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Month Day Year:  MARCH 19, 2010

YOGS UPDATED CRAZY CRATE FOR THE COUNTIES IN OHIO BEGINNING WITH THE LETTERS L & M.  This is quite a list and contains individual history books for the following counties.  Each entry contains a county's name, date of creation, parent county/ies and county seat and zip code:
Lake County - created in 1840 from Geauga and Cuyahoga -                             Painesville, OH 44077
Lawrence - created in 1815 from Gallia and Scioto - Ironton, OH            45638
Licking - created in 1808 from Fairfield - Newark, OH43058
Logan - created in 1817 from Champaign - Bellefontaine, OH43311
Lorain - created in 1822 from Huron, Cuyahoga and Medina - Elyria,            OH 44035
Lucas - created in 1835 from Wood, Sandusky and Henry - Toledo, OH           43624
Madison - created in 1810 from Franklin - London, OH43140
Mahoning - created in 1846 from Columbiana and Trumbull -                          Youngstown, OH 44503
Marion - created in 1820 from Delaware - Marion, OH43302
Medina -  created in 1812 from Portage - Medina, OH44256
Meigs -  created in 1819 from Gallia and Athens - Pomeroy, OH 45769
Mercer - created in 1820 from Darke - Celina, OH45822
Miami -  created in 1807 from Montgomery - Troy, OH45373
Monroe -  created in 1813 from Belmont, Washington and Guernsey -           Woodsfield, OH 43793
Montgomery - created in 1803 from Hamilton, Wayne, old - Dayton,
          OH 45422

Morgan - created in 1817 from Washington, Guernsey, Muskingum -           McConnelsville, OH 43756
Morrow - created in 1848 from Knox, Marion, Delaware and Richland           - Mount Gilead, OH43339
Muskingum - created in 1804 from Washington and Fairfield -
         Zanesville, OH 43701 

Reproductions of the County Histories from the books written by Henry Howe, originally printed in two huge volumes, but now separately printed for each county, are listed first in each county listing.  These books are 8 ½" by 11" in size and the print is easily readable in this edition.  These reprinted county histories cover the county from its creation through 1889 and are a standard for that time period.  The page numbers differ for each county, but they are
all similar in content.

These booklets are excerpts from this huge two-volume set by Henry Howe which was published in his 1898 Edition and covered all of Ohio's  88 counties. 
[NOTE from the reprint publisher]:  Dr. Howe LL.D., wrote, compiled and sketched his original History of Ohio in 1847.  Between 1885 and 1890, he compiled a revised and enlarged edition of his original history.  His concise, yet informative, history of each county in Ohio should prove valuable to searchers not having this complete two-volume set of books available for their use.  Dr. Howe's Introduction to his two-volume set is worthy of inclusion in each county book. 
All 88 counties in Ohio are available,  I have most of these currently in stock, or I have them on order. Should you want any of these after my stock is depleted, I can order more.  There is no way I can predict what counties will sell when, but I do try to keep a supply of these on hand at all times.  They will come in handy when you begin to write the story of your family, so you can set their story in the proper historical context.
These histories have been reprinted many times over the years because of their value both to historians and genealogists. 
The original two-volume set of Howe's Histories now sells on the rare book market for hundreds of dollars, and these reprints of each county's history are much more affordable.  Genealogists may have only a few family lines that passed through Ohio to get to somewhere else and only have an interest in one or a few of the counties.  This breaking down of the entire set allows them to purchase only the counties they want.
All of these booklets are illustrated with Howe's sketches made from 1846 to 1890.  They feature natural landmarks or historical statues or dwellings.  As the number of pages varied, so did the price.  Most of the books are 20 or more pages.   Most sell for $7 to $9.
The sample format from the book for Adams County contains 20 pages of text plus the one-page reproduction of the 1868 Atlas of Ohio map for that county by H. F. Walling, which was reduced to fit the page size.  Next, is Dr. Howe's Introduction to the Centennial Edition of four pages in length. Then the history, itself,for this one county sample, begins on page 223 of the original book and continues to page 240.
A population total is given in the Adams County Book from the census data for 1840 and 1880 for each township, and totals for 1820. 1840, 1860 and 1880 including the number of people who were born in Ohio which appear on the census in 1880.  Articles in the Adams County book include the following: The Settlement at Manchester is recorded in detail, Israel Donalson's Narrative of his Captivity, The Shawnee Camp, McDonald's account of Indian history at Manchester, Ellison's Captivity, The first Court Held in West Union in 1846, Manchester, Industries and Employees, the Bark Cutters, Plan of the Serpent Mound, Traveling Notes, Bellefontaine, Old Soldiers, Women of the Scioto Valley, The Scotch Irish, Steamboat Racing, Experience of an Old Time River Man, River Beacons, The Best Sleep in History and the Blessing of the Moon are just some of the topics covered in this book.  Very interesting reading, early and later settler's names, and six sketches to see, too!  Similar formats are used throughout all the counties.  All  88 counties are available in this reprint - one mini-volume for each county, nicely encased in cardstock covers with the County Outine Map of Ohio, for location of the county within the state, printed on the front.  These booklets are the same materials as the original in a larger size, now 8½" by 11", with larger print, with a newer style cardstock cover, wrapped around the entire book, and are all newly done in a more recent printing.  Prices vary with the number of pages in that booklet.


HHOH-001: ABSTRACTS FROM BIOGRAPHIES IN JOHN STRUTHERS STEWART'S HISTORY OF NORTHEASTERN OHIO.  By Carol Bell, seven pages 8½" by 11", 1983, cardstock covers, stapled.  This book includes the counties of Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, Stark and Trumbull, Ohio.  There are three volumes in this set, not included here, and over 470 biographies have been abstracted here.  Countries mentioned as birthplaces for a subject or his father total 28. 
Volume I is historical and is not included in this abstract.  Included in this project are both Volume II which covers page numbers 499 to 816, while Volume III covers page numbers 817-1,118.  When this abstract was first done there was no every-name index to this history.

The format for the abstract of each biography includes the page number on which it is located in the original book, an abbreviation of the county in which the person lived, his/her complete name, the year born, the subject's birthplace, the wife's surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, an asterisk if the subject person had children, the subject's father's first name and birthplace and the subject's mother's maiden name and first name.  All of this information appears on one line; such as this one:  Sample of one sketch: 987, LK, DANIELS, Frank C., 1849, OH, GROVER, Alberta, *, John A., --, HAGGART, Jane.  Which tells you this:  PAGE 987; COUNTY, LK (Lake); SUBJECT, DANIELS, Frank C.;  Birthplace, OH;, WIFE, GROVER, Alberta; CHN, * (yes); FATHER, John A.; Birthplace --; MOTHER, Haggart, Jane.  Over 470 of these are included in this book.  PRICE: $5

YOGSOH LAKE-02:  LAKE COUNTY, OHIO, CEMETERIES, WILLOUGHBY RIDGE CEMETERY, WILLOUGHBY TOWNSHIP.  Photocopied from Ohio Records and Pioneer Families.  pp. 71 through 76.  Six pags.  This cemetery is south of Willoughby on State Road 91.  These inscriptions were copied in October of 1968 by E. Powell assisted by Mrs. Richard Hetrick of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. There are from 100 to 120 lines on each page.  They are not alphabetized and no index is attached.  They have been placed in a cardstock folder that has metal prongs for the papers which have been punched for a three-ring binder.  PRICE:  $5  


