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Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe Newsletter: More North Carolina Books - Catawba to Hertford Cos.

Newsletter Subtitle: North Carolina

 Month Day Year   August 2, 2011






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We are updating our current website for North Carolina. There have been some changes, because books come and go around here all the time! I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the books we have concerning records for that state. There have been some changes in our stock of these one-of-a-kind books for that state because so many of us have Scotch-Irish ancestors and they were a powerful group that emigrated from Scotland and Ireland through Pennsylvania and down to what was early on, in 1752, Rowan County, NC, from which six other counties were created in the 1800s.  

Many of the descendants of that early group had children and grandchildren that migrated up into Kentucky and Ohio and then across to Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and from there to the Pacific Northwest of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, as well as those that headed south to California. So here we go, today with counties that begin with Chatham and continue alphabetically when we have books covering those counties through Hertford. I have started each county, for which we currently have books, with information on the dates of creation of these North Carolina Counties and the names of their parent counties from which they were created. You need to watch for this information always because, for instance, if you are looking for a marriage, maybe in 1835, you will know it won't be in Catawba because it wasn't formed until 1842, but you will also know to check in Lincoln County because it may be listed there since in 1835 Catawba land was still in Lincoln County.




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 1: NC - YOGS-CATAWBA 01: 1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR CATAWBA COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications, 1986. Census pages 264 through 350 and each  

takes four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read.  . 344 pages plus surname index. PRICE: $30  




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 2: NC - YOGS- CHATHAM 01: MARRIAGES OF CHATHAM COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA 1772-1868. Compiled by Brent Holcomb. GPC, 1987. 126 pages, hardbound. This volume contains abstracts of all extant marriage bonds issued in Chatham County, North Carolina, from 1772 thru 1868.  In 1851 when marriage bonds were discontinued and marriage certificates were used instead from 1852-1868. The abstracts were made from a microfilm copy of the bonds and are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the groom, each entry further containing the name of the bride, the date of the bond, and the names of the bondsman, [NOTE: The bondsman were most often close friends or relatives of the bride or groom.] Brides and bondsman names are also included in the index, as is the name of the official who married them, which may give you further clues to their religion and further records of that church, if they still exist, may add to your knowledge of your ancestor's life. The original Marriage Register 1851-1868, included here, remains in the hands of the Register of Deeds, in the Chatham County Courthouse in Pittsboro, North Carolina. The marriages in the Register have been included in this listing. Those entries are the only real proof that a marriage took place.  


Surnames with three first names listed are included here marked with a (,). Four or more names will have the number of names listed in the book.

A note of explanation in answer to questions by customers who are new to our newsletters . Edited markings consist of  

 1.)  Letters in parentheses, [(e) as in Ausl(e)y] indicate that that letter may appear in some of the spellings of that surname, but not in all of them.]

 2.) The forward slash at the end of the word also means that that letter may appear in some spellings, [Andrew/s] of that word but not in all the spellings that are counted for this abstract. This came about because you would say the Andrew family lives over there OR you might say, yes, the Andrews live over there. 

3.) When there are two or more letters separated by a slash inside the surname [Av(a/e)nt] means two surnames Avant and Avent have been combined to equal the count and that indicates that one of those letters, or sets of letters OR the other may appear inside that surname, but not both of them at the same time. Hope this helps those who had asked for that to be explained.  If you have more questions, please feel free to call me or e-mail me with them.   

