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These books are all for sale at reasonable prices, but you have no obligation to purchase anything ever.  However, if you don't know the book was ever actually written, you wouldn't know to ask for it and check the index for your surnames, would you?  She often abstracts surnames from the index to help you figure out if those SMITH, Brown, Davis and Jones families might actually be yours. 


Pat spent over half of her years attending school, for a little over 17 years with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science Degree in the fields of history, business and education. Then on the other side of the teacher's desk, she was teaching school in her home township for nine years.  She wrote a letter to a serviceman and 46 letters later he came to see her while on a 30-day leave.  They married exactly three weeks to the day after they met.  Ray went back to finish his two-and-one-half-year tour in Vietnam, then they were on to South Carolina for one year, Germany for three years and back home to her home township for 27 more years of first and second grade. 


In her "spare time", she has been doing, and promoting, genealogy since 1972.  It is a very popular hobby throughout most of the western world, although those that get involved in it usually consider it more of an obsession than just a hobby!  The newsletter is a "chatty letter" designed for easy reading and effortless learning.  When she runs across a "good idea" she is happy to share it with you.  She includes information on seminars, where and when, they are being held.  


She has spoken at over a hundred seminars, and is happy to share the knowledge and experiences she has had in her many years of traveling and speaking to genealogists all over the United States.  The newsletters vary in size and content depending on which of the state shelving units, she is trying to clear off, or rearrange, for both the new and used books she sells. 


With her husband Ray, who has been deceased now for almost ten years, they found they both enjoyed this genealogy hobby so much, they opened a store in 1975.  Ray originally started the newsletter and Pat has continued it since he has been gone.  The two of them were featured speakers in many states at seminars where they also displayed some of the over 900 products and books they publish to help genealogists do a better job of tracing their family trees.


She doesn't travel as much as she used to because Ray liked driving to near and far places and she does not!  Doing two newsletters a week keeps her busy enough! And her ringing telephone keeps her tied to her desk for a good part of her day.  "Whoops! The telephone is ringing!"


"I am back now, so let's get to the "County of the Day", Guilford County, North Carolina.  This county is another daughter of Rowan County, NC.

Guilford County was formed in 1770 from parts of both Rowan and Orange Counties.


These periodicals vary somewhat, but are around fifty or more pages each issue.  Some were done on 8 by 11 inch paper , given cardstock covers, and stapled twice.  The later issues we have are done on 11" by 17" paper folded in half and stapled in the center.  All of these on this list are ex-lib, have been in a California Library for years, and are now ready for another life in the library of some genealogist out there who really wants to know as much of the "Nitty and Gritty" stuff that they can find without having to spend years searching the Guilford County Courthouse.   


With gas the price it is, you can make better use of your research time and money, reading these periodicals in your home instead of even driving to a somewhat distant library that may not have the periodical you want, even after you do make it there!  By buying this set you will not only find something on your surname, but you will also have the proper "chain of evidence" as to where it actually appears in the courthouse or the old newspaper or the church graveyard or the Family Bible.                                                       

These books are all ex-lib, have been used, but are in good shape.  They do have several library markings, unfortunately on the front cover, but since they did not circulate there are no pockets.  They are also stamped as discarded by that library, giving you the priceless opportunity to buy an entire year's worth, about 200 pages worth, of "ancestor digging" for less than the price of five gallons of gas!


THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST is published by The Guilford County Genealogical Society of N.C. This is YOGS CRAZY CRATE 105  BOOK 1:  THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST  Volume 23, Number 1, 2, 3, and 4. Sold as a set $20  


Volume 23 #1  Winter 1996  Number 72, Pp. 2 thru 55.  Cardstock covers and are stapled twice.  Articles include 1785 Guilford Court Minutes, Nov. term; Tombstones [with inscriptions] from Bethel United Methodist; Brief History on the Church; Revolutionary Pension of John Finley; The Troublesome Tombstone [Great Detective Work!] Problem Solved; Jonathan Causey Bible Records; Keck Ancestry of Maria Catharina (Keck) Clapp; Finding Granville Grants; All Families Have a Secret or Two; [Great tips on how to Discreetly Unveil the Truth About Illegitimacy.]; Book Reviews, Queries; Plus the Contents List of ALL The Guilford Genealogist's Articles for Volume I through 12; Very Helpful! [You may want to write the society to see if certain issues are still available!]  And a Surname Only + Page Numbers Index for this issue only. 


THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST.  Volume 23 #2  Spring 1996  Number 73, Pp. 59 thru 103.  Articles include a Brief History of Brick Church; Sketch map of Brick Church Graveyard; List of Burials in the Brick United Church of Christ Cemetery; From the Greensborough Patriot July-Dec., 1840 [newspaper excerpts]; Guilford Court Minutes, Feb. Term, 1786; Book Reviews, Queries, Surname index for this issue only.   


THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST.  Volume 23 #3  Summer 1996  Number 74, Pp. 109 thru 174.  Articles Include:  [Notes on the 1820 census by Mary Browning followed by the entire census for Guilford County, NC, entire census blank with Foreigners not naturalized, Occupations-Agriculture, Commerce, Manufacturing; Columns for male and female slaves, Free colored males and females and All others except Indians not taxed. Excellent work, beautifully presented; List of Manufacturing Establishments, three all working with leather boots and shoes or harness, saddles and bridles.  Every name index to the census; Queries and an index to the queries, plus a list of basic records available for original research in GuilfordCounty.


Volume 23 #4  Winter 1996  Number 75, Pp. 176 thru 230.  Articles include Tombstones in Reedy Fork Baptist Church; In Memoriam:  Charles E. Mansfield; Families:  How I Proved William Kerr of Maury Co., Tennessee was the son of Nathaniel Kerr of Guilford Co., NC; Bible Records:  McBride, Pore, Shipton, Jester, Hudson; Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, May Term, 1786; From Our Readers: Information, Comments, Corrections, Additions, etc.; From the Greensborough Patriot, newspaper excerpts, Jan. thru June, 1841; A new kind of Fountainhead Family Tree; New Goshen United Methodist Church Cemetery; Some additional Historical Notes; Poll Taxes 1781-1786; Book Reviews; An Abandoned Graveyard near Whiterock Road & What Statutes Protect Cemeteries, Queries and Surname Index to issue 1-4 Volume 23 1996.  Includes a seven-page surname index for this edition-Volume 23 Issues 1-4.  This abstract was very hard to do, because beside the surnames a place name index identifying churches, counties, graveyards, battlegrounds, businesses, creeks, cities, newspapers, schools, countries, mountains, initials, counties and towns,  I will try listing just the surnames that appear on one page with a comma.  Should they appear on more than one page, I will list the number of pages on which that surname appears:  Abbott, Adams 4, Adamson, Adder, Adderton, Adelott,  Agnew/Agnus, Akin, Albea, Albert, Albertson 3, Albright, Albrecht 4, Albright 15, Alexander 8, Allison, Al(l)red 3, Alston 8, Altum, Amick, Anderson 10, Andrew/s 7, Angel 2, Anthony 9, Apple 4, Archer 6, Arment, Armfield 14, Armiistead, Arrell 1, Asbury 2, Ashford, Astin, Austin 2, Avery, Aydelotte 2, Ayers,   


Baggett, Bailey 3, Bain, Baker 3, Baldwin 6, Bales 4, Ballard 2, Ball(i/i)nger 6, Ban_ton, Banks, Banner 3, Baptist, Barber 2, Barham, Barker, Barnerd, Barnes, Barney 2, Barnhart 7, Barr 3, Barrow 2, Bartley 3, Barus, Bass, Basner, Bauldin, Bayne, Be_ney, Beal/s 3, Beard 7, Beason 3, Beavers, Beeson 6, Bell 12, Benbow 4, Bengamon/ Benjamin 2, Bennet 2, Benson, Benton, Berch, Bernard, Berry, Bet(t)s 2, Bev(e/i)l/l 5, Bevin, Billingsley 5, Birch 2, Birchbank 2, Bird, Birzell, Bishop 4, Bithan, Black 5, Blackburn 3, Blackley, Blackwell, Blair 6, Blake, Bland 3, Blayr, Blear 2, Blissith 2, Blizard, Blythe 2, Boak 2, Bolling, Bond 2, Boner, Boon/e 12, Booth 2, Borten/Burton, Bosnell, Bostick, Boswell, Bowen, Bowman 6, Boyd 5, Bracken, Bradford, Brall(e)y 2, Branch 2, Brandon 2, Branson, Brandt, Brannock,  Branson 2, Brasher 5, Brassfield, Brasfield 2, Brattain 2, Brawley, Braxton, Brayton, Brazier, Bream, Bred(e/i)n 3, Brent, Brewer, Brian, Bridges 2, Bright, Brimm, Brinsfield, Brittain 6, Brock, Brookbank 4, Brooker, Brosn, Brothers 2,  Brower, Brown 24, Browning 5, Bruce 7, Bryant 2, Buchanon/Buckanon 2, Buclingham, Buis, Bulla, Bullock 2, Bunch 1, Bundy 2, Bunt, Burcham, Burnett, Burney 5, Burrow, Burton 10, Bush, Busic  


