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Month Day Year: JANUARY 28, 2011

Today we are taking a close lot at another Indiana book. 


IN - The book under the microscope for this newsletter is: YOGS CRAZY CRATE 85  BOOK 1:   INDANA WAR OF 1812 SOLDIERS MILITIA.  By Charles M. Franklin, Published by YOGS [That's us!], ©1984.  101 pages, cardstock covers, velo-bind [plastic, heat sealed binding.Indexed. 


In the Preface the author explains the scope of this book in regard to the materials which he has assembled in this book.  This compilationhas been produced to publicize a surprisingly large number of militia soldiers that served during the War of 1812 in various companies in Indiana.  The lists of names found on pages 1 - 83 were copied from photostatic copies of muster rolls and payrolls of the various companies as they are preserved at the National

Archives.  We thank Mr. Wiliam O. Harris, Head, Genealogy Division, Indiana State Library, for his support and assistance.  The following table gives a breakdown of the counties and the regiments to be found in this compilation.


COUNTY                REGIMENT  Number of COMPANIES

CLARK               SECOND                      9

DEARBORN        THIRD                        3

FRANKLIN         SEVENTH                    5

HARRISON         FIFTH                          20

JEFFERSON       SIX                              5

KNOX                FIRST                         11

KNOX                FOURTH                     20

WAYNE             EIGHTH                        5


For a total of eight counties, eight regiments and 78 companies.  There are also three miscellaneous compilations as follows: 

1.) General Staff Officers of the Army, Indiana and Illinois Territories. 

2.) A muster return of Lt. Conrad Crum's (6 April, 1816.) 

3.) Monthly Returns of the Garrison of Fort Wayne (Oct. & Nov., 1814.)


These Company lists are published individually.  They have been arranged first alphabetically by county and secondly in chronological order based on the date of mustering-in for your convenience in determining whether a name listed more than once is the same individual serving in more than one company at different time periods (a frequent occurrence)  or more than one individual with the same name.  A surname index has been provided complete with the page number on which that name is listed, so our abstract of this book from the index will include every surname with two or more entries in the book.  Full information for the Captain's name, date of his Company's enlistment and discharge, with regiment and company's name.  For virtually all the men you will find surname, first name and rank and occasional other information such as these examples: killed by accident and date, discharge date, exempted by inability, died 3 Feb., 1813 (John S. Torrence, Administrator).  Also listed are: (Absent Without Leave 15 Dec., 1812 - 7 Feb., 1813), substitute for John Torrence, substitute for - soldier's name, never joined, promoted to new rank stated, hired as a pack-horse driver, dismissed 10 Sept., 1812, deserted 1 Feb., 1813, wounded 18 Mar., 1813, killed 18 Mar., 1813, wounded, unfit for service, discharged 18 July, 1813, deserted and enlisted U. S Army, cleared from service for inability, transferred to Capt. Park's Co., sick, resigned 5 Nov, 1812, killed by Indians 1 Nov., 1812, joined 13 Sept., 1812, retained on a court martial, lost his horse 28 Oct., 1812, discharged 20 Sept, 1812 over age, enlisted with Rangers 1 Apr, 1813, wounded by enemy 6 Apr., 1813, many, more repetitions of the above. 


A word of warning, the McClure family of Southern Indiana, one of mine, appears in the index with a count of ten pages.  (36, 47, 50, 52, 54, 55, 56, 59, 65, and 79 which led me to the following materials.

Page 1.) on page 36-Charles, Pvt.

Page 2.)on page 47-Charles, Pvt.-note: transferred to Capt. Parks Co.

Page 3.) on page 50- John McClure, Sgt., plus Charles, Pvt.-note: (son of Daniel McClure), plus  Thomas McClure, Pvt., plus James McClure, Pvt., Plus Archibald McClure, Pvt., plus John McClure, Pvt. note: (son of George McClure) plus Charles McClure, Pvt.- note (son of William McClure.)

Page 4.) on page 52- James McClure,Pvt.

Page 5.) on page  54- John McClure, Quartermaster.

Page 6.) on page 55 Robert McClure, Sgt. Promoted from Cpl. 12 Sept. 1812,

Page 7.) on page 56 Joseph McClure Sgt., Robert McClure Sgt.,

Page 8.) on page 59 Samuel McClure Lt., John McClure, Pvt., James McClure Pvt. Andrew McClure, Pvt.

Page 9.) on page 65 Robert McClure, Sgt, 

Page 10.)  on page 79 Nathaniel McClure, Pvt.

Only ten pages, but twenty-three rlatives!

Now that straightens out the McClure's, doesn't it?  I have some military records I need to look for soon, don't I? 


That's enough of the McClures for a while, let me finish the index for all the rest of the surnames.  I am indexing all the surnames that appear on two or more pages with the surname and the number of pages on which that surname appears:  Abb(e/o)t/t 3, Abernath/y 2, Adams 9, Adkinson 2, Ag(a/i)n/s 2, Aldridge 3, Alexander 6, Allen 10, Alley 2, Alsop 3, Alton 2, Anderson 11, Andre 2, Anthis 2, Anthony 2, Applegate 4, Archer 2, Armstrong 4, Arnett 2, Arnold 3, Ash 5, Ashby 2, Bailey 4, Baily 5, Baker 4, Baldwin 2, Ballard 2, Barker 5, Barkman 3, Barkshire 3, Barlow 2, Barnaby 2, Barnes 3, Barney 2, Bartholomew 2, Barton 2, Bass 5, Bates 3, Beanblossom 2, Beaver 2, Beck 3, Bell 3, Bennet/t 3, Berry 2, Biggs 3, Black 5, Blair 2, Blankenship 2, Bla(s/z)del 2, Bli(z/zard 3, Blount 2, Blunk 2, Bogard 5, Boil(e)s 3, Bono 2, Boon 3, Boone 3, Booth 2, Boothe 2, Boyd 2, Boye 2, Boyer/s 5, Boyles 3, Bramwell 2, Branham 6, Braningburg 2, Braz(el/le)ton 2, Breck(en/in)ridge 2, Brewer 2, Bridges 2, Brightman 2, Brison 2, Brod(d)ie 2, Brook 2, Brooks 2, Brown 14, Bruce 5, Br(o)uilett 2, Bruner 4, Bucher 2, Buckhannon 2, Burbage 2, Burge 2, Burnett 4, Bush 3, Butler 11, Byran 2, Cain 3, Caldwell 4, Cal/l(a/e)han 2, Cammack 2, Cannada 2, Cantwell 2, Cardinal 3, Carr 10, Carrico 2, Carson 4, Carter 7, Case 4, Catt 4, Chamberlin 4, Chambers 7, Chap(p)el/le3, Clark/e 11, Claycomb 2, Claypo(o)l/e 3, Cline 5, Coleman 6, Collins 9, Combs 2, Comer 2, Compo 3, Conley 2, Conner 7, Connor 2, Cooksey 2, Cool(e)y 4, Coomb(e)s 3, Coons 3, Cooper 2, Copple 2, Cornye 2, Cotner 2, Covert 2, Cox 9, Coy 2, Crafton 2, Craig/e 2, Crane 2, Craner 2, Crawford 2, Creek 2, Creely 2, Crist 3, Crocket/t 3, Crow 2, Crum 2, Cummins 2, Cunningham 7, Curry 4, Curtis 3, Dart 2, Davidson 4, Davis 16, Davison 3, Dawson 6, Dean 2, Decker 11, Delel 2, Deli(s)le 2, Denno 2, Denny 5, Devoar/Devour/ Devore 5, Dickerson 2, Divan/s 