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Newsletter Subtitle:  THE MYSTERIES ARE HERE!  FIRST SET! ks1 

Month Day Year  APRIL 08, 2011


Well, here is what you have been waiting for.  This is the first set of the Mysteries.  Everyone loves a mystery! 


We are a curious species, and we have learned to read, so it follows naturally that we would love to read mysteries.  Those of us that grew up reading the Bobbsey Twins and The Hardy Boy's series of mysteries learned a lot about rational thinking, identifying the problem, assembling the clues and solving the mysteries.  The next generation read the Hollister Twins, Nancy Drew, and many other series designed to help us use, on a daily basis, what we had learned in school to help us solve problems. 


Most people love puzzles in life - jigsaw, crossword, word finds, Sudoku, most kinds even have their own series of books.  On my last vacation to Arizona, I came back with a set of book of Harry Potter Puzzles - word finds, crosswords and other puzzle types.  I bought more than one set because I knew there were other Harry Potter fans back here, and I had never seen these before at home.  They were very well done and I really enjoyed them.  If there is anyone in this country that does not know who Harry Potter is, I have yet to meet him!  Although I must admit some are not fond of admitting it in public! The world of magic even allows us to think of things it is impossible to really do! [But it would be very handy to have a magic wand when it comes time to load the van for a seminar.  One wave of a wand, and I would be done.]


The Harry Potter series was done to appeal to people in the middle grades from fourth grade to adulthood.  The author's use of verbal description, adverbs and adjectives especially, was superb and broadened a lot of meager vocabularies, too.


We learned to read in school and then we learned to use those words to think, and after that, we learned to assemble facts to support leads in the mysteries that filled our comic books and our bookshelves.  


Then along came the great detectives.  Of course they had been there all along, awaiting our ability to think on their level.  How many can you think of just off hand?  I always think of Perry Mason first, because I watched all of them when they first came out, and I still watch the reruns when I can find one.  Remember, if Perry's client didn't do the crime, he had to find out who did, and then he had to prove it in court, so his client wouldn't be found guilty of a crime somebody else had committed. 


Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, also, come to mind, because America isn't the only place mysteries are written and read.  Today's bookshelves are full of mysteries, and now we can enjoy James Bond in movies and on television, as well as in books.  The number of crime dramas on television, and people's apparent fidelity in watching them, testifies to the large number of people who like drama on their flat screens, but not so much in their personal lives!


We now have an entire group of American writers of mysteries that could fill a thousand crates.  Many of these are ordinary women, [Is there really such a being?]  Women with homes and husbands, sons, brothers or fathers to give their life balance; women with mothers or sisters or daughters to center them; women with friends, relatives and acquaintances to inspire them.  For a large number of these writers, who have homes, businesses, ranches, jobs, pets, seem a lot like ordinary people.  But, they are not ordinary!  They are the writers of today's INTRIGUE Series of books, capable of inserting red herrings, twists and turns, ruses of every description just to keep us, their helpless readers, spell bound until the last page of their books.


To make books more affordable, the paperback book has assumed a large share of the market.  Now it is not necessary to spend $30 to $50 for a book.  I get that kind at a library!  But I enjoy reading a good mystery, like most people in this country.  Being a widow, with no husband or children at home to care for, my household duties do not take much of my time, so I have lots of leisure time for reading, that is, after the shop gets all the time it needs or wants!


These books we present today have a large share of this mystery market.  They are varied in their subject matter, in the locale chosen for the setting and in the amount of side issues that are covered.  Many are mixed in with a love story, which suits many people who read for their own entertainment.  Some of these are a little sexy too, with what seem to us to be real people wrestling with huge problems in a life and death crisis.  


I think many of us just like the peace and quiet that comes with curling up in your favorite chair, wrapped in a robe and/or a comforter or quilt, and for a while, entering another more exciting and tumultuous world that definitely takes more energy than we would care to expend! 


World-shaking problems are solved by tall, dark, handsome men and beautiful, long-legged, curvaceous, and intelligent women whose lives have become entangled in problems we are deeply grateful we don't encounter in our regular daily life.


