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Month, Day, Year: April 9, 2010

This is our Final crate of OHIO books.  Hopefully after a final check after April 20, the remainders will appear on the website.  Thank you for working with me to get this wonderful state cataloged and finished!
Van Wert County
Howe's History for this county is priced at $6
OH-VAN WERT-02: HISTORY OF NORTHWEST OHIO: VAN WERT COUNTY, OHIO.  Originally published by the Lewis Publishing Company, 1917, Reprinted by Dixie Genealogy, Indexed.  62 Pages, 8.5"x11", cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  This book begins with several very nice maps explaining the development of Ohio as a state.  From the index, surnames with three(,) or more than three (#) entries are listed here:  Allen, Anderson 4, Antrim 7, Atkinson, Baker 5, Bearns, Bebb, Beck, Blachly 8, Blossom 9, Bollenbaugh 4, Brittan 4, Brown 26, Brumback 10, Burt 12, Christie 6, Clark 11, Clymer, Conant 11, Cracraft 4, Creter, Davenport 8, Davis 4, Dix 12, Faulkner 4, Fostnaught 13, Gasser 4, Gilkison, Gilliland 4, Gleason 25, Graham, Gratigny, High 4, Hoch, Jackson 16, Jarvis, Jolley 10, Jones 7, Kennedy, Kerns 18, Kiger 5, King 5, LeaSure, Maddux, Maidment, Malick, Marker 12, Marsh 8, McCleary 4, McConahy 10, McDermott 6, Miller 4, Miltenberger 4, Morris 4, Mortimer, Murphy 4, Myers, Niman, Noble, Parks, Price, Priddy 35, Reiniger, Richey 19, Richie 14, Rose 4, Rupert, Ruse, Saltzgaber, Shaffer, Sheets 27, Siders 11, Smith 20, Spicer 11, Sprain, Steel, Stitz 17, Thomas 11, Thompson, Todd, Tomlinson, Trippy 7, Tuttle 18, Walters 13, Waltz, Whitcomb, White, Wilson 4, Wise 30, Wright, Young 12 and Zook 12.  PRICE:  $15  
Howe's History for this county is priced at $6

YOGSOH VINTON-02:  CEMETERY RECORDS OF VINTON COUNTY, OHIO.  Six pages copied from The Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Vol. 21, pages 161 to 166.  Placed in a three-pronged pocket folder.  Ths section covers the following Vinton County Cemeteries.  Beanhill Cemetery on Vinton County Road #5 in Knox Township.  Inscriptions copied in 1977.  Surnames buried here are Facemyre 2, Gibbs 8, Greathouse 3, Huston 19, Hutchison 4, Marcum 1, Martin 1, Moles 2, Morell 1, Perry 5, Queen 10, Quick 3, Staneart 3, Sutphin 3 and Tedrow 3.
Gregory Cemetery in Vinton Township of Vinton County.  Stone inscriptions bear the surnames of: Cottrill 4, Gregory 6, Hartman 2, Johnson 1, McLaughlin 1, Perry 2, Snyder 1, Trainer 2 and Leonard 1.  Several stones unreadable. 
Harkins Chapel Cemetery next to the Harkins Chapel Church on County Road #5.  Copied 1977.  Surnames are:  Bable 1 W.W.I,
Barnes 2, Bland 2, Bolton 1, Brooks 9, Brundage 1, Campbell 1, Canode 9, Collins 11, Daugherty 2, Davis 7, Dearth 5, Dixon 1, Evans 1, Fuller 1, Goodin 4, Gregory 1, Haning 1, Harkins 14. Hoyd 5, Huston 2, Kerns 1, Lane 1, Lewis 2, McCathrin 1, McFarland 3, Markin 2, Martin 4, Morris 6, Murphy 2, Nelson 1, Peck 2, Robinett 1, Rogers 1, Rosser 2, Runyan 1, Shirkey 2, Staneart 2, Townsend 5, Trainer 1, VanBibber 1, Ward 2, Weed 2, Whitlatch 2, Wise 2, Wood 2, Zimmerman 3. 
Hixon Hill Cemetery is next.  Can be seen when traveling north State Route 93, Clinton Township near Dundus:  Major names: Arnett 5, Benner 3, Brine 3, Cox 6, DePue 5, Harper 10, Hoffhine(s) 26, Morrow 3, Murdoch 9, Potts 5, Rush 3, Salts 21, Sury 3, Timms 9, Winters 4, Wyman 5. 
