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Newsletter Subtitle:  Two Different Periodicals From North Carolina 

Month Day Year:  May 24, 2011 

YOGS CRAZY CRATE 103:  MAY 24, 2011








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One of life's greatest pleasures is finding the contributions made to the field of genealogy recognized when a friend receives high public recognition for his/her contributions to the field, so I was so pleased when one of my friends has received this prestigious award this year.  Here is the announcement of just such an award for Jana Sloan Broglin.  We published sixty-eight of her books on Kentucky and we were very pleased and proud to do so.

Here is the announcement of the high recognition of her service in the field of genealogy given at the state conference this year in Ohio: " Jana Sloan Broglin:  "A genealogist for more than 30 years, Jana joined the Ohio Genealogical Society in 1979. Her contributions have been significant and enduring. She has served as District Trustee, Education Chair, Query Editor for the OGS Newsletter, Conference Chair (1995), and Program Conference Chair (1999 and 2011). She is a member of First Families of Ohio and the first recipient of the Ohio Genealogical Society's  McCafferty Award of Excellence in Genealogy.


Her reach stretches beyond Ohio's borders. Jana is the past Vice-President of Membership for the Federation of Genealogical Societies and currently serves as a Director. She is noted for her books on Ohio military genealogy, more than 30 publications on Kentucky, and most famously for her speech called, "Hookers, Crooks and Kooks".


A Certified Genealogist, Jana speaks at conferences across the country and is a member of the Association for Professional Genealogists. Jana brings light to the old by embracing new technology. Jana brought excitement and interest to the 2011 conference and generated attendance through her OGS Facebook posts.


For Jana's many contributions, and more to come, we are pleased to bestow the honor of Ohio Genealogical Society Fellow.  Congratulations, Jana!


Now on to theperiodicals! 




