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Newsletter Subtitle: WE FOUND A BOX!  NEW & DIFFERENT BOOKS!
Month Day Year:  June 8, 2010

I'M BACK!  My vacation was wonderful!  I really enjoyed having my daughter, my grandson, my granddaughter and my great-granddaughter here for two weeks.  They came to help me get my yard landscaped.  I hereby invite every one of you to drive by the 9605 Vandergriff Road address in Indianapolis and look at what they accomplished.  They mowed about 2½ acres of grass, trimmed the evergreens, weeded the flower beds, weeded and sprayed the patio, which is about 27' by 32' of 16" by 16" paving blocks, which collect weed seeds between themselves and grow lovely little green sprouts, which are cute-to-lovely exactly one day of their lives and then look seedy for the next year or so.  I can not use weed killer on the patio because the focal spot of that patio is a lovely old maple tree that has been living on this property longer than I have!
We ate out when we were out, and cooked out when we stayed at home.  I think we actually turned the stove on to cook something twice while they were here, but we nearly wore the refrigerator door out opening it to get ice cubes!  The big coffee pot, a Christmas gift from Steve [See next paragraph for more information.] clicked on at 6:00 a.m. every morning, courtesy of Sean, who makes a really strong cup of coffee and then it made 12 cups of coffee, which lasted until my daughter and I, [being older we took advantage of "being mature", and snoozed in until 9:00 a.m.]  We finished off the coffee, and then thought about lunch and took the afternoon off for the pleasure of being together and watching Destiny as she colored and played "in the park".
My neighbor is my nephew, Steve Van Treese, who lives right next door and is my in-the-neighborhood go-to-guy for anything at my house that is not working properly -be it electrical, plumbing or heating.  He is now retired from his job at Amtrak, and, like many grandparents in this country is now mother-in-law sitting and grandchildren sitting for my great grandniece and great-grandnephew during the week while their Mom and Dad work. 
He decided they needed some more play equipment.  They already have the cutest little playhouse my brother built for the kids in his garage.  I will save the story of getting that playhouse from that garage to next door at Steve's house for another day! Steve bought one of those assemble-it-yourself triple story "playgyms" for the kids to play on while they are with him on nice days.  Since he was building it during the day, we would sit on the patio and "supervise" his work.  Sean, my grandson, would rather be working than sitting and listening to four women talk, so he ambled over and gave him a hand.  When my great-grand-daughter, Donna, came over to visit, she and my visiting great-grand-daughter, Destiny, [They are both three years old.] were invited to come over to his house to play on the finished structure.  Destiny decided she liked going "to the park" and would ask to go over often after it was finished.  We had the pool at our house, and Destiny liked playing in it as often as she could talk her Mother into going in with her.  Luckily the weather was in the 70s and 80s and beautiful every day they were here.  It was nice to hear from their family back home that it snowed for several days and was only 40 degrees out there in Oregon.
I regretfully admit that this great-grandma made four trips to Lowe's after "play stuff" and forgot the sandbox sand all four times!  Maybe I can remember it before they come back for their next visit! I have about five years.  I should be able to remember it once in that time!  Shouldn't I? Come to think about it.  Do eight year-old girls play in sandboxes when they go out to play?  Maybe I will just get some dolls instead.  Or some video games.
In the moving around of things in the shop and the computer room which is in the house, we found several boxes of books which I don't believe I have ever written up before!  [If I have, it was a really long time ago!]  So the first few crates will be full of these books.  They may be just what you have been looking for!
Summer is here! Take some of the pressure off of yourself. Sit out under a tree, feel the breeze, smell the flowers, and read a good book. [Don't eat the ice cream cone while you are holding the book!  That is a recipe for disaster! Your shirt, blouse, skirt, shorts or slacks and the book just might not survive!]
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 1A, 1B & 1C:  ONLY A FEW BONES.  A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and Its Aftermath.  By John Phillip Colletta, PhD., © 2000.  Published by Direct Descent, Washington, D. C., 436 pages, softbound, plastic-coated cardstock.  1A and 1B are brand new, still wrapped in original plastic and are priced at $18 each.  1C is an autographed copy signed by the author, now priced at $20.
Having read this book when it originally came out, I can assure you that this is a real life mystery thriller.  Mr. Colletta is one of the very best genealogical lecturers and has spoken widely throughout our country.  His lectures are well-organized and so is this book.  In his own family genealogy, he encountered an ancestor, who was thought to have been murdered in Mississippi.  Newspapers and court records said the man, and four other victims were incinerated in his remote family store.  But the case was never solved.  Now, after thirty years of investigating, the great great grandson of the slain carpetbagger-whose charred remains were "only a few bones" reveals what really happened at Rolling Fork Landing on that night of March 4, 1873!  And his conclusion is NOT what you expect!  Great read!  3 copies available now!