Small Cemetery Behind Weaver Chapel United Brethren Church, Knox Township:  Bolen 4, Downard 3, Farabee 3, Jones 3, Staneart 5, and Zimmerman 9.  All of these for $5 with the dates and the locations!  PRICE: $5   
Warren County
Howe's History for this county is priced at $11
HHOH WARREN-01: WARREN CO. EARLY MARRIAGE RECORDS; 1803-1812.  Compiled by Colleen Alice Ridlen, ©2001 43 Pages, 8.5"x11", cardstock covers, stapled.  The original marriage books from which these marriages were abstracted are in the County Clerk's office in Warren County, Ohio.  Marriages are listed alphabetically by both the surname of the groom and again by the surname of the bride and then interfiled in one alphabetically arranged list.  All the people, whether male or female, are listed in one alphabetical list with their spouse and the date in each entry.  Each surname is together. 
Makes your research easier and you are less likely to overlook someone.  It also makes it easier to check for possible mis-spellings of the surname.  Surnames with three(,) or more than three (#) entries are listed here:  Anderson, Baker, Baldwin 8, Be(e)dle, Benham, Biggs, Blackford 5, Bone, Bonta, Bowyer, Brandstreeter /Branstrator, Brown, Campbell /Campble 5, Carpenter, Carter 4, Case, Cass(el/le), Clark 13, Clev(e/i)nger, Corwin, Cow(a/e)n, Cox, Creamer, Cummins, Cunningham, Curl, Curtis, Davis 5, Death 5, Dill 6, Drake 6, Everman 5, Fields, Fox 7, Fry/e 5, Garrard, Goodpasture, Hail/Hale, Hall, Harris, Hart, Hathaway 8, Hay(e)s 4, Heaton 5, Hester, Hunt, Hunter, Johnson 5, Jones 5, Kelly 5, Kelsey 4, Kibby, Kirby 5, Lee 5, Leonard 6, Ligg(e/i)t/t, Little 4, Ludlum, McCarty, McDon(n)ald, McGriff 4, McGuire, Maloy 4, Martindale, Miller 6, Mills 6, Morrios 6, Morrison, Mount/s 4, Mullin 4, Murphy 7, Nutt, Osborn 4, Painter 4, Phillips 4, Porter, Pruice 7, Pugh 5, Ray, Reed 6, Reeder 5, Richardson, Robb, Roberts, Ross 8, Runyan 5, Seamon/s, Serring 4, Shaw 6, Smith 10, Snook, Spray 4, St. John 4, Stewart 6, Sutton, Swanger, Swift, Taylor, Thomas 5, Thompson 5, Todd, Townsen(d/t), Trimble 4, Tullis, Walker, Ward 5, Watson, Williams 8, Wilson 6 and Wright 9. PRICE: $12 
Howe's History for this county is priced at $15 SMALL SIZE $7
YOGSOH WASHINGTON-01:  WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO EARLY MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1789-1803.  By Mrs. John Doak.  These following marriage records in this book were copied in 1971 from Washington County, Ohio Probate Court Records.  They cover the early years of 1789 to1803 when statehood began.  There are 700 names, most have the locality from which they came.  The compiler undertook this project in an attempt to preserve the records and to make them available to those who are interested in the early days of Marietta, Ohio.  These marriages with spouses and date are filed under both the surname of the groom and the bride.  Marriages are listed alphabetically by both the surname of the groom and again by the surname of the bride.  All the people, whether male or female, are listed in one alphabetical list with their spouse and the date in each entry.  Each surname is together.  This makes your research easier and you are less likely to overlook someone.  It also makes it easier to check for possible mis-spellings of the surname.  Surnames with two(,) or more than two (#) entries are listed here:  Allen 4, Aml(e/i)n, Ancrum, Atkinson 3, Bail(e)y, Baker 5, Barker 4, Beaudeau/Beaudot, Beebe, Big(g)erstaff 3, Bobo 3, Borrowy, Brown 8, Campbell, Carver, Chandevert, Chapman 3, Cline, Cob(e/u)rn 4, Coleman 4, Converse 3, Convis, Cook/e, Corey, Corner, Craig, Cushing, Dana 3, Davis 7, Devol/l 11, Dodge, Dunham 3, Farmer, Fearing, Flagg, Ford 5, Foster, Fuller, Gard(i)ner 3, Gates 3, Goodale 4, Green/e 3, Hammon/d 5, Harden 3, Harris 3, Hart 3, Harvey, Hew(e/i)t/t 4, Hill, Howe, Huet, Hughs 5, James, Johnson 4, Jones 4, Keller, Kelly, Lalance, Leavens, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn, Lucas 3, Luckey, Maldon, Martin 4, Mathews 3, McCall, McGee, Miller 3, Mills, Munro, Northup, Nott 3, Nye, Ny(gh)swonger, Oliver 9, Olney 6, Patten, Perry, Phillips, Picket, Porter, Pratt, Pugsley, Putnam 9, Rariden/Raredon, Rasor 3, Rice, Riggs, Rouse 3, Sanford, Scott 3, Seamans 4, Seamons 3, Shaw, Shep(h)ard 4, Sher(e)man 3, Simmons, Smith 7, Sprague 3, Staats, Stacy, Stevens 2, Stewart, Stone 8, Stroud, Thompson,Tupper, Tuttle, Ward, Warth 4, Wells 5, White 5, Williams 3, Williamson, Willis 3, Wi(l/l)son 3, Woodbridge, and Wright 3.  There are so many names that have only uncommon or misspelled names on this list that have not been mentioned in the above list!  PRICE:  $35
