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JULY 1, 2011



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HERE IS THE NEXT PART OF THE INDIANA CONNECTION FOR John Palmer's Crazy Crate Collection JP 1-38. 


GOVERNMENT - THE INDIANA CONNECTION CRAZY CRATE JP 1-38 BOOK 15:  EXECUTIVE PROCEEDINGS OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, 1816 - 1836.  Edited by Dorothy Riker.  Indianapolis:Indiana Historical Bureau.  1947.  911 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  ex library copy.  Binding is still tight and the pages are clean.  Never before published, this Record of Executive Proceedings in the present volume comprises commissions to both state and county officials and writs for special elections issued by the governors of Indiana from the beginning of statehood to the close of the year 1836.  There are a few commissions which extend beyond this period. Names and appointment dates for Justices of the Peace, Judges, surveyors, and others are listed. There is a  230 page section of appointments of militia officers, their ranks and dates of appointments from 1818 through 1823;  a 45 page listing of pardons and remissions from 1823 through 1830 including dates and names of the people; a 350 page section of appointments of officials for each Indiana county, arranged alphabetically by county and chronologically within each county;  listings of judicial circuits, dates established and transfers to new districts;and more.  The 190 page index covers nearly 500 entries.  If you don't check this book, you may be missing out on honors that one of your ancestors received by being elected or appointed to some post.  Might as well check it now!  PRICE WAS  $35.00 NOW ON SALE - 10% OFF AT $31.50


GOVERNMENT- THE INDIANA CONNECTION - CRAZY CRATE JP 1-38 BOOK 16:  GOVERNORS MESSAGES AND LETTERS.  VOLUME  III:  MESSAGES AND PAPERS OF JONATHAN JENNINGS, RATLIFF BOON, AND WILLIAM HENDRICKS.  1816 - 1825.    Edited by Logan Esaray.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Commission.  1924.   544 pages.  Hardcover.  Note: ex-library copy. Binding is still tight, but the front hinge is beginning to crack.  The photograph of Jonathan Jennings (between pages 26 and 27 is present but nearly torn in half.  This book is the third in a series of volumes which reprinted the messages and papers of Indiana's early governors.  Although Indiana had been a territory since the creation of the Northwest Ordnance, Indiana entered the union in 1816 as a state. These papers represent the earliest attempts of the Hoosier government to function as a state.  Jonathan Jennings was elected as the first governor.  He resigned in 1822 to take his place as a state representative in Washington, D. C.  The Lieutenant Governor, Ratcliff Boon, filled out the un-expired term of three months, while waiting for the newly elected governor, William Hendricks, to take office.   In 1825 Hendricks resigned to take a seat as a state representative in Washington.  Indiana, like other young western states, had many intimate and important relations with the federal government.  The citizens owed the federal government several million dollars for land.  The land offices were the most important business centers in the state.  A large part of the state was occupied by Indians over whom the General Assembly had no control and necessarily had to look to the federal government for relief.  By compact the federal government had agreed, on consideration of the state foregoing certain rights of taxation, to help the state build roads.  The state had no sufficient circulating medium and consequently had to look to the federal government for assistance.  One of the most persistent difficulties of the young state was that of fugitives from justice or slavery crossing the Ohio River and this was controlled by the federal government.   Letters and messages include correspondence with the Kentucky governor concerning Kentucky's lack of returning fugitives who had stolen free Negroes and taken them into slavery in Kentucky; correspondence between Jennings, Lieutenant Governor Christopher Harrison, the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives over Jennings role in the treaty of St. Mary's with the Wea Indians, several messages concerning Kentucky Kidnappers of Indiana Negroes;  Jennings proclamation (in 1822) that the second Friday of December "be observed as a day of Publick supplication and prayer to Almighty God, that he may avert the just judgments impending upon our land, and that in his manifold mercies our country may be blessed with fruitful seasons and our citizens with health and peace." Correspondence for Hendricks includes messages on sales of public lands, the Black Hawk War, the Ohio-Michigan boundary dispute, internal improvements, and more.  The 13-page index contains nearly 1,300 names.  PRICE WAS  $30. NOW ON SALE - 10% OFF AT $27


