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Month Day Year JUNE 11, 2010

You know you can put a lot of very thin books in one box!  We are still working on emptying out the first box we found, so let's see what today's armful will have in it!  This is a little like Christmas!  I just open the box, pull out some books and guess what I have found!
But first, I have a real treat for all of you who have Lawrence County, Ohio, families.  Here are two new books done on this county by Lori Shafer, who is an historian and author and has been a life-long resident of this Ohio County caught between two rivers, the Scioto on the west and the Ohio on the south in the southern and eastern part of Ohio at the most southern tip of the state.  She has been on the staff of the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library for over thirteen years.  During her whole life she has been collecting stories, and these are quite a few of the best.  To preserve them for the future generations she has published the following two books which are NOT available through us, but instead are available directly from her.
Lori Shafer/YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  LS BOOK 1:  IRON FURNACES OF LAWRENCE COUNTY, OHIO.  By Lori Shafer.  ©2008, 110 pages, indexed, plastic-coated cardstock cover, glued binding, large print, easy reading, suitable for young people, as well as adults, beautifully illustrated with many photos of the furnaces.  The cover of this book is stunning.  The lush greenery and the huge stone bridge are beautifully captured in the full color photography.   The iron furnaces operated in Jackson and Lawrence County during the 1800s and early 1900s.  Each furnace had its own story and claim to fame.  Many villages and towns owe their existence to their nearby furnaces.  The people and places which existed during the golden age of iron leave their marks still on today's landscape.  Their history can be found here in this book. 
[Pat's Notes:  I have been to this county several times doing genealogical research on the Middlebrook line.  The men of that family worked in the furnaces in that county in the early 1800s.  When a branch of that family tree moved to Indiana, they took their occupation with them and worked in a furnace in Vermillion County, IN.
She explains the process of making iron first.  The furnaces were a big operation needing a building two stories high.  The furnace stack is the most recognized part.  Many of those 35 to 40 feet tall structures still stand there. The furnaces had an inner wall and an outer wall.  The space between was filled with sandstone rubble.  The fire had to be very, very hot to melt iron! So they needed 300-350 acres of timber a year to make the charcoal which fueled the furnace.  Her explanation is clear and adds much to the book's appeal.  Over twenty of the furnaces are pictured and described with background details and comments included.  A Resources List is included.  When you visit Ironton, check out the helpful library and the courthouse, then cross the bridge to Ashland, Kentucky, and check out the Library and Museum there.  My goodness, they are nice people down there!
[NOTE:  This book, and the following one also, can NOT be ordered through me, but instead must be ordered directly from the author.  For the book above the price is $15 plus $4 for shipping/handling. To order from Lori Shafer, write to her at 2826 South 4th Street, Ironton, Ohio 45638.  It can also be ordered through http://www.lulu.com
Lori Shafer/YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68 BOOK LS2:  GHOST STORIES OF LAWRENCE COUNTY, OHIO By Lori Shafer. ©2009.  135 pages, 6½" by 10" plus a five-page index.  Plastic covered, clear as a bell picture of the impressive "welcoming" front gate at the entrance to Woodland Cemetery.  This book features the legends, myths and specters of Lawrence County, Ohio.  Ghosts and paranormal activity have always fascinated people.  This book covers many old and newer stories as well as unique tales of this historic county. Over the years, stories have been passed down which are meant to teach a lesson or just to terrify someone. This book covers those stories of past and present.  Discover how the spirits manifest themselves and what they may be wanting to tell us.  Fifty-five tales, illustrated, fill this book.  It is surprising how much genealogical information is also tucked inside! Titles, such as these will send the shivers up and down your back:  A Haunting in the Library; [He even uses the copier!] Woman on the Stairs; Deadly House, 'Til Death Do We Part Or Not?; Friendly Intruder; Mystery of the Empty Coffin; Iron Casket; Three Ghost House, The Devil Came Down to Lawrence County; Rattling Bones; Burning the Bewitched House; Haunting in 2009; Seven Fireplaces; Rawhide and Bloody Bones; Aliens on Route 243; The Headless Horseman Rides Again and the Haunted Tunnel are enough for me.  Excuse me, folks! I am done here for tonight.  I have a book to read! It is after midnight, I just heard thunder in the distance.  It is starting to rain, and pretty hard, too!  This book is for those who like to hear things "go bump" in the night! 