YOGSOH  WASHINGTON-03:  INDEX TO NATURALIZATIONS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO.  By Ernest Thode, 1988.  64 pages of Naturalizations for mostly men who wanted to become Citizens of the United States.  The Declaration of Intent had to be filed.  There was a waiting period, usually five years, you appeared in court again to get the final papers.  The last one in this book appeared in October of 1869. Remember after the Revolutionary War and our new government was formed, even the English, The Scots, The Irish and the Welsh needed to apply for and receive naturalization papers before they could vote.  Those records were for many years kept by the county courts of record.  About 55 names per page for 64 pages is not something I am going to try to abstract here.  Take my word for it, or look yourself, this is an awesome resource to research!  Over 3,500 people applying for citizenship in this one county.  These people wanted to become more like the people who were already here, speak the same language, respect our laws and be able to vote legally.  They wanted to add their skills to those already here and they were, for the most part, welcomed.   PRICE: $17 
YOGSOH WASHINGTON-05:  (Partial?) CENSUS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO for 1810. This is a photocopy from pages which appeared in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine. Aug, Sept. and Oct. issue of 1946.  This is a typed copy of all the information found on the census.  They are not alphabetically arranged.  Each line will tell you the head of household's name; Column A holds the number of residents under ten (10) years old; Column B holds the number of residents of ten (10) years to sixteen (16); Column C holds the number of residents of sixteen (16) and under twenty-six (26) including heads of families; Column D holds the number of residents who were of twenty-six (26) years and under forty-five (45) years includng heads of families;; and Column E holds residents of forty-five (45) and upwards, includng heads of families.
The page is divided into three parts:  The first part holds only the name of the head of household.  The middle third holds column information A through E. for free white males only; the last third holds Columns A through E for only free white females.  A Sample line would describe one household enumerating every one whose usual place of abode was that household.    
ADAMS Township
                          Free white males       free white females
                              A   B   C   D   E         A   B   C   D   E
Joseph Wood        2   1    1   0   1          0   1    0   2   0
Township Totals 125 53  54 53  39    108 56 55  47  30
Page 1 has 47 lines, page 2 continues with 44 more lines.
Page two then continues near the bottom with 17 lines of BELPRE  Township.  Page 3 holds 56 more lines of Belpre Twp., then moves to NEWPORT TWP. with 6 lines.  Page 4 holds 16 lines of Newport and also holds FEARING Twp. with 25 lines.  Page 5 continues with FEARING Twp. 53 lines.  Page 6 top holds GRANDVIEW Twp. on 23 lines.  At the bottom is MARIETTA Twp. with 8 lines.  MARIETTA continues on page 7 with an additional 67 lines. Page 8 continues with more MARIETTA Twp. with 67 lines.  Page 8 finishes up MARIETTA TOWNSHIP with 14 more lines.  Some townships also have totals showing.   So Adams Twp. had 91 households with 125 people living in this township in 1810.  Belpre Twp. had 73 households with 494 people.  Newport Twp. does not have totals showing here. Fearing Twp has totals of 78 households with 454 people.  Grandview Twp. does not show totals here.   Marietta Twp. has 156 households showing here with 1,463 persons living in that township in 1810.  Here you have for the 1810 census 423 households in six townships with a total population of at least 2, 500 to 3,000 people. Plus you have the name of approximately 443 of them as well as the size of their households.   [PLEASE NOTE:  I do not believe this is the total count.  Perhaps the prior owner only copied those townships in which she had an interest.  Therefore, the price has been lowered to $3
