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Newsletter Subtitle:  Some Family Genealogies + Important Notice!
Month Day Year APRIL 13, 2010

Now to a list of family genealogies in which you may find "a person
of interest." We have added a few hundred new subscribers who
may not have seen these before, and certainly in the last year you
have made some progress only to find you need a book that has
appeared on these pages, but you are not sure in which crate that
book appeared. So, this is your chance to find them.

This is a SALE CRATE.  All books are 10% OR MORE off the original
price. Start looking right here, right now! That elusive ancestor of
yours may be just one or two pages away!

GENERATIONS). Compiled by Donald E. Bishop and published by
The Stovall Family Association, Inc. ©1999. 397 pages, softcover,
tan, wrappers. 8.5-by-11 inches. Bottom binding has been reinforced
 with clear tape to prevent damage to the bottom edge of binding. 
Sales tag residue on upper front cover. Bartholomew Stovall was
 born on 24 August 1665 in Albury Parish, Surrey County, England. 
The name of his wife is unknown, but they had one child named
Hagar. Next he married Anne Burton, and they may have had as
many as seven children, including George, Bartholomew, Hannah,
William, John (who was a Revolutionary War Veteran), Thomas and
Margaret. They have had a lot of descendants! Hopefully one of
your ancestors might be among them. 

Surnames in the index include the following with five or more first
names: Note: Every-Name Index begins on page 322 and goes to
page 396. It has 55 names minimum per column and two columns
 per page!. One entire page, two columns, plus one half of a third
column hold only the first names of women whose surnames have not
been determined as yet. Lots left to do! Plus these surnames with five
or more given names are listed here: Adderhold/Aderhold, Boswell,
Braden, Bradley, Brazelton, Britton, Brown-[column+ n],
Brumfield, Bryant, Burton-[column+], Calloway, Candler, Carothers,
Carruth, Chamblee, Chandler-almost 2 columns, Cheatham, Christian,
 Clark, Clevenger, Coleman, Collins, Corn, Cowan, Crowder,
Cunningham, Currington, Dalton, Davis, Davison, Devine, Dickerson,
Dillard, Dobson, Drake, Durham, Early, Estill, Ferguson, Ferris, Fields,
 Foster, Franklin, Frans, Frick, Fuller, Gaddie, Gaddy-column, Gardner,
Garland, Garner, Gatch-column, George, Gest, Gibson, Gillentine,
Goldston, Graves, Greenlee, Griffin, Hairston-column+, Hale, Harman,
 Harris, Harry, Harvey, Heard, Heiskell, Henry, Hester, Hight,
Holmes-almost 2 columns, Howard, Hudspeth, Hughes, Inman,
 Jackson, Jamison, Jessee, Johnson, Jones-1 column, Keesee,
Kendricks, Kennon, Kerr, Key, King, Kissee, Larkin, Learwood, Lee,
Mason, Mathis, Matson, McBride, McCollum, McDaniel, McDowell,
Montgomery, Moore, Mosely, Monroe, Necessary, Nichols, O'Kelley,
Oliver, Omohundro, Orr, Osburn, Overbey, Owen, Padgett, Parish,
Pittman, Pitts, Poole-column+, Prosser, Pullen, Puryear, Ramsey,
Ratliff-column+, Ray, Reesor, Rentfro, Rice, Rich, Rickerson, Rickma
Staples-column, Stemmons, Stone, Stovall-34 columns+, Sugg,
Swing, Tabor-2½ columns, Tatom, Tatum, Terry, Thomas,
Thompson, Thurman, Ware, Watkins, Watson, Weaver, Wells, White,
Whitehead, Whitworth, Wills, Wilkins, Willard, Williams, Wilson,
Wisdom, Wise, Wood, Woodall, Woods-almost a column, and Wright.
PRICE: $45
NOTE:  Much of the documentation is right with the item in question.
Usually it is safe to move information with documentation to a
holding bin, folder or file with the full documentation given in the
book until you can verify it with the original source. When asked
about documentation, an Internet site is NEVER an adequate response. 

In an effort to be the quickest one to load documents and increase
the number of responses to any question, much harm is being done
to genealogical lineages. If you cannot verify what someone has
said/written with information that is authentic and from original
sources, please do not pass it along to anyone! Also, PLEASE do not
pass it along to some hapless soul who, in all good faith in your
integrity and research, will just pass it along with any of your errors
to anyone who will take a quick look at their lineage. 