Cable, Caffe(e/y) 3, Cagg 5, Cai(c)k 4, Cain 4, Cake, Caldwell 10, Calh(oo/ou)n 2, Calk 3, Calwell, Campbell 9, Camplain, Canaday 2, Cannada, Carfield 2, Carier, Carill, Carmer, Carnahan, Carpenter 2, Carr 4, Carruth, Carson, Carter 6, Caruthers 4, Carver 4, Case, Cathey 3, Cathron, Caulk 4, Causby, Causey 10, Chadwick, Challis, Chaimes, Chambers 3, Chambless 2, Chamnes 2, Champion, Chapman 2, Chappel 2, Charles, Chawner, Chilcut 3, Chipman/Champman 6, Chlap, Chrisgo, Christman 3, Clapp Wow! 45 pages, Clark 16, Clayton 3, Climer 2, Close, Closs, Coban, Cobb, Coble 15, Coe 3, Coffin 8, Cole 2, Coleman, Colesot, Coley, Coltrane 3, Combs 5, Comer, Compton, Comin, Connor 3, Conrad 2, Conrod, Conway, Cook 12, Cooper, Coots 4, Coraly, Cor(e/i)n 5, Corsbie2, Cortner 9, Corvel, Cosey 2, Costs, Cotner, Cottrill, Couch 8, Courtner, Covey 2, Covington 2, Cowart, Cowgill, Cox 6, Crabb, Crag, Crage, Craig, Cranor 5, Crawford 2, Craven, Creekmore, Cresswell, Cridlebaugh, Crisco, Crismon, Crouch, Crouse 2, Crow 2, Crowder, Crowson 2, Crozier, Cruse, Crutchfield 5,Cude 4, Cummings, Cummins 3, Cunningham 6, Curry 5, Cusick 2, Cussick 2,  


Dance, Danforth, Daniel, Darden 3, Daugherty, Daulton, Davi(d)son 4, Davis 10, Dawson 3, Day 2, Dean 6, Dearing, Deer 2, DeKalb, Delay, Deller, Dellon, Delton, Denning, Dennis, Denny, Dent, 12, Denter, Denton, DeVault, Devinney, Dewease, Diamond 2, Dick 4, Dickey, Dicks/Dix 11, Dickson, Dill, Dillard, Dill(i/o)n 9, Dilworth 2, Diskey, Dixon, Doak 7, Dobbins, Dobson 3, Dodson, Doggett, Doherty, Donnell 23, Donoha, Dorherty, Dorsey, Doub, Dougan, Dougherty, Douthen, Downey, Draper, Draughan, Duck 5, Duff, Dugan, Duke(s/y 2, Dudley , Dunson, Durham, Duvall, Dwiggins 8, Dyar, Dye,  


Edging, Edgington 3, Edwards 5,Ehmigin, Elder, Elkins, Elliotte 3, Ellis 2, Elmore 2, Endsley, Erwin, Eulias, Euliss, Evans 5, Everett 2, Eysell,  


Fahl, Fanning/Fannen 2, Farmer, Farrington 4, Faus, Faust 5, Felton, Fentress, Ferguson 2, Fibbs, Field 4, Fields 3, Fifer 2, Fike, Filibi, Fin(d)ley 7, Finwell, Fipps, Fish, Fisher 2, Fitzgerald 2, Flack 3, Flagg, Flem(m)in/g 7, Flinn, Fogleman 6, Forb(/u)is/h 10, Fore, Forster, Foster 11, Fountain 2, Foushee 2, Foust `14, Fowler, Foxx 2, Fraley, Frazier 4, Freeland 4, Freeman 2, Friddle 8, Friend, Frost, Fuller 3, Fulton 2,  


