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Newsletter Subtitle: Kentucky Will Books with Indexs

Month Day Year:  MARCH 29, 2011


Since we are talking about Kentucky this week, I thought it would be nice if I would do a Kentucky crate:  So let's see what I found when I started prowling through my Kentucky shelves!  I have found about six books that, because of current demand needed reprinting, so I am adding those to this list.  They are just back from the printers so they really do look spiffy!


These caveats [an explanation to prevent misinterpretation.] apply to all the books written by this author, so are stated here once to save space on this newsletter. 


All spellings and abbreviations are listed as found in the original documents.  No attempt was made to correct spellings or interpret abbreviations has been made by this author.  Names mentioned in each instrument are indexed as being mentioned only once in that will even though they may be mentioned several tines.  If a surname is assumed from the text of the instrument, the surname appears in (  ).  Officials' names appear on the first document of each instrument only. 


This series of books differs from other will book abstracts as these are an every-name index to the complete will book.  All names mentioned in this book's index or found in the wills, estates, sales, and depositions, etc., are listed here.  Also included are all slaves' names found in the original instruments.  Notes for the genealogist are also included in this series.  Many of the wills, sales, depositions and dowers have clues to further research.  In the index in the book we send you, an asterisk follows the name of the testator who was usually the maker of the will. 



By Jana Sloan Broglin, Published by Heritage House for YOGS, ©1999, 53 pages, cardstock covers, stapled three times. Each volume is indexed.  Check out our website to see the indexes for Hardin County Wills Book A 1793-1809 at $15.  Wills Book B 1809-1816 at $15.  Wilsl Book C 1816-1821 at $15. 


Hardin County, KY, was formed in 1793 from Nelson County, KY.  In 1800, Hardin County encompassed the modern counties of Larue, Hart, Edmundson, Grayson, Breckinridge and Meade.  By 1810 Hardin County included only Larue plus portions of Meade, Hart and Breckinridge counties.  In 1820, Hardin included parts of Meade and all of Larue.  By 1830, Hardin's borders were as they are now, except for the county of Larue, which was formed in 1843 out of Hardin.


The address of the courthouse is Hardin County, KY Courthouse, 14 Public Square, Elizabethtown, Y42701-1437. 


The wills, estates, inventories and sales papers found in this volume were read from microfilm of the books as found in the Clerk's Office.  Because of space limitations the entire information was shortened to fit this format.  Notes for your information are listed in the book with the will.  Microfilm roll #390774 Contains Will Books D-E, 1821-1866. 


Names are listed in this index in the book with the will number in which they appear.  This every-name index gives the surname and first names of anyone listed somewhere in  this book.