GOVERNMENT- THE INDIANA CONNECTION CRAZY CRATE JP 1-38 BOOK 17:  MESSAGES AND PAPERS RELATING TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF JAMES BROWN RAY, GOVERNOR OF INDIANA, 1825 - 1831. Edited by Dorothy Riker and Gayle Thornbrough.   Indiana Historical Bureau.  1954.  726 pages.  Hardcover.   Ray was elected to the sixteen-member State Senate in 1821 and was elected president pro tem of the Senate, after Ratcliff Boon resigned his lieutenant governorship to go to Congress in 1824.  Ray then became acting governor after the resignation of William Hendricks, who had been elected to the United States Senate.  He was just thirty years old.  He was elected to the governorship in 1825 and 1828 but after his term of office was over, he was unable to win another elective office.  In state and local matters the legislation sought by Ray and considered by the General Assembly concerned internal improvements, revision of the penal code, education, care of the poor and handicapped, militia, county and township government, the judiciary, matters concerning Indians, etc.  No significant body of legislation was passed during his administration.   His correspondence indicates a generous, sympathetic attitude toward the writers who requested favors or information and a sense of the responsibility of his trust as a public officer.   PRICE WAS  $17.50 - NOW ON SALE - 10% OFF AT $15.75


GOVERNMENT- THE INDIANA CONNECTION - CRAZY CRATE JP 1-38 BOOK 18:  MESSAGES AND PAPERS RELATING TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF NOAH NOBLE, GOVERNOR OF INDIANA, 1831 - 1837.  Edited by Dorothy Riker and Gayle Thornbrough.  Indiana Historical Bureau.  1958.  645 pages.  Hardcover.   The third son of  Doctor Thomas Noble and Elizabeth Claire Sedwick, Noah Noble was born in FrederickCounty (now ClarkeCounty) Virginia in 1794.   After several moves, Thomas and his family settled in Boone County, Kentucky around 1807.   In 1808, Noah's older brother, James, moved to Brookville, in Indiana Territory.   In 1811 James was commissioned a Colonel of the Seventh Regiment of Indiana Territorial Militia.  It appears that Noah came to Brookville in 1811 and shortly thereafter joined the same militia.  In 1820 he ran for county sheriff and won.   He was re-elected two years later, receiving all but nine votes in the entire county.  Two years later he was elected to the lower house of the General Assembly.   In 1830 he was elected governor.  At the beginning of his administration, the Potawatomi and Miami Indians were still in possession of more than half of the land north of the Wabash River. During his administration, the Indians ceded their lands, plus the Wabash and Erie Canal and the Michigan Road were built.  He served in various committees after his term of office expired.   PRICE WAS  $15.00 NOW ON SALE - 10% OFF AT $13.50


GOVERNMENT - THE INDIANA CONNECTION -CRAZY CRATE JP 1-38 BOOK 19:  MESSAGES AND PAPERS RELATING TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF DAVID WALLACE, GOVERNOR OF INDIANA, 1837 - 1840.  Edited by Dorothy Riker.  Indiana Historical Bureau.  1963.  501 pages.   Wallace was born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, in 1799.  His mother was a niece of John Paul Jones. Civil War General Lew Wallace was the son of David Wallace. In his youth, David Wallace moved to Indiana, studied law, and became a competent lawyer.  In 1828 he was chosen to the lower house of the General Assembly.  He was Noah Noble's Lieutenant Governor.  Wallace's administration was involved with continuing to obtain land grants to extend the Wabash and Erie Canal to Terre Haute, the construction of macadamized roads instead of railroads between Jeffersonville and Crawfordsville and between Indianapolis and Lafayette, and continued removal of the Indians.  Following his term in office, he returned to private law practice.  PRICE WAS  $15.00 NOW ON SALE - 10% OFF AT $13.50