YOGS CRAZY CRATE 103:  BOOK 1:  THE GENEALOGICAL JOURNAL.  DAVIDSON & ROWAN COUNTIES:   VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1, 1981, Spring Issue.  Compiled by the Genealogical Society of Davidson County, North Carolina.  Davidson County, North Carolina is a progeny (daughter) of Rowan County and was, until 1822, a part of Rowan County.  A team of Editors - Kathleen Mock Craver, Taft Jonas Lewis and Henry H. Reeves edited this periodical.  The Table of Contents lists many items: 8.5" by 11" paper, cardstock wrap covers.  This first edition begins with the "From your Editor" section written by Kathleen Mock Craver, then "Old Pilgrim [Church] Records", concerning the Rev. Adolph Nussman and Gotfried Arndt, who visited and organized a congregation of German Lutherans between 1773 and 1787, in what since 1753 had been Rowan County, NC.  German Reformed (Presbyterian) arrived at what became Pilgrim or the Dutch (German) settlement on Abbots Creek ca.1753-1754.  Rev. Christian E. Barnhardt was a pastor in what was Rowan County from 1787-1788.  Other pastors of the churches are noted.  Pilgrim Church uses 1757 as a founding date based on the birth of the first baptized child, Philip Sowers.  Most of the settlers were second generation Pennsylvania Germans who migrated to North Carolina because most land in Pennsylvania had already been taken up by others.  36 settlers are listed in that article.  Will of Mary Miles 1784; List of Civil War Veterans Buried in Lexington Cemetery; 1861 Civil War Letter; Philip Swicegood's Family Bible 1806-1865; Court Minute Docket Book and Quarter Sessions, 1822-1831; Gobble and Riley Cemeteries; Davidson County Marriage Bonds, 1822-1927; Three Funeral Invitations: Julia A. Holt, Holt Hunt, Mrs. Louisa A. Holt; Davidson County Deaths 1911-1913; Pages From a Diary 1775-1783; Marriages from Sept. 1, 1775 to the last of 1776, 41 of them; Collected Notes on Some Davidson County Families - Cecil, Cunningham, Fritts, Harris, Hedrick, Helmstetler, Hoover, Leonard, Lineberry, Pettigrew, Phelps, and Shoaf Families; Plus Queries and an Index.  The Index has ten columns, over 430 names, and includes the following names listed on two (,) or more (actual number of pages): Adams (2) pp., Beck 6 pp., Bell, Berrier 3, Bodenhamer 3, Bowers 3, Brewer, Briggs, Brinkley, Brown 6, Brummel 5, Burkhead, Burrow/s, Burton, Byerly 4, Caldcleugh 3, Cecil 3, Charles, Clemmons 3, Clodfelter 3, Conrad 8, Cook 3, Craver 4, Cross, Cunningham, Daniel 4, Davis 11, Dobson, Eberhardt 3, Eller, Ellis 4, Evans 2, Everheart 4, Farington 6, Fouts 3, Fritts, Gobble 3, Greiman, Hall, Hampton 5, Hargrave 5, Harris 8, Hedrick 7, Hege 4, Heitman, Helmstetler, Hermann, Hiatt, Hill 4, Hinkle 2, Holmes 3, Holt 3, Huffman 5, Hunt 6, Idol 3, Ives, Jackson, Jones 4, Jung, Kennedy 6, Kenny, Kirkman 3, Lambeth 3, Lanning 3, Lapp, Lappen, Lee 5, Leonard 6, Long, Lopp 5, Lowe, Luisen, Manlove 4, McBride 3, McCrary 3, McKay, Meyer 3, Meyern 3, Michael, Miers, Miller 8, Millern, Mock 10, Monroe 4, Moore 3, Morgan 3, Morris, Mulican, Myers 4, Nunchasen, Owen, Owens 3, Pain/e 2, Peace 3, Peggot, Perryman 3, Plummer, Pope 4, Raper, Ratts 4, Reeves 3, Roberts 2, Sappenfield, Schaffen, Shamwell 4, Sherwood 5, Shoaf 5, Sink 5, Skeen 2, Smith 10, Smoot 2, Sturgin 4, Stephens 3, Sullivan 3, Swain, Swicegood 9, Swink, Teague, Tesh, Thomas 3, Thompson, Tice 3, Trantham 4, Tyer 3, Varner, Veach, Wagner, Walker, Ward 4, Weaver, Welborn 3, Westmoreland, Williams 5, Wilson 10, Wiseman 7, Workman, Wright 3, Yarbro, Younce, Younts, Zink, and Zimmerman 2.  You can tell, by the large number of these names that this county has a lot of offshoots of Rowan County names living in this Davidson County after 1822.  The people didn't move, the county was created and partitioned off, and they found themselves living in a different county without having to move at all!  A real plus is the List of 199 Charter Members, whose names are not included in the index! Their Addresses, and the Surnames they are researching are listed after the index.  Chock full of names - many of Rowan's Families are mentioned here.  Concludes with Katherine's Skippie's finely drawn map of Historical Davidson County, North Carolina with 34 historical landmarks sketched and identified with the total list featured on the adjacent page.  This volume and the next both for $10.  


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 103:  BOOK 2:  NC - YOGS- DAVIDSON & ROWAN COUNTY:  THE GENEALOGICAL JOURNAL, VOLUME 1, NUMBER 2, Fall issue. A Periodical compiled by the Genealogical Society of Davidson County, North Carolina, 1981, 51 pages, 8.5" by 11" paper, cardstock wrap covers.  From Your Editor section; Pension Abstracts 1832-1865; Civil War Letter 1861; Memoirs of Richard Barton Myers 1861-1865; Cox Family Bible Records 1764-1840; Court Minutes 1823; Marriage Bonds 1865-1885; Death Certificates 1913-1914; Grubb Cemetery 1909-1978; Land Grant 1783; Books About Davidson County; Queries, Corrections and In Memoriam; A list of 40 new members and an Index.  This abstract of the index lists every surname (out of about 400)  mentioned on two (,) or more (#) pages in this issue:  Adderton, Allen 4, Anderson, Badgett 3, Bailey, Banks, Beck 8, Benton, Berrier, Billings, Bost, Brinkley 4, Brown 4, Bryant, Byerly 5, Cecil 6, Clement 3, Conrad, Cox, Craver 4, Darr, Davis 3,  DeLap/p, Dusenberry, Ellis 5, Evans 3, Ezzell, Farabee 3, Fitzgerald 4, Ford, Foster, Frank, Gilchrist, Gray, Green 4, Grubb, Haines 5, Hargrove 6, Harris, Hege 5, Hill 3, Hilton, Holt, Hough 6, Hunter, Ingram 4, Jackson, Johnson 5, Jones 5, Koonts, Lambeth 4, Lee 5, Leonard, Lindsay, Long 3, Lopp, May, McCurston, Meacham, Michael 3, Miller 6, Mock 4, Morton, Motsinger, Myers 5, Neely, Oliver, Orrell, Owens 4, Palmer, Payne, Perryman 3, Reed 4, Reid, Rice, Shoaf 4, Skeen, Smith 7, Snider 3, Sowers, Surratt, Taylor, Tesh, Thomas 4, Thompson, Wagner, Walser 5, Watson 5, Williams, Wilson 5, Wiseman 4, Wright 3, Yates, Yo(a)kley, York and Young 6. and a list of 40 new additional members with addresses.  Good job, editors!  PRICE:  Both volumes for $10     