Now for the INDEX abstraction:  We will start with the As and on to the Zs for this county: Adams 5, Adcock 8, Albright 11, Allen 9, Al(l)red, Alston 8, Andrew/s 19, Archy, Atwater 9, Ausl(e)y, Av(a/e)nt 8, Baldwin 10, Barbee, Barber, Beal/l 22, Beaver/s 4, Bell, Bennett 4, Benton, Bird, Bishop, Bland 11, Babbitt 4, Boggs, Bolin/g 6, Boon 11, Bo(u)roughs, Bowden, Boyd, Brady 5, Brantley, Brantly 5, Brasington 10, Bray 25, Brewer 18, Bridges 8, Bright 12, Brooks 29, Brown 27, Bryan, Bryant 6, Buchanan 8 [4 sp], Buckhannon 6, Buckner 9, Bullard, Buntin/g, Burges/s 7, Burk, Burke 16, Burnet/t 11, Burns 27, Bynum 14, Cam(m)el 4, Campbell 13, Carli(s)le, Carter 20, Caudle 5, Cav(e/i)ness, Chapman, Cheak 6, Cheek 5, Churchill 4, Clark 32, Clarke 4, Clegg 12, Coble 6, Coggin/s 5, Cole 8, Cook, Cooper 7, Cop(e)land 9, Cotten 7, Cotton 6, Council 12, Cox 8, Cra(y)ton 4Cross, Cru(t)chfield 22, Culber(t)son 14, Daniel, Dark/e 10, Davidson, Davis 11, Dawson, Deaton 4, Dickens 5, Dismukes 7, Dixon 8, Dodd 4, Doll(a/e)r, Dorset 6, Dorsett 16, Dowd/e 16, Dowdy 16, Drake 11, Duncan 4, Durham 8, Edwards 37, Elkins 8, Ellington 6, Ellis 10, Elmore 8, Em(m)erson 14, Evans 9, Far(r)(a/e)ll, Farrer 11, Farrell 6, Farrington, Faucett/e 8, Fearington 7, Ferguson 5, Ferrel/l 4, Fields 11, Fogleman 9, Fooshe/e 22, Forr(e/i)ster 5, Foster, Foushee 6, Foust, Fox 24, Gardner, Garner 4, Gean 4, Gee 6, George 4, Gibson 4, Gilbert 11, Gill(e/i)land 6, Gilmore 16, Glass 6, Glasson 4, Glen/n, Glos(s)om 6, Goldston/e 9, Golston, Goodwin 23, Green, Griff(e/i)n 12, Gunter 20, Guthrie 10, Hackn(e)y 25,  Hadley 12, Hadly 5, Hait(h)cock, Hall, Hall(e)y 4, Ham(b)let/t, Hanks 5, Hard(e/i)n, Harman 11, Harrington, Harris 22, Hart 15, Harwood 5, Hatch 17, Hatl(e)y 8, Hatwood 4, Haughton 3, Headen 17, Headin 4, Hearn 9, Heflin, Henderson 13, Herndon, Hicks 6, Hill 8, Hill(i)ard 6, Hinshaw 15, Hinsl(e)y 3, Hinson, Hinton, Hobson 5, Holmes, Holt 25, Horton 14, Howel/l, Hugh(e)s 6, Hutton, Iv(e)y 5, Jackson, Jenkins, Jinkins 5, Johnson 73, Johnston 12, Jolly 4, Jones 41, Jordan 4, Justice 6, Kelly 12, Kemp/e 5, K(e/i)rby 4, Knight 4, Lamb 5, Lambert 15, Lambeth 4, Lane 11, Lasater 10, Lassater 5, Lawhorn, Lawr(a/e)nce 7. Lea 5, Ledbetter 6, Lewis 7, Lindl(e)y 12, Lineberry 15, London 4, Long 7, Love, Loy 7, Loyd 4, Lutterloh 