GOVERNMENT THE INDIANA CONNECTION - CRAZY CRATE JP 1-38 BOOK 20:  MESSAGES AND PAPERS RELATING TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF SAMUEL BIGGER, GOVERNOR OF INDIANA, 1840 - 1843.  Edited by Gayle Thornbrough.  Indiana Historical Bureau.  1964.  669 pages.   Hardcover. Bigger was born in Warren County, Ohio, in 1802 and in 1829 moved to Indiana.  In 1833 and 1834 he was elected to the General Assembly.  In 1836 the Assembly elected him as presiding judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit.  He resigned after being elected governor in 1840. He was Indiana's last Whig governor.  The internal improvements advocated by previous governors Noah Noble and David Wallace had brought Indiana into a desperate financial situation  Bigger supported continuation of internal improvements, but said that they should be prioritized, or classified into levels of importance.  Public debt was a major concern of his administration and the General Assembly created many committees to investigate previous expenditures for internal improvements.  Investigations were also made into the State Bank.  Other reports covered the care of the insane, education and the state prison.  He was not re-elected, and he moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where he practiced private law and died in 1846.  PRICE WAS  $15.00 NOW ON SALE - 10% OFF AT $13.50


I simply can not wait any longer to introduce you to some of the new books that I bought at the big book sale John Palmer and I attended at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  It was held in the Agriculture Building.  We arrived early and waited in the car instead of in the rain.  Wise choice!  A crowd of over 200 was waiting in line when the doors opened precisely at 9:00.  I was lucky enough to grab one of the big orange grocery carts which were available, and I used the "kiddy seat" to hold my purse.  If I had had to carry that purse, we would have been home much earlier!  No matter what my purse has in it, it weighs a ton, and I took care to bury it with books right off the bat!  Not a problem!  There were more books there than you could look at in a 9 to 5 day!  Some were on the tables, some were piled in boxes or on the floor.  There were CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, records, stationery supplies, and BOOKS - One box, about three feet long, I counted, had 42 books in it.  There were 16 boxes in a row facing south and 16 boxes in a row facing north.  Spaces between the book boxes held more books.  Keeping the boxes full would have helped protect the books from sliding every which way, but the meager staff assigned to that job were not nearly equal to the task presented by the tables.  My estimate is probably way off, but I am sure there were more than one hundred tables in that building.  There was ample room for moving around and to scan the books, you just got in line and walked one way up one set of tables and then back the other side looking at hundreds of books.  Naturally, it was impossible to look at all of them, but John and I really tried.  I was looking for some "easy reading" books for a change of pace in a few crates this summer.  Here is a sampling of what I bought!



Grab a pencil and try solving these puzzles on  6" by 9" pages.  Exercising your brain and your fingers keeps you young.  These puzzles are perfect for any crossword puzzle fan!  Puzzles with answers in place are at the end of the book, but don't peek until you are sure you can't get it on your own.  This is a new book. Price was $7.95.  SALE- price $5


HPB CRAZY CRATE 1  BOOK 2: Fodor's EXPLORING ISRAEL.  FOURTH EDITION.  Full-Color Maps with all the great sights and sacred places, plus the History & Culture that brings them to life. 288 pages.  Have you always wanted to go to the Holy Land, but the price is a 'little or a lot' too much.  This is your next best chance to see this land in hundreds of pictures in full color.

Maps are scattered throughout the pages.  The text is lively and entertaining as they take you to all the places you want to see and all you should see.  New book price was $22.  This copy is new, but only SALE PRICE  $10.