JOURNAL OF THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA.  Edited by June C. Watson and Sharyn Watson.   A three-inch tall pile of journals embracing facets of the lives of the early settlers of Rowan County, North Carolina, published starting in 1962 and running, through 1990 variously.  Some appear to be missing, but seven are listed and are available here.  The earliest dated ones appear to be edited by William Perry Johnson, a professional genealogist, who did these journals for many years They were too long and too numerous to add here, so they will have to come out on a later crate.  The society began editing the journal, starting the numbering over again in 1987.  Their periodicals appear here. 


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 103:  BOOK 3:  JOURNAL OF THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NC.  VOLUME II #3 is dated September, 1988.  Pages 57 to 94 contains Cemetery Records from Grace Lowerstone United Church of Christ which includes stones, with inscriptions, from the following families:  Barger 9, Barringer 15, Beaver 7, Berger 2, Boger 8, Bost 4, Brown 2, Cope 3, Corel 2, Corl 6, Earnheart 2, File 3, Fischer 12, Fisher 8, Foil 4, Foutz 5, Fraley 3, Frick 2, Heller [with ancestor's names dates and places 8,] Holshouser 30, Josey 2, Klotz 1 [with lots of family notes,] Klutts 54, Kluttz 13, Klutz 4 [with notes,] Leoppard 2, [Lerch, Rev. Daniel B., pastor,] Lingle 5, Lippard 15, Miller 4, Moose 4, Peeler 20, Powlas/s 2, Ribelin 2, Roseman 12, and Trexler 11,  single surname graves were omitted from this list. Eight pages, hundreds of names.  

Notices from the Carolina Watchman about the marriage of William Misamer to Mrs Sarah E. Peeler, daughter of Michael Heilig  June 14, 1874.  Apprenticeship papers from 18 June 1874.  In the Arts & Crafts trades 62 boys, ages from 7 to 18, mostly orphans, became apprenticed-out to men willing to train them in various trades from 1767 to 1838. [Sample: Samuel Hamilton takes George Ward as apprentice to the joiner's trade, 18 February, 1819.  (4 pp.), More notices from the paper.  An abstract of marriage bonds from the 1700s alphabetically by grooms from Elimont alphabetically to Hoover, 1797-1764.  The 1850 Mortality Schedule: 35 entries on each page 71, 72, 73, (27 on p. 74,) 35 each page 75 and 76.  Each line contains number, name, age, sex, color, slave, M[arried] or Wid[ow/ower]. Place of birth, Month of death, Occupation, Cause of death and number of days ill.  Some spaces have no answers found on the original-unavailable and/or not  recorded.  1870 census abstract of Gold Hill Township 9 pages, page 86 cute poem sent in  [Genealogists have a good, quick sense of humor until the reader remembers she has a family just like the author's Watsons!  The next pages 87, 88, and 89 lists Franklin Township churches/cemeteries with denomination, year organized, cemetery (yes or no), List (no or #), State Road, Road Name (address or description).  Some minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions finish page 89.  Maps of Davie County, formed from Rowan County in 1836,  fill pages 90 and 91.  Queries fill page 92 and 93.  Copies from the Miscellaneous Files for Rowan County at the State Archives in Raleigh finish this issue.  Priced separately at $5     


