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Month Day Year JUNE 22, 2010

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NOTE:  These books did not fit on last Friday's Crazy Crate 69, so here they are now to start CRAZY CRATE 70!
NH - YOGS CRAZY CRATE69  BOOK 15:  INHABITANTS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE - 1776.  By Emily S. Wilson.  ©1983.  By Hunterdon House, NJ.  Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., MD, 1993.  In March of 1776 the Continental Congress resolved that all persons who refused to sign the Association to defend the cause of the colonies should be disarmed.  To put this resolve into effect, the New Hampshire Committee of Safety directed the local authorities, usually the selectmen, to have all adult males sign the Association and to report the names of those who refused to sign.  The end result amounted to a census of New Hampshire for 1776, an invaluable genealogical record.
There are some limits to the record.  Returns for a few towns are missing, but the ones that are here are listed. 124 pages, 5 1/2" by 8 ½", plastic-coated cardstock wrappers.  Association Text is also printed in this NEW book.  Far too many surnames listed to abstract here.   44 Names per column plus their town of residence, two columns per page [88], times 122 = 10, 256 men's surnames and first names plus their towns of residence fourteen years PRIOR to the first census in 1790,  This number is roughly one-third of all the men who were there in 1790.  Is your surname in this book?  PRICE:  $15
VT - YOGS  CRAZY CRATE69  BOOK  16:  THE OLDE MEETING HOUSE [FOUNDED IN 1787] AND THE FIRST CHURCH IN ROCKINGHAM, VERMONT [1773-1840.]  By Lyman S. Hayes, Author of History of the Town of Rockingham, VT and William D. Hayes.  Bellows Falls, VT., 1915.  102 pages, heavy paper covers, wrappers, softbound.  Includes the list of members of the First Church in Appendix 1 and those filing Certificates of Dissension in Appendix 2 (in order to be dismissed from the list of taxpayers to pay taxes for this town church, they had to file this Certificate of Dissension.  Appendix 1 includes members of the First Church between the Original Organization and the Dismissal of Rev. Samuel Whiting in 1809, with date of joining and where they went if leaving: Surnames include Albee 2, Balch 1, Benton 2, Berry 1, Burr 2, Chamberlain 1, Clark 1, Cooper 1, Davis 2, Dutton 3, Edson 3, Ellis 3, Emery 2, Evans 9, Fuller 4, Green 12, Harris 1, Hazeltine 1, Johnson 1, Jones 2, Kendall 2, Kingsley 1, Knight 1, Knights 1, Lane 1, Larrabee 2, Lovell 2, Muzzy 1, Ober 2, Olcott 2, Pease 2, Perry 1, Preston 1, Proctor 1, Pulsipher 3, Read 2, Roundy 1, Simonds 2, Stanley 1, Stearns 3, Stoell 3, Taylor 1, Trott 1, Walker 3, Webb 2, Whiting 4, Whitney 1, Williams 1, and Wood 4.  List of Charter Members:  (probably incomplete.) Chandler 2, Hotten 2, Johnson 2, Sargents 2, Sargentt 1.  Subscribers to the "Half Way Covenant."  Berry 6, Darby 1, Gowin 1, Leech 2, Millar 2, McAfee 2, Simonds 2, Wiley 2.  Members between the Reorganization in 1818 and its final Dissolution in 1840:  Barron 1, Barry 1, Billings 1, Boynton 1, Brown 1, Butterfield 1, Clark  2, Davis 4, Day 2, Doan 2, Drury 1, Emery 1, Evans 7, Felt 2, Gilson 2, Gould 2, Gowing 4, Hill 2, Hoit 1, Keith 1, Lake 2, Locke 9, Lovell 1, Mason 2, Muzzy 2, Nourse 5, Ober 2, Phillips 1, Pierce 1, Pulsipher 6, Rice 2, Richards 4, Ripley 2, Severance 1, Shepherd 1, Smith 1, Stearns 4, Stoddard 1, Stoel 4, Upham 1, Weston 2, Whiting 1, Wise 1 and Wollage 3.   
Next is a list of 17 who contributed to the purchase of a communion service in 1819:  Black 1, Campbell 3, Earl 3, Easterbrook 1, Felt 1, Goodridge 1, Kendall 1, Lock 2, Lovell 1, Miller 1, Nourse 2, Pulsipher 1, Rollins 1, Shepherd 1, Stearns 1, Stoel 1, Wadsworth 1, Webb 2, Whiting 1 and Wiley 1. 
There is also a listing of those people in the town who filed certificates with the Rockingham Town Clerk of their religious preference to another church to avoid assisting with the support of the Town Church.  That list is too long to add here. PRICE:  $12. 
VT - YOGS CRAZY CRATE69  BOOK 17:  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF ROCKINGHAM, VERMONT, INCLUDING THE VILLAGES OF BELLOWS FALLS, SAXTONS RIVER, ROCKINGHAM, CAMBRIDGEPORT AND BARTONSVILLE.  1907 - 1957 with FAMILY GENEALOGIES.  By Mrs. Frances Stockwell Lovell and Mr. Leverett C. Lovell.  Published by the town, 1958.  553 pages, 6 by 9 inches, hardbound.  This book is a huge history, written by Mrs. Lovell, who was the second historian chosen for the town of Rockingham.  She also wrote a weekly column for the newspaper published by the Vermont Newspaper Corporation.  Her column, "The Country Woman" had run for over fifteen years.  Excellent pictures add to the flavor of the book reflecting the gracious feel of the town.  There is a list of the young men who served in World War I and the other major conflagrations in which other members of the town have been involved.  She has written up descriptive and historical pieces on most of the offices and officers of the town, the churches, the shops and businesses, the clubs and societies.  The flavor of her excellent writing is that she is sharing her town with you - just visiting about what the town has to offer both residents and tourists. The Genealogies of Rockingham Families are covered in lineage form for the families of Amadon, Babbitt, Bacon, Bancroft, Belknap, Bolles, Bowen, Brown, Bussey, Cady, Capron, Cobb, Dascomb, Davis, Divoll, Dowlin, Earle, Fleming, Frost, Grout, Hadley, Hall, Halladay, Harwood, Hayes, Howard or Haywood, Hutchins, Jones, Keane, Kelley, Knight, Lake, Lawrence, Leach, Leen/e, Lovell, Marsh, Minard, Morrison, Neill, O'Brien, Osgood (2), Peck, Pulsipher, Putnam, Rice, Riley, Robertson, Roundy, Rudden, Ryder, Sanborn, Severens, Simons/Simonds, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stowell(2), Switzer, Thayer, Wales, Webb, Weston, Wetherbee, Wiley, Wilson, wood, Woodford and Wright.  The General Index runs from page 499-510.  The Index of Persons begins on page 511 and has double columns, 62 lines in each, all the way to page 553.  The genealogies are really noteworthy and done in fine form.  This book really gives you your money's worth! Only flaw in book is that the front hinge paper is wrinkled along the hinge. It is 52 YEARS OLD!  PRICE: $45.
NEW ENGLAND - YOGS69 CRAZY CRATE  BOOK 18:  NEW ENGLAND IN COLOR.  Peoples of America Series. A Collection of Color Photographs by Samuel Chamberlain.  With an introductory text and notes on the Illustrations by Stewart Beach.  Hastings House.  Publishers, NY, 1969.  Third Edition.  7 ½" wide by 10" tall.  This is one of the most beautiful books I have seen, just packed with full-color pictures of New England in each of the four seasons.  CT, ME, MA, VT, RI, NH are all represented in all their beauty and history.  The 32 pictures capture the essence of New England.  If you live there, you would want this book for your coffee table.  If your ancestor's lived there, you need to see how beautiful it is!  PRICE $9


