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 Newsletter Subtitle:  NORTH CAROLINA PERIODICALS By William Perry Johnson. 

These periodicals cover information from dozens of Counties and State Library and Archives sources. 

Month Day Year: May 27, 2011 







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Edited by William Perry Johnson.



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME VIII, no. 2, June 1962.  By William Perry Johnson,  

Editor.  These are older than the ones listed on the last crate as you can tel

by the dates.  Information was edited by a professional genealogist who  

accumulated the materials to assist him in the work he did for fellow  

genealogists. This is a completely different set of numbers, different subjects,  

abstracted and compiled by a different person covering many counties in  

North Carolina.  June, 1962, number 30 complete.  Pp. 958-988, 3-hole

punched bound issue, stapled.  Editor's Page.  This issue has Bladen County  

Deeds 1734-1778, 11 pages; "A Hot Toddy, Anyone?"  lists Tavern Rates in  

1785 - Said hot toddy made with Norward Rum, per quart was one shilling,  

Dinner with no less than two dishes was 2 shillings, Good hay for each horse

per night was 8 pence, [an English coin of lesser value than a shilling],

stabling for a horse was 4 pence, lodging per night was 6 pence per person.  

Now a hot toddy made with W(es?)t. Indies rum, loaf sugar and nutmeg, per  

quart was 1 shilling + 6 pence while a good gin and French brandy was 1  

shilling +4 pence, or you could get a good country brandy for just 1 shilling.   

Prices had to be posted in every pub, were set and mandated by the court,  

loss of license was the penalty for not abiding by this government enforced  

price fixing! Then six pages of N.C. Inventories of Estates 1677-1784. The  

inventory of a deceased person's property and personal effects, upon his  

death without a will, had to be made and recorded before a sale could be held

and the estate could be divided according to law.

There is lots of information in an inventory about a persons occupation and  

lifestyle, to be gathered from the tools, furniture, etc. he owned.  There is a  

listing of the heads of families which were gathered for the 1800 census,  

pp. 347-396.  [not in alphabetical order, but listed by page number, 5 typed  

Asheets!  North Carolina State Department of  Archives and History 1 Feb. to  

April 30, 1962.  3 pages, State Library Accessions List of Genealogies and  

books added.  A list of court fees charged for matters handled by the court  

(interesting to lawyers) Marriage License and Bond cost 8 shillings, Inventory

or account of sale cost-if under 100 pounds 2 shillings; if over 100 pounds 4  

shillings.  Guardian & Other Bonds cost 6 shillings. No item cost a pound or  

more!  Nice advertisements for a Trueblood Genealogy, Hardy, Newby, Garrard

and Russell sources of information and books on these names.  [I would like  

to own the Newby one by Nancy Hineman of Spiceland, Indiana, because my

husband's Newby families are in that book.] Four pages of detailed queries

finish this issue. PRICE two volumes and the index sold together as a set.   

Three Volumes for $12



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME VIII, no. 3September, 1962, number 31 complete.  

Pp. 999-1035, 3-hole punched, bound issue, stapled.  Halifax County, NC  

Inventories of Estates 1774-1779.  These are filed by the name of the  

deceased and how to order information is included along with the file  

numbers needed to order each set.  6 pages; An Account of the Number of  

White Inhabitants in His Majesty's Colonies in North America 1755:  This  

interested me because most of my ancestors I have traced back to 1750 or  

earlier.  Here are the totals in each colony:  1752 - Georgia 3,000; 1752 -  

South Carolina 25,000; 1755 - North Carolina 50,000; 1755 - Virginia 125,000;  

1749 - Maryland 100,000; 1730 - Pennsylvania 220,000; 1730 - Connecticut  

100,000; 1730 - Rhode Island 30,000; 1755 - New Jersey 75,000; 1738 - New  

York 55,000; 1738 - Massachusetts Bay 200,000; 1755 - New Hampshire  

75,000; 1754 Nova Scotia 4,000.  Interesting to know how many of your  

ancestors were alive then and were a part of this account, isn't it? Rowan  

County, NC 1800 Census page 399 to 460.  Revolutionary War - Final  

Settlements [name, rank, year]; Caswell County, NC Marriage Bonds 1778

-1800. 7+ pages;  Papers of William A. Graham; More Acquisitions Archives

and State Library; Lincoln (and Tryon) CountiesWills, 1769-1824, 9 pages.  

PRICE two volumes and the index sold together as a set.  Three Volumes for




GENEALOGY,  VOLUME VIII, INDEX.  Index to all 1962 Volume VIII, no. 1.  