YOGS CRAZY CRATE 103:  BOOK 4:  Journal of the Genealogical Society of Rowan County, NC  VOLUME III #1 Page 1 to page 38.  Pages start with an Editor's Page courtesy of June C. and Sharyn M. Watson and a Treasurer's Report from Glenn Parks for the Society.  One of the members of this society is Mrs. Jean K. Ramsey, the Registrar of Deeds for Rowan County, who found she was permitted to print off her computer a computer-generated list of marriages (1753-1800) which include Male surname, given name, Female surname, given name, date of marriage, reel#, page #, description (if given, such as German).  Mrs. Ramsey, at that time, said she would send you a printout of any surname that you request for a nominal fee.  Date of computer run was 1/05/89.  Male surnames listed first-females listed separately are the second number listed with four or more first names are:  Ad(d)am/s  18 males/12 females,  Alexander  7/1,  All(e/i)n  3/5,  Allison 5/5,  Anderson  6/8,  Andr(u/ew/)s  8/9,  Armstrong  6/2, Aronheart  1/5,  Ba(d/g)get/t  3/1,   Bail(e)y  7/6,  Baker 7/7.  Will of John Pool, [Pat's note: looks as if it is a verbatim copy, but does not say so.]  Other people mentioned: wife, Elizabeth Pool; daughter Elizabeth Brown; son, David Pool, daughter Margaret Pool; son, Joseph Pool; Daughter Marie Pool; Daughter, Eliza Pool, and daughter Rebecca Pool.  Son, David Pool and friend, John Hampton to be executors.  Witnesses Cowan, Horah and Brown.  One page.  John Braly m[arrie]d Sarah Carruth 1758.  They had nine children, with birth dates listed plus burials listed both familial and slave.  Applications for pensions for Rowan County Civil War Veterans who were wounded or pensions for the wives of veterans killed in the war.   Much detail required and given as to how much and to whom pensions were given.  Law passed 1885.  Names of people who applied:  50 per page and two pages of Veteran's name and widow (if there was one).  Nice scanned photocopy of $18.00 annual pension check for Lydia D. James (widow) and Daniel Harrison (soldier).  Tribute to Father Rothrock, 33 years the Minister to Organ Lutheran Church.  Baptized 1,605 infants, 117 adults; confirmed 1,229; married 740 couples; buried 922 persons.  Left his papers from which the above statistics were gathered.  Abstracts from the pages from his diary, 1845-1853 for funerals and baptism are listed on the next four pages.  Mortality Schedule for 1860 Same information as in book above:  Sample:  William Holshouser, age 28, male, black, slave, Dec[ember]., Day Laborer, Cause: Typhoid Fever, ill one month. (3 pages). Early Records from Summersett Funeral Home - Salisbury, Rowan County, NC from 20 May, 1908 to 3 December, 1908 with 121 records such as this one:  Mrs. Ellen Lentz,  Died: 18 July 1908, 72 yr. 2 mo., 1 day, Cause Consumption & Fall, Buried Episcopal at Franklin.  Newspaper Abstracts of Rowan County fill parts of pages left bare at the end of an article.  Good use of space!  Queries fill page 26 and 27.  Page 29-36 is part of the 1870 census abstraction for Litaker Twp. This gives all names, ages, and sex.  Churches and Cemeteries of Gold Hil lTownship are last.  It appears the back inside cover of this issue has come loose from the issue.  A back cover which bears the correct date as to the above issue is here and bears a hand drawn map of Early Rowan County by Wm. D. Kizziah with much detail listed.  Price this issue separately at $5   


 [NOTE: ] JOURNAL OF THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NC  VOLUME IV NO.2 & No. 3 & THE INDEX FOR 1990.  All three sold as a set for $15  