This is not a new problem.  Some mistakes were made in early
lineages of the 17th and 18th centuries that we are still having
trouble with straightening out because so many people have copied
the wrong information from someone who did not document where
he found what he found. And the error has been needlessly
compounded by well meaning genealogists, who said to themselves,
"I have found that in four different places, so it must be right." and
they copied it again and passed it around to all their family!

The Internet is a great tool, but just adding names to your lineage
does not prove the persons are related and, if they are not related,
why do you want them on your family tree taking up space that may
belong to someone you would be proud to include if you were not
busy barking up the wrong family tree!!! This cannot be said often
enough. Take the time to check your work, and double check the
work of others, so you, and your descendants, can rely on what you
have done.

FAMILIES. By Adelaide M. and Eugenia W. Lore. ©1967, 192 pages. 
6-by-9-inch pages, hardbound.  This sounds like the frustrated call of
an exasperated genealogist who is trying very hard to discriminate
between the inheritors of a very common surname. Wisely, these
ladies have attempted to do only a few lines of the multitudinous
White Family. If you are descended from the following progenitors
then this is the book for you: Family of Archibald White, William
White, Descendants of Margaret (White) White, Samuel White, Rachel
(White) Walker, Mary (White) White, Joseph Andrew White,
Archibald White Jr. and John White. Following thi
s is James White,
Court records, Soldiers, World War I and II followed by an index for
this part II only.
If you have a White on your line, this book may help you sort them
out. Other surnames listed in this Index are: Alexander, Allison,
Archibald, Austin, Barbee, Barnes, Barnhardt, Barrier, Barringer,
Bigger, Black, Blackwelder, Boger, Bost, Bostian, Braqdshaw,
Brafford, Brooks, Brown, Burleyson, Chandler, Clark, Cline, Cochran,
Cole, Coleman, Corzine, Culp, Dorton, Downs, Efird, Flow, Furr,
Garmon, Gilmer, Glenn, Griffin, Harris, Harrison, Hartsell, Hill,
Honeycutt, Hopkins, Hudson, Jernigan, Jones, Joyner, Kee, Kimmons,
King, Kirkpatrick, LeGrand, Linker, Long, Lowrance, McBride,
McCachren, McDonald, McEachren, McIntosh, McKinley, McLarty,
McLellan, Malone, Martin, Miller, Misenheimer, Moore, Morgan, Morris,
 Morrison, Nash, Newell, Parker, Payne, Phillips, Pickens, Query,
Ridenhour, Rogers, Russell, Safrits, Scott, Sharpe, Sherrill, Sides,
Simpson, Slaughter, Smith, Sossamon, Spears, Stillings, Stancil,
Starnes, Stillwell, Talbirt, Thomas, Troutman, Underwood, Walker,
Waller,Wiley, and Winecoff, as well as white!. In index II are listed
these surnames: Alexander, Barnhardt, Black, Brown, Caldwell, Davis,
Dickson, File, Fisher, Flower, Henderson, Howie, Hungerford, Hunter,
Johnston, Litaker, McEachren, McLarty, Miller, Moore, Morris,
Morrison, Purvians, Query, Rogers, Russell, Scott, Smith, Stewart,
Wilson, Winecoff, Wolfe, Yorke, and, of course, White. Some of
these families are carried down to the 6th generation! PRICE: $25

Moseby. Ex-lib. Unigraphic, 1976. 405 pages, hardbound. Used, but
in good condition. This appears to be a genealogists' kind of book. 
Replete with all the documentation you could want, there are records
and more records. This is the story of Elizabeth and Joseph Alvey.
Of noble birth, they were willing to give up all his material wealth
and his current life for his new-found faith, selling themselves into
service for seven years for transportation to America in search of
freedom with hope and faith for a new life. There are lineages,
complete with most birth, marriage and death dates. Stories and
court records, census transcriptions and facsimiles of original
documents, wills and deeds, war records and marriage records,
newspaper accounts and obituaries, pictures of ancestors and
gravestones. Many of these are from Indiana. The only drawback
to this compilation is that it has no every-name index included.
What a find! PRICE:  $30 SALE PRICE NOW ONLY $25

