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OHIO CRAZY CRATE 4:  From GalliaCounty to KNOX County!

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Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print all sold, larger print size PRICED at:  $7

YOGSOH GALLIA-02:  CEMETERIES OF SPRINGFIELD  TOWNSHIP, GALLIA COUNTY, OHIO.  By the Gallia County Historical Society.  34 pages, each 5½" by 8½". The township map of Gallia Co., is on the cover and Springfield Twp., is darker than the others.  The Genealogy Committee of the Gallia County Historical Society, in order to accomplish their goal to preserve the wealth of local history on the stones, recorded these.  Springfield is in the second tier of counties from the top three townships.  Springfield is south of Morgan, West of Addison, north of Green and east of Raccoon.  There is a short history of this township in the book.  The cemeteries are located on a nice map on page 5.  This book contains the readings from 29 cemeteries in this one township.  They are Badgley, Blosser, Buck Burial Plot, Coverston, Denney, Denney, Samuel Denney, Donnally, Dustin, Fairview (Long), Goetting, Langley, Lawless (Lollis), Laywell, McLean, Mt. Olive, Ruby, Pine Hill, Prospect Church, Providence Baptist, Rhine, Russell, Russell (Infant Plot), Sexton, Stephens, Unknown (Boise?), Unknown (Hill?), Viney and Westerman.  PRICE $5  

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $5, larger print sold

HHOH-GEAUGA-01:  ABSTRACTS FROM BIOGRAPHIES IN JOHN STRUTHERS STEWART'S HISTORY OF NORTHEASTERN OHIO.  Seven pages 8½" by 11", 1983, cardstock covers, stapled. By Carol Bell, 0.  This book includes the counties of Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, Stark and Trumbull, Ohio.  There are three volumes in this set and over 470 biographies have been abstracted here.  Countries mentioned as birthplaces for a subject or his father total 28.  Volume I of the original set is historical and is not included in this abstract.  Included in this project are both Volume II which covers page numbers 499 to 816, and Volume III which covers page numbers 817-1,118.  When this abstract was first done there was no every-name index to this history.  The format for the abstract of each biography includes the page number on which it is located in the original book, an abbreviation of the county in which the person lived, his/her complete name, the year born, the subject's birthplace, the wife's surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, an asterisk if the sketch's subject person had children, the subject's father's first name and birthplace and the subject's mother' maiden name and first name.  All of this information appears on one line; such as this one:  Sample of one sketch:  762  GE Parsons, Hartley C,  1877  OH  Hickox, Edna  *  Wilder C.  OH, Stephenson, Henrietta.  That line means PAGE 762 ;  COUNTY (Geauga) GE;    SUBJECT  PARSONS; Hartley C.  BIRTHYEAR 1877;   BIRTHPLACE  OH; WIFE HICKOX, Edna;  CHILDREN, * (yes);  FATHER, Wilder C. ;  BIRTHPLACE OH;   MOTHER, STEPHENSON, Henrietta.  PRICE: $5

YOGSOH GEAUGA-02:  GEAUGA COUNTY, OHIO OLD SOUTHEAST CEMETERY, in BAINBRIDGE.  By Ohio Records & Pioneer Families, Volume 19.  No author listed.  This is an eight-page photocopy of a typed copy of the graveyard inscriptions from this Bainbridge Cemetery, and other cemeteries.   Bainbridge Cemetery is on Haskins Road, south off US 422 or south off Bainbridge Road.  Surnames with tour or more first names are: 1.)Benjamin, Bissell, Clover, Fowler, Goodsell, Henry, Hollister, Kennedy, Kent, McCartey, Mayhew,  North, Osborne, Pettibone, Richards, Smith, Thompson:  2.)Old Southwest Cemetery: Henry, Linton, McClintock, 3.),  Overlook Cemetery. Parkman Twp.  Gilmore, Donaldson, Norton,  Parmalee, Hosmer, Merritt,  Moore, Reynolds, Hewit, Bundy, Smith, Sweet, Thorp, Payne, Sherwin, Baird, 4.) Mumford, Troy Twp.  Mumford, Reed, Thrasher, Carter, Burgess.  5.) Hunt Cemetery, Huntsburg Twp. Clark, Loomis.   All these are gathered in a red pocket folder.  Lots of surnames not mentioned above because they are single graves or small lists of two or three first names.  PRICE:  $3