Wow!!  Some really interesting things have, and in some cases, are happening in Lawrence County, Ohio!  Neat stories to share at a Halloween Party, or with a group of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or 4Hers around a campfire!  Most any young teen would enjoy this book, and maybe, just maybe, pick up an interest in the past of the county their ancestors came from.
[NOTE:  This book, and the previous one also, can NOT be ordered through me, but instead must be ordered directly from the author.  For the book above the price is $15 plus $4 for shipping/handling. To order from Lori Shafer, write to her at 2826 South 4th Street, Ironton, Ohio 45638.  It can also be ordered through http://www.lulu.com.
I met Lori at the Greenup County Genealogy Conference we attended this spring sponsored by the Greenup County Genealogy & Historical Society.  Online at greenupgenealogy@yahoo.com   This was their first conference and was held at the Inn at Greenbo State Park. 
[Note:  Looking for a place to really get away from it all?  Try this inn!  Reasonable prices, beautiful setting just above Greenbo Lake in northeastern Kentucky.  The Inn was designed by an architect who understood how to make this inn fit into its setting like a fine diamond fits into an engagement ring.  The scenic setting, the long winding road, away from civilization and into nature at its best as through the woods you drive for eight miles just to get to the inn, the view of the lake from the balcony just outside your spacious modern room, the peace and quiet you feel sitting out there as night falls will soothe your modern, busy, jangled nerves.  Inside the lower level restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the trees, the excellent restaurant is available for all three meals.  The helpful and courteous staff all combine to make your stay here a perfect weekend trip. Take a few minutes to sit in one of the cushy armchairs, maybe read the newspaper, in front of the huge fireplace with its beautiful copper hood extending two stories high in the soaring entry hall.  You won't need your blood pressure medicine here.  The natural setting brings a peace and quiet to your mind and body that help you to totally relax.  A walk in the quiet woods, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, makes this an ideal weekend visit.  Try it!  You WILL like it!
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NOW ON TO THE YOGS BOOKS.  To order these just call Pat at 1-800-419-0200.
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 1:  COLONIAL MARYLAND NATURALIZATIONS. By Jeffrey A. Wyand & Florence L. Wyand.  Clearfield Company, Inc.  ©1975, 104 pages, 5½" by 8½", cardstock cover [small quarter-sized circle of adhesive left by inventory sticker.  Otherwise book is new.  This collection of records developed from a search amongst naturalizations for genealogical information of the Germans who settled in western Maryland.  In order to add to the literature about these Germans this complete set of naturalizations granted according to two 18th Century English statutes was extracted from Maryland's Provincial Court Documents.  Parliament intended to encourage Germans specifically.  [Part I of this book lists those immigrants who acquired limited rights of citizenship through denization during the 17th Century by the Council. {A denizen - One admitted to residence in a foreign country: An alien admitted to rights of citizenship.  Webster's 9th Collegiate Dictionary}
Part II provides the available information on persons who received naturalization via enactment of private bills by the colonial legislature.]  Numerous non-German Protestant immigrants took advantage of the liberality of the laws to gain civil rights. [They are listed in Part III]  There are two indexes in this book.  One begins on page 71 and indexes Part I and II.  [NOTE:  This is the index that contains my ancestors' listings and here they are!]  
Sample 1.  Verdress, John, #8 on page 16.  On October 19, 1743  June 26, 1743 EI- 7,296 in the Lutheran Church at Manaquice.  Chandler. Witnesses John George Bear, Mathias Reislin;

2. COLONIAL MARYLAND NATURALIZATIONS granted under statutes 13 George, 11 c.7 and 20 George II c.44, Part III. Page 2  Verdris, Valentine, List 7; October 19, 1745  September 25, 1745,  EI 7, 296, in the Lutheran Church at Manaquice
3. Vertress, Hartman, page 63.  May 7, 1767  April 16, 1767  DD-12, 634.  of Frederick County, German, Moravian.  Krogshup  witnesses to the communion: Lorentz Krieger, Jacob Weller.  Index to Aliens -- Surnames in Part I & II with three or more first names are:  Adam/s, Ambros/e, App(el/le), Baum, Becker, Bell, Bellicane, Bodien, Betzel, Born, Bower, Broord, Brown, Burkitt, Conegys, Crist, Danner, Debruler, Dhyniossa 8!, Ecklor, Fisher, Frank, Goutee, Hagar, Hahn, Hak, Hammond, Hartman, Hendrickson 6, Herman 13!, Hinckel, Hilde(r)brand, Hoffman 6, Holtz, Hook, Huber, Johnson 7, Keller 7, Kemp 5, Kramer, Kuntz, Lacounte 6, Lazear 7, Lingenfelter 7, Martin, Marts, Maynadier, Meyer, Michael 6, Miller 14, Mire, Montgomery, Mynskie, Neale 5, Pagett, Peane, Peterson 5, Ridenaur, Schmi(d/t), Shover, Shrier, Smith 11, Snider, Stall, Thomas, Tick/e, Ulric(h/k), Vanswaringen, Wacker, Weis, Woolf/f 11, Young, Zacharias and Zimmerman. 