YOGS WASHINGTON-07:  WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO, CHAPTER OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY.  PERIODICAL EARLY ISSUES.  Volume I plus others.  There are over 100 pages gathered here in this pronged pocket folder.  There are marriage records, birth records, cemetery inscriptions with dates, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  But it all has to do with this county.  Being the first to be organized has its advantages!  These records are older than any others and you can be justly proud to find ancestors in them.  Many of the people that settled other counties in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois left their first records in this county.  You can be proud of the material you have produced to help people trying to search your records from far away.  This periodical is packed with information people in Texas, California, Oregon and the State of Washington need to prove the early years of their ancestor's time in the state of Ohio.  It would cost a small fortune to drive to Marietta to do a week's worth of research, so keep up the good work.  You are letting others know what you have through this periodical.  Thank you.  PRICE $9
YOGSOH WASHINGTON-08:  MARIETTA AND THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY 1788.  By Edith S, Reiter.  38 pages, 4½" by 7", pocket-book size.  Cardstock covers, folded in half and stapled in the center, Was in its fifth printing in July of 1968.  First picture on the inside is of the Campus Martius Museum, which was administered by the Ohio Historical Society in 1968.  It is a very stylish building.  The Ohio River took form from 40,000 to 50,000 years ago and to this day is continually still moving its channel.  The present course of the river was shaped by great glaciers that came down from the north.  Even after the final disappearance of the glaciers, thousands of years passed before the ice cap shrank and the river must have been frozen over most of the year for several centuries.  A divide or watershed, formed by the glaciers, runs southwest across Ohio and separates the state into two quite separate drainage basins-Lake Erie [to the north, so the river's current flows north] and the Ohio River [to the south so the river's current carries boats south.]  This is a simple to understand geography lesson, but it is an important one.  Six of the largest rivers made a quick canoe trip for the Indians from north to south and between these rivers and their ancient villages were many overland trails.  Contents of this little book are: Valley Forge and the Ohio Company, Manasseh Cutler-Early lobbyist, Veterans form New Ohio Empire, Ohio Company Arrives at Muskingum, A Settlement in the Wilderness, A Young Man in the Wilderness, Old Letter from the Muskingum, Treaty with Indian Tribes signed, The Elegant General Varnum, Food in the days of the Pioneers, Social Life at Marietta in 1788, First Ohio Sheriff Appointed, Rufus Putnam-the Father of the Ohio.  Easy to read, one section just flows into the next, the pictures, almost one to each two-page spread, really enhance your enjoyment in reading this little book.  This is really a nice little book full of things it is nice to know.  PRICE $5 
YOGSOH WASHINGTON-09:  WASHINGTON COUNTY NORTHWEST TERRITORY COURT OF COMMON PLEAS INDEX 1795-1803.  By W. Lous Phillips, Heritage Books, 1984.  49 pages of abstracts of records plus a 15 page surname index.  If your surname is found within this index it would be prudent to look at the original document involved.  They can be amusing as is the case of one which involved a suit against one Ambrose Greene of Marietta, the 18-year-old infant of Clark Greene, and Clarke Greene by one James White who sued for $50 for damages in the case of Ambrose Greene who did beat and harm,  with force and arms, Mr. White's cow, did beat and wound, did put out and destroy the left eye of the cow and did him, James White, other wrongs, to the great damage of the said James, and against the Peace of the United States and this Territory.  Mr. White did agree to accept the judgment of the Referees, appointed by the court that day.  The Referees found in Mr. White's favor and Ambrose Greene and Clarke Greene were directed to pay a judgment of the sum of $6.00 damages together with Eleven Dollars and 25 cents costs of the suit.  
Justice was swift and pretty fair in those days.  [Note:  But nobody called the aggrieved party, the cow, to testify!  She was really the injured party, and I bet she would not have settled for $6 without some hay and corn being thrown in by Ambrose Greene also!]
This is an index to the suits.  Only this one suit is mentioned to show the amount of detail that is involved here in these suits.  Many of the suits, I speak from experience, will tell you much about your ancestors, some of which you may find you may not have wanted to know.  But I know the full text of that suit would appear in My Family History Book whether my family involved were the Greenes or the Whites!  Suits over land distribution are common in these courts and are almost always of interest!  The format gives the Term of the court - month and year, The Justices hearing the cases; case number; the Plaintiff and residence; the Defendant and residence; and the Volume number.
