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I reduced some prices and I added some detail.  Your last chance to order these books.  Remember I won't be home on Friday to answer your calls, Please don't use voice mail to order  anything.  Just call me after 11:00 on Saturday.  Thank you for understanding.   


These are some great books.  We had a brand new contributor to these crates:  so all books belonging to this lady will be titled PK crates, and there will be, at this time, only four of them, PK01,  then crate PK02 .and PK03 that was delivered Tuesday.  This crate is PK04, your last chance to buy these gently-used books.  Let's get right to these crates right now!  I will tell you these books are in great shape and have obviously been well stored and kept free of marks, very little highlighting and other abuses.  They are very clean and tightly bound.  I will tell you if they have anything that makes them look less than new.  These are the only books left from these first three crates, so I thought you would like one more chance to look at them.


PK CRAZY CRATE PK01 - BOOK 5:  IRELAND AND THE IRISH. A Short History.  By Karl S. Bottigheimer.  1982, Columbia University Press, 301 pages, indexed, dust jacket (being almost 30 years old, this colorful dust jacket is not pristine, nor is it in the least shabby.  The top front and back are slightly curled outward, the top and bottom have an occasional 1/8" split,  This book jacket has been well-cared-for and is flat with no wrinkles or creases.  The black magic marker has covered three lines of a name and address on the inside front page.  The author teaches English and Irish History at the StateUniversity of New York at Stony Brook.  This is his third book.  This author ably covers Ireland's rich and complex past of over 5,000 years.  He drew on church records, art and archeological evidence to illustrate the prehistoric era, the heroic age of Celt, Viking and Norman conquests, and the world of early Christianity.  He explores the development of a distinctive Irish culture and society during the Middle Ages, the Tudor conquest of the sixteenth century, the establishment and rule of a Protestant Ascendancy in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the resurgence of a Catholic Ireland in the nineteenth century.  The author then delineates the turbulent formation of the modern Irish state and chronicles both its glories and its frustrations,  The Irish experience is shown geographically in its European and worldwide setting.  Early waves of immigrants to Ireland and later waves of Irish emigrants abroad are given a prominent place in the overall picture.  This book is distinguished by its breadth both geographically and chronologically.  It will deepen your interest in, and knowledge of, the land so many of our ancestors left long ago to build a new life here.  PRICE: new was $19.95.  This copy gently used $15



By Charles A. Hanna, Volume I [of 2] Originally published NEWYORK, NY 1902.  Reprinted, GPC, 1968, 1985.  623 pages, beautifully hardbound, sewn binding, someone has cut out the upper corner of the front page, an area 1 " in height by 4" wide because something personal was written on it.  There is a slight smudge on the bottom line of the cut.  There is also some underlining of surnames in these closely-packed pages.  I was totally surprised to find so many of our surnames in these lists.  I knew about the McClures and the McKenzies, but I was not sure about the Marshalls, the Mitchells, the Bells and the Martins, and I had never heard of the McGanns.  My Gann ancestor is proving to be highly invisible except for his Civil War Service and his later life as the father of my grandmother.

The map of Scotland on the reverse of the cut page has lost the extreme right upper portion of the map, covering a small part of the state of Maine about 2" tall and 2/2"wide.