YOGSOH GEAUGA-03:  1833 CITIZENS OF GEAUGA COUNTY, OHIO - REPORT TO THE 23RD CONGRESS - DOCUMENT NO. 452.  This document, like the one presented in Cuyahoga County, was made by the citizens of this county concerning the Executive Branch of the Government's removal of a deposit used to capitalize a bank for the people of this county and the recent removal of those funds causing real problems for the other users of the bank.    Report to the 23rd Congress Document 452.  Mountain Press, This book is a reprint of this document, a report to the House of Representatives concerning a meeting of inhabitants of Geauga County asking a restoration of the deposits, and the recharter of the Bank of the United States.  June 19, 1834.  Read, and laid upon the table.  This dispute was to the Executive who removed the deposit of $1,500,000. of public money being held in that bank.  It had been removed by the Executive Branch, as they stated, unlawfully.  That removal was a violation of the rights of the Bank and of the public faith.  
"To Congress alone your memorialists look for relief, and they flatter themselves its wise and efficient action may prove adequate to restore to the laws the supremacy, and to your constituents that prosperity and happiness of which they have been so wantonly deprived.  June 16, 1834." Hundreds of  names in three printed columns, one line to each man on nine and one-half pages, these citizens signed their names and sent their petition.  No Resolution of this disagreement is reported here.  But you do have the names of the men who signed as a resident of this county at this date.  The publisher has provided an every-name index on 10½ pages at the back, thereby providing proof that your ancestor was indeed in that county, and was a resident, in 1834.  Sorry, too many names in the index to abstract it here.  New Book.  $4

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $9, larger print $12

YOGSOH GREENE-01  THE TOWNS AND TOWNSHIPS OF GREENE COUNTY, OHIO.  Compiled by Julie M. Overton, Published by the Greene County Historical Society.  1975.  A neat little book, 8½ " by 11", folded in the middle and stapled, cardstock covers.  Format is an attempt to let today's researchers know what the town used to be called before it got its new name.  Letters, diaries, notes, Bible records may use the old name and you might not even find that name on a modern map.  Nice map in the centerfold. SAMPLE:  1.) TREBEIN'S STRATION (on Beavercreek Twp.) A small village, two miles east of Alpha, on the east bank of the Little Miami River.  It was begun in 1800, and was called by several different names, such as Paul's Mill, Frost Station, Beaver Station, it was also very nearly on the site of Pinkneyville.  2.) BERRY HILL CORNER (Sugarcreek Twp.,) The area at the intersection of Waynesville Rd, and Centreville Rd.   Arranged in alphabetical order, cross-refrenced. Over 30 entries per page, and we count 10 pages, over 230 names they used to call the settlements, that they have now replaced with newer names.  Very good condition.  PRICE:  $5   

YOGSOH GREENE-02:  ONE PAGE OF GREENE COUNTY WILL ABSTRACTS. Taken from GREENE COUNTY WILL ABSTRACTS.  From Will Book A & B  By Anita Short and Ruth Bowers.  Partial lst of Testators, much detail is included.  Published and copyrighted in 1972.  Wills on this page are for 1800-06 and belong to Archabald Lowry, Henry Allen, John Lowe, Alisha Sanders, James Ramsey, Joseph Robinson, David Price, John McClellan and Peggy Wilson.  PRICE:  $1
YOGSOH GREENE-03:  JAMESTOWN  AREA SESQUI-CENTENNIAL.  June 30th to July 4, 1966.  This booklet was printed on 11' by 17' nice heavy paper.  It is folded and stapled and is more than ½ inch thick. Tidbits of history are scattered throughout the book.  Every organization has the chance to 'show and tell' what their organization has done to improve the lives of their fellow man!  72 pages of really interesting pictures and articles plus ads of the more than forward-looking individuals who advertised in such a worthy effort.  Attractive presentation, program for the special event is in here, too.  You might even see a picture of someone you know!  Sticker residue on front page, upper right hand corner, names and underlining make me think, possibly, this lady that owned this was actually there in 1966 when they celebrated big time.   PRICE:  $8  