Magnum and Hawaii 50 added the thrill of a new locale we did not all have access to on a daily basis and now we have these books set in many major cities in this country and around the world.  We won't even mention the thousands of countries that have been created in the fictional world of a mystery writer!  We flock to movies when a new movie comes to town, that is set in an alluring locale we can't afford to travel to, but would like to go see, maybe, someday.  We learn to travel in our minds when our bodies are too tired or worn to make the effort, and the ticket would take a year's pay.


We are, most of us, in one way or another - mystery junkies!  And we have chosen the most important mystery to be our hobby.  We read books looking for clues as to who our ancestors were, who they married, how many kids they had, where they moved from and where they moved to. 


Being the great detectives we are, we assemble our clues carefully, examining facts, formulating theories and debunking them when they are not workable or sustainable.  We climb our Family Tree carefully, establishing each link, each branch and each leaf for the truth.  Doing it right is more important than doing it!


Quite frankly, it is too easy to be led astray by these huge databases.  Have you ever gone up and put in a common name like John Brown?  You must remember, not every John Brown reference is YOUR John Brown.  Indeed, your John Brown may not be even on that data base at all!


It is still mandatory that you find your JOHN BROWN and give him a locality and a time frame.  Then you are ready to begin your research. 


However, these books we have here today are to be read for fun and relaxation, so take a few minutes, check out the descriptions, find two or three that sound interesting and order them.  I have found when I want to read something like this, I have to get up earlier than the household or stay up later than the household.  I know, I have had teen-agers at home before, that is nearly impossible to do especially is you have more than one of them!  But give it a try!   


Recreational reading breaks your focus on yourself and allows you to broaden your universe.  Finishing a book gives you a sense of accomplishment, akin to being on a par with having every dish in the house, clean, and on the shelf instead of on the table, in the bedrooms, or in the sink or dishwasher.


In the peace and quiet of 1:00 a.m. to 3:a.m. I can get a lot of reading done!  That is why my shop doesn't open until 10:00 a.m.




  READ ON!  All these books have belonged to me and have been read by me.  No one needs the pain of eyestrain.  ALL  of these are larger print books, and are priced at $4 because of their larger size!


