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We are still working, and in this crate are finishing, our listing of the fabulous periodical published by Jo White Linn, Editor of ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, one of the finest, award-winning, county-specific periodicals in this country.


Why is this county so important?   

Rome wasn't built in one day and neither was Rowan County!


The land that is now in Rowan County was once a part of the original county of Bath.  But it didn't stay that way.  Here are some of the jurisdictional changes that Rowan County, NC, went through to become what it is today.






1.)  Bath County was created in 1696 as an Original County.  Some of the land this county contained became, 57 years later, the land of Rowan County, NC.

2.) That land then became a part of Archdale Precinct on 3 December 1705

3.)  The land that had been a part of Archdale Precinct of Bath County joined with Craven County when its name was changed to Craven County in 1712.

4.) The land that was located in CravenCounty was separated from Craven and became New Hanover County on 27 November 1729.

5.) New Hanover land became Bladen County's land in 1734.

6.) Bladen land then became Anson County land on 17 March 1749.

7.) Rowan County was created, from the land that had been a part of Anson County, until Rowan County was created on 27 March 1753.

Researchers need to check County Records in Parent Counties of Rowan -  Bath 1696-1705: Archedale Precinct 1705-1712: Craven County 1712-1729: New Hanover County 1729-1734: Bladen 1734-1749, Anson County 1749-1753 for their ancestor's marriages, births, deaths, wills, tax and land records.  I check ten year's worth of records up and down from these years, because there are always some people in a family that are left behind, maybe in the cemetery, or married and moved to another county altogether, but they did not follow the rest of the family at the same time the others moved. Then, of course, there were others in this family who were born after it became something else and may never have known their families had been a part of Rowan County.  There are usually some family members that also go ahead, like the place they get to, settle in, and then call the rest of the family to join them.  I do think anyone who has Rowan County Roots needs to check out this information for this county!   

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     ***** 

Now this is the other side of the problem! All of these counties listed below were once a part of Rowan County, NCRowan County became their parent county and all these counties were her progeny.  They became a new county after being a part of Rowan for many years, so for any date before the given date found below, the records for these people may be found in Rowan County


(Part of Rowan until 1770 then with part of Orange became Guilford County),

(Part of Rowan until 1770 then became Surry County),

(Part of Rowan until 1777-then became Burke County),

(Part of Rowan until 1788 then became Iredell County),

(Part of Rowan until 1822-then became Davidson County),

(Part of Rowan until 1836-then became Davie County),

Also, any of those counties made from parts of these break-away counties may have been a part of Rowan County. 

Burke [Buncombe, Caldwell, McDowell, Mitchell, and YanceyCounties], 

Guilford [Randolph and Rockingham Counties,]

Iredell [Alexander County] and

Surry [Stokes and Wilkes Counties] These counties could contain people whose early roots were first in Rowan County.  

So if you find your ancestors in Alexander, Buncombe, Burke, Caldwell, Davidson, Davie, Guilford, Iredell, McDowell, Mitchell, Randolph, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes or Yancey Counties, North Carolina, you need to look in Rowan County Records for information on your surnames because they could well have had parents, grandparents and great- rand parents who lived and left records in Rowan County, North Carolina!  


These are a lot of jurisdictional changes, but if you are not looking for the right documents in the right courthouse, you will NOT find them.   


CRAZY CRATE 102  BOOK 1:  ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER,1992 VOLUME 7, #1:  FEBRUARY 1992, VOLUME 7, NO.1.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1992.  Pages 1,448-1,506.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Previously Missing 1819 Tax List of Capt. Swink's Company.  Article on NC Taxation During the Revolution. Dr. Edgar McDonald's Article on the Meaning of "next friend" being a person admitted to or by a court to act for the benefit of an "infant", meaning someone under the legal age of 21, although in certain cases "infants" could be declared "free" or legally adult before 21.  Males of 14 and females of 12 were considered to have arrived at the 'age of discretion' regarding their welfare in such matters as guardianship choice, marriage, etc,  Frequently the "next friend" in court was an older brother, an uncle, a brother-in-law, or the legal guardian of the minor.  Usually used n colonial courts in cases involving property ownership; Journal of David Correll, part 2.  From Pennsylvania to Wachovia-from PA Vital Records, Vol. 1.  Migration from York Co., PA to Surry Co., NC by families of Peter Schneider, John Jacob Berot, Melchior Fletcher, Friedrich Miller, Marcus Hons (Hanes), Martin Ebert, Joh. Adam Fischel, Gottfried Muller, Margaretha & Christopher Klein. Philipp Rothrock and Peter Feiser.  Took place 1769-1779. Loose Estate Papers, Part VII.  Plus the three regular features: Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  PRICE:  $5