2, Dofau/Dofaw 2, Dolo(ugh)hon 3, Dome 3, Donal(d)son 2, Dool(e)y 3, Dougherty 8, Douthard 2, Dowden 3, Downing 2, Downs 4, Drake 4, Drew(e)ry/Drury  3 (on the same page), Dubois 6, Duff 2, Dunbar 2, Greentree 3, Gregg 2, Gregory 2, Gremar 2, Gresham 4, Griff(e/i)n 2, Griffith 3, Grimes 3, Gudgel 2, Gul(l)ick 2, Guthr(ey/ie) 2, Gwin/n 4, Hackleman 3, Hall 2, Hamilton 6, Hammen 2, Hanks 6, Hanna/h 2, Hansbrrough 2, Harberson 2, Harbert 2, Harb(e/i)son 5, Hard(e/i)n 2, Hargrove 3, Harm(a/o)n 4, Harness 5, Harper 4, Harrel/l 4, Harrington 2, Harris 2, Harrison 5, Hart 3, Harv(e)y 5, Hatt(e/o)n 2, Hay 4, Hayes 3, Hays 4, Hedrick/s 6, Henderson 5, Hen(s)ley 2, Henry 3, Herndon 3, Her( r)od 4, Hickman 4, Higgins 2, Hiler 2, Hill 3, Hills 2, Hinch 2, Hinton 2, Hobson 2, Hockman 2, Hodge/s 3, Hogue 4, Holder 3, Holeman 3, Holland 2, Hollingsworth 2, Holmes 5, Holt 2, Hood 2, Hooker 3, Hopkins 5, Hopper 2, Hopson 2, Houston 2, Howard 5, Howel/l 2, Hub(b)ard/(eard) 3, Huckleberry5, Huff 6, Huf(f)man 3, Hugh(e)s 3, Humphr(i)s 3, Hunter 2, Hurst 5, Huston 2, I(c/s)ehower 2, Jackman 2, Jacks 2, Jackson 8, Jacobs 3, James 4, Jenkins 6, Jennings 2, Johnson 18, Johnston 13, Jones 15, Jordan 2, Jordon 3, Julian 4, Junkins 2, Keller 2, Kelley 3, Kelly 6, Kenn(a/e)dy 4, Kepley 3, Key 3, Kirk 2, Kirk(ee/ey) 2, Kirkham 2, Kuykendall 5, Lamb 2, Landers 2, Lane 5, Lansdown 2, Lasell/e 2, Lath(a/o)m 2, Lat(t)our 2, Lee 5, Lem(m)on 3, Lewis `10, Light 2, Lily 2, Lin(d)sey 6, Liston 3, Little 7, Litton 2, Logan 2, Loller 2, Long 3, Longdo 2, Lookingbill 2, Lopp 2, Love 2, Luc(a/u)s 4, Lybrook 2, Lynn 2, McAllister 2, McBride 3, McCalley 2, McCarty 6, McClure 10, McCombs 4, McComes 2, McConnel/l 3, McCoy 2, McDaniel 2, McDonal/d 5, NcFad(den/in) 3, McFall/s 2, McFar(land/lin) 3, McGary 6, McGrew 3, McGrue 2, McIntire 2, McKay 3, McKee 4, McKinn(ey/ie), McKin(n)ie 3, McMahan 2, McMillen 3, \McNew 3, McNight 2, McWilliams 2, Macom 2, Magner 2, Malett 3, Marr/s 4, Martin 8, Mathena 5, Matthews 5, Max(a/i)don 2, Maxwell 4, Mayall 2, Mayhall 2, Meek 2, Milb(o)urn 5, Miley 3, Miller 16, Miles 2, Mills 7, Miner 2, Mitchel 2, Mitchell 2, Monroe 3, Montgomery 9, Mooney 2, Moore 13, More 2, Morgan 8, Morris 4, Morton 2, Mouncce 2, Mounts 2, Murphey 2, Murphy 7, Music 2, Myers 3, Nance 2, Neal 3, Neel/y 2, Nelson 2, Newland 3, News(a/o)m 2, Nichols 2, Norris 3, Owen 2, Owens 8, Packwood 2, Pain/e 2, Palmer, Pancake 3, Parke 3, Parker 4, Parks 