7. [The above part of this index has been abstracted using the system I now use because it conveys to you the most valuable information in detail. The rest of the alphabet was previously done in a different system of abstraction, so I am "remodeling" it to match the first part.] Malone 5, Man, Mann 21, Mansfield 4, Marks 8, Marley 4, Marsh 12, Marshall 4, Martin 12. Masey, Mashburn, Mason 12, Mat(t)hews, May 7, McArthur, McBa(in/ne) 5, McCoy 5, McDan(i)el 11, McDonal/d 5, McGee, McIntyre 6, McIver 11, McMan(i/u)s 7, McMaster/s 5, McMath 11, McPherson17, Merritt 6, Miller 4, Mimms 5, Mims 5, Mitchel 6, Mitchell 8, Moff(e/i)t, Moody 13, Moon 15, Moore 23, Moran/d 5, Morgan 6, Morris, Murchison, Murr(a)y 4, Myr(a/i)ck 4, Nall/s 6, Neal 15, Nelson 7, Norwood 8, Oldham 14, Olive 5, Overman 4, Page, Palmer 8, Parish 4, Patterson 9, Pat(t)ishall 11, Pearce, Pendergrass 6, Pen(n)in(g)ton 5 People/s 7, Perry 26, Pett(e)y19, Philips 4, Phillips 23, Picket/t 5, Pike 4, Pilk(en/in/ing)ton 15, Plat/t, Poe 23, Pope 4, Powel/l 5, Powers 5, Prince 5, Purv(e/i)s/s, Rag(a)land 13, Rams(a/e)y 7, Ray 9, Record 5, Re(e)ves, Richardson 12 , Riddle 11, Rigg(s)b(e/ee/y) 22, Rives 29, Rober(t)son 7, Roe, Rogers 6, Rollins 5, Rose, Ros(s)er 6, Ros(s)(e/o)n 7, Ros(s)er 7, Russel/l 4, Sa(u)nders 7, Scott 8, Sears, Self 9, Sell(a/e)rs, Shaw, Shi(e)lds 8, Siler 13, Sim(m)ons, Sloan 9, Small, Smith 50 , Snipes 12, Spivy 5, Staley, Stallings 4, Staly 8, Stedman 10, Ste(ph/v)ens, Stewar(t/d) 5 , Stinson 5, Stokes 4, Stone 19, Stout 10, Straughan 12, Straughn 8, Stroud 7, Stuart 8, Stu(r)div(a/e)nt 4, Sutton, Tally 17, Taylor 10, Teag(u)/e 20, Thomas 23, Thomason 5, Thompson 20, Thrailkill 6, Thrift 8, Tillet/t 4 Til(l)man 11, Tin(n)en 5, Trip/p, Turner 5, Tys(e/o)r 9, Upchurch 16, Utl(e)y 7, Vestal 17, Wadd(e/i)ll 7, Walden, Walker 6, Ward 9, Watson 10, Way 6, Webster 19, Welch 7, Wells 5, White 16, Whitehead 11, Wicker 10, Wilk(ey/ie) 5, Willet/t 11, Williams 44, Williamson 4, Wilson 18, Womack 7, Womble 21, Workman, Wright 10, Yarbor/o, Yarborough 4, Yarbro/ough 10, Yates, York/e 4, and Zach(a)ry 5. PRICE $20  WARNING: Print in book and index is very small.  That is how they got all these years of marriages in one 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" book, hardbound of only 126 pages.  PRICE $20 