The Table of Contents shows the broad scope of this book.  Chapter I. The American Union.  Chapter II. Seventeenth Century Emigration from Scotland and Ulster.  Chapter III. The Seaboard Colonies.  Chapter IV. And Chapter V.  The Settlements Enumerated.  Appendices:  A.  James Wilson and the Convention of 1787.  B.  Pennsylvania's Formative Influence Upon Federal Institutions. C.  Andrew Hamilton's Argument for Liberty of Speech in America.  D.  Francis Makemie's Argument for Religious Liberty in America. E. Parliamentary Examination of Joseph Galloway, March, 1779.  F.  Separation of Church and State in America Brought About by the Scotch-Irish of Virginia. [Interesting chapter!] G.  Christianity of Early Britain.  Henry VIII's Reformation and the Church.  I.  Scotland VS. the Divine Right of Kings.  J. The Repression of Trade in Ireland.  K. The Test Act, etc.,  L. Tithes and Oppression in Ulster. M. The Scotch-Irish and the Revolution. N. Notes on the Genealogy of the Presidents. [Interesting how many there have been.]  O. Extracts from The Irish Annalists. P. Extracts from the Norse Sagas. Q. The Ragman Roll.  R. The Scottish Martyrs.  S. The Montgomery Manuscripts. - The Hamilton Manuscripts.  T.  Conditions of the UlsterPlantation.  U.  The Adair Manuscript.  V.  Early Presbyterian Congregation in Ireland.  W.  Family Names in Scotland.  X.  Families of Scotland.  Y.  Scottish Dignitaries and Members of the Scottish Parliaments.  Z.  Locations of Scottish Families in Ireland.  [This chapter was a big help.]  There is also a twenty-two page bibliography which includes a number of books specifically focusing on the Scotch-Irish settlements in that state.  Plus books written on each of the following topics:  America, American Revolution, Canada, Connecticut, England, Galloway, Georgia, Ireland, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New England, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Norse, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania [extensive], Scotland, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ulster, Vermont, and Virgina & West Virginia. 


The Index to this two-volume set begins on page 553 and continues to page 602.  It is far too large, 50 pages two columns, 120 names per page equals over 6,000 names, not even counting the ones referred to on page 553, where it comments-- For additional names see alphabetical and other lists on the following pages and proceeds to list nineteen places where the lists of people's surnames were not even considered to be included in the index because they were so long!  Some of those lists have less than five pages, but some have as many as twenty pages of names!  There's almost 5 columns of nothing but Presbyterian ministers.


The publishers say of this book.  "This is the basic sourcebook on the Scotch-Irish in America, a massive compilation of source records pertaining to the Scots who settled in the North of Ireland and their descendants in America.  Volume I describes in detail the conditions in both Scotland and Ireland at the time of the Scottish migrations to Ireland and America.  Volume II contains a detailed survey of Scotch-Irish settlements in America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and features lists and records referring to tens of thousands of individuals.  Also included in this volume are chapters devoted to Scottish names, Scottish families, and locations of Scottish families in Ireland,

Again two volumes, with 621 pages in one and 602 pages in the other.  Now only available in softbound, from the publishers at $60 if still in print [2005 catalog date.]  This copy is in hardbound, sewn-binding, library-quality hard covers.  Good condition.

One of the features I liked best in this book is that it gives you the names of some related books for each state in which the Scotch-Irish settled, so you can know which books to look for once you find the state in which that surname settled from census data on your own ancestors.