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 2:  WHERE TO WRITE FOR RECORDS IN MARYLAND AND DELAWARE.  Another Researchers Publication, Seven pages, 5½" by 8½" after folding, cardstock cover, stapled.  Basic information on birth, death, marriage, wills, probates, land, divorce, military [Revolutionary, Civil, World War 1 & 2], Census, and Church Records.  There is a list of the counties, with year of formation, county seat name and zip code.  A short list of books available for research is listed also.  Similar information is also given for the state of Delaware. Original price was $2.  Now on sale for $1.  Multiple copies are available. 
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 3:  THE STORY OF SIR CHARLES VEREKER. A Tale of Romance and Adventure.  By Jessie A. Gaughan, P. J. Kennedy & Sons, New York.  1927. Hinges are weakening, but book is still firmly bound.  Twenty Chapters tell the story of this man and his love in the times of long ago.  From Chapters like Taken by Surprise, through I Fall in Love, Enter a Rival, A Silver Mirror, A Narrow Escape, My Uncle's Legacy, I Return to Ireland, all the way to My Rival in the Toils; this book, set in a long ago time, has it all from Heroes to Villains.  Only One Copy.  Was $10.  Sale $6
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 4:  TO MARYLAND FROM OVERSEAS.  By Harry Wright Newman.  Originally published in 1982, This copy @ 1984 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. was printed in 2002.  190 pages, 6 by 9 inches, hardbound, NEW book, excellent condition.  A complete Digest of the Jacobite Loyalists Sold into White Slavery in Maryland, and the British and Continental Background of approximately 1,400 Maryland Settlers from 1634 to the Early Federal Period with Source Documentation.  It is conclusively accepted that all colonials were not of enobled blood or scions of the squirarchy and county gentry, many were of high social standing in Britain and the Continent and continued to emulate that culture in Maryland. 
Lord Baltimore stated that nearly "Twenty Gentlemen of Fashion had sailed on the Ark and the Dove in 1633.
Many of the so-called "convicts" sold [indentured] in Maryland after the internal wars in Britain between 1715-1775 were principally political and religious prisoners who had been condemned to banishment, whose blood was, in many cases, as proud as any other in Britain.  Some convicts were common criminals, but it should not be overlooked that over 160 offenses in Britain were punishable by death.  Many of these offenders, victims of stringent laws compatible with the times or subject to torts and misdemeanors rather than serious crimes, were shipped to Maryland.  They are listed in generally an alphabetical order by the first letter of the surname, and they are listed, with notes and documentation, with hundreds of names.  Notes consist of fabulous information in almost every case: such as:
1.  Zachary Wade, of Charles Co, [MD] named his 1,200-acre plantation "Market Overton" after his native parish in Rutlandshire, Eng. [REF: Patents Liber 5, Folios 170, 262.]
2.  Joseph Cole, born in England, substituted for William Spurrier, in accordance with the "Act to procure Troops for the American Army" passed March Session 1778. [REF: Militia List, MD. Hist. Soc. Baltimore]
3. John William Colebert, a native of Dublin, Ireland, where he was born in 1759, landed in Baltimore 1773 and served in the Maryland Line during the Revolution; later domiciled in Clermont Co., Ohio [REF:  Revolutionary Pension Claim R2115. National Archives] These samples are from the shortest in the book. Some are much longer and give even more detail.  Needless to say, if you have a Maryland ancestor, you need to check this book!  NEW.  Price $20
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  ITEM 6:  POSTER FOR RECORDING MARRIAGE INFORMATION.  BLANK FOR YOU TO INSERT THE NAMES AND DATE OF THE PARTICIPANT'S WEDDING.  #5007 Evergreen Press, Pleasant Hill, CA, no date.  This small poster is printed in soft shades of lavenders and purples on a light lavender background with a large vase of violets and lily of the valley flowers spilling from the vase down the left side to the bottom of the page.  A small nosegay decorates the upper right side of this 8 ½" by 11" poster, ideal for filling in names and dates and framing for the happy couple's use with, or without, their wedding invitation and their favorite wedding photo.  Sealed in plastic, backed by cardboard, ready to be filled in and framed.  New.  $7        
Writer of fifteen other books describing the lives of British royalty. Harper & Row, ©1988, 301 pages, 6" by 9" hardbound, dust jacket-society scene painted in beautiful colors.  Here is a novel based on fact that is bound to be interesting reading for its glimpse at the social life of England in Queen Victoria's time.  This is an all-embracing [pun intended!] account of the celebrated royal womanizer, Edward VII, and of the three women who became his official mistresses and greatest loves.  Edward, both as Prince of Wales and King of England, was in his day the most fashionable figure in European society.  Genial, charming and kind he was an unabashed hedonist who lived in what his disapproving mother, Queen Victoria, called, "a whirl of amusements." And more than any other pursuit, Edward loved making love, and while he was faithful to no one, he did love three women deeply in succession, Lillie Langtry, the socially ambitious vicar's daughter and professional beauty who became a world-famous actress; Daisy Brooke, the Countess of Warwick, an immensely wealthy heiress and social butterfly who became a self-styled socialist and Alice Keppel, probably the King's greatest love, who was an accepted member of his entourage from the time he ascended the throne until his death.
