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Also coming soon, about February 14th, this year, we will be presenting our popular little mini-binders in two new and different colors as well as the popular Pretty Parchment and Tuxedo Black, which are currently out of stock, and the Candy Apple Red, Marine Blue, Kelly Green, Pecan Brown which we will continue to have, and have now and will continue to have after February 14, 2011.  I finally found a new source for the binders, and was able to find the two new colors of Beautiful Burgundy and Smoky Gray.  I have always wanted to have eight colors, one you can select for each of your great-grandparents.  Then as you continue to need additional binders, you can stay with the same colors for each line.  Divide and conquer  

works in warfare, politics, and for those of us doing genealogy! 

By the way, someone asked me how many binders did one person need?  You need one for yourself, each binder covers five generations of your lineage, and you can buy a package of fillers of the Family Group sheets for only $5 to do brothers and sisters or aunts and uncles.


I quickly branched out by buying four binders, in addition, so I could start filling one out for each of my grandparents - the Wade Family, the Gann Family, the Van Treese Family and the McClure family.  After that you can expand your research any time you get too many sheets for your original binders to hold.  You just transfer the one family name that is the most numerous out of your original binder, put the blank sheets from your new binder back in your old binder, and now

it is ready to grow again with some breathing room and blank family group sheets to spare. 


The family group sheets that took up the most room in your old binder, now you can move to the new binder, so they have room to grow in the new binder, and if you have extra family group sheets  

left over, you can move the extra blank family group sheets to each  

of your other binders so they can grow too! 


You can add one for your spouse, if you are lucky enough to have a spouse, who indulges you or, even better, shares with you, this intense adventure into the past called genealogy!  Our record holder over the last twenty years has bought 114 of these binders and her research now covers hundreds of families. 


Ray and I picked up this hobby because after 20 years, 9 months and 17 days of his Army life, he didn't know what to do with all the time left over after a forty-hour work week was over.


My brother had been working on the Van Treese line ever since he  

was a sophomore in high school and his teacher had assigned a research paper, a five generation lineage chart in genealogy.  You know how it is with this hobby--once started, you never really give it up.  You may set it aside for a while, during the busy child-raising, or frantic teen-age-corralling years which are so occupying of your time, but the interest in it never really goes away.


We genealogists must be gluttons for punishment!  Every time we  

find a new ancestor, we just doubled our work load, because he or  

she has a mother and a father we don't know!


Now with nine vibrant colors of mini-binders we can establish a color for each of our great grandparents.  The Tuxedo Black and the Smoky Gray make a nice set, and so do the Pretty Parchment and the Pecan Brown.  The Candy Apple Red and the New Forest Green remind me of Christmas and the Marne Blue and the Beautiful Burgundy are simply stunning together.  We kept the Kelly Green too, because our Irish families deserve their own color.  They all look really good together, too.  You have enough family group sheets to do five generations in  

each binder so you can just expand your color scheme as you find the records.  And they will still be priced at just $20!


This next book took over two full days to abstract the index and write up.  I hope you find it was worth it for you!  I found information on three of my lines to be checked out in the near future.


IN - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 84 BOOK 1:  INDEX TO REVOLTIONARY SOLDIERS OF INDIANA AND OTHER PATRIOTS.  By Barbara Schull Wolfe.  Published by YOGS Heritage House. [That's us!]   ©1983.  143 pages, cardstock covers, plastic velobind process binding. This book is an index to thirteen different publications that had lists of Revolutionary Soldiers in them.  But it is much more than just an index.  By bringing all these military men's names from their diverse reasons for being listed, she has assembled the greatest list to help genealogists find, in Indiana materials, their own Revolutionary Soldier, War of 1812 Soldier or Soldier in the Old Indian Wars.


The 13 lists used were as follows with their codes as used in the book: 

A.) - Pensions Under the Act of Congress, passed 3-18-1818.

B.) - Persons Residing in Indiana Who Received Benefit of the Act of Congress, passed 5-15-1828.   


C.) - Persons Residing In Indiana Who Have Been Inscribed on the Pension List under Act of Congress, passed 7-7-1832.

D.) - 1835 list of Revolutionary Soldiers, War of 1812 and Indian War Soldier's Pensions.


E.) - Eagan, Mrs. Thomas Martin Eagan's 1975-1976: Volume 1 - A Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution [DAR].  July 4, 1976 - Unigraphic Press. 


