogue of members begins on page 17 and goes to page 22 with date, name, death date if known.  Dates
of death or marriage are given if known.  A calendar is maintained from 1797 through 1858.  Surnames listed in the index are:  Adams 6, Albro 3, Alden 3, Allard 1, Allen 7, Archer 8, Arnold 2, Atterbury 2, Atwater 2, Austin 8, Baldwin 2, Ballantine 7, Bancroft 3, Barnes 2, Bartlett 4, Baur 1, Beman 9, Bemont 3, Bewell 2, Bidwell 2, Bissell 12, Boas 1, Boodley 2, Booth 7, Bouton 2, Bowker 1, Bradley 4, Bronson 1, Brown 10, Burbank 12, Burpee 2, Bush 1, Butler 6, Cadwell 2, Carriel 2, Chaffee 3, Chamberlain 2, Chandler 1, Chaplin 2, Child 3, Clap 1, Clark/e 12, Clough 2, Cobb 6, Collier 1, Collins 4, Colton 2, Corey 3, Cornwell 1, Courser 2, Cowing 1, Currier 1, Curtis 2, Devotion 1, Dewey 2, Douglass 9, Drake 1, Edwards 1, Eldridge 2, Elliot 1, English 1, Ensign 2, Ewing 1, Fairfield 2, Falls 2, Ferre 1, Fowler 7, Fox 4, Frampton 1, Franklin 2, Fuller 12, Gabriel 7, Gardner 1, Gay 8, Geer 2, Gibbs 1, Goodale 2, Grainger 2, Granger 13, Griswold 5, Grovenor 4, Hale 5, Hall 2, Halladay 2, Hanchet/t 2, Harding 1, Harmond 2, Harris 2, Harrison 5, Haskins 4, Hathaway 20, Hatch 1, Hemenway 8, Henry 1, Hewit 1, Higley 2, Hodge/s 5, Holman 2, Hornblower 2, Hosley 2, Hughs 1, Humphrey 2, Hunt 1, Huntington 1, Hyde 1, Ives 2, Janes 1, Jennings 3, Jewett 1, Judd 1, Kendall 8, Kent 6, King 43, Lawrence 2, Leach 2, Leavitt 4, Leonard 6, Lester 2, Lewis 2, Loomis 23, Luce 2, Lynn 2, McHugh 1, McMoran 2, Mack 1, Malery 2, Mann 1, Margerum 3, Marshall 3, Martin 1, Mather 13, Merriman 1, Miller 3, Mixer 1, Moody 2, Moore 2, Mor(r)on 10, Morse 2, Mosely 1, Munroe 1, Nelson 3, Naylor 1, Nichols 3, Northam 1, Norton 8, Olcott 1, Osborne 1, Owen 5, Palmer 2, Parmele 2, Parsons 6, Pease 14, Pember 3, Perry 2, Phelps 2, Piemont 1, Pitcher 3, Pitkin 1, Pom(e)roy 14 Pomroy 2, Remington 8, Ripley 1, Rising 21, Robinson 5, Roderick 1, Rumell 2, Ruggles 1, Russell 1, Saunders 2, Sayles 1, Seargent 1, Scribner 1, Shaw 1, Sheldon 6, Sherman 12, Sikes/Sykes 21, Simmons 2, Smith 15, Snow 1, Southwell 2, Spaulding 2, Spencer 5, Sperry 1, Squier 1, Stanley 3, Stephens 2, Stiles 3, Stocking 6, Stowe 4, Streeter 1, Swan 3, Taylor 5, Thomas 1, Trumbull 2, Tucker 2, Vishno 1, Walton 1, Warner 3, Warren 5, Washburn 3, Watt 2, West 3, Whittle 2, Whittlesey 2, Wilcox 1, Williams 1, Williston 1, Winchell 1, Woods 2, Woodworth 5, Woolworth 2, Wright 1, Young 2 and Younglove 1.  Wonder how many of these single men wound up marrying one of these single women?  PRICE: $7  
CT4 - CONNECTICUT CRAZY CRATE CT4  BOOK 5 and BOOK 6:  ROLLS OF CONNECTICUT MEN IN THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR 1755-1762.  SET: VOLUME I AND VOLUME II.  From the Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society. [Volume 9 and 10].  Volume I has 354 pages, softbound, cardstock covers.  Index runs from page 269 to 354.
Volume II has 472 pages, softbound, cardstock covers.  Index begins on 379 and runs to page 472. 
If your ancestor was in Connecticut during this time period, he is probably in this set of books. All basic documentation is with the names, unit by unit.  The index will help you find the documentation you need for your genealogical records.  Entire set of two volumes was priced at $65.  I have two sets to sell.  These are new books, but I need to get them in this Connecticut Composite, so the first two callers who want a set [I have two sets, my price this week is $50 for one set.  Be the first, or second, caller and save that $15!  PRICE: $50 per set.