BRITISH GENEALOGY - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS70:  BOOK 1-C063:  IN SEARCH OF BRITISH ANCESTRY:  By Gerald Hamilton-Edwards.  GPC, 1974. Third Edition, 293 pages, hardbound, good condition, subject-indexed.  The contents are varied and cover in detail most of the following subjects:  Discover What is Already Known, Keeping Your Records, Civil Registrations Census Returns, Parish Registers, Non-Parochial Registers, Wills and Administrations, Marriage Licenses, Some Printed Sources, Periodicals and Newspapers, Records of Clergymen, Lawyers, Doctors and others, Naval Ancestors, Army Records, The East India Company, Jews, Huguenots and other Immigrants, Scottish Records I, Scottish Records II, Irish Records, Welsh Records, The Dominions, the U.S.A. and other countries, various other sources, Places of Search I. The Society of Genealogists, Places of Search II. The Public Record Office, Places of Search III. The British Museum and other Libraries. Then Genealogy and Heraldry, Genealogy and Biography, Further Back, Searching in the U. S., Writing it up.  Plus a section on Recent Developments.  There is appended a suggested Questionnaire and an example of a Tabulated Pedigree form, a bibliography, recent publications 1966-1974, and an index.  Whatever, or whoever, you are looking for, you should find some good clues in a book so thoroughly covering this subject!  New! Price:  $20  Now sale priced 20% off at $16

