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Newsletter Subtitle John Palmer's Review Crazy Crates JP43, JP44 & JP45
Month, Day & Year:  March 16, 2010

Consolidated Crazy Crates JP 43 - 45
Unsold through March 13, 2010
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CRAZY CRATE JP43 BOOK 5: RIVER OF FORGOTTEN DAYS.  A JOURNEY DOWN THE MISSISSIPPI IN SEARCH OF LA SALLE.  By Daniel Spurr.  New York:  Henry Holt and Co.  1998.  272 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note: This is a used book.  There is an inscription on the inside front fly leaf:  "To Gery from Donna, Ray, Amanda and Sarah."]  In 1682 the French explorer Robert de La Salle became the first European to journey from the Great Lakes down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers to the Gulf of Mexico.  There at the delta, he claimed for France the vast heartland of America.  With the passage of time, the Mississippi River has become a central part of the American psyche, a running theme in our history and folklore.  Long fascinated by the enigmatic La Salle and eager to expose his young son Steven to the country beyond his fast food and video games, Daniel Spurr - well known to cruising sailors as a writer and editor - now sets off in the rundown and underpowered Pearl to trace La Salle's route.  From the upper Midwest, where seemingly every town has a street or park named after La Salle, they head downriver to New Orleans and beyond.  What follows is a journey of remembrance and awakening, a juxtaposition of the nation that has grown up along the banks of the Mississippi and the untamed wilderness of la Salle's time - a 'pre-America", that is revealed by the journals and documents of La Salle and his contemporaries.  As Spurr, his son, and grown daughter encounter the people and culture of the region and imagine its history, he illuminates the changes that the landscape and its denizens have undergone.   Here is an author with the rare ability to weave together history, folklore, deeply felt personal memoirs, and the keenest of cultural observations into a work of singular grace and depth.  Over twenty photographs, maps and illustrations enhance the text.  The fourteen-page index covers over 800 entries.  Price:  $12

CRAZY CRATE JP43 BOOK 6: COMMODORE ELLSWORT P. BERTHOLF.  FIRST COMMANDANT OF THE COAST GUARD.  By C. Douglas Kroll.  Annapolis, MD:  Naval Institute Press.  2002 . First printing.  160 pages.  Hardcover.  When young Ellswort P. Bertholf was court-martialed and dismissed from the Naval Academy for a hazing incident in 1883, no one could have predicted his future greatness.  Undaunted by the experience, Bertholf pursued a career in the U. S. Revenue Cutter Service, earning a special gold medal from Congress in 1902 for his role in a dramatic relief expedition in Alaska to rescue trapped whalers.  By 1915,he had bypassed twenty-two officers senior to him to become the first commandant of the U. S. Coast Guard and went on to successfully steer his fledgling service through the trials of World War I.  This biography of the man known as "the savior of the Coast Guard" offers a revealing portrait not only of Bertholf, but also of the last years of the Revenue Cutter and Life-Saving services and the formative years of the Coast Guard.  This book chronicles Bertholf's colorful early career with the service when he patrolled the vast reaches of the Pacific, enforced maritime laws regulating the fishing, sealing, and whaling industries, participated in daring rescues, and transported Siberian reindeer from Russia to sustain the starving Inuits in Alaska.  This work also describes Bertholf's service as the last commandant of the Revenue Cutter Service, his contributions during the transition period to the Coast Guard, and his efforts to preserve the Coast Guard's separate existence before and after World War I.  Thirteen photographs and illustrations enhance the text.  The six-page index covers over 300 entries.  Price:  $10