Pp. 918-956; no. 2, Pp. 958-996; no. 3 Pp. 998-1076 and no. 4 Pp. 1038-1076. 

This is an easy index to use, but it does not lend itself to abstracting as it is  

done in streaming style across a page with surname first and then page  

numbers following, single spacing    throughout. PRICE two volumes and the

index sold together as a set.  Three Volumes for $12 

****      ****      ****      ****      ****      ****



 VOLUME IX, no. 4  Winter, 1963, number 36 complete.  Pp. 1198-1235,  

3-hole punched, bound issue.  1800 Census of Pendleton District, South  

Carolina -  important book published by The National Genealogy Society  

revieweed; Pasquotank Co., NC  1769 Tax List has number of whites, black  

males, black females.  Sample Pharoah Ventress, James & Tony 1-2-0.  David  

Spence 1-0-0, James Spence and Negro Bess 1-0-1.  Grand Total 974 whites,  

513 black males and 264 black females = 1,754 names. 11 pages; Guilford  

County, NC Sixty-six UNRECORDED WILLS 1771-1925.  Full names:  Gabriel  

Albright, Mary Anthony, Reuben Beard, Wm Beard, Hezekiah Bevill, Henry  

Black, John M. Brittain,  Zebulon Causey, John D. Chichester [deed], Joshua  

Clapp, Peter Coble, Robert Cole, John Cook, Margaret Cook, Rev. Nathan M.

Cooper, James Coots, Elias Cowen, Rachel Cummins, John W. Dick, Robert  

Donnell, Hugh Forbus, Lydia J. Gardner, Andrew Garringer, Yancey Gibson,  

Sally Gilham, Robert Gilmer, Parish Gorrell, Abraham Gossett, David Graves,  

John Hamilton, John Hardiman, Joel Harris, Peter Harris, Robert Howard,  

Heartwell Huffman, Solomon Ingol(e/d), Joseph Johnson, Isaac Lane, Hiram

Lindsay, Henry Macy, James Vana Maxwell, Mary McIver, Archibald McMichael,

Charity McMichael, Lucinda McNeely, Wm Mendenhall, Sibby Moderwell,  

Samuel Nelson [record], Wm. Ogburn, Wm Hamilton Parker, Lucy Peeples,  

John Perkins, Wm Phibbs, Nicholas Popplein, Susanna Popplein, R. R.  

, Mary Rankin, Robert C. Raper, L, G. Ross, Abigail Stanley, Joseph Stanley   

James M. Thacker, Josiah Trotter, Isaiah Weatherley, Robert Wilson 2, Elisha  

Wharton, Elijah Witty, Sr. Eliz. J. Wyrick.  [Somebody, somewhere, is looking  

for this will for these people.  Get copies from the Archives in Raleigh!]

The next article is entitled MORE UNRECORDED WILLS from GuilfordCounty  

1816-1910 in the Archives in Raleigh.  Here are 56 more wills, some recorded

in the books, but about 25 are not recorded.  "An Eloquent Plea" brings a tear

to your eye as this pitiful wife of a Tory [English Sympathizer in the  

Revolution] begs for her husband to be set free. More NC Inventories and  

Sales of Estates 1712-1798.  Gives full name, County of Residence and year.   

13 pages; More information by the Editor about his progress with a complete

list of wills on which he was currently working.  Archives and Library  

Accessions Listings keep readers up-to-date on where they can actually  

see the documents or order the materials. PRICE One issue $4 

****      ****      ****      ****      ****      ****


GENEALOGY,  VOLUME X, no. 39 Volume X, Separate Issue, Fall, 1964,  

39 complete.  pp. 1706-1755, 3-hole punched, bound issue.  This issue holds

IredellCounty (daughter of RowanCounty, Iredell was created in 1788.)  

Records of FourthCreekChurch, which is now known as the First  

Presbyterian Church, Statesville, NC.  These people, without changing their  

place of residence, had already lived in Bladen County, then Anson County,  

Then Rowan County, and finally in Iredell County.  These names come from a

map, a copy of which hangs in the Statesville Library.  195 families are listed.  