Gaither, Galbreath 3, Gallaway, Galvin, Gambell, Gamble 2, Gambol, Gannon 2, Gant, Gardner 9, Garner 3, Garrett 2, Garringer, Gates 3, Gaugh, Gentry, Great, Geren 2, Gerringer 4, Ghant, Gibson 4, Gillaspie, Gilbert 3, Gilbreath5, Gilchrist 3, Gillaspie/Glasspey8, Gilliam, Gilli(e)s 2, Gilm(e/o)re 6, Givens, Gladson 2, Glass 6, Glendenning, Giles, Glover, Goble, Godfrey, Goertner, Groggins, Going, Goins 2, Golden, Goman, Goodrich, Gordon 9, Gorrel/l 14, Goss, Gossett 4, Gowdy 11, Graham 3, Granger, Grant, Graves Gray 7, Grayham, Greason 2, Green/e 7, Greenway, Greeor, Greason 13, Gregg, Greison, Griffin, Grimes 3, Grisson 3, Gross 4, Guin, Gurly, Guyer 3,  


H_ard, Hackett7, Hadley, Hagey 3, Hains, Halbrook, Haley 2, Hall 6, Ham 2, Hamilton 18, Hamm, Hampton 3, Hancock 3, Hank, Hannah 3, Hanner 8, Hanom, Harben, Hardeman, Hard(e/i)n 8, Hargrave 3, Hargrove 2, Har_ey, Harlin, Harrell 2, Harris 9, Harrison 8, Harriss, Hart, Harvey 2, Haskins, Hassell 2, Hather, Hatton 2, Hawkins 2, Haworth, Hay(e)s7, Hayworth 2, Headen 2, Headrick, Healy, Heath 5, Hedgecock, Hedrick,Helmon 2, Helms, Helton, Hemphill 3, Henderson 5, Hendricks 4, Henley 2, Henshaw, Herbin 5, Heritage, Herr(a/o)ld 2, Herron, Hersley, Hester, Hewlet, Hiatt 8, Hickman 3, Hicks 3, Hiett 5, Highfill 3, Hill 8, Hilton 3, Hinds 3, Hinshaw 4, Hitchcock, Hobbs 5, Hocker, Hockett 3, Hodgin 2, Hodson 8, Hoey, Hoffman 9, Hofheintz, Hoggatt 4, Holaday, Holbrook, Holder 2, Holemon, Holiman, Holker, Holland 5, Holleyworth, Hollie, Holloway, Holmann, Holstrad, Holt 11, Holton 2, Hoover, Hopkins 2, Horey, Hornbuckle 2, Hornaday, Horney, Horsman, Hoskins 7, Houston 2, Howel 2, Howerton 3, Howlett 6, Howren 2, Hubbard 7, Huffin(e)s 8, Huffman 7, Hughs, Hull, Humble, Humphrey 2, Hunt 15, Hunter 9, Husband, Hussey, Huston, Hutchinson, Hutton, Hyatt,  


Iddings 6, Idle, Idlet, Ingle 16, Ingold 5, Iseley 6, Isler, Isley 6, Ives, Ivey, Ivins,  


Jackson 7, James, Jane, Jarrell 4, Jean/Jane 4, Jeffreys, Jenkins 4, Jennings, Jessop 7, Jessup, Jestes, Jester 4, Jim, Job 3, Jobe 2, Johnson 5, Johnston 4, Jones 20, Jordan 2, Jurden, Justice,  


Keack, Keck 13, Keen, Kegg 7, Kek, Kellam 4, Keller 2, Kelly 2, Kendall/ Kindle 2, Kennett, Ke(r)nodle, Kerr 10, K(e/i)rsey 2, Keter, Killingsworth 2, Kimber 2, Kimberly, Kimbro, Kime 2, Kimrie 2, King 7, Kingsbury, Kirkland, Kirjman 5, Kirkpatrick 3, Kivet, Klapp 5, Kleasner, Klop, Knight 3, Knot/t 5, Kobel, Koppenstein, Koren, Kurr 2,  