Index to the Witnesses has a separate eight-page index.  Surnames with three or more first names are:  Alge(i/y)er, Arnold, Byer, Bough5, Brunner, Bryan 8, Brys, Crecelius, Dannwold, Ewerl(e/y), Finger, Fink, Funk, Goer(t)z, Gomber 19, Grosh 24, Har(d/t)man, Hoffman 17, Horn, Huber 5, Keller, Kiner, King, Krieger 6, Larsch, Lingenfelter19, Mat(t)his, Mayer, Merkell, Meyer 7, Miller, Noll, Prozman, Ra(u/w), Reissner, Renesperger 5, Roemer, Romer, Runckel, Schell 7, Schlegel, Schley 32, Schmidt, Schober 6, Schock, Shober 5, Shriver, Swoope, Teusch, Wagner, Weller, Wersler 8, Williams 24, and Young.  It appears in this list that some people witnessed many communions, but the same first and last name indicates that only one man witnessed communions for a group.  PRICE:  $16.50
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 2:  MATRIARCH.  QUEEN MARYAND THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR.  By Anne Edwards.  Published by William Morrow and Company, Inc. NY, 1984, 527 6" by 9" pages, hardbound, good condition except one page of lineage had been torn from the end papers, but that page is fortunately a duplicate of the front inside cover, so none of the lineage chart is missing from the book.  [I duplicated the chart at the beginning of the book in color and added it to the back, so both end papers are now complete.]  Ex-lib with few and faded marks except for inside front cover which bears a stamp in red stating, "This book is no longer the property of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library with the director's signature.  Indexed and comprehensive bibliography is included.  The dust jacket book review is taped inside the book. This book covers the Life of Queen Mary of England, the paternal grandmother of the current Queen Elizabeth II and the mother of Edward VIII (later the Duke of Windsor) and George VI.  This is one of the great Cinderella stories of all time!  Before she ascended the throne in 1910 as the consort of George V, she was Princess May of Teck, the determined daughter of ambitious, flamboyant, but impoverished parents who were looked upon by Queen Victoria and her considerable royal progeny as their least consequential relatives.  Her own sense of duty gave Princess May no option but to consent to becoming the wife of the dissolute Duke of Clarence, who though ineffectual and marked by scandal, was in the direct line of succession.  Within weeks of this engagement, her fiance' was to die mysteriously, but his death did not daunt Princess May.  She then waged a successful campaign to become the wife of the Duke's younger brother, the future George V.  Within a decade of the beginning of her husband's reign, World War I had decimated the crowns of Europe, but Queen Mary had become a critical factor in maintaining the invincibility and vitality of the House of Windsor.  Her early vicissitudes had honed her into a woman of inordinate strength, and her effect upon her children, two of whom were to become kings of England, was immense.  She played a major role in the abdication of her oldest son, Edward VIII, and became the personal representative of all that Britain and the Monarchy stood for.  She became a most beloved Queen.  PRICE: $20
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 3:  MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE VITAL RECORDS 1776-1800.  BOOK 4 of this series.  By F. Edward Wright.  Family Line Publications, MD.  ©1985, 126 pages, 8½ " by 11", cardstock covers, glued binding, indexed.  Book has 96 pages
And the every-name index has the rest!  Records covered are from Shrewsbury Parish in Kent Co.; St. Paul's Parish in Kent Co.; Chester Parish in Kent Co.; Cecil [Quaker] Monthly Meeting in Kent Co.; St. Luke's Parish in Queen Anne's Co.; St. Paul's Parish in Queen Anne's Co.; St. Peter's Parish in Talbot Co.; Third Haven [Quaker] Monthly Meeting in Talbot Co.; Nicholites in Caroline, Dorchester and Kent Cos,; St. John's Parish in Caroline Co.; Great Choptank Parish in Dorchester Co.; Stepney Parish in Wicomico (now) Co.; Somerset Parish, Somerset Co.; Coventry Parish in Somerset Co,; Manokin Presbyterian Church; and St. Martin's Parish in Worcester Co., Maryland.  These cover births, deaths marriages and vestry records.  Explanatory notes for each location are at the front of the book.  