YOGSOH LAWRENCE-01:  SOUTHERN OHIO TAXPAYERS IN THE 1820S [FOR] SCIOTO, LAWRENCE AND PIKE COUNTIES.  [Note: Book is filed in Scioto County folder.] By Heritage Research, compiled by Marilyn Adams, 1981, 59 pages [8½" by 11"], cardstock cover, wrapper-style, stapled.  This index to more than 4,000 taxpayers from these three counties is based on the following tax duplicates.  For Scioto County they used an 1823 land-tax list and the 1826-28 both land and
chattel lists.  For Lawrence County they used 1822 land-tax list and the 1828 both land and chattel lists.  For Pike County they used the 1823 land-tax list and the 1826 both land and chattel list.  Your surname may appear more than once on a list because the author could not determine if because the name was the same may not mean the person is the same.  [The Scioto County duplicates present a special problem in that the original official sometimes wrote Smith A. John for John A. Smith, but he was not always consistent in that either. Determine surname, then please check both A. John and John A. as it was impossible to determine which order was actually correct.]   There are a lot of names in this book- 25 or more names per column, three columns on a page and 59 pages will give you a good shot at finding out if your ancestor owned any land or chattle (personal property like horses or cattle) anywhere in these three counties.   Sample entries in the book are given with an explanation as to their meaning.  Surnames with four (,) or more than four first names (#) are listed here: Adams 9, Allison, Anderson 7, Andre 5, Andrews 7, Armstrong 7, Austin, Baccus, Baker 6, Barber 8, Barger, Barn(e)s 5, Barrett, Beauchamp, B(ec/ee)kman 10, Bennett 24, Blank(e/i)nship 9, Bonser 8, Boswell,  Bowen 7, Bower/s 5, Bowman, Boy(n/ing)ton 6, Bradford, Brammer 8, Brewer 6, Briggs 5, Brown 24, Bruce, Brumfield, Bryan 5, Bryant 5, Buck, Bull 5, Bumgarner 7, Burk/e 6, Burner 5, Burris 8, Burt 14, Butcher 5, Campbell 8, Canter 5, Carpenter, Carrol/l/Carrel/l 6, Carter 8, Chaf(f)in 6, Chapman 6, Chenoweth 12, C(e/i)ssna 6, Clark 26, Clay, Clingman 11, Cock(e)rel/l 7, Co(a)l/e 8, Collier 10, Collings, Collins 9. Conklin, Cooper 5, Corwin/e 6, Creamer, Cross, Crull 10, Cutler, Daniels 6, Davidson 15, Davis 14, Davisson 6, Day 7, Dean, Deaver 8, D(i/y)kes, Dole 5, Downing 11, Drury, Dunham 5, Edwards, Ellison 8, Eubanks, Evans 6, Ferg(a/)uson, Feurt 6, Flem(m)ing 5, Forgy?, Foster 5, Frampton 8, Freeman 5, Fullerton, Gardner 5, Gilr(oo/u)th, Givens 5, Glaze 10, Good(e/i)n 5, Graham 6, Green/e 5, Guth(er/re)y 7, Harrison 5, Hartley, Haskins 5, Hatch, Hay(ward/wood) 5, Henderson 5, Henry 6, Hitchcock, Hodge, Hodges, Holliday, Holt 5, Howard 16, Huff 7, Hughes/Hues 10, Hull 6, Humes, Humphr(ies/eys) 5, Hunter 5, Huston 6, Hutton 6, Ingersoll 5, Irons, Jackson, James 8, Jaq(y)nes, Johns(t)on 20, Jones 13, Keller, Kell(e)y 10, Kellison, Kendall 6, Kenney 5, Kerr, Kimball, Kincaid, King 6, Kin(n)ison, Kirkpatrick 6, K(e)neff 5, Koon/s 7, Ladd 5, Lambert 9, L(au/aw/or)ence 9, Lawson 6, Layton 6, Leath 5, Lee 7, Lewis 15, Lindsey 6, Lodwick 5, Long 5, Losey, Low/e 6, Lucas 9, Lun(d)beck 7.  This is taking up a lot of room, so I am stopping here, but the book continues to Z.   PRICE: $10           




YOGSOH LORAIN-01:  LORAIN, OHIO, 1903 SOUVENIR AND 1924 TORNADO, ILLUSTRATED.  By George H. Teague, Reprint by Unigraphic, 1980.  Reproduction made possible through the sponsorship of the Black River Genealogists, Lorain County Historical Society, Elyria, Ohio.  This is a reprint of two books of definite historical importance in one lovely hardbound copy.   Articles appearing in the Table of Contents often have accompanying pictures that do much to give the flavor and feeling of the city to its readers.  Thirty-nine subjects follow the development of the city.  The subjects cover primarily the public and private entities that make up a city.  Under the public facilities are the articles covering in depth such facilities as Lorain's Waterworks, the Filtration Plant, Public Health Conditions, the Public School System, the Post Office, Electric Trains, Lorain Telephone Service, the Gas Company, Lorain's Public Library, St. Joseph's Hospital, the Harbor, the Fire Department and the many Churches of varied denominations.  There were firms and stores helping to build prosperity for all - The Lorain Steel Company, Ship Building, Steel Ships, The Lorain Daily Democrat, Banks and Banking, the National Stove Works, The Hotel Franklin, The Automatic Shovel Company, The Brown-Cochran Company, and the Lorain Foundry Company. There were entertaining and recreational pursuits available for every taste-the Verbeck Theatre to readily available Bathing, Fishing and Hunting, and a Glimpse of the Picturesque.  A proud, growing town in a lovely county in a beautiful state, blessed with every good thing living in America is all about.   There is a chronology in this first part of the book that begins in 1786 and is full, all 115 pages of it, of all the great things that happened here before June 28th of 1924.
Then came the Lorain Tornado, devastating Main Street and many even on the outskirts of town as buildings crumbled, trees fell littering the streets, and making them useless as nothing could drive through them.  Totally impossible, as cars were tossed around like matchsticks, farmers' fields were so littered they could not plow, and people died.  Life changed forever in that day, but the people of Lorain had their faith, their willingness to work hard to make their city not only livable, but better than ever.  The second part of this book is filled with pictures of heart-breaking destruction.  The photographer who took these pictures preserved a moment of utter devastation and a rebirth of determination in these people to rebuild their town.  Their ability to move beyond despair to a definite plan to rebuild says much for those sturdy men and women of Lorain who wrested their town back from Mother Nature's most destructive temper tantrum and turned it forward into building something even better.  What a monument to these people who survived and went back to work to first, clean up the mess, and then to rebuild their town.  Their response to disaster shows the American Spirit at its best. There are an additional 32 pages in this section of the book.  Many, many names are scattered throughout this book.  Our thanks to Grace Merritt who indexed both sections of this book.  Surnames appearing on two pages, or more, are listed here:  Alten, Artress, Babcock, Baumhardt, Bihn, Bowman,  Braman, Braun, Bremer, Brown, Colton, Corlette, Daniels, Delaney, Doll, Donaldson, Dupont, Dutton, Eddy, Essig, Ewald, Eyler, Ferguson, Fox, Francis, Garver, Gawn, Gerhart, Gillmore, Gilmore, Glitsch, Gore, Griffin, Hageman, Hart, Hoge, Honecker, Horn, Hug, Johnson, Jones, Kaneen, King, La Marche, Lewis, Lyons, Mahoney, Martin, Meier, Miller, Moore, Nichols, Nielson, Penny, Pierce, Pole, Porter, Resek, Ried, Root, Rose, Rowley, Sefton, Seher, Seraphine, Smith, Smythe, Sr. Alocoque, Sr. Ludmilla, Stark, Swartwood, Teague, Thompson, Tonsing, Vaughn, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Wickens, Williams, Wright and Wurmser,  In the book about the tornado many of the same names exist.  I have added those appearing on two pages here only if they did not appear in the previous list:  Baker, Buttle, Csillag, DeWeese, Donahey, Hoffman, Kroll, Mills, Moc,  Both books bound in one cover.  PRICE: $30.  