Lackey 5, Ladmus, Lamb 7, Lambert 2, Lambeth 3, Land, Landreth 3, 0Lane 4, Langdon, Lani(a/e)r 2, Larkin 2, Laurence, Law 2, Lawrence 2, Lawson, Layton 2, Lea, Leakey/Lackey 3, Leaverton, Ledbetter 3, Ledford, Lednum, Ledwell 2, Lee 3, Lem(m)ons 3, Lenthicum 2, Leonard 4, Lester 3, Lett, Lewey, Lewis 3, Lewy, Licks, Lightfoot, Lincoln, Lindley, Lindsay 8, Lineberry 4, Linn 4, Linthicum 4, Linville, Lithcoe, Little 2, Lloyd 3, Lock, Loeffel, Lofty, Logan 3, Loman 3, Lomax 2, Long, Lorance, Lord, Lovel 2, Lovett 3, Loving, Low 16, Lowder, lowe 6, Lowery 5, Loy 3, Loyd/e 2, Lucas, Luffman, Lukay, Lyles, Lynch, Lynn 4,  


Mab(e/i)n 2, Macy 4, Madearis/Madiera/Maderis 4, Magee 4, Manlove 2, Manship 2, Maris, Mark 2, Marley, Marsh, Marshall, Martin 5, Mason 6, Massey 3, Mastermore/Maclemore?, Matthews 5, Maxwell 8, May 15, Mayes, McAdoo(o/w) 7, McAlhatton, McBride 9, McCabe, McCain 4, McCaleb2, McCarroll, McCauley, McCay 2, McClain 4, McClean, McClintock 6, McConnell 3, McCracken, McCuin, McCuiston 15, McCulloh 2, M'Daniel, McDill, McDonald, McElhatton, McFarland 3 McGee, McG(a/e)hee, McGibboney 9, 4, McGrady 3, McGready, McIntosh, Mcintyre, McIver, McKamie 9, McKaughan 2, McJenzie, McKiever, McKinie, McKindley, McKinney 6, McKnight 6, McKomory, McKomray, McLa(in/ne) 2, McLean 4, McMasters3, McMicha(e)l7, McMurray7. McNz(i)ry 10, McNeely3, McNeill, McPowell, Mc(Q/C)usti(a/o)n, Mebane Medearis 3, Medlin5, Melony, Mendenhall 11, Meredth 2, Meroney, Merrett, Meyer, Michel, Middleton, Milaway, Miles, Miller 5, Millican, Mill(i)s 7, Millowat, Mills 4, Miner 3, Minis, Minner, Mitchel/l 12, Mock, Modderwell, Monett, Montgomery 6, Moody, Moon, Moor/e 18, Morgan 7, Morris 2, Morrison 2, Morrow 3, Morton 3, Moser 4, Moxley, Mulloy 4, Murph 3, Murphy 4, Murrow, Murry, Mustin, Myrich,  


Nance 2, Nation, Neal, Needham, Nealy, Neece, Nees, Neese 3, Nelson 11, Nug(e/a)nt 2, Newby, Newlin, Newman 2, Newnon, Newsom 2, Nicholas, Nicholites, Nicholson, Ni(cks/x)10, Noah 2, Nole 2, Nordike, Northam, Notzin, Numon,  


Oaks, Obelweiss, Odell, Ogburn 2, Oliphant, Orrell 2, Osb

Osb(o/u)rn/e 2, Otwell, Overcash, Owen 3, Ozment 2,  


Pace, Page, Paisley 9, Pamplin, Parker 13, Parks 4, Parrish 5, Parry, Parsons, Patrick 3, Patterson 5, Paysour, Peacock, Peanon, Pearce, Pearman 3, Pearson, Pearce, Peasley 4, Peay 3, Peeples 8, Pegg 2, Pegram 11, Pender, Pendeergrass, Perceon, Perdue 2, Perkins 6, Perkinson 2, Permar, Persons, Perry 2, Pettiford 3, Pettigrew 3, Petty, Peyton, Phibbs 2, Philipy 2, Phillips 6, Phillipe, Phipps 8, Pickard 2, Pickett 2, Pilkington, Pillow 3, Pinkilton, Pinnix, Pitchford, Pitmon, Pitts 3, Plummer, Poe, Poer, Poindexter, Polk, Pollack, Polson, Poore 3, Pope, 6, Pore 2,  Port, Potter 5, Powel, Powell, Preddy 4, Price,  