FAMILY. Compiled by Jennie Forsyth Jeffries. 340 pages, hardbound
New. Fold-out, expandable lineage charts. Published in
Indianapolis by Wm. B. Bradford Printing, 1920. Reprint by
Evansville Bindery. This fine example of a family genealogy starts
with the early origin of the name Forsyth, information on the first
Forsyth of the Castle of Fronsac, the ancestral race in Scotland,
Forsyths in Canada and New Zealand, and other Forsyths in Scotland
and America. Part Two covers the story of David and Margaret
McGibbon Forsyth and their emigration to Indiana. Subsequent
chapters cover the families of Thomas Forsyth; James Forsyth, his
children and some of their descendants; Nancy Forsyth Daniels and
family; Elizabeth Forsyth Bridges, her children and some of their
descendants; David Forsyth II and Family; Letitia Forsyth
Featherngill; John Forsyth and family; Margaret Forsyth Tucker
 Mary Forsyth Featherngill and her children and Robert Forsyth and
his family. The index is a wonderful help to sort the grandchildren. 
Look for Branigin, Bridges, Core, Cutsinger, Daniels, Deer,
Duckworth, Flinn, Forman, French, Graves, Hamilton, Hollandbeck,
 Hunt, Jefferies, Kingsbury, Lyman, McQuinn, Mullendore, Mullikin,
Nowells, Payne, Pendleton, Pritchard, Richardson, Selch, Shepherd,
Sturgeon, Talbott, Thompson, Utterback, Vandivier, Voris, Ward,
and Wilson among many others in the Indiana area. Lots of
illustrations. Appears new. PRICE: $35 SALE PRICE NOW ONLY

date, 1981. Pages not numbered, but approximately 150, as they
were routinely mass produced in sections and would not have the
same sequential numbers in each book. This is the famous and
of business because of the prosecutions conducted by the
government, alleging mail fraud because these books are useful to
 any branch of the family, but do not give connections of any one
family member to another family member; therefore, are not
genealogies. These books have become rare on the market. There
is a mix of general genealogy hints and tips at the beginning of this
book. There are some blank forms to expedite record keeping for
your own personal correspondence. A major portion of the book
consists of a 48-page run of the surname Denson with sixty names
and addresses per page from a large database. There are some
personal history sheet forms and some lineage forms. There are
sample letters to give the novice some idea of to whom to write to
gather information. There are state-by-state addresses for societies
and archives. All in all, not a "bad" book, but not a genealogy of
the family in any way shape or form, but it will help you get started
searching for your own particular family lines. PRICE (reflects
current value) PRICE: $5 SALE PRICE NOW ONLY $4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Faye E. Hausz. This appears to be a photocopy term report. Written
April 19, 1968, for English VI-6-166. Family history? School paper. 
Received a grade of A! 10 pages. Photocopy of list of births & deaths
; notes written on notepaper concerning relationships, names,
addresses; plus family stories! 3 descendant sheets for John
Piersall and 4 sheets of narrative. Lots of names, but no index to
abstract. $2 SALE PRICE NOW ONLY $1.80

Elwell - Grimes - Morse  Part II of the Albert Martin, Alden Fam[

family history of the families of Albert Martin Alden and his wife,
Maria Elizabeth Shedd and the families of their descendants.) 
Photocopy, 2 pages up, of this portion of a book, nicely bound in
acetate covers in a metal pronged binder. Compiled by William A.
Wheeler and Elisabeth Lines Hagy. 1965. This section is titled
Grimes Branch, (only this one page - StanleyMurray Hoffman Family
1 page) and then begins the Grimes Branch - Ancestry of George
Sutherland Grimes. Ancestry from 1612 to (Page 155 to Page 195). 
These 40+ pages cover a lot of Grimes ancestors. This is a
genealogical excerpt from this book and details the lives of this
Grimes branch of the family in much detail. Has in it personal
memories and stories of family members. Would take too much
time and space to detail an index of these 40 pages, but they would
 be wonderful to have if you have Jonathan Grimes (1768-1797)
down to George Sutherland Grimes on your family tree. Surnames
marrying are Gordon, Armstrong and Hone. The last entry is for the
family of Alden Reynolds Grimes (1917-?) of Minneapolis, MN. A
bargain at $5. SALE PRICE NOW ONLY $4

FAMILY. [Another photocopied excerpt from a genealogy book
concerning the same surname as the above. $10. 