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 3: NC - YOGS- CHATHAM-02: 1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR CHATHAM COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications. Census pages 352 through 501-each page takes four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 596 pages plus surname index. PRICE: $40




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 4: NC - YOGS-CHEROKEE 01: 1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR CHEROKEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications. Census pages 1 through 78-each census page takes four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 308 pages plus surname index. PRICE: $25




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 5: NC - YOGS-CLEVELAND 01: CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM 1850 CENSUS YEAR MICROFILM FOR CLEVELAND COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. Edited by John F. Schunk, S-K Publications. Takes 420 paper sides to print this book out. Surname index is included in book. PRICE: $35




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 6: NC - YOGS-GUILFORD 01: GUILFORD CO, NC, MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1771-1868, VOLUME III, O-Z, New Papyrus Publishing, 60 pages, 1984. This book contains a listing of marriage bonds before 1851. After 2851 marriage certificates were issued. Bonds often give the names of other family members or close friends of the bride or the groom, bondsman and the person performing the ceremony. The first part of the book contains all groom's, alphabetically by last, then first name and initial if present, then on the same line by the bride's name and the date.     

Index contains surnames with three or more male first names: Oakes 4, Oakl(e)y 7, O'Br(i/y)(a/e)n 4, Odell 5, Ogburn 6, Oliver 3, Osborn/e 19, Otwell 4, Owen 3, Ozburn 3, Ozment /s 32, Pais(el/le)y 9, Parish 17, Parker 16, Parks 6, Parrish 15, Parsons 23, Paschal/l 5, Patrick 7, Pat(t)erson 17, Payne 10, Peacock 4, Peasley 4, Peebles 5, Peeples 16, Pegg 12, Pegram 19, Perdu 4, Perdue 8, Perkins 7, Perm(a/e)r 3, Perry 5, Pettiford 4, Petty 6, Phibbs 4, Phillippie 3, Phillips 7, Phil(l)ipy 3, Phip(p)s 13, Pike 5, Piles 5, Pilkinton 7, Pinkleton 4, Pitchford 6, Pitts 7, Plunket/t 5, Poe 11, Polk 6, Poor/e 8, Pope 5, Pore 3, Porter 3, Porti(ce/s) 4, Potter 7, Powel 3, Powell 10, Prather 3, Pr(e/ed)dy 3, Price 7, Pri(e/o)r 4, Pritchet 6, Pritchett 16, Pry(e/o)r 3, Pugh 7, Putn(a/u)m 3, Quate 6, Rags(dale/d(e/i)ll) 5, Ramsey3, Rank(e/i)n 34, Raper 6, Rayl/e 28, Reece 9, Reed 13, Rees/e 5, Reeves 4, Reid 4, Revels 5, Reynolds 7, Rhodes 5, Rich 10, Richardson 8, Ricks 10, Rid(d)le 4, Rigg(a/i)ns 3, Ril(e)y 8, Roach 5, Robbins 7, Roberts 5, Robertson 10, Robeson 5, Robinson 10, Rogers 9, Rol(l)ston 3, Ross 27, Rum(b)ley 3, Russ(a/e)l/l 15, Russ(o/um/e 9, Ryan 10, Saferight 9 [5 sp.] Sanders 6, Sapp 9, Sat(t)erfield 3, Saunders 4, Scales 6, Schoolfield 6, Scot/s 6, Scott 45, Sechr(e/i)st 5, Self 5, Sharp 6, Shatterly 3, Shaw 31, Shearer 3, Shelly 11, Shelton 3, Shep(a/e/ha) 4, Shepherd 16, Shepperd 9, Sherwood 5, Shewcraft 4, Shields 6, Shoe 7, Shoffner 10, Short/s 11, Sikes 5, Sil(l)(a/i)van 15, Sim(m)ons4, Simpso(m/n) 21, Sloan 6, Smith 124, [really!], Sm(o/u)thers 5, Sockwell 7, Spence 4, Spoon/e 12, Stack 12, Stafford 13, Stal(e)y 15, Stane(l)y 3, Stanfield 3, Stanley 24, Stanly 12, Starbuck6, Starr 4, Starr(a/e)t/t 7, Steel/e 7, Stephens 19, Stephenson 13, Stevens 6, Stevenson 4, Stewart 14, Stokes 4, Story 8, Strader 6, Stricklin 5, Stuart/e 9, Suits 18, Sullivan 12, Sumers 3, Summ(a/e)rs 19, Sutton 7, Swaim20, Swain 8, Swift 4, Swing 12, Tate 10, Tat(o/u)m 9, Taylor 327, Teague 6, Tewmples 3, Terry 4, Thacker 3, Tharp/e 15, Thom 14, Thomas 29, Thompson 17, Thornburg/h 5, Thornton 3, Thrift 8, Tick(el/le) 5, Tind(a/e)l 3, Tomlinson 7, Toom(b/e)s 4, Trol(l)(e/i)nger 6, Trot(t)er 20, Troxler 8, Troy 3, Trueblood 6, TTucker 9, Turner 14, Underwood 11, Vanstor(r)(e/y 4, Vestal 4, Vick(er/re)y4, Voss 3, Wade 5, Wadkins 11, Waggoner 7, Wagoner 8, Walker 36, Wall 7, Wallace 7, Wallis 3, Walters4, Walton 4, Ward 18, Warr(e/o)n 12, Washburn 3, Watkins 4, Watlington 4, Watson 14, Weatherly 32, Weaver 9, Webb 6, Welborn 11, Welch 11, Welker 3, Westbrook/s 4, Westmoreland 4, Wharton 31, Wheatley 4, Wheeler 30, Whicker 4, White 41, Whiteael/l 3, Whitse 4l, Whitsel/l 7, Whitt/e 9, Whitt(e/i)ngton 12, Whitworth 5, Widdows 4, Widows 3, Wiley 33, William/s 40, Willis 5, Willson 3, Wilson 85, Winchester 4, Winfree 5, Winslow 4, Winters 3, Wirick 11, Witty 7, Wood 49, Woodburn 11, Woods 4, Woodyard 9, Wool(l)en 5, Wooters 6, Work 7, Worth 4, Wren 7, Wrenn 4, Wright 36, Wyrick 14, Yates 8, York 8, Young 19, Zimmerman 3. The bride's names follow in the reverse format lined up alphabetically by brides, then with grooms and the date. This book is flawed in that a few pages near the front did not print correctly and about 8 names are missing from the middle of the page.  The Bride's section does not have thet flaw and is complete.  PRICE: $17.50 was new, because of the flaw, now only $9. 




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 7: NC - YOGS-HAYWOOD 01: 1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR HAYWOOD COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications. Census pages 133 through 212-each take four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 316 pages plus surname index. PRICE: $30