F.) - Indiana Widow's Pension Act. July 4, 1836. (1831-1863) Third Auditors Office: Volume Number "N" and "O". 


G.) Indiana 1840 List of Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian Wars Pensions. 


01.) O'Byrne, Mrs. Roscoe C. - Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, Volume 1. 


02 - Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, Volume 2.  


R.) Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions.  GPC, Baltimore, MD.  


V.) Indiana Magazine of History (also includes the volume number.)

W1.) - Waters, Margaret R. - Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Indiana (1949).  


W2.) - Waters, Margaret R. - Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Indiana - Volume 2.


All of these sources list more, and some list much more, data than this book shows!  But this is your key to finding their records!


Each one of these listings varies somewhat in content.  All three of the lists are, in general terms, semi-alphabetical in nature, such as the seven-page list from the Indiana Pioneers which also lists the year of his birth and the state and/or country, if known. [250 persons listed.]


The second listing from Mrs. Eagan's book, a Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution, runs five pages in length and is also alphabetical in nature and contains the county of residence and the publication number and page number of their sketch.  [222 persons listed.]


It is unclear whether these first thirteen pages are included in the numbered 130 pages which form the third part which follows, but I have not included the first two lists separately in the following abstract of the last 130 pages.  In this third part, "most all" of the As are together, then all the Bs are together, then the Cs, etc through to the Zs.  But sometimes they are not alphabetically arranged properly within that group.


 It is plain that there is an overlap in these three lists as there well could be, if that person was an early immigrant to Indiana, had also served in one of these wars, then applied for and received a pension, and/or was buried in Indiana.  If his wife did apply for the widow's pension in Indiana, she would be listed only in the last third index.

The last list runs 130 pages with approximately 34 entries on each page for a grand total of a little over 1, 100 names of soldiers and patriots and their widows.  This number is diminished only by the fact that someone's name could appear on several of these lists, and therefore, his name would appear several times on this list..  This last listing includes more details than either of the others.  Basic information on this last list is surname, first name, county of residence, and the code to be used to find the name on the actual list, referenced above in the original list, but this last part has many additional remarks for most, but not all, of the people on the list.  This additional information is appended to the listing of the names, such as their age-age 71 or age 86.Once in a while, but not often their rank is stated [Sgt.] as listed.


Several of these listings have two surnames listed as if two spellings occured in the original abstracts, or the writing was very difficult to read, such as Acre-Acckerin, Garneston-Garretson, or Leftyear-Leftter or Pruitt-Prewitt or True-True.  Very helpful, especially in cases such as Alkins-Elkins, where the spellings are quite different, but fortunately listed under both names separately.  


In cases where a widow's pension is involved, and the originals of these, I have found to be just full of personal family matters, they often have details on the children and both the soldier's name and his wife's maiden name are listed in the index under both of their names alphabetically.  If a woman's name is listed, the entry may be started and filed by the soldier's name, followed by her name and [w[idow] of his first name such as: Adams, Sarah w/o Aaron OR it could be listed as Adams, Aaron and wife Sarah (Hard) Johnson.Or he, then, could be listed as Alexander, John, husband of Susanna K. Alexander.  Or, the widow might be listed simply as Nancy Bird, w/o Larkin Bird. 

In cases where the pension is for the care of minor children, the children will be listed such as: Armstrong, Walter and William Irvine, children of William Armstrong. Very helpful as in the case of the

children [the heirs of]  America and Marshall Blake who were listed as Barrillia, Sidney, America, Indiana.      


In the case of an aged or disable soldier no longer living in his own home, the following is a likely addition to his name such as: Alexander, John, age 84, living with Thomas Alexander.  Even more helpful would be Armstrong, Isaac living with Crawford Tuggle.


Occasionally, but maybe not always, a soldier will be listed with the notation: War of 1812, or not Revolutionary War.


Or several are listed with this information - Babcock, Sherman, died in Knox Co., Missouri.


Once in a while you could get more, such as:  Bartholomew, Joseph, Indian War, d[ied] in Illinois.  Some notations give you a new place to look, such as: transferred to Ohio or another state to receive his pension through that state in the future.