Begins with the photocopy of a Grimes Coat of Arms.  Then starts
with Page 1 -- 1st generation Rev. Charles Grimes, first of the name
in Virginia, born in Kent, England, in 1612. Goes 70 pages to
Hariett Rebecca b. Dec 25, 1849, MD. John Farlowell. Then the
following photocopied pages are devoted to actual reproductions of
a letter in George Grimes' handwriting relating his Civil War
experiences and an illustrated poem titled Old Grimes Is Dead. 
Nicely copied and bound, a real plus for your collection of Grimes
memorabilia. $10. SALE PRICE NOW ONLY $9   

HISTORY. By Addison Bartholomew Bowser, A.M. Authorized and
published by the Executive Committee of the Bowser Reunion, which
meets annually at Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. on
the last Tuesday of August, this gathering in 1922. Reprinted in
1976 by Unigraphic. 310 pages, hardbound. Many photographs. 
Indexed.  From the Bausser and Bousser all the way to the now
accepted Bowser, this genealogy of this family is like a fine jewel. 
The German penchant for accuracy and thoroughness has been
accommodated here in many ways. [Note: The Palatine area is the
same area as my immigrant ancestors came from, so I gave this
book a thorough look. Nope, My Van Treeses were not in there.] 
Mathias Bauser Sr. landed in Philadelphia on September 28, 1733. 
That same year Daniel Bousser and two brothers came via Baltimore,
MD. Settlers in Pennsylvania named their community -
Germantown, and it is here they flourished. Surnames in the index,
which is divided into branches by the names of the ancestors, with
five or more first names are: Mathias Bausser, Sr. Branch = Adams,
Allen, Andrews, Ankeny, Babb, Baker, Barbor, Barker, Berkheimer 20,
Boney, Bonner, Booher 30, Bouch 20, Bowser 14 columns (2 to a
page), Boylestein, Brown, Burford, Burnheimer, Buzzard, Carl,
Claypoole 30, Cogan, Collier, Colvin, Cordron, Cousins 20, Craig,
Cravenor, Crawford, Crisman, Dailey, Davis Depp, Dunsmore,
Edwards, Ekis, Emminger, Fair, Flenner 20, Foster, French, Frick 20,
Gamble, Geiser, Grantz, Greesly, Harding, Hawk 20, Hawkins Hays,
Heasley, Helm, Henry, Holder, Hooks 20, Hauseholder, Jack, Jones,
John 50, Kerr, King, Kline, Lramer, Lasher, Logan, Mahaffey, Mabross,
Marks, Marshman, Middah, Miller, Montgomery, Morrison, McCullom
20, McCullough, Olinger, Painter, Philips, Rebolt, Reynolds, Rickel,
Roudabush, Russell, Schreckengost, Sheasley, Shrader, Shuster, S
lagle 20, Smith, Southwoth, Spang, Swigart 30, Thompson, Toy 40,
Truby, Troutner, Walker 20, Wible 30, Williams, Wilson, Wolfe,
Wyant 40, Younkins and Zillefrow. (Numbers are rounded and
approximate, but a pretty good guesstimate..)

The next sections are smaller and numbers will be approximate
 again. Total numbers for Daniel Bousser and his Descendants --
over 500. Henry Bousser and his Descendants - over 120. John
Bowser Family - over 90. John & Eve Bowser over 250. PRICE:

By Wilma T. Regan and Laird C. Towle. Heritage Books, Inc. ©1972.
Indexed, 165 pages, 5" by 8", wrappers with pictures. Used. Only
sign of use is address label of previous owner on inside front cover.
 Good condition. $15. William Brown and Isabella Kennedy married
in CountyDown in Ireland in 1835. They had five children born in
Ireland before they moved to Wigtonshire, Scotland about 1846. 
They had five more children there. About 1870 the whole family
emigrated to New Hampshire. There is a lengthy master chart
which shows all the descendants of William and Isabella Brown
including all the female lines as known in 1970. The index is every
name, but we have chosen to list those surnames that have five or
more first names. (Should they have more than a half column, we
will add that information because it will usually indicate more than
one generation of that surname related to this Brown family.): 
Adams, Ajemian, Anderson, Argabrite, Barker, Bartlett 20, Bastine,
Berry, Blatchford, Blicker, Block, Bristol, Brown (4½ columns!),
Brunt, Burke, Burkland, Bussiere, Buzzell, Card, Carter, Chandler,
Chapman, Clark, Clarke, Clough, Coffin, Colwell, Correy, Coulter,
Dearborn, Delude, Donatello, Dow, Downing, Drysdale (½ column),
Duarte, Elliott, Estabrook, Evans, Ewing, Ferry, Francis, French,
Fuller, Galford, Gernt, Gill, Glover, Godwin, Graves, Harger, Honns,
Hoitt (½ column,), Holmes, Hudon, Jaffery, Janvrin, Jenness,
Johnson, Jorgensen, Kelly, Kimball, Laffey, Lamb, Lane, Leach,
Leavitt, Leighton, Long, Marble, Marden, Markie, Marston, Maynes,
McCarthy, McDonough, Meserve, Metze, Morrison, Osgood, Paige,
Perkins, Pitkin, Porter, Prentiss, Purington, Purinton, Quanlle, Reid,
Richardson, Sanborn, Santosuosso, Sawyer, Schmitt, Sheely,
Sherwood, Shipley, Smith, Soarles, Standish, Strout, Sweet,
Sweetland, Tarleton, Thompson, Towle, Tyler, Vear, Walsh, Wells,
Wheelock (almost a full column), Whenral (over ½ column),
Whenell, White and Woodburn, $15 SALE PRICE NOW ONLY $12.50