BRITISH GENEALOGY - FF CRAZY CRATE YOGS70:  BOOK 2: - C016:  WILLS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.  Compiled by Jeremy S. W. Gibson.  GPC, 1974, ©1974, 210 pages, neatly hardbound, subject indexed.  Like new condition.  This man has made a special life's work out of helping genealogists to find the items that help provide information to all of the genealogists about their ancestors in the British Isles.  He concentrates his efforts in helping us find information in English records and he covers the entire British Isles territory in this book.  The genealogist knows that wills are an excellent place to find proof of relationships for a family.  But where to find the will can be a real problem.  However, wills are usually filed where one owns property, but in the occasional case, this may not be so.  This guide is designed for the searcher and endeavors to indicate the different 'courts' that might have had pre-1858 jurisdiction over any specific parish or area.  All places were subject to at least a two-tier system: in England and Wales the over-riding Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) and the local court.  Frequently it was three-tier:  a consistory (diocesan) court, with superior or concurrent jurisdiction (often only in special circumstances or at certain times) and the normal lowest court, the archdeaconry.  The family historian will want their own one surname, OR MORE, and all related surname's wills.  Every pertinent will you can find will add to your knowledge of your family.  All courts are listed and treated here in this book.  You need this information to properly align your related families.  There is much more detail for each of these localities in this book.  Price: $20  Now sale priced 20% off at $16

BRITISH GENEALOGY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS70:  BOOK 3: C021.  QUARTER SESSIONS RECORDS FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS: A Select List. 1982.  By Jeremy S. W. Gibson, ©1986.  Federation of Family History Societies, London, England.  Reprint in USA - GPC, 33 pages, cardstock covers, 5½  by 8 ½" inches, wrappers, softbound, Indexed by Location. Price:  $6  Now sale priced 20% off at $4.80
BRITISH GENEALOGY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS70  BOOK 4: C030.  PRE-1841 CENSUSES & POPULATION LISTINGS IN THE BRITISH ISLES.  Third Edition.  By Colin B. Chapman, Lochin Publishing, 92 pages, 5 ½" by 8 ½", nice cardstock covers, stapled. Chapman's Records Cameos are designed to bring some of the less often used record sources to the attention of researchers. These originated as his lectures, many of which are profusely illustrated with pertinent examples.  Seven chapters contain the information on the 1841 census, and listings of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. counts  The listings from 1787 are included.  Lists of notes and references follow.  Book appears to be new except for location numbers.  PRICE $15 less 20% now $12
BRITISH GENEALOGIES - CRAZY CRATE YOGS70  BOOK 5:  C001: THE PARISH REGISTERS OF EASINGWOLD, RASKELF AND MYTON UPON SWALE 1813-1837 with PARISH REGISTER TRANSCRIPTS FOR RASKELF 1600-1746/7 and MYTON UPON SWALE 1598-1639/40.  Issued to subscribers by The Yorkshire Archaeology Society in 1983.  203 pages, 6" by 9", heavy cardstock cover, glued binding.  Surnames with five or more first names are: Abbot, Addison, Ainsworth, Allan, Allanson, Ambler, Anderson, Appleby, Armin, Armstrong, Arnitt, Ashby, Atkinson, Austin, Bainbridge, Blambrough, Banks, Barden, Barker, Barnby, Barton, Bateson, Batty/Beattie, Bayford, Bean, Beeedom, Bell, Bellwood, Betson, Bilton, Binks, Blackburn, Bland, Blenkinsop, Blyth, Bolton, Bosomworth, Braithwaite, Bree, Britton, Brown, Burdon, Burnett, Burrow/s, Burton, Calvert, Cameron, Campbell, Caress, Carter, Chapman, Chrispin, Clark, Clarkson, Clayton, Clemetshaw, Coates, Cook, Cooper, Cordukes, Coulson, Cowling, Crosby, Crosley, Cundill, 30 more pages to do holds the letters D to Z!  PRICE:  $20 Less 20% sale $16
BRITISH GENEALOGY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 70  BOOK 6:  C040: PARISH REGISTER COPIES IN THE LIBRARY OF THE SOCIETY OF GENEALOGISTS: 1992, 120 PAGES,  6" BY 9".  Check this listing to see if your parish is listed.  Write the society for further help.  PRICE $12 20% OFF SALE PRICE: $9.60
BRITISH GENEALOGY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS70  BOOK 7:  A GUIDE TO ANCESTRAL RESEARCH IN LONDON: By Phillip B. Dunn.  ©1987.  The London Researcher's Reference Tool.  Exhaustive list of Greater London Parishes, Research Procedures, Methodology, Guide to Archives, Maps and more!  98 Pages 5 1/2 " by 8 1/2 ", Cardstock covers, stapled.  PRICE:  $15 less 20% $12

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I went to London, with Ray and Donna, way back in 1972 for a long weekend, over Washington's Birthday.  More is the pity, I was not there doing genealogy!  If I had been, I would have needed this book, but it had not even been written then!
I did enjoy Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, although we were there when the British were having difficulty with creating enough electricity to keep all the lights and furnaces going, and their solution was to cut the power in various parts of the city for several hours each day.  They called it a "Brown-out" because they were not completely shut off, like a Black-out would be, but only hospitals, and certain other essential businesses could stay open, and all others closed down completely.  Many businesses were required to turn off all machines and lights and had no power at all for four to six hours, having to close when the Brown-out hit their section of the city.  We were about three-quarters of the way through the Wax Museum, and we finished the last quarter at a lightning-fast run.  We did not want to get stuck in the Museum in the complete dark.  Our Tour Guide had just one flashlight, and he really hurried us out.  Our Guide said, "You don't want to get stuck inside because this place is really scary in the dark!"