CT4 - CONNECTICUT CRAZY CRATE CT4  BOOK 7:  SET OF TWO VOLUMES.  THE RECORDS OF CONNECTICUT MEN IN THE MILITARY AND NAVAL SERVICE DURING THE WAR OF THE REVOLUTION 1775-1783.  Heny P. Johnson, editor, Published in 2003 by Clearfield Publishing Co., 780 pages, indexed, two volumes, paper covers, originally published n 1889.  Current reprint.  This work covers almost all primary sources pertaining to Connecticut men in the Revolution that were still existing at the time of the books original publication in 1889, including original minutes of the General Assembly and Governor's Office, original rolls, pay rolls, accounts, diaries, maps, and much more.  The personnel records are arranged by military unit and thereunder by date and rank.  Commissioned Officers are identified by name, rank, town of origin, and a brief service record.  Enlisted men are identified by name, rank, dates of enlistment and discharge or death, and in some instances, date of promotion, town or origin, occupation and personal characteristics.  A two volume set published at $65. 
CT4 - CONNECTICUT CRAZY CRATE CT4  BOOK 8:  HALE, HOUSE AND RELATED FAMILIES MAINLY OF THE CONNECTICUT RIVERVALLEY.  By Donald Lines Jacobus and Edgar Francis Waterman.  Pages xvi + 914, 8½" by 11", hardbound, published by Higginson Books.  Lovely, dark navy blue, hardbound cover with title in gold on the spine.  Used, but in good shape, some pencil markings on a very few pages.  Looks stunning on a shelf!  Almost three inches thick!  Index starts on page 815 and goes to 914, three columns wide on every page.
Of the forty-seven families covered in this book, including Hale and House, 14 lived in Glastonbury or its mother town of Wethersfield, four were of Hartford, and two of Windsor, while on the Massachusetts side 14 lived in Springfield and six others were located in Hatfield, Northampton, Hadley, and Deerfield.  Two were in Saybrook, and five were scattered.  Mr. Jacobus succeeded in presenting exhaustive data from original sources, in providing new interpretations as well as additions and corrections to existing literature, and in making the family accounts definitive.  The index references 16,500 persons.  Among the families tied together with others in this volume are the families of: 
Samuel Hale Family of Glastonbury, CT;
The Thomas Hale Family of Enfield, CT;
Martha Hale and Deacon Paul Peck,
John Heald-Hale Family of Concord and Springfield, Timothy Hale Family of Suffield and Longmeadow,
Robert Hale of Charlestown (Connecticut branches), Zebulon Hale of Madison, CT,
Richard Hale of Swansea (Plainfield branch),
Unplaced Hale items,
William House Family of Gastonbury, CT
Nathaniel House Family of Lebanon, Hebron and Coventry,
George House of New London, CT
Unplaced House items,
Samuel Allen, Windsor, CT,
William Backus, Norwich, CT,
Mary Betts, Hartford, CT,
John Bidwell, Hartford, CT,
Thomas Bliss, Hartford, CT,
Robert Blott, Boston, Mass.,
Samuel Boreman (Boardman), Wethersfield, CT
Henry Burt, Springfield, Mass,
March Family,
Richard Church, Hadley, Mass,
John Clark, Saybrook, CT,
Thomas Cooper, Springfield, Mass,
Robert Day, Hartford, CT,
Emanuel Downing, Salem, Mass,
John Dumbleton, Springfield, Mass,
William Edwards, Hartford, CT,
Nathaniel Ely, Springfield, Mass,
John Frary, Dedham, Mass,
William (and John) Goodrich, Wethersfield, CT,
Thomas Graves, Hartford, CT,
WilliamHills, Hartford, CT
Hills Addenda: I. Thomas Hill of Hartford, CT
II. Dr. Ebenezer Hills of Hartford, CT
III. The "extra" JohnHills
Luke Hitchcock, Wethersfield, CT
John Hollister, Wethersfield, CT
Edward Holyoke, Rumney Marsh, Mass,
Margaret (Baret) Huntington, Roxbury Mass,
Barrett Family,
John Keep, Springfield, Mass
Thomas Kilbourn, Wethersfield, CT
Moody Family
Thomas Kimberly, New Haven, CT
John Leonard, Springfield, Mass,
Thomas Loveland, Glastonbury, CT,
Thomas Marshfield, Windsor, CT,
Matthew Marvin, Norwalk, CT,
Thomas Miller, Springfield, Mass,
William Pratt, Saybrook, CT,
William Pynchon, Springfield, Mass,
John Riley, Springfield, Mass.
John Scott, Springfield, Mass,
Rev. Henry Smith, Wethersfield, CT
Anthony Stoddard, Boston, Mass,
John Talcott, Hartford, CT,
Skinner Family
Mott Family
Richard Treat, Wethersfield, CT,
William Tuttle, New Haven, CT,
Rev. John Warham, Windsor, CT,
Governor Thomas Welles, Wethersfield, CT,
Tomes Family
John Robbins, Wethersfield, CT,
John Wilcox, Hartford, CT,
Thomas Woodford, Northampton, Mass,
Hale Addenda
Every-name index
There is no way I am going to abstract these volumes for this newsletter!  Way, way too many names.  I believe this finishes our Connecticut Composite set, but new books come in all the time.  These will disappear and new ones will appear, so keep watching our newsletter and our website!  WWW.YOGS.COM   Thank you for reading our newsletter.  The more you learn, the more likely you are to find your elusive ancestors!


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We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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