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JULY 29, 2011







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There are four main types of books printed to assist researchers in the pursuit of their ancestors' records in North Carolina. First there are the general how-to, where-to guides that save you both time and money if you have them handy. Most fit easily in a briefcase or suitcase and sit beside you on your desk at home for quick reference. We have several of these. This is one of the general guides that did not fit in a previous crate, so we did an abstract of the index to show you what surnames are involved in these records.


CRAZY CRATE 107 BOOK 01 & 02: SOLD AS A SET OF TWO: FREE AFRICAN AMERICANS OF NORTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA, AND SOUTH CAROLINA FROM THE COLONIAL PERIOD TO ABOUT 1820. FOURTH EDITION, TWO VOLUMES. 1,042 pages, Including the Family Histories of More Than 80% of Those Counted as "All Other Free People." [4,975 counted in North Carolina alone in 1790, and many of these families are in this set of two books. By Paul Heinegg. Clearfield Company, 2001 by the author. These books are incredible! The detail collected by this man fills these pages with information on Free Blacks and Mulattoes which genealogists are starving for because it is so very difficult to locate.  


This set of books has won an award for Genealogical Publishing from the North Carolina Genealogical Society! This set has also won the prestigious Donald Lines Jacobus Award presented by The American Society of Genealogists. The first Edition was published 1994, the third edition was published in 1997, followed by this fourth edition in 2001. The first article is titled "Ivey Family" and the record begins in 1689, when George Ivey of Norfolk County died leaving to his son one hundred acres of land and three members of that early family are mentioned in, and relationships are given for, many people in that space. [actual reference is cited in this book]. This detailed account of this family runs 2 pages. Other larger families are listed in even greater detail. "Often the product of relationships between slaves and free people of various admixtures of African, Native American and European descent, the free blacks familial origins and subsequent domestic connections determined their legal status and shaped, in large measure, their social standing."  