The surname index lists the following parties with three or more pages on which they were mentioned.  Abbot 3, Alger 7, 
Allen 7, Archer 3, Arnold 5, Avery 4, Backus 5, Baker 8, Barrows 5, Bartlett 3, Battelle 7, Bell 3, Bennet/t 4, Beymer 4, Bingham 3, Blake 4, Blennerhassett 10,  Bodwell 8, Bowen 7, Bradford 3, Brown 12, Buell 19, Bureau 4, Burford 4, Burnham 9, Campbell 9, Carpenter 3, Cass 3, Clark 15, Coburn 12, Colwel/l 3, Convers/e 4, Cook 8, Cooley 4, Cooper 4, Cor(e)y 14, Coulter 4, Cowee 3, Crooks 3, Cross 4, Culter 3, Curtis 3, Cushing 3, Cutler 12, Dains 4, Dana 5, Davis 9, Day 3, Delano 3, Delong 4, Denny 7, Devol 15, Dodge 9, Draine 3, Earhart 7, Eddy 3, Ev(a/e)rts 3, Ewing/s 3, Fe(l/t)ch 6, Fisher 3, Fkaharty 6, For/r/est 4, Frye 4, Fuller 4, Gates 4, Gilman 18, Ginat 3, Gobeau 3, Gould 3, Gray 7, Greene 33, [Let's hope Ambrose grew up to become a lawyer!], Gregory 4, Griffin 12, Guthrie 4, Hale 7, Harris 4, Hart 4, Harvey 3, Havener 4, Heart 3, Hersey 3, Hill 4, Hinklry 4, Howard 6, Howe 5, Hutchinson 20, Ives 3, James 3, Jewett 5, Johnson 8, Kenn(e/y) 7, Knap/p 3, Lake 3, Lawton 4, LeMoyne 3, Lincoln 17, Lins(a/e)y 3, Lord, 6, Lucas 8, McCard(e/i)l 3, McCluu(er/re) 11, McGaffey 7, McIntosh 11, McKinley 3, Maldan 4, Mann 4, Matthews 3, Maxon 3, Meigs 21, Miles 4, Miller 13, Mills 6, Mixer 14, Morse 3, Munro 4, Newell 14, Newlin 4, Nighswonger 11, Nisewonger 4, Odlin 3, Oliver 20, Parker 3, Peirce/Pearse 5, Petit/t 10, Pile 3, Pool/e 12, Porter 4, Priou/(s/x) 3, Putnam 12, Racer 3, Reed 7, Sawyer 3, Scott 5, Seamens 9, Sharp 3, Shep(p)ard 4, Shreve 5, Skinner 17, Slocum 5, Smith 17, Sprague 22, Sproat 9. Stanley 12, Stickney 5, Stone 6, Str(o/u)ng 4, Stroud 8, Thevenie 3, Thierry 3, Thompson 11, Thornil (l/e/y) 12, Tolman 4, True 3, Tupper 15, Tuttle 9. Tyler 13, Vaugh(a)n 3, Walker 4, Walworth 5, Ward 9, Worth 3, Wells 10, Wentworth 11, Whipple 15, White 19, Whiting 3, Williams 8, Wil(l)son 11, Wimer 3, Woodbridge 32, and Wright 4.  PRICE:  $15
By William D. Emerson, 1845.  Reprint issued on the 128th Anniversary of the Old Northwest Territory, April 7th, 1976.  Washington County Historical Society.  Book looks old and yet IS brand new and it is both!  The choice of light green 11 by 17 inch paper aids the look at antiquity, but makes the maps difficult to read because of the print with light lines not showing up well over time.  Every map you could use is here from town and township to a full county fold-out map plus the index begins on page 14 and runs to page 34.  Very Helpful.  This index locates practically every item on any of these maps, many of which are printed brilliantly and are most useful.  A new reprint from the original on lighter paper would be supremely useful?  Is that possible?  If not, this will have to do.
Beautiful weight and substance on the paper, just not a good choice of color.  PRICE $18
Howe's History, small size,  for this county is priced at $7.50
FFOH-WAYNE-01:  D164; CENSUS OF 1880 WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO.  Copied, compiled and arranged by Richard G. Smith, 1979.  Compiled, typed and published by the Wayne Co. [Ohio] Historical Society Genealogical Society, Wooster, Ohio.  Printed by Unigraphic.  ©1979.  323 pages, hardbound, title in gold on spine.  Book is 9" by 12"  Data for each township, in alphabetical order, is followed by data for the cities of Orrville and Wooster, and all are in separate sections.