Check it out:  Coat, Abraham - formerly husband of Loasa Davis?  [I cannot say without looking at the actual document, but this might be a remarried widow still entitled to receive a pension, perhaps, for minor children?  There are several of these.  [Currently, should a widow remarry, she can not continue to receive a pension under her husband's account, except in certain circumstances, such as, minor children of the soldier living with the remarried former widow of that soldier.  However, should her new husband divorce her or die, she can reapply under the original husband's account for her pension to be reinstated.


In the following index are all of the surnames that have two or more first names with the actual numbers of first names listed:  Abbott 3, Abney 2, Achea(e/s) 2, Acre/s 3, Adams 9, Adamson 2, Ad(air/are) 2, Adkins 2, Akers 3, Alcorn 2, Aldridge 6, Alexander 16, Alisla 2, Allen 10, Alley 4, Allison 2, Almon 2, Alvey 2, Alvis 2, Amburn 2, Anderson 5, Andrews 3, Angevin/e 2, Applegate 6, Arbuckle 4, Archer 2, Armstrong 10, Arnold 4, Arthur 2, Ashbrook 2, Asher 3, Atki(n)son 2, Aughe 2,  


Back 2, Bail(e)y 5, Ba(i/y)rd 3, Bake/r 11, Baldwin 6, Ballard 3, Banks 2, Barlow 3, Barnes 10, Barnett 5, Basset/t 3,  Bateman 2, Batt(i/o)n 2, Baxter 2, Beall 3, Bebout 2, Becker/s/ett) 5, Be(e)dwell 2, Bell 7, Benefield 2, Bennet/t 6, Berry 8, Betts 2, Biles 2, Bird 3, Bishop 2, Biv(e/i)ns 3, Black 5, Blad(e)s 3, Blake 3, Blain/e 4, Blair 2, Blake 6, Blevins 2, Bliss 2, Blue 4, Blunk 2, Blunt 3, Boldery 2, Boon/e 6, Booth 2, Borders 2, Bottorff 2, Bowe(n/r) 4. Bowers 2, Bowlin/g 6, Bowman 2, Boyd 7, Boyden 2, Boyer 2, Boyl/l/es 4, Bratchett 22, Bradley 3, Braneman 2, Branham 2, Brant 2, Bray 2, Bre(n)ton 5, Breton 12, Brewer 2, Bridgewater 3, Brooks 3, Brown 20, Brownlee 2, Brummet 4, Bryan 4, Bryant 8, Buck 5, Buckman 4, Burch 5, Burchfield 3, Burk 5, Burke 3, Burnett 2, Burnham 2, Burns 4, Burnside 2, Burton 6, Bush 3, Buskirk 5, Butler 4, Byrd 2,  


Cain 3, Caldwell 4, Calloway 2, Calvin 2, Campbell 10, Cannon 2, Carbaugh 2, Cardinal 2, Carey 2, Carl 2, Carlton 2, Carney 2, Carpenter 3, Carr 7, Carson 4, Carter 8, Cary 2, Case 7, Cass 2, Casterline 3, Cat/t 3, Chambers 9, Chance 2, Chandle 2, Chandler 2, Chaney 2, Chapman 7, Chenow(e/i)th 3, Cheshire 2, Childers 4, Chittick 2, Christ(ie/y) 3, Chumbl(a/e)y 2, Clark/e 11, Clements 3, Cline 2, Cole 4, Coleman 2, Collins 10, Colye(a)r 3, Conly 2, Conner 6, Con(n)(e/o) r10, Conway 2, Cook 6, Coonr(a/o)d 3, Cooper 7, Cott(e/o)n 5, Coulter 2, Courtney 2, Covenhower 2, Covert 2, Coan 2, Cox 7, Coy 3, Craig 4, Crain/Crane 2, Crawford 3, Crittenden 3, Cront(s/z) 2, Crook/s 4 Crookshanks 2, Cross 5, Crum/b 3, Cr(i/u)tchfield 3, Custer 2, Cruz(a/e)n 2, Culbertson 2, Cunningham 7, Cummings 2, Curr(ie/y) 4, Cutler 2,  


Daily 2, Dale 2, Daniel /s 3, David 5, Davidson 3, Davis 20, Davison 3, Dean 2, Decker 3, Demoss 5, Denbo, Denny 4, Depositer 2, Dickenson 2, Dickerson 3, Dickinson 4, Ditz(l)er 2, Dixon 8, Dobbin(g)/s 4, Dolp/h 2, Dougherty 3, Douglass 2, Dowers 4, Duke 3, Dukes 3,  

