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Newsletter Subtitle:  CONSOLIDATED CRATES 16-28:
Day Month Year 19 January 2010

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Welcome to our YOGS Newsletter!  These are the books left unsold after their first trip to our readerships' homes.  Maybe you can find something here that will help move your genealogy, or at least one branch, to the next level!  And some of these books are on sale!  Check them out!
Indiana, Jr. Hist. Soc. YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS18:  BOOK 3:  HISTORIANS FOR THE FUTURE:  A HISTORY OF THE INDIANA JUNIOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY 1938-1998.  By Kendal H. Gladish and Hester Anne Hale.  Published by the Indiana Historical Bureau and Indiana Historical Society, 1999.  128 pages, 9½ by 7½ inches. Done in landscape mode and hardbound.  Lavishly illustrated, this book relates the beginning of this project though 60 years of growth.  This is the history of an effort made by adults to convince children and young adults that "history is fun!"   This book is chock-full of great ideas, super plans and workable scenarios for teachers and project managers for youth groups; even if history is not your prime objective!  PRICE: $10
Virginia Military Rev. War:  YOGS  CRAZY CRATE 18: 
BOOK 11:  VIRGINIA REVOLUTIONARY MILITIA. By the Virginia Commonwealth Government.   This is our re-publication of a document that I found at a flea market many years ago.  It is Document #48 bound with Document #44.  Printed in 1835 by Samuel Shepherd, Printer to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Document #48 is titled:  A LIST OF NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS OF THE VIRGINIA STATE LINE AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND SEAMEN AND MARINES OF THE STATE NAVY Whose names are on the Army Register, and Who have NOT received Bounty Land for Revolutionary Services.  Document #44 is titled: A LIST OF NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS OF THE VIRGINIA LINE ON CONTINENTAL ESTABLISHMENT Whose names appear on the Army Register, and Who have NOT received Bounty Land.  These copies are NEW.   Multiple copies are available.
PRICE:  $12.

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This is a week for you to practice your French as we have one book  with lots of French names in it, and it even has some English sprinkled through it!  This may be how your non-Englishman ancestor came to America!
French soldiers, American Rev. War:  YOGS  CRAZY CRATE YOGS 19:  BOOK 15:  LES COMBATTANTS FRANCAISDE LA GUERRE AMERICAINE 1778-2783.  58TH Congress, Document #77.  GPC, 1969.  This book, now out of print, is a list of all the French Soldiers and Military Men who fought for the side of the Colonists in the Revolutionary War. 
Is that how your ancestor got here?  When he was mustered out did he just stay here?  Many of them did.  Maybe your ancestor's name is on this list!  There is one drawback to this book.  It is printed mostly in French!  But it is proof that he served, with unit and officers and everything you need! It is not as difficult to read as you might think.  If you have read one table of servicemen, it is not that hard to read another in French.  This book is 9.5 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall.  It has 453 pages in it and is printed on very high quality paper.  It is in nice condition, and the binding is good.  On the inside front cover someone has used a purple Magic Marker to obliterate a name and date.  The resulting purple stain is about 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall.  PRICE:   $35

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Here are some New Jersey and New York books.  These come from several different sources, but almost all are ex-lib and used.  They are also, for the most part, in good shape and show little wear & tear.  Some of them do have white labels on their spines and a few have various library markings mostly in the front of the books.
NJ - CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 20:  BOOK 3:  BERGEN RECORDS  1666-1788.  RECORDS OF THE REFORMED PROTESTANT DUTCH CHURCH OF BERGEN IN NEW JERSEY.  Edited and Translated by Dingman Versteeg and Thomas E. Vermilye, Jr.  3 books in 1.  Excerpted and reprinted from the Year Book of the Holland Society of New York:  book 1 - 1913, book 2 - 1914, book 3 - 1915.  Reprinted in one volume 1976.  WARNING:  This book has three indexes and all 3 must be checked in order to find everything you hope to find..  BOOK ONE gives an historical note and the BAPTISMS IN BERGEN.  This index is a surname index and they are all listed on page 110 &111.  This is followed by an every-name index with the number of the particular baptism [which are numbered chronologically,] with the parent's name, baby's name, and the names of the witnesses and sponsors.  13 pages. 
Book TWO tells the story of the founding of Jersey City [Bergen], the Stuyvesant Statue in Bergen and MARRIAGE RECORDS IN THE VILLAGE OF BERGEN. Beginning in 1665.   Again the surname index is at the back of this section followed by the every-name index. Sample: #6 May 17, 1668.  Machiel Tades (widower) and Treyntje Jacobs (widow) Married June 8, 1668. 
Book THREE  contains an article on the FIRST SETTLERS IN BERGEN [Van Vleck, Vreeland, Van Winkel, Steymets, Van Buskirk, Tallman, Van Wagenen,  Newkirk, Post, Van Horn, Sip, Garrabrant, Van Reypen, Winne, Brinkerhoff.  BURIALS IN BERGEN are listed here.  Church Members and Minutes of the Consistory are also listed.  273 pages total. PRICE:   $20