Each listing consists of data collected and written beginning with the surname of each head of households
As well as persons with different surnames living with them, all listed alphabetically within each township.  Persons with a different surname are listed in a separate entry in the proper place in alphabetical order.  In each entry is given the name of the person with whom he is living and the relationship, if any.  The data given is, family number, surname, given name, occupational code[given in this book], age, race white unless other given in (), Sex, Spouse is second person listed if followed by a ;.  If not the spouse, relationship is stated.  Children-all names that follow unless otherwise listed.  Place of birth (3): 1. of person, 2 of person's father, 3 of person's mother.  All children were born in Ohio unless otherwise noted.  Sample:  Number 072: Surname BRUBAKER: Given name, David: occupation (fr) farmer: age 32: P-P-P born in Pennsylvania, so were his father and mother:  ; means spouse Lydia: age 33: O-P-P, born in Ohio, Parents both born in PA; Harriet 9: Wm. 3:  Phares 4 mo.
The index covers the listings of heads of household and separate surnames.  This abstraction lists those surnames with four references or more:  Acker, Adams, Albright, Alexander, Alleman, Allen, Ammon, Amstutz, Anderson, Antles, Armstrong, Arnold, Ash, Atkins, Aukerman, Ault, Aylesworth, Bahl, Bailey, Bair, Baird, Baker, Bard(en/on), Barnard, Barnes, Barnhart, Bareret, Bartel, Barth, Barton, Batdorf, Bates, Baughman, Bauman, Baumgardner, Baysinger, Beall, Beals, Beam, Beard, Bechtel, Beck, Becker, Beeler, Beery, Bell, Berg, Berger, Berkey, Berry, Bessey, Best, Bevard, Bevington, Bicl(el/le), Biddle, Biggs, Bigler, Billman, Bixler, Blackwood, Blanchard, Blough, Boigegrain, Boley, Boor, Boss, Bott, Bower/s, Bowersock, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brandt, Brenizer, Brenneman, Brenner, Bricker, Brickerhoff, Brothers, Brouse, Brown Brubaker, Buchanan, Bucher, Buckley, Buckwalter, Budd, Buger, Burkholder, Burnett, Burns, Bush, Butler, Buttermore, Byers, Caldwell, Callahan, Cameron, Camp Campbell, Carl, Carlin, Carr, Carson, Case, Caskey, Cayho, Chaffin, Chapman, Childs, Christine, Christy, Clapper, Clark, Cleckner, Cline, Coclin, Coe, Cole, Collier, Collins, Conrad, Cook, Cooper, Coover, Cornelius, Correll, Cotterman, Coulter, Coup, Cramer, Craven, Crawford, Crile, Crites, Crosby, Culbertson, Culler/s, Cully, Cunningham, Curry, Dague, Daniels, Daugherty, Davidson, Davis, Days, Deible, Demiller, Dennis/s, Derr, Detrick/s, Detwiler, Dice, Dies, Dilgard, Dintaman, Dodez, Donnelly, Douglas, Downing, Dressler, Dunham, Dunlap, Durstine, Dye, Eason, Easterday, Ebbert, Eberhart, Eberly, Eby, Eck(h)ard/t, Ecker, Eddy, Edwards, Eichenberger, Eicher, Elgin, Elliot, El(e)y, Emerick, Emerson, Emery, Ervin, Eshelman, Eshman, Etling, Evans, Ewing, Eyman, Fair, Farmer, Fath, Feas(z)el, Feeman, Feightner, Felger, Felix, Fendenheimer, Fe(u_rguson, Fetter, Fetzer, Fickes, Fike, Filby, Finley, Firestone, Fishburn, Fisher, Fletcher, Flickinger, Flora, Flory, Fluhart, Follis, Foltz, Foot, Force, Fordenwalt, Forrer, Fortney, Foss, Foster, Fouch, Foust, Fox, France, Franks, Fra(s/z)e, Fra(s/z)ier, Frederick, Fritz, Fr(ey/y), Funalman, Funk, Fye, Gable, Gailey, Galehouse, Gallagher, Garber, Gardner, Garm(e/i/o)n, Gfarret, Garver, Gault, Geitgey, George, Gerber, Gerstenschlager, Gingerich, Ginter, Girard, Glasgow, Glass, Gochnaur, Good, Goodhart, Goodyear, Goudy, Graber, Grady, Graham, Grant, Gr(ay/ey)Gregor, Green, Greenwald, Griffin, Griffith, Groff, Grosjean, Haas, Hackett, Hagaman, Haley, Hall, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammer, Hammond, Hanna, Harbaugh, Hardin/g, Harmon, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartel, Harter, Hartman, Hartzler, Hatfield, Hawk, Hayes, Heffelfinger, Heffelman, Heise, Heller, Henberger, Henderson, Henry, Herr, Herrington, Hershey, Hesler, Hess, Hewit, Hileman, Hill, Hilty, Hindman, Hiner, Hines, Hinkle, Hoff, Hoffman, Hofstetter, Hoisington, Holderman, Hollinger, Holm, Holmes, Homan, Hook, Hooley, Hoover, Horn, Horst, Hostetler