Duncan 5, Dunn 5, Durham 2, Dun(c/k)an 3, Dye 2,  


Eastin 3, Edrington 2, Edward/s 3, Elkins 2, Elliot/t 5, Ellis 4, Elsbury 2, Endicott/s 2, Eller 2, En(d)sley 2, Ensminger 2, Ephland 2, Erwin 4, Es(a/o)n 3, Ev(a/eni)s 10, Ewing 4,  


Fairfield 2, Faris 2, Faucett 2, Fellows 2, Ferguson 4, Field/s 7, Findley 5, Finley 2, Fiscus 2, Fisher 3, Fisk 2, Fitzgerald 4, Fleetwood 2, Flint 3, Flyn/n 2, Ford 2, Ford(i/y)ce 3, Fortner 2, Foster 7, Fowler 2, Fox 2, Franklin 2, Franks 2, Frederick 3, Friend 2, Fr(e/i)bie 2, Fulk 2, Fulton 2, Funk 5,  


Galloway 3, Garret/son 3, Garrison 5, George 5, Ghormley 2, Gibson 5, Gilbert 2, Gilmore 3, Glidewell 4, Gob(e/i)n 3, Goddard 2, Godere 2, Godfrey 2, Goff 2, Goodwin/s 4, Grace 2, Graham 3, Grant 2, Graves 2, Gray 6, Green 3, Greenwood 4, Gregg 2, Gregory 3, Griffin 4, Griffis 2, Griffiths 3, Grimes 3, Grimste(a)d 2, Groen(en)dyke 2, Gugel/l 2, Guffy 2, Gul(l)i(o/a)n 7, Guthrie 2,  


Haggerty 2, Hal/l 20, Hamblin 2, Hamilton 2, Hamman 2, Hammer 3, Hammer(s)ley 2, Hammon/d /s 5, Handy 2, Haney 2, Hanna 5, Harbison 2, Harin 3, Harding 4, Hardy 4, Hare 2, Harmon 2, Harris 10, Harrison 2, Harrod 2, Harry 2, Hart 4, Harvey 7, Haslet 2, Hatton 3, Haycock 2, Hayes 3, Haynes 2, Head 2, Healey 2, Henning 2, Henry 3, Henson 5, Herrin/g 3, Her( r)od 2, Hickey 2, Hickman 2, Hicks 4, Higg(a/i)ns 4, High 4, Hiley 2, Hill/s 5, Hines 2, Hinkle 2, Hite 3, Hob(a/o)ugh 2, Holler 2, Holliday 2, Holman 4, Honeywell 2, Hood 2, Hopkins 2, Hopper 5, House 2, Houston 3, Hovious 2, Howe 2, Howell 2, Hubbard 2, Hubb(ell/le) 8, Huddleston 2, Hudson 2, Huff 2, Huffman 4, Hugh(e)s 3, Hume/s 3, Humphrey/s 4, Hunt 6, Hunter 5, Hurley 4, Hurst 2,


Ice 2, Iles 2, Ireland 2, Irvin/e 6, Isham 2,  


Jackson 9, Jacob/s 5, James 5, Jaquess 2, Jeff(e)ries 2, Jenkins 3, Jennings 4, Jam(e/i)son 2, John/s 3, Joh(n)son 30, Johnston 6, Jones 27, Jordan 2, Judd 2,  


Kean/Cain 2, Keen 2, Keesling 2, Keesucker 2, Keisinger 2, Keith 2, Keller 4, Kell(e)y 9, Kelso 2, Kemp 2, Kepler 3, Kerr 2, Kesl(a/e)r 2, Kestler 2, Keysacker 2, Kiles 2, Kilgore 3, Killion 3, Kimbal/l 3, Kimmer 2, Kindal/l 3, King 9, Kitchen 4, Klingensmith 2, Knapp 2, Knight 4, Knox 6, Lac(e)y 4, Lamb 3, Lancaster 2, Landers 2, Lane 6, Lang 2, Langdon 3, Largent 2, Lashl(e)y 3, Lawless 2, Lawrence 7, Layton 3, Lee 14, Leftyear 2, Legore/Le Gore? 2, Lemasters 2, Lem(m)on 4, Levi 2, Lewis 10, Lindley 3, Lindsey 3, Lipperd 2, List 2, Little 3, Livingston 2, L(l)oyd 6, Loder 2, Logan 3, Long 6, Low/e 3, Lucas 4, Lusher 2, Luther 2, Lyon 2, Lytle 3,  


McAfee 2, McAlister 2, McC(a/e)mmon/t 3, McCarty 2, McCa(u)sland 2, McClel(l)an/d 5, McCintock 2, McClure 5, McBride 6, McClurkin 2, McCool 2, McConnell 3, McCorm(a/i)ck 4, McCoy 6, McCrery 2, McCullough 3, McDonald 9, McG(a/e)hey 2, McGill 3, McIntosh 2, McInt(i/y)re 2, McKay 4, McKinney 4, McKnight 3, McLean 3, McLin 2, McMann(i/u)s 2, McMill(a/i)n 2, McNulty 2, McPheeters 2, McReynolds 2, Madden 3, Magill 2, Maho( r)ney 2?, Main 2, Mallory 3, Maness 2, Mann 2, Marsh 6, Marshall/Martial 2?, Martin 6, Martindale 2, Mason 4, Mass(e)y 3, Maxwell 7, May 2, Mead 4, Med(l)ock 3, Meek 2, Meredith 2, Mess(d)erve 2, Mickels 2, Midcap 2, Mikesell 2, Miles 2, Miller 25, Mills 2, Mitchel/l 15, Minturn 2, Moderell 2, Montgomery 7, Moore 13, Moreland 2, Morgan 5, Morris 7, Morrison 3, Morrow 2, Mos(i)er 3, Moss 2, Mount(s/z) 2, Murphy 5, Musgrave 3, Myers 3,  


Nay 2, Neal 2, Neel(e)y 3, Nelson 2, Newell 3, Newkirk 3, Newland 5, Newman 2, Newton 2, Nichols 4, Noland 4, Norris 4, North 3, Norvel/l 2, Nosker 2,  


Oard 2, Ogden 2, Orms 2, Osborn 7, Overlin 2, Owen/s 4, Palmer 3, Park/e 2, Parker 3, Parkhurst 2, Parks 4, Parnell 2, Parr 5, Patrick 2, Patterson 2, Patton 2, Pa(u/w)ley 2, Payne 3, Peachee 2, Pearce 3, Pearson 3, Pendock 2, Penn(i/o)ck 2, Pennetent 2, Perry 2, Peter/s 2, Peterson 4, Phelps 2, Phillips 5, Pierce 4, Pierson 3, Piety 2, Pigman 2, Pile/s 2, Pitman 2, Place 2, Plough 3, Pol(e/i)n 2, Porter 12, Pope 2, Post 2, Powell 2, Powers 3, Prentice 2, Preston 3, Price 4, Pridmore 2, Purcell 5,  


Racine 2, Ragin/Reagan 4, Rain(e)s 2, Ramsay 2, Ramsey 4, Ransom 2, Ranstead 3, Rasor 2, Ray 4, Rea 2, Readin 2, Reamer 2, Reany 2, Record/s 2, Rector 2, Redman 4, Reed 9, Ree(c/s)e 2, Reid 3, Reiley 3, Rhoad(e)s 4, Richardson 3, Richey 3, Richmond 3, Rickett/s 5, Riley 3, Robbins 6, Robert/s 9, Robertson 4, Robins 3, Robinson 7, Rogars 3, Roger/s 4, Rolle 2, Rollins 2, Rose 6, Ross 5, Roush 2, Row/e 2, Robison 2, Rudd 2, Russell 12, Ruth, Ryan 3,  


Sackett 2, Sacre((e/y) 2, Sample 2, Sampson, Samuels 2, Sanders 5, Sanderson 2, Sappenfield 2, Saunders 2, Saurman 2, Scarborough 2, Scott 14, Scudder 4, Sed(g)wick 2, Shaffer 2, Shannon 7, Sharp 2, Shaver 4, Shaw 7, Shields 3, Shirk 2, Shoemaker 3, Simmon(d)s? 2, Sim(m)s 5, Sim(p)son 2, Sipes 3, Six 2?, Skelton 4, Skinner 2, Skirvin 2, Smith 42, Snow 2, Snyder 3, Solsby 2, Spader 2, Sparling 2, Spencer 2, Spriggs 2, Steel/e 6, Stephens 3, Stephenson 2, Stepleton 3, Sterr(e/i)t 2, Stevens 5, Stevenson 3, Stewart 7, Stil(l)well 3, Stine 2, Stinson 3, Stod(d)ard 2, Stone 8, Stoner 3, Storm 2, Stout 4, Stover 2, Stowell 2, Stringham 2, Stropes 2, Stuart 2, Sulcer 2, Summers 2, Swindell 2, Swords 3, Sym(m)es 2,