CRAZY CRATE JP43 BOOK 7: THE COAST GUARD EXPANDS, 1865 - 1915.  NEW ROLES, NEW FRONTIERS.  By Irving H. King.  Annapolis, MD:  Naval Institute Press.  1996.  First printing.  293 pages.  Hardcover.  This book covers the story of the United States Coast Guard (then known as the Revenue Cutter Service) from 1865 to 1915 when Congress united it with the U. S. Life-Saving Service to create the U. S. Coast Guard.  The book emphasizes the dual character of the service: an adjunct to the naval establishment and a servant that met U S. maritime needs.  In the former capacity, the Revenue Cutter Service fought alongside the U. S. Navy during the Spanish-American War.  In the latter, it took on the character of a humanitarian service during the years of expansion into new frontiers that included Alaska, where it rescued whalers trapped in the ice, saved native Alaskans from starvation, and went to the aid of fur seals threatened with extinction.  It also began operating an international ice patrol, assisted victims of the San Francisco earthquake, helped prevent the spread of yellow fever in the Gulf of Mexico, and provided medical care to deep-sea fishermen.  Sumner Kimball, who served as head of both the Life-Saving Service and the Revenue Cutter Service, eliminated political patronage in the organizations; thus setting a precedent for the nation to follow.  His leadership enabled the Life-Saving Service to become the best organization if it's kind in the world and the Revenue Cutter Service to establish an academy where capable young men trained for a life of duty.  The chapter on the academy sheds new light on the service's development, and the work as a whole presents new interpretations of the service's history and its struggle to survive.  This volume is founded extensively on primary source materials, particularly public records of the relevant government agencies and cruise reports of the cutters. 
thirty-six photographs enhance the text. The eleven-page index covers over 500 entries.  Price:  $10

CRAZY CRATE JP43 BOOK 9: AMERICAN AND ENGLISH GENEALOGIES IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.  Compiled Under the Direction of the Chief of the Catalogue Division.    Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Company.  1967 reprint of edition originally printed in 1919 by the Government Printing Office.  1,332 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note: The corners are bumped and the outside edges are dusty.  The inside hinges are discolored and the binding is good but not tight like in a new book. The inside pages are clean.]   Ex-lib copy from a rental library.  This catalog contains the titles of 7,000 American and English genealogies received prior to 1919, 1910 and a few later accessions were incorporated while the work was in press.  The works are arranged alphabetically by names of families, and under each family chronologically.  The 63-page author index covers over 4,800 authors.  Price:  $25

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 1:  THE NEW YORK METS:  A Photographic History.  Photographs From the Lens of George Kalinsky, Special Photogra Square Garden.  Text by Jon Scher.  Introduction by Governor Mario Cuomo.  New York:  MacMillan.  1995.  227 pages.  Hardcover.  From the lens of George Kalinsky comes this lavish look at the history of the New York Mets - from the team's first day on the field in 1962 up to the 1995 season. Over 250 stunning photographs capture the drama of this beloved team.  From the diamond to the locker room, pictures of players, coaches and managers make this photographic journey one that will be turned to fondly, time and time again.  Casey Stengel, Yogi Berra, Tom Seaver, Tug McGraw, Willie Mays, Mookie Wilson, Dwight Gooden, Daryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Bobby Bonilla and the many, many others who have found their way into the history and lore of the Mets club are recorded here in a dramatic style. With Stadium Shots, Official Score Book covers, Mets memorabilia and more, Kalinsky has fashioned this volume into what is an extraordinary compilation of the baseball experience.   This book was originally published at $40.00, so our price is a great bargain for any Mets fan.  PRICE:  $20.00

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 3:  WEST POINT.  THE FIRST 200 YEARS.  The Companion to the PBS Television Special.  By John Grant, James M. Lynch, and Ronald H. Bailey.  Foreword by Buz Aldrin.  Guilford, CT:  The Globe Pequot Press.  2002.  191 pages.  Hardcover.  Established by the founding fathers of a fledgling democratic nation, the United States Military Academy has, in 200 years, trained the leaders of American land forces in every major battle from the Civil War to Afghanistan, instilling in them the creed that has become part of the American cultural fabric - duty, honor, country.  This book is a celebration in words and picture of the venerable military academy's remarkable role in our nation's history.  Published to coincide with the Academy's bicentennial, this lavish commemorative book tells the story of West Point, from its awkward beginnings to the divisiveness of the Civil War through the social challenges of the modern era - including the admission of the first African American and female cadets and the backlash of The Vietnam War. Woven into the fabric of this extraordinary history are the stories and images of the larger-than-life characters that people the Academy's past:  Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Douglas MacArthur and H. Norman Schwarzkopf to name just a few.  Stunning full-color photographs of the campus as it looks today; archival images of the Academy; and photos of artifacts and memorabilia from the West Point Museum's collections are featured throughout the pages of this beautiful volume.   PRICE:  $20.00