Are some of yours listed?  Adams, Allison 3, Alexander 2, Andrew, Archibald  

3, Bailie 3, Beard, Beaty, B(e/i)ll 2, Black, Bones 3, Bowman, Boyd, Brown,  

Cardwell, Carson, Cavin, Chambers 3, Clendennon, Cooper 2, Davidson,  

Dobbins 2, Dobson 2, Duffie, Edmund, Forgey, Fleming, Freeland, Gay,  

Graham, Griffith, Guthrie, Haden, Hall 4, Hamilton, Harris, Henderson,  

Henry, Hill 5, Homes, Houston 3, Ireland 2, Irwin /s 6, Johnson, Kilpatrick,  

King 3, Knox 2, Kuttedge, Leach, Locker, Logan 2, Long, Miligan, Miller,  

Montgomery, Morrison 7, Morton, Murdoch, McCallen, McCleland 4, McCrany,

McCrury, McFarlan, McGuire 3, McHargue 2, McKee, McKinney, McKnight 2,  

McKoun, McLoun, McNeely, McWhorter 2, Nicebury, Nesbet 2, Nicholas,  

Oliphant, Ormond, Porter, Potts 3, Puioinee, Purviance, Reed 5, Rodgers,  

Rosebrough 4, Rowby, Rutledge, Sharpe 2, Shaw, Shodman, Simonton 4,  

Sloan 2, Smith 2, Snoddy, Stewart?, Steel 4, Stephenson 3, Stinson 3, Taxen?,  

Thomas, Thompson 2, Tho(m/rn)ton, Tracey, Trotter, Wadde, Waiegh,

Wasson 4, Watt 2, Whaley, White, Wilson 3, Witherspoon 2, Woford, Woods  

and Young.  Nash County - 1782 tax list; approximately 42, 50, 47, per column

for twelve columns;  MecklenburgCounty Estates 1762-1800 72 names with  

details and heirs.  Revolutionary Military Papers 17 pages of settlement,  

warrants issued and land transfers. Some Virginia-Carolina Connections  

1726-1800-four pages. More Archives and State Library Accessions one  

being ChowanCounty 237 boxes (many dating from early 1700s - many  

valuable items for genealogical research!) family genealogies, family Bibles,  

AlamanceCounty Deeds 1793-1905! Wilkes County - Court Minutes 9

volumes 1793-1838, many additional items no longer privately held or in the  

courthouse.  This item sold with the next item.  Set of two PRICE $8



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME X INDEX, Separate Index, 1964, number with  

complete  index.  pp. 1237--1354, 3-hole punched, issue stapled in upper left

corner, includes table of contents for all four issues and surname index for  

all four issues. Set of two PRICE $8

****      ****      ****      ****      ****      ****



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME XII, no. 2 Summer, 1966, number 46 complete.   

Pp. 1664-1704, 3-hole punched, bound issue. Articles include:  Haywood  

County: Heads of Families 1810 census, Bute County: Wills, Deeds and

Inventories 1764-1767; Dobbs County 1780 Tax List; Halifax District  

evolutionary Pay Vouchers; The HOLYFIELDS and HOLLIFIELDS in Nortb  

Carolina; NC Legislative Papers 1729-1935;Archives and State library  

Accessions Lists; Ads, Notes and Queries;  Index is 28 columns of surnames

and numbers. each are indexed within the issue.  Sold as a set of three   

for $12.



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME XII, no. 3  Fall, 1966, number 47 complete.  

Pp. 1706-1755, 3-hole punched, bound issue.  Each issue is now separately

indexed and bound with in the issue.  Columbus County - Heads of families  

1810 census; Lincoln & Tryon County, NC Abstracts of six previously lost  

wills are listed here:  James McAfee, John Oaks, John Summey, Jacob  

Wilfong, Alexander Wills, and Wm Watson are listed here. [Hope one of these  

lost papers is one of yours, because his will is not lost any more!]; Currituck  

County Orphan Docket 1772-1803; Edgecombe County: Inventories, etc. 1

1772-1783; Burton Family Data; Parks Family of Wilkes & Burke Counties,  

NC; NC Revolutionary Military Papers; Beaufort County Old Deed Book 1,

1700-1706; Archives & State Library Accession Lists; Ads, Notes & Queries;  

Complete surname index to this issue.  Sold as a set of three for $12.


GENEALOGY,  VOLUME XII, no. 4,  Winter, 1966, number 48 complete.  

pp. 1758-1808, 3-hole punched, bound issue, indexed. Colonial "Census"  

of North Carolina; Some Scotland - North Carolina - Mississippi Connections;

Captain Samuel Cobrin's Company of Militia:  The first settlers of Gaston &  

Lincoln County; N. C. Legislative Papers, 1729-1935; Archives & State  

Library's Accession Lists; Ads, Notices and Queries, plus index of this issue.

 Sold as a set of three for $12.