Spanning three decades and packed with incidents, scandals, and high romance, The King in Love is set in the extravagant, hypocritical world of late Victorian and Edwardian society.  Full of fascinating characters, including the king's beautiful betrayed wife, Alexandra, who showed the world a smiling face through all her naughty little man's infidelities; the three long-suffering husband's, Edward Langtry, the Earl of Warwick, and the Hon. George Keppel; Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, Prime Minister Gladstone, the infamous courtesan Skittles, and those paragons of respectability, Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince Consort. 
[NOTE:  King Edward VII should have been warned early on that if he did not want everyone to know all about his life, he should not have lived his life the way he did!!!  And HERE is the tale!  New $20.  Sale $15
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 7:  COLONIAL MANSIONS OF MARYLAND AND DELAWARE.  By John Martin Hammond.  ©1914 Published by J. B. Lippincott in 1914. 304 pages, 6" by 9", hardbound.  Color cover is a reproduction of a stately home in red brick, with green trees and white windows against the pale green background of the cover. 
The full sized landscape-style page containing a picture of Whitehall, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, built about 1760 graces the frontispiece of this book.  It is just one of the sixty-five illustrations that enhance this book.  The Table of Contents lists the houses by name, location and the families who lived there.  The family history of who lived in or owned these houses is incredible.  Family surnames listed here are not in alphabetical order.  Homes in Annapolis are CHASE HOUSE [Chase, Lloyd, Harwood, Ridout]; HAMMOND or HARWOOD HOUSE [Hammond, Pinkney, Chase, Lockerman, Harwood]; PACA HOUSE [Paca, Schaff, Neth, Bland, Kennedy, Swann]; BRICE HOUSE [Brice, Stephen, Martin, Robb]; RIDOUT HOUSE [Ridout]; SCOTT HOUSE [Scott, Key, Birney, Claude, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Notre Dame.]; BOARDLEY or RANDALL HOUSE [Boardley, Randall ].  This is the first seven of these.  There are 22 more houses for Maryland and eight more for Delaware.  Too many to list everything here.   Houses for MARYLAND are WHITEHALL, MONTPELIER, OAKLANDS, BURLEIGH, DOUGHOREGAN MANOR, HAMPTON, TULIP HILL, CEDAR PARK, RATCLIFFE MANOR, WYE HOUSE, READBOURNE, BELMONT, MOUNT  AIRY, BELAIR, BLAKEFORD, BLOOMINGDALE, MONTMORENCY, BELVOIR, PLAIN DEALING, BEVERLY, SOTTERLY, DEEP FALLS.
Some people collect books.  This man collects the history of houses.  What a beautiful hobby, and a real boon for current preservationists! The Houses and the stories of the families who lived in them.  All here in one place!  Priceless!  I think I could manage to live in any of these beautiful homes if it came with a large staff!  Price $30
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 8:  FRENCH-CANADIAN SOURCES. A GUIDE FOR GENEALOGISTS.  By Patricia Keeney Geyh, Joyce Soltis Banachowski, Linda K. Boyea and five others.  Published by Ancestry.  NEWCOPY.  ©2002, 329 pages, hardbound, dust jacket in full color.  Outsize-8½" by 11", The Table of Contents lists 13 pages of introduction plus four sub-headngs including a Timeline, Naming Patterns and a Unit on Feudalism and the Seigneurian System in New France.  Secondary Sources - 15 are listed, some printed in French, some in English.  The next Section covers the Five Primary Sources-the how, where, when, who and, if you are lucky, even an occasional why!  French-Canadian Church Records, the Church Records [Transcribed and Translated], Civil Registration in Quebec, Canadian Census Records and Notarial Records. Then the Specialized Areas of Records:  The King's Daughters [NOTE;  I have several books on that group.]; Finding Fur Trading Ancestors; Military Records and Genealogy and the Internet.  There are eight appendixes including a map of Quebec, French Vocabulary, Words & Phrases, Dates in French, Charts of Canadian Census Records and Substitutes; Descriptions of Census Sources for Locating Census Records in Appendix E.; French-Canadian Research Addresses and  Family History Library Microfilm Numbers for the Loiselle Marriage Index.  NEW BOOK. Price $40
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67 BOOK 9:  "THE ANCIENT CITY" A HISTORY OF ANNAPOLIS IN MARYLAND 1645 - 1887.  By Elihu S. Riley.  Originally published in Annapolis, MD in 1887.  Republished by Clearfield Company in 1995.  395 pages, 5½" by  8 ½", glued binding, new book, some glue residue on front cover [a circle about the size of a half-dollar where price tag was removed.  Every-name index begins on page 345 and runs to 395 with over 100 names on each page!  Price when new was $28.50 SALE PRICE because of adhesive spot is $25.