The earlier editions covered free persons of Maryland and Delaware, followed by Virginia and North Carolina. This expansion of the previous books now also includes South Carolina. Taken together, the author provides the fullest discussion of the familial origins of free people of color in the Anglophone [definition from Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary of Anglophone is consisting of or belonging to: an English-speaking population.] in the colonial South. The line between freedom and slavery was extraordinarily permeable. Various peoples of European, African and Native American descent--both free and not free--crossed the line between freedom and slavery openly. They worked together, played together and even married openly in a manner that would later be condemned by custom and prohibited by law. Family histories in this set are for the families of these surnames to which the research applies. The number is of the first names within that surname.   Surnames of the families include: Abel 20 , Africa 4, Ailstock 15, Alford 7, Allen 26, Allways 2, Alman 4, Alvis 6, Anderson 88, Archer 40, Armfield 8, Armisted 3, Armstrong 17, Arnold 7, Artis 62, Ashby 10 , Ash/e 72, Ashworth 6, Bailey 8, Baker 10, Baltrip 6, Bannister 20, Banks 50, Barber 12, Bartlet/t 13, Bartly 1, Bass 137, Bates 7, Battles 6, Bazden 6, Bazmore 11, Beckett 34, Bee 6, Bell 25, Bennett 6, Berry 23, Beverly 15, Bibb(e/i)ns 4, Bibby 13, Bidd(ey/ie) 6, Bing 4, Bizzell 4, Black 1 ,Bow 16, Bow(d)en 7, Bower/s 9, Bowles 3, Bowman 8, Bow(s/z)er 23, Boyd 11, Branch 8, Brandon 15, Braveboy 15, Britt 9, Brook(e)/s 17, Brown 40, Bryan/t 18, Bugg 6, Bullard 2, Bunch/e 49, Bunda/y 17 , Burk/e 11, Burkett 1, Burnett 26, Bur(r/w)ell 13, Busby, Buss 1, Butler/s 20, Byrd 42, Cane 2, Can(n)ady 35 , Carter 61 , (Cary 10,) Case 12, Cassi(d/t)y 10, Caton 1, Causey 9, Chambers 3, Chandler 13, Chapman 19, Charity 42, Chaver/s 27, Chav(es/is) 118, Chivis 6, Chav(os/ous) 6 Chavus 12, Church 9, Churchwell 6, Churton 2, Clark/e 31, Cobb 4, Cockran/e 8, Cole 24, Coleman 14 , Collins 34, Combes/st, 11, Combs 18, Conner/s 23, Cook/s 25 , Cooley 4, Cooper 22, Copeland 13, Copes 8, Corn/e 15, Cornet 5, Cornish 5, Cousins 23, Cox 15, Craig 8, Cuff 9, Cuffee 19, Cumbo 37, Cunningham 9, Curle 5, Curtis 16, Cuttillo 8, Cypress 9, Dale/s 6, Davenport 12, Davis 26, Day 40, Dean/s 12 , Deas 6, Debrix 16, Demery 25, Demps(e)y 36, Dennis 6, Dolby 3, Donathan 5, Douglas/s 7, Dove 22, Drake 4, Drew 9, Driggers 41, Drig(g)us 10, Drighouse 16. Dring 7, Driver 8, Drummond, Drury 5, Duncan 15, Dungee/ey 13, Dungill 5, Dunlop 14, Dunst(an/on 20, Durham7, Eady 12, Edwards 8, Edwell 9, Elliott 32, Ellis 13, Epp(e)s 28, Ev(a/e/i)ns 69, Fagan 4, Farrar 13, Ferrell 7, Findley 10, Finn(ey/ie/y) 7, Fletcher 9, Flood 21, Flora 3, Flowers 5, Fortune 11, Franc(es/is) 29, Franklin 12, Frazier 5, Freeman 20, Frost 7, Fry 8, Fuller 16, Gallimore 5, Garden 3, Gard(e)ner 12, Garner 8, Garnes 23, George 42, Gibbs 1, Gibson 46, Gillet/t 7, God(d)et/t 22, Goff 10, Goin/Goen/ Goines/Going/s 56, Gordon 13, Gow(a/e)n/s 56, Gowing 5, Grace 6, Graham 6, Grant 5, Grant(h)(a/u)m 5, Graves 15, Gr(a/e)y 11, Grayson 6, Green/e 8, Gregory 11, Grice 8, Griffin 13, Grimes 12, Groom 7, Groves 2, Guy 