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print sold, larger print $7
Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print sold, larger print $25
HHOH HAMILTON-01: HAMILTON  COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS: 1817-1830  Compiled by Colleen Alice Ridlen, 61 Pages;  8.5"x11", Softcover.  NEW.  The original Marriage Record Books from which these marriages were copied are in the Probate Judge's Office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Hamilton was an origina (#) entries in this book are:  Abbott 4, Abrams, Ackley, Adams 8, Addis, Alfred, Allen 8, Anderson 16, Andrew/s 4, Applegate 6, Armstrong 5, Arthur/s, Ayres 5, Babcock, Bailey, Baker 6, Baldwin 5, Balser 4, Barker, Barn(e)s 5, Bass(ett/it) 5, Bateman/n, Bates 4, Beal/e/l  4, Bean 5, Bell 8, Bennet/t 9, Betts 4, Bishop 4, Black 4, Bodine, Bogart 4, Bogg(e)s, Bond, Bowen, Bowers, Bowman, Bradford, Bridge/s, Brook/e/s 7, Brown 29, Buck, Burk/e, Burnet 5, Burns, Burrows, Burt, Butler, Caldwell, Campbell 8, Carrol/l, Carson 5, Carter 5, Chamberlain, Chambers 6, Champion, Chandler, Clark/e 32, Clayton 4, Cole 6, Coleman 6, Collins 9, Colvin, Conklin 8, Conn 4, Connet, Cook 10, Cooper 4, Cory, Cox 10, Craig 5, Crane 6, Cravin, Cross 5, Cunningham 8, Curtis 5, Cutter, Danforth, Davis 25, Dawson, Day 9, Dean 5, Debolt, Denman, Doan/e/es 4, Dodge, Douglas/s 5, Dunham 4, Dunn, Edwards 7, English, Enyart, Ernst, Ertel/l, Evan/s 7, Ewing, Farrar, Felter, Ferg(a/u)son 9, Ferris 4, Ferry, Finch, Fisk 5, Fleming, Flin/n, Folger 4, Foster 12, Fowler 5, Fox 5, Frazier 4, Freeman, French 4, Frost, Gardner, Garrard 4, Gaston 4, Gazlay 4, Gest, Gibbs 4, Gibson 4, Gifford, Gil(l)man 4, Goodwin 4, Gordon 5, Graham 10, Grant 4, Gray 7, Green/e 13, Griffin, Guthrie, Haines, Hale 5, Hall 4, Halstead 5, Hammit, Hanselman, Hardin 4, Harper, Harris 7, Harrison 16, Hartman 4, Harv(e)y 4, Hawkins 4, Hay, Hayden 7, Henr(ie/y) 5, Hetzler, Higgins, Hi(gh)land/s, Hill 10, Hoffman, Hoffner 4, Holland, Hood 4, Hopkins 5, Horton 4, House, Howard, Hubbard, Hubbell/ Hubble , Hunt 9, Hunter 7, Hust(i/o)n 4, Hutchi(n)son 6, Ingersoll, Irwin 4, Jackson 15, Jacob 4, James 4, Johnson 15, Johnston 9, Jones 36, Kain/s, Kell(e)y 10, Kerr, King 8, Kitchel/l 6, Knox, Lackey, Lamburn, Landon, Lane, Langdon 4, Lawrence 5, Layman 4, Lee 5, Lewis 9, Line/s, Logan 5, Long 13, Lord 6, Ludlow, McCane, McCorm(a/i)ck 5, McDonald, McInt(i/y)re, Marshal/l 6, Martin 5, Mason, Mathews 4, Merr(e/i)t/t, Miller 18, Mills, Milspaugh, Moore 11, Morgan 4, Morris 4, Muchmore 4, Murphy 4, Myers 6, Nelson, Nichols, Parker 6, Patterson 4, Pearson, Phil/l/ips 7, Price 6, Reed 5, Richardson 5, Roberts, Robinson 8, Rodgers, Rodocker, Rose 4, Ross 7, Sayre/s, Sharp, Shull 5, Silver/s, Smith 26, Snider 4, Steel/e 4, Stephens 5, Stewar(d/t) 7, Stilwell, Stites 5, Sutton 4, Swift, Taylor 9, Terwilliger, Thomas 5, Thompson 12, Thorp 4, Turner 6, Wade, Walker 4, Wallace, Ward, Watkin/s, Webb, Well/s, Westcot/t, West 5, White, Wile, Williams 14, Williamson, Wilson 11, Winter/s, Wood 5, Wooley 4 and Wright.   PRICE $16        