We went to the theatre in the evening and all of us enjoyed.the live British presentation of the American Musical, "Showboat".  We even took the time to buy apples from the old apple seller just outside the hotel for a late-night snack after the show!

The next day a we took a shopping trip to Herrod's where I bought my first Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurine and a fine Irish cashmere scarf for my grandmother.  We took our bus tour, [of course it was a double-decker, of course, we sat up on the top deck and of course, we got wet when it rained, which I gather it does almost every day over there, even if it did last only about fifteen minutes!] My family has always been drip-dry!  I don't even own an iron!
The tour was lovely, and it included a stop at the little shop made famous by Charles Dicken's - Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe; which influenced our naming of our shop in 1972.  On the first floor of the tiny shop, there were literally hundreds of ceramic figurines depicting the English doing the many everyday tasks they do.  All glued down to an individual piece of thick paper with a number on it.  You went to the counter, filled out the number of the figurine you wanted on another slip of paper, gave it to the clerk, he ran up the small stairway, brought one down that was in a box , checked it to make sure it was not broken, tucked it back in the box, took my money and gave me the box!  We only had fifteen minutes to shop there, but I think everybody on that bus came back with a box or two! 

The next year we returned to the United States from Bad Kreuznach, Germany, where I had taught in The Dependent Schools and Ray had nearly finished his twenty-year Army Career.  We returned home to resume life in these United States, and picked up the hobby of genealogy. 

When we decided to open our shop, I remembered our visit to London and the tiny replica of the shop I had bought.  I remembered the shop because it had hundreds of figurines, one-of-a-kind; all glued down, and I wanted to have our shop like that with hundreds of books, so everyone who comes here can find out something new about at least one of his families when he comes, and most of them do!  However, we have thousands of books here now! So your chances are really good that you will find something new about one of yours!

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But, I digress! The reason for my thinking was this: The entire population which had come to the Colonies before 1790 were [English (82.1%), Scotch (7.0%) and Irish (1.9%).] So the percentage of all white citizens determined solely by the nationality of their surnames based on the first census in 1790 shows the British were clearly in the majority.  So if you have British Anestors, the rest of this crate is for you!
BRITISH GENEALOGY - YOGS  CRAZY CRATE YOGS70  BOOK  8:  C019  RECORD REPOSITORIES IN GREAT BRITAIN, SIXTH EDITION.  A GEOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY.  By The Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, London, England.  ©1979, 35 pages, 9" by 7", cardstock covers.  Record Repositories covered in this book are the ones located in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.  Other useful addresses are listed, as well as a Bibliography and an index.  PRICE $7, SALE PRICE 20% OFF $5.60
BRITISH GENEALOGY - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS70  BOOK 9:  C037:  THE PARISH REGISTER OF HESLINGTON 1639-1737.  Issued to subscribers by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Parish Register Section in 1982.  Indexed, too many names to list here.  Volume CXLIV.  105 pages, 5" by 8", cardstock covers, glued binding, wrappers.  SAMPLE: Baptisms, Burials, Marriages, Terriers [Land Records Information.  Lots of names and dates!  PRICE $15 less 20% off. #12   
BRITISH GENEALOGY - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS70  BOOK 10:  D 106:  DURHAM BIOGRAPHIES, VOLUME 4.  Edited by G. R. Batho and V. Smithers.  Published by the Durham County Local History Society, 2005.  This book contains biographical sketches of men and women who have the following surnames:  Annand, Bradbury, Brockett, Burlison, Cameron, Chaplin, Clephan, Clough, Cookson, Cotton, Dalton, Dormand, Eden, Embleton, Falkner, Firbank, Gowland, Greenwell, Hall, Hay, Henderson, Hepburn, Heslop, holgate, Hollis, Hutt, Lawson, Liddell, Logan, Mackenzie, Mackintosh, Mather, Melvill, Milburn, Oswald, Robinson, Salvin, Surtees, Turnbull, Waddington, Walton, Watts, Webster, Waalen, Willmore and Wilson.  Includes every name index to Volumes 1-4.  PRICE $10 less 20% off  $8
Thank you for taking your time to read this newsletter.  Hope something in it will help you with your New England or British Genealogy!  Pat from YOGS.


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