13, Gw(i/y)nn 14, Hag(a/i)ns 9, Ha(i)ley 8, Haithcock 34, Hall 31, Hamilton 4, Hammon/d/s 72, Harden 6, Harm(a/o)n 41, Harris 58, Harrison 23, Hartless 13, Hatcher 4, Hathcock 13, Hawkins 20, Hawl(e)y 24, Hawes 4, Haynes 2, Hay(e)s 14, Heath/cock 14, Hedge(b/p)eth 5, Hewlett 2, Hewson 5, Hicks 17, Hill 22, Hilliard 6, Hitchens 6, Hiter 5, Hobson 17, Hodges 9, Hog/g 11, Holman 8, Ho(l)mes 11, Holt 4, Hood 4, Hoome(/z)s 5, Horn/e 6, Howell 31, Hubbard 12, Hudson 8, Huelin 6, Hunt 33, Ivey 23, Jackson 30, Jacob/s 27, James 67, Jasper 13, Jeffers 10, Jeffrey/s 9, Jeffries 30, Jenkins 16, John/s 19, Johnson 40, Johnston 20, Jones 96, Jordan 18, Keemer 6, Kelly 14, Kendall 6, Kent 6, Kersey 25, Key/s 13, King 11, Knight 11, Lamb 16, Landum 2, Lang 3, Lan(k/s)ford 5, Lantern 10, Lawrence 31, Laws 7, Lawson 7, Lephew 13, Lester 11, Lett 10, Leviner 7, Lewis 49, Ligon 20, Liverpool 7, Locklear 31, Locus/t 42, Logan, Lomack 8, Long/o 9, Low(e)ry 14, Lucas 34, Lynch 13, Lytle 9, McCoy 9 , McDaniel 8, McIntosh 4,McKey 8, Maclin 21, Madden 7, Magee 6, Manly 24, Mann 11, Manning 6, Manu(a/e)l/l 20, Martin 33, Mason 18, Mat(t)hews 28, Mayo 6, Mays 4, Mead/e/s 4, Mealy 5, Meekins 12, Miller 14, Mills 20, Milton 17, Mitchel/l 61, Mitchum 8, Mongom/n/g 9, Moore 63, Mordick 12, Morgan 39, Morris 43, Moss 26, Mozingo 7, Muckelroy 7, Mumford 5, Murray 10, Neal/e 10, Newby 8, News(a/o/u)m 34, Newton 12, Nichol/l/d/s 9, Nicken 25, Nickens 41, Norman 16, Norwood 14, Oakey/Okey 23, Overton 25 , Oxend(a/i)ne 25, Page 10, Palmer 9, Parker 7, Parsons 13, Patrick 7, Patterson 12, Pain/e 6, Payne 14, Peacock 3, Peavy 6, Pendarvis 8, Pendergrass 7, Perkins 42, Peters 37, Pettiford 63, Phil(l)ips 8, Pickett 12, Pierce 11, Pinn 27, Pompey 19, Portiss 4, Powell 23, Powers 5, Poythress 10, Press 5, Price 25, Pri(t)chard 21, Proctor 5, Pryor 8, Pugh 14, Pursley 2, Ralls 4, , Randall 1, Range 1, Rann 6, Raper 3, Rawlinson 8, Read 14, Redcross 12, Redman 10, Reed/Reid 37 , Reeves 7, Revel(l)/s 40,   Reynolds 7, Rich 19, Richardson 41, Ridley 2, Robbins 14, Roberts 75, Robin/s 28, Robinson 32, Rollins 4, Ross 6, Rou(c/e/se) 9, Rowe 7, Ruff/s 8, Ruffin 5, Runnels 7, Russell 14, Sample 26 , Sampson 10, Sanderlin 23, Saunders 2, Savoy 3, Scipper 6, Scott 101, Shepherd 9, Shoecraaft 15, Shoemaker 5, Silver 6, Simmons 10, Simon 2, Simms 2, Simpson 12, Singleton 6, Sisco 7, Skipper 7, Smith 54 , Snelling 12, Sorrell 15, Sparrow 25, Spel(l)man 18, Spiller 2, Spriddle 7, Spruce 5, Stephens 29, Stevens 12, Stewar(d/t)/Stuart 100, Stringer 16, Swan/n 2, Sweat/t 29, Sweet(in/g) 6, Sylvester 8, Symons 12, Tabor/n 45 , Tan/n 49, Tate 24, Taylor 22, Teague 8, Teamer 11, Teet 11, Terry 7, Thaxton 7, Thomas 33, Thompson 51, Ton(e)y 23, Tootle 10, Toulson 11, Toyer 8, Turner 42, Tyl(er/or) 20, Tyner 9, Tyre/e 11, Underwood 14, Valentine 47, Vaughan 13, Vena/Venie, Walden 89, Walker 11, Wallace 9, Warburton 2, War(r/w)ick 9, Waters 1, Watkins 30, Weaver 45, Webb 37, Webster 5, Weeks 21, Wells 7, West 13, Wharton 3, Whistler 7, White 20, Whitehurst 9, Wigg(e/i/o)ns 25, Wilkins, 19, Wilki(n)son 5, Williams 38, Wilson 49, Winb(e/o)rn, Winn 4, Wise 6, Womble 11, Wood 20 and Young 22. Two volumes sold as a set. NEW BOOKS. PRICE: $75 SPECIAL SUMMER SALE Both volumes new $65


