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 Past newsletters are be available here for your reading convenience.  At the present time we cannot make the one-of-a-kind sale books available for on-line ordering. So if you see something here you like be sure to call the shop at 1-800-419-0200 or 317-862-3330 to check for availability and ordering.

Newsletter Subtitle: OOOPS!  I goofed!  Apology is here:
Month Year: May 10, 2011

GOOD NEWS:  COME SEE US:  REGULAR OPEN HOURS - Tuesday through Saturday are STARTING MAY 1, 2011. 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you haven't been here try MAP QUEST for directions to the shop which is in a building behind our home.  Directions to the shop are also at the bottom of the HOME PAGE on our website https://WWW.YOGS.COM and can be printed down from there.  A call one day previous to your visit will help me not to schedule a bank trip or a Post Office visit during the time you would like to be there.

When visiting the shop, please stop at the house first.  Many of the books on states other than Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania are in the computer room which is where our cars used to be.  Double doors face the driveway, but please don't use them.  Come in the back porch - all genealogists are "backdoor friends."


OR you can write us at: Post Office Box 39128 - Indianapolis, IN 46239


OR e-mail us at: orders@yogs.com OR pat@yogs.com


OR Call us at 1-800-419-0200 for orders only.  

I like to keep that line open so that the people who help to pay our utility bills get to use our phones first.  


OR For any other purpose, please use our 317-862-3330 line.  This line will answer personal questions related to genealogy, questions about book availability, comments and suggestions for our website and any questions concerning the newsletters.


OR check out our website.  There are over 900 pages on our website.  Some are divided according to locality,  


So #1 go on to our HOME PAGE [has our pictures on it!]

2. Go to Main Catalog and click,

3. Find what state you are interested in and click on that one.

4. Some are even further divided so you can click on the county you want and see what we have for you to look at.  5. Also if a blue line is under the name of the book, click on it to see more information and maybe even an index.  


We have about 40,000 genealogy books here and looking through them is not only permitted, it is encouraged.  


Genealogists are funny people in some ways.  Have you noticed?  We read our books starting with the index first and then check out the page numbers with our surnames on them.  If we find useful information doing that, we just might buy the book.  If we don't find our surname, or at least some we recognize, we lose interest in that book quickly.   


Reading about that city or county or state during the time period your ancestors were there could help you understand why they lived where they did and how they lived while they were there.  What was happening during those years which would impact the decisions our ancestors made?  


 Knowing  the conditions under which they were living will give us a greater appreciation for how hard they had to work, not only to survive, but to thrive! How glad we are they got together, so we could be who we are, and be lucky enough to want to find out more about them.  You are not dead and gone until your descendants quit looking for you.


Now about my goof last Friday.  I grabbed the wrong crate-in-preparation I was running late and had not fully prepared the one I was planning to put out, so what came to you was not good, not proofed, and not even the right books.  So I spent the weekend looking for the right ones ,and I found the books, but I still have not found the Crazy Crate!I   I mmust have inadvertently misnamed it or horrors:  I may even have deleted it.  Anyway, I am sorry for the mishap.  This is your apology.  And I will have a new crate for you on FridayPat from YOGS


Contact Information

Free telephone:1-800-419-0200 for orders.

Office telephone for questions, tracking numbers, availability of books not listed. 317-862-3330

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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