CRAZY CRATE 102  BOOK 2 and 3:  ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1992-7-3: VOLUME 7, #3:  AUGUST 1992, VOLUME 7, NO.3 [two copies of this issue are available.]  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1992.  Pages 1,567-1,626.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Editor's page; The Saga of Wendel Muller: from German-Peasant to American-Junker?  Hugh Montgomery of Rowan County:  One Man With a Fast Horse. Miller Family Bible: Francis Miller: The Miller Family; An Account of Claims Laid on the County of Rowan in 1764 for materials required or used by the county.  For Better or Worse contains excerpts from an article on Divorces and Separations from Petitions to the NC General Assembly from 1779, concerning one William Cazey and wife Catherine Cazey of Rowan who said they had married in 1793 and "continued together a great strife for a Term of six weeks, after which time your Petitioners separated themselves and have ever since continued separated."  They pray for an act to divorce them or to secure to each such property as they now possess or may hereafter acquire.  In House and Senate, 20 Nov., 1801.  Marriage Bond for William Casey to Katherine Barger is dated 15 May 1793,  with Samuel Dayton bondsman.  [Pat's Note: Is this a case of Marry in Haste, Repent in Leisure?  I wonder if either ever married again?]  Plus the three regular features:  Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  Two copies of this issue are available.  PRICE:  $5 each.


CRAZY CRATE 102 BOOK 4:  ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1993-8-1: VOLUME 8, #1:  FEBRUARY 1993, VOLUME 8, NO. 1.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1993.  Pages 1,687-1,746.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Editor's Page; Joseph Cress Letter:  Migration from Cabarrus Co., NC to Montgomery Co., IL; Article-"I Did the Census and it Helped{".  Loose Estate Papers, Part VIII, Boss-Brougher. Naturalizations 1824-1826.  Salisbury District State Docket, Superior Court, March Court, 1779;  Number of Rowan Co. Taxables 1754-1767. William Graham Bible Record. Genealogical Gleanings from Revolutionary War Pensions. Plus the three regular features: Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  Sold as a complete set of four for $20.  Just one set is available.  PRICE:  $20


CRAZY CRATE 102  BOOK :  ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER,1993-8-2: VOLUME 8, #2:  MAY 1993, VOLUME 8, NO.2.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1993.  Pages 1747-1806.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled. Editor's Page. Robert Irvin of Rowan Co., NC by Kent Lee Irvin.  Carswell-Duckworth Bible Record, Division of Estates, Part IX, Book B, 1843-1845.  Salisbury District Superior Court Minutes, Part VII, March Court, 1782. Tale of an 1837 Foundling:  Dr. John Krup finds a little fatherless responsibility left at his house one day.  The little young thing was snugly stowed away in a basket of clean white wool with six or seven elegant little dresses - spoons - caps - bibs and all.  The Doctor being a humane man, of course took it in: and in reply to any inference that might be drawn from his being selected as the sponsor, we learn that the clothes are too fashionably cut to be country made; and we understand that certain old maids of the neighborhood who have held divers(e) convocations over the little stranger declare that they can see from its airs and motions already that it is city bred.  From the Carolina Watchman, 1 April, 1837 [Pat's Notes-Wow!  That brick wall that baby's descendants are going to hit will really be a problem!]; Salisbury, NC Death Register, Part 2 Dec. 1909-31 December 1910.  Plus the three regular features: Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information complete this issue.  Sold as a complete set of four for $20.  PRICE:  $20


ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1993-8-3: VOLUME 8, #3:  AUGUST 1993, VOLUME 8, NO. 3.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1993.  Pages 1,807-1,866.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled. Editor's Page. Furfield Castle Visited-

Searching out the roots of John Conrad Bohm, who left that area of Furfield, Wurttenberg, Germany in 1732 [much genealogy follows on Bame, Goodman, Hartlines, Knup/Canups, Beam and others. [Pat's note: Their experiences mirror Ray's and mine while we were in Germany.  Ray spoke enough German to make both the Germans and ourselves comfortable in a social setting.  The open hearts and friendly ways of the Germans I met who had known him from previous tours of duty, the ones we met while over there both in Bad Kreuznach, where we lived, and all the places we traveled while he was assigned there form many of the most pleasant memories of that exciting time of our lives.  If you are an American, to visit a castle, to eat in one, to attend a party in The Ballroom and to sleep in a castle can be brought to mind in all their pleasing, awe-inspiring grandeur by just closing your eyes.  I know!  I am pretty sure I could get used to it!]. The art that was collected by King Ludwig and displayed in the five castles in which he lived during his lifetime, kept the arts alive in a period of recession for Bavaria.  Now the citizens of that fine, beautiful area pay no income taxes whatsoever, because the government is funded by the tourists who travel through the land and pay to take tours of the castles.  I loved them all, but I wouldn't want to own one.  You would never get the dusting done!]  Migration from Halifax Co., NC to Rowan Co. by the Coltrain Family.  First Presbyterian Church Baptismal Records 1821-1859. Rowan Co. in the Mexican War. BountyLand Warrants Recorded in Rowan.  Rowan Co. Wills Part VII.  Assessment of Town of Salisbury for 1822. Plus the three regular features Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  Sold as a complete set of four for $20.  PRICE:  $20


NC - YOGS- ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1993-8-4: VOLUME 8, #4:  NOVEMBER,  1993, VOLUME 8, NO. 4.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1993.  Pages 1867-1927.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.   Editor's Page. Union County, Illinois, Descendants of Michael Kreit(z) of Northampton Co., PA, and Rowan Co., NC.  Errata from "Henn Mer Der Wendel Muller G'Funne" by  Dr. Johannes L. Schlenker.  Samuel Bryan, some footnotes. Rowan Records From Afar: DEATHS:  In the Forks of the Yadkin (N.C.) 22d ult. Nicholas Click, sen[ior]. A native of Germany, aged 85, Mr. Click landed in Baltimore in 1770 and subsequently removed to RowanCounty, of which he was a citizen 54 years. Reported in the Christian Observer, Nov. 2. 1832.  and DEATHS: In Salisbury (N.C.) Saturday the 12th inst, Thomas J. Oakes, Esq., son of the late Thomas Oakes of Rowan County.  Christian Observer, June 28, 1831.  Salisbury District Superior Court Minutes, September Court, 1782.  Some 1845 Rowan Co., Naturalizations.  Festerman Family Record Plus the three regular features Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  In this fourth issue is always found the many-paged, three-column index.  This is the 24-page index to this year's copies of the Register.  Each index holds all the names in Number 1, 2, 3, and 4 of that year.  Surnames with five (,) or more than five #) first entries of names are listed:  Adams, Albright 6, Alexander 12, Allen 6, Anderson 11, Aplin 9, Arey 18, Armstrong 6, Baker 7, Bame 12, Barger 8, Barkley 13, Barr 10, Barringer 20, Bassinger 8, Bean 9, Beard 14, Beaver 18, Bell, Bennett-only 2 names,(but on 9pages), Bernhardt 7, Biehler 8, Boger, Boone 12, Borders 6, Bost 5p., Bostian 29, Boswell 12, Bowers 15, Bowman 10, Boyd 5 pages, Bradshaw 9, Braly 9, Brandon 37, Brawley 6, Briggs, Brittain 11, Brooks 10, Brown 97, Bruner 17, Bryan 38, Buis, Cairns 6, Campbell, Carswell 6, Casper 12, Caster 6, Cathey 7, Cauble 6, Chaffin 6, Chambers 7, Clarke 6, Clayton 9, Clemmons 22, Cleveland 6, Cole 12, Coltrain 11, Connelly 8, Cook 7, Cooper 16, Correll 10, Corsbie 6, Cowan 43, Crawford 9, Cress 10, Cross 9, Dailey 6, Davidson 5, Davis 30, Dickey 8, Dickson 7, Dobson 11, Duke 11, Earnheart 9, Eddleman, Eller 6, Elliott 6, Erwin 10, Etchison 6, Feazer 17, Ferrand, Fesperman 21, Fisher 9, Fleming 10, Fraley 8, Frick, Garrison 7, Gibson, Gillespie 25, Goodman, Gordon 6, Graham 36, Gray 16, Green, Griffin, Gunter 12, Hall 6, Hampton 22, Hanes 6, Harkness, Harris 14, Hartline 5, Hartman 7, Harvey 15, Henderson 11, Hicks, Hill 7, Holder, Holshouser, Horah 12, Hughes 6, Hunt 16, Irvin 25, James 13, Jenkins 6, Jennings 9, Johnson 20, Johnston 21, Jones 31, Julian 14, Kaylor 12, Kerns, Kerr 9, Kincaid, Klein 7, Kluttz 8, Knox 9, Kreitz 28, Krider 17, Ledford 13, Lemly 9, Lentz 19, Lewis, Linn 9, Locke 17, Long 24, Lovelace, Ludwick 10, Lyerly 11, Lyon 12, Macay 6, McBroom, McCorkle 6, McGee, McKnight 14, MacNamara+10 more spellings 11, Mendenhall, Miller 48, Misenheimer 7, Moore 13, Morgan 9, Mowre 8, Nalle 12, Neely 14, Nesbit, Niblack 9, Overcash 8, Owen 6, Palmer 6, Parker 9, Parnell 12, Pearson 9, Peeler, Phillips 10, Pinkston 16, Pool 11, Ramsey 6, Reed 18, Reeves 8, Rendleman, Rice 7, Robinson 7, Robison, Roseman 8, Sauer 6, Saunders 7, Shaver 15, Shuman 13, Shuping 7, Sloan 8, Sloop, Smith 46, Smoot 15, Snow 9, Spear 7, Speck, Steele 11, Stewart 8, Summerel 6, Summers 6, Thomas 11, Thompson 14, Todd 14, Torrence 9, Treece 6, Walker 18, Watkins 13, Watson, West 6, White 18, Wilcoxin, Williams 13, Williamson 7, Wilson, Wise 6, Wood 7,Woodson 8, Wright 18, Yarborough, Yonce 16, Young 6, and Younger 9.  Sold as a complete set of four for $20.  PRICE:  $20  


NOGS- ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1994-9-2: VOLUME 9, #2:  MAY 1994, VOLUME 9, NO. 2.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1994.  Pages 1987-2046.  8" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Editor's Page.  RowanCounty Loose Estate Papers for the Brown families-all together in one issue with editorial notes by Betty Gilliam Spencer.  1800 Census of Salisbury. 1761 Rowan CountyTax Lists. UnclaimedState Grants in Rowan-new owners were:  Allison, Adams, Anderson, Allen, Brown, Beaver, Beam, Bussley, Cochran, Davidson, Dice, Harkness, Jones, Lowry, Logan, M'Collum, M'Daniel, Newne, Pitter, Parker, Russell, Smith (2), Scott, Summers, Williams and Welty.  Land-acreage and the waterway that drained the land are given.  On Carter's Creek does not mean that they were right on the creek.  It meant that was the creek that running water would drain into from that land.  Prayer from Old Sarum Primer.  Plus the three regular features Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  One California lady wrote about the very trying year they have had out there with fires and mud slides, the earthquake and mud and who knows what else and more mud, wrote she was still searching for the ancestors of William P. and Action (Howard) Turner who removed from Rowan County to Jessamine County, Kentucky.  Her request said simply, Send ancestors, marriage date or shovel!  PRICE: $5  


NC - YOGS- ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1996-11-1: VOLUME 11, #1: FEBRUARY, 1996, VOLUME 11, No. 1.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1996.  Pages 2412-2470.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Editor's Page.  Jersey Settlement Origins:  First Families of Jersey Settlement by Ethel Stroupe.  The earliest families ca. 1745 came from HopewellTownship, Hunterdon County, NJ, where they had been Presbyterians, Quakers and/or Baptists.  (Surnames included here are: Hunt, Smith, Heaton, Titus followed by Anderson and others when NJ's Supreme Court invalidated the deeds to thousands of acres those families had purchased in NJ when it was still wilderness.  Much history follows.  Early buyers of land along the north side of the YadkinRiver were: Hunt, Smith, led by Morgan Bryan, Heaton and Titus.  The Fifty Men's Pact in Hopewell, NJ was signed in 1734.  It is listed along with the Jersey Settlement's list.  Many similarities do not necessarily prove these are the same men. (21 pages.); McNeely Family Records;  Some Naturalizations in Rowan Co. 1792-1862 (4 pages).  Caveat Emptor-Article on "Buyer Beware"  If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is, most likely, NOT TRUE!  Map of Rowan County, NC of 1780 double wide 11" by 17" and naming all rivers and creeks.  Nice and clear.  An article on the Willful Destruction of Marriage Licenses.  [He threw them in a corner of a room instead of taking them to the courthouse, and when he moved, he just threw them away.]  He was a Justice of the Peace, so the marriages are legal, thank goodness!] of 475 Rowan County Marriage Licenses Dated Prior to 1837 by Williamson Harris reported in the RowanCounty, Miscellaneous Records, N C State Archives.  [Pat's notes:  Can we tar and feather his tombstone?]   Article Captain John Dickey, Patriot by Joseph H. Howard; (8 pages).  March, Stephens and Adams Families of Rowan (Davie) Co. (7 pages)  Plus the three regular features Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  PRICE:  $15 for the set of three issues.  


