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Month Day, Year:  FEBRUARY 23, 2010

CRAZY CRATE JP 24 through JP 32 updated February 19, 2010.

Here is John Palmer's updated list.  Remember, John's books are almost always one-of-a-kind titles and are usually in a used condition, although some of them are new.   He will tell you if the condition of the book is flawed.  All of these are on his eBay store with all of his other books, as well as on these crates, so it is first come, first served. 

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Now, at last, to John's selection of books for this consolidated condensed crazy crate list of the remaining copies for which he had duplicates or replacement copies for those already sold.
CRAZY CRATE JP24 BOOK4:  A WILDERNESS SO IMMENSE. THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE AND THE DESTINY OF AMERICA.  By Jon Kukla.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf.  2003.  Hardcover.  The remarkable story of the land purchase that doubled the size of our young nation, set the stage for its expansion across the continent, and confronted Americans with new challenges of ethnic and religious diversity.  In a saga that stretches from Paris and Madrid to Haiti, Virginia, New York, and New Orleans, the author shows us how rivalries over the Mississippi River and its vast watershed brought France, Spain, Great Britain and the United States to the brink of war and shaped the destiny of the new American republic.  We see American leaders Jefferson, Jay, Monroe, and Pickering clashing over the opening of the west ands its implications of sectional balance of power. We see these disagreements nearly derailing the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the spawning of a series of separatist conspiracies long before the dispute over slavery in the territory set the stage for the Missouri Compromise.  The French Revolution and Napoleon's empire-building rocked the Atlantic community, Spain's New World Empire grew increasingly vulnerable to American and European rivals.  Jefferson hoped to take Spain's territories "piece by piece" while Napoleon schemed to reestablish a French colonial empire in the Caribbean and North America.  Price:  $20

CRAZY CRATE JP 25:  SOLD OUT.  Thank you very much!

CRAZY CRATE JP26:  CRAZY CRATE JP26 BOOK 13: A VIEW FROM CHICAGO'S CITY HALL.  Mid-Century to Millennium.  By Melvin G. Holli and Paul M. Green.  Charleston, SC:  Arcadia Publishing.  1999.  128 pages.  Softcover.  (Part of the Images of America series.)  A richly detailed visual road of Chicago as viewed from the Mayor's office in City Hall.  Witness the excitement as politicians roll out the red carpet for kings, queens, presidents, and entertainers.  With over 200 photographs,  accompanied by informative captions, this volume high-lights a variety  of Chicago's ethnic festivals, parades, and political campaigns, skillfully bringing each scene to life.  Price:  $19.99

CRAZY CRATE JP27:  CRAZY CRATE JP27 BOOK 1:  FINDING INDIANA ANCESTORS.  A GUIDE TO HISTORICAL RESEARCH.  Edited by M. Teresa Baer and Geneil Breeze.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society Press.  2007.  289 pages. Softcover.  This book is the latest resource guide for researching Indiana history and genealogy.  Although it concentrates on Indiana sources, much of the basic research techniques are applicable to every state and situation. It is a powerful tool, providing an overview of historical research while focusing on Indiana-specific sources.  Each of the 53 chapters is written by an authority on Indiana genealogy, archives, and history, including Betty L. Warren, Amy Johnson Crow, Barbara Truesdell, William DuBois, Jr., Curt B. Witcher, Linda Herrick Swisher, Judith Q. McMullen, Leigh Darbee, and many others.  The 53 chapters are divided into six separate parts: Getting Started, Identifying Resources, Researching Records, Researching with Maps, Researching Ethnic Groups, and Providing Context and Accuracy.  The articles include dating photographs using women's clothing styles and preserving photographs; information on eleven major Indiana research libraries and societies; how to research eleven types of civil, court, and military records; fourteen articles on various kinds of maps; articles on researching German, African and Native American heritage; and six articles on using resources to provide accuracy in verifying your research.
Unlike previous guides, this book does not concentrate on providing long listings of addresses of institutions or research facilities, but concentrates on how to use those facilities and the internet.   Research techniques at county court houses, archives and national repositories are provided.  Over one hundred illustrations and historic photographs enhance this book.   Multiple copies (4) are available.  PRICE:  $29.95