****      ****      ****      ****      ****      ****


GENEALOGY,  VOLUME XIII, no. 1 Spring, 1967, number 49.  Pp. 1810- 1858,  

3-hole punched, indexed.  Editor's Page; Land Inquisitions and Fee tails  

1751-1774; Chowan County 1753 Tax Lists; Grimes' Wills: Major Additions  

[John Duston, Patrck Ogleby, Paul Bunch, Thomas Parris, Arnold White, Sr.,  

Robert Hicks, Elizabeth Stephenson.George Alle(y)n] and Corrections  

[William Powell, Edward Carter, Thomas Busbey, James Ball, John Campbell,  

and John Jacob Stover]; Colonial "Census" 1741-1750 of North Carolina -  

14 columns; 699 names have been copied with county, number of white  

males, black males and black females.  Bailey genealogy, compiled by Wm P.  

Johnson - 6 pages;Archives list includes Ashe County 974 Marriage Bonds,  

Civil and Criminal Actions, Deeds & Land Records etc; Lenoir County  

1738-1866 Record Books + 14 volumes of records, Macon County 57  

Volumes; Family Records plus Ads, Notes & Queries. 7 pages & index.  My  

abstract will list names appearing on 2 pages (,) or more (#):Adams,  

Albertson, Allen 5, Alleyn, Allison, Alston, Anderson, Andrews 3, Arnell,  

Austin 6, Aver(e/i)tt, Bacus, Bailey 6, Baker 6, Balie, Ballard, Bal(l)(e)y, Barker,

Barnes 4, Barrow, Bell, Bennet, Benton 3, Bird, Blackall 3, Blanchard,  

Blount 4, Bond 3, Bonner 3, Boon 3, Boyd, Brice, Bright, Brooks, Brown 4,  

Bryan 3, Bryant 3, Bunch, Butler 3, Campbell 4, Cannon, Carter 5, Champion,  

Charles 3, Charlton 3, Collins, Cooper, Copland, Daniel, Davis 4, Doughtie,  

Draughon, Driver, Duke 2, Dukes, Ellis 3, Evans, Evins. Index A thru E here,  

but in book is complete through Z. Sold as a set of three PRICE $12  



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME XIII, no. 3  Fall, 1967, number 51.  Pp. 1914-1962,  

complete.  3-hole punched, indexed includes:  Editor's page; Edgecombe  

County, Marks & Brands 1732-1835; Rutherford County, 1782 Tax List;  

Richmond County Immigrants; Capt. Saml. Cobrin's Company of Militia;

Montgomery Co., Land Entries 1779-1807;  Lee Family - NC Rev.. War  

Pensioners; Genealogical Gems; Richmond County Wills & Inventories  

1789-1807; Ashley Family; Grimes' Wills:  Major Additions [William MacKay,  

William Handcock, John Frazier, Thomas Davis, Enoch Hall John Burrington,

and Cullen Pollock, & Corrections; NEW Column Who's Working on What?  

Archives & State Library Accession Lists; Ads, Notes & Queries followed by  

the Index for this issue F-L here, but in book goes to Z.  Abstract does not  

include any surname appearing on only one page:  Fail, Farmer, Ferguson,  

Fischer 4, Fisher, Flack, Fleming 3, Fletcher 4, Flowers 3, Fort 3, Frazier,  

French 3, Fronaberger, Fry, Gage, Gilbert, Gillis, Goodman, Goodrich,  

Goodwin, Gray, Green 5, Grimes, Hall 4, Hamer, Hampton 4, Hardin, Hardy 4,

Hargis, Harper, Harris 5, Hasell, Hawkins 4, Haywood, Hearn/e, Heidelberg,  

Hendry, Henry, Heyel, Higdon 4, Hill 5, Hilliard, Hinke, Hogan 3, Holland,  

Hopkins 3, Hopper, Howard, Howell, Huddlestone 3, Jacobs, Jeffery,  

Johnson 9, Johnston, Jones 8, Kegley, Kelly, Kerr, Kil(l)ian 3, Kinchen,  

Kuykendall 4, Lane 3, Lea, Ledbetter 3, Lee 9, Leeper, Leigh 3, Lewis 3,  

Lightfoot, Logan, Long, Love, Lowry, Index in the book goes to Z.   