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 6:  MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL TOWNS OF MICHIGAN.  Adrial Typsilani.  The Teams and the Ballparks of the Wolverine State from the 1880's to the Present.  By Marc Okkonen.  Holt, MI:  Thunder Bay Press.  1997.  186 pages.  Softcover.  This book is as good as new. NOTE: The binding is tight and the pages are clean.]  This book provides team histories, rare photographs, and location maps for all of the Michigan communities which participated in professional baseball leagues dating back to the 1880s.  This book provides stories on the baseball heroes, pioneers and parks.  PRICE:  $16.95

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 8:  GOD GAVE US THIS COUNTRY.  TEKAMTHI  [TECUMSEH] AND THE FIRST AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.  By Bill Gilbert.  Atheneum.  New York.  1989.  369 pages.  Hardback.  [NOTE:  ex-library copy.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean.]  In the mid-eighteenth century, red and white Americans commenced a struggle to determine which race would be sovereign in the "Old Northwest." as the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley was once known. The nearly fifty years of strife that ensued were filled with hundreds of hit-and-run raids by small partisan bands, occasional battles between armies of warriors and soldiers, and innumerable acts of treachery, terrorism, and torture.  When the fighting was over, thousands of men, women, and children were dead, and the once-free Indian nations had been broken and their surviving people exiled.  In this book, the author provides an absorbing biography and chronicle of Tecumseh, providing a panoramic view of the events and people who shaped the chaotic and critical period of the Ohio Valley at the turn of the nineteenth century.  War and Peace Chiefs, presidents and generals, braves and militiamen, British agents and Canadian traders, missionaries and shamans shaped this chaotic and critical period of North American history.  In the forefront of this account is Tekamthi (often remembered as Tecumseh), the brilliant Shawnee warrior, orator, and political strategist, long renowned as the most astute and able of the red leaders.  Born along the Ohio River as the red-white hostilities were beginning, Tekamthi went to war when he was little more than a boy.  In the early 1800s he became convinced that his people could defend themselves against the United States only by forming a single racial federation.  From a base at Tippecanoe in Indiana, assisted and inspired by his younger brother, the shaman-mystic Tenskwatawa (the Prophet) he traveled between the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast, recruiting supporters. Though there were fewer than 100,000 free reds in these territories versus the 7,000,000 whites of the United States, the westward advance of Manifest Destiny was slowed, in large part, by the formidable reputation and charismatic influence of Tekamthi.  Tekamtni's defense of his people's lands and liberties led him into the War of 1812, on the British side.  In 1813, after the British surrender in the West, Tekamthi's forces were defeated on the ThamesRiver in southern Ontario.  it was there that Tekamthi died - and the red resistance movement in the Northwest with him.  PRICE:  $15.00

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 9:  MEN OF THE WEST.  LIFE ON THE AMERICAN FRONTIER  By Cathy Luchetti. New York: W. W. Norton and Co.  2004.  Hardcover. [Note:  Ex-library copy.]  The lure of adventure and riches brought men west.  Some had dreams of a quick gold strike and a life of ease.  Some were lone explorers drawn to this vast and unknown land.  Still others were homesteaders eager to put down new roots, or who forged places for themselves on America's new frontier as cowboys and farmers, bachelors and fathers, outlaws and lawmen.  Cathy Luchetti, captures the great struggles of being a pioneer as well as the difficult process of settling in.  She uses the words of the men themselves, drawn from letters, diaries, and memoirs - not only the iconic cowboys of our imagination but also the doctors, teachers, farmers, and ministers who shaped the culture of the West.   With over 130 photographs that bring these men to life and quotations that come from their hard-won experience, Luchetti portrays sodbusters, six-shooters, farmers, and vendors, as well as frontiersmen from the East, the immigrants from abroad, and the Native Americans whose lives were changed forever by their arrival.  The twelve-page index covers over 1,000 entries.  PRICE:  $10.00