, Hough, Houghton, Houser, Hoverstock, Howard, Hower, Howey, Howman, Huff, Huffman, Hughes, Hunsberger, Hunter, Huntsberger, Hurst, Hushower, Hutch(e/i)ison, Hutchinson, Ickes, Immel, Irvin/e, Jackson, James, Jam(e/i)son, Jarvis, Jeffries/Jeffrey, Jenkins, Job(es/s), Johnson, Johnston, Jolliff, Jones, Kampf(t), Kauffman, Keck, Keefer, Keiffer, Keister, Kell(ar/er), Kell(ey/y)0Kerr, Kesler, Kell(ey/y), Key/s, Kimber, Kime, Kindig, King, Kintner, Kiser, Kissinger, Kistler, Klein/Kline, Kramer, Kuhn, Kurtz, Lake, Lance, Landaw, Lander/s, Land(es/is), Langell, Larwill, Lattimer, La(u/w)bach, Laudenschlager, La(u/w)rence, Lee, Lehman, Lehr, L(ei/i)chty, Leies, Lepley, Levers, Lewis, Ligget, Lilly/Lilley, Limbach, Lindsey, Litt(el/le), Locke, Long, Loreau, Lowe, Lower/s, Lowr(ey/y)Lucas, Ludwig, Lutz, Lytle, This continues on for more than 80 columns more!
YOGSO WAYNE-02:  BAKER'S MAP OF WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO, 1856.  Published by the Wayne County Genealogy Society, Wooster, Ohio 44691.  This 5' by 5' map has been split into smaller sections with all kinds of information on the pages.  This was a landowner's map.  An abstract of the index runs for eleven pages at the back.  Only surnames with five or more first names, which may be one same name with five different properties or four separate names are listed here:  Ackerman, Adams, Allerman, Amstutz, Armstrong, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Ault, Aylesworth, Baird, Baker, Barnard, Barnett, Baughman, Beal/s, Bechtel, Billman, Bonewitz, Bott, Bowman, Brown, Brenneman, Bricker, Butler, Byer/s,  Campbell, Carlin, Carr, Childs, Christy, Clark, Cook, Cooper, Cotton, Coulter, Crites, Culbertson, Cunningham, Dage, Douglas, Dunham, Eby, Eckert, Eicher, Elliott, Emerich, Erwin, Ewing, Eyman, Fatzer, Felger, Finley, Firestone, First, Fisher, Flickinger, Flory, Fluhart, Foltz, Ford, France, Frank, Franks*, Frase, Frederick, Funk, Gab(el/le), Grabriel, Gailey, Galehouse, Garver, Gerber, Gill, Goudy, Graber, Gross, Hackett, Harsh, Hartman, Hartzler, Hatfield, Hoff, Hoffman, Hoover, Horst, Houser, Howey, Hoy, Huffman, Hughes, Hunter, Hutchison, Jacobs, Jameson, Johns, Johnson*, Jones, Kauffman, Keeney, KeisterKeim, Kieffer, Kiser, Knoble, Kurtz, Lake Lance, Lawrence, Lee, Lehman, Lehr, Little, Long, Lower, Lutz,   
The rest of the alphabet is in the book, but too long to add here.  PRICE $15
Howe's History for this county is priced at $6
YOGSOH WILLIAMS-01:  THE KALAMAZOOVALLEY FAMILY NEWS LETTER, VOLUME 4 NO. 4, SUMMER QUARTER, JUNE, 1975.  WILLIAMSCOUNTY, OHIO.  1 CITY, 8 VILLAGES, AND 12 TOWNSHIPS.  This area set off from Indian Territory by the General Assembly of Ohio on April 1, 1820, and named for David Williams.  Reduced to present boundaries in 1849.  County Seat is Bryan, Ohio.  Page 258  show an old log cabin which was being restored as a project of the Williams County Historical Society.  Page 259 has a map of and information about Brady Township.  Page 260 gives even more information about this area's churches.  Page 261 gives a landowner's map and recent trustees, clerks, constables and Justices of the Peace from about 1939 through the 1955 for some and as late as 1975 for trustees and clerks.  Page 262 Welcomes new members to this Kalamazoo Genealogical Society that dedicated this issue to Williams County, Ohio.  Page 263 covers Bridgewater Township and its early settlers.  Page 264 covers the village of Blakeslee with information as to what businesses were there and who owned them.  The Library hours given are for Michigan libraries.  Page 265 focuses on Center Township and its early settlers, Page 266 focuses on the libraries of Williams County.  Page 267 lists the livestock count for the men of Williams County from the 1837 tax lists.  Page 268 is all about the Village of Edon, Page 269 gives village mayors and other officials and information, and charter membership lists of, the Florence Lodge of the I. O. O. F., the Edon Lodge of the F.& A.M. and the Boone Post of the Grand Army of the Republic.  