NC - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 107  Book 03 &04: Exact same book as above, ex lib, outside covers have been protected from wear with clear laminate/taped covers.   Used, with some library markings. Two volumes sold as a set. USED BOOKS. PRICE: $60 in good condition $50  


REGIONAL RECORDS FOR EARLY NORTH CAROLINA: More census records but this time you get the whole thing. A printout of exactly what you can see on Ancestry.com, but on paper in black ink on white paper with the columns, notes and all the information that you can get from the 1850! Check the neighbors up and down on the page, they may show up again in a later census living close, and they might furnish a clue as to where they came from before they got to the census they are on now in 1850.



RECORD TYPE ONE for counties concerns census information on the 1850. 1.)These are nice print-outs on white paper of the actual microfilmed copy of the 1850 census. They will assist you in a full-surname search of the county, because you can study every entry in that county for your surname, check for misspellings, and for the many surnames that married into the family that are still living in that county in 1850.

These are the highly-regarded printed 1850 Census Records of various North Carolina Counties. Since they are all similar in appearance, I will list them only by County name, page numbers and price. Further information about them includes: all have laminated covers with a plastic circular binding with the county name in Magic Marker printed on the spine. Page numbers will differ widely depending on the size of the print out, see individual count behind name of county. All are indexed using the page numbers printed in the upper right hand corner of each actual CENSUS PAGE, therefore this index may not agree with other indexes using the handwritten numbers. Although they have many of the 1800-1840 censuses done in this fashion also; these books listed below feature only the 1850 census which, of course, is the first census to list all members of the household by first name also, rather than just the head of household and the number of residents grouped by age and sex. Also on this census you will find for the head of household a dwelling house number [in the order of visitation] and a family number [in the order of visitation]. These may not be the same number. Some houses have more than one family living there.


Having the full information including the age, sex, color of every person plus the State, Territory, or Country of Birth is very helpful in identifying the family as being yours.


All the Census books are of the Federal Census of 1850 which, you probably remember, was the first one to list all the members of the household by first name and surname [or by ditto marks (") or the small letters do] if that surname was the same as the surname of the person preceding them on the list. You will find next to the name, the age, sex and color, [if white, this letter is often only on the first line or missing completely], black or mulatto] and place of birth [State, Territory or Country] are given. Then for the head of household, you will find his occupation and a number indicating the value of his real estate owned. [A strong hint to check deed records and mortgage papers at the courthouse, too.] Four other columns would receive marks if 1.) Married within the year, 2.) Attended school within the year, 3.) Persons over 20 years of age who cannot read or write and 4.) Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict. It is important that you have all this information from the 1850 census for each of your ancestors who were alive then. Don't forget to write down all the information written at the top of each page to help you find them again if you need that information verified.   All the information through Column 13 on the census is shown in the book and is listed on the photocopy exactly as the census-taker wrote it. This is the real thing! NO MICROFILM READER required! It does take four pages to show one entire census page, however, so don't miss the neighbors! Those census books were huge!

If you cannot find your ancestor on the census on the internet, and you think he had to be there, this is the alternative to going to a library and reading all the reels of microfilm that particular census may have taken to complete. Every page is printed out for you and a surname index is included at the back of the book. You can check as many surnames as you have in your ancestor list. You can read the entire page to see who the neighbors are. It is easily read because each page of the census appears on four pages in print that is almost as easy to read as if it were printed on regular lined notebook paper.


All of these were done under the direction of Dr. John Schunk, Editor, and published by S-K Publications of Wichita, Kansas. Each of the books is printed in landscape orientation (sideways or lengthwise) on the paper to give the 11" width to the line and hold all this personal data on each person. Two complete sheets of paper, front and back, complete each actual census page, so you can easily read each entry. NO MICROFILM MACHINE NEEDED! NO COMPUTER NEEDED EITHER! Complete census entries are right here in regular cursive writing subject only to the vagaries of pen and paper and the writing ability of the actual census taker.