YOGSOH HAMILTON-02 BARRERE FUNERAL HOME RECORDS 1927 - 1953. By Margie Thomas, Published by the Hamilton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society in 1991.  176 pages, 8½" by 11", slick cover, wrapper style.  $35.  This funeral h,ome was located at 3712/3734 Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio in Hamilton County.  This funeral home was established on 23 April in 1927 at 3712 Eastern Avenue and in 1941 moved to a new building at 3734 Eastern Avenue.  The home was acquired by Gilligan in June of 1953 and still carries the name of Barrere-Gilligan Funeral Home.  This project took several years to complete.  We thank the people who devoted their time to copying these records.  The format for each burial gives you all this if it was recorded at the time:  surname of the deceased, first name + middle name and/or initial if given; birth date, death date, address of residence, father's name, mother's name, information, name of cemetery where interred.  The book is indexed, but I chose to go through the book page-by-page to give you a better chance of finding your surname.  Three burials (,) or more shown by (#):  Abbott, Ackerman 5, Adams, Allen 5, Anderson 19, Arnold, Banks, Barb(a)ro 4, Bauman, Beckman, Bennett 5, Bern(h)ard, Biller 4, Blice, Bowman 4, Bradford, Brady, Brandstetter, Brannock 5, Brooks 7, Brown 10, Buetsche, Burck 4, Burt 4, Butler, Campbell, Carl, Carter 9, Chapman 4, Childs, Clark 10, Connor, Cowdrey, Crawford, Davis 15, Dickerson 4, Dietz, Ditchen, Dixon, Douglas, Dunham 11, Douglas, Edwards 9, Everhart, Fagin, Farrell 6, Fehl 9, Fetzer, Fisher 5, Fox, Froelich 4, Gardner, Gauselmann 4, Gilpin, Goodin, Graham, Grant, Green, Gross, Hall 8, Hamersley, Handman 4, Harris 6, Harrison 6, Hathorn 5, Haungs, Hawkins, Hayes, Hill, Hoffard, Hoffman, Holdgrewe, Holland, Huff, Hughes 5, Huhn, Huls 5, Hutchison, Jackson 7, James 4, Johnston 8, Jones 7, Judd, Kellogg 4, Kennedy, Ketcham, Klein 5, Ladrigan, Lambert, Langsdorf 5, Lathrop, Lewis 10, Lindsey 14, Long, Ludlow, Lyons 4, Marshall 6, Martin 6, McAdams, McDowell, McManahan 4, Mead 5, Meeker 2, Meier 4, Meyer 8, Meyers 4, Miller 9, Mitchell 6, Moore 5, Morgan, Moss 4, Mueller, Mullen, Mullis 5, Murphy 10, Myers 5, Newcomb 7, Noschang, Oberley, Odell, Orr 4, Owen/s 6, Parker 4, Patterson 4, Perkins, Potts, Powell, Price 9, Puckett 4, Purvis, Redrow, Reeves 4, Reinhardt, Reynolds 4, Richards, Riley 4, Robinson 8, Roettele, Rogers 8, Rose, Ross, Ruble, Ruffley 5, Russell 5, Ryan, Schaeffer 7, Scherer 7, Schnehain, Schrimper, Scott 11, Sears, Shaf(f)er 4, Sharp 10, Sheatzley, Shields, Smith 11, Snider, Spencer, Stanley, Stansberry 5, Stevens, Stewart, Stillwell, Stoy, Stump 16, Sullivan 5, Thompson 5, Trester, Trimble, Troescher, Turner 11, Van Pelt 4, Vogel 6, Vonderhaar, Wade, Wagner, Walker 4, Wallace 8, Ward, Waters 6, Weber 5, Weeks 5, Welch, Wells, Wetterer 3, Wetzel, White 5, Wilder 4, Wilkinson 4, Williams 5, Wilson 10, Winters 4, Wireman, Witham, Wood 6, Yeager 4, Young and Zink.  Cover has slight sticker residue in top right hand corner.  PRICE:  $35          

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print $9

YOGSOH-01: INDEX OF ILLUSTRATED ATLAS OF HANCOCK COUNTY, OHIO.  From recent and actual surveys and records under the supervision of G. A. Eberhart, Civil Engineer.   Published by H. H. Hardesty. 1875.  Indexed by Beulah Mohart Scott,  April 1968.  42 pages, hardbound, 8½" by 11¼".  The maps themselves were not reproduced for this volume.  Each township is indexed separately, so I can not do an abstract of this index, but the fact that the index is done in two columns and holds approximately 100 names per full page lets you know how much time it will save you in looking for your ancestor's property. Sample entry looks like this:  Township name:  Washington, Map ranges: 2 North, Range 12 East.  Surname Coleman, Cath'ne.  Section number 24 lets you locate the exact property referenced here.  NEW. PRICE:  $19

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print $9
YOGS OH-HARDIN-01:  HARDIN COUNTY, OHIO MARRIAGES 1833-1842.  Pages 117-122 from an unnamed periodical, photocopied six pages one sided.  Alphabetical by groom's surname.  No bride's index.  About 275 marriages.  Surnames with two (,) or more than two (#)marriages, by groom's name only, are: Baker, Barnes, Brown, Butcher 3, Davis, Dolly, Fought, Garwood, Halsted 3, Hamilton, Harvey, Hatfield, Hill, Holmes 3, Houser 3, Huston, Johnston 3, Jones, Mentzer, Moore, More, Moury 5, Myers, Post, Preston, Pugh, Rice 3, Ritchey 3, Roby, Shanks, Smith 5, Spencer, Spitzer, Stevenson, Stroud, Thomson, Ulin, Wag(g)oner 3, Wheeler, Willmuth, Willson and Young/s.  We placed this in a red folder, punched the papers for a three-ring binder with the metal clasps to protect it.  PRICE:  $4.  