Page 270 is centered on the City of Bryan with lots of information about this city and an aerial view too, with pictures of the schools on 271, some early voter lists, and a list of male voters over 21 in Pulaski County in 1843.  Superior Township takes center stage on Page 273 and 274.  In 1840 ten males voted. By 1842 there were 32!  Newspapers are covered on Page 275 and the history of Hamlet of Columbia is told. Pages 276-288 are missing  A list of the cemeteries is on Pages 289 and 290, but no list of those buried there appears.  Springfield Township starts on Pafe 291.  (no page 292.)  Page 293shines the spotlight on Madison Township.  The village of Pioneer was founded in October of 1853 by J. P. Norris.  Page 295 continues with the lists of offials and information on the Village of Alvordton.  Page 296 has lots of information on the village of Montpelier and begins the Village of Edgerton, which is continued on the next page.  Northwest Township is featured on Pafe 297.  Mill Creek Township is featured on Page 298.  Pulaski Tonship is the center of attention on Page 299.  (No Page 300.)  Page 301 covers news from Saint Joseph Township, The Village of Stryker claims our interest on Page 302.  On Page 303 we study Jefferson Township.  (No page 304.)  There is a list of the subjects of the Biographies in the 1882 History of Williams County by Goodspeed on Pages 305, 306. and 307.  Page 308 gives us information about West Unity Village.  Page 309 gives officials, Clerk Treasurers and Councilmen.  Page 310 has pictures and so does the last page in this stapled book.  I would venture to guess that the index to this book would be more than twice the size of this book.  You would have thousands of names.  What a daunting task, but oh, how helpful it would be!  This book has not been punched because you would lose data, but I have placed it in a pocket folder to protect it.  PRICE:  $14     
Researched and Compiled by Mrs. Jacquelyn Youse Whetro in 1993.  Published by the Williams County Genealogical Society in Ohio.  105 pages, cardstock covers.  This book is exceptionally well done.  Her descriptions of the stones are well done.  The extraneous information included is unusual to find, and very helpful.  Thanks, also, to Richard and Linda Gardner for sharing a notebook of names and Death Dates that Richard used during his many years of being the Bridgewater Township Trustee in charge of the cemeteries.  No further records for these cemeteries are known, other than on these tombstones.  From the index, I have copied only those surnames with four or more records.  An * indicates there are more than ten entries ** indicates over twenty:  Allgire, Ansley, Auble, Ayres, Back*, Backus, Bailey, Baker, Barnes, Bauer, Bechtol, Bever, Blackford, Bloom, Brandebery, Brandon, Brown*, Burkhart, Champion*, Close, Coblentz, Cogswell*, Conklin, Cook, Covell, Crawford, Culbertson, Davis*, Dean, Dein, Downing, Fried*, Frisbie**, Gardner*, Gibbeny, Grannis, Graves, Gunyan, Hagaman, Hains&&, Hanna, Hart, Hess, Hickok, Hill, Hillard, Huston, Joice, King, Kizer, Knapp, Lambright*  Lantz, Laufer, Lenardson, Mrtin**, McClain, Miller**, Moore**, Morris, Morrison, Neil, Nye, Olmstead, Owen, Palmer, Parker, Pool/e, Preston, Putnam, Rainey**, Reynolds, Ricky, Russell, Scovill, Shaffer, Shapley, Shepard, Sibley, Simonds, Slater, Slough, Smith*, Smoot, Snow *, Speaker, Stafford, Stark, Stocking, Strahr, Sumner*  Travis, Waldenmeyer, Wallace, Warner, Waterson and.  Whitney.  PRICE:  $25
Howe's History for this county is priced at $9 

Wyandot  County
Howe's History for this county is priced at $9 - small size $7.
Watch for additions to this list as I add materials which we have acquired through more recent acquisitions not yet  included here, but they will, like these, appear on occasional crates for you before they are made available to the general public.  I do appreciate the time you take from your very busy lives to scan, stop and read these newsletters.  Remember, helping genealogists is what we do here.  Thanks for giving us a chance to be of service to this wonderful genealogical hobby [obsession?] we share.  Pat from YOGS.


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