Ragsdale 4, Rale, Raleigh 3, Ralph, Ramseur, Rankin/s 14, Raper, Ratliff, Ray 6, Rayl 2, Reddick, Reece 3, R(ee/ei)d 8, Regg, Reihard, Reinhardt, Reitzel 3, Relph, Reves, Reynolds 6, Rhoads, Rhodes 6, Rice, Rich, Richardson 5, Rick, Ricks 2, Rigeby, Rigg(e/i)n/s, Rightsell, Riley 3, Ritter, Rives, Roark, Robbins, Roberson 3, Roberts 3, Robertson 4, Robins 2, Robinson 4, Robston, Roddy, Rogers 2, Rohath, Rollins, Roney, Rooke, Ross 11, Rowland, Rudduck, Russell 8, Russum 2, Rutherford, Rutland, Rutter, Ryan 8,  

Saferight, Sanders 9, Sapp 3, Saritter, Sartin, Sawyer 2, Scales, Scarlette 3, Schaeffer, Schernck, Scherb, Schoolfield 3, Schorsch, Scott 15, Searcy 2, Sears, Sechrist, Segfret, Self 3, Sells, Sergant, Shanks, Sharp 7, Shatterly 3, Shattling, Shaver 3, Shaw 13, Shearer, Shearin, Shell(e)y 5, Shelton, Sheon, Shepherd 18, Sherk, Sherwood 3, Shipton 2, Sho, Shoe 3, Shoemaker 2, Shoffner 9 &12, Short 5, Shoup, Shufford, Shyler, Sibley, Simpson 5, Simmon, Singletary, Skeen, Slade, Slater, Sloan, Small, Smith 37, Smithey, Smothers, Smyth, Soots/Suits 4, Sowel, Spain 2, Spence, Spencer 2, Spoon 4, Spreely, Springs, Sprout, Spruce, Spurgin, Spurling, Stack, Stafford 5, Stahr, Staley 5, Stallings, Stamps, Stanfield, Stan(d)l(e)y 9, Starbuck 5, Starr 10, Sterr(a/e)t 7, Steel, Steelman, Steiss, Stembridge, Stephens 5, Stephenson 3, St(a/e)rling 2, Stettler, Stevens, Stewart 10, Stickney, Stigall 3, Stinson, Stockard, Stokes 4, Stone, Story 5, Strader, Stradford 2, Strain, Streter, Stricklant, Stringfellow, Stuart 10, Stubblefield, Stucker, Stuk, Styles, Suddith, Suits 2, Sullivan 19, Sum(m)ers 6, Suther 2, Swaim 7, Swain 9, Sweet, Swenney, Swim, Swing 8, Sykes,  


Talbert, Tarpley 2, Tate 6, Tatum 8, Taylor 13, TYeague, Terrell, Terry, Thacker, Tharp 5, Thom 5, Thomas 4, Thomason, Thompson 12, Thorn(berry/bury) 3, Thornburg/h 3, Thornton, Thrasher 2, Thrift, Tickel 3, Todd, Tomes, Tomlinson 2, Toney, Tomkins, Touchstone, Tramel, Trogden, Trolinger 4, Trotter 5, Troxler 3, Trueblood 3, Tucker 2, Turner 2, Tuttle, Twiford 2, Tyler,  


Underwood 2, Unthank 7, Ussery,  


Valentine 2, Vanderford, Vanhoy, Vanstory, Vauughn 2, Vernon, Vestal, Vicars, Vick, Vickers, Vickr(e)y 8, Vigers, Vinters,  


Wag(g)oner 3, Waldrop, Walker 14, Wall 3, Wallace 3, Waller, Walsh, Walters, Wanock, Ward 6, Warlick, Warnock 2, Warren 6, Watson 4, Watts, Wealer, We(a)therly 10, Weaver 2, Webb 3, Ween, Weitzel 5, Welborn 3, Welch 2, Welker 8, West, Westbrooks, Weston, Wharton 10, Wheatley 2, Wheeler 5, White 13, Whitel, Whitley, Whitesell 6, Whitt 5, Whittington 6, Whitworth 5, Widows, Wiggins, Wiley 13, Willets 2, Williams 19, Williamson, Williard, Willson, Willy 2, Wilson 18, Wimberly, Wimbly 2, inborne, Winchester 2, Winn, Withers, Witt 2, Witty, Wolfington 2, Wolk, Wood 5, Woodard 3, Woodburn 8, Woodruff, Wood/s 3, WOODY, Woodyard 2, Woolen 2, Wooten, Wooters 2, Work 2, Worley, Worth 5, Worthington, Wray, Wren, Wright 10, Wrightsell 2, Writzel, Wyrick 3,  


Yancy, Yarborough 3, Yates 2, Yoman, Yost, Young 6, and Zachary 1.   This took longer than I thought, but you have n this index every name that appears in the 1820 census of Guilford County, North Carolina!