YOGSOH HARDIN-02:  HARDIN COUNTY, OHIO DEATH RECORDS 1867-1870.   This photocopied document is a little over two pages.
It covers only people that were 50 years or older.  The information given takes one line for each person and 98 people are covered.  Information given, if on the original, is: Surname, first name, middle initial, date of death, age in years, months and days, marital status, place of death, place of birth.  The entries are similar to this one:  NELSON,  Elizabeth, 6-22-1870, 60 y[ears], mar[ried], Liberty, Trumbull [Co.]  Sorry, I cannot abstract the names for you as they are in chronological order, rather than alphabetical. Added bonus:  Darke County, Ohio Indenture Records from Deed Book D-1, page 56:  On 7-18-1831 Pheraba Byers binds her son, George Bumgardner, age 4 yrs, 10 months, 15 days to Daniel Bumgardner until said George is 14 years of age.  Signed Pherabe (mark) Byers and Daniel (mark) Bumgardner.  

Witnesses-John K. Owen and William (mark) Walker. Four more indentures naming Ruth Townsend McDonald, David Bean, Charles Smith and Robert Simson bound out for various reasons.  These pages have been placed in sheet protectors to aid in readability.  $2

YOGSOH HARDIN-03:  INDEX TO ATLAS OF HARDIN COUNTY, OHIO.  From Records and Original Surveys Drawn and Compiled by H. G. Howland, C. E.  Published by R. Sutton and Co., Philadelphia, 1879.  Indexed by Beulah Mohart Scott, April, 1970.  53 pages, 8 ½ " by 11".  Hardbound.  The maps themselves were not reproduced for this volume.  Each township is indexed separately, so I can not do an abstract of this index, but the fact that the index is done in two columns and holds approximately 100 names per full page lets you know how much time it will save you in looking for your ancestor's property.  Sample entry looks like this:  Township name:  Pleasant, Map ranges: 4 South, Range II East.  Surname Cable, Mrs. Elizabeth. Section number 18 lets you locate the exact property referenced here.  USED.  PRICE:  $15
Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $7, larger print $8

YOGSOH HARRISON-01: HARRISON COUNTY, OHIO INDEX TO THE BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES IN THE Commemorative Biographical Record, Harrison County, Ohio, BOOK  The book to which this index refers is the Commemorative Biographical Record, Harrison County, Ohio, (which is not included here.)  This book was published in 1891 in Chicago by J. H. Beers & Co. Illustrated  The book furnishes biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and many of the early settler families.   This seven-page index lists hundreds of men on these three-column pages with over 50 names in each column.  Families that have three (,) or more than three (#) sketches are mentioned here.  Only the person about whom the sketch was written was listed in this index:  Adams 9, Anderson, Arnold, Baker 4, Barclay, Barricklow 9, Bernhard 5, Bethel 6, Binnsey 5, Black 5, Boggs, Brindley 4, Carver 4, Cecil, Clark /e 7, Clements, Collins 4, Conaway, Cope 6, Copeland 5, Cramblet, Crawford 5, Crew, Decker, Dickerson 10, Dunlap 16, English, Eastep, Forsyth, Fowler 5, Fulton 4, Green 4, Hamil 5, Hammond 4, Hanna/h 7, Harrison, Haverfield 13, Henderson 6, Hillyer, Hines 7, Hollingsworth, Holmes 11, Jamison 9, Johnson 5, Kail, Keesey, Kennedy, Kent 4, Kerr 7, Kirkpatrick 5, Lafferty 7, Laughri(d)ge, Law 5, Lisle, Love 5, Lukens, Lyle 4, Lyon/s 4, McConnell 6, McFadden17, McPeck, Mansfield, Martin 7, Megaw 8, Mehollin, Mikesell, Miller 7, Mills 4, Mintier, Mitchell, Moore 9, Oglevee, Osburn, Patterson, Patton 4, Petty, Phillips, Pittenger, Pittis, Porter 8, Price 7, Ramsey 5, Rankin, Richey, Rogers 4, Rowland, Sampson, Scott 13, Shambaugh 4, Simpson 5, Smith 9, Snyder, Stewart, Stringer, Thompson, Trushel, Wallace 5, Watson 6, Webb, Welch 6, Welsh 4, West 4, and Wilson.  PRICE: $3   