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 1: Wild Stallion.  By Delores Fossen. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 283 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Her unborn child was all the family she had. Then she was stolen minutes after Bailey Hodges gave birth. Months following the hospital standoff, the terrifying memories still existed. Someone wanted her to die that night. Someone still wanted her dead. But nothing would stop her from finding her child. Not even Jackson Malone, the Texas tycoon whose intense gray eyes and protective demeanor she couldn't resist. The moment Jackson discovered that the mother of the "orphan" he'd adopted was alive his suspicions went on high alert. Nothing mattered more than keeping the baby safe-and defending Bailey from the danger that hovered closer than any of them expected. Yet would reuniting mother and child cost Jackson his only chance at having a family of his own?" Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 2: Colby Brass.  By Debra Webb. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 281 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Five years ago they'd vowed to live separate lives, now they've been brought together to complete their deadliest mission yet. As a Colby Detective Agent, Trinity Barrett is one of the best at finding the missing and delivering justice. He hasn't confronted a challenge he couldn't handle with ease-until now. To locate an abducted child and bring her home safely he must team up with Equalizer Evonne Cassidy, his ex- wife. Launching a dangerous search in Chicago's underbelly is not Evonne's biggest obstacle-partnering with Trinity is. They'd managed to keep their history a secret, but in close quarters they can't deny the passion that still connects them. And if there's any hope for a Christmas reconciliation, they'll first have to survive their risky assignment" Original Price: $5.75 Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 3: Christmas Countdown.  By Jan Hambright. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 280 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Emma Clareborn banked everything she had on saving her family farm. But after one accident too many, both to her, and to her award winning colt, it was time to hire a bodyguard. But the minute she saw Mac Titus, she knew he could do more damage to her heart than some faceless strangers could do to her home.  Mac Titus knew coming to Firehill Farm was a mistake. It only resurrected the ghosts from his past-and forced some gun-toting criminals out into the open. Still, Mac had a job to do, one that required focus and determination if he was going to keep Emma safe. Too bad his greatest distraction came from the women he'd been hired to protect" Original Price $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 4: Denim Detective.  By Adrianna Lee. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2004. 250 pages. LARGER PRINT, Paperback, laminated cover. "Grief stricken after her baby daughter was kidnapped, Deedra Shanahan had no choice but to flee the terrifying memories of her hometown. Now, in jeopardy and running for her life, Deedra returned to BuffaloFalls, and to the only man who could keep her alive: her estranged husband. Facing Beau Shanahan again-and their tumultuous past-proved even more dangerous that the numerous attempts on her life. But joining forces was the only solution for locating their child and capturing the madman who wanted Deedra dead. Now, with only each other to trust, could Beau and Deedra overcome danger-before they were consumed by desire?" Original Price: $4.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 5: The Texas Lawman's Last Stand.  By Delores Fossen. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2011. 282 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Texas lawman Bo Duggan got the shock of his life when Mattie Collier showed up on his doorstep, claiming his daughter was really hers and not his son's twin. But before Bo could argue, Mattie became a gunman's target and duty compelled him to protect her. After getting the children to safety and then going on the run, Bo couldn't help but admire the way Mattie wouldn't back down-from a fight and from believing she was his baby's mother. Bo had trouble imagining a life without the little girl he'd given his heart to.  And before long, he had to admit, he had trouble imagining living without her mother, too." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 6: Dangerously Attractive.  By Debra Webb. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2008. 217 pages. LARGER PRINT, Paperback, laminated cover. "A serial killer is targeting Detective Vanessa Connor's oldest friends, and evidence-the sicko left his calling card in her home, shows she'd be the next victim. But Vanessa refuses to run scared. She's a cop. And she's determined to make full use of her years on the force to trap the murderer herself. So when a federal agent is assigned to protect her and catch the perp, Vanessa isn't exactly cooperative. She doesn't need a bodyguard-particularly one as dangerously attractive, dangerously seductive as Rick Maguire. His powerful arms make Vanessa feel safer than she wants to admit. Especially when the killer gets close enough to cross them both off his list." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 7: Shadow Protector.  By Jenna Ryan. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 281 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Sera Hudson didn't need an invitation to Blue Ridge; she was looking for an escape. The only surviving witness of the Blindfold Killer, Sera wanted to lay low, but when danger found her yet again, she had no choice but to turn to the handsome local sheriff. Logan may have patrolled a small town, but he had big city instincts. The object of every woman's desire, he had a soft spot for newcomers and there was no chance he'd allow a murderer free rein over his charge. But he wasn't going to babysit Sera, either. He knew more about her than he let on, and their shared past held clues to the killer's identity. If they could find common ground, then maybe, just maybe, Sera could finally stop running away and see that he was her reason to stay." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 8: Bulletproof Bodyguard.  By Kay Thomas. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 216 pages. LARGER PRINT, Paperback, laminated cover. "Marcus North was an intriguing mystery to the residents of Murphy's Point, Mississipp,i-especially Cally Burnett, the single mom who ran the B and B where Marcus stayed. But despite the instant attraction that flared between them, Cally couldn't have guessed the secrets Marcus hid, or the way those secrets would come out to haunt them both. Working undercover on a crucial case, Marcus had to keep his identity hidden. But his desire to protect the young mother and her son had him putting everything else at risk; including his career and his life. Passion, and desperation, rises as the determined mother and sexy cop come to an uneasy alliance and everything rides on one deadly night." Original Price: $5.75  Final Price:  $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 9: Winchester Christmas Wedding.  By B.J. Daniels. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 281 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "The Winchester Ranch is a place of age-old scandal and deadly family secrets. For DEA agent T.D. Waters, the thriving ranch and mysterious Winchester clan have the answers he's looking for. With the heart of a cowboy and a rebellious streak that can't be tamed, he's not going to let anyone interfere with his investigation. Nor will he let a beautiful, lonely siren distract him from his mission. But once old secrets are revealed, this might become the most memorable Christmas yet! But when T.D.'s hunt for the truth puts lives at risk, protecting Lizzy Calder-and wrestling their potent attraction becomes his mission. As the danger rises, secrets surface and all hope for a Winchester Ranch wedding may be destroyed." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 10: The Last Landry.  By Kelsey Roberts. Published by Harlequin Books. © 2010. 281 pages. LARGER PRINT, Paperback, laminated cover. "Shane Landry's life was simple: He ran the Lucky 7 ranch and steered clear of his tempting housekeeper, Taylor Reese. The first was embedded in his blood, the second almost impossible to resist, considering Taylor slept right down the hall. Then everything changed. Shane's long-missing parents were discovered to have been murdered years ago and his paternity was suddenly put into question. As suspect number one in a double homicide, he had to clear his name, and only one woman could help. Would Taylor be his salvation, or the last Landry's undoing?" Original Price: $5.75 Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 11: Keeping Watch. By Jan Hambright. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 281 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "In her dreams, police sketch artist Adelaide Charboneau is haunted by violent images of crime scenes, as they happen. Her extraordinary gift becomes a curse when a string of murders raises suspicion against her. Then the danger targets her and she's forced to depend on a practical-minded detective for protection. Royce Beckett has always relied on pure human instinct and skill to bring criminals to justice; and he knows firsthand that it's not always enough. With Adelaide under his watch, he soon realizes that her abilities are just as genuine and powerful as the desire between them; But as much as he wants to give in, staying alive means staying alert, despite the gut-wrenching temptation." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 12: Classified Cowboy.  By Mallory Kane. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 213 pages. LARGER PRINTPaperback, laminated cover. "Texas Ranger Lieutenant Wyatt Colter will never forgive himself for allowing a witness to go missing on his watch, even if he did take a bullet as a result. Now forensic anthropologist Nine Jacobsen has unearthed human remains that might explain the mystery, and Wyatt finally sees his chance to solve a cold case that has haunted him for two long years. He knows Nina has her doubts about his ability to remain objective, but then someone tries to bury Nina with the evidence and, trust him or not, Wyatt appoints himself her own personal watchdog; and this time, this cowboy will get his man, and his woman." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4 