NC - YOGS- ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1996-11-2: VOLUME 11, #2:  MAY 1996, VOLUME 11, NO. 2.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1996.  Pages 2472-2530.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Editor's Page.  Annotated Unrecorded Wills of Rowan County, NC, by the Editor of this publication (24 pages).  Rowan Co., Civil War Veterans - Report of Maimed Soldiers, 1847 By John H. Smith.  William A. Campbell, Private, Co. D, 10th NC Artillery, wounded in the left arm between the wrist and elbow.  Dr. Jos. W. Hall certifies that his hand is totally useless.  NC Troops, Vol. 1, p. 78 shows William A. Campbell enlisted age 22 on 11 March 1862; wounded at Gettysburg, 3 July 1863, retired to Invalid Corps.  Other surnames wounded were: Agner, Brantley, Bean, Corriher, Carter, Eller, Gleason, Krider, Miller, Morgan (2), Mayhew, Nash, Rodgers, Patterson, Seckler, Sides, Swink, Smith, Troutman, Williams.  Much further information on these young men. 1772 GuilfordCountyTax List.  This list provides the names of the Rowan Co., taxables in May 1770 whose property on the Little Alamance fell into the new county of Guilford when that derivative county was formed in 1771.  Surnames are: Forbes, Wiley (3), Armstrong, McBride, Dickey, Stuart (3), Dick, Gilmor, Eakins, Calhoun, Thom, Russell, Findley, Husick, Stephenson, Johnson, McClean, Brown and Hambleton.   RowanCounty Deeds, often the source of tidbits of rare information maybe not to be found in anything else! (17 pages). Plus the three regular features Readers Write, Book Reviews and Requests for Information.  PRICE:  $15  For the set of three issues.  