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $8, larger print $9

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print sold
HHOH HIGHLAND-01 :  ROSSANDHIGHLAND ABSTRACTS OF BIOGRAPHIES.  Three pages, cardstock covers, stapled, Price $3.  This book is new.  This is much more than an index: 161 biographies are abstracted here into one or two lines.  Each page on which a much longer biography is printed is condensed and listed. The book is sorted by Township.  On each line you will find the page number in the original book, subject's surname, first name and middle initial appear next followed by the birth year and the state or country of his birth, next is his wife's surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, then there is an asterisk (*) if they had children.  [Second wives are listed separately on a second line.]  
Next, the subject's father's first name is given and his birthplace and his mother's surname and first name are given.  There is enough information given that you can sort whether this man is yours or not.  Most large genealogical libraries have this book and most also have someone who will photocopy pages for you.  With up to DOZENS of people listed on six pages, you have over 160 people that you can identify by their page number, name, year of birth, birthplace, wife's name, father's name, birthplace of father, and mother's maiden name.  That is a lot of information for $3.  PRICE:  $3

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print sold

Reproductions of  Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $8, larger print sold

FFOH HOLMES-01:  D162:  1830 HOLMES COUNTY CENSUS INDEX.  Published by the Holmes County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1983.  13 pages, cardstock covers, stapled.  Holmes became a county in 1824.  The parent counties were Coshocton, Wayne and Tuscarawas.  County seat is Millersburg, Ohio.  Population of this county when the census was completed November 29, 1830 was 9,135.  Format of the book lists the names of the heads of the household and the page number on which further information was reported.  Surnames in this census with two (,) or more than two (#) heads of household were:  Acheson, Achison,  Aiken, Alberson, Armstrong 8, Arnold 5, Atkinson, Bail(e)y 4, Barger, Barton, Bayes 5, Beall 12, Beaty, Beck, Beckle, Berry 3, Bidler 3, Bigham, Bird 5, Bixel, Black, Boling, Boon 4, Brown 3, Buchanan 3, Buckmaster, Casebeer 3, Casey 3, Caster 7, Castor 6, Caughman 4, Claw 3, Cline 4, Coleman, Collina 3, Conner, Conyers, Craig 3, Cray, Critchfield 5, Croco, Crow 3, Crozzier, Cunningham 3, Danniels 3, Darnell 3, Davis 3, Dearinger, Deeds 9, Dewalt 4, Dewitt 4, Dickey, Donaldson, Dowell 3, Downs, Drake 8, Dyer, Elliott 4, Evans, Ewing, Farver, Fautz 3, Finney 4, Fisher 8, Flack 4, Frazer 4, Fraz(e)y, Freed 3, Fry 8, Ganser, Garver 3, Gilliland, Gleason, Goodwin, Graham, Grant 3, Grimm, Gwin 4, Hall 10, Hamilton, Hannah, Harden, Harris 9, Harshberger, Hauser, Healy 4, Henderson 6, Henry, Hinkle, Hite 4, Hoagland 3, Hoover, Hostetler 12, Hughes 4, Hughs 3, Hunt, Husted 8, Hutchison 3, Infield, Ish, Jameson 5, Jarvis, Johnson 7, Johnston, Jolly 4, Jones 7, Jordan 4, Kemp, Kenedy, Kerr10, Kilgore, Kimberly, Knight, Knox 3, Koch 3, Kreiger 3, Lane, Lantz, Lauther, Law, Lee 6, Lenhart, Ligget 3, Lisle, Litefoot, Logsdon, Low, Lucabill, Luke 4, Mackey 6, Martin 6, Mast 6, Mathewson 3, Mattocks 3, Mayer 3, Metcalf 4, Miller 37, [Now we know why the county seat is named Millersburg, don't we?] Mischler, Mishler 5, Mizer/or 4, Moland 3, Moore 9, Morrison 4, Muchelknaus, Mum/ma, McBride , McClelland, McClintock, McClure 3, McConkey, McCoy, McCulloch 5, McCullock, McCurdy 3, McDonald 23, McDonough 3, McDowell 5, McFarland 4, McGarv(e)y 3, McKee, McKinsey, McLaughlin 3, McQuiston, Neely, Nev(e/i)l, Newhouse, Nixon, Norris 3, Nowels 5, Officer 3, Ohnspach, Olinger, Orr 3, Otis 3, Painter 4, Patterson 3, Penrod, Percel 3, Person/s 3, Peterson 3, Poulson, Priest 4, Pumroy 3, Purdy 4, Pursol, Pyers 5, Quick 5, Raush, Ray 3, Reed 4, Reynolds, Richards 4, Richardson 3, Rizer/or 4, Robbins, Roberts, Robeson, Robinet 7, Robison, Roland 3, Ross 10, Routzen, Row 5, Rugg 3, Schaefer 3, Seabrook, Shaefer 3, Shank, Shaw, Shearer 6, Sheets, Shenaman 6, Shepl(e)y 3, Shoup 3, Showalter, Shrock 7, Sipe, Slawbaugh 3, Smith 17, Smurr, Snyder 8, Sprague, Srimplin, Steel 4, Sterling, Stootsman 3, Stout, Stuart 3, Summerlot, Swager, Swinehart 3, Swoveland, Taylor 8, Thornburg 3, Tidball 5, Tilden, Tipton, Tracy, Tremains, Tribby, Troyer 18, Turner, Tuttle 3, Uhl 6, Vance, Vaughn, Waldorf, Wallick, Ward 5, Watters 2, Weaver 9, Wells 5, Welty 3, Wheaton 3, Williams 7, Wilson 7, Witherow 3, Wolgamot 8, Woodruff, Woods 5, Workman, Yauger, Yoder 5 and Young 9.  Price $3