Taff 2, Taggert 2, Talbert 2, Talbot 2, Tanner 3, Tate 2, Taylor 15, Templeton 2, Tavebaugh 2, Thom/es 2, Thomas 13, Thompson 18, Thorn 5, Thornburgh 2, Thurston 3, Tilford 2, Tinder 2, Tipton 2, Todd 4, Toney 2, Townsend 3, Trout 2, True 6, Truitt 2, Trusler 2, Tucker 7, Tuf(f/t)s 2, Tull 2, Tullis 2, Turner 10, Turpin 4, Tuttle 3, Tyler 2,  


Vanarsdall 2, Van Buskirk 2, Van Camp 2, Vanderburgh 2, Van  

Devanter 2, Van Meter 2, Vncent 2, Walker 9, Wallace 11, Ward 12, Warren 3, Washburn 2, Watkins 2, Watson 5, Watts 4, Watson 8, Wayman 2, Weaver 2, Webb 5, Weightman 2, Welch 5, Welker 2, Wells 10, West 4, Westfall 7, Weston 2, Wheatley 3, Wheeler 6,  

Whita(c/k)er 3, White 14, Whitefield 2, Whitener 2, Wht(t)aker 2, Wilkerson 5, Wilkinson 3, William/s 23, Willmouth 1, Wilson

26, Wilton 2, Winchell 2 Winship 3, Wisemsn 2, Wolf 3, Wood 4, Woodcock 3, Woodworth 3, Worrell 3, Wray 2, Wright 12, Wyatt 4, Wyman 3,  


Yarbrough 2, York 3, Young 16, and Younger 3.


I will tell you, in summary, I have never regretted pursuing the pension papers of my soldier or naval ancestor's military service.

They have always been most satisfying and elucidating, filling my genealogy with facts not found anywhere else in my searching.  But the ones which tell me the most are the widow's pension papers which had to be reaffirmed that no new marriage had occurred in the past five years.  The Widow had to list information on the status of the family and prove she was who she said she was in order to qualify.  For the widows in this book, they were required to report any such marriage when it happened and they lost their pension when that marriage was recorded.


For those of you that don't watch The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel "elucidate" is one of the words-of-the-day that he gives to his listeners to painlessly stretch our vocabularies.  Hear it, look it up, use it in your conversation ten times in the next week and it will be yours forever.  Elucidate means [to make lucid especially by explanation or analysis.]  He does a lot of that!  I hope to "emulate" him [to strive to equal or excel; to imitate: to equal or approach equality] in bringing the good news of all these pension papers to you, help you to find them and use them.  They will enrich your genealogy.  NEW BOOKS, NOT USED.  PRICE:  $18.


Now for the above list, I did not list any surname for which there was only one first name, so I am going to risk flooding my e-mail and telephone lines by offering this service!  If you have reason to believe that you have an ancestor that might have served in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, or the Indian Wars, I don't want you to miss out on these papers, so if you call me, [Please don't call on my 1-800-419-0200 number because that costs me 5 cents a minute extra money.]  Please call on my 317-862-3330 line and I will check the book for your surname at no cost to you because you are a newsletter subscriber, and I want to help you become a more efficient, more focused, and more successful genealogist!   


You can either buy the book, call me, or go to the library and look up all thirteen of these lists, if they even have them, to see if your surname is there!  Remember these are Federal Pensions with the distribution handled by the states.  This book covers only Indiana people who received federal pensions while living in Indiana.  Recent reprinting on most of these copies.  PRICE:  $18


This book took two full days to do andmost all of Monday to proof and get to Constant Contact.  But after you get a look at it, I will add this document  to my website, so the world can check it out.  I hate to buy a genealogy book, sight unseen, because even if it is from my county, it may not have a single reference that would apply to my families.

This way you can be sure something is going to benefit the surname you are searching.  Helping genealogists IS what we do here!  Thanks for reading our newsletters!  Pat from YOGS

Contact Information

Free telephone:1-800-419-0200 for orders.

Office telephone for questions, tracking numbers, availability of books not listed. 317-862-3330

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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