HPB CRAZY CRATE 1  BOOK 3:  THE GIANT BATHROOM BOOK OF DUMBOLOGY.  By Geoff Tibballs.  Dip into this laugh-a-minute collection of gaffes, foul-ups and blunders!  I just love these!  Kept properly in the bathroom, they are good for a fast laugh, and leave you with a lovely sense of being superior to the people who do such dumb things.  These little stories give a real lift to your day!  How about this one?  Nine publishers, including HarperCollins, Penguin and Transworld turned down J. K. Rowlings first Harry Potter book.  OR this one - After breaking into a woman's home in 2000 a burglar in Japan felt so sorry for his victim that he gave her a receipt for the theft so that she could claim on her insurance.  On it he obligingly included his name and address.  If you didn't chuckle at that one, please have someone check your pulse!  You may no longer be among the living!  SALE PRICE $8   F U N N Y !


HPB CRAZY CRATE 1 BOOK 4:  I DO - A GUIDE TO CREATING YOUR OWN UNIQUE WEDDING CEREMONY.  By Sydney Barbara Metrick.  If you are like the many couples that have special needs and desires that may not be met with a "traditional wedding ceremony" this book is for you.  I DO explains the traditions behind the well-known elements of a wedding, such as the bridal veil, the exchange of rings, the cake, the vows and then offers inspired alternatives drawn from a wide range of cultures, and a far-reaching experience with brides or grooms wanting something different for their wedding.  Great book to help make your own special day 'the most important day of your life.'  Tips, techniques, ideas, selections.  You choose!  134 PAGES PLUS LOTS OF LINED PAGES FOR NOTES.  Price was $14.95  Sale Now Only $7


HPB CRAZY CRATE 1 BOOK 5:  MAKING GREAT SCRAPBOOK PAGES.  IT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK.  Are you scrapbooking yet?  If not, why not?  Do you just need some ideas to get you started?  Then this book is for you!  There are 230 album pages, over 15 techniques, 13 journaling styles, guidelines, hints and tips, in abundance!  Some of the cutest ideas I've ever seen.  If it is simple enough for a second-grade teacher to do, you can do it, too.  It looks like fun and the results are stunning.  Do a page for each child and hang it on their door.  Or fix a picnic some summer day, buy a throw-away, one-use camera, take your kids to a park or a woods or to the beach, and snap, snap, snap those pictures.  Buy a posterboard at an office supply store and mount some or all the pictures on it.  Make a memory last!  Go to Grandma's and Grandpa's house, have a cookout, and get each kid interacting with your parents and snap, snap, snap!  Templates to make cute frames and pretty alphabets to copy.  This book will not only get you started with baby on a blanket straight through to their wedding day.  143 big 8" by 11"colorful pages of sheer delight and inspiration.   SALE PRICE IS $10


HPB CRAZY CRATE 1 BOOK 6:  THE ALL-STAR BATHROOM SAMPLER.  A SPORTS FAN'S COLLECTION OF EASILY DIGESTIBLE LISTS, FACTS, STORIES AND ANECDOTES.   To all the sports fans, benchwarmers, and backups that populate the bathrooms of this great world-here is your bathroom bible.  Facts, quotes, jokes, anecdotes, trivia, history, and more, we've got a little something for everyone.  He covers all the news that is fit to print, but if you hear guffaws, belly laughs and chortles from the region of the popular throne room, you can be sure someone is reading this book!  Common (now) vocabulary words that came from baseball- Bleachers, Boner, Breaks, Charley horse, Heads Up, Ladies night. 

When Indianapolis entered the ABA in 1967, the name Pacers was chosen for its dual meaning-a nod to Indiana's historical ties to harness racing pacers as well as a reference to the pace car for the city's most famous sporting event, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.   

My Favorite4 Quote from this book is from Muhammad Ali.  He said, "Hating people because of their color is wrong.  And it doesn't matter which color is doing the hating.  It's just plain wrong."  Price was $16.95, SALE Price $8.


Hope you enjoyed sharing The Indiana Connection books with my book sale finds.  There will be more along shortly.  A little bit of each for awhile.  It is summer, lighten up, read more, play more, emjoy more.  Pat from YOGS.


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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