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print $9
Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print sold
YOGSOH JACKSON-01:  1860 JACKSONCOUNTY, OHIO, 1860 CENSUS, AN INDEX.   By Mrs. Ivan R. Scott.  This index covers the 12 divisions of Jackson County, townships and city.  59 names per column, three columns per page, and 24 pages  means this was a lot of work!  Surnames with five (,) or more than five names (#) listed are:  Adams 7, Albin 7, Aleshire, Allen 8, Anderson 9, Andrews 6, Armstrong 8, Arters 7, Austin, Baccus 6, Baker 13, Barlow 7, Barton 8, Bennett 8, Branscomb, Brooks 8, Brown 26, Brunton 8, Buckley 7, Bunn 6, Burns 9, Burnsides, Burris 7, Busler 6, Butler, Byers 7, Callahan, Campbell 8, Canter 21, Carr 10, Cassel, Cassidy, Cherington 8, Clark 7, Clear 11, Comer 10, Cooper 6, Corn, Crabtree 22, Crawford, Culp, Cunningham, Daniels, Davis 92, Dawson 6, Dempsey, Dickason, Dixon 14, Downard, Dunham, Edwards 26, Ervin 9, Evans 76, Ewing 8, Exline 11, Farrar 8, Foster 15, Fought, Fout, French, Garrett 6, Garvin, Gehm, Gilleland 11, Graham 11, Griffis 9, Hale 14, Hall, Halterman 14, Hanna 8, Harper, Harris 10, Harrison, Hartley 10, Hawk 7, Henson 6, Hill 12, Hoffman 6, Hoop, Hooton, Horton 9, Howe, Hughes 16, Hunter 7, Jackson 8, Jenkins 8, Kirkendall, Lackey 6, Lake 6, Leach 19, Leonard, Lewis 23, Long 15, Loyd 17, Lucas, McClung, McClure 9, McCune, McGhee 7, McLaughlin 8, McNeil 7, Martin 17, Masters 7, Mercer 6, Miller 25, Montgomery, Moore 6, Morgan 33, Morris 10, Murphy 8, Nelson 7, Oliver 6, Overley 6, Owens 9, Palmer 13, Parks, Patterson 11, Perkins, Perry 9, Peters, Phillips 18, Piles, Plummer, Poor 12, Powers 11, Price 17, Radcliff 7, Raglan 10, Rapp, Ray 8, Reed 21, Rice 12, Richards 13, Rickabaugh, Riegel 8, Roberts 10, Rose 7, Russell 9, Savage, Scoot, Scurlock 21, Seal, Sheppard, Sheward, Shiflet 6, Smith 35, Spencer, Spriggs 9, Stephenson 28, Steward, Stewart, Stiffler 8, Stropes, Swaney, Taylor 7, Thomas 22, Thompson 19, Tope 6, Tripp 6, Turner, Valentine, Vaughn, Walker 9, Wallace 6, Ward 7, Watson 8, Webb 6, Welch 7, West 11, Whaley 11, Whit, White 16, Whitman, Williams 46, Wilson 21, Wiseman, Woodson 9, Yeager 10 and Young.  These have been placed in a folder with punched holes and metal clasps.  PRICE:  $9.  

Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print sold, larger print $9
YOGSOH JEFFERSON-02:  JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO WILL BOOK 3-B 1836-1844.  Copied and compiled by Reva L. Ashcraft.  This book has a different format and indexing theme.  The page number of the will is the indexing factor.  The wills are listed quite clearly in an easy to understand format.  Sample:  Page 249 Martin Swickard  General File, #420.  Made 28 Aug. 1836; Pro[bated] 7 June 1844. Wife Margaret [The author put each name on a separate line, but it makes the will take up ¼  of a page, so I am going to go across the page with (/) where she starts a new line.]  Son Jacob / Son John / Son Daniel / Daughter Christian Bower, wife of John Bower / Daughter Lovies Groves wife of Jacob / Daughter Katherine Maple wife of William / Daughter Elizabeth Ann Penrose wife of Richard / Daughter Eve Painter wife of Jacob / Daughter Sarah Groves wife of Peter / Son Samuel  / son-in-law George Armstrong / Son Samuel - Executors / Witnesses:  James Crawford and Farlin Ball. There are 15 pages of wills mostly six to nine to a page for a total of 63 will abstracts.  The every name index is listed by surname in two columns down a page.  The following surnames have 3 (,) or more than three (#) names.  Adams, Alexander, Almont 5, Andrews 7, Armstrong 14, Arnold, Barnhouse, Barkus 7, Bates 4, Bennett 4, Coe 10, Cope 4, Croxton 13, Curry 5, Davis 4, DeHuff 4, Dunlevy 6, England, Findley 9, Flood 4, Groves 4, Henry, Hodges 7, Hogg 5, Inskeep, Irvine, Jenkinson 6, Johnson 8, Johnston 6, Kerline, Kithcart, Lanning 8, Leckins, Lowthers 7, McConnell 5, McCune 4, McGrail 6, McNarty 11, Mansfield 17, Maple, Merena, Martin, Maxwell 5, Moore 6, Nessly 6, Noble 9, Odbert 6, Oliver 8, Orr, Parker 4, Perkins 5, Pumphrey 9, Reed 8, Robinson
Tauvell 8, Vail 5, Wallace 4, Wells 10, West, White 5, Wilson 5 and Young 5.  PRICE:  $10
Reproductions of Howe's History of this county are priced at small print $6, larger print sold

YOGSOH KNOX-01 ROSSE CHAPEL AND CENTERBURG, OHIO CEMETERY [RECORDS].  These records were copied about 1951. Copies are from Ohio Records and Pioneer Families. Volume 20. 
Three pages in a cardstock folder wiith holes punched for a three-ring binder, but with metal folding prongs.  Surnames with one or two burials are listed here: Branson, Wing, Andrews, Gray, Cunningham, Hunt, Norse, French, Badger, Sidnwy,Dealy, Badger, Morrel, Rogers, Clark, Williams, Cowen, Douglass, Crumbe, Rhodes, DeWette, Croy, Tress, Myers, Sawyer, Andrews, Scott, Wright, Putnam, Fish, Isaac,Bronson, Prince, Davis, Young, Knight, Case, Clippinger, French, Penhorwood, Lewis, Norton, Lane, Stockett, Mead.

Surnames with three or more burials are listed here with the number.  Drope 3, Dobb 3, Summers 3, Buttles 5+2, Clements 3, Bedell 5, Blake 3, and Strong 3.  The inscriptions on these stones bear a lot of detail.  It tells in what battle the Civil War soldier died, What church the preacher attended.  There are some Bishops here. and lots of "wife of or children of"  and some " son or daughter of" plus dates.  
The second cemetery in this folder is in Centerburg.  This cemetery bears a note that says it is not completed yet, but here are some of the surnames buried there:  Farquhar, Dally, Carmichael, Michell, Hyatt, Pierce, Skillen, Waldrof, Northrup, Huffman, Eaton, Riley, Rilea, Green, Butcher, Marshall, McNeeley, Neel, Lair, Best, Jennings, Stiggers, Hollister, Youngblood, Woodruff, Debolt, Townsend, Mills, Sutton, Myers, Kinkead, Thompson, Morey, Weaver, Armstrong, Eaton, Sutherland and Schoonover.  Two copies of these two cemeteries are available.  Each is priced at $3.  PRICE: $3
YOGSOH KNOX-01  KNOX COUNTY, OHIO DANVILLE CEMETERY, UNION TOWNSHIP. Photocopies of pages were made by Esther Powell, perhaps from Gateway to the West, pages 98 through l02, punched for a three ring binder, enclosed in a pocket folder to preserve them.  Articles copied include Cemetery on Route 62, large and well kept and only the older stones were copied.
Surnames represented by burials, Black 2, Baker 5, Butler 4, Conkle 4, Gaumer 2, Hunter 2, Hanger 4, Lydick 5, Lybarger 3, McMillan 6, Mills 4, Robinson 8, Robeson 8, Ryan 3, Smith 6, Sapp 7, Shaw 7, Wallace 4, Workman 17, White 3, Winterringer 4, and Yearous 2.  Excerpts from Graham's History of Knox Co., Ohio for Benjamin Butler, E. D. Cash, Charles Critchfield, Stephen Day, Frederick Doup,
Ferenbaugh, Levi Frost, John Gamble, Alexander Greer, Jacob Hammond, Thomas Harris, G. B. Hahn, and Brent Winterringer.  PRICE:  $3

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