CRAZY CRATE 103  BOOK 5A.  JOURNAL OF THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NC  VOLUME IV NO.2 Part of the above set :  Page 35-64:  The Genealogical Society of Rowan County was presented the Historic Preservation Award for their special contribution to the preservation and enhancement of our historic community on May 17, 1990, by Edward P. Norvell, President of the Historic Salisbury Foundation, Inc.  Congratulations to the Society.  Genealogists show respect for what our ancestor's did and were in our country's past as a contribution to a better future.   Page 36 is a continuation of the small cemeteries in this county with Providence Lutheran Church with surnames of Safret, Cartner, Rudacil, Florrance, Beaver and Donahou. Next is South River Methodist Church with Steele, Luckey, Brittingham, Dayvault, Long, Gowan, Foster, Hathen, Correll, Hall, Smoot, Neely, Calmaline, Rheudasil, Smith Safret, Turner, Campbell and Rodden includes four infants of B.A.  and Martha Rodden, Newman-died at Dury's Bluff, VA- June 20, 1862, 32 yrs, 12 days, Gibson, Daniels, 3 children of J.W. and M.F. McCulloch  This seems to be the family burying grounds mostly of the Steele and Luckey and Smoot families.  A first-hand story of Civil War times is on page 38.  Newspaper article celebrated the movement through town on the Railroad of the famous "LibertyBell" reported in Feb. 5, 1896 paper.  Escort and guards gave away books on its history.  June 2, 1892 article reports Mrs. Giles Beal, Lincoln County died from having her ears pierced.  She was 35.  [Pat's note:  What a shame!  We could have told them to boil the needle, apply some alcohol,  and she might have lived to a ripe old age.  A little knowledge can go a long way if you know it when you need it.]  Reading all those Cherry Ames and nurse's romances is a fun way to get an elementary knowledge of good health practices! From the Files of Mrs. Marie McCubbins: Deeds nearly fill this page 39 from late 1700s.  Page 40 holds a picture the society hopes someone can identify-a picture of a woman and a pair of twin boys, found in a collection of Holshouser pictures.  The boys are in several different pictures and when they are about school age one of the boys is missing a lower leg and foot.  Ring any bells with you?  Their new history of The Heritage of Rowan County has almost 300 family histories which are going to be printed in it, but they want still more.  A two-page spread of North Carolina Senators and Representatives in the Confederate Congress 1861-1865.  Pictures of Jefferson Davis, Burton Craige and T. G. Ramsay add to the information.  An "In Memorium to Edith Holshauser Ritchie finishes page 44.  More Marriages on four pages from 1753-1800, alphabetically by surname with four or more entries- groom/brides:  Cox  ?/8,  Cross  ?/4  Cru(i)se 3/2,   Culber(t)son  2/2  Cumens 1-Cummins  3/1 Cunningham  4/5, Danc(e)y 4/ 2,  Daniel/s  4/0,  Davidson  3/4. Dav(i)(e)s  21/15, Dickey  5/2,  Dobbin/s  5/4.  More Widow's Pension Applications of three kinds, those who have been drawing pensions, New applicants who have not been drawing pensions and new applicants who have been rejected and the cause, pp. 49, 50 and 51.  Page 51 also has two bastardy cases at the bottom of that page.  Pages 52 to 57 continues the census of 1870 for Morgan Township. Page 58 to 61 holds part of an article with legal descriptions of the placement of Rowan County Schools from District 16 to 29.  An article concerning the case for a recognizance Bond and Examination on Treason Charges Against Michael Millar, Nicholas Millar, Jacob Yoast, Andrew Troutman, Jacob Hartman, Henry Hartman, George Tarr, & Frederick Pecke with principals & security John Randelman & Philip Brown who to the tune of 2,000 pounds each (set bond) for the price of 500 pounds each until the next court  March 15, 1779.  Before Matt Troy and Michael Brown, J.P.  Might well be worth further investigation?  Page 63 is full of queries, more legal papers on page 64.  Of much interest if your surname is there.  On the inside back cover is a pen and ink sketch of a slave gallery in Third Creek Presbyterian Church.  Part of a set of three for  $15