4, Parr 3, Parriss/h 2, Patrick 5, Patten 2, Patterson 9, Pearceall 2, Pelk(e)y 3, Penal/dle)ton 2, Pennington 3, Perc(ell/il) 2, Perry 4, Peters 4, Pette/Pettet/Pettite 3, Peyton 2, Pfrimmer 2, Philips 3, Pile/s 2, Plasket/t 3, Plough 2, Plummer 2, Polke 4, Pool 4, Porter 4, Potts 4, Powel/l 3, Preston 5, price 3, Pride 2, Purceal/Purcell 8, Putnam 5, Ramsey 2, Raper 2, Real 2, Redrick/s 3, Reed/y 6, Reel/e 4, Renn(no/oe/ou) 4, Rev(e/i)l 2, Rhoad(e)s 2, Richardson 4, Rich(ey/ie/y) 3, Ridge 2, Right 3, Rigney 2, Rippey 2, Risley 2, Ritch(e)y 2, Rizley 2, Robb 4, Robbins 2, Roberson 2, Roberts 7, Robertson 13, Robbins 4, Robi(n)son 5, Roby 3, Rocus 2, Ro(d)gers 2, Roland 2, Romine 4, Rose 4, Ross 6, Rout 3, Row 2, Royse 2, Ruby 2, Run(n)els 2, Rush 2, Rusherville 2, Russell 9, Ryan 5, Sage 2, Sampson 5, Samuel/s 3, Sanders 2, Sartwell 3, Scott 9, Seal/s 4, Sedgewick 2, Selby 5, Shane 2, Shank/s 3, Shannon 2 Shaw 4, Shelby 2, Shields 12, Shipman 2, Shirk 3, Shook 2, Silvester 2, Simmon(d)s 6, Simpson 2, Sires 2, Skelton 4, Slaven 3, Slider 2, Slover 3, Smith 24, Snider 3, Snodgrass 2 Sparks 4, Spencer 5, Springston 2, Spurgin 2, Stacy 2, Standage 3, Stansb(er/u)ry 2, Stapleton 2, Stark 4, Steph(a/e)ns7, Stepleton 2, Stevens/on 4, Stewart 14, Stilwell 3, Stoner 3, Storke 2, Stotts 2, Stover 4, Strain 4, Stucker 3, Sturgeon 2, Sudret/te 2, Sullenger 2 Sullivan 7, Summers 4, Surg(e)ant 2, Swaney 3, Tanner 3, Taylor 11, Teverbaugh 5, Tharp 3, Thi(cks/x)ton 3, Thomas 16, Thompson 4, Thorn 4, Thorne 2, Tibbs 2, Tipton 3, Tislow 2, Todd 4, Toops 3, Torrence 2, Townsend 4, Tru(e)lock 3, Trusler 2, Tucker 3, Tuel 2, Turman 2, Tutner 3, Twaddle 2, Twed(d)le 2, Tyl(e/o)r 2, Vanato/r 2, Vana(r/u)sdall 2, Vangord(e/i)n 2, Vawter 2, Veatch 4, Vest 3, Viles 5, Vilm(eir/are/) 2, Waggoner 4, Walden 2, Walker 13, Wallace 2, Wallis 2, Ward 3, Warram 2, Warren 3, Warrick 2, Watkins 3, Watson 9, Way 3, Weas/e 3, Weaver 3, Webb 2, Welch 2, Welton 3, West 3, Westfall 3, Wheeler 5, Whetstone 3, Whita(c)ker 3, Whita( c)ker 2, White 6,Whitesides 3, Whits(t)on 2, Wiley 3, Wilkins 6, Wilks 2, Williams 13, Winchel/l 3, Windle 2, Winters 2, Wise 2, Wood 9, Woodhous/e 2, Woodland 3, Woods 3, Work 3, Wright 17, Wyman 2, Young 12, Youngblood 2 and Zenor.  In addition each one of these men are in a Company with mustered-in dates and mustered-out dates and the county name so you can check with the county to see if further information is available.