YOGSOH MADISON-01:  ODDS AND ENDS PICKED UP FROM REMOTE CORNERS AND CUBBYHOLES OF THE HISTORY THROUGHOUT MADISON COUNTY FORMING A RARE MUSEUM OF QUEER AND FANTASTICAL QUIDDITIES MARVELOUS TO WITNESS AND ATTRACTIVE TO THE NOTIONAL WHIMSEYS OF QUODIBETICAL HUMANS.  Collected by the Madison County Historical Society, Volume No. 1, 1968.   5½" by 8½" after folding and stapling with 50 pages, no index.  "In this little book you will find information about events that took place hundreds of years ago.  You will also find the names of living persons still in their prime.  The purpose of a Historical Society is not only to investigate the past, but also to record the present so that future generations who wish to know something about Madison County in our time may be informed.  We have endeavored to include every geographical section of the county with something somewhere in the book, although specific articles may be limited to one community.  If you find it interesting we are thankful; if your grandchildren find it interesting, we are rewarded."  What a fine Mission Statement!  There are two lovely reproductions of what may be engravings or woodcuts on page two, followed by an historical sketch of this county, ceremonial Indian artifacts pictured on page eight were all found in this county.  The following article concerns Indian Ceremonial Artifacts.  Page 14 holds information about real estate transfers reprinted from the London Times of Friday, February 25th, 1881.  The next article, beginning on page 15 is from an interview of Mr. Cletus Murray by Raymond and Stephen Bradley, July 7, 1968, titled, "Reflections of West Jefferson." Page 17 begins an article on Early Medical Practice, followed by a picture of Dr. John Morse.  Page 21 has an article about Early Hand Tools.  Page 22 starts an article on Local Steleologists, following this is a picture of the Bradley Cemetery in Monroe Township.  Guy Cemetery is pictured on page 27.  Page 28 holds more mortar and pestle artifacts and page 20 starts another article about the Indians.  Page 32 holds a most interesting picture of a  human head effigy.  Mt. Sterling and Pleasant Township is the title of an article beginning on page 33.  Page 35 is an exquisite line drawing of Mt. Sterling's Town Hall.  Happy Days is the title of Mrs. Rowena Tedrick's article beginning on page 36.  An article on the Underground Railroad is printed on Page 38.  The History of St. Patrick's Parish begins on page 39.  Page 40 also holds an article on Newport Methodist Church.  A letter addressed to Mr. John G. Dun, Lexington Post Office, August 20th, 1841 is next.  Page 42 holds an indenture of Washington Martin, a poor boy ten years and five months old.  A biographical sketch of Joseph Warner, Pioneer, is found on page 42.  Page 43 has two large advertising posters, reduced to fit the page, of Cashmere Bouquet soap [I always liked this one!  Is it still available?] and Pear's soap.  Page 44 has an article about Incidents in the Life of Captain John, and a picture of a pipe artifact believed to have been his.  Page 47 has pictures and an article about the History of Interurban Electric Railways.  The last article is about Teays River Valley.  A most entertaining read!  The society is to be commended.  If I may, I have three recommendations:  1. Print on 8½" by 11" paper.  Many people and children would have difficulty reading this type in this small font.  2. Add a Table of Contents.  3.  Finish it with an every-name Index.  Then it would definitely rate an A+.  As it was, I read it all the way through!  And it was worth every eye-straining moment!  PRICE:  $5

YOGSOH MADISON-02:  ODDS AND ENDS PICKED UP FROM REMOTE CORNERS AND CUBBYHOLES OF THE HISTORY THROUGHOUT MADISON COUNTY FORMING A RARE MUSEUM OF QUEER AND FANTASTICAL QUIDDITIES MARVELOUS TO WITNESS AND ATTRACTIVE TO THE NOTIONAL WHIMSEYS Of QUIDIBETICAL HUMANS.  Collected by the Madison County Historical Society, Volume No. 2, 1969.   5½" by 8½" after folding and stapling with 50 pages, no index.  Someone got to them before I did!  This issue has a table of contents!  This issue contains articles about the history of Deer Creek Township, Surface and Soil. Pioneers of Deer Creek Twp., Conflicts and Trials, Early Conditions, Schools, Churches, Towns, Pikes, Early Marriages (not a listing, just what usually really happened, An Incident, [funny to everyone, but the young man concerned!], William Morrow Beach, M. D., Dunkards of Madison County, [I learned everyday things in this article I had never read elsewhere.]  Reprints of old newspaper articles, Alder Chapel, Darey Township, Letters to the Editor, The Schools of London, A graded school, Editor's Notes, Businessmen of London 28 years ago, More Reprints from the newspaper, [I loved the one who complained about the high prices of food in 1905, the year my mother was born, when he said, Irish potatoes $1.60 bushel, Sweet Potatoes $2 a bushel, butter 30¢ a lb., (when there was any to be had), flour $2 a sack, eggs 15¢ a dozen, fresh meat 12½¢ to 15¢ a lb., bacon 15¢ a lb.]  What would he say if he went shopping now!] Reprint of an In Memorium for Mr. Stephen S. Beale concludes this issue.  PRICE:  $5


HHOH MAHONING-01:  ABSTRACTS FROM BIOGRAPHIES IN JOHN STRUTHERS STEWART'S HISTORY OF NORTHEASTERN OHIO.  Seven pages 8½" by 11", 1983, cardstock covers, stapled. By Carol Bell,  This book includes the counties of Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, Stark and Trumbull, Ohio.  There are three volumes in this set and over 470 biographies have been abstracted here.  Countries mentioned as birthplaces for a subject or his father total 28.  Volume I is historical and is not included in this abstract.  Included in this project are both Volume II which covers page numbers 499 to 816, while Volume III covers page numbers 817-1,118.  When this abstract was first done there was no every-name index to this history.
The format for the abstract of each biography includes the page number on which it is located in the original book, an abbreviation of the county in which the person lived, his/her complete name, the year born, the subject's birthplace, the wife's surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, an asterisk if the subject person had children, the subject's father's first name and birthplace and the subject's mother's maiden name and first name.  All of this information appears on one line; such as this one:  Sample of one sketch:  1,080, MH, Morrison, W. A., Dr., 1857, PA, Hazen, Mary, *, James F., PA, Mehard, Anna. Which tells you this:  PAGE, 1,080, COUNTY, MH  (Mahoning), SUBJECT, Morrison, W. A., Dr., Birthplace, PA, WIFE, Hazen, Mary, CHN, * (yes); FATHER, James F., BP, PA, MOTHER, Mehard, Anna.  Price $5

YOGSOH MAHONING-02:  "BOARDMAN DUTCH CHURCH" BAPTISMAL REGISTER OF THE BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN AND REFORMED CHURCH, BOARDMAN TOWNSHIP, MAHONING COUNTY, OHIO, 1816-1858.  This book was translated from the original German records by Margaret Miller Simon with an extensive and genealogically interesting introduction and very helpful index.  49 pages, cardstock covers, stapled.  It was published in 1978 by the Mahoning County Chapter
of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  This manuscript, thought for many years to be lost, had been rediscovered in the possession of the Bethlehem United Church of Christ, which was originally the Reformed congregation of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  

The Rev. Robert F. Kobele, minister of this Brownlee Woods church, graciously loaned this and other early records to the historical society to use in the preparation of their bicentennial newspaper.  In its early days this church was known as the "Simon Church".   Many of these people had migrated with the Simon family from Washington County, Pennsylvania.  And the author was very grateful for its finding and was happy to translate it for publication.  A very interesting and informative introduction tells of the early settlers in much detail, including the lists where the men of the church either paid monies or volunteered to work on the building of the church, some doing both.  Those lists are here.  
If you find your surnames in the membership or baptismal lists you would want this book for the first seven pages are a wonderful story of the history concerning this congregation.  
The format for these baptisms is:  (1.) Parents, (2.) Child, (3.) Dates of birth and/or baptism, (4.) Sponsors, (5.) Minister - in code, see page viii. Such as:  (1.) Lee, Christian and Sophia
(2.) Ludwig, (3.) b[orn] 19 August 1815, bp[baptism] 1 Oct[ober] 1815, (4) parents, (5) none listed.  The index begins on page 33.  Surnames with four (,) or more than four (#) first names are listed here:  Anstadt, Arner 6, Augustein 12, Baird/Beard 16, Barth/Bart 6, Berger 37, Christ/Crist 11, Clemmens/Klemmens 12. Craft 4, Deiss 5, Dunging 5, Dustman/Dostman 41, Eib/Eip 19, Fink/Finck 10, For(d/t) 12, Franck 11, Frey 8, Fr(ei/ie)drich 12, Fuss 6, Fusselman 4, G(ei/ui)g(le/ley 9, Geuder, He(e)ck/Hake 10, Heible/Hively, Helsel 13, Holl 15, Huet/Hewitt 15, Hurst/Harst/Horst  & Host/Husk 11, Klein 7, Klitz 6, Kreps/Krebs 5, Lee/Lie 12, McFall 5 spellings, 28, Mach(er)man 28, Mahnen(schmitt/ smith) 6, Martin 8,  M(e)ikesell 10, Miller 16, Mo(o)re 7, Motter/Marter 5, Musser/Mos(s)er 20, Neidig 9, Pfister 32, Pope (& 5 more sp.), 11, Renzinhausen 10, Ritzi 7, Schauwecker, Scheible/Shively 11, Schlauch/Slough 8, Schmidt/Scmith 9, S(e/a)chler 14, Simon/s or Simmon 125, Sta(hl/ll) 22, Stambach 9, Sum(m)er/s 12, Trautman, Walp, Wansetler 24, We(bb/pp)er 8, Wormly 7, and Zedacker 64.  I did not copy every variant spelling.  Use your imagination.  Also note that these names often appear not once on one page, but also multiple times on each or on several pages.  This book is new and available now.  PRICE $20.



YOGSOH MEDINA-01  MEDINA COUNTY, OHIO COUNTY COURT HOUSE RECORDS - MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1818-1826.  These records, page numbers 30 - [ADAMS to BARKER,] page 31 - [BARNHART to COOVERT,] page 32 -[DAVIS to HUGGINS] and pages 119 - [HOLMES to LATTA,] page 120[LOOMIS TO PORTER,] page 121 [PRICHA[RD to SMITH]  page 148, [SHAW to TEW] page 149 [TERREL to WHITNER] Eight pages in a cardstock folder.  Too helpful to throw away!   PRICE: $2


YOGSOH MEIGS-01:  MEIGS COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS, BOOKS 1 AND 2, 1819-1862.  By Homer C. Pierce. ©1977.  Self-published. 136 pages, cardstock cover, stapled and taped.  For 103 pages the format is:  First column: Groom's first name, middle name or initia, if given, and surname; Second column: Bride's first name, middle name or initial if given, and surname; Third column: Marriage Date; Fourth column: Married by: Name; Fifth column: His title: Rev., J.P., Priest, etc.; Sixth column: Volume and page number.  
The next 33 pages include the Bride's names alphabetical by surname and the page number on which her name will be found.  First Surnames for the Grooms will appear here in this abstraction of this book if there are three or more first names in this book followed by a comma and the number of brides by that surname:  Abbot 3 [men],
2 [women]; Ackley 4,0; Adams 13,14; Albert/s 0,4; Aleshire 4,13; Alexander 2,9; Alkire 5,8; Allen 8,5; Altman 3,2; Anderson 15,21; Archer 4,4; Ashworth 7,3; Askin/s 2,4; Atkins 0,5; Atkinson 9,6; Aumiller 10,3; Austin 5,4;  Babcock 4,1; Bac(h/k)us 1,4; Baer 3,1; Bailey 27,29; Baily 1,3; Baird 1,3; Baker 15,7; Bal(e)y 3,3; Ball,1; Banks 2,6; Barber 4,1;  Barker 3,9; Barn(e)s 2, 7; Barnh(e)art 5,4; Barney 2/1; Barret/t 5,8;  Barringer 8,11;  Bartlett 0, 3, Bartley 4,3; Barton 5,7; Bass 3,3; Batterson 3,4; Beatty 3,5; Bebee 3,3; Bell 9,6; Bellows 3,9; Benedict 1,2; Bengel 3,2; Bennett 2,3; Bestow 6,1; Bickford 3,1; Bickle 3,6; Bicknell 1,2; Biggs 2.2; Bing 3,3; Bingham 2,4; Biram 4,0; Birch1,2; Bird 1,2; Bishop 1,6; Bissell 4,5; Black 5,5; Blackmore 3,0; Blain 2, 6; Blair 3,4; Blake 1,7; Blaz(i)er 3,1; Blizzard 1, 5; Bobo 4,2; Bogar(d/t) 3,1; Boice 2,4; Bolin/g 3,0; Bolton 2,7; Boring 8,0; Bosworth 10,8; Botkin/s 3,0; Bowen 2,8; Bower/s 6,5; Bowl(s)s 4,0; Bowman 4,4; Boyd/s 2, 3; Bradfield 4,6; Bradford 2,2; Bradshaw 12,11; Braley 19,9; Branch 23,23; Brewer 3,1; Brickel/s 2, 8; Bridget 3,3; Brooks 14,14; Brown 17,32; Browning 0, 4; Buck 4,2; Buffington 10,8; Burch 2, 7; Burnap 2,4; Burn(e)s 2, 3; Burnside 2/1; Burroughs 3,2; Bush 2,2; Butcher 3,1; Buxton 1,3; Byrnside 0,2.  With over 56 lines per page for the first 103 pages, you can see this book holds over 11,000 names!  It is well worth the $30 price tag.  You can see from the A-B names the number of families that lived in Meigs County and/or married there.  One little brown spot about ¼ inch across is a blemish on the cover, but the information inside is good and clear.  What a big job this was.  Our appreciation goes out to Mr. Pierce for this wonderful collection of marriage data.  PRICE $30

Includes Meigs County Historian, Volume X, No. 1, March 1989.  By the Meigs County Pioneer and Historical Society.  Beginning with the President's Report, for the coming spring months and it looks like there is a lot going on.  From the list of members, page 2, looks like the President will have a nice set of helpers!  Victor L'Berger Brown wrote an article about "The Millersville and Vicinity That Was.  Lots of nice detail about that area.  In the center pages there is a reproduction of a newspaper or history of the doctors in Pomeroy, with word sketches of the Medical Fraternity of Pomeroy, Dr. J. W. Hoff, Sr. James H. Hysell, Dr. George B. Ackley, Dr. D. C. Whaley, Dr. F. C. Are, Dr. Mary M. Cutler, Dr. Richard Owens, Dr. C. L. Orr and Dr. Richmond Slaughter.  It continues with more biographies of Dr. J. H. Jones, and then turns to the past with Dr. Sebastian Hehm and then speaks of the German settlers of Meigs County.  The back sheet lists materials available forsale to researchers from the Historical Society and the Genealogical Society.  Membership back then was $5 per year.  Also included was The Megaphone, the publication of the Meigs County Genealogical Society, for Spring of 1989.  Information about The Soldier's Discharge Book is included here.  An interesting article concerned Meigs County Citizens who had gone abroad.  My, my!  People from Meigs really did get around!  Outstanding News!  ALVIN OGDEN, an early settler of Columbia Township, Meigs County, whose 355 descendants testify to the fact that their marriage was not a failure.  His ten children's large families attest to that. 
If you belong to this family, someone needs to sponsor a family reunion so you can meet all these nice people who share the blood lines of Alvin Ogden and Hannah Kimmel.  Since this article was in a paper published in 1891, how many descendants do you think  they would have now?  An official list of Meigs County residents who drew government pensions.  The top amount was $72 and George Hatch got that.  $50 was next and James Lytton drew that.  $26.25 was next and Robert E. Phillips got that.  Wm. Moore drew $24, so did Wm. McMaster, George E. Warner, Columbus Reed and John Roedel.  Poor Adam Bentz, wounded in the left side got only $1.  Twelve dependent mothers usually received $8 each as did most widows.  There were
42 of them.  Those with dependent children got more.  The death of Mrs. Betsy Stewart was reported in the paper in December of 1879.  Nice maps of Ohio's development appear next.  Queries finish this newsletter which is full of more interesting things than I had space to relay to you.  14 pages in this alone.  Also enclosed in this pocket folder are two cemeteries.  Buried in Half Acres Cemetery are:  Carmichael 4, Cross 3, Farley 5, Puckett 1, Van Pelt 1, Wood 5. 

Rawlings Cemetery holds: Chase 1, Dean 4, Edwards 1, Farley 5, Goodin 2, McGraw 1, Martin 2, Rawlings 20, and Stansbury 4.  PRICE:  $3  
Y0GSOH MERCER-01:  CEMETERIES FROM MERCER COUNTY, OHIO.  These records have been copied from some book not identified.  They represent pages 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111 and 112 which cover Brookside Cemetery.  At the bottom of page 111 and for all of page 112, you will find records from the Burntwood Cemetery, which also appears in the above cemetery book, but this copy is not in the same format as the society's book and is not copied from it, nor is it complete.  The cemeteries are not indexed, nor are they in alphabetical order.  I have chosen to select just the surnames from each page:  The * means the name appears on more than one page.  Page 106: Bixer, Broly, Cain, Caldwell, Campbell, Cathcart, Douglas, Kathcart, Laughlin, Logan, Pence, Shaw, Stewart, Stipp, Thomas, Wiley, and Young.  Page 107:  Bixler, Bell, Carper, Cowan, Davenport, Doak, Etherington, Jelley, Malcom, Marshall, Patton, *Pence, Snodgrass, *Stipp, Wilson and Wright.  Page 108: Alexander, Austin, Belston, Cecil, Close, Detjen, Eaton, Gump, Hoover, Kathcart, Leapley, Lenox, Liston, Mains, McVay, Moore, Schneck, Thorn, Throckmorton, Wegley and Weymar.  Page 109:  Barga, Barge, Bowen, Brunson, Burress, *Douglas, Graham, *Lenox, Lorton, *Marshall, Mason, *Patton, Potts, Sisco, Stephens, Thomas, Watson, *Wilson, *Wright, and Yinger.  Page 110:  Blue, *Bowen, Branson, *Cain, *Douglas, Kimmel, Kuehn, Layman, *Lenox, *Mason, Pellman, Pohlscheider, Price, Pullman, Shaver, *Stephens, Sutton, Tingley, Unum, Vogler, Walter and Zimmerman.  Page 111: Behm, Bradley, *Cathcart, *Cowan, Etzweler, Helman, *Hoover, Jelly, Kimmell, *Pellman, Penrod, Sloan, Smith, Thornberry and *Wilson.
Those people buried in the Burntwood Cemetery are:  Page 111 bottom and 112:  Beam, Behm, Beyer, Christian, Coate, Cole, Green, Grundon, Hay, Johnston, Kerns, Kindel, Kindell, Lane, Monroe, Rosaborn, Shively, Snider, Stevens, Wyatt and Yaney. PRICE: $3.        

YOGSOH MONROE-3:  ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CEMETERY, SWITZERLAND TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY, OHIO.  This information was copied from Ohio Records & Pioneer Families, mixed pagination, so will explain as I go.  Two pages from page 57 & 58 contain the following surnames with two or more graves: Armann 2, Arman 3, Abersold 2, Bauer 2, Blatter 5, Davis 2, Boles 2, Du(e/ig 2, Fankhauser 4, Fraley 4, Frantz 2, Freudiger 3, Fr(a/oe)lich 2, Henn(ey/y) 2, Kief(f)er 3, Kimple 2, Klebe 4, Lapp 9, Leacher 2, Lo(e)w 6, Long 2, M(i)ehl 4, Otto 3, Schaf(f)er 2, Schlabach 3, S(ei/ie)bert 3, Shlabach 4,  Stephan 5, Straugh 2, Treiber 4, Walter 2, Wintermann 5, At the bottom of page 58, there is a small section of names from the Mt. Carrick Cemetery in Center Township, which is noted as not being completed yet.  Names are Bischoff 2, Craig 2, Duffy 1-Civil War, Fisher 2, Hart 3, Jeffries 4, Mason 2.  Single graves were not indexed here, except for Civil War veterans. The next page
is 59 and it is a single page of grave listings from Captina Church of Christ in Switzerland Township, that contains the following surnames with two or more graves: Ault 2, Book 2, Broemsen 2, Brock 2, Brown 12, Beubout 2, Decker, Feaster 2, Fraley 2, Gates 9, Gaw? 2, Gillaspie 2, Headly 2, Korner 6, Lemley 2, Massie 3, Oneacre 4, Powell 2, Reeder 3, Smith 9, Stukey 3, Taylor 4 and Trigg 2. The next page is from
Bush Chuurch of Christ Cemetery in Wayne Township and is also from OR&PF, Volume 20, pages 14 through 17.  Too many names to abstract here as they are not in alphabetical order.  From OR&PF volume 18 are page 95 and 96 from BuchananCemetery in Wayne Township, in MonroeCo., OH.  Surnames with 2 or more than two graves are listed here: Buchanan 18, Campbell 6, Cooper 7, Denbow 2, Faith 9, Fisher 8,  Fleming 2, Graham 9, Hamilton 3, Harbin 2, Keylor 4, Kennedy 5, McCammon 4, McDonald 2, McFadden 3, Moore 6, Pickens 15, Robinson 6, Smythe 14, Spence 2, Stumpert 2, Weber 18, Wise 4 and Yoe 4.  The last section at the bottom of page 96 is for Potts Cemetery, in CenterTownship of Momroe County, Ohio.  Surnames with 2 or more burials are listed here:  Faith 4, Fisher 2, Osburn 15, Preshaw 6, and Potts 8.  PRICE: $5


YOGSOH MONTGOMERY-02  MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERY RECORDS, INDEX (By Brien?) I believe this to be the author's name.  This is a spiral bound composition book, 7" wide by 8½" tall.  The hand printed title states, "Index to MiamiValley Records Volume 4 Cemetery Records of MontgomeryCounty."  This entire book is handwritten in neat, very legible pen, three columns per page, 19 names in each column with page numbers.  There appear to have been 209 pages in the actual book which is not here.  But here is the index.  Would be a good thing if we could find the book, check it out, type up the index, which is not yet in alphabetical order except for the first letter, and put it in the MntgomeryCounty Library!  The first surnames on Page 1 of the index are:  Allen 1, Anderson 1, Archer 1, Adkins 7, Archer 7, Allen, Anderson 7, Archer 7, Anderson 16, Allen 19.  Now all we have to do is match it with a Volume of Cemetery records!  Want the  job? PRICE: $5

FFOH-MORGAN-01 - D152:  HISTORICAL REMINISCENCES OF MORGAN COUNTY, OHIO.  By Hon, James M. Gaylord, 92 pages, cardstock cover, stapled and taped binding.  Reprinted from The  Weekly Herald, McConnelsville, Ohio, 1921, by the Morgan County (OGS Chapter #59 Historical/ Genealogical Society, 1984.  Full of stories about the early settlers of this village, the jail, the townspeople brought up from the memories of the boy who saw most of it.  Stories of details he knew and the people whose lives made this town what it has become.  Learn about the pigeon flights and the squirrel migration across the river.  Learn how to track a horse and the man who rode it.  Very interesting reading.  Most townships are covered.  Records were checked to verify his words. The last few pages contain an every name index. Surnames with three or more entries are:  Adams, Aiken, Allard, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Baker, Ball, Barker, Beckwith, Bell, Briggs, Brown, Bullard, Burgoon, Chapelier, Cheadler, Choate, Clark, Clay, Coburns, Collison, Conn, Connaway, Corner, Craft, Crawford, Davises, Dawes, Dearborn, Devereaux, Devin, Dolan, Echerman, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Emerson, Eveland, Fordices, Fouts, Frisby, Fulton, Gates, Gaylord, George, Gibson, Gregg, Grubb, Hainsworth, Hanna, Harris, Hawkins, Hodges, Herring, Hews, Howard, Hoyt, Hughes, Jack, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Joslin, Kahler, Keith, Kennison, King, Knox, Kuntz, Larison, Laughery, Lawrence, Lewis, Linn, Loper, Lupardis & Lucas. PRICE: $14

YOGSOH MORGAN-02:  GENEALOGICAL EXTRACTS FROM NATURALIZATION RECORDS MORGAN COUNTY, OHIO.  February 1982, By the MorganCounty Genealogical Society.  Compiled by Charles Woodburn and Elmer Gerlach.  Fifty pages, 8½" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  A Department of Morgan County Historical Society ©1982.  This book is comprised of an abstract of all the Naturalization actions taken in Morgan County, Ohio beginning with the formation of the county in 1819.  No Naturalizations were certified after the date of 1899.  The information came from the Common Pleas Court Minute Volumes A-H, the Naturalization Records and Declarations of Intent in the Probate Clerk's Office, Morgan
County Supreme Court Minutes in the Archives, File Boxes in the Archives and File boxes in the Clerk of the Courts' Office.  For the most part but certainly not always, the two papers may be the Declaration of Intent and the Final Record of Naturalization.  However, in some cases the Declaration of Intent had been filed in another county or the state of previous residence.  Likewise, the men might file their Declaration of Intent here and die or move further west before the actual granting of citizenship papers was accomplished.  The Naturalization laws differed somewhat at
different time periods, but generally there was a period of time, as long as five years residence in the U.S. was required, along with a written Declaration of Intent to forswear allegiance to rheir old ruler and become a U. S. Citizen two years prior to the granting of citizenship.  Families, wives and children were "grandfathered in" as citizens when their husband or father's citizenship was granted.  If the names seem very familiar to us, we have to remember that after we became a country, even the English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh were now foreigners and needed to follow the law to become citizens here.  Surnames with two or more records are:  Ahle 2 (documents- understood), Anderson 6, Ardin 2, Armstrong 2, Atkinson 2, Bac(h/k)man 2, Bar(c/k)l(a/e)y 2, Barrow 2, Bates 2, Beisser 2, Bell 6, Black 6, Boden 3, Booker 2, Boyd 2, Brauer 2, Brill 2, Brown 7, Burkart 2, Burton 4, Caldwell 3, Cahill 2, Campbell 4, Carruthers 2, Chris/s 3, Clark 2, Colgan 2, Co(l/l)ison Conn 3, Cooey 2, Cooper 4, Cope 2, Cork 2, Coulter 2, Creighpaum 2, Chris(t)man 3, Cull(a/e)n 2, Cunningham 2, Curran 3, Diehl 5, Dona(hew/hoo) 5, Dorsey 2, Duff(e)y 3, Dugan 3, Epley 2, Extine 2, Firsyth/e 3, Foy 2, Freeborn 3, Freyman 2, Fush 2, Galvin 2, Gle(i)ger 2, Glenn 4, Gobble 5, Goodlive 3, Gorml(e) 6, Gosman 2, Greer 4, Harkins 2, Harman 3, Harsh 5, Hartman/n 3, Hay(e)s 2, Heil 3, Hide 2, Hi(gh)land 2, Humphrey 4, Hunter 2, Hutchins 3, Jacobs 2, Janeway 2, Jenkins 2, Johnson 8, Jones 2, K(e/i)llian 2, Kelly 2, Kennedy 2, Kernan 2, Keving 2, Keys 2, Kirnan 2, Krighbaum 2, Kronabidder 2, Little 6, Mall(e/i)n 7, Martin 7, Massey 2, Mast  4, Masterson 6, Me(l/l)or 6, Miller 11, Mitchell 3, Mout(s/z) 3, Mulligan 3, Murphy 3, Must 2, McCarty 2, McGill 2, McGovern 3, McHugh 3, McKee 4, McLean, McMannus 2, Neabal/Neible 3, Newman 2, Nicholson 2, Nixon 2, Oliver 7, O'Neal 2, Ormiston 2, Peoron 2, Peterson 2, Pidcock 2, Pilkington 2, Porter 7, Prescott 3, Pugh 2, Quary 2, Ratliff 4, Reaor 2, Reed 4, Reiman 2, Reinberger 2, Richardson 2, Robberman 2, Robinson 3, Rodgers 2, Ryan 2, Schaus 2, Scott 2, Sherlock 3, Shields2, Shrater 2, Smith 8, Smithurst 3, Sn(i/y)der 2, Stephenson 3, Srewart 5, Strong 4, Taggart 3, Taylor 9, Thompson 7, Townsend 3, Trost 2, Walpole 5, Watson 2, Weaver 4, Wetgherall 6, White 2, Wilson 4, Wymer 2, Young 2, Zimmerman 2 and Zinsmaster 5.  PRICE:  $15     

YOGS-MORGAN-03: YOGS3:  MORGAN COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERIES - MALTA CEMETERY.  6 pags in a folder.Two or more burials of the following surnames buried here:  Best, Benjamin, Baker, Brownell, Bricker, Beckwith, Cornelius, Corner, Clark, Crawford, Davis, Dutcher, Dunnington, Dunsmore, Foutz, Finley, Gillespie, Greene, Gilmore, Harvey, Hoffman, Hough, Holcomb, Hedges, Harris, Hooker, Humphrey, Havener, Hardy, Jackman, Lucas, Lutton, Lint, Mineer, McCoy, Milligan, Maxwell, Miller, McComas, Muzzy, Newman, Newcomb, Pedicord, Pennell, Parr, Pond, Pricket, Palmer, Riley, Rhear, Rolls, Rogers, Rambo,  Scovill, Sears, Sillery, Smith, Swesey, Seaman, Simpson, Street, Tolbert, Timms, Thomas, Woodmansee, Walker,
and Willis. PLUS NEELYSVILLE EBENEZER M. E. CHURCH CEMETERY: Albion, Bell, Bozeman, Beall, Beale, Boden, Barnes, Browka, Combs, Clancy, Drury, Ethell, Elliott, Fitch, Fishburn, Fouraker, Fry, Garrett, Gregg, Ghen, Gillespie, Hutton, Hartford, Herron, Harman, Hanson, Israel, Jackson, Johnston, Johnson, Kraps, Kelly, Little, Miller, McCarty, Martin, Morrison, Neely, Oliver, Porter, Spencer, Smith, Sheets, Sigler, Stillions, Scott, Thompson, Vickers, Walker, Watkins and Young. PLUS PLEASANT GROVE CHURCH CEMETERY:  Buchanan, Barnes, Bollinger, Dearborn, Daugherty, Fulton, Head, Harris, McCormick, Noyes, Porter, Robinson, Smith, Singree, Shaffer, Tennent, Thompson and Welch.  PRICE: $4,   

FFOH-MORROW-02: D153:  AN INDEX TO THE 1880 MORROW COUNTY, OHIO HISTORY.  Indexed by the Morrow County Genealogical Society in 1995.  Originally the History was published in 1880 by O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, but the book is not included here.  This index of 143 pages, ©1995, by MCGS, has been neatly encased in an ACCO Press Binder that has protected the contents very nicely.  With two columns per page there are over 120 names per page and with 143 page numbers the count
of names rose very quickly, so I am going to reference the most populous names only.  In the index, there are the following names with ten or more references in the index [Note: The Asterisk means there is over a column of first names, approximately over 60!] Ackerman, Adams, Addlesperger, Allen, Allison, Allworth, Andrews, [Note:  Johnny Appleseed is mentioned on 13 pages,] Armstrong, Ashbrook, Ashley, Ashwill, Auld, Austen, Axtell, Aye, Ayers/ Ayres, Baggs, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Ball, Barber, Barge, Barnhard, Barnum, Barr, Barry, Bartlett*, Barton, Baughman, Beam, Beard, Beatty, Bebout, Beck, Beebe, Beemer, Beers, Bell, Bender, Benedict*, Bennett*, Benson, Biddle, Biggins, Bird, Bishop, Blackford, Blair, Blakely, Blinn, Bliss, Blue, Bockover, Bolinger, Booher, Bowen, Braden, Bradford, Breece, Brees, Breese, Brewer, Bricker, Brokaw, Brooks, Brown**, Brownlee, Bruce, Buck, Bull, Bunker, Burkebile, Burns, Burt, Butler, Buxton, Campbell*, Carpenter, Cary, Cass, Chamberlin, Chase, Chipps, Christy, Clark*, Clevinger, Coe, Coen, Coffman, Coile, Cole, Colmery, Conklin, Conway, Cook*, Coomer, Cooper, Corwin, Cotton, Cover, Cox, Crane, Craven, Crawford, Crinchfield, Crowl, Culver, Cunard, Cunningham, Curl, Curren, Cutler, Dalrymple, Davis, Dawson, Deisch, Denison, Denman, Dennis, Dewitt, De Witt, Dickerson, Dickey, Dicus, Dill, Dilts, Ditwiler, Dixon, Doty, Drury, Duffy, Duncan, Dunham, Dunlap, Dunn, Dye, Earl, Eaton, Eccles, Edwards, Elder, Elliott, Emery, Ensign, Evans, Ewers, Feigley, Finley, Fish, Fleming, Flowers, Fogle, Foster, Foust, Fox, Frederick, Freeman, French, Frits, Fulton, Gage, Gale, Galleher, Gardner*, Garverick*, Gates, George, Geyer, Giddis, Gleason, Goble, Goorley, Gordon, Graham, Granger, Grant, Green*, Greenfield, Gregory, Griffith, Grove, Groves, Gruber, Gunsaulus, Gurley, Guy, Hahn, Haldeman, Halferty, Hall, Hammond, Hance, Handenbrook, Hardin, Harding, Hardman, Harman, Harper, Harris*, Harrison, Harrod, Hart, Hathaway, Hayden, Hazen, Held, Helt,, Henry, Herron, Hershner, Hess, Heverlo, Higbie, Higgins, Hillard, Hindman, Hoff, Hoffman, Hollingsworth, Holt, Hopkins, Hosler, House, Howard*, Howell, Hoy, Hubbell, Huggins, Hull*,Hulse,
Hunter, Huntsman, Hupp, Hurr, Iden, Iams, Ink, Ireland, Irvin, Irwin, Jackson, James*, Jarvis, Jenkins, Jewell, Johnson, Johnson's, Johnston, Jones, Kaufman, Kearney, Kees, Kehrwecker, Keifer, Kelley, Kelly*, Kern, Kerr, Ketcham, Keys, Kile, King, Kingman, Kinney, Knous, Kreis, Krout, Lamb, Lanning, Lavering, Lee, Lefever, Leonard, Levering*, Lewis*, Liggetty, Lincoln, Linder, Linn, Livingston, Lloyd, Logan, Long, Lord, Loren, Lucas, Lyon*.  Price $15
YOGSOH MORROW-04 MORROW COUNTY, OHIO DEATH RECORDS 1867-1870.  The following records were copied from Death Records Book 1 and they appeared in an issue of Gateway to the West.  They include only persons 40 years of age and older.  Each entry includes, where originally given, the surname, first name, middle name or initial, d.(eath date), a.(ge in years, months, days), marital status-m.(arried), w.(idowed) or s.(single), pd.(place of death), pb.(place of birth, r.(residence- not repeated if same as birthplace and page number of original record in this book. Thus this entry may look like this: Stilley, Rachel - d. 11-7-1867; a 73-9-7; pd Chesterville; pb Brownsville, PA (2) translates to Rachel Stilley died November 7, 1867.  She was 73 years, 9 months and 7 days old.  She died in Chesterville. residence same.  She was born in Brownsville, PA.  This record is found on page 2 of DEATH RECORDS, Book 1 in Morrow County.  153 deaths in Morrow County are listed on the 3 1/2 pages that are fastened in this pocket folder with metal prong binding.  PRICE:  $2


YOGSOH-MUSKINGUM-01 MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OHIO GENEALOGICAL GUIDE.  By Carol Willsey Bell, C.G. Second Revised Edition.  46 pages, cardstock covers, plastic spine binding.  There is
in this book what you need to know about Muskingum County, Ohio and the records concerning this county and your ancestors if they lived there.  She has maps in the book, and a history, Notes on the Townships.  She tells you about the land records, the Probate Court, the tax records, the census records, the common pleas records the Allen Museum, the Brush Creek Township Historical Society, the cemeteries, the newspapers. She even covers the Muskingum County records found in Salt Lake City.  If your people lived here, this book will tell you how to obtain every record they left there.  Good Job, Carol. PRICE:  $8

YOGSOH MUSKINGUM-05:  MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OHIO MINISTERS LICENSED.  1818-1835.  This is a listing of the ministers who were licensed in Ohio.  The counties in which they were licensed were:
Adams 1, Athens 5, Belmont 9, Butler 1, Carroll 1, Clark 1, Clinton 1, Coshocton 7, Fairfield 9, Franklin 5, Gallia 3,  Greene 2, Guernsey 9, Hamilton 5, Harrison 3, Highland 2, Hocking 1, Holmes 1, Jackson 1, Jefferson 1, Knox 5, Lawrence 3, Licking 15, Lorain 1, Madison 1, Marion 1, Medina 1, Meigs 1, Miami 1, Monroe 5, Morgan 10, Muskingum 3, Perry 11, Pickaway 2, Pike 1,  Richland 2, Ross 3, Scioto 2, Somerset 1, Starke 1, Tuscarawas 1, Washington 3, and Wayne 1.  To get the names you will need to order the book.  PRICE $2
YOGSOH MUSKINGUM-07 MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OHIO SALT CREEK BAPTIST CEMETERY, SALT CREEK TOWNSHIP.  This listing of the stones marking burials in this cemetery was submitted by Mrs. Richard McCutcheon, no date.  Seven pages of readings of these stones.  Surnames with more than three first names are: page 1:  McCormick 3, To the memory of a man and his wife (George and Sarah Crane) and eight of their children, Waretenbe, Porter, Toland, Comstock, Crane, Sedwick end of page).  Page 2: Osborne 6, Richards 6, Peair/s 11.  Page 3: Gabriel 4, Galbraith 7, Hammond 10,  Clapper 3.  Page 4:  Clapper 8, Smith 8, Harper 4, Moore 7.  Page 5: Pearis 3, Williamson 5, Clapper 7, Brewster 5, Robinson 4.  Page 6: Pitts 4, Davis 4, Muse 9.  Page 7, Fraizer 5.  PRICE:  $5  

YOGSOH MUSKINGUM-8:  MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OHIO MADISON & JACKSON TOWNSHIP [CEMETERIES].  This booklet is encased in a folder which contains five cemeteries as published in OR & PF.  The cemeteries covered are Adams Mills-Madison Twp., Duncan Falls-Wayne Twp., Frazeysburg Cemetery-Jackson Twp. and Frazeysburg Cemeteries designated #1, #2 and #3.  They cover pages 4 through 14.  These cemeteries have already been indexed for you in the above books.  All Frazeysburg Cemeteries #1, #2, #3 and the one that has no visible number are all in Jackson Twp.  PRICE:  $7.50

YOGSOH  MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OHIO, FOOTPRINTS.  Volume 1.   ©1984.  This is an index to Declarations of Intention for Naturalizations by Sylvia S. Hargrove and Hilda E. Yinger.  New computerized document lists all that were found.   The article following this is a part of her book:  The Following Article Appeared in the August 26, 1840, Zanesville Courier.  Now you know how the pioneers were introduced to the system.


The laws of Congress for the naturalization of foreigners are so numerous, that we have taken some pains to lay an intelligible summary of them before our readers. We think the following presents the true state of the laws:

I.  All foreigners who came to the United States before the 18th of June 1812, are entitled to become naturalized citizens by application to the Supreme Court or Court of Common Pleas without having made any previous declaration. They must prove to the satisfaction of the court that they came to this country before that period, and they must also prove a continued residence in the United States for the last five years, good moral character, attachment to the constitution and that they are well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States.

II.  All foreigners who came to the United States before they were eighteen years old, may become naturalized as above without having made any previous declaration. They must prove a residence of five years (including the three years of minority) and that it has been their intention for the last three years to become citizens. Also good moral character, etc. as in number 1.

III. Foreigners who have come to the United States since the 18th June 1812 can only be naturalized after having resided five years and after having two years previously made a declaration of their intention either in court or before the clerk. It is not necessary that the final application should be made in the same court in which the previous declaration was made. For instance: A man arrived in New York in July 1833 and immediately made his declaration in a court of that city. By producing to our Court of Common Pleas the next September a certificate from the New York Court and proving the five year's residence, good moral character, etc. he will be entitled to take the final oath here and become a Naturalized Citizen.

IV.  All foreigners whose fathers have been naturalized, they being at the time of such father's naturalization under the age of 21 years, are to be considered citizens without any further or other act on their part.

Suggested Reference Reading on Naturalizations and Naturalization Laws: A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS by John Kennedy, 1964.  GUIDE TO GENEALOGICAL RECORDS IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES by Colket and Bridgers, 1964

Muskingum County, Ohio Delarations of Intention for Naturalization.  This information was abstracted from the original documents located in a file box  in the Probate Court Record Room in Muskingum County, Ohio. The originals were handwritten on small pieces of paper in poor condition. Every effort was made to copy as accurately as possible. Though spellings may differ it was copied as it appeared.  PRICE:  $10

What a lot of information on Ohio Pioneer Families!  Hope you find some of your famiiles listed here!  Remmber - Call me at 1-800-419-0200 after 10 a.m. Eastern time today!  Pat from YOGS


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Free telephone:1-800-419-0200 for orders.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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