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Newsletter Subtitle JP52:  A LITTLE CIVIL WAR & A LITTLE MORE!
Month Day Year:  May 4, 2010

Hello Everyone from John Palmer who created this crate from his collection.
This crate will cover for you a scattering of things that I hope you will find even more interesting than last week's crate.  Thank you!  John Palmer
Here is a listing of my upcoming conferences: 
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July 10:
German Interest Group
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*August 6 - 7:
Midwestern Roots, 2010
Indianapolis Marriott East
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September 25:
Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society Seminar
Lawrence Center,
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*October 16:
Louisville Genealogical Society Conference
Bear Grass CreekC hurch
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*October 23:
Illinois State Genealogical Society Conference
Historic Pere Marquette Hotel
Peoria, Illinois
October 30:
Elkhart County Genealogical Society Conference
Elkhart Historical Society Museum
Bristol, Indiana

*November 5 and 6:
Western Michigan Genealogical Society Seminar
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Here is a listing of the books for my Crazy Crate: JP52
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 1:  HISTORY OF THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD. Including All the Fearful Records; the Breaking of the South Fork Dam;  The Sweeping Out of the Conemaugh Valley;  The Overthrow of Johnston;  the Massing of the Wreck at the Railroad Bridge;  Escapes, Rescues, Searches for Survivors and the Dead;  Relief Organizations, Stupendous Charities, etc. etc.  By Willis Fletcher Johnson. 
Edgewood Publishing Co.  1889. 459 pages.  Hardcover.  Note: this is an original edition, not a reprint.  The Title on the original cover and spine is almost worn off, the hinges are frayed and the edges of the cover are worn.  The corners are rounded.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean.   The summer of 1889 will ever be memorable for its appalling disasters by flood and famine.  In that period fell the heaviest blow of the nineteenth century - a blow scarcely paralleled in the histories of civilized lands.  Central Pennsylvania -  a centre of industry, thrift and comfort -  was desolated by floods unprecedented in the records of the great waters.  On both sides of the Alleghenies these ravages were felt in terrific power, but on the western slope their terrors were infinitely multiplied by the bursting of the South Fork Reservoir, letting out millions of tons of water, which, rushing madly down the rapid descent of the Conemaugh Valley, washed out all its busy villages and hurled itself in a deadly torrent on the happy borough of Johnstown.  The frightful aggravations, which followed the coming of this torrent have awakened the deepest sympathies of this nation and of the world, and the history is demanded in permanent form, for those of the present day, and for the generations to come.  Fifty chapters cover the tragedy.  Twenty-four illustrations and photographs enhance the text.  Price:  $6.00

CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 2:  THE RAVEN: A BIOGRAPHY OF SAM HOUSTON.  By Marquis James.  New York:  Blue Ribbon Books, Inc.  1929.  489 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  Bookplate of Marlin H. Kinman is pasted to inside of front cover.  On front flyleaf:  "Dear Marlin, with this book go our congratulations, our love and our admiration for a very courageous graduate and fine boy - Aunt Marie, Uncle Burley and the boys   Fort Smith Arkansas, June 1940.  The dust jacket shows wear on the edges.  The inside of the front cover and the flyleaf show some discoloration.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean.   Wherever Sam Houston went, whatever Sam Huston did, he was the most spectacular figure in a spectacular era.  His range of activity was enormous. That tall, powerful frame, from fine Virginia parentage rose to the top along many lines.  He was our greatest pioneer figure; he was a shrewd and daring soldier; and he was the romantic ideal to a nation of women.  For seventy restless, productive years Sam Houston drove his mind and body.  At 14 he was the adopted son of a Cherokee Chief, at 27, after six years in the army, he was Attorney General of Nashville.  At 33 he was Governor of Tennessee.  Ten years later he founded the Republic of Texas, which threatened the supremacy of the United States until Houston engineered its annexation.  From then until his death, whatever - as a private citizen or as Governor of Texas, Sam Houston was his own political party.  His policies were taken over by Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans.  Woven through this career is a tragic love story, the facts of which are here for the first time published.  Here are revealed the episodes of mad daring, drunken bouts, the minor love affairs.  Marquis James has written a complete biography, the saga of an American giant.  The seventeen-page index covers nearly 1,000 entries.    Price:  $7.00
