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Newsletter Subtitle JP CRAZY CRATES 39-42
Month Year March 09, 2010


 Consolidated Crazy Crates JP 39 - 42.

Updated March 5, 2010, for Tuesday, March 9, 2010 delivery.


CRAZY CRATE JP39 BOOK 1:  MICHIGAN SURNAME INDEX.  VOLUME II.  Lansing:  Michigan Genealogical Council.  1989.   1,237 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note: The binding is tight.  There is a small water stain on the lower outside corner of the front flyleaf, and a small mark (drip of coffee?) on the title page and the blank page across from it.  The rest of the pages are clean.  The corners of the covers are bumped and there is a small white mark on the back of the outside cover.]  Michigan Genealogical Council acts as a clearing house of information for genealogists and genealogical societies in Michigan.  It has published several publications including this book.  The Michigan Surname Index Project is a collection of 50,000 ancestor names from individuals who are members of genealogical societies within Michigan.  The names collected are not limited to ancestors who lived in Michigan. An earlier volume was published in 1984.  Information in this volume was gathered since the publication of the first volume.  Information was gathered by the 74 member societies from their individual members.  The information was then sent to the Michigan Genealogical Council, where it was transcribed onto 3 x 5 cards, all of which were then alphabetized into one file.  The file is intended to disseminate the genealogical knowledge various contributors already had and that otherwise might not be available to researchers.  Each single-line entry in this massive book represents an abstract of information from one of the surname file cards submitted by contributors.  The abstracted information in this book is much less than the information originally received from the contributor.  The original cards should be consulted for more information.  Information requested for the card file were the name, as well as the birth, death and marriage dates of the individual.  Names of spouses and other relationships were also provided, as well as the names of children and other information.  PRICE:  $30    

CRAZY CRATE JP39 BOOK 3: UNDER CUSTER'S COMMAND. THE CIVIL WAR JOURNAL OF JAMES HENRY AVERY.  Compiled by Karla Jean Husby. Edited by Eric J. Wittenberg.  Forward by Gregory J. W. Urwin. Brassey's.  Dulles, VA:  Potomac Books.  First paperback edition, 2002.  First Memoirs of War Edition.  2006.  185 pages.  Softcover.  [NOTE:  There is a black mark on the bottom of the book, but it does not bleed into the pages.]  The battlefield journals and postwar remembrances of Sergeant Avery offer detailed descriptions of Civil War cavalry movements and daily life in the Michigan Fifth Regiment. The text is augmented with notes that provide useful historical context for the reader. Avery eloquently describes his personal experiences in battles that included Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Yellow Tavern, and Cedar Creek. This book contains the only known account of the torturous two-week march back to friendly lines made by elements of the Fifth Regiment after they were separated from their comrades on the first day of battle at Trevalian Station, Virginia.  The nine-page index covers over 700 entries.  Price: $7.50

CRAZY CRATE JP39 BOOK 6: PEOPLE OF THE LAKES. A NOVEL OF PREHISTORIC AMERICA.  By Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear.  New York:  Tom Doherty Associates book. 1994. First Edition-August 1994.  608 pages.  Hardcover.  Award-winning archaeologists and master storytellers Kathleen and Michael Gear spin a provocative tale of the perils and passions of the lives of the Hopewell tribes in early North America.  Star Shell, the privileged daughter of a prominent Hopewell chief, must save her people from the corrupting influence of an evil totemic mask.  No one will be able to recover it if she carries it northward across the Great Lakes and throws it into the torrents of Niagara Falls.  Otter, one of the finest Traders on the great river of North America, finds himself in the middle of Star Shell's race against time.  Otter aids Pearl, a beautiful runaway who has stolen his heart. She is being pursued by the vengeful chief who wants her back.  Star Shell's lifelong enemy is almost upon her as well.  Otter, Star Shell, and their companions must brave the stormy waters of the Great Lakes, relying on the lunatic ramblings of the Contrary Green Spider.  Set against the splendor of the lands surrounding the Great Lakes two thousand years ago, this book follows the paths of Otter and Star Shell as they race across North America, carrying the fate of the Hopewell Mound Builders in their hands.  Will they lead their people to salvation or annihilation?  Sounds like an exciting story to read, doesn't it?  PRICE:  $7.50