YOGS CRAZY CRATE 109 BOOK 8: NC - YOGS-HERTFORD 01: THE COLONIAL AND STATE HISTORY OF HERTFORD COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By Benjamin B. Winborne. With an added foreword, Index, Table of Contents and List of Illustrations. Genealogical Publishing Company. 1976. Originally published as The Colonial and State Political History of Hertford County, NC, in 1906. 356 pages, 6" by 9" size, hardbound   The author spent a lifetime gathering information about HertfordCounty found in the Roanoke-Chowan section of North Carolina. Much of the information was used in his earlier works on his family. The Index does not attempt to list all the names in the book. They estimate that about 400 were omitted as they "left out" all the lists of names, but in your interest, they did alphabetize the lists, which held primarily the names of soldiers, justices of the peace, or similar groups. Surnames appearing on three or more than three pages or those listing three or more first names are listed here: Ahoskie, Anderson, Aumack, Baker, Banks, Barnes, Bell, Beverly, Boone, Borland, Brickle, Britt, Brown, Camp, Carter, Copeland, Cotton, Cowper, Daniel, Darden, Deanes, Deaths are listed from 1780 to 1900 in ten year increments, Dickerson, Duer, Dunstan, Eldridge, Felton, Frazier, Freeman, Garrett, Gatling, Griffith, Gordon, Hare, Harrell, Hill, Hutchings, Jernigan, Jeggitts, Jones, Jordan, Kimberly, Lassiter, Lawrence, Lewis, Little, Long, Majette, Maney, Marriages are mentioned in 1803, 1848, 1860, McDowell, Meredith, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Murfree, Myrick, Neal, Newson, Northcott, Parker, Perry, Pipkin, Pretlow, Rayner, Rea, Riddick, Ridley, Roberts, Rogers, Rutland, Sears, Scott, Sessoms, Sharp, Shaw, Slaughter, Smith, Snipes, Southall, Spiers, Sumner, Tayloe, Thomas, Trader, Tyner, Vann, Vaughan, Warren, Wheeler, Williams, Willoughby, Winborne, Winton, Wise, Worthington, Worrell, Wynns and Yeates. There is more genealogy than history in this book as this gentleman was related to many of these fine old families of Hertford County and very lengthy genealogies are included in the above names because over half of them had the word family appended to their names in the index. Very nice clean copy. PRICE: $35.


PG 109 BOOK 1: BEACH ROAD By James Patterson and Peter De Jonce. Doubleday Hardbound, Large Print Home Library Edition.2006. 455 pages, dust jacket flap holds your place. When James Patterson's Honeymoon was declared the International Thriller of 2005, The New York Times proclaimed it was "full of the unexpected twists and heart-rending surprises that Patterson delivers better than any suspense writer alive." Well, get ready for another"dark and scary thrill ride" (People) because Beach Road, Patterson's gleaming new summer page-turner, sizzles! Here is a small sample-When a popular local man is accused of a triple murder that rocks the tony world of East Hampton, small-time Montauk lawyer Tom Dunleavy is plunged into a case that will make or break his career. The case rests on a volcano of big money and bigger deceptions and his client is the perfect fall guy-unless Tom can find the missing piece to a mind-buggling puzzle. With the help of Kate Costello, his former girlfriend who's now a high-powered attorney, Dunleavy just might win the trial of the century.  But he is up against a cabal of billionaire residents that won't hesitate to use their unlimited wealth-and resort to violent retaliation-to suppress the shocking truth. Written with the high-velocity speed readers have come to expect from Patterson. Beach Road will leave you reeling long after the last page is turned. I finished this book and said to myself, "I can't believe this book ended this way!" Bet you won't either! PRICE $10


PG109 BOOK 2: THE 6TH TARGET. By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, The Women's Murder Club's toughrst case ever-a serial kidnapper is stalking the city. Doubleday Large Print Home Library Edition,hardbound, 529 pages 5" by 8", Dust Jacket with flaps to keep your place when the baby cries.! San Francisco detective Lindsay Boxer is atwit's end: she's been "promoted" to desk lieutenant and her boyfriend, Joe, has a job that's keeping their relationship bi-coastal. But when her fellow crime-fighter Claire Washburn is left for dead following a shooting on a commuter ferry, Lindsay is devastated. To find the madman, Lindsay asks to be demoted to sergeant, only to be teamed with a handsome partner whose attraction further strains her feelings about Joe.The rest of the Women's Murder Club are also struggling. As ADA [Assistant District Attorney] Yuki Castellano prepares to prosecute Claire's shooter, she realizes the evidebce isn't adding up. Adding to her stress level, Lindsay and her new partner must stop a series of kidnappings involvining children and their nannies. When the case takes a terrifying turn, Lindsay must make a choice she never dreamed of....0H, NO! Used book, initials of last reader in upper right corner of inside front cover.PRICE: $10                                        


Thanks for reading our newsletters. We sincerely hope that the information on the books we have to sell helps you decide whether you want to make a place for them on your own research shelf at home. The more of these crazy crates you read the more likely you are to find something which will help you with that elusive ancestor who is still hiding somewhere and you have no idea where!  I would hate for you to miss a book you really need to keep your genealogy discoveries coming!  I really appreciate your comments on these newsletters. Please keep them coming! Pat from YOGS.

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