In this abstract of the ten-page index only those surnames with three or more (actual number of) first names are listed here:  Abel 7. Acres 3, Allen 7, Ashcraft 4, Bailey 10, Ball 5, Beard 7, Bell 8, Best 6, Bland 10, Brady 3, Brewer 3, Bronk 6, Brown 21, Brumfield 8, Buckels 3, Buckner 3, Burkhead 6, Buzan 3, Carlton 8, Carson 5, Castleman 3, Chastain 3, Chenowith 3, Churchill 6, Cissel 5, Clark 11, Cocke 3, Coke 4, Cole 8, Coombs 10, Coy 4, Crawford 3, Crutcher 13, Cunningham 3, Curtright 3, Davis 3, Dillard 7, Ditto 5, Dorsey 6, Drury 8, Dugan 5, Duncan 22, Durbin 13, Earheart 9, Edlin 4, Elliot/t 4, English 18, Enlow 11, Ford 6, French 4, Gannaway 6, Gilmore 10, Glasscock 4, Goldsmith 8, Goodin 8, Goodman 4, Grafs 4, Gray 8, Green(a)walt 3, Gunning 6, Harl/e 6, Harned 4, Harris 4, Haycraft 7, Helm 28, Henn(e)y 3, Hill 3, Hobbs 14, Hodgen 5, Holt 5, Howard 4, Howe 11, Humphr(eys/ies) 10, Irwin 12, Johns(t)on 8, Kennedy 3, Kinkade 10, Kirkpatrick 6, Lacy 3, Lansdale 3, Larue 18, Laswell 5, Lawyer 4, Lewis 4, Linder 3, Londrie 6, Love 11, Luc(a/u)s 9, Martin 5, May 3, McDonald 4, McDowel/l 3, McMillen 5, McVey 9, Middleton 3, Miller 15, Milton 6, Moore 16, Moreman 7, Morgan 6, Morris 5, Morrison 7, Naul 10, Needham 4, Neff 3, Neil/l 6, Norris 6, Occurman 3, Overal/l 3, Overton 9, Paul 7, Pa(u/e)ley 9, Peake 3, Pearman 15, Phil/lips 5, Pin(dell/dle) 3, Price 3, Purcel/l 4, Rachford 10, Rathbone 4, Read 4, Reed 3, Robert/s 5, Rogers 11, Roof 3, Rust 7, Scandland 7, Scott 4, Shackleford 12, Sharpenstein 3, Shelton 20, 20, Shrewsbury 5, Smallwood 6, Smith 22, South 3, Stith 9, Stone 4, Stovall 9, Sutton 3, Tabb 7, Thomas 19, Thoro 4, Thurman 5, Turner 5, Twyman 3, VanMetre 8, Veirs 6, Vertrees/ Vertress 8, Walls 4, Walters 8, Walthen 6, Warfield 9, Watkins 7, Whitaker 4, Williams 9, Wilson 3, Wintersmith 3, Wise 11, Wither/s 10, Wright 10 and Young 14.  PRICE: This book is thicker with more pages than the others, so  is $17.50.        


KY - CRAZY CRATE 92  BOOK 2:  MASON COUNTY, KENTUCKY WILLS AND ESTATES, BOOK A - 1791-1798.  By Jana Sloan Broglin, 47 pages, 8 ½" by ll",  laminated three- color covers, coverstock wrappers, Complete surname index below.  Check out the other 8 volumes of Mason County on our website http://www.yogs.com 

MasonCounty, KY
Wills & Estates: Book A

Compiled by Jana Broglin
47 Pages; Oversized: 8.5"x11"
HHKYMAS-1, $17.00

With approximately 700 surnames indexed, this professionally compiled publication contains Mason County wills that were filed between the years 1791 to 1798. Each entry contains the name of the testator, will book designation (letter or number), page, date of will, date will filed, and all heirs mentioned in will.


GREEN, James of Mason County, KY, Will: Will Book E, Page 211-212; Dated 18 Jul 1820, Recorded Oct 1820, Oct 1821, Wife - Elizabeth GREEN; Father - Henry GREEN. (R.N.G)-Relationship Not Given. for the following - Davie HARDISTY; Orange MINER; Andrew DILMON; Jacob HOOVER.
Executor: Devall PAYNE
Witnesses: Ann HORD: Isaac LEWIS.
NOTE: Will further proven Mar 1821; Security: William BICKLEY


WILSON, Robert, Account: Will Book E, Page 213-215. Dated 5 Oct. 1821, Recorded Oct. 1821.  Names Mentioned: (This will abstract in the book proceeds to mention over 20 heirs and slaves.


Surnames Included in this Publication

Each * indicates ten or more first names.


Adamson* Alexander, Allen* Allison, Ambrose, Anderson** Anno, Annoe, Applegate** Armstrong* Arnold, Arthur, Asberry* Atchison* Aten. Aud(?)