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 3:  WAITING FOR THE MORNING TRAIN:  AN AMERICAN BOYHOOD.  By Bruce Catton.  Garden City, NY:  Doubleday and Company, Inc.  1972.  260 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  although there are no library markings or bar codes on the book, the inside back flyleaf says "Withdrawn, South Bend Public Library".  The binding is tight and the pages are clean. The dust jacket has some wear, especially at the top and bottom edges.  Bruce Catton grew up in a time and a place that is no more - just after the turn-of-the century and in Michigan.  In this memoir, he remembers his boyhood, his family, his home town, and his coming of age.  With nostalgia, warmth and humor, Mr. Catton recalls it all with a wealth of detail, the logging industry and its tremendous effect on the face of the State, the G. A. R. veterans who first sparked his interest in the American Civil War, overnight trips on long-gone "sleepers", the days of the great resort hotels, fishing in once clear lakes.  Out of these personal experiences timeless insights emerge - of man's confrontation with the machine, of man against the landscape, of the sometimes cruel inevitability of change, and the uncertainties that crowded our lives.   Price:  $7.50
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 4:  THE AMERICAN HERITAGE BOOK OF INDIANS.  By the Editors of American Heritage, the Magazine of History.  1961.  424 pages.  Hardback.  Note:  the inside front flyleaf has a bookplate with the name of the former owner.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean.  The cover shows a little wear and the corners are bumped.  A well-researched text accompanied by hundreds of black and white as well as color illustrations, photographs, maps, etc., provide an excellent source of information on Native Americans from both the North and South American continents.  Includes information on Maya, Aztec, Sioux, Apache, Cherokee, Native American cultures, Indian wars, and much more.  The six-page index covers nearly 1,500 entries.  Price:  10.00
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 5:  THE INFLUENCE OF SEA POWER UPON THE FRENCH REVOLUTION AND EMPIRE, 1793 - 1812.  By Captain A. T. Mahan, U. S. N.  Boston:  Little, Brown, 1894.  2 volumes.  Hardcover. Note: These are original editions, not reprints.   They are ex-library copies, with call numbers and check-out pockets.   The binding is weak.  The original covers are present but very worn.  The outside hinges are beginning to split and there are worn spots at the tops and bottoms of the outside spines.  This present work is wholly a result of the author's connection with the United States Naval War College as a lecturer upon Naval History and Naval Tactics.  Nineteen chapters cover the history of sea power to the year 1812; a date signalized by Napoleon's invasion of Russia, which wrecked his empire,  - or at least gave the outward and visible token of the wreck, - and also the outbreak of war between Great Britain and the United States. Chapters cover:  Outline of Events in Europe, 1783 - 1793; the Condition of the Navies in 1793 - and Especially of the French Navy; The General Political and Strategic Conditions, and the Events of 1793; The West Indies, 1793 - 1810; the Naval Campaign of May, 1794, and the Battles of the First of June;  the Year 1794 in the Atlantic and on the Continent;  The Year 1795 in the Atlantic and on the Continent;  The Mediterranean and Italy;  The Mediterranean in 1797 and 1798;  the Mediterranean from  1799 to 1801, The Atlantic, 1796 - 1801;  Events on the Continent, 1798 - 1800;  Events in 1801;  Outline of Events From the Signature of the Preliminaries to the Rupture of the Peace of Amiens;  The Trafalgar Campaign to the Spanish Declaration of War, May 1803 - December, 1804;  the Trafalgar Campaign - Concluded, January - October 1805;  The Warfare Against Commerce During the French Revolution and Empire, to the Berlin Decree, 1793 - 1806;  The Warfare Against Commerce, 1806 - 1812;  and Summary - the Function of Sea Power and the Policy of Great Britain in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.  The sixteen-page index covers nearly 2,000 entries.   This heavily documented work of Mahan's traces and explains the rise and progress of British sea power from the middle of the seventeenth century to the close of the Napoleonic wars.   It is still an invaluable resource for scholars and historians, one no professor of French, Military, or Continental history should be without.    Price:  $10.00
