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Newsletter Subtitle FF CRAZY CRATES 15-20 NEW ENGLAND
Month Day Year FEBRUARY 5, 2010

FF CRAZY CRATES #16 THROUGH #20:   Let's take a trip to upper New England!

FF16: NEW ENGLAND - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 1: FFA068: THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER. Periodical Booklet, VOLUME CXVIII, OCTOBER, 1964, WHOLE NUMBER 472.  Editor Gilbert Harry Doane.  Published by the Society.  79 numbered pages, queries, and 6 additional pages of ads and catalog.  $3.  The major articles cover Shepherd of Littlecote; Samuel Church of Stonington, Connecticut; Benjamin Franklin Wilbour; The Rev. Richard Bourne of Sandwich, Massachusetts (1610 - 1682); Noah Lougee (1792-1842); The Camfield Husband of Sarah Willoughby and the wife of Samuel Camfield; The Diary of Elizabeth (Porter) Phelps; Inscriptions from the Pleasant View Cemetery, Tiverton; Harvard Classes [names of students] of 1756-1760; Bowdish-Burleson Bible Records, Vital Records of York, Maine.  Names, names and more names.  Unindexed, but definitely there are lots of names in here.  Was $3 Now sale priced 20% off at $2.40
FF16:  NEW ENGLAND - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 2:  C065: GENEALOGISTS HANDBOOK FOR NEW ENGLAND RESEARCH.  By the New England Library Association.  1980.  129 pages, 8½ by 11 inches, slick paper cover, punched holes, round plastic circular binding. Price: $15.  Librarians from each state, MA, VT, RI, CT, ME, + NEHGS, worked together to compile this very definitive guide on how-to and where-to do research in New England.  Includes excellent town and county maps for each state, lists of the towns, with much information about them -such as: when established, parent town(s), county and code names.  For each state, wherever available, is listed the locations in which to find detailed information on these 12 subjects of importance to genealogists: 
1.)  Vital Records (Births, Marriages, Deaths). 
2.)  Census Records (U. S. and State Census). 
3.)  Probate Records (Wills, Administrations, Divorces, etc.). 
4.)  Land Records (Registry of Deeds). 
5.)  Cemetery Records. 
6.)  Church Records. 
7.)  Military Records (Federal and State). 
8.)  Immigration Records. 
9.)  Libraries - with unique or significant genealogical collections. 
10.)  Genealogical Societies. 
11.)  Journals, periodicals and newsletters. 
12.)  Books and Articles. 
PRICE: Was $15 Now sale priced 20% off at $12
FF16:  VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 3:  B249:  COLLECTING VERMONT ANCESTORS. By Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., Published by New Trails, ©1986.  63 pages, cardstock covers, punched hole binding with round plastic circular binding.  Price $9.  Emphasizing using primary source materials, the chapters of this guidebook are organized to take you through the exciting, and sometimes daunting, process of identifying and locating your Vermont ancestors.  There are three general, and basic, perspectives for helping you to locate records and sources relative to your search.  The first is the uniqueness of Vermont's beginnings, second is the effect of Vermont's geography and economy on its settlement and migrations, and third is how oral history interviews can provide some clues.  There is a section on the use of maps and a fine 11 by 17 inch map of Vermont at the back of the book.  There are comprehensive sections on vital records (including cemetery, church, newspaper, military and other sources), census schedules, town records, probate districts and county sources including court and naturalization records. 
One of the most important aspects of Vermont research, as is true of other New England states, is the importance of the town as a basic unit of government and record keeping.  Another is the importance of Montpelier, the Capitol of Vermont, being the first place to begin your search because four buildings there house the largest, most comprehensive collection of materials in the state.
Nicely done and most effective at saving YOU time, money and effort in locating your Vermont ancestor.  PRICE: Was $9 Now sale priced 20% off at $7.20
Here FF16:  VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 4: B256: BATTLE OF HUBBARDTON.  (Vermont State Seal is on the cover!).  This very interesting, informative 8½ by 11 inch booklet of 23 pages, is dedicated to preserving the real significance of the Battle of Hubbarton, the only action fought on Vermont soil during the American Revolution. $6.  This battle set the stage for the inevitable end at Saratoga and caused the British General John Burgoyne, himself, in grim prophecy to say not long afterwards:  "The New Hampshire [Land] Grants [people] now abound in the most active and rebellious race of the continent, and hangs like a gathering storm upon my left."  The battle really comes alive in this spell-binding tale of a small, but significant part of American history.  PRICE: Was $6 Now sale priced 20% off at $4.80
FF16:  VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 5: B252:  A MORE PERFECT UNION:  VERMONT BECOMES A STATE, 1777-1816.  By Michael Sherman, Editor.  Published by The Vermont Historical Society [VHS] and the Statehood Bicentennial Commission.  ©1991:  VHS.  223 pages, 6 by 9 inches, wrappers, slick paper covers.  Price $15.  A lively collection of essays on some of Vermon's most controversial figures and ideas in the period when Vermont first became a state, 1777-1816.  The insights of respected scholars, the editor's provocative commentary, and transcriptions of interesting original documents provide a helpful framework for reinterpreting this important era in Vermont's history.  Like-new condition.  Although there is no every-name index, there are lists of names throughout the book as signers of documents, embedded in the text and dozens in the notes that are appended to many of the essays, etc.  PRICE: Was $15 Now sale priced 20% off at $12
Here FF16:  VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 6:  B259:  THE CATAMOUNT IN VERMONT, An Account of the Animal Variously Called "Catamount," "Painter" and "Panther" Which Holds an Important Place in the Legends and Folklore of Vermont-to Which is Added a Brief Explanation of the Catamount Tavern Marker.  By John Spargo, President of the BenningtonBattleMonument and Historical Association:  Director-Curator of the Bennington Historical Museum and ArtGallery.  ©1950.  Being curious as to what a catamount was specifically, I took about twenty minutes to read this pamphlet and study the pictures.  Well worth my time!,  You may be sure if I ever visit Vermont, I will keep my eyes peeled for this large, seven-foot-long cat!  The author also makes a very good case for his declaration that any historical society must, if it is to do its job decently well, be as alert in preventing the erection of improper memorials as in the erection of proper memorials where memorials should be erected.  A position strongly supported in its entirety by this pamphlet. By the way, the catamount is real, but the statue of it is not that of a catamount!  Interesting way to spend a half-hour on a quiet Sunday!!  PRICE: Was $2 Now sale priced 20% off at $1.60

FF16: VERMONT - FF16 CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 7:  B257.  VERMONT NEWSPAPER ABSTRACTS.  By Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, CGL, FASG.  Published by New England Historical Genealogical Society, ©2001.  449 pages, 6" by 9", hardbound.  $40.  Searching for her own ancestress in Vermont, convinced Mrs. Rising that Vermont newspapers had much to offer genealogists struggling to provide proof of ancestry.  She has extracted data from five Vermont newspapers:  Vermont Gazette, The Vermont Gazette: Epitome of the World, The World and The Green Mountain Farmer.  These extracts relate any information that conveyed potential genealogical data.  They include not only births, marriages, deaths, but letters left at the post office, divorce petitions, land sales, advertisements, lost items, stray livestock notices, and runaways, be they wives or apprentices.  The 60 page, 3 columns, 57 names per column index covers hundreds of people.  Those surnames with four to ten first names (or a significant number of pages listed) are marked with a comma , 11 first names to 25 entries are marked with an *, 25 names to 57 names are marked with two **, more than 57 will be marked with the number of columns covered:  Abel, Adams*, Aiken/Aken/ Akin, Alexander, Allen**, Allis, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Andrus, Angel, Anthony, Armstrong*, Arnold, Ashley, Atwood, Austin, Avery, Aylesworth, Bacon, Baker**, Baldwin*, Barber*, Barker, Barlow, Barnard, Barney*, Barnum, Barret/t, Barton, Bates*, Beach, Bebee/Beebe*, Benedict, Bennet/t*, Bigelow, Billing/s*, Blackmer*, Blair, Blake, Blanchard, Bliss*, Blood, Boardman, Bostwick, Bowen, Boyce, Bradley*, Bra(ck/k)enridge, Branch, Breakenridge, Brewer, Brewster, Briggs, Bristol, Brookin/g/s, Brooks, Brown**, Brownson*, Brush*, Buck, Buel/l, Bull, Burnam, Burnham, Burton, Bush, Bushnell, Butler, Butterfield, Cady, Camp, Campbell, Canfield, Carman, Carpenter*, Carr, Cary, Case, Chace/Chase*, Chamberlain, Chandler*, Chapman, Cheesebrough, Chipman, Chittenden, Church*, Clap/p, Clark 1 col., Cleaveland/Cleveland, Cobb, Coburn, Cogswell, Cole*, Collins*, Colvin, Cook*, Cooley, Cooper, Cornell, Cox, Cross, Culver, Cummings, Curtice/ Curtis/s*, Cutler, Dagget/t, Dana, Danforth, Darbe/ Darby, Darling, Davis*, Day, Deake, Deal, Dean, Dem/ming*, Dewey*, Dick(e/i)nson, Dimmick, Dimmock, Doud/e, Douglas, Downer, Downs, Draper, Duncan, Durham, Dunning, Dwin/nel/s, Dyer/s, Eastman, Eaton, Ed/dy, Edgerton, Edson, Edwards,  Eldred, Eldridge, Elliot/t, Ellis, El/lsworth, Elwell, Em/merson, Emmons, Farnham, Farnsworth, Farwell, Fasset/t, Fay, Field/s, Finn(e)y, Fish, Fisher, Fisk, Fitch*, Follet/t, Foot, Francis, French*, Fuller, Gale, Gall(op/up), Galusha**, Gardner*, Gibbs*, Gilbert, Gillet, Goodenough, Goodrich, Gordon, Gould/s, Gove, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green/e, Griffin/g, Griffis, Griswold, Grover.  This is getting lengthy.  If you are looking for a specific name and I still have the book here, I will look it up for you.  PRICE: Was $40 Now sale priced 20% off at $32l

 1.) is a   5½" by 8½" paper souvenir of The Old Rockingham Meeting House erected 1787 and The First Church in Rockingham, VT 1733-1840.   The original has green ink on white paper and brief notes on the history.
2.) Old Bulletin from the Church concerning The Eighth Annual Pilgrimage to the Old Rockingham Meeting House to be held on Sunday Afternoon, August 2nd, 1914, with services at four o'clock.  Pencil note on top - Property of Mrs. G. P. Chandler.  Has program of service and notes about the Old RockinghamTown Meeting House Association.  Print covers both sides of 8½" by 11" paper folded in half.
3.)  The actual book which appears to have both paper covers and a hard binding case.  Hayes, 1915.  102 pages, includes list of members of the First Church in Appendix 1 and those filing Certificates of Dissension in Appendix 2 (in order to be dismissed from the list of taxpayers to pay taxes for this town church.  Appendix 1 includes members of the First Church between the Original Organization and the Dismissal of Rev. Samuel Whiting in 1809, with date of joining and where they went if leaving: Surnames include Albee 2, Balch 1, Benton 2, Berry 1, Burr 2, Chamberlain 1, Clark 1, Cooper 1, Davis 2, Dutton 3, Edson 3, Ellis 3, Emery 2, Evans 9, Fuller 4, Green 12, Harris 1, Hazeltine 1, Johnson 1, Jones 2, Kendall 2, Kingsley 1, Knight 1, Knights 1, Lane 1, Larrabee 2, Lovell 2, Muzzy 1, Ober 2, Olcott 2, Pease 2, Perry 1, Preston 1, Proctor 1, Pulsipher 3, Read 2, Roundy 1, Simonds 2, Stanley 1, Stearns 3, Stoell 3, Taylor 1, Trott 1, Walker 3, Webb 2, Whiting 4, Whitney 1, Williams 1, and Wood 4.  List of Charter Members:  (probably incomplete.) Chandler 2, Hotten 2, Johnson 2, Sargents 2, Sargent 1.  Subscribers to the "Half Way Covenant."  Berry 6, Darby 1, Gowin 1, Leech 2, Millar 2, McAfee 2, Simonds 2, Wiley 2.  Members between the Reorganization in 1818 and its final Dissolution in 1840:  Barron 1, Barry 1, Billings 1, Boynton 1, Brown 1, Butterfield 1, Clark  2, Davis 4, Day 2, Doan 2, Drury 1, Emery 1, Evans 7, Felt 2, Gilson 2, Gould 2, Gowing 4, Hill 2, Hoit 1, Keith 1, Lake 2, Locke 9, Lovell 1, Mason 2, Muzzy 2, Nourse 5, Ober 2, Phillips 1, Pierce 1, Pulsipher 6, Rice 2, Richards 4, Ripley 2, Severance 1, Shepherd 1, Smith 1, Stearns 4, Stoddard 1, Stoel 4, Upham 1, Weston 2, Whiting 1, Wise 1 and Wollage 3.   Next is a list of 17 who contributed to the purchase of a communion service in 1819:  Black 1, Campbell 3, Earl 3, Easterbrook 1, Felt 1, Goodridge 1, Kendall 1, Lock 2, Lovell 1, Miller 1, Nourse 2, Pulsipher 1, Rollins 1, Shepherd 1, Stearns 1, Stoel 1, Wadsworth 1, Webb 2, Whiting 1 and Wiley 1.  There is also a listing of those people in the town who filed certificates with the Rockingham Town Clerk of their religious preference to another church to avoid assisting with the support of the Town Church.  Too long to list here. PRICE: Was $20.  Now sale priced 20% off at $16
Here FF16:  VERMONT -CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 8B:  B250:  THE OLD MEETING HOUSE AND FIRST CHURCH IN ROCKINGHAM, VERMONT.  By Hayes, Lyman S., reprint of above book, heavy paper covers, wrappers, softbound.  Same content.  PRICE:  Was $12 Now sale priced 20% off at $9.60
Here FF16:  VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 9:  B254: VITAL RECORDS OF ROCKINGHAM, VERMONT, AND RECORDS OF THE FIRST CHURCH OF ROCKINGHAM, VERMONT.  With new consolidated index and introduction.  Genealogical Society of Vermont, Special Publication, Number 3: 1994.  323 pages, 6" by 9" pages, hardbound.  52 pages of index.  $35.  Index gives you a lot of help, so be sure to read the beginning paragraphs carefully.  This combined index is huge and each reference should be followed with a request for the actual records.  Adams 95, Aiken 6, Albee 69, Aldrich 17, Alexander 9, Allen 10, Archer 21, Artherton 4, Atchinson 7,  Bacon 5, Bailey 14, Baker 11, Balch 4, Bancroft 30, Barber/Barbour 8, Barnes 6, Barnett 9, Barrett 4, Barrton 9, Barry 17, Bass 4, Bates 12, Baxter 10, Beckwith 5, Bellows33, Bennet/t 23, Benton 5, Berry 24, Bigelow 8, Billings 21, Bingham 8, Bishop 6, Bissel 5, Bixby 32, Black 6, Blake 21, Blanchard 21, Bolles 28, Bowker7, Boyington 22, Boynton 22, Brittain 7, Brooks 4, Brown 13, Buck 10, Buckley 5, Bullock 6, Burk/e 9, Burrs 23, Burt/t 38, Buss 12, Butterfield 14, Byington 14, I am going to skip to the Hs now. Hadley 11, Hale 8, Hall 18, Hapgood 11, Harris 17, Harwood b5, Haskin 4, Hastings 7, Hatch 6, Hayward 10, Hazleton 56, Henry 9, Heustis 5, Hill 15, Himes 8, Hitchcock 13, Hodges 4, Hoit 4, Holden/Holding 20, Halliday/Holliday 14, Holmes 4, Holt 4, Holten12, Hopkins 10, Horton 4, Hotten 11, Houghton 20, House 8, Howard 23, Howe 4, Hutchings 7, Ingalls 5, Jewett 21, Job 4, Johnson 1½ cols., Jones 17, Kendall 30, Kenworthy 6, Keyes 5, Kimball 7, King 7, Kingsley 7, Knapp 9, Knights 34, Lake 22, Lane/Lain 8, Larcum 9, Larrabee 8, Leach/Leech 8, Lee 7, Leland 6, Lincoln 6, Lock/e 1 col., Lovell nearly 2 col., Low 5, Lowell 9, Mack 4, Mann 7, Mansfield 8, March 1¼ col., Marther 9, Martin 25, Mason 31, Mastick 16, Mather/s 11, Maxum 7, McAfee 8, McHerg 4, McIlvain. 