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 10:  THE GREAT SOUTHWEST.  Text by Mary Dos-Baba.  New York:  Crescent Books.   1985.  127 pages.  Hardcover.  [NOTE:  the upper right hand corner of the front of the dust jacket has a tear.  But the rest of the book looks like it was just published.]  The word "desert" usually conjures up an image of vast stretches of wind-rippled sand, a place where no life exists.  The deserts of the American Southwest and the indescribably beautiful Grand Canyon surely render such an image completely false.  As demonstrated by the contemporary photographs in this collection, these deserts are very special places indeed.  Great cities thrive in their midst; wildlife and plant life abounds.  It is an area that has supported human life for thousands of years and has stayed virtually unchanged through all of them.  The Grand Canyon, itself an unforgettable experience, often seems the most unchanged spot on earth, yet much of the change of millions of years is recorded on its walls.  The experience of the American Southwest, from the quiet beauty of the Grand Canyon to the garish lights of Las Vegas, is captured here for those who have already discovered the things there are to love about the American desert and for those who are making the pleasurable discovery for the first time. This is a beautiful book, with over 100 color photographs.  There are captions for a few of the photographs, but most don't need any explanations at all.  PRICE:  $10.00

CRAZY CRATE JP 44 BOOK 12;  THE IRISH.  By William W. Giffin.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society Press.  2006.  127 pages.  Softcover.  (Volume 1 of the Peopling of Indiana series).  The history of the Irish in Indiana is intricately woven into the fabric of the state's history.  The Irish first arrived in Indiana along with the fur traders in the 1700s.  In the 1800s many Irish immigrants struggled to create new lives as they built Indiana's early canals, roads, and railroads.  As Indiana progressed, so did the Irish.  Today, Hoosiers of Irish origin can be found in all facets of Indiana society from business and medicine to law and politics.  From humble beginnings, Indiana's Irish have become an integral part of the state's tapestry while continuing to celebrate their Celtic past.  Nearly 30 photographs and illustrations enhance the text.  PRICE:  $13.95

U. S. - IOWA - GENEALOGICAL SURNAME INDEX:  CRAZY CRATE JP 45 BOOK 1:  THE IOWA GENEALOGICAL SURNAME INDEX.  VOLUME 1 (1972) AND VOLUME 2. (1975).  Des Moines:  Iowa Genealogical Society.  2 volumes.  (Volume 1: 347 pages.  Volume 2:  475 pages.) Softcover.  The indexes are designed to help individual members find others in the society who are working on the same family lines; to provide reference sources not easily found and to publish a surname index from names submitted by the members.  21,000 surnames are listed in Volume 1, and Volume 2 contains more than 25,000 surnames.  Information includes the name of the head of the household, birth, death and marriage dates as well as the name of the spouse.  Price:  $40.00 for the set.
U.S. - MIGRATION - THE OREGON TRAIL: CRAZY CRATE JP 45  BOOK 2:  WESTWARD VISION.  THE OREGON TRAIL.  By David Lavender.  - New York:  McGraw-Hill.  1963.  424 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note:  ex-library copy with possession stamp, labels, etc.]  This book tells of the exciting beginnings of the Oregon Trail and its several branches through Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Oregon.  But it was not a trail that was developed overnight.  It came about as part of the search for the fabled Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean and the expeditions of Lewis and Clark, John Colter, Ramsey Crooks and other traders and trappers.  Price: $7.50
JP 45  BOOK 3: A NORTHERN BOYHOOD.  By Ralph Casperson. Niles, MI: Ralph A. Casperson Books.  1993.  500 pages.  Hardcover. The author discusses his daily experiences growing up in Ashland, Wisconsin, and observations of the growing up of others in Ashland.  His book provides information on relatives, friends, and the good and bad times they shared. Price:  $21.95
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