CRAZY CRATE 103  BOOK 5B:  JOURNAL OF THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NC  VOLUME IV NUMBER 3, AUGUST 1990.  Part of the above set  All three for $15  Editor's Page and Officers for 1990 announced.  An Act for Dividing the County of Rowan appears on pages 66 and 67.  From the Republican Banner:  Marriages, Esq. Mr. Franklin M. Yost and Miss Sophia Beaver Aug 21, 1855 and Mr. Jesse H. Hodgens to Miss Sarah Pharr 16 Aug. 1855 and in Cabarrus County, Aug 16, 1855, Rev. C. K. Caldwell of Greensboro, married Miss Fannie McKinley.  Also at the same time and place Mr. S. E. W. Pharr was married to Miss Frances J. Cocheron.  List of Post Offices of western Rowan Co., NC. Background and details of the history of these post offices.  Newspaper abstracts give details about the life of Charles C. Krider; and Miss Lillian Cauble, the story of an elopement and some information about officials of the county-and the differences in the way their county officials were at first appointed but after the Civil War the federal government required they be elected.  There follows a list - name and dates of service-of those County Commissioners from 1868 to 1993.  Page 73 holds a Nuncupative Will.  [This word means an oral rather than written will.] Often was used when someone speaks a will-on the battlefield, perhaps, or after an accident when he is not expected to live long enough to write one.  In a state Which did not recognize the status of a spoken will the testator is considered to have died without a will.  This one was filed on behalf of John Lock, on his deathbed or in his last sickness, when he said he thought it best to make a will, but he could not tell where to get anybody to make it for him; and did declare his mind in the following manner in the presence of his wife that it [was] to say that he did in no wise allow his elder son Alexander Lock to have all his land or the Plantation whereon he lived but that his will was that the land should be divided between his two sons, Alexander and Mathew Lock all which his & wife Ealce Lock deposeth on Oath.  Before me, the Subsciber's Justice of the Peace [Johy Frohock] for the County aforesaid [Rowan]; the day and year above written.[April 18, 1764.]  Found in a Deed Book [not indexed]. A Continuation of the Common Schools from District Schools #30 to #46.  List of soldiers making application for Pensions-about 150 of them.  Mt. Ulla Township 1870 Census is next, pages 81-85.  From the Carolina Watchman, May 26, 1864-Excitement at the Military Prison.  Followed by a list of Casualties Among NC Troops listing name, rank and nature of wound or killed by Troop - Name Page 86, 87, 88 and part of 89.  Payroll of Laborers on the Entrenchments at Raleigh, from Rowan County.  Marriages 1753-1800 1 page grooms, Duncan to Ellis. and 1 page brides Dobbins to Elliott, followed by Queries and the dreaded Tax Notices for each pay  

place and the date.  This was a Sheriff's notice.   Sold in the set of 3 for $15


CRAZY CRATE 103  BOOK 5C:  JOURNAL OF THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NC  INDEX FOR YEAR 1990.  Sold as a part of tset of hree.  $15.  Covers the above two volumes and this index.  1990 Index Volume  and contains the following articles in the separate volume for the yearly index:  President's Report, Names needed for that Heritage Book.  These family names listed are the names of Early Families that have not been written up for the Heritage book, probably because the descendants of these early families have long ago moved westward, maybe even more than one time.  I could not have helped, because I do not, to my present knowledge, have any North Carolina people. If you have families from another county back east, it would be helpful if you would at least copy a few family group or lineage sheets, so you could send copies back to those county genealogical societies so they could put them in their family files; it would really help all of us.  We genealogists know that we are all cousins of some kind or to some degree to practically everyone we meet in this hobby if we could just figure out how!  Sharing what little we know with places we know our ancestors lived long ago may even help us figure it out.  Also in this book there is a Treasurer's Report, A Membership List, A Surname List, Some Donations to the History Room, Notes from the Rowan Public Library, A Book list and Order Form, and a renewal form for membership.  Try joining this list if you have Rowan County People.