NC - YOGS- ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, 1996-11-4: VOLUME 11, #4: AUGUST 1996, VOLUME 11, NO.4.  Jo White Linn, Editor.  1996.  Pages 2592-2664.  8 " by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  Editor's Page.  Mystery (c1794) RowanCounty Tax List by the editor and others.  This four page, scarcely legible RowanCounty Tax List dated by the State Archives as 1758-1759 has clearly been misidentified.  NC tax lists prior to the Revolution numbered polls only and did not list acreage.  Since a man usually is not chargeable for a tax on land unless he owns it, deeds determine the time of the first possession and help to date the list as c1794.  Mary Louise Hollabaugh, drew this list to the attention of your editor; she had had the list Xeroxed at the Archives in 1984 after it had been laminated and had seen it several years earlier when the pages were still in book form.  After receiving the list, your ed. engaged the able services of Debra A. Blake, Special Projects Archivist, to investigate.  The three of us present this fragmentary list, which may or may not, have been worth the effort expended upon it.  But, like the tallest mountain or the South Pole, it was, challengingly, just there.  (Surnames involved are Creson, Maybury, Butner (4), Eller(6), Samuel, Cathey, Ricks, Cobel, Coble(3), Aronheart, Arenheart, McCann, Enoc , Enox, Fraley (3), Hager?, Lewis, Weant, Warner, Williams, Brown (5), Shavits, Kaler, Hess, Dagonhart, Hendricks, Maybury, Weathrough, Aulbe, Sausman (2), Leflow?, Cauldiron, Fisher, Crider (4), Aph, Moyer, Waller (2), Hallobach, Warnel, Crather, Daken, Rusher, Snider, Arey, Fight, Loring?, Salt, Wire, Fries, Airy (2), Lyerly, Melson, Basinger (2), Frees, Hartman, Catchey and Frederik. End notes for this article give deed records to help assess actual age of this document.  24 Deed Record Documents will help to solve this date problem, or do they? (4 pages); Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Includes the Minutes, the judges, the jurors, the wills proved, The inventory filed, the Licenses for Ordinaries, Guardianship appointments, bound cases of children to others to learn a trade, Deeds Proved,  Bounding cases for purchase of property, taxes ordered, Overseers and Constables appointed or changed. Some plot plans, surveys pictured here.  Reports of Estate Settlements, etc. (12 pages).  Revealing Court Actions in Mecklenburg Co., NC which affect people in Rowan (2 pages) Plus Readers Write, Books for Review and Requests for information follow to get to the Index.  And here is the Index:  Surnames with five or more first names (#) are listed here:  Adams 19, Albright 10, Alexander 5, Allison 11, Anderson 22, Andrews 6, Arey 7, Armstrong 5, Bailey 13, Baker 5, Barr 5, Barringer 5, Beaman 12, Bean 5, Beard 8, Bell 7, Biles 5, Bird 7, Blackwell 5, Booe 13, Bostian 11, Brandon 14, Brown 23, Bruner 6, Bryan 8, Caldwell 6, Call 12, Campbell 29, Carson 16, Carter 5, Casey 11, Casper 38, Cathey 6, Cauble, Chambers 5, Coble 5, Collins 15, Coon 6, Cooper 7, Cotton 6, Cowan 31, Craige 15, Crawford 10, Crider/Kr(e)ider 8, Cruse 5, Cunningham 5, Davidson 5, Davis 19, Dent 8, Dewitt 6, Dial 5, Dickey 18, Drake 6, Eaton 10, Eddleman 7, Eller 22, Elliott 5, Ellis 18, Enochs 6, Ervin 5, Erwin 5, Evans 5, Ferguson 5, Foard 8, Foster 16, Frick 5, Gaither 7, Garner 8, Gillaspie 11, Glasscock 8, Graham 12, Gribble 5, Grimes 10, Hagey 6, Hall 1`6, Hampton 7, Harris 14, Hart 8, Hartman 15, Harvey 8, Hedrick 13, Heilig 11, Henderson 5, Hendricks 9, Hill 8, Hinkle 7, Holshouser 5, Houghton 6, House 5, Howard 9, Howell 9, Hughey 6, Hunt 17, Hunter 5, JJohnson 13, Johnston 17, Jones 12, Jordan 5, Kern 5, Kluttz 12, Knox 20, Knap 8, Lacey 6, Lamb 14, Lane 5, Lemly 9, Lentz 6, Leonard 20, Linn 11, Lipperd 8, Lock 13, Long 9, Lowry 5, Luckey 11, Lyerly 5, McCartney 7, McCorkle 5, McCXulloh 6, McMahan 6, Mcnamra 6, McNeely 6, March 31, Martin 11, Meroney 5, Merrell 11, Miller 24, Misenheimer 13, Mock 19, Montgomery 5, Moore12, Morgan 9, Nall 7, Osborn 7, Owens 5, Palmer 5, Parke 15, Parker 21, Patterson 9, Pearson 7, Peeler 8, Potts 6, Rutledge 5, Reed 22, Rendleman 5, Renshaw 6, Rimer 5, Robinson, Robison 6, Safrit 10, Sain 9, Scott 8, Sheek 5, Sheppard 5, Sherrill 5, Shuman 5, Simonton 6, ASink 7, Sloan 7, Smith 63, Smoot 5, Snider 8, Steele 5, Stephens 12, Stevens 5, Stirewalt 6, Stoner 19, Stout 7, Strode 6, Swink 19, Tait/Tate 8, Tatum 6, Yaylor 6, Teague 7, Thompson 9, Todd 6, Treece 5, Verble 6, Wagoner 14, Walker 7, Warsham 8, Welborn 5, Wellman 11, Whitaker 6, White 18, Wilhelm 8, Williams 15, Wilson 12, Wood 12, Woods 5, Wright 5, and Young 5, PRICE $5


That job is done!  This is all of the RowanCounty Register I have left this year, but undoubtedly I will pick up more copies at various seminars this year, so there will probably be another list next year.  Watch for it and especially fill in the index (Volume 4 of each year) and other missing issues in your collection.   


One of the purchasers of many of these issues this year has been the Mid-Continent Library located in Independence, Missouri.  I am pretty sure they have most of the first thirteen years worth at least.  If you live close to this library, you really should check it out, because it has one of the finest collections, a new building, and a willingness to buy new products that their patrons are interested in.  Stop in and see them if you get a chance.  The Kansas City area offers many opportunities to genealogists.  If you don't live close, but you drive by once in a while, you should give them a chance to show you what they have.  I am impressed every time I get a chance to stop there.  Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter.   Pat from YOGS

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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