Sold as a set of three PRICE $12 



GENEALOGY,  VOLUME XIII, no. 4 Volume XIII, no. 4, Winter, 1967,  

number 52 complete.  Pp. 1966-2015, 3-hole punched, indexed, stapled  

issue, back cover missing, front cover is here.  Editor's Page; Bath County

Land Grants 1705-1734; Randolph Co. Will Book 1, 1779-1794; Cross Index  

to Deeds, Johnston County 1746-1759; 1786 Census of NC; Caswell County  

1786 Census; Archives and State Library Accession Lists; Who is Working  

on What?  Ads, Notes & Queries.  Index starts with Ms:  McClain, McClendon  

4, McCullom 3, McCullum, McDaniel 4, McGee 4, McKinney, McLain 4,  

McTyre/e 3, Martin 3, Mears 3, Mendenhall, Merryman, Miller 7, Mitchell 3,  

Moore 13, Morgan, Morris, Mosely 3, Nelson, Nixon, Parker 5, Pate 4,  

Patterson, Peacock 3, Pearce 3, Perkins, Pickett 3, Pipkin, Powel/l 3, Pescott,  

Radford, Raiford, Tasberry, Rasher 3, Ratcliff, Register, Reynolds 4, Rice,  

Rich, Richardson 5, Roach, Robbins 5, Roberts 11, Russell 4, St. Amand,

Samford 3, Sanders, Sasser, Sessions, Sharp 5, Shepperd, Sherman,  

Simpson. Singletary, Smith 11, Spann 3, Speight, Stanfield 4, Swugg 3,  

Summer/s 3, Sutton, Swann 3, Tatom 4, Taylor 3, Teague 5, Temple, Thigpen,

Thomas, Thompson, Thornborough, Tucker 4, Turner 3, Uzzell, Wade 3,  

Walker 4, Ward, Watson, Weaver 4, West 3, White, Whiteside/s 2, Whitfield 4,

Wilburn, Williams 11, Williamson 3, Wilson 6, Wood 7, Worley, Wright, York 5

and Young 2.  Sold as a set of three for $12    

****      ****      ****      ****      ****      ****


Volume XV, no. 4, Winter, 1969, number 60 complete.  Pp. 2430-2474,  

3- hole punched, bound issue, indexed.  Ediror's Page; Bute County 

Insolvents 1769; ChowanCounty Wills & Admin. 1777-1784; Chowan  

Landowners Living in Perquiman's County, 1777; Chowan County Tax  

Delinquents 1754, 1780, 1781; Johnston County - Wills, Admins, Inventories

Accts. 1781-1791; NC Council Minutes, & Wills & Inven & Accts. 1677- 1701;  

Moore County - Will Book A 1784-1819; Moore County Marriages 1785-1787;  

Orange County New Marriage Bonds 1795-1836; Population Explosion; An  

Article on the Formation of the North Carolina Counties, 1663-1943 - A must

read for any NC genealogist!  If you are looking in the wrong county at the  

wrong time you are not likely to find the right people!  Population Explosion!

The Gypsies; Archives and State Library Accessions.  If you are looking for  

the right records for the right people in the wrong place, you will not likely  

find them there! Ads, Notes, Queries and the complete index to finish this

issue.  PRICE: $5


Hang on people!  There are just two more issues to do for this crazy crate.  

I'm beginning to think I know all these people!


****      ****      ****      ****      ****      ****


GENEALOGY, Volume XVI, no. 1, Spring-Summer, 1970, number 61 complete.  

Pp. 2482-2531, 3-hole punched for a binder, unbound issue, no index in this  

volume.  Editor's Page, 1820 Census of North Carolina by long-term  

genealogist, Dorothy Williams Potter, book review only.  PerquimansCounty:

1720 tax list; Some PA, DEL, NC Connections; Names Can Be Entertaining:  

I peeked and they sure were!  Rutherford County Will Book B 1791-1813;  

Warren County, NC Records, Wills 1779-1814; Granville County Will Book 1  

1772-1787; The HOLLOWELLS; Long Genealogy; Some KY-TN-NC  

Connections, Book Reviews, etc.  Two volumes for $6.



GENEALOGY, Volume XVI , no. 3, Fall-Winter, 1970, number 62 complete.   

Pp. 2534-2583,  3-hole punched unbound issue. For some reason the 1"

binding side of the front cover has been preserved-all 11" of it, but the title  

on the cover page is missing and a 3" by 7" portion of the cover has been  

cut out and removed.  The Table of Contents is all there.  This editio

n includes the Editor's Page, An article on the Carteret Family; Chowan  

County - 1721 Tax List; More Brick Church Records NC Legislative Papers,  

1729-1935; NC Genealogical Research Maps; NC Revolutionary Military  

Papers, Book & Publication Ads, Notices and Reviews  NO  index.  

 Two volumes for $6.


I have no further issues of this periodical which became just two
issues for 1970 with no index furnished, but there were hundreds
of surnames in the text.  These may have
been the last ones done by
Mr. Johnson

Pat from YOGS

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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