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 13: Agent Daddy. By Alice Sharpe. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2009. 218 pages. LARGER PRINT, Paperback, laminated cover. "All hell broke loose when word spread that a vengeful serial killer was headed for the Triple T ranch. Fearing the worst, former FBI agent Luke Tripper entrusted his orphaned niece and nephew to Faith Bishop's tender loving care while he hunted down his prey. Their smoldering attraction chased away the winter chill, but the fiercely independent schoolteacher bristled when the brusque cattleman ordered round-the-clock protection. Despite the looming danger, Faith's unflinching courage stirred Trip's deepest emotions, and he hungered to hold her close. Now with the body count rising and his loved ones in peril, would this hometown hero lay his heart on the line?" Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 14: Solid as Steele.  By Rebecca York. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2011. 283 pages. LARGER PRINT. Paperback, laminated cover. "P.I. Mack Steele had loved Jamie Shepherd from the moment he'd met her, but she'd always been off-limits, until her frantic phone call reached out to him in the dead of night. Jamie couldn't deny her fear when her "gift" returned. Her disturbing dreams were too real, trapped in a macabre fun house, a woman needed her help. Nor could Jamie deny her forbidden attraction to her dark, sexy protector. Lured back to the hometown she'd long ago escaped, Jamie had only Mack to save her from her dreams, and the very real, very twisted killer who'd lured her into his game. But would Mack be enough?" Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 15: The Spy Who Saved Christmas.  By Dana Marton. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 281 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "In one unforgettable moment, Lara Jordan broke all the rules in her play-it-safe handbook and spent an incredible night with Reid Graham, a practical stranger. But before she even had time to bask in her fearlessness, a suspicious fire stole him away and left her pregnant, heartbroken and alone. Until now. Walking back into Lara's life after two years was never on the operative agenda. Unfortunately, remaining "dead" was no longer an option once their baby boys were kidnapped. Now, Reid had to convince Lara she could trust he'd sacrifice his own life to bring their children home for Christmas, without admitting the mission might just come to that." Original Price: $5.75 Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 16: The Secret Night.  By Rebecca York. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2006. 249 pages. LARGER PRINT, Paperback, laminated cover. "He was wrapped in a cloak of secrecy but Nicholas Vickers was Emma Birmingham's only hope to rescue her sister from a maniac. She'd met the charismatic P.I. in her unusual, erotic dreams, and in person Nick was every bit as strong, steady, and sexy. But as they planned their attack on The Master's isolated, wooded Maryland estate, Emma realized Nick was a man of mystery, if a man at all. His mesmerizing touch, hypnotic eyes, undeniable appeal hid a century-old secret. Emma knew more than her sister's life was at risk, because she'd run straight into the arms of a vampire." Original Price: $4.99 Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 17: Hostage to Thunder Horse.  By Elle James. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 283 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Discovering an unconscious woman in a snowdrift, rancher Maddox Thunder Horse vowed to save her life. How she had wound up in a remote area of the Badlands was a mystery, but the fear in the icebound beauty's eyes revealed that it had not been by choice. The woman who called herself Kat roused protective instincts the Lakota native had thought long-dead. Grateful for her rescue, Katya Ivanov didn't want to pull Maddox into her nightmare. Someone wanted her dead, so the less he knew about her and her situation, the better. Still, the growing attraction between them couldn't be denied, and neither could the killer who lurked in wait. But with a warrior by her side, she just might have a shot at the life, and love, she'd always wanted." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 18: Double Life.  By Amanda Stevens. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2006. 250 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Ash Corbett had been gone for twelve years, and now he was back in Jacob's Pass, Texas, as brash and as beautiful as ever. But something about him wasn't right. His family knew it, Emma Novick knew it. And what would take DNA typing precious time to reveal, Emma had only to look in his eyes and sample one kiss to know for sure. As a child Emma would watch the grand Corbett parties through the windows and from the trees, catching only glimpses of the gowns and glamour inside. She was the gardener's daughter, not the sort of girl Ash would ever be attracted to. He was educated and well-bred, the kind of man who commanded respect whenever he went. But he and Emma shared secrets that only intensified over the years. Even though they were little more than strangers now, the passion between them burned strong still.  That someone knew about them burned stronger still. But someone knew about them and would use their forbidden past to forge a new future, with Ash." Original Price: $4.99  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 19: Brandishing A Crown.  By Rita Herron. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2011. 280 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "He'd come to Wyoming on business, but the moment Prince Stefan met the beautiful forensics expert, all he could think about was pleasure. Unfortunately, Jane Cameron had a job to do, one that involved missing evidence and possible murder, and she wasn't falling for Stefan's royal charms. But everything changed when Jane become the target of her own investigation and Stefan, with his military training and commanding presence, her self-imposed guardian. Protecting her 24/7 guaranteed Jane's survival, and stirred up the attraction practically burning between them. Stefan guaranteed he'd keep Jane out of the line of fire, but not out of his big, lonely bed." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 20: Body Armor.  By Alana Matthews. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 281 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "If last-minute shopping isn't killer enough, Santa is! When Anna Sanford is attacked by a vengeful Saint Nick, a mystery man saves her life. But the real mystery isn't why this man, Brody Carpenter, pledges to protect Anna through the holidays, it's why he left her in the first place, and why she never told him she was pregnant with his child. In four turbulent years, he'd transformed from local sheriff into an international bodyguard for hire, and Anna is in serious need of protection. Brody wants to help her put her life back together, but dodging bullets is easier done than dodging the past, especially when she is about to give him the ultimate Christmas surprise." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price:  $4


KARI'S CRATE 02 Book 21: Double-Edge Detective.   By Mallory Kane. Published by Harlequin Books. ©2010. 283 pages. Paperback, laminated cover. LARGER PRINT. "Detective Ryker Delancey had kept his eye on gorgeous Nicole Beckham since the night she'd barely survived a violent home invasion. Convinced her attach was connected to a string of murders in the New Orleans area, Ryker would do whatever it took to keep her safe. Unfortunately, Nic wasn't happy about being made his personal protection mission, until the killer came after her again. Now guarding Nicole became a 24/7 job, ratcheting up the tension that had been building between them. But losing control and falling into bed would cause more problems that it would solve. Or so he told himself the morning after." Original Price: $5.75  Your Price: $4



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