Many of these books have also been done for the census years of 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840, for some states. The 1850 census is the most widely done with hundreds of counties already finished.


Having the book right there, at your fingertips, for the whole county helps you to recognize surnames that lived close to your family and were, perhaps, close friends. (or maybe not!) Sometimes those same surnames appear again in the next places the family moved. They could be extended family or neighbors that had lived close to the family in their previous homes, too. Often, but not always, they could be members of the same church or religion giving another tie to be discovered which could lead to more knowledge of your ancestor's life. The children, almost certainly, went together to the same school. These are used books, privately owned and if I notice any special flaws, I will mention them. These census books are priced individually as seen below under the proper county heading with other books of other records for that same county: Happy Hunting!


2.) The next group of books listed here are the North Carolina Marriage Records which are now being published by New Papyrus, the current firm owned by the former owner of Iberian Publishing Company formerly of Athens, Georgia. The original publication of these was in the hands of Frances T. Ingmire. The marriage record always consists of a county name, you would write directly to that county for information on bonds, possible parent consents for very young brides and/or grooms, the license and the marriage record/return for each of these marriages prior to 1851. In the foreword, the publisher explains these books contain a listing of the marriage bonds before 1851. After 1851 marriage certificates were used. The Marriage Certificates are on file at the North CarolinaState Archives. You would write them for records after 1851.


The format of the first half of the book consists of the surname of the groom, his first name, the brides surname, her first name (middle initials added for both groom and bride where found.) and the month, date and year of the record. The last half of the book lists the bride's surname, her first name, the surname of the groom, his first name,

(middle initials added for both groom and bride where found.) and the month, date and year of the record.


It is strongly suggested that ALL the records you can find should be examined for additional information than is given herein. Bonds often will give the names of others such as family members of the groom or bride, and the person performing the ceremony.

All records are given as in the official record, and no attempt at correcting the original record has been made. Be aware of variant spellings as not all family members spelled their names exactly the same. All are softbound.


3.) Abstracts of a county's records other than marriage records. For example, The OrangeCounty, NC Deed books are abstracted by Laura Willis, published by Simmons Historical Publications, Melber, KY, page numbers are on the individual books listed below. All are softbound, published in 1998 to 1999.












NC - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 107  BOOK 5:  1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR ALAMANCE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications, 1987. Census pages are numbered 1 through 101. Each census page actually takes four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 404 pages plus surname index.

Surnames which appear on at least two page numbers [there will probably be two or more family groups listed but we just count the surname once for each page on which that surname appears. There might be twenty people of that name on the page, but we only count it once. Adams 9, Adkins 2, Alberd 2, Albright 23, Aldridge 3, Alexander 2, Allen 19, Alred 3, Anderson 4, Andrew/s 6, Ap(p)le 3, Art(e)y 2, Bain/e/s 4, Balden 4, Ballard 3, Barber 4, Barbo(u)r 4, Barker 3, Barnell 2, Barnett, Barton 2, Bason 4, Bass 7, Beard 2, Benson 3, Bishop 3, Bivins 4, Boggs 4, Bolden 2, Bolls 2, Boon 11, Bornell 2, Boss 3, Boswell 4, Boyd 7, Bradford 2, Bradshaw 8, Brannock 2, Brown 7, Browning 3, Bryant 2, Burnes 2, Burnett/e 10, Burns 4, Byrd 6, Cab(el/le) 8, Capps 3, Carfield 2, Carli(les/sle) 2, Carter 4, Chav(i/u)s 4, Cheek 5, Chris(t)man 2, Clapp 10, Clendenin (4 spellings /7 families), Cobb 19, Coble 5, Cole 2, Coleman 3, Collins 3, Compton 3, Conodle 3, Cook 9, Cooper 4, Copeland 4, Corn 2, Craig 3, Crawford 11, Creedle 2, Crutchfield 3, Cum(m)ins 3, Curtice 2, Curtis 4, Danel/y 7, Davis 4, Denn(e)y 2, Dickey 9, Dickson 6, Dishong 3, Dixon 9, Dodson 5, Duglas 2, Durham 5, Eason 2, Ector 3, Edwards 5, Ellington 2, Eul(e/i)s/s 4, and Evans 6. Index goes to Z. PRICE $40 SPECIAL SUMMER SALE $30