Surnames with more than five first names are listed here:  Abbitt, Abbott, Adams, Addams, Airs, Allen, Alston, Anderson, Andrews, Applegarth, Arnold, Ashley, Atkinson, Ball, Ballard, Barnes, Barnett, Barrow, Bartlett, Barton, Bayly, Bayard, Baynum, Bauchamp, Bell, Bennett, Bennit, Berridge, Berry, Birckhead, Bird, Bishop, Blake, Bolton, Bond, Bowdle, Bowers, Bowman, Bozman, Braley, Bradsha, Bramblw, Brannock, Braughan, Britt, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Bruff, Bullen, Busick, Byus, Carroll, Carter, Chamberlaine, Chambers, Charles, Chilcutt, Christopher, Clash, Clayton, Cockayne, Cohoon, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Colson, Colstein, Colston, Comegys, Condon, Conner, Cooke, Copper, Corner, Corse, Cottingham, Coulbourn, Covngton, Coward, Cox, Crockett, Cromean, Culver, Dail, Dashiell, Daugherty, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Day, Dean, Dennis, Dickerson, Dickinson, Da(i)sharoon, Dixon, Done, Dorman, Downes, Dreaden, Duglas, Duncan, Dunn, Dunnock, Durity, Earle, Eccles, Eccleston, Edger, Edmondson, Elinsworth, Elliott, Emory, Ennalls, Ensley, Evams, Everitt, Fisher, Fitchell, Fitzhugh, Fleming, Foxwell, Frazier, Gadsby, George, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Giles, Gillis, Goldsborough, Goostree, Gray, Green, Griffith, Groome, Hackett, Haddaway, Hammond, Handy, Hardekin, Harlon, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harriss, Hart, Harvey, Haskins, Hatcheson, Hayman, Hayward, Hearn, Heath, Heron, Hickman, Hicks, Hingson, Hitch, Hobbs, Hodson, Holbrook, Holland, Hollyday, Hooper, Hopkins, Hopper, Horsey, Hoseman, Hosman, Howard, Hubbard, Hubbert, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Hurley, Hurlock,Hurtt, Hutton, Insley, Irving, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jenkenson, Jenkins, Jester, Jinkens, Johnson, Jones, Juet, Keene, Kelley, Kelly, Kemp, Kennard, Kerr, Kibble, Killman, Kimey, King, Kirkman, Kirwan, Lamb, Lankford, Laramore, Lawes, Lawson, Latherbury, Lecompte, Lee, Leverton, Lewis, Linthecum, Littleton, Lockerman, Long, Lord, Lowes, Mace, MacMahan, Malcomb, Malone, Marshall, Martin, Maslin, Mason, Mathews, McCall, McCollister, McReddy, Medford, Meekins, Megear, Melvin, Meredith, Merrel, Merrick, Merrill, Merritt, Mesick, Mezick, Miles, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Moor, Moore, Morris, Mowbray, Muir, Murphey, Murrian, Murray, Neall, Needles, Newman, Newton, Nicholson, Nicols, Noble, North, Orem, Outten, Owens, Owings, Page, Parker, Parrott, Parsons, Parvin, Pattison, Pearson, Phillips, Pitt, Pitts, Polk, Pollitt, Porter, Powell, Pratt, Price, Prichard, Prichett, Purkins, Pusey,
Rasin, Ratcleff, Rawley, Reed, Regester, Register, Revell, Reyner, Richardson, Riggen, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rose, Ruark, Ruke, Rumble, Russell, Sanders, Saunders, Scott, Sewell, Shannahan, Shehawn, Sherwood, Short, Simmonds, Simmons, Singleton, Slacom, Slipper, Small, Smith, Smyth, Smoot, Soward, Speeden, Spencer, Stanton, Steele, Stephens, Sterling, Stevens, Stewart, Shulvane, Sullivane, Swiggett, Tall, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tilghman, Timmons, Tingle, Todd, Townsend, Tabor, Traverse, Travis, Tregoe, Trew, Trippe, Troth, Tuker, Tull, Tully, Tunis, Turbutt, Turner, Turpin, Tyler, Uria, Venables, Vinson, Waggaman, Wailes, Wainwright, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walter, Ward, Warren, Waters, Watson, Weatherly, Webb, West,  Wheatley, Wheeler, Whichick, White, Whitley, Whitney, Whittington, Wilkinson, Willes, Willey, Williams, Willis, Willson, Wilson, Windsor, Wingate, Winright, Woodland, Woolford, Woolen, Wright, Wrotten, Wyatt, and Yates.  NEW BOOK.  PRICE $20

YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 4:  THE CONNECTICUT LOCATOR FOR GENEALOGISTS.  Researchers Publication.  20 pages, 8½" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  This book is a mini-geography encyclopedia of this state.   There is a map drawing for all of the eight counties in this state showing the shape and the year of its formation.  Following that there is a full-page drawing of each county map with an alphabetically-arranged listing of towns all with the township and the county in which their genealogy records are kept.  This list is continued throughout this book.  With the map of each county is a caption listing its year of formation, the name of the county seat with the zip code.  The county seat is also marked on the map.  A table shows the origins of Connecticut Townships/Town Districts with their Parent Town listed.  More information on Where to Write in Connecticut for further information is given.  Books in Print for this state are listed at the back of this book.  PRICE $5