Bacon, Baily, Baker, Baldwin* Ball, Bankton, Barber, Barclay, Barkelow, Barr, Barry, Barton, Bassett, Baughman, Bayles* Beall, Bean* Beard Beasly Bedinger Been Beesly Bell* Belt Bender, Bennett* Berry** Best, Beverly, Bickley, Biddle, Biggers, Birch, Bird, Black, Blackley, Blackwell, Blair, Blanchard, Bledsoe, Bless, Blunt, Boid, Boon, Boucher Boulton Bowlin Boyd Brackenridge Bradford Bradshaw Bragg Brammal Brammel Branagam Branagan Brashears Bratton Brawner Bray Breckenridge Brewer Bridewell Bridges Brierly Brockman Brooke Broom Brough Brown* Browning Bruce Bruner Bryarly Bryerly Bullock* Burgess Burket Burkitt Bursell Burton Bushman Buskirk Butler Byers Byram Byrum

Cahill Cain Caine Calmes Calvert* Campbell Canaday Canady Cara(N?)Gles Carter Carty Case Castoe Catlett Chamberlain Chambers Chandler* Cheesman Cheney Childs Chiles Chilton Chinn Chitwood Chowning Cla(?) Clark Clarke* Clay Claybrook Claybrooke Clayton Cleneay Clenny Clift Clutter Coburn Coe Cole Collins* Colvert Compton Comstock Conner Conway Cooke Coon Cooper** Corby Cord Cordry Corwine** Coryell Cotlee Cottle Cowgill Cox Cracraft Craig* Crawford Crawley Craycraft Cretcher Critchfield Crookshanks Crosby Culberson Cummings Cundiff Currens Curtis Cushman

Dailey Dallas Daulton David Davis** Dawson De(W?)Ees Dennison* Depew Desha Dilmon Dilse Dimmitt Dixson Doane Dobins Dobyns* Dogget Doggett Dofnavan Donavon Donifan Doniphan* Donophan Donovan Dornen Dougherty Downing Drake Drummond Duff Duffey Duffy Duke Dulaney Duncan Duvall Dye** Dyson

Early Eaton Edwards Eikman Elliott Ellis Ellison Ellrey Emmons Eubank Ewell Ewens Ewing

Farr Farrow* Feagan Feagans Fenton Field Fields Fiffe Findlay Fisher Fitzellen Fitzgerald* Fleming* Flinn Ford Forman* Forster Foulke Foulks* Fox Franklin Frasure Frazee Frazer Freeman French Froman Fulton Fyffe

Garrard Gates Gatewood Gault* Geremiah Gillum Ginn Glasscock Glenn Golden* Goldsberry Gooch Gordon Gorman Grant Graves Greathouse Green Gregg Grey Griffith Grigsby Grover Gysberlus

Hailstock Hale Halfensteen Hall Hamlin Hammett Hammond* Hance Handy HarberHarbour Harden Hardgate Hardisty Hardon Harge(T?) Harlan Harle Harlin Harnet Harrah Harris Harrison Hart Hawes Hawkins Hayden Hayes Hays Henderson Hendrickson Henry Henson Hiatt Hickey Hickman Hieatt Higgins Hill Hillman Hinson Hite* Hixson Hogshead Hogue Holady Holiday Holladay Hollidy Holloway Holton* Honicle Hoover Hord** Hornbuckle Houghton Houston Howard Howe Hower Hudson Hughes Hughey Hukill Humphreys Hunter Hyat Hyatt Hyman

Jackson Jacob Jacobs James January Jarvis Jefferson Jenkins Jennings Jett John Johnson* Johnston Jones** Jonson Judd

Kearsley Keith Kelly Kenan Kendrick Kennan Kennard Kennedy Kennerly Kenyon Kercheval** Key* Kile Kilgour Killgore* King Kinnard* Kirk* Kirke Kirkpatrick Knetzar Knight Kopp Kruson Kurtz

Lake Lamar Lamb Lane Langhorne Larew Larkin Lashbrook Lashbrooke Latham Laton Lea Leach Lealthe Lee** Leedy Leigh Levi Lewis* Lilleston Lindsey Linley Linn Linthicum Little Logan* Longly Lounsdale Lowry Loyd Lucas Lun(D?) Lyon

M(?)Naugh Machir* Mackey Mackoy Mahan Mann Mannen** Mannon Marsh Marshall Martin Mason Massey Masters Maston Matton Mayhugh Mcatee Mccarty Mccord Mccoy Mccullough Mcdaniel Mcdonald Mcgehee Mcginness* Mcginnis* (Mc?)Glasson Mcgoughan Mchugh Mcilvain Mclahan Mclaughlin Mclin Mcmullen Mcnary Mcqueen Mcshurley Mcshurly Meadows Mefford Megehee Men(?) Merrick Merrill Metcalfe Millen Miller Mills Milton Miner Mires Mitchell** Mo(Tt?) Mofford Moke MontgomeryMoore* Moran Moren Morford Morgan** Morris * Morrison* Morrow Morton* Mosby Moss Mott Mountjoy Muldron Mulican Mullican Mullikin Mullins Murphy* Murrow Myer

Snaylor Neal Neale Neil Nelson Nettleton Nevill Nibbs Nichlas Nichols Nicholson Niles Norris Nott Nowers

O'Bannon O'Neil O'Neill Obannon Ocull Oglevie Ondenb(?)gh Orr Osburn Outten Owens*

ParentParishPark Parker** Parks Parris Parrish Patterson Patton Paul Paxton Payne* Payton Peck Peddicord Peed Penick Pepper* Perkins Perrine Perry Petticord* Peyton Phillips** Pi(?) Pickerell Pickering Pickett Pierce Pinkard Pinter Poe Pogue Pollard Pollett Pollock Pope Porter* Prater Prather Preston Pritchard Proctor Purcell

Quaintance Quinn

Ragmen Ragsdale Railsback Rankins** Rannells Rardin Redden Redding Reed* Rees Reese Reeve Reeves Reid Reily Richey Riely Rigdon Riley Ritchie Robb Robbins Robbinson Robertson Robinson Roe* Rogers Rolf Rolston Rose Ross Rudd Rundles Runyon* Rush Russell Rutherford Rutter Rutton

Samuel Sandidge Savage Sayre Scisson Scott* Scudder Sellers Senteney* Sesrgent Sewill Shackleford Shankin Sharr Shelby Shelton Shepherd Shields Shipley Shirley Shoafstall Shofstall Shotwell Shultz Singleton Skinner Slack Slaughter Small Smith Southerland Soward Sparo Speake Spencer Spurrier* St. Clair Stagg Stapp Steel Stephenson Stepp Sterns Stevens Stevenson Stewart* Stillwell Stith Stockton Stots Stott Stout* Strode Stroad Stubblefield Sullivan Summers* Supplee Sutherland Sutton Swain Swengle

Tabb Talbot Taylor Tebbs** Tennis Tevis** Tharp Thom(S?)On Thomas* Thomason Thompson** Thornton Thoroman Tilton * Tom Tracy Treacle Triplett** True Truitt Trustlow Tucker Tuel Tully Tureman Turman Turner Tuttle

Ulrich Ulrick

Vallandingham Vanbuskirk Vanbuskirk Vancamp* Vandevander Vandeventer Vannatter Vanskike Vaughn Vertner Vickers

Wa(?)Kins Waddle Walker Waller Wallingford* Wallingsford* Walters Walton Ward* Warder* Waring Warner Waters Watson** Watts Waugh Wells* West Wheatly Wheeler Whipps White Wiatt Wieatt Wiggins Williams* Williamson Wilson** Winslow Winter Winters Wood* Woolfolk Worrick Worthington. 

Every book, all eight of them are indexed on our website. Step 1: Click on this blue URL: Step 1.  https://WWW.YOGS.COM, then click on Kentucky in the list of states, then click on Mason County in the list of counties, then click on which book you want to check!

There is also one volume that is simply a combined index to all of the MasonCounty books so you can see exactly what wills your surnames appear in for each book by looking in only the one book.

Check out our website for the rest of the eight books of wills for Mason County, KY that have already been done.  Order on line or call Pat at 1-800-419-0200.  Order by County and Will Book Letter plus the dates that book covers.  Here is the list, all for MASON COUNTY, KENTUCKY WILL BOOKS.  A -1791-1798 - $17;  

B - 1798-1809 -$21;  

C - 1809-1815 - $24;  

D - 1815-1819 - $17;  

E - 1816 - 1819 - $17;  

F - 1823-1826 - $17;  

G - 1626-1829 - $20;  

H - 1829-1832 - $$17.   



KY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 92  BOOK 3: MERCER COUNTY, KENTUCKY WILLS AND ESTATES, VOLUME II - 1808-1821.  By Chales M. Franklin.  Published by YOGS,  © in 1985, [This compiler and author wrote 187 books for us in the 1970s and 1980s.]  The will abstracts in this book are taken from Will Books 4, 5, and 6 as found in the Clerk's Office of Mercer County, Kentucky.  Abstracts of 124 wills are to be found in this book, with a supplement of estates that were listed as inventories or administrator's reports to indicate the names of deceased persons, but not necessarily identifying heirs. [NOTE:  By all means write for the documents in the will packet for these people.  They almost always have many details which will delight you when you find them!] This index lists the number of the pages on which that surname appears.  Surnames with only a comma appear on only one page. or as the last one in each letter's list with a period. 

Abraham, Adair 2, Ad(d)ams 5, Albert, Alexandeer, Algood, Allen 2, Allin 4, Alison, Alspaugh, Anderson, Armstrong 3, Asberry, Atkins, and Atkinson.

Ball, Banta 4, Barbee 5, Barber, Barbour, Barnes 2, Basey, Bayley, Bell 2, Bendon , Benntt 2, Benney, Bighum,2, Bilbo 6, Birney 2, Black,  Blackwood 3, Blagrave, Blanton, Beard, Bohon, Boice, Bosley 2, Bottom 2, Bowers, Boyce, Boyle, Bradshaw, Bragg, Branks, Brewer 2, Bridges, Bright, Briscoe 2, Brokaw, Brown 3, Brumfield, Buchanan 3, Buchannon 2, Bulger, Bull, Bunnell, Bunton 2, Burford 2, Burks, Burriss, Burton 4, Butler, and Byars.

Caldwell 8, Calfus, Cammel, Campbell 4, Cannon, Cardwell, Carr, Carver, Cassidy, Champion, Chaplin, Chelf, Chiles 2, Clark 4, Clarkson 2, Cleland 2, Clemmons, Cochran2, Coghill, Cole 2, Collier 2, Colter, Cooke, Cooney, Coovert, Copeland, Cotter, Covert, Cowan 4, Cox, Cozine, Crddock , Crawford, Crethus, Crewson, Crutchfield, Curd 2, and Curry 4.        

Daniel 3, Darland, Darnaby 2, Daugherty, Davenport 3, Daviess 2, Davis 7, Dawson, Dean, Demaree, DeMott, Denny 3, Deweese, Dickinson, Dickson Dimmitt, Dolsponet, Doneghy, Dooly, Douglass, Downing, Dun, Duncan, Dungan, Dunlay, Dunn, Durham 2, and Dye. 

Eastland, Eccles, Edwards, Elgin, Elkin, Ellis 2, England, Evens, Everly, and Ewing 2.

Fauntleroy, Fautroner, Fergerson, Ferrigo, Fields, Fife, Figg, Findley, Fisher 4, Flemery, Flurnoy, Forman 2, Forsythe, Franklin, Freeman, French, and Fulkerson.

Gaar, Gadberry, Gaines 2, Galloway, Gash 2, Gashweiler, Gates, Gaunt 2, Gilmer, Givings, Givins, Glazebrook, Goodknight, Gordon 4, Gore, Graham, Grant 2,  Graves 2, Gray 2, Grayham, Green 3,  Greenley, Greenwood 3, Gregory,  Gritton, and Gwin.

Haggin, Haggs, Haily, Haines, Hale 6, Haley, Hall 2, Hamilton 2, Hamner, Hampton, Hancock, Hann, Hanna, Harbert, Harbison 3, Hardin2, Harlan2, Harland 2, Harlez, Harmon, Harris 7, Harrod, Hart, Head, Henderson 3, Hicks, Higgins 4 Hocker, Hodson, Hoff, Holloway, Holman, Hope 2, Hopkins 2, Hord 3, Horine 3, Hoskins2, Howland, Huff 4, Huggins, Hughes. Humble 3, Humphries, Hungate 3, and Hunt.

Irvin and Irvine 2.

Jackman, Jarrel, Jeffereys, Johns, Johnson, and Jones 3.

Kain, Kale, Keele 2, Keller, Kelly 4, Kenner, Kerr 2, Kimble, Kirkland, Kirkpaterick, Knox 6, and Kyle.

Lagrange, Lambert, Lapsley, Latimer, Latimore, Lawrence 2,  Laws, Layton, Legrange, Lemon, Letcher 2, Lewis 2, Light, Lightfoot, Lillard, Lilley, Lock, Logan 4, Long 2, Lovet, Ludwick, and Lyon/s.

The various names were written by various people as M' or Mc, so we recorded these names as found in the records, sometimes both ways in the same document.  M'Afee, McAfee 9, McBride, M'Camey, McCamey, McCammack, McCaslin, McClannahan, M'Clure, McCormack, McCormick, McCoun 3, McCullough, McDowell 3, McElroy, McGee 2, McGill, McGinne, M'Ginnis, McGinnis 4, McGohon, McGraw, McKamey 2, McKamy 2, M'Kee 2,  McKee, McKinney 2, McMordie, and McMurtry 2.

Maddox 2, Magee, Mann, Marshall, Marss, Martin 2, Matherly, Mays, Megee, Millar, Miller 2, Milton, Minor, Mitchell 2, Mock, Monroe, Moor, Moore 4, Morgan 2, Mosby 5, Mossy, Munday, Murphy, and Murray.

Neald, Neeld, Neff, Nelson, Newton 2,  Neysong, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholson, Noel 4, and Nourse 2.

Odel, Odell, Ortkeis, and Overstreet 2.

Page, Parish, Parker 2, Parkhill, Passmore 2, Patterson, Patton, Pawling, Peerson, Pendergrass, Perkins 2, Petty, Phillips 2,  Pierce 2, Pipes, Pleasants 2, Porrenger, Poulter, Powell, Prather, Prewitt 3.


Randolph, Rankin, Ransdell, Rayburn, Redd,  Reed 3, Rennick, Reynierson, Rice 3, Richardson 2, Rig, Roach 2, Roane, Robards 4, Roberts, Robinson, Rochester, Rogers 2,  Rose, Rowe, Rowland, Rugles, Rugless, Ryely, and Rynierson 2,

Sale, Salter, Samuel, Sanderfur, Sanders, Schomp, Schooling 2, Scomp, Scott, Seller, Sevier, Shackelford, Shakilford, Shannon, Shaw, Shepherd, Shields, Shoeman, Shumate 2, Simpson 3, Slaughter 2, Smart, Smith 6, Smock 3, Sneed 2, Sothern, Speed 3, Spencer, Stagg, Starling, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirman, Stockman, Stofer, Stone, Street, Strong, Sulliger, Sutton, and Swarengin.

Talbot, Tally, Taylor5, Teitsort, Terhune, Thomas 2, Thompson 11, Timberlake, Tinsley, Trapnall, Trower, and Turner 3.

Vanarsdal, Vanarsdale 2, Vanarsdall, Vanarsdel 6, Vandavier, Vanderipe, Vandyke, Vannays, Vannice, Vannoy 2, Verbryck, Verbryke 2, Vigus, and Voris,

Walker, Walkup, Walters, Ward, Warren 4, Wate, Watts 4, Wayland, Wetherford, Whitehouse, Whittinghill, Whoberry 2,  Whooberry, Wickersham 2, Wikoff, Wilhite 2, Wilhoit, Wilkerson 2, Williams 4,  Willis 3,  Wilson 3, Winn, Wood 3,  Woods 6,  Woodson, Worley, and Worthington 3,

Yager, Yeiser, and Young 3.PRICE:  $15


Most of our Kentucky books do have the indexes right with them on the website.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.  Hope you found some help for your own genealogy in ths issue.  Pat from YOGS


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