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Newsletter Subtitle:  JP70:  Some Unusual Fare!  Check it out PLUS seminars and workshope for you to attend-The Calendar is here now! 

Month Day Year:  March 5, 2011.


Now this is another John Palmer Crazy Crate, so relax, kick back in your chair and be prepared to see some new and different products that just may help you find out more about you-know-who from you-know-where.  But even better you may find out something about you-did-not-know-who-or-where, but you will when you look at this one source for help!


Happy Ancestor Hunting!  Here and Now!


Crazy CRATE JP 70


Here's a list of John's upcoming genealogy conferences. 


He's looking forward to seeing you at some of them.

Remember, since Pat seldom travels any more, John is taking many of her books, mini-binders, forms and charts, etc. on the road with his display!  Check his display out at the following venues!


March 19, 2011

South Bend Area Genealogical Society

Annual genealogy conference and book fair.

Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library

Mishawaka, IN


April 16, 2011

Quad Cities Genealogical Society Conference

Viking Club,

East Moline, Illinois


April 30, 2011 

Milwaukee County Genealogical Society

Biennial Workshop

Serb Memorial Hall

5101 West Oklahoma Ave,

Milwaukee, WI


May 21, 2011

Red Black Genealogy Conference

Eitejorg Museum

Indianapolis, IN


June 2 - 4, 2011

Palatines to America

Sheraton Square Station Hotel

Pittsburgh, PA


July 9, 2011

German Interest Group

Hamilton Center,

Whitewater, Wisconsin


September 24, 2011

Fox Valley, Illinois Genealogical Society Conference

Grace United Methodist Church

300 East Gartner Road

Naperville, IL


October 8, 2011

Dane County, Wisconsin Genealogy Conference

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

4505 Regent Street

Madison, Wisconsin


October 15, 2011

Louisville Genealogical Society Conference

Bear Grass Creek Church,

Louisville, KY


November 5, 2011

Western Michigan Genealogical Society

Prince Center

Grand Rapids, MI


Hello  Everyone,


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 1:  Illiana Research Report:1.  Edited by James V. Gill.   Thomson, Illinois: Illiana Genealogical Publishing Co.  1966.  Reprinted 1977 by Heritage House YOGS.  47 pages.  Softcover.  This report covers items from Vermilion County , Illinois and  Benton and Vermillion Counties, Indiana.    Articles in this report cover Indexed List of Pensioners Names in 1840 Federal Census of Illinois and Indiana.  Vermilion County, Illinois articles cover Lynch Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions;  Ingersol Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions; Nicoum Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions;  Abstract of Newspaper Death Notices from the Danville Daily Democrat, April 19, 1906; Genealogical Abstract of Vermilion County Illinois Probate Records and Vermilion County, Illinois Marriages:1826 - 1830, with separate Bride and Groom Indexes.  The Vermillion County article is the Newport Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions and Genealogical Abstract of Published Biographies of Hickory Grove Township and Benton County, Indiana Families.    Price:  $6.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 2:  Early Immigrants to Virginia.  Indianapolis:  The Researchers.  No date.  20 pages.  Softcover.  This  pamphlet provides  very brief information on 200 early male Virginia settlers.  Information in each short paragraph differs but usually includes birth and death years, place from which the person migrated, sometimes parents' names, sometimes date of marriage, name of wife and names of children.  Price:  $3.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 3:  Buffalo Roost. A Story of a Young Men's Christian Association Boys' Department.  by F. H. Cheley, Boys' Work Director, Young Men's Christian Association, South Bend, Ind.  Cincinnati:  Jennings and Graham. 1913.  Hardcover.  Note:  this is an original edition, not a reprint.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean.  The gilt lettering on the front cover is worn.  The gilt on the spine is visible but very worn.  The original covers show some wear along the edges.  Fifteen humorous chapters cover the fictional story of a group of young boys on an outing experience.  Eleven photographs, all taken by the author, show various scenes of the outdoors, camping and people.  Price:  $7.50  