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 6:  SQUADS WRITE!  A SELECTION OF THE BEST THINGS IN PROSE, VERSE AND CARTOON FROM THE STARS AND STRIPES, OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE A. E. F.  Edited and with not too Serious Comment by John T. Winterich.  Fully Illustrated.  New York:  Harper and Brothers.  1931.  335 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  ex-library copy, with call numbers, check-out pocket, etc.  This is an original edition, not a reprint.  The binding is a little loose and some of the pages have smudges.   The covers are not the original covers, and are worn.  Stamp of former owner on inside flyleaf.  The Stars and Stripes was the official newspaper of the American Expeditionary Forces.  The first number appeared on February 8, 1918, and the seventy-first and last on June 13, 1919.  The editor provides a history of the newspaper and the men involved with bringing it into print, including his own.  Fifteen chapters cover:  A Label for an Army (the origin of the word "doughboy"), Officers and Soldiers, Ways and Means, Came the War, My Country, 'Tis of Thee, First Aid, Arts and Crafts, Game Called, St. Mihiel, The Mud of the Argonne, Up with the Rations, The Tumult Dies but the Shouting Continues, Loitering Laureates, But Not Forever and Rollcall.   The chapters recall incidents - many of a very serious nature - concerning fighting on the front, wounds, deaths, and heroism.  There are articles of the recollections of Prisoners of War,   Sixty illustrations from the newspaper are scattered throughout the book.  This last chapter (Rollcall) provides a roster, as complete as service records could make it, of the men who had contributed to the newspaper.  It is arranged alphabetically by last name and gives full name, organization, department, day he began work with the newspaper and his home address.   Price:  $7.50
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 7: "GENTLEMEN, BE SEATED!"  A PARADE OF THE OLD-TIME MINSTRELS. By Dailey Paskman and Sigmund Spaeth. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran, and Co.  1920.  Hardcover.  Note:  this is an original edition, not a reprint.  Ex-library copy with call numbers, labels, and check-out pocket.  The binding is weak and some pages are getting loose.  The original covers are still present, but reinforced at the hinges and taped on all sides.    This book cannot attempt to do more than touch a few of the high spots, and its most valuable contribution is unquestionably in the photographs, line drawings, pictures and the reminiscence of actual words and music of the past.  While it may create a new interest in the history of minstrel shows, it should be remembered that some of the drawings and photographs in this book are unflattering sketches that - consciously or unconsciously - contributed to American racism.  Thirteen chapters cover the history of minstrel shows:  The Development of Black-face (The First Burnt-Corkers, What's in a Name?, Minstrelsy as a Stepping Stone), The First  Part (The Parade, The Interlocutor, The End Men,  the Banjo), Songs the Minstrels Taught Us (the Big Sun Flower, Old Dan Tucker, Root, Hog, or Die, Wake Nicodemus, Dandy Jim of Caroline, Josiphus Orange Blossom, Hard Times Come Again No More, I Hope I Don't Intrude, Stop Dat Knocking at My Door, Going to the Silver Wedding), the Reincarnation of Jokes, the Second Part (Stump Speakers, The Dark Triangle), A Working Model ((The Olio - a Stump Speech, Afterpiece), Minstrel Producing Centres (The Old-Time Rialto, Minstrelsy in Philadelphia, Minstrelsy in San Francisco, The Great Emerson, Minstrelsy in Brooklyn, Minstrelsy in Chicago), Some of the Road Shows, Famous Teams of Minstrelsy (McIntyre and Heath, Schoolcraft and Coes, Delehanty and Hengler, Harrigan and Hart), and Charcoal Sketches (Brief Biographies)  42 photographs and illustrations accompany the text.  Other songs scattered through the book:  When You and I were Young Maggie, Ring Dat Golden Bell, Aura Lee, Darling Nelly Gray, Nancy Fat, Cake Walk, Oh! Susanna,  De Blue Tail Fly, Jim Crow's Polka, the Other Side of Jordan, Walk in the Parlour, Sally Come Up!, A Life by De Galley Fire, The Fine Old Colored Gentleman,  De Eel Catcher's Glee, A Lock of My Mother's Hair, Found Dead in the Snow,  Had I the Wings of a Fairy Gay, and a reprint of the first edition of "Dixie".  The five page index covers nearly 300 entries.   Price:  $7.50