Now to the index:  I am working by myself tonight, so I am going to list only those surnames which appear on four or more than four pages.  Remember there is no limit as to the number of times that surname may appear on one page, but if they appear on more than four pages, you have a very good chance of learning something new.  The 55 names per column, 3 columns per page, and 11 pages = over 1,500 surnames that indicate early Rowan County Roots!  A(d)dams 5 pp., Agner 4 pp., Albright 5 pp., Alexander 7 pp., Anderson 5,  Arey 8,  Atwell 4, Bail(e)y 5, Baker 11, Bane 6, Barber 9, Barr 4, Barringer 11, Basinger 6, Bas(s)inger 6,  Bean/e 7, Beard 7, Beaver 12, Beck 4, Belk 4, Bell 4, Bernhardt 6, Blackwelder 7, Boger 4, Boggs 5, Bost 5, Bostian 10, Bradshaw 7, Brady 10, Bral(e)y 6, Brandon 6, Brawley 6, Brown/e 33, Bryn 4, Caldwell 4, Campbell 8, Canup 7, Carson 4, Carter 8, Casper 7, Cauble 8, Chambers 6, Clark/e 17, Clary 4, Clayton 5, Cline 5, Clodfel(t/d)er 6, Cole 6, Coleman 8, Cook/e 10, Cooper 8, Corl 5, Correl/l 9, Cowan 24, Cox 12, Craig/e 6, Crawford 7, Cress 7, Crouse 5, Cruse 6, Cummins 4, Cunningham 9, Current 4, Danc(e)y 6, Davidson 7, Davis 19, Dent 4, Dob(b)in/s 9, Dot(e)y 4, Douth(e/i)t 4, Dowell 4, Duke 4, Dunn 6, Eagle 5, Earnhardt 4, Earnhart 8, Earnheart 11, Eaton 5, Ed(d)leman 4, Edwards 4, Eller 7, Elliott 5, Ellis 9, Elston 5, Erwin 5, Evans 7, Fall/s 5, File 9, Fisher 7, Fleming 11, Foard 5, Foster 12, Fraley 10, Freeze 5, Frick 6, Gaither 6, Gheen 45, Gibson 5, Giles 4, Gillespie 8, Goodman 22, Graham 30, Gray 7, Guff(e)y 4, Hall 20, Hampton 6, Harkey 6, Harris 12, Harrison 4, Hart 5, Hartman 10, Heilig 8, Henderson 6, Henley 5, Hess 5, Hill 13, Hodge 6, Hof(f)man 6, Holshouser 19, Houston 4, Howard 7, Hunt 6, Jackson 10, Johns(t)on 15, Jones 5, Josey 4, Karriker 5, Kell(e) 6, Kerm/s 4, Kerr 8, Kesler 6, Kilpatrick 4, Kincaid 8, King 6, Kirk 5, Klutts 9, Klutz 9, Knox 7, Krider 4, Lawrence 4, Lee 4, Lenl(e)y 4, Lentz 7, Lewis 4, Lingle 7, Linn 9, Lipe 4, Lock/e 4, Long 7, Lutrick 4, Lyerly 13, Lynn 4, Martin 6, Mauney 4, May 4, McCon(n)aughey 6, McCubbins 6, McCulloch 4, McDaniel 5, McKenzie 6, McLaughlin 7, McLean 6, McNeel(e)y 7, McNeil/l 5, Miller 43, Mills 6, Misenheimer 4, Moore10, Morgan 21, Mow(e)ry 6, Murphy 8, Myers 5, Neral/e 5, Neely 5, Nicholson 4, Overcash 6, Owen/s 9, Park/e 5, Park/er 5, Park(e)s 7, Parks 4, Patterson 11, Patton 4, Peeler 9, Petrucelli 4, Phil(l)ips 6, Pinkston 5, Pool 4, Pool/e 7, Porter 5, Powlas/s 5, Ramsay 4, Ramsey 7, Rankin 4, Reed 5, Reid 5, Rice 9, Robert/s 6, Rogers 8, Rouse 5, Safrit 5, Seaford 4, Sell 4, Shaver 8, Sifford 9, Sloan/e 14, Sloop 9, Smith 31, Smoot 4, Stallings 6, Steel/e 6, Stewart 5, Stirewalt 5, Stoner 6, Sumner 5, Swink 5, Taylor 5, Thomas 4, Thomason 7, Thompson 9, Todd 5, Tresler 8, Trexler 8, Trott 4, Troutman 10, Tucker 4, Wag(g)oner 4, Walker 7, Watson 14, Weaver 4, White 9, Wil(l)son 6, Wilhelm 6, Williams 11, Wilson 8, Wood 10, Woods 4, Wyatt 5, Yost 4, and Young 8.  Priced as a set of three Volume IV - numbers 2 and 3   plus the index at $15.   


We are nearing the end of the North Carolina books!  Stick with me one more week and then they can go up on the website, and we can move to either Virginia or Kentucky. [e-mail me at pat@yogs.com if you have a preference!  Just the state's name will do!] I do like to give my newsletter subscribers first chance at the books we have on our shelves.  These Rowan County, North Carolina books and periodicals are wonderful, full of the things that make you say, "WOW!  I never dreamed I could learn so much about my ancestors from these periodicals."  Thanks to the hard work of all these, mostly on-site, abstractors, authors, compilers, editors and sharers of their own family's genealogy , who do all this to help us know so much more about our ancestors.  Pat from YOGS


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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