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 5:  SOURCES OF GENEALOGICAL HELP IN CONNECTICUT.  By the Southern California Genealogical Society, CA,  8½" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled. No date.  Here is ten pages of help for someone researching Connecticut ancestors. Addresses, maps, towns and their establishment, application form for birth certificates, form to request marriage certificates, form to request a copy of death certificates, a bibliography and a short list of abbreviations completes this book.  PRICE $3.50
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  SPECIAL BOOK OFFER 6:  Buy both Books 4 AND 5. Take this combination, as long as stock lasts for $7 (save $1.50!)  PRICE $7
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 7:  MAINE-HER COUNTIES, HER TOWNSHIPS & HER TOWNS.  Researchers Publication, 19 pages, 8½" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled and taped. Much like the Connecticut Book above, this book has full page maps of each county with sections marked off for help in locating information from deeds.  Date of creation, parent county, county seat and zip code, a reproduction of a Hammond map follows.  Then the alphabetically arranged lists of towns with the county in which their genealogy records are located.  Where to write information follows.  NEW BOOK.  PRICE $6
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 10:  SOURCES OF GENEALOGICAL HELP IN MAINE. By the Southern California Genealogical Society.  Six pages, 8½" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Like the other books done by this society for the benefit of their patrons and others, there is basic information here on what to look for and what to do with what you find.  Forms for ordering certificates are in here.  An excellent state map is also found in here.  PRICE:  $2
Book 9 and book 10.  Pay only $7 for both as long as supplies last.
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 68  BOOK 12:  HEADS OF FAMILIES AT THE FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES TAKEN IN THE YEAR 1790.  MAINE.  By the Bureau of the Census.  105 pages, 7" by 10". Plastic coated card stock covers, wrappers with glued binding.  This is not an index although there is an index in the back.  This is a faithful transcription of the 1790 census - the whole state - everybody that was counted is in this book along with the answers to everything the census taker asked!  There is a column for the name of the head of each family, a column for the number of free white males of 16 years and upward including the heads of families [Maine-24,384].  The second column is filled with the number of free white males under 16 years [Maine-24,748] The third column holds the number of free white females, including heads of households [Maine-46,870]  The fourth column holds all other free persons [Maine-538] The last column holds the number of slaves [Maine-none]  In 1790 Maine was a part of Massachusetts.  Maine had 96,540 people living there.  Look at them all in this book.  NEW BOOK.  PRICE: $20
NEW ENGLAND STATES RESEARCH.  Thirteen pages are three-hole punched and fastened together in a tan pocket folder with a nice typed framed label.  This is an article, perhaps cut from or photocopied from The Genealogical Helper of September, 1976.  By Elizabeth L. Nichols, pages 633 to 638 continuing in the November, 1976 issue with pages 683 to 686 plus GUIDE TO BEGINNNG RESEARCH NEW ENGLAND STATES.  Covers vital records, census records, land records, probates, town records, church records, military records, court records and other miscellaneous records, and one page left blank for you to add notes or list what you found.  Used.  PRICE:  $2

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail newsletter.  I hope you feel the same way about these as I do.  It is astounding what I have learned about doing genealogy, and about the world in which we live from reading, or at least, scanning all these books.  I hope my reviews are helping you learn more about this hobby [obsession?] we all seem to share.  I always liked learning, and I can't wait to do the next crate because I learned so much from this one!  Pat from YOGS


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