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 8:    AN ILLUSTRATED AND DESCRIPTIVE ART COLLECTION OF AMERICA'S NEW POSSESSIONS.  Beautiful Color Photos More Perfect than Oil Paintings.   Every Picture From Photographs Actually Taken on the Spot.  Chicago:  International View Co.  1902.  No pagination (about 62 pages).  Hardcover.  Note:  This is an original edition, with the original covers.  Almost all of the pages are loose and since they are not numbered I cannot tell if any pages are missing.  Some pages are frayed at the edges.  Never before have the living actions of soldiers engaged in actual warfare been so vividly pictured as are found in this collection of photographic reproductions in colors that illustrates nearly every phase of warfare in the Philippines.  Photographs include battle scenes in the Tondo District, burning buildings including a church, the market place, native houses, Spanish prisoners of war, the Manila Fire Department in dress uniform, several villages, the 20th Kansas Infantry in action,  the Utah Light Infantry in action, the 22nd infantry in action, the firing line at Pasig, the 4th Cavalry, General MacArthur and staff with the Signal Corps Department, General Wheaton and his aids in Malolos, Pennsylvania pickets, Corrigidor Island, California soldiers at rest, "Cemetery Hill" with gravestones of U. S. soldiers killed in action and American flags and decorations on each stone, a Philippine funeral, railroad bridges, the only known photograph of General Otis in the field, and more.  An interesting purchase for anyone who had an ancestor stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish American War. Price:  $10.00
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 9:  CAPTURED!  A BOY TRAPPED IN THE CIVIL WAR. 2nd Edition, By Mary Blair Immel.  Indiana Historical Society Press, 2006, 153 pages, hardbound, dust jacket, NEW. On a warm February day in 1862, young Johnny Ables rode away from his peaceful Kentucky farm home and into the turmoil of the Civil War.  The true story of Johnny Ables is presented here in an engaging book of historical fiction.  While gathering wood in a field across the Tennessee border, Johnny is snatched by a desperate group of Confederate soldiers who need his horses and wagon.  Johnny is brought along with them to the site of their next battle, Fort Donelson, TN.  His captors, from the 4th Mississippi Regiment, have just been routed  in the Battle of Fort Henry and are looking for victory over the Yankees at Fort Donelson.  Johnny finds himself in the middle of a fierce battle.  After two bitterly cold days and nights lying in a rifle pit, bombarded by cannon fire, Johnny becomes separated from the men who had captured him. Reunited, they are all taken as prisoners of war and sent on a treacherous journey by steamboat and train to Camp Morton Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana.  A prisoner by chance, young Johnny must endure the stark conditions of a northern prison camp.  Although Richard Owen, Commandant of Camp Morton, is a fair and compassionate man, frail and sickly Johnny loses hope that he will ever find his way home to Kentucky.  This heartwarming story of adventure and danger is illustrated with authentic photos and contemporary drawings of the Civil War.  This book is the result of five year's research by the author in five states.  Price:  Was $15.95  Now $12.00
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 10:  AFFECTIONATELY YOURS, THE CIVIL WAR HOME-FRONT LETTERS OF THE OVID BUTLER FAMILY.  Edited by Barbara Butler Davis, great-great-granddaughter of Ovid Butler, the founder of Butler University in Indianapolis [where Pat received her Master of Science degree in 1963.]  With a foreword by Alan Nolan.  [Signed by the Editor on the title page.] Indiana Historical Society Press, 214 pages, hardbound, dust jacket, NEW. Indexed, 2004.  During the American Civil War, the men fighting for the Union and the Confederate causes wrote about the tedium of army life and the horrors of battle in countless letters to relatives and loved ones back home.  Rare, however, are missives from relatives to soldiers relating the details of what was occurring in the villages and towns unscarred by the conflict.  This book includes transcriptions of sixty-five such holograph letters written from 1863 to 1865 by members of the Ovid Butler family of Indianapolis, Indiana, to their son, Scot.  The book includes photographs, genealogical charts of the Butler Family.  Price was:  $27.95 New, but there is some light staining, caused by the hardbound cover on the very top edge of the last five pages. Reduced to $20.
CRAZY CRATE JP52 BOOK 11:  A SOLDIER IN WORLD WAR I [THE DIARY OF ELMER W. SHERWOOD.] Edited by Robert H. Ferrell.  181 pages, hardbound, dust jacket.  Indiana Historical Society Press, Indiana, 2004, If your ancestor fought in the First World War you will want to read this story.  Often the men who return from a war have no wish to ever talk about their service in any but the most general terms.  Read this book and you will understand why they don't.  Price:  $24.95, on sale $20. 

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