CRAZY CRATE JP39 BOOK 7: WOLVES AGAINST THE MOON.  By Julia Cooley Altrocchi.  Grand Rapids, MI:  Black Letter Press.  1970.  Third printing 1972. (First published by MacMillan Company in 1940).  [Note:  stamped in red on title page:  Max and Walda Pearc (and their address).]  This book is always in demand by readers in northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan.  This fictional story of an adventurous Frenchman on the old Northwest frontier is based in part on the brief family chronicle by Joseph Bailly's granddaughter, Frances R. Howe, The Story of a French Homestead in the Old Northwest and on references in early documents.  The scant biographical material has been expanded and cast in the form of a novel.  The present writer has spent almost thirty of her summers a few miles northeast of the old Bailly trading post, (now part of Indiana  Dunes  National Park) near Chesterton, Indiana.  Through the years, the personality and the significance of Joseph Bailly have grown, until he stands beside the Calumet and passes along the fur trails from Quebec to New Orleans, a symbol of the transitions between the gallant French era along the Great Lakes, the American plowshare period, and the beginnings of the rushing, commercial age. In reality, Bailly spanned all three periods successfully.  Many years of study of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois history have served to place Bailly against the larger scenes in which he played his part, and to multiply his adventures.  Most of the events depicted in this book are real, most of the characters are real, even to the incredibly named Captain of a Great Lakes vessel, Job Fish.  In addition to being a story of adventure, a record of people and events of the early nineteenth century from Canada to the Gulf, and especially in the middle western portion of the Great Lakes region and a record of the passing of the Indian life and the French life and of the coming of the Anglo-Saxon frontiersman, the book also becomes a record of the vanishing wilderness of the Calumet marshes and the Indiana and Michigan dune country.   Price:  $15

We've gone to a lot of genealogy conferences over the years and always come back with some interesting souvenirs, so now it's time to pass some along to you:


CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 1:  "NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY CONFERENCE IN THE STATES, MILWAUKEE, AND AMERICAN SAMPLER, 15 - 18 MAY 2002"   This sturdy 15 inch wide by 16 inch high canvas bag was printed by the N. G. S. for their conference in Milwaukee on May 15 -18, 2002 and was designed to carry handouts, purchases, and knick-knacks found at the conference. One side has the imprint of the conference, in a red and blue border with a red and blue sampler quilt block of the star pattern in the center.  The other side is imprinted with the Wisconsin Historical Society name, logo, and internet address.  Just the right conversation piece when you go shopping.  Save the plastic, use the bag, over and over!   Price:  $5

CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 2:  2002 CALIFORNIA:  A GOLDMINE OF DIVERSITY, 7 - 10 AUGUST FGS/CSGA ONTARIO CONVENTION CENTER, ONTARIOCALIFORNIA.  A CONFERENCE FOR THE NATION'S GENEALOGISTS.   This sturdy 14 inch wide by 16 inch high canvas bag was printed by the Federation of Genealogical Societies for its conference in Ontario, California.  One side shows a flower, "2002",  and "Ontario Convention Center" all in brilliant orange, while the theme is printed in solid black.  The dates are printed in white on a solid black field.  The other side of the bag is printed with "Ancestry.com  The No. 1 Source for Family History Online."  The bag was designed to carry handouts, purchases, and knick-knacks found at the conference, but you can use it just about anywhere.  Price:  $5

CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 3:  THE TRACK:  FAMILY RECREATION CENTER.  RACE TO READ AT THE SEVIER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY.  This sturdy 15 inch by 15 inch canvas bag was used for knick-knacks and handouts at a genealogical conference held at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, about six years ago.  [Note: It has two small light brown stains near the top.]  The printing is in dark blue.  The opposite side of the bag is blank.  Price: $4

CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 4:  INDIANA LIBRARY FEDERATION.  This sturdy 14 ½ inch by 14 ½ inch canvas bag was used at a recent conference of the Indiana Library Federation held in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Librarians love to jam these bags with freebies.  One side says "Indiana Library Federation" in dark blue underlined letters and the other side says "Emery-Pratt.  The Nicest People in the Book Business. Library Book Distributor", and their website in white printing with a dark blue background.  Price:  $5 

CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG  5:   NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY / ANCESTRY.COM   This sturdy 14 inch wide by 15 inch high canvas bag is the basic N. G. S. souvenir bag.  One side displays the N. G. S. logo and words "National Genealogical Society" in dark blue while the other side says, "Ancestry.com" in dark blue.  The carrying straps are dark blue.  Price:  $5

CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG  6:   NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY/MY FAMILY.COM, INC.  This sturdy 14 inch wide by 15 inch high canvas bag is the basic N. G. S. souvenir bag.  One side displays the N. G. S logo and words "National Genealogical Society" in dark blue lettering, while the other side says "MyFamily.com.Inc." and shows a family tree for MyFamily.com, Ancestry.com, Genealogy.com and Rootsweb.com.  The carrying straps are dark blue.  Price:  $5

CRAZY CRATE JP39 CANVAS SHOPPING BAG 7:  "HISTORY IS WHO WE ARE".   This sturdy 15 inch wide by 16 inch high canvas bag was used by the Indiana Historical Society Midwestern Roots conference in 2005. One side is printed "History is Who we are and why we are the way we are", the Indiana Historical Society logo and "History.  Read all about it".  And their website.   The other side is blank.  Price:  $5


CRAZY CRATE JP40:  BOOK 6: GOSHEN  COLLEGE MAPLE LEAF, 1983.   Goshen, In:  Goshen College. 1983.  176 pages.  Hardcover.   This book contains nearly 1,000 photographs covering sports, departments, activities, administration, faculty and students.  The names and the city of each of the students in all four undergraduate years are listed along with photographs of each student. The five-page index lists nearly 1,000 names.  Price:  $15

CRAZY CRATE JP40 BOOK 7: A PANORAMA: 1844 - 1977.  SAINT MARY'S COLLEGE, NOTRE DAME, INDIANA.  By Sister Mary Immaculate, C. S. C.  (HelenCreek).  Saint Mary's College.  1977.   301 pages.  Hardcover.  Sister Mary Immaculate attended St. Mary's College as a student in the class of 1930, entered the novitiate of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross before taking a degree, and a few years later received a B. A. in English from St. Mary's.  With only a few interruptions she taught at St. Mary's for more than thirty years.  This book covers the early history of the Holy Cross Order in France, the move to Bertrand, Michigan, and then to Notre Dame, Indiana, and the slow growth into the major college it now is.  Discusses the transition into the turbulent 1960's and 1970's, the change in the college's publications, the first Priest-President of the college, and much more.  Price:  $10

CRAZY CRATE JP40 BOOK 8: STUDIES ON INDIANA:  A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THESES AND DISSERTATIONS SUBMITTED TO INDIANA INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION FOR ADVANCED DEGREES, 1902 - 1977.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Bureau.  1980.  377 pages.  Softcover.  This book is an excellent source for researchers looking for lost gems on Indiana history.  Many of the theses and dissertations have never been published for commercial purposes, so their significance is often overlooked.  In no other writings has the state of Indiana been studied in such detail as in the theses and dissertations submitted to Indiana institutions of higher education.  Each Indiana institution was visited if it had a graduate program requiring a thesis or dissertation.  2,727 dissertation entries are broken down into an alphabetical list of ninety subject categories based upon the system used by Dissertation Abstracts International.  Civil War, ethnic groups, cities, counties, migrations and much more are included in the dissertations.  The entry includes the name of the author, the title, the name of the educational institution, the degree for which the dissertation was written, the date and number of pages.   The 32-page author index contains nearly 2,400 names.  The 16-page Name and Subject Index covers nearly 1,000 entries.   Price:  $12

CRAZY CRATE JP40 BOOK 9: PORTRAITS AND PAINTERS OF THE GOVERNORS OF INDIANA, 1800 -1943.  By Wilbur D. Peat, Director of the John Herron Art Museum.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society.  1944.  (Indiana Historical Society Publications, Volume 14, Number 3.)  47 pages.  softcover. [ Note:  this is an original edition, not a reprint.]  In 1869 Governor Conrad Baker began to assemble a collection of the portraits of the state's chief executives.   At the time of this writing the portraits were housed in the State House.  There was a notable group of portraits including forty canvases, and the roster is complete to date (1943).  The collection represents the works of more than a dozen painters who lived and worked in Indiana at different times, and while some of them are not very well known today, others are ranked as our country's foremost artists.  The portraits are reproduced in this book in black and white photographs.  Each portrait identifies the governor and there are detailed but brief, biographies of the governors and the artists who painted them.   Price:  $7

This was Consolidated Crazy Crates JP 39 - 42.
Updated March 5, 2010 Thank you for reading this crazy crate.  We hope you found something you would like!  Call me, Pat, at 1-800-419-0200 to order any of John's books after 10 a.m. Indiana time.  Thank you.  Pat from YOGS



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