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 10:  GUIDE TO GENEALOGY SOFTWARE. BY Donna Przecha and Joan Lowry.  195 pages, 8 ½" by 11", illustrated with 73 charts showing exactly what the actual charts produced by this software look like.  With plastic coated wrapper covers.  ©1993.  Reviews 155 Programs.  32 GEDCOM compatible programs, 9 Non-GEDCOM GENEALOGY PROGRAMS, 86 Utilities, and 28 other programs useful to genealogists.  Haven't you often thought you wish your genealogy program could do this or do that, but it won't?  You can use this book to see if one of these programs can do it. [Some of these are low cost or free!  Original Price was $24.95.  This is  "Consumer's Guide" type book for genealogy programs!  SALE Price $15 
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67 BOOK 11:  THE 1982 SUPPLEMENT TO THE DAR PATRIOT INDEX.  National Society of the Daughers of the American Revolution.  Washington, 1982.  145 pages, 5 ½ " by 8 ½", cardstock cover with a small triangular hole, less than 3/8" on outside 2 nches, back is good, binding is good.  Holds 52 pages of the 1979-1982 New Ancestor List; 46 pages of Additions and Corrections to Volume I.  Holds 18 pages of Additions and Corrections to Volume II.  Holds 28 pages of an index to the spouses of the New Ancestors in this Supplement.  Price was $10   SALE Price is $5
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 12:  AN OUTLINE OF ANCIENT HISTORY.  COLLEGE OUTLINE SERIES.  The Student's Private Tutor, ©1940.  Barnes & Noble, reprinted 1947.  Good condition.  By Albert Hyma.  288 pages, 5" by 7".  Includes maps.  14 chapters cover 1.  Civilized and Uncivilized Life before 4000 B.C. all the way through 2.  The Kingdoms of Ancient Mesopotamia;  3.  Ancient Egypt; 4.  The Hebrews, the Aramaeans, and the Phoenicians; 5. The Assyrian and Persian Empires; 6.  The Background of Greek history; 7.  The Greek City States; 8. Hellenistic Civilization; 9.  The Roman Empire; 10. The Roman Empire Under the Principate. 11. Fall of the Roman Empire; 12.  The Rise of the Christian Church; 13.  The Grmanic Migrations and Kingdoms; and lastly 14.  The End of the Ancient World.  A thoughtful reminder of all this world has been through!  Price was 75¢  Now live through 6000 years for $4.  This was interesting.  I recalled most of it as I read, but I learned a few things, too.  It was, surprisingly, easy reading when taken in small dosesPrice:  $4
BAKER'S DOZEN:  YOGS CRAZY CRATE 67  BOOK 13:  From Arcadia Publishing's BLACK AMERICA SERIES-AKRON, OHIO.  By Abel A. Bartley.  128 pages, 7" BY 9", Nice cover stock with photo of old barber shop with fixtures and customers.  ©2004.
There are pictures of people with detailed captions on every page!  The seven chapters are covered with photos which are grouped by the following categories:  1. Black Leaders, 2. Education, 3. Work, 4. Politics, 5. Leisure, 6. Entertainment and 7. Sports.  While tire magnates like Harvey Firestone and John Seiberling were propelling Akron's rubber industry to the top, its African Americans citizens were busy building and fortifying the "Rubber Capital of the World." Supplying a tenacious workforce and cultivating a rich cultural and social environment.  Great African Americans such as Rita Dove, Howard Hewitt and James Ingram were born out of Akron and inspired all of America.  This book reveals the substantial contributions made to the community by African Americans through vintage images and supporting history, illuminating the churches, schools, labor forces, social organizations, athletics, and nightlife that played such an important role in making Akron the great city it is today.  New Book.  Price:  $20
This is my first crate since coming back from my vacation.  My poor keyboard was stiff and I had to pound the keys to make them work at all.  Time to get it loosened up again because it makes my fingers hurt to have to pound them so hard to make them print!  Anybody have a good trick to make them easier to use?  E-mail me at pat@yogs.com if you have an idea on how to make them more sensitive to my strokes.  Pat from YOGS


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