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 4Catalogue of the Public Schools of Morristown, Ind. 1886 - 7.  Indianapolis:  Hasselman Journal Co., no date. Probably 1887.  Reprinted in 1957 by the Shelby County Historical Society.   13 pages.  Plastic strip binding.  Note:  The original edition was 26 pages.  I don't know if the 1957 reprint was also 26 pages.  This is a photocopy of the 1957 reprint.  It contains two pages of the original booklet on each of these 13 pages.  Morristown is located in the northern part of Shelby County.  Information includes names of teachers;  names of the Board of Education;  statistics for 1886-1887; catalogue of student names for 1885 - 1886;catalogue of student names for 1886 - 1887;courses of study;rules and regulations for the Board, teachers and studentsPrice:  $5.00



CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 5Indiana Government in Brief.  Prepared for the Hoosier Boys'  State.  By Judge Wilfred Bradshaw. Indianapolis. The American Legion, Department of Indiana.  No date.  Probably the 1940s or 1950s.  64 pages.  Softcover.  Note:  the binding is tight.  The gilt lettering on the cover is worn.  Pages 45 through 47 have rust stains at the top where a paperclip had once been inserted.  Signed:  "Compliments Wilfred Bradshaw."   This book explains each of the departments in the executive, legislative, judicial, county, and municipal levels as well as law enforcement.  The appendix contains the 1851 Indiana state constitution.  Reading this constitution provides some interesting insights.  Article 2 Section 7 says that "every person who shall give  

or accept a challenge or fight a duel, or who shall knowingly carry to another person such challenge, or who shall agree to go out of the State to fight a duel, shall be ineligible to any office of trust or profit." The booklet also contains a reprint of the U. S. Constitution as amended through the 21st amendment.  Price:  $5.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 6:  The Science of Columbus.  By Elizabeth Miller (Mrs. Oren S. Hack).  Greenfield, IN:  William Mitchell Printing Co.  1921.  31 pages.  Softcover.  (Indiana Historical Society Publications, Volume 7., No. 6)

Note:  as with many other publications of the society, this booklet was printed separately from other issues, but contains the continuous pagination for the volume.  The edges of the booklet extend beyond the paper cover, indicating that the booklet was not trimmed before being released to the public.  Name of previous owner on the outside paper cover.  The binding is still tight and only one or two pages have a little spotting.  This booklet provides a brief  biography of Columbus, his qualifications as a sailor, the types of charts and maps available to him,  scientific controversies of the times, biblical beliefs of the times, brief information on his four voyages,and his final days in poverty.  Price:  $5.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 7:   Je Me Souviens.  A Publication of the American-French Genealogical Society.  Volume 26, Number 2.  Autumn 2003.  Woonsocket, RI.  American-French Genealogical Society.  2003.  176 pages.  Softcover. The mission of the society is to collect, preserve and publish genealogical, historical and biographical matter relating to Americans of French and French-Canadian descent.  Articles in this issue include:  "Hail the Midwives:  Beware the Witches:  Women in Seventeenth Century New France;  Franco-Americans in the Civil War Era; The Godefroy Family - a Continuing Story;  the Village of Manville, RI;  Manville's "Brick Blocks" Unique Mill Housing;  Migrations of the Asiatic Cholera;  Quebec:  its Formative Years;  Westward Ho, the Boissonneaults;  Father Pierre Beaugrand dit Champagne;  Amended LInes - Genealogy and Adopted Children, Life in the 1500s;  Joseph-Wilfrid Moreau and Malvina Guay, and Index to this issue.  Sixteen photographs enhance the text.  The six-page index covers over 400 entries. Price  $5.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 8:   Six issues of the  Seventeenth Century Review.Washington, D. C.  Published by the National Society, Colonial Dames XVII Century. Six issues.  Softcover.  The issues are:  Volume 26 Numbers 2 and 3; Volume 28, Number 2; and Volume 29, Numbers 1, 2 and 3.  Note:  The covers are slightly worn.  Some covers have corner pieces missing but the binding is still tight.  Articles are usually short informational pieces including listings of national and local members, minutes of meetings, monuments and markers, and obituaries.  Price:  the whole set of six issues for only $6.00.   


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 9:   Indiana Historical Society Library Report.  Indianapolis.  Indiana Historical Society. 1970.   

72 pages.  Softcover.  This booklet contains the annual report for 1968-1969 as well as a lengthy discussion on recent acquisitions by the society.  Information is provided on the manuscript collections of John Armstrong, John Kennedy Graham,  Caleb Mills, the Elder Family, John G. Davis , the Schramm family, John M. Judah family,  Noble Chase Butler, Conrad Baker, additions to the Northwest Territory Collection and the William Henry Harrison Collection, travel and transportation documents,and more. Price:  $5.00



CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 10:   Revolutionary War Era in Indiana.  by Arville L. Funk.  Corydon, IN.  Alfco Publiations.  1975.  37 pages.  Softcover. Note:  signed by the author.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean.  Indiana played a significant part in the Revolutionary War, even though it was far removed from the eastern seaboard colonies where most of the major campaigns were fought.  George Rogers Clark brought the war to Indiana when his expedition, composed of Kentuckians, captured Fort Sackville at Vincennes.  In addition to Clark's successful capture of the fort, there were several unsuccessful efforts by other groups.  This booklet, in addition to Clark's campaign, also covers three other minor engagements:  La Balme's Massacre and the Battle of the Dunes and the Lochry Massacre.  Price:  $5.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 11:   The Staebler Papers.  Michigan Historical Collections Bulletin No. 6.  December 1953.  20 pages.  Softcover.  Note.  The paper cover is detaching from the book, but the body of the book is tight and the pages are clean.  Early in 1953 Herman J. Staebler and his brother, Walter P. Staebler, of Ann Arbor, Michigan gave the Collections the business records of Staebler and Sons.  The records consist of journals, ledgers, invoice books, letterpress books, and unbound correspondence.  The earliest record was made in 1872; the latest in 1915.  Although the first day-book contains the name of Frederick Staebler, grandfather of Herman and Walter, most of the entries were made by their father, Michael  He lived on his farm in Lodi Township and he had a sawmill across the line in Scioto Township.  Michael Staebler sold agricultural implements and operated a threshing machine.  In 1885 Michael Staebler moved to Ann Arbor, where he became involved with many activities over the year.  By 1900 it was the oldest bicycle dealer in Ann Arbor. This little pamphlet provides information on the Staebler and Sons Company, from 1900 to 1906 when it wasthe first automobile dealer in Ann Arbor.  Price:  $5.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 12:   Hoosier Heritage.  No place of publication.  Indiana Bell.  No date of publicaton (maybe 1976).  39 pages.  Softcover.  Note:  the binding is tight and the pages are clean.  Published as part of the Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Commission's efforts to commemorate the Hoosier state, this booklet provides 23 short articles on Hoosier history:  The First Americans; Indians - Struggle and Defeat;  Amazing Vincennes;  Reawakening of the Past;  First State Capital;  New Capital City;  Light on the Wabash;  Fall Creek Slayings;  Underground Railroad;  Black Leaders,  Greats;  Highways Through the Wilderness;  The River Swans;  Orphans from New York;  Gone Forever;  Backbone of a Nation;  Many Auto Makers of Indiana;  Glass Industry;  Hoosier Artists; They Kept America Singing;  Authors - Thick as Corn;  Circus City;  Hoosier Hysteria, and Racing into the Future.  Price:  $5.00


CRAZY CRATE JP 70 BOOK 13:   Portraits and Painters of the Governors of Indiana, 1800 -1978.  By Wilbur D. Peat.   Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society and Indianapolis Museum of Art.   104 pages.  softcover.  Note:  this is an original edition, not a reprint.  In 1869 Governor Conrad Baker began to assemble a collection of the state's chief executives.  In the Spring of 1977, Governor Otis R. Bowen, appointed a special committee which was charged with recommending a restoration program for the Governor's Portrait Collection, developing a suitable mechanism for future maintenance and augmentation of the collection, and studying ways in which the collection's full potential as a cultural, historical, and educational tool could be realized.  The collection represents the works of more than a dozen painters who lived and worked in Indiana at different times, and while some of them are not very well known today, others are ranked as our country's foremost artists.  Most of the portraits are reproduced in this book in black and white photographs, but there are five color photographs.  Each portrait identifies the governor and there are detailed, but brief, biographies of the governors and the artists who painted them.   Price:  $10.00  


A little whimsy is a good thing to lighten the depression of winter.  Hope you saw something you would like to have.  Just call Pat at 1-800-419-00200.   PAT from YOGS.

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