NC - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 107  BOOK 6:  1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR ASHE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications, 1987Census pages 238 through 325-each census page takes four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 348 pages plus surname index. This index abstraction also will pick up any surname that appears on two pages or more. Faircloth 3, Farmer 3, Faw 8, Fender 4, Foster 2, Fouts 3, Frances 3, Free(v/Z)eland 2, Fulks 2, Fulton 2, Gaby 2, Gambil/l 4, G(r)ambille 6, Garvy 3, Gass 3, Gentrey 3, Gentry 6, Goins 3, Goodman 2, Grabeal 13, Gray 5, Greanwel/l 6, Grear 2, Green 3, Greer 7, Griffith 3, Grimes 5, Grimsley 3, Hall 3, Ham 8, Hampton 2, Harden 2, Hardin 3, Harles 2, Harless 4, Harper 2,Harris 3, Hart 5, Hartzog 5, Hash 5, Hathom 5, Hawk 5, Hawks 2, Head 3, Heart 3, Henl(e)y 2, Higgins 6, Hill 12, Hirley 5, Hodge/s 2, Hollaway 5, Holsey 3, Hoppas 2, Hoppers 4, Howel 9, Howk 6, Hudgen 2, Hudlar 2, Hudson 2, Ingram 2, Isom 2, Janes 3, Jarvice/Jarvis 2, Jenkins 2, Jennings 2, Johnecy 2, Johnson 17, Joins 2, Jones 2. PRICE: $30 SPECIAL SUMMER SALE $25




NC - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 107  BOOK 7:  BRUNSWICK 01: BRUNSWICK CO, NC, MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1804-1867. 1984, 16 pages (2 copies), New Papyrus Publishing. PRICE: $9.50 each.

Males only abvstracted here. Surnames with three or more first names: Adkins, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Bell, Bennett, Benton, Biggs, Bo(az/oz/ze)man, Brooks, Brown, Bryan, Cannon, Carr(e/o)ll, Ca(i)son, Chadwick, Clemmons, Cox, Cumbe/e, Danford, Daniel/l/s, DaVIS, Dosher, Drew, Evans, Flowers, Freeman, Frink, Galloway, Gilbert, Goodman, Gore, Green/e, Hall, Hancock, Harris/s, Hawkins, Hewett, Hewitt, Hickman, Hill, Holden, Kell(e)y, King, Leonard, Lewis, Long, Marshall, McCoy, McKeithan, Mercer, Millican, Millinor, Moore, Morse, Parker, Phelps, Piver, Price, Reaves, Reynolds, Robbins, Robinson, Russ, Sell(a/e)rs, Simmons, Singletary, Skipper, Smith, Stanaland, Swain, Tharp, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Wade, Ward, Watson, Wescoat, White, Willets, Williams,

Williamson, Woodside. PRICE $9.50 two copies available!




NC - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 107  BOOK 8:  -BUNCOMBE 01: 1850 U.S. PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM FOR BUNCOMBE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications, 1988. Census pages are numbered from 189 through 332. Each census page take four 8 " by 11" pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 572 pages plus surname index. PRICE: $40




NC - YOGS-CRAZY CRATE 107  BOOK 9:  BURKE 01: 1850 U. S. CENSUS PRINT OUT FROM MICROFILM  FOR BURKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. By John F. Schunk, Editor, S-K Publications, 1987. Census pages 333 through 402-each take four pages to print out but that is why they are so easy to read. 276 pages plus surname index. PRICE: $25


Thanks for reading this newsletter.  We appreciate all the nice comments we get from our callers.   PAT from YOGS 


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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