You get a name, a date, the type of record and the county and state.  You can take it from there.  Some of these men are bound to be yours and you can add that whole page to your book because it is proof he was there, in that time period, in that place serving in the military with these men, who were probably his friends and neighbors!  Wow!  PRICE: $15


VA - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS 85:  BOOK 2:  THE PARISH RECORDS OF SAINT PETER'S, NEW KENT COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1680-1787.  A Heritage Classic.  By the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.  Published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames in America in the state of Virginia.  Richmond, 1904.  Parish Records Series, No. 2., 206 Pages, 5 ½" by 8", softbound, laminated coverstock, glued binding.  Good condition, used, a few markings.When New Kent County was formed in 1654 from York County, it also included what is now King William, King and Queen and Hanover Counties.  It is not known when St. Peter's Parish was founded, but the vstry book begins in 1682.  This volume includes birth, baptisms, marriage and death records as recorded in theiroriginal order [book] along with a complete name index.  It includes records on both blacks and whites.        

Surnames in the index with three or more first names are listed here. Surnames with five lines of first names are marked*which indicates generally over 10 names, but I did not count each name, I counted only lines.  Adams*, Addison*, Aldridge, Alford*, Allen*, Alloway, Ammon, Amos*, Anderson, Andrewson, Apperson*, Armistead Askew, Ashcroft, Ashling, Atkinson*, Austin*, Bacon*, Bailey*, Baker, Ballard, Bardrick, Barker, Barkwell, Barnes*, Barnett*, Bartwell, Bassett, Battin, Baughan, Bell, Bettes, Benns, Binns*, Blackstone, Blackwell, Bolton, Bostick, Boswell, Bottom, Bourn/s, Bows, Bowles, Bowm, Bozman, Bradly*, Bray Briant, Briggs, Bristow, Brock, Brooker*, Brooks, Brothers*, Brown*, Browning, Bryant, Briggs*, Bullock, Bumpus, Burbridge, Burk, Burrows, Butler*, Butts*, Bxton, Byrd, Cade*, Carless, Carter, Case, Chamberlayne*, Chambers, Chandler*, Chancey, Chapell, Chew, Childes, Christian*, Clarke*, Clarkson*, Clopton*, Cock, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Corley, Cook*, Cooper, Cottorill, Condon, Cox*, Craford, Crew, Crittenden, Crue, Crump**, Crumpton, Custis, Dabne(ie/y), Dalton, Dandridge, Danforth, Daniel*, Darrum, Davis*, Davison, Day, Dennett, Dennis, Depress, Design, Dickinson, Dillan, Dixon, Dodd, Dollard*, Drake*, Dudley, Dungee, Ellis, Elmore*, Ellison, England, Epperson, Evans, Farell, Ferguson*, Ferris, Field, Finch*, Firth, Fleming, Fuellen, Forbes*, Foster*, Frances, Freeman, Furbush, Fusell, Fuzell, Galling, Gannaway, Garrard, Garwood, Gauling, Gaulding, Gentry, Gilliam*, Glenn*, Goldwell, Goocher, Goodall, Goodwin, Gording, Gowan, Granger, Grant, Graves*, Gray, Green*, Gregory, Grindley, Guilliam, Gunnell, Haiden, Hall, Hamblet, Hamlet, Hamlyn, Hankey, Hanson, Hardcastle, Hardon, Harfield, Harmon, Harris*, Haslewood, Hatten*, Haynsworth, Hazelgrove, Heath, Helton, Henderson, Henson, Hester, Hewlett*, Hight, Hill*, Hilliard*, Hilton, Hitchcock, Hockaday, Hollings, Hood, Hopkins, Howard, Houle/Howie*, Hubart, Hubbard, Huchens, Hudson, Hughs, Hulett, Ingram, Ivey, Jackson, Jameson, Jarratt, Jenkins, Jenings, Joanes*, Johnson*, Jones*, Kempton, Keiningham, Kimbrell, Kimburrow, King, Labamore, Lacy,*, Langford, Lanaster, Lawson, Leake, Leigh, Lemay, Leonard, Le Strange, Lewis*, Lightfoot*, Linzey, Littlepage*, Lucas*, Luck, Lyon, Machen, Macon*, Mad(d)ox, Major, Mallary, Man, Manning, Mantiply, Marston, Martin**, Mson, Massey*, Mask, Matthews, May, McCommick, McDougle, McGehee, McGregor, Meanly*, Medaras, Medlock, Meekins, Mekins, Miltomn, Menitree, Meredith, Meriwether, Merry, Meux, Miller,Mims, Michell, Mitchell, Mochi, Moon*, Moore**, Moorman, Morgan*, Morris*, Moss/e*, Mossom, Nance, Napier Nash, Neeve/s, Netherland, New, Nicholas, Nordan, Norris, Noaghon, Ohern, Oslin*, Otey*, Page, Paisley, Par( r)ish*, Park/e, Parker, Parkinson, Pasly,Patterson**, Paul, Peace*, Pearson*, Peasley. Pepper, Perkins*, Perry, Person, Phillips, Pierson, Pinchback*, Pines, Plant, Plumley, Poindexter*, Pointer, Pollard*, Pond, Porter, Prerdd, Price, Pritchard, Pruet, Pry(e/o)r, Pullam, Ragland*, Ragling, Rayle/e, Raymond, Realy, Reid, Renall, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson*, Roach, Roberts, Rocket, Roe, Rogers, Roper*, Ross, Rost, Rountree, Russell, Sanders*, Sandwich, Savory, Scott, Scruggs*, Sharp/e*, Sherlock, Sherman*, Showers, Simes, Simons, Skiner, Slaughter, Slayden, Sledd, Smith*, Smithers, Snead, Snorve/Snowe, Spear/e*, Spencer, Sporell, Spradlin, Sprague, Spurlock*, Stanly, Stegall, Stephenson, Stewart, Stils, Stone, Strange*, Stringer, Strong, Studskill, Swinney, Symcock, Talle, Talman*, Tate, Taylor*, Teate, Terrell, Thomas, Thompson*, Thorp, Tiler, Tinsley, Tisdale Toler, Tomson, Toney*, Tornes, Troer, Truett, Tucker*, Tudal, Tudor, Turner*, Tyree*, Upshur, Usory, Vaiden*, Valentine, Vannerson, Vaughan*, Wade, Waddell*, Waddy*, Wakelin, Walker*, Walton*, Ward, Ware, Warfeld, Warren, Watkins, Watson*, Weaver*, Webb*, Webster, Whitechurch, Whitlock*, Wicker, Wild, Wil(l)ford, Wilkins, Wilinson*, Williams, Williamson, Willis*, Wilson, Winfield, Winfree*, Woard, Woods/Woode, Woodward, Wyatt, Yates, and Yowell.  PRICE:  $26 


YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS-85:  BOOK 3:  DESCENDANTS OF BARTHOLOMEW STOVALL (1655-1722) (FIRST FIVE AMERICAN GENERATIONS). Compiled by Donald E. Bishop and published by The Stovall Family Association, Inc.  ©1999.  397 pages, softcover, tan, wrappers.  8.5-by-11 inches. Bottom binding has been reinforced with clear tape to prevent damage to the bottom edge of binding.  Sales tag residue on upper front cover is only sign book is not brand new.  Bartholomew Stovall was born on 24 August 1665 in Albury Parish, Surrey County, England.  The name of his wife is unknown, but they had one child named Hagar.  Next he married Anne Burton, and they may have had as many as seven children, including George, Bartholomew, Hannah, William, John (who was a Revolutionary War Veteran), Thomas and Margaret.  They have had a lot of descendants!  Hopefully one of your ancestors might be among them.  Surnames in the index include the following with five or more first names:  Note: Index has 55 names minimum per column.  One entire page, two columns, plus one half of a third column of women whose surnames have not been determined as yet., starts it off.] plus these surnames with five or more given names listed:  Adderhold/Aderhold, Albea, Allen, Alvis, Austin, Avants, Aycock, Baccus, Bagwell, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bass, Bassett, Bennett, Blackwell, Boatman, Bostick, Boswell, Braden, Bradley, Brazelton, Britton, Brown-[column+ n], Brumfield, Bryant, Burton-[column+], Calloway, Candler, Carothers, Carruth, Chamblee, Chandler-almost 2 columns, Cheatham, Christian, Clark, Clevenger, Coleman, Collins, Corn, Cowan, Crowder, Cunningham, Currington, Dalton, Davis, Davison, Devine, Dickerson, Dillard, Dobson, Drake, Durham, Early, Estill, Ferguson, Ferris, Fields, Foster, Franklin, Frans, Frick, Fuller, Gaddie, Gaddy-column, Gardner, Garland, Garner, Gatch-column, George, Gest, Gibson, Gillentine, Goldston, Graves, Greenlee, Griffin, Hairston-column+, Hale, Harman, Harris, Harry, Harvey, Heard, Heiskell, Henry, Hester, Hight, Holmes-almost 2 columns, Howard, Hudspeth, Hughes, Inman, Jackson, Jamison, Jessee, Johnson, Jones-1 column, Keesee, Kendricks, Kennon, Kerr, Key, King, Kissee, Larkin, Learwood, Lee, Leftwich, Lewis, Ligon, Loving, Mabry, Maley, Markham, Mashburn, Mason, Mathis, Matson, McBride, McCollum, McDaniel, McDowell, McElliott, McGown, McNiel, Milam, Miller, Milner, Mitchell, Monroe, Montgomery, Moore, Mosely, Monroe, Necessary, Nichols, O'Kelley, Oliver, Omohundro, Orr, Osburn, Overbey, Owen, Padgett, Parish, Pearson, Penn-column+, Perkins, Pettit-column, Pinson-3 columns, Pittman, Pitts, Poole-column+, Prosser, Pullen, Puryear, Ramsey, Ratliff-column+, Ray, Reesor, Rentfro, Rice, Rich, Rickerson, Rickman, Riggle, Roberts, Rogers, Rowland, Royster, Russell, Shackleford, Shank, Shelton, Simpson, Smith-column+, Smylie, Spencer, Spivey, Staples-column, Stemmons, Stone, Stovall-34 columns+, Sugg, Swing, Tabor-2½ columns, Tatom, Tatum, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thurman, Tullos, Turley, Turner-column+, Uncil, Usry. Viers, Wade, Walker, Ware, Watkins, Watson, Weaver, Wells, White, Whitehead, Whitworth, Wills, Wilkins, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wisdom, Wise, Wood, Woodall, Woods-almost a column, and Wright.  PRICE:  $45


The Internet is a great tool, but just adding names to your lineage does not prove the persons are related and, if they are not related, why do you want them on your family tree taking up space that may belong to someone you would be proud to include if you were not so busy barking up the wrong family tree!!!  This cannot be said often enough.  Take the time to check your work, verify your findings with copies of the original source, so you, and your descendants, can rely on what you have done.


YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS-85:  BOOK 4:  WE HAVE IDENTIFIED THOUSANDS ENOUGH!  A COMPILATION OF WHITE AND ALLIED FAMILIES.  By Adelaide M. and Eugenia W. Lore.  ©1967, 192 pages.  6-by-9-inch pages, hardbound.   This sounds like the frustrated call of an exasperated genealogist who is trying very hard to discriminate between the inheritors of a very common surname.  Wisely, these ladies have attempted to do only a few lines of the multitudinous White Family.  If you are descended from the following progenitors then this is the book for you:  Family of Archibald White, William White, Descendants of Margaret (White) White, Samuel White, Rachel (White) Walker, Mary (White) White, Joseph Andrew White, Archibald White Jr. and John White. Followed in the book by the index to this section.  Next are articles about the "Cabarrus Black Boys," Descendants of James White, Court records from Mecklenburg County, NC, and Cabarrus County, NC, Confederate Soldiers, World War I and II followed by an index for this part II only.  If you have a White on your line, this book may help you sort them out.  Other surnames listed in this Index I are: Alexander, Allison, Archibald, Austin, Barbee, Barnes, Barnhardt, Barrier, Barringer, Bigger, Black, Blackwelder, Boger, Bost, Bostian, Braqdshaw, Brafford, Brooks, Brown, Burleyson, Chandler, Clark, Cline, Cochran, Cole, Coleman, Corzine, Culp, Dorton, Downs, Efird, Flow, Furr, Garmon, Gilmer, Glenn, Griffin, Harris, Harrison, Hartsell, Hill, Honeycutt, Hopkins, Hudson, Jernigan, Jones, Joyner, Kee, Kimmons, King, Kirkpatrick, LeGrand, Linker, Long, Lowrance, McBride, McCachren, McDonald, McEachren, McIntosh, McKinley, McLarty, McLellan, Malone, Martin, Miller, Misenheimer, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Nash, Newell, Parker, Payne, Phillips, Pickens, Query, Ridenhour, Rogers, Russell, Safrits, Scott, Sharpe, Sherrill, Sides, Simpson, Slaughter, Smith, Sossamon, Spears, Stillings, Stancil, Starnes, Stillwell, Talbirt, Thomas, Troutman, Underwood, Walker, Waller,Wiley, and Winecoff, as well as white!.  In index II are listed these surnames: Alexander, Barnhardt, Black, Brown, Caldwell, Davis, Dickson, File, Fisher, Flowe, Henderson, Howie, Hungerford, Hunter, Johnston, Litaker, McEachren, McLarty, Miller, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Purvians, Query, Rogers, Russell, Scott, Smith, Stewart, Wilson, Winecoff, Wolfe, Yorke, and, of course, White.  Some of these families are carried down to the 6th generation!  PRICE:  $25       



YOGS  CRAZY CRATE YOGS 85:  BOOK 5:  HISTORY OF THE FORSYTH FAMILY.  Compiled by Jennie Forsyth Jeffries.  340 pages, hardbound.  New.  Fold-out, expandable lineage charts.  $35.  Published in Indianapolis by Wm. B. Bradford Printing, 1920. Reprint by Evansville Bindery.  This fine example of a family genealogy starts with the early origin of the name Forsyth, information on the first Forsyth of the Castle of Fronsac, the ancestral race in Scotland, Forsyths in Canada and New Zealand, and other Forsyths in Scotland and America.  Part Two covers the story of David and Margaret McGibbon Forsyth and their emigration to Indiana.  Subsequent chapers cover the families of Thomas Forsyth; James Forsyth, his children and some of their descendants; Nancy Forsyth Daniels and family; Elizabeth Forsyth Bridges, her children and some of their descendants; David Forsyth II and Family; Letitia Forsyth Featherngill; John Forsyth and family; Margaret Forsyth Tucker; Mary Forsyth Featherngill and her children and Robert Forsyth and his family.  The index is a wonderful help to sort the grandchildren.  Look for Branigin, Bridges, Core, Cutsinger, Daniels, Deer, Duckworth, Flinn, Forman, French, Graves, Hamilton, Hollandbeck, Hunt, Jefferies, Kingsbury, Lyman, McQuinn, Mullendore, Nullikin, Nowells, Payne, Pendleton, Pritchard, Richardson, Selch, Shepherd, Sturgeon, Talbott, Thompson, Utterback, Vandivier, Voris, Ward, and Wilson among many others in the Indiana area.  Lots of illustrations.  Appears new.  PRICE:  $35


This is a lot of material to absorb, and I thank you for reading these newsletters.  Pat from YOGS

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We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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