11, McQuaid 8,  Mead 14, Mellish 5, Merrill 5, Messenger 4, Metcalf 7, Miles 30, Minard 24, Miner 7, Mitchell 4, Monroe 4, Moody 5, Moor/e 19, Morgan 14, Morrison 8, Morse 5, Mott 8, Muzzy 5, Nevens 14, Newell 5, Newton 14, Nichol/ls 9, Norcross 6, N(o)urse 21, Nutting 5, Oak(e)s 13, Ober/s 27, Olcott 1 col., Orr 10, Osgood 4, Pain/e 9, Parker 1 col., Park/s 17, Parmenter 9, Partridge 4, Patterson 9, Peas/e 13, Perkins 5, Perrin 6, Perry 25, Persons 7, Petty 15, Phelps 7, Phillips 11, Phippen 4, Pictering 6, Pierce 11, Pike 6, Piper 4, Platt/s 12, Powers 7, Pratt 15, Preston 21, Proctor 14, Prouty 11, Pulsipher 1 ½ col., Putnam 10, Randal/l`13, Read/Reade 2 cols., Remington 9, Rice 9, Richard/s 34, Richardson 17, Ripley 17, Robertson 9, Rogers 3, Ross 4, Roundy/e 44, Royce 13, Russel/l 18, Sabin/s 23, Safford 10, Sage 4, Sanderson 5, Sargeant 19, Savage 4, Sawtell 12, Sawyer 5, Scott 7, Searle/s 13, Severance 14, Shattuck 8, Shaw 4, Shed 4, Shepherd 6, Shipman 22, Simond/s 29, Slater 4, Smalley 15, Smith 1 col., Spaulding 8, Spear 8, Stafford 4, Stanley 15, Stearns 1 ½ col., Stebbins 7, Steele 5, Stevens/Stephens 17, Stickney 4, Stoddard 15, Stone 13, Stowell 1 col., Swan 10, Tarbell 6, Taylor 20, Thayer 13, Thompson 4, Titus 11, Tower 6, Town/e 7, Tozer 7, Tucker 5, Turner 9, Tuttle 21, Upham 4, Wait 19, Walker 1 col., Washburn 4, Watkins 5, Weaver 23, Webb 1½ col., Webster 16, Weed 15, Wells 12, Weston 24, Weatherbee 12, Wheeler 7, Wheelock 33, Whipple 6, Whitcomb 23, White 1 ½ col., Whiting/s 1 col., Whitney 28, Wilcox 9, Wil/ley 25, Willard 37, Williams 26, Williamson 4, Williston 4, Wilson 25, Wing 20, Winn/Wynn 12, Wise 4, Wolf 30, Wollage 8, Wood/s 1½ col., Woodard 9, Wooley 18, Wright 1½ col. and Wyman 19.  PRICE: Was $35  Now sale priced 20% off at $28

FF16:  NEW HAMPSHIRE/VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE: FF16:  BOOK  10:  B253:  GATHERED SKETCHES FROM THE EARLY HISTORY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE AND VERMONT.  Edited by Francis Chase, M. A., Reprint by Heritage Books Inc., Original 1856. Reprint in 1987.  215 pages, 6" by 9"inches, cardstock covers, glued binding, wrappers, $18.  This book contains vivid and interesting accounts of a great variety of the adventures of our forefathers and of other incidents of olden times.  Surname indexed.  The following sketches are listed in the table of contents with the number of pages on which that sketch appears.  Subjects covered are:  Introductory Chapter 6, The Red Man's Strategy 5, Death of Major Waldron 3, The Captivity and Sufferings of Miss Sarah Gerish 4, Three Narratives 4, Lowell's Flight 7, The Boar & the Bear 7, The Captivity of Mrs. Isabella M'Coy, of Epsom, NH 8, Peabody's Leap 8, Kilburn's Defence 9, Indian Bridge 9, The Captivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Jemima Howe 16, Hilton of Famous Memory 6, Indian Fun 2, The Headless Spectre 3, Attack upon Number Four 4, The Indians at War; Their Usage and Customs 10, A Witch Story of Olden Time 5, Baker's Retreat 3, Destruction of the Indian Village of St. Francis 7, Peter Brown's Temperance Lesson 4, Incidents from the life of Colonel Ethan Allen 8, Seizure of Captain Remember Baker by the Yorkers 6, Female Courage 2, The Battle of Bennington 7, Anecdotes from the Life of General Stark 7, An Act of Courage 5, The Old Man of the Mountain 4, The New Hampshire Rangers 7 and The Burning of Royalton.  1907 - 1957 with FAMILY GENEALOGIES.  PRICE Was $18 Now sale priced 20% off at $14.40

FF16:  VERMONT - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK12:  B255:  HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF ROCKINGHAM, VERMONT INCLUDING THE VILLAGES OF BELLOWS FALLS, SAXTONS RIVER, ROCKINGHAM, CAMBRIDGE  By Mrs. Frances Stockwell Lovell and Mr. Leverett C. Lovell.  Published by the town, 1958.  553 pages 6 by 9 inches, hardbound.  $55.  This book is a huge history, written by Mrs. Lovell, who was the second historian chosen for the town of Rockingham.  She also wrote a weekly column for the newspaper published by the Vermont Newspaper Corporation.  Her column, "The Country Woman" had run for over fifteen years.  Excellent pictures add to the flavor of the book reflecting the gracious feel of the town.  There is a list of the young men who served in World War I and the other major conflagrations in which other members of the town have been involved.  She has written up descriptive and historical pieces on most of the offices and officers of the town, the churches, the shops and businesses, the clubs and societies.  The flavor of her excellent writing is that she is sharing her town with you - just visiting about what the town has to offer both residents and tourists. The Genealogies of Rockingham Families are covered in lineage form for the families of Amadon, Babbitt, Bacon, Bancroft, Belknap, Bolles, Bowen, Brown, Bussey, Cady, Capron, Cobb, Dascomb, Davis, Divoll, Dowlin, Earle, Fleming, Frost, Grout, Hadley, Hall, Halladay, Harwood, Hayes, Howard or Haywood, Hutchins, Jones, Keane, Kelley, Knight, Lake, Lawrence, Leach, Leen/e, Lovell, Marsh, Minard, Morrison, Neill, O'Brien, Osgood, Osgood(2), Peck, Pulsipher, Putnam, Rice, Riley, Robertson, Roundy, Rudden, Ryder, Sanborn, Severens, Simons/Simonds, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stowell, Stowell(2), Switzer, Thayer, Wales, Webb, Weston, Wetherbee, Wiley, Wilson, Wood, Woodford and Wright.  The General Index runs from page 499-510.  The Index of Persons begins on page 511 and has double columns, 62 lines in each, all the way to page 553.  The genealogies are really noteworthy and done in fine form.  This book really gives you your money's worth! PRICE: Was $55. Now sale priced 20% off at $44
FF16: MAINE - CRAZY CRATE FF16:  BOOK 13:  D180:  INDEX TO THE DAR MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS.  An Ongoing Project of the Genealogical Records Committee of the Maine State Organization, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Compiled by Ann Pease Thomas, 1987.  113 pages, 8½ by 11 inches, cardstock covers, punched holes, round plastic binder, $15.  This book was designed by genealogists who knew what they were doing.  They knew the importance of location in genealogy!  The first part is indexed by location which in New England means town, not so much county, because there can be dozens of towns in a New EnglandCounty. Each town keeps the records for the area around it.  The first part is a listing by town of the records that were in their library each with a code number for location in the library.  This part of the book takes 78 pages, letting you know what they have there.  Next, starting on page 79 and running to page 113, is a list of the major names that appear in each of the afore-mentioned books.  If you have early Maine ancestors, check this list for your surnames. 53 surname references per page times 32 pages equals 1,696 names + 37 on page 113 equals 1,733 books and manuscripts full of Maine records surname indexed for you.  That is a lot of help!
Only those with three or more entries are listed here:  Abbott 11, Adams 4, Allen 6, Ames 5, Anderson 6, Andrew/s 5, Arnold 3, Ayer/s 4, Bacon 5, Baker 4, Barlow 3, Bartlett 3, Bass 3, Bates 5, Bennett 8,  Beverage 4, Bicknell 3, Black, Blackington, Blaisdell 4, Blake 4, Boyd 5, Boynton 3, Bradbury 4, Bradford 5, Brewer 6, Brooks 3, Brown 7, Bryant 3, Buck 4, Burpee 3, Butler 6, Butterfield 7, Campbell 6, Carley 9, Carr 6, Carver 4, Chamberlain 4, Chase 5, Clark/e 12, Clifford 3, Clough 6, Coburn 3, Coffin 5, Condon 5, Cotr(e/i)l/l 3, Cow(a/e/)n 3, Cram 4, Crawford 3, Crockett 7, Crowell 3, Cushman 6, Davis 7, Dingley 3, Dolloff 3, Dorman 7, Dow 3, Drummond 8, Dunbar 3, Dunton 3, Durgin 3, Dwelley 3, Dwin(al/ell) 3, Eames 3, Eastman 3, Eddy 3, Edgecomb 3, Edwards 3, Ellis 3, Emery 7, Farnsworth 3, Farrow 4, Flagg 9, Forsyth 3, Foss 4, Foster 4, Freeman 5, French 5, Fuller 5, Gamage 3, Gardner 4, Getchell 3, Goddard 3, Gof/f/s 4, Goodwin 8, Gordon 11, Grant 13, Greeley 3, Green/e 5, Greenleaf 3, Greenwood 6, Hackett 3, Haines 4, Hall 4, Hallett 3, Hamlin 5, Hammond 3, Harriman 3, Hatch 10, Hayes 4, Herbert 3, Hill/s 7, Hilton 4, Hinkley 3, Hobart 3, Hodges 6, Hodgman 3, Holman 3, Holmes 3, Hooper 8, Hopkins 8, Howard 3, Howe/s 6, Hutchin/g/s 4, Hutchinson 3, Ireland 3, Jameson 4, Jenkins 4, Johnson 6, Johonnot 3, Jones 8, Jordan 6, Judkins 3, Keith 5, Kingsberry/ Kingsbury 3, Lamb 5, Lane 4, Laughton 4, Leavitt 5, Libbey/Libby 7, Lincoln 5, Long(e)ley 3, Lord 3, Low 5, Lunt 3, Mason 3, Mayo 6, McCoy 4, McFadden 7, Mendum 3, Merrill 7, Mills 3, Mink 4, Mitchell 3, Moody 4, Moore 8, Morrill 3, Morse 6, Moulton 8, Norton 4, Orne 11, Page 4, Parker 6, Patten 4, Patterson 4, Peavey 3, Pendleton 4, Penley 3, Perkins 9, Pierpoint 3, Pinkham 3, Poole 5, Poor 3, Potter 3, Prescott 5, Prince 8, Pullen 4, Ramsdell 4, Reed 3, Reynolds 10, Rice 3, Rich 3, Ring 4, Roberts 6, Robinson 12, Rogers 4, Rollins3, Rowe 4, Russel/l 11, Sawyer 6, Sewall 4, Simmonds 7, Simpson 3, Small 8, Smith 25, Snow 8, Stanhope 3, Staples 5, Stevens 10, Stinson 6, Stone 4, Storer 5, Stover 3, Sturtevant 4, Swett 3, Sylvester 6, Taylor 19, Thomas 6, Thompson 8, Tibbetts 5, Toothaker 3, Trafton 4, Trask 3, Tucker 4, Tufts 4, Varney 3, Vaughan 3, Vickery 3, Wadsworth 3, Walker 13, Washburn 3, Waterman 3, Webb 3, Webber 8, Webster 9, Weeks 4, Welch 3, Wentworth 3, Wheeler 4, White 5, Whitehouse 4, Whitney 4, Williams 6, Wilson 4, Winslow 4, Winter 13, Withee 3, Wood 3, Woodward 5, Works 4 and Young 6.  The documents referenced in these notations are, among others not mentioned here,  Bibles, Deeds, Wills, Journals, Family Records, Civil War discharge papers, church records, wills, warrants, marriages performed and records kept by a minister, pension records, family papers, letter of guardianship, letters, property transfers, Rev. War & Pension data, town records and cemetery records and letter of administration.  PRICE: Was $55 Now sale priced 20% off at $44

CONNECTICUT - FF18 CRAZY CRATE FF18: BOOK 8:  B049. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH RECORDS OF WESTBROOK, CONNECTICUT 1725-1899.  Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Memberships 1725-1899 from the first four volumes of records, supplemented by Gravestone Inscriptions from Westbrook Cementeries.  Edited by Jean Rumsey, 1979.  ©1979.  220 pages, Nicely hardbound, very good condition, $25.  There are seventeen pages of explanations of the records, but starting on page 1 there are the records, alphabetical by surname and first name, all the way to page 210 plus an index of geographical names.  My abstracted index lists surnames with five or more than five lines, but I won't have time to count any names.  I will put a plus if it is over ten names. Allen, Ames, Arnold, Atwell, Avery+, Bailey+, Baldwin, Banning, Barker, Bartholomew+, Bartlett+, Bates+, Belden+, Blatchley, Bloomfield, Boon/e+, Brainard, Brooker+, Brooks, Buckley, Buckridge, Buel/l+, Bull, Burdick+, Burnett, Burr, Bushnell 15 pages [@over 50 lines of type per page!] Butler++, Carter++, Chadwick, Chalker+, Champion/Champin+, Chapman 14 pages, Chatfield, Chittenden over a page, Clark/e 1 ½ page, Cobb, Cone over a page, Conklin+, Crane+, Crittenden+, Davis, Dayton, Dee/Divall 4 pages, Denison 3½ pages, DeWolf over a page, Dibble 3 pages, Dickin(g)son, Doan/e over a page, Doolittle, Doty, Doud/e+, Drown, Dudley+, Elliott, Ely+, Everts, Farnham, Field, Fowler, Gale, Gates+, Gaylord, Gilbert, Gladden/g+, Grinnell 2 pp., Griswold, Grosvenor+, Hale, Hamilton+, Havens+, Hayden almost two pages, Higgins, Hill 2 ½ pp., Hilliard+, Hinckley, Hoadley, Holmes, Hopkins, Hough/Hoff, Howard+, Hull page, Hunter, Hurd, Hyde, Ingham/Ingraham+, Johnson+, Jones 7 pp., Kelsey 8 pp., Kingsley, Kirtland almost 4 pp., Knowles, Kremsler, Latue, Lawlor, Lay 10 pp., Lee+, Leet/e, Lewis, L'Hommedieu almost a page, Lord, Loveaire, Loveland, Lynn/e, McGregory, McVeigh, Merwin+, Miller, Moore 1 ½ pages, Morehouse+, Morgan+, Morris, Murdock 2½ pp., Norris ¾ page, Newton, Page ½ page, Parker, Parmelee, Perkin, Pearson, Piant, Piatt over 3 pp., Post 15 pages, Pratt 2½ pp., Redfield over a page, Reed, Rose, Ruggles, Sanford, Scranton, Searles, Selden, Smith 2 pp., Spencer 11 pp., Staedele, Stannard 16½ pages, Stevens/Stephens 2½ pp., Stokes over 3 pages, Tooley, Towner almost a page, Tryon, Turner, Underhill+, Utter, Walker, Ward, Waterhouse+, Wellman, Whittlesey almost a page, Willcox 1½ p. Willard+, Williams, Willoughby, Wood/s+, Woodruff, Worthington+ and Wright 8 pp., Price: Was $25.  Now sale priced 20% off at $20

FF20  CRAZY CRATE FF20:  BOOK 8:  D184.  INDEX TO HARD-TO-FIND INFORMATION IN GENEALOGICAL PERIODICALS.  By Maud Quigley.  Another series of information found in periodicals in the Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, MI.  55 pages, cardstock wrappers 8 ½" by 11" size, stapled.  $4.  This book lists information printed in these periodicals concerning other state's information-Indiana has articles, about 32 of them, giving information, such as an outline map of Indiana showing all counties, cemetery records, wills, marriage records, census records about Indiana County records found in periodicals in this Michigan Library waiting to be researched.  Some foreign material also indexed. Index is done.  Price: Was $4 Now sale priced 20% off at $3.20

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