CRAZY CRATE JP28:  CRAZY CRATE JP28 BOOK 2: JAMES DEAN:  REBEL WITH A CAUSE.  By Wes D. Gehring.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society Press.  2005.  303 pages.  Hardcover.   On September 30, 1955, a budding movie star who had just completed a rigorous schedule that included three films, set out on a trip to participate in a sports-car race in Salinas, California.  James Dean never made it to his destination.  Instead, Dean's silver Porsche 550 Spyder was hit head-on by another motorist.  Dean, the actor from Fairmount, Indiana, had died.  Dean, the legend, was born.  Even today, fans of the actor make annual pilgrimages to Dean's Indiana grave site.  This book takes a fresh look at Dean's life, exploring the actor's early days growing up on his beloved aunt and uncle's farm in Fairmount to his struggle for success as an actor in television and on Broadway to his meteoric rise to fame in Hollywood.  The real life of Dean has often been confused with the mixed up and troubled teenage character which he portrayed in his hit, Rebel Without a Cause.  Those who knew him, his friends, family and teachers, knew him for the talented actor that he really was and as the fun-loving young man who could easily imitate Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando.  Price:  $19.95

CRAZY CRATE JP28 BOOK 3: CAROLE LOMBARD, THE HOOSIER TORNADO.   By Wes D. Gehring.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society Press.  2003.  264 pages.  Hardcover.  For millions of movie fans during the 1930s, an actress from Fort Wayne, Indiana, personified the madcap adventures of their favorite form of screen comedy - the screwball comedy.  Nicknamed the "The Hoosier Tornado" for her energetic personality, Carole Lombard did as much as anyone to define the genre, delighting audiences with her zany antics in such films as Twentieth Century, My Man Godfrey, Nothing Sacred, and To Be or Not to Be.  She also captured America's attention through her romance with screen idol Clark Gable, whom she later married.  The author focuses on both Lombard's legacy as a film actress as well as her private life to her tragic death in a January 1942 plane crash, following a successful war-bond rally in Indianapolis.  Price:  $19.95

CRAZY CRATE JP28 BOOK 4: ON THE BANKS OF THE WABASH.  THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF PAUL DRESSER.  By Clayton W. Henderson.  Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society Press.  2003.  481 pages.  Hardcover.  During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many Americans felt overwhelmed with the rush of changing times, especially increasing industrialization and the abandonment of small towns for life in the big cities.  For comfort, people turned to popular songs that glorified small town values of home.  Perhaps no songwriter of the time reached more people through his music than did Paul Dresser of Terre Haute, Indiana, who produced such sentimental hits as "My Gal Sal,", "Just Tell Them that You Saw Me," and "On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away."  This full-length biography shows the rags-to-riches-to-rags story of the songwriter's life as the oldest of ten children of a German immigrant family to his life as a medicine-wagon showman, minstrel, comic actor and singer, composer and playwright.  It also discusses his relationship with his brother, the famed novelist Theodore Dreiser, whom the songwriter aided financially and spiritually, and Dresser's eventual fall into poverty and obscurity.   Price:  $29.95

CRAZY CRATE JP28 BOOK 5: GENEALOGY IS MORE THAN CHARTS.  By Lorna Duane Smith.  Ellicott City, Maryland.  Lifetimes.  1991.  Third printing 1993.  329 pages.  Softcover.  An excellent source for presenting hundreds of ideas on how to enhance your genealogical research and make family history more meaningful for your family and friends.  Discusses oral histories and family reunions; archival protection for your photographs and other important documents; how to use craft skills to  make samplers, blankets, etc.; learning  crafts of your ethnic background;  do's and don'ts for researching in libraries and interacting with librarians; researching cemeteries, and much more.   Multiple copies of this book are available.  Price:  $14.95

CRAZY CRATE JP29: CRAZY CRATE JP29 BOOK 3: THE LIFE OF BILLY YANK, THE COMMON SOLDIER OF THE UNION. By Bell Irvin Wiley.  Indianapolis:  Bobbs-Merrill Company  1952.  454 pages.  This book was written as a companion volume to the author's award-winning The Life of Johnny Reb.   It attempts to provide a social history of the war rather than a military history.  Many types of material have been used to create this volume, but the basic source has been the un-doctored writings of the soldiers themselves, especially the manuscripts and letters. The experience of looking at "the war" from the Northern point of view and through the eyes of the men who wore the blue has been enormously interesting and stimulating to one who was nurtured in Confederate tradition and whose focus had been on the Southern side.   As I came to know the Northern soldier through his diaries and letters, I came to respect him, and as the acquaintance ripened, I developed a genuine affection for him.  I mean to pay him a high compliment when I state that he was no less admirable than the man he fought.  Thirteen chapters cover the Union soldier's life, including Reveille to Taps, the Supreme Test, in Dixie Land, The Depths of Suffering, Toeing the Mark, Hardtack, Evil and Goodness, the Men who wore the Blue, and more.  The seven-page index covers over 400 entries.  Price:  $12.59

CRAZY CRATE JP30 BOOK 9: THE GENEALOGIST - NEW SERIES VOLUME IX.  [NOTE: The title page is missing so I cannot provide editor, date of publication or publisher.  288 pages.  Hardcover.  Note: this is an original edition, not a reprint.  ex - library copy, with stamps.  The binding is getting very loose.  Some of the pages are loose. Others are cracking along the inside spine.  The spine and outside edges of the covers have been re-reinforced with bookbinder's tape.   Like the other volumes, this is a treasure of information for genealogists researching English ancestors.  Among the articles included are the Dormant Barony of Somerville; Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls;  Dugdale's Visitations of Yorkshire;  Topham's Index to Chancery Proceedings;  Extracts from the Burial Records of St. James, Bath; The Parish Register of St. Mary Magdelene, Bermondsey, County Surrey and much more. [NOTE: The thirty pages of the  Index of Names and Index of Places are nearly torn from the book.]  The 22-page Index of Names covers over 3,000 names.  The ten-page Index of Places covers nearly 1,500 places.  [Note: Pages 287 and 288 of the Index of Places has been torn from the book and re-set between pages 264 and 265 of the Index of Names.    Price:  $15

CRAZY CRATE JP30 BOOK 10: THE HERALDIC JOURNAL:  RECORDING THE ARMORIAL BEARINGS AND GENEALOGIES OF AMERICAN FAMILIES.  VOLUMES III AND IV.  Boston:  Wiggin and Lunt, Publishers.  1867 and 1868.   Various paginations. (about  384 pages).  This volume contains all of the loose issues from January 1867 through October 1868.  [Note:  This is an original edition.  Not a reprint.  Ex-library copy.  The binding is tight and the original covers are still attached.  This comes in an archival box.  Contains family genealogies, obituaries, coats of arms, book plates, official seals and wills.  Families include Tylor,  Fiske, Schuyler, Campbell, Winthrop, Penn, Wallace, Fitzpen, Cotton, Worthington, Lawrence, Sheaffer, and many more.  Price:  $45

CRAZY CRATE JP 31: CRAZY CRATE JP31 BOOK 2: CIVIL WAR BOOKS.  A PRICED CHECKLIST.  Edited by Tom Broadfoot.  Compiled by Ann Sterling and Marianne Pair, General Books and Regiments and Stuart Wright, Confederate Imprints.  Wendell, N. C.  1978.  Avera Press.   503 pages.  Hardback.  Although the prices in the book are outdated, this is a good starting place to see what Civil War books were available in 1978 when this book was published.  It covers new and used books.  General books, regimental histories, and Confederate imprints are all listed.  Regimental history information includes narratives by soldiers, memorials and funeral sermons for soldiers, annual reunions and veterans' reports.  Confederate imprints are materials printed in the Confederate States during the war. The editor used eleven major book dealers to compile his list.  Price:  $20

CRAZY CRATE JP31 BOOK 4: GENEALOGICAL SOURCES.  REPRINTED FROM THE GENEALOGICAL SECTION OF THE INDIANA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY.  Compiled by Dorothy Riker.  Indianapolis: IN, Indiana Historical Society. 456 pp. 1979. Cloth. Index   Beginning with the September 1936 issue of the Indiana Magazine of History, a new section was added entitled "Indiana Genealogy", first edited by Martha Tucker Morris.  The section continued to appear in the Magazine until 1961 when the Indiana Historical Society began to issue the Hoosier Genealogist.  Although the content varied from issue to issue, a great deal of valuable genealogical information was published in the Indiana Magazine of History and few items were reprinted in the Hoosier Genealogist.  The greater part of the information has been available only in back issues of the Indiana Magazine of History.  This book compiles many of the articles first found in the Magazine.  They are divided into five categories:   Marriage and Will Records, Church and Cemetery Records, Miscellaneous Records, Bible Records and Family Genealogies.  Information can be found for the following counties: Brown, Clark, Clay, Fayette, Harrison, Hendricks, Henry, Jackson, Jefferson,  Lawrence, Monroe, Orange, Pike, Posey, Sullivan, Switzerland, Tippecanoe, Union, Vigo, Warrick, Washington and WayneCounties.    There are no records for counties in northern Indiana in this book.   Price:  $35

CRAZY CRATE JP31 BOOK 10: THE VALLEY OF DEMOCRACY.  By Meredith Nicholson.  With Illustrations by Walter Tuttle.  New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons.  Published September 1918, Reprinted November, December, 1919.  284 pages.  Hardcover.  [NOTE:  This is an original edition, not a reprint.  Ex library copy with labels, check out cards, etc.  The binding is tight and the pages are clean, except where library markings occur.]  Nicholson was an important Indiana writer at the turn of the century and his books were highly popular.  This book is the fourth edition of his down to earth book on the Mid West.  The six chapters cover the Folks and Their Folksiness, Types and Diversions, The Farmer of the Middle West, Chicago, The Middle West in Politics, and the Spirit of the West.  The 16 illustrations include Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Ten Days of New York, Art Exhibits, The Municipal Recreation Pier in Chicago, Types and Diversions, The Perry Monument at Put-in Bay, a Typical Old Homestead of the Middle West, Students of Agriculture in a Pageant, Judging Graded Shorthorn Herds, the Ham Fair in Paris, and more.   Price:  $7.50

1) FAREWELLS. By William Lowe Bryan. IndianaUniversity. 1938. 166 pages. Hardcover.  Bryan was professor of philosophy at Indiana University from 1885 to 1902, acted as vice-president 1893 to 1902, and President of IndianaUniversity for thirty five years. This book contains 18 commencement addresses and reprints of 156 newspaper columns. 
2) LAST WORDS. By William Lowe Bryan and Charlotte Lowe Bryan. IndianaUniversity Foundation. 1951. 87 pages. Hardcover.  This book contains selected articles from previously published books and several addresses by William and Charlotte Lowe Bryan. Charlotte Lowe married William Bryan in 1889. She was an outstanding graduate of IndianaUniversity, majoring in Greek and Mathematics. She translated several Greek plays and mathematical books into English with critical acclaim.   Price:  $15.00 for the set.

CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 2: INDIANA UNIVERSITY, MIDWESTERN PIONEER.  VOLUME 1:    THE EARLY YEARS.  By Thomas D. Clark. Bloomington: IndianaUniversity Press.  1970. 371 pages.  Hardcover.  [Note:  Page 244 has some smudge marks.]  When the doors of Indiana Seminary were opened to classes in 1825 the central challenge became at once the broadening of its instructional base in such a way as to shatter the narrow parochialism of the classical academy curriculum which prevailed in America.  There had to be developed a practical educational program and philosophy which unlettered people in the throes of pioneering in virgin country could understand and accept.  The earliest curriculum of Indiana Seminary and University was formulated within the context of two eras of American higher education, 1825 - 1902.  The decades down to 1880 witnessed an eternal struggle to survive, in which little change or innovation could be made.  The post-Civil War era took IndianaUniversity headlong into the vortex of the American intellectual revolution.  In 1883 the University took another philosophical and educational change. Over thirty photographs enhance the text. Price:  $20

CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 3: INDIANAUNIVERSITY, MIDWESTERN PIONEER.  VOL. 3: YEARS OF FULFILLMENT.  By Thomas D. Clark Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 1977, 678 pages. [Note:  Inscription "Rive Todd, 1977".]  In 1937 an old era ended for IndianaUniversity when a new president, dynamic Herman B. Wells, came into office.  Determined that IndianaUniversity was not to remain at the foot of the Big Ten ladder, Wells restructured both the faculty and the aims of the University, hiring outstanding research-oriented professors, reorganizing traditional departments, and securing increased appropriations.  New major and graduate courses were developed, and an extensive counseling system was added.  War brought many changes to the campus, and with the influx of veterans at the war's end, the narrow provincialisms of rural Indiana were once and for all destroyed.  The university community experienced more fundamental change in the first postwar years than had occurred in more than a century and a quarter of institutional history.  Thirty-five photographs accompany the text.  Price:  $30
CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 4: ROSE: THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED YEARS. ROSE-HULMAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.  By John L. Bloxsome.  Terre Haute. 1973. 197 pages. Hardcover.  Dust jacket is present but has some wear.  This book is a chronicle of the history of the oldest privately supported engineering college west of the Allegheny Mountains.  One chapter is devoted to each of the ten presidents who have served the college during its one hundred years of service to the nation.  During the approximately first half century of the existence of Rose, 48 years, Rose was located in the city of Terre Haute at the northwest corner of Thirteenth and Locust streets.  Five presidents served Rose during this period.  During the second half century, 52 years, the physical plant of Rose has been located on the 123 acre campus, five miles east of downtown Terre Haute.  Also, during the second half century, five presidents have served Rose.  Nearly 170 historic photographs of buildings, faculty and students, enhance the text.   Price: $17.50

CRAZY CRATE JP32 BOOK 5: A VINE OF GOD'S OWN PLANTING".   THE STORY OF FORT WAYNEBIBLECOLLEGE.  UPON THE COMMEMORATION OF ITS 75TH ANNIVERSARY, 1904 - 1979.   A VENTURE OF FAITH IN BIBLICAL HIGHER EDUCATION.  By Jared. F. Gerig.  Fort Wayne:  Fort WayneBibleCollege.  1980.  232 pages.  Softcover.  Note: Inscription:  Julie Ann Ziegler, 1996".  For 75 years Fort WayneBibleCollege has been in the business of helping men and women prepare to impact their world for Jesus Christ.  The education of leaders for the church as it carries out the commission given by our Lord is one of its most important functions.  Originally starting in Bluffton, Ohio, as a small-town bible school, the college was transplanted to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where it took deep root and grew and is now a world leader in Bible college education.  Its influence through the spiritual ministries of its graduates has literally reached the ends of the earth.  The author begins with a review of Bible college education in the 1800s, then the beginnings of Bethany House and its expansion.  Each of the presidents is profiled and information is given on various organizations and departments.  Price: $10

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