NY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS20:  BOOKS 11 & 12:  FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES  1790  NEW YORK.  Dept. of Commerce and Labor.  Printed by Government Printing Office in 1908.  ex lib, 308 pages, pages are 9 inches by 11½ inches, printing is small, but clear and easy to read.  Hard bound, includes the entire census as printed with an every-name index.  Huge map of the state of New York in the era of 1790 included, folded and bound in.  #11 is an older library copy, worn, with a few pages of Introductory Remarks.  Spine bears library markings. PRICE $40  The second volume is a more recent reprint in much better condition.  PRICE:$48
NY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS20:  BOOK 13:  CIVIC HISTORY AND ILLUSTRATED PROGRESS OF CUBA, ALLEGANY COUNTY, NEW YORK 1822-1910.  By John Stearns Minard.  Windmill Publications, 340 pages, beautifully bound, illustrations galore as the author introduces you to his town.  Well aware of the way it started, he leads you on a trip that won't make your feet hurt, but really will dazzle your brain!  The 154 illustrations tell you that some artists and/or photographers had been hard at work preserving for the future generations a look "at the way we were."  This book should have been indexed for anybody that WAS anybody in Cuba is somewhere in this book.  This is a new book with gold lettering on front cover and spine.  $45
NY - CRAZY CRATE  YOGS20:  BOOK 14:  LIST OF BOOKS ON GENEALOGY AND HERALDRY IN THE SYRACUSE, N. Y. PUBLIC LIBRARY [ONONDAGA COUNTY] including Parish Registers, Visitations, History of Names and allied subjects.  Edition of 1910.  Published by the library.  119 pages, 7-by-9-inch pages.  Hardbound. If your people come from this region, you would want to see what they have.  100 pages are concerned with Family Genealogies and they are listed by the name of the family whose genealogy is in that book.  Many of the books are families from that area, so if your ancestors hail from New York you might want to take a close look at this one.  There are over twenty different genealogies per page times 100 pages which equals 2, 000 genealogies!  That many family genealogies in 1910!  How many do you suppose they have now?  Find out what they had in 1910 in this book.   PRICE:  $8.

It is not recommended that you use the e-mail for information or questions about Crazy Crate bookse  If they come in your weekly newsletter, they may not be here long enough for me to answer your questions about them when you e-mail.  For newsletter materials, it is always preferable for you to call on our 1-800-419-0200 number.  This is a free call for you, and we can tell you right away (most times) just what you want to know.
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I started on our New Jersey and New York books last week and both states have some books left, so if you have people from NJ and NY take another look at YOGS 20 & 21 lists here..
NY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 21:  BOOK 4A:  1820 FEDERAL CENSUS OF TIOGA COUNTY, NEW YORK.  Compiled by Nellie C. Hiday.  Typed by Maryan Gill.  Published by Heritage House, 1970.  25 pages.  Arranged in alphabetical order, the full name of the head of household is given, followed by all the numbers in the columns showing the sex and the age groups of both males and females.  Have it at home for instant searching.  No computer required!  Surnames with 3 (just a comma) or more (number given) heads of households, indicating 3 complete households, or more, with that surname:  TOWN OF CANDOR:  Andrews, Bacon 4, Brink 5, Clark 5, Cortright 4, Cow(e)ls, Fletcher 4, Gridley 6, Harris, Hart 8, Herrick, Hewitt, Hull 5, Johnson 6, Jones 5, Judd, Mead 5, Sanford, Smith 9, Taylor7, Whitley, Woodford 7.  TOWN OF CAROLINE:  Blackman 4, Boyce, Bush 7, Chambers 6, Clark, Dennist, Humphrey 4, Legg, Middaugh, Mulks, Olney, Paine 4, Park, Perry 6, Personius, Quick 6, Rounseville 6, Slater, Speed, Stevens 6, Vaqndemark, Vickery 4, Willey.  TOWN OF CATHERINE:  Agard 4, Andrews 4, Baldwin, Barber 4, Bardslee 9, Bennett 4, Bentley, Booth, Brink 4, Brown 5, Catlin, Chapman, Clark 5, Coe 4, Compton, Coryell, Foot 4, Frost, Hall 4, Hoyt 4, Jackson, Jones, Knap/p, Latt(e/i)n 4, Lee, Lockerly 4, Lovell 5, Lyon 6, Mallery 6, Nicholas 4, Olmstead, Rogers, Sealy, Sherwood, Weller, Wygant,
Town of Cayuta: Allen 4, Armstrong, