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Newsletter Subtitle: JP CRAZY CRATES 46 & 47
Month Day Year:  March 23, 2010

Consolidated Crazy Crate JP 46 and 47
Updated through March 19, 2010
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Now for today's Consolidated Crates JP46 and JP47rom John Palmer of Michiana Publications.
JP46  CRAZY CRATE JP46  BOOK 2:  MAP GUIDE TO FISHING THE ST. JOSEPH RIVER. La Porte, IN:  Bright Spot Maps.  1990.  112 pages.  Softcover.  The St. Joseph River begins near Colon, Michigan, winds slowly southwestward into Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, Indiana, then - with a sharp curve in South Bend, Indiana, proceeds northward into Berrien County, Michigan, where it empties into Lake Michigan at St. Joseph.  Part of the natural beauty of the St Joseph River is its abundance of fish and wildlife.  Like all natural resources, the St. Joe has its limits.  It is highly recognized as a trout and salmon fishery and has become notable for walleye.  These are man-made fisheries.  On the contrary, the bass fishery is a natural one and therefore is quite vulnerable to fishing pressure.  The bass fishing on many stretches of the St. Joe is excellent.   This book identifies 15 varieties of fish which may be found on the river.  The book is not intended to be used as navigation maps- no depths are shown.  They are not intended to determine boat clearance or safe operation.  55 two-page maps provide continuous coverage of the river, showing tributaries, dams, boat landings,  access roads, parks, bridges, cemeteries, and other important features.  Nearly every page has an advertisement from a local sports shop.  Price:  $10.00
JP46 CRAZY CRATE JP 46 BOOK 12:   THE COUNTRY CONTRIBUTOR.  THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JULIET V. STRAUSS.  By E. Boomhower.    Carmel, IN:  Guild Press of Indiana.  1998.  160 pages.  Hardcover.  Rockville, Indiana, was a somnolent farmer's town in the 1890s.  it was not without culture:  like most Midwestern villages it had its literary clubs, a lyceum, and an academy-like education for both young men and women.  Juliet Strauss was a product of the expanding educational opportunities and opening employment market for women in the last decade of the century in Indiana, and she rose to be one of the state's leading literary figures in the decades that followed.  First helping her husband, Isaac, manage the Rockville Tribune, she began contributing to the Indianapolis News columns under the name of "the Country Contributor."  Eventually writing a monthly column for the Ladies' Home Journal- the Idea of a Plain Country Woman" - Strauss became one of the best-read and best-loved periodical writers in America.   Her road was not easy.  Spurned by the socially elite, small-town pacesetters in her home town as too intellectual and, as she contended, because her family was poor, she wrote alone while fulfilling the duties of homemaker, wife, and mother to two daughters.   A friend of James Whitcomb Riley and other literary lights of the golden age of Indiana literature, Strauss herself shone as a rather sentimental, but precise, stylist chronicling the daily events of country life:  the joys and satisfactions of tending a lovely garden, preparing food with flair and "good taste," and caring for home and loved ones with dignity and self-sacrifice. The story of her life is the often poignant tale of a talented and sensitive woman living a life and building a writing career in a time, and in a town, which did not quite understand her.  Price:  $10.95.
JP46 CRAZY CRATE JP 46 BOOK 13: EMMA SPEAKS OUT: LIFE AND WRITINGS OF EMMA MOLLOY (1839-1907). By Martha Pickrell. Carmel, IN: Guild Press of Indiana. c1999. 162 p. Hardcover. Includes index.   Emma was many things, but she was never a wallflower. Breaking away from the grip of her alcoholic husband, Emma forged a life for herself that included being one of Indiana's earliest pioneering women newspaper editors, a prohibitionist, a woman's rights champion, and an evangelist. She managed to survive two more marriages, the death of her son, and several love affairs, all the time focusing on women's welfare. She was one of America's most influential people during her lifetime, but her life and works have been overlooked until now.  Price: $14.95.
JP46 CRAZY CRATE JP46:  BOOK 14: BUT I DO CLAMOR.  MAY WRIGHT SEWALL, A LIFE, 1844 - 1920.  By Ray E. Boomhower.  Zionsville, IN:  Guild Press of Indiana.  2001.  199 pages.  Hardcover.  May Wright Sewall was one of a rare breed of talented individuals able to make unique contributions to American society in numerous fields:  education, civic improvement, women's rights, and pacifism.  Born in 1844 during an era when women were first making inroads into higher education, she was well educated in the classical tradition.  From modest beginnings as a teacher in a one-room Wisconsin school, she became one of the leading citizens of Indianapolis and the founder - with her husband, Theodore of the Girls' Classical School.   Possessing formidable organizational skills, Sewall helped found many of Indianapolis's enduring organizations:  the Indianapolis Women's Club, the Art Association of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Propylaeum, and the Contemporary club.   Sewall also worked tirelessly on behalf of rights for women in the United States - and around the world - during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  She served as an invaluable ally to such national suffrage leaders as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and gave the women's movement an international focus through her pioneering involvement with the International Council of  Women and the American Council of Women.  Six photographs enhance the text.  Price $10.95
CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 3: PIRATE, PAWNEE AND MOUNTAIN MAN.  THE SAGA OF HUGH GLASS.  By John Myers Myers.  Boston:  Little, Brown and Company.  1963.  First Edition.  237 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note:  ex library copy.  [The first front flyleaf page is missing.  The call number label has been removed from the spine of the book.  The check out pocket has been removed from the back of the book.]  Hugh Glass strides through the annals of the old West, a man of heroic proportions, yet
a strangely elusive one, also.  Discredited and forgotten for many years, his story is now retold with careful documentation by John Myers Myers.  Glass's origins are still unknown.  This book opens with the second phase of his life - the brawling, violent life of a free man, living in constant danger in the virtually unsettled West.  Captured by Lafitte in the Gulf of Mexico, he turned pirate himself till his first chance to escape - only to fall prisoner to the Pawnees.  He lived four years as a Pawnee before reaching the comparative safety of the western outpost of St. Louis.  But the life of the wilds held him.  Instead of returning to the East, he again pushed westward.  Wild, independent, with no ties, Hugh Glass joined a group of trappers to open up the fur-rich, Indian-held territory of the Upper Missouri River.  Then there unfolds the legend of a man and an era.  That he lived after a hand-to-hand battle with a grizzly bear is amazing enough.  That he was robbed and left to die by his comrades; but, left behind, he struggled alone, unarmed and almost mortally wounded, through two thousand miles of wilderness skirts the incredible.  Revenge motivated him, but he was a fair man as well as a strong one, and revenge was forgotten when he recovered his stolen possessions.  Hugh Glass died, ambushed by Indians, before the West slipped from the hands of the free fur traders.   What a life he led!  Price:   $5.00

U. S. - MILITARY - HISTORY:  CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 6:   FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE.  A MILITARY HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  By Allan R. Millett and Peter Maslowski.   New York:  The Free Press, a Division of Macmillan, Inc.  1984.  621 pages.  Hardcover.  For nearly four centuries, from Jamestown and Gettysburg to Santiago, from Belleau Wood and Normandy to Beirut, America's armed forces have fought to repel invaders, reunite our country, and secure our interests, alliances and ideals.  In this sweeping account, the authors provide the most comprehensive and by far the most penetrating history yet published of the military institutions and policies that have ensured our survival from the colonial era to the present.  Combining vivid description and discussion of every major military campaign with authoritative analysis of the political, economic, and social forces that have shaped our defenses, the authors develop several critical themes, including:  the political  logistical, and manpower limitations that have consistently influenced military priorities and programs;  the firm commitment to civilian control of the armed forces, and the constraints it has sometimes placed on military decisions and actions; the steady professionalization and nationalization of the military since the American Revolution;  and the military's reliance on industry and technology to overcome geographic isolation and to counter enemy numbers with increased destructive power.   The twenty-five-page index contains nearly 2,000 entries.  34 photographs enhance the text.   Price:  $8.00
CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 7:  Sand in a Whirlwind.  The Paiute Indian War of 1860. By Ferol Egana.  New York:  Doubleday and Co., Inc. 316 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note:  ex library copy with library stamps, check-out pocket, etc.]   Few Americans know about the Indian wars which America lost, those struggles in which white settlers were forced to retreat by superior Indian force.  This book is the story of one such Indian victory, in the Nevada desert near PyramidLake in 1860, a victory in which the Paiute tribe successfully defended themselves against a series of atrocities and attacks by white men.   At the center of the narrative stands Chief Numaga -
the Paiute leader - a man of peace who fasted for days to persuade his people away from war, yet went on to lead them in a brilliant series of victories over miners, settlers, and eventually the United States Cavalry.  Only at Little Big Horn did Indian warriors shed more white blood than in Numaga's greatest triumph.  The author writes with sympathy for the sincere leaders on both sides, showing how panic and foolish men spread terror throughout the far West during the Paiute War and placing this brief but bloody conflict in a new perspective:  a heroic triumph in the Indians' foredoomed defense of their lands and their lives against the land-hungry whites.  27 photographs enhance the text.  The six-page index covers over 200 entries.  Price:  $5.00
OHIO - AUDITOR'S REPORT 1940:  CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 8: Annual Report of the Auditor of State to the General Assembly and the Taxpayers of the State of Ohio.  For the Fiscal Year ending December 31, 1940. Columbus:  F. J. Heer Printing Company.    1941,  430 pages.  Hardcover. Everything you ever wanted to know about the sources of Ohio's taxes in 1940 and where the money was spent.   Information includes state departments, farms, hospitals, payments to counties, amounts paid for soldiers' claims from the Civil War through World War I, gasoline tax distribution to communities, and much more.  Price: $5.00
BIOGRAPHY - INDIANA - WALTER HENDRICKSON:  CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 9:  The Indiana Years, 1903 - 1941.  By Walter B. Hendrickson.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society. 1983.  260 pages.  Softcover.  (Indiana Historical Society Publications Volume 26 No. 3).  Walter Hendrickson was born in Indianapolis on September 24, 1903.  He was the elder son of Edward Grey Hendrickson and Margaret Short.  A brief family history of the Hendrickson and Short families is given in the introduction.  Walter's father became ill in 1914 and died in 1915, leaving Walter and his mother to provide for the family.  After attending high school and college, Walter held several jobs including one as a floor walker at L. S. Ayres, a major Indianapolis retail store.  The Depression caused financial difficulties and Walter decided to change careers.  In 1932 he began taking graduate courses in history and by 1936 had completed his M. A. Degree.  He then went to Harvard for his Ph. D. in history and was hired to teach at MacMurrayCollege for Women in Jacksonville, Illinois.  He taught there until he retired in 1968.   This book is a meticulous recreation of the routines of daily life in the early decades of the 20th century while Walter lived in Indianapolis.  It is a vivid exercise in nostalgia,  recalling the various house moves which his family made, aunts, uncles and other relatives and friends, points of interest in the various neighborhoods where he lived, changes in transportation, sports, and business practices, high school and college and meeting his wife,  and much more.  Thirty photographs accompany the text.  Price:  $5.00
BIOGRAPHY - INDIANA - CLAUDE BOWERS:  CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 10: INDIANAPOLIS IN THE "GAY NINEIES".  High School Diaries of Claude B.  Bowers.  Edited by  Holman Hamilton and Gayle Thornbrough.  Published in 1964.  241 pages.  Softcover.   Claude Bowers was an editor, politician, historian, and diplomat, and one of the most prominent and influential Hoosiers for most of the 20th century.  He was born in 1878 in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Through a series of tragic deaths, Claude and his mother were forced to find employment in Indianapolis, where Claude went to high school while his mother made dresses to support the family.  While in high school, Bowers participated in "The High School Senate", part of the civil government and political economy curriculum.  It was in the "Senate" that he learned his oratory style and found his love of politics, which eventually took him to the United States Senate and the Ambassadorship to Spain.  The sixteen-page index covers over 900 entries.  Price:  $5.00
BIOGRAPHY - CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 11: CORRESPONDENCE BADOLLET & GALLATIN:    THE CORRESPONDENCE OF JOHN BADOLLET AND ALBERT GALLATIN, 1804 - 1836. Edited by Gayle Thornbrough.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society.  1963.  372 pages.  Softcover.   Both Gallatin and Badollet were boyhood friends from Geneva, Switzerland.  Like many others, they sought a new life in America.  Gallatin settled in Fayette County, Pennsylvania and  became active in political affairs, resulting in a career that covered the Pennsylvania Assembly, the United States Congress, Secretaryof the Treasury (1801 - 1813), Peace Commissioner following the War of 1812, and as minister to France and Great Britain. Badollet joined his friend in Pennsylvania then settled on a farm and was active in local politics for many years.  In 1804, as Secretary of the Treasury, Gallatin  appointed Badollet as register of  the newly created land office in Vincennes, Indiana.    Badollet's long detailed letters to Gallatin provide a remarkable source for early Indiana history in the territorial period.  He was a member of the Indiana Constitutional Convention in 1816, authored the article on Indiana education in the first constitution, and was influential in establishing Vincennes University.  He remained as register at the Land Office until January, 1836, and his letters show his opposition to slavery (which incurred the wrath of William Henry Harrison), concern for Indian affairs (including a letter defending the Prophet and Tecumseh as "a set of orderly, sober and industrious men whom we have driven to despair."), and much more.  Price:  $7.50
INDIANA - CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 12: POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY - HENRY F. SCHRICKER:    THE WHITE HAT.  HENRY FREDERICK SCHRICKER:  A POLITICL BIOGRAPHY.  By Charles Francis Fleming.  No place of publication.  No publisher.  1966.  145 pages.  Softcover.  [Note: There is slight wear along the spine.]  Schricker was Governor of Indiana for two terms (1940 and 1948).  There is a brief background on political parties in Indiana, the arrival of the Schricker family in Indiana in the 1860's, background information on the Schricker family, early childhood of Henry Schricker, and his interest in politics. Henry began his successful career in politics in 1932, just as the Great Depression hit Indiana with full force.  Hoosier voters, angry at the economic situation elected 25 Democratic State Senators  in the November elections. Among the legislation which he proposed was the creation of the Indiana State Police Department.  His pro-labor attitude helped labor unions work diligently for his election as Lieutenant Governor in 1936.  Schricker was a popular Lieutenant Governor.  In the 1940 election, Wendell Willkie ran for the Presidency and captured Indiana's electoral votes, voting in an almost all Republican Indiana legislature and government. 
Schricker had run for the governorship and was the only Democrat elected to office.  He worked harmoniously with the Republican government.  He ran for the U. S. Senate in 1944, but lost.  He won re-election to the governorship in 1948.   Price:  $7.00
AUTOBIOGRAPHY - CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 13:  INDIANA GOVERNOR -  MITCH DANIELS:    NOTES FROM THE ROAD.  16 MONTHS OF TOWNS TALES AND TENDERLOINS. by Mitch Daniels.  No place of publication. No publisher. No date.  (probably 2004 or 2005).   106 pages.  Softcover.  Note:  ex-library copy.  This full-color booklet chronicles the 2004 political campaign of Mitch Daniels as he sought the Hoosier Governorship, beginning with his announcement of candidacy in July 2003.  Using a recreational vehicle as his campaign headquarters, Daniels toured Indiana, visiting nearly 300 cities and towns for nearly a year, gathering information, meeting with farmers, construction workers, businessmen, teachers and the cross-section of Indiana voters, and explaining his ideas. The book shows where he went and what he learned from the people he met.  Nearly 230 full-color photographs really enhance the text. The last two pages provide an alphabetical listing of all of the cities he visited.   Price:  $5.00
U. S. -HISTORY - BACKGROUND CA.1854:  CRAZY CRATE JP 47  BOOK 14: THE UNITED STATES ILLUSTRATED; In View of City and Country. with Descriptive and Historical Articles.  Edited by Charles A. Dana.  New York:  Hermann J. Meyer.  No date. (probably early 1850s)  Part 1:  The East (180 pages).  Part 2:  The West  (153 pages) [Note:  this is an original edition, not a reprint.  The leather boards are missing, but the binding is still tight, except for the last page of the book
and the back flyleaf, which are present, but detached from the book.  The pages are gilt edged on all sides.]  There is no information in
the book indicating when it was published, but the latest date mentioned in the articles is 1854 when a new railroad will be completed through an Illinois town and "by New Years Day, 1854 cars will be rolling through this town". This book explores the United States, aiming to lay before the American people faithful and spirited illustrations of what is characteristic and beautiful in the scenery and memorable in the public buildings of all portions of the country and to add something creditable to the number of its artistic and literary productions.  This volume has two parts with one steel engraving accompanying each article.  Part 1 covers 36 views in the Seaboard States, from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico.  Articles include:  The President's Home, Niagara, Barhyde's Lake, Bunker Hill Monument, The Capitol at Washington, The Cascade Bridge, The Tombs, Hudson, West Point, Washington Monument at Baltimore, View from Hyde Park, Falls and Bridge at Norwich, Genesee Falls, The Katterskill, The Chapel of Our Lady, the Columbia Bridge, Trenton Falls, Gowanus Heights, Table Rock, Mount Vernon, Desert Rock Light House, Viaduct of Baltimore and Washington Railroad, the Niagara River, Grace Church, Faneuil Hall, Girard College, the New Capitol at Washington, Representatives' Hall at Washington, the White Mountains, Harper's Ferry, Staten Island and New York Bay, Broadway, Starucca Viaduct, Lockport, the Susquehanna River, and the Crystal Palace. Part 2 covers 33 views in the West;, the States of the Mississippi Valley, and the Pacific.  Articles include:  Lake Itasca, Falls of Sgt. Anthony, San Francisco, New Orleans, The Prairie, Fort Snelling, Brown's Cascade, Wheeling, Cliffs Below St. Paul, Nauvoo, New Harmony, St. Charles, Burlington, Prairie du Rocher, Mississippi, Below St. Anthony's Falls, the Stone Walls, Grand Tower, Scenery Between Lake Pepin Island and St. Croix River, Eagle Rocks, Moline, Cap au L'Ail, Ravenport, Fort Armstrong, St. Louis, Kansas, St. Louis Court House, Rock Island City, Jefferson City, St. Joseph, Independence, Mandan Village, California, and Weston.  Price:  10.00
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