I thought I would not do the index since it is such a large combination of place names and surnames, but I would give you an index to one or two of the eighteen alphabetical lists that are not included in the index at the back of Volume II and here is a combo of just two of them!: Adams, All, Allen, Anderson, Asher, Bailey, Barber, Barclay, Barry, Batt, Baxter, Bell, Bentley, Benton, Berry, Bingoman, Bird, Biron, Blackford, Blaine, Blair, Bleakly, Bolyon, Bourke, Bowen, Bowing, Boyd, Boyle/s, Brashear, Breeden, Brown, Bryant, Burk, Burnett, Burney, Burris, Butler, Caldwell, Calvin, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Carson, Chamber, Chaplin, Chapman, Cherry, Clark, Cochrane, Cockran, Cocles, Coheron, Collins, Conn, Conner, Connolly, Conroy, Constable, Conyngham, Cooper, Corder, Cornelia, Cowan, Cowdry, Cowgill, Cox, Crassley, Crawford, Crockett, Curry, Curtis, Daring, Davis, Dawson, Delany, Donnaldson, Donon, Doyle, Duff, Duncan, Dunlap, Erskine, Fields, Fitzsimmons, Foster, Francis, Frazier, Fuller, Fullerton, Gamble, Garrett, George, Gerault, Gibbons, Glen/n, Gordon, Graham,  Gray, Greene, Greer, Grimes, Hall, Hamilton, Hand, Harrison, Hart, Hawthorn, Hays, Heatly, Hendrix, Henry, Higgons, Holmes, Hughes, Huin, Humphries, Irvine, Jamison, Johnston, Kellar, Kennedy, Kerney, Kerr, Key, Kidd, Kincaid, Kinley, Kirk, Kirkley, Knox, Lasley, Latimer, Laughlin, Lea, Leamy, Levinston, Lewis, Lipton, Lockh(a/e)rt,  Logan, Long, Lovell, Lynch, Lyon/s, Marr, Marshall,  Martin, Matthews, McCarty, McClain, M'Clenachan, McClure, McDaniel, McDermot, McDonald, McGann, McGavock, McGuire, McIntosh, McKin, McKinney, McLockland, McMickle, McMullen, McQuiddy, Meade, Mease, Merriweather, Miller, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Moylan, Munrony, Murphy, Murray, Neal, Nelson Nesbitt, Nichols, Nixon, O'Brien, Ozburn, Pagan, Parker, Patton, Patterson, Pickens, Pollock, Potter, Quirk, Rainy, Ramsay, Randall, Read, Rice, Riley, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Ross, Russell, Rutherford, Ryan,   Saunders, Shannon, Shee, Shiell, Slaughter, Smith, Spencer, Stephenson, Stewart, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thurston, Todd,  Tygard, Wallace, Walls, Wayne, West, White, Whitehead, Wilkerson, Williams, Wilson, Wray, and Young.  Most surnames have many page numbers behind them because they are mentioned so many times throughout these two books, in one set, over 1,200 pages, totally indexed except for those 18 lists.  PRICE: $50


PK03 CRAZY CRATE PK03 BOOK 3:  NORTH CAROLINA COUNTYMAPS.  BY COUNTY MAPS, PUETZ PLACE, LONDON STATION, WI.  Beautiful maps for each county in NC.  Lovely scenic views of a waterfall, and flowers in bloom in a scenic setting grace the front cover and the scenic back cover, too.  Because of their large size, this atlas shows use.  The front cover has several creases and bends where the cover was used as a push/pull point.  Maps are flat and clean and the binding is clean with three staples.  Inside Cover is a county outline map of this entire state, followed by 156 pages of maps of all NC counties with their county seats, welcome centers, lighthouses, state parks, national parks, state forests, national forests, wildlife areas, ski areas, historic sites, ferries, museums or memorials all neatly shown on each county map. Plus a physical map of each county showing many of the features that will help you identify exactly where your ancestor lived and the roads you need to drive to get you there.  All Rights Reserved.  Every-name index is six pages long in this large size book.   Descriptive reviews of each county with a smaller statewide county outline map and a short review of items and places of many sporting, fishing, wildlife and historical sites are included on each page.  These were, I think, about $19, when they were new around the 1990s and I carried all of them.  Few of these are left.  Current price:  $15 includes a large envelope that will bring it safely to you.  PRICE: Churches, churches with cemeteries and cemeteries are specially marked on each of these maps.  Locate the cemetery and see which roads you will use to drive there!  PRICE REDUCED.$15.


These are the three books that have not sold as yet, so I decided to give you one more chance at them.  Please remember that I will not be here on Friday, so don't call and don't come to pick it up.  You will be welcome to call after 11:00 a.m. on Saturday if you have decided to purchase one of these.


[PAT'S   NOTE:]  John Palmer and I will be attending, on Friday, a huge bookstore sale. I hope to pick up some true bargains to put on the next Crazy Crates, which will come out next Tuesday.   The Shoppe will be closed on this coming Friday because no one will be here to answer the phones or open the doors!  Pat from YOGS. THANKS FOR READING OUR E-MAIL NEWSLETTER!   


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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