Sorry!We will be closed April 16 thru April 19, 2010.

 [We have to go.  Pat is giving two speeches there!]
Here is the newest biography written for Mrs. Gooldy to use at
Piqua. She is also the author of these e-mail newsletters.
Thought you might like to see it since we have so many new
readers now.


Patricia Gooldy is the owner
of Ye Olde Genealogie
Shoppe in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She and her late husband, Ray, had been providing
lectures, exhibits, publications, displays and other
genealogical services ever since their genealogical
hobby turned into a business in 1975. 
She graduated cum laude in 1959 with a B.S. from
the University of Indianapolis with Majors in History
and Business and earned her M.S. degree in Education
at Butler University in 1963.

She's a graduate of the National Archives Institute on
Genealogical Research and completed the Kentucky Archives
Genealogical Institute. 
She is a retired, mostly second grade, school teacher
with over 38 years in the classroom to her credit.  She
lived and taught in South Carolina for one year and in
Germany for two years while Ray was completing his
twenty-year career in the Army which included one two-year
tour in Korea, two and one-half years in Vietnam, teaching
classes in South Carolina and twelve years in Germany.

She has written, an illustrated book - 21 Things I Wish I'd
[ A Book of
Samples of Home Sources] and compiled
or edited with
Ray, two books on Genealogical Source
Information - one for Illinois and one for Indiana. 
Her pride and joy, and three years of work, was done
in collaboration with
Charles M. Franklin, on two books -
Index to Indiana
Wills - Phase 1 to 1850  and the sequel -
Index to
Indiana Wills  1850 to 1880 - Phase 2. 
She currently writes twice-weekly genealogically-oriented
FREE e-mail newsletters with book reviews, abstracts of
indexes and lists of seminars genealogists may want to attend
for a country-wide audience.

She has designed many genealogical forms and
charts.  The shop's 5½" by 7½" Mini-Binders,
which she designed, are their best-selling product.
They are a wonderful addition to any genealogist's
list of helpful library-going, relative-visiting and
family-history-collecting tools.
 Full of 40 unique fold-out
family-group and lineage charts, each one is 13 1/2" long
These charts hold your work beautifully and compactly.
Pat has been honored with over 28 solid years in numerous
varied editions of "Who's Who in America" selections. She has
been appointed as a Kentucky Colonel by the Secretary of State
in Kentucky for her dedication to spreading the word about
genealogy in the Bluegrass State, and has been awarded an
Outstanding Lifetime Service Award from the Illinois State
Genealogical Society.

She has given hundreds of speeches from Virginia to California
and from Minnesota to Florida sharing her expertise and her
enthusiasm, gained through extensive personal research,
and the research she has done for others.

Living and working in Indianapolis, Indiana, she still lives
on the land she moved onto when she was three, sharing
the space with her Shoppe, which sits in her back yard.

Since their daughter, Donna Mowbray's, untimely death in 2001
after twelve years of working with Ray and helping to manage
their business and Ray's death in 2002, she has continued with the
speaking and displaying their 900+ products in the lower 48 states
and running their shop. The current catalog is online at

Their other daughter, Shari, now Mrs. Allen Lamb, lives in Oregon
and has added five children to their family tree, most of which are
now married and are producing great-grandchildren for Mrs. Gooldy
to enjoy. 

Donna's son, David Carroll, was a welcome addition to Ray and
Pat's home from the age of three, and went on many of the trips
to the seminars they attended. . He is now grown, married, and
shares the youngest addition to the family
tree, Donna Lynn,
who turned just three years old in 2010, with her great-grandma.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. 
Hope to see you in Piqua. 

Cut out and bring the coupon below to Piqua if you can make it on , April 17, 2010,  this Saturday.  It is your
money, make it go further and extend the family tree! 

Friday, April 16. There will NOT be a newsletter sent out on Friday,
because I won't be here to answer the phone!
Pat from YOGS


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