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 105  PERIODICAL SET 2:  THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST VOLUME 24, Number 1, 2, 3 & 4.  complete $20.  Published by the GuilfordCounty Genealogical Society of North Carolina. Numbers 76, 77, 78, and 79 from 1997.  Mary A. Browning, Editor. 


THE GULFORD GENEALOGIST, Volume 24 Number 1, Spring, 1997.Pages 1-56 , Printed on 11" by 17" paper, folded with two staples through the center.  Cardstock covers make a tidy magazine.  Table of Contents follows. Tombstones:  Reedy Fork Baptist Church by Abraham Pike, Troop 158, Eagle Project.  Beautiful Project, Well done.  Read by rows with names, other information: military service, rank, killed in action in Luxembourg; separate columns for birth and death dates, and daughter of, wife of, son of, husband of, plus names, Brother, Father, etc., married plus date, and a column  for age, if mentioned.  Great format.  Our Readers Comment.  Page for people who wish to add information, make corrections, share ideas or info.  Guilford Co. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions - August term 1786.  A Guide to Estate Probate Records, Aug 1781 to Nob. 1818, found in Guilford Co. Court Minutes.  States type of record and "remarks of immense help.  Uncompleted NC land grants of this county.  Excerpts from the newpaper, "Greensborough Patriot, July - December, 1841.  Alleged Indian Graves, Queries, Abstracts of Contents of the "Guilford Genealogist, Vols. 1 through 23. and an index for this issue. 


THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST Volume 24 Number 2. issue Number 77. By Mary A. Browning, Editor.  Pages 58-108 , Printed on 11" by 17" paper, folded with two staples through the center.  Cardstock covers make a neat magazine.  Table of Contents follows:  Thomas Moody, Patriot, Guilford Co. Court Records, November 1786.   


Nuggets, is an article concerning the ownership of items and their appropriation by others without payment.  According to THE NEW A TO Zax, Second Edition, By Barbara Jean Evans:  Trover is a court case intended to recover the worth of personal property which another person has illegally acquired and kept. 

Trover and conversion is an action to obtain damages against a person who has, without any right, used personal property which belongs to another person as his own.

Commonly used when livestock moved freely through the woods and forests to graze.  Usually, but not always, they were branded.  Brands were usually, but not always, registered with the courthouse giving proof as to who owned the animal, or other item.  Stray animals were sometimes taken up by the finders, who were by law, mandated to inform the owner.  Many finders protected against these suits by placing a descriptive advertisement in a newspaper, or on a broadside [poster] that an escaped slave had been caught and returned to the jail or that an animal had been found that did not belong to the man who currently had it on his property.  Then it became the original owner's responsibility to arrange or pay for the return of the slave or the cow, horse or pig involved.

The original owner often advertised, sometimes even offering a reward if a valuable item was returned to him.]  From the Greensborough Patriot - January - June 1842.  Bible Records

Jonathan Causey, A Guide to Estate Probate Records, August 1781-November, 18`18; Families:  McMichaels by Robert Carson.  Reviews, Some William Donnells.  After reading that article, I am definitely grateful that none of my families eer married into that family.  If you have that Donnell family name, do not do ANYTHING MORE until you have obtained and studied this article on pp. 95-97 of this issue! Wonderful story of one child's determination to learn to play a piano she did not have.  Written with charm, she explores the world with determination, proving to everyone that you can learn to play the piano with an old hymnal and the stairsteps!  If she writes a genealogy book, I want to buy a copy even if it doesn't have any of my families in it.  Study these three pages as a guide to how to tell a story and make your family stand out in everybody's mind.   Seeking and Finding is a superb gift to all of us.  Queries and the Index to this issue conclude it


THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST Volume 24 Number 3  Issue Number 78. Summer 1997.  By Mary A. Browning, Editor.  Pages 109- 168.  Table of Contents includes:  An article on Mrs. Dwiggins' Boarding House with a charming picture of the home in Stokesdale, NC. Ca 1895.  She knows quite a little about the families involved.  Araminta Lanier Dwiggins 1843-1936; The Glass Family of Guilfoed County, NC; From Our Readers holds a letter about a missing death date.  The article includes the date and name of her twin sister, with dates of birth & death; where the twin sister is buried; their parents, including mother's maiden name,where father is buried.  They aso give their father's first name, birth & death dates and a possible location of his burial!  The other letter very nearly told you everything about that family you needed to complete a family group sheet.  What a nice lady to share what she knew, article appears on three pages, with everyone listed!

"Here Lies The Body:  1700s Gravestones in the Alamance Presbyterian Churchyard and Their Symbolic Meanings. 12 pages. The Deweese family 3 pages; Guilford Co. Court, Feb Term 1787. An Orange County's Surveyor's Record, ca 1798, acreage and Warrant Number!  In 1830 the population of this country was 12,866,020.  Guilford County did not have an extraordinary number of thosre but it was enough to justify publication of a book which the society published. containing all the information given to that census taker. 

Another of Mary Brownng's Great Guide to Estate Probate Records D through G.  Reviews, Queries are next, then Protect your Family's Papers, an educational article of great importance.  Stop storing your old letters in cardboard boxes and more. SiX things you need to be doing RIGHT NOW! Protect Your Books, a guide as to what to do. and NOT do. and the index conclude this number.


THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST Volume 24 Number 4. issue Number 79. By Mary A. Browning, Editor.  Pages 170-226, A Detail of the Price-Strothers Map of 1808 shows the nice neat square of Guilford County in the midst of its neighbors.  Selected entries from the Diaries of Rev. H. Henry Smith, DD.,1860-1866.  Guilford Co., Court, May Term, 1787.  Excerpts From the Greesboro Patriot, July-December 1842 What your ancestors were doing when they didn't even thinkyou would evernbe looking!

The List of People writing letters to people in this county can be a valid means of finding other relatives from other places to keep track of family members.  The newspaper would publish the notices in the hopes that the people to whom the letters were written would come in, identify themselves and pay the price written on the letter by the postal clerk in the sending post office which was to be collected from the receiver of the letter before he could have it.  If I had to pay for every letter I went to the post office to pick up, I would get a LOT LESS MAIL! Death and Marriage notices are listed.  Notices of court cases filed.  

Military is told when to appear for training or for a drill, inspection or a parade!  How to dress, what to bring in the way of armament [9 blanks].  Bible , Records:  Lemmons, Satterfield, Barham.  Andrew Wilson Family Record.  Families of Fisher B, Taylor.  A Loyd Family Record.  Reading the Paper: Quote:  From Mary A. Brownng:  "I cannot know for sure, of course, but I would guess that many of you always read the obituaries first.  [Well, Mary, of course, we look at the obituaries!  If we don't find our name, we have to get up and get dressed!!]  Of course, you are probably also interested in hatchings and matchings, as well as dispatchings.  Oh, yes we are!  Well said.  She gives you great tips on how to get the most out of reading old newspapers.  Reviews, Queries and the whole year index follows.  I


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 105  PERIODICAL SET 3:  THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST VOLUME 25 Number 1, 2, 3 & 4.  complete $20.  Published by the Guilford County Genealogical Society of North Carolina. Numbers 80, 81, 82, and 83 from 1998.  Complete set of four issues $20


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 105:  BOOK 4.  THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST. VOLUME 26 NUMBER  4,  SUMMER ,2003.  ISSUE # 84.  Has complete index for all four issues of  Volume 26.  PRICE:  $5   

YOGS CRAZY CRATE 105  book 5A & 5B:  PERIODICAL -  THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST VOLUME 30, Number 2 Issue 101 Summer, 2003 & Volume 4 Winter 2003.  Issue 103Two single issues same volume $10.  Published by the Guilford County Genealogical Society of North Carolina.  Each of these Volumes has its own individual issue index.  Two issues $10 


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 105:  NOOK 6.  THE GUILFORD GENEALOGIST. VOLUME 31, nUMBER 4  WINTER  2004.  iSSUE #107.  This issue does have in it an index to all the four issues of Volume 31.  Single Issue  PRICE $5.     


Sorry I didn't get to review all these issues, but this newsletter is long enough now, so I am going to proof it, then move this to Constant Contact, and put it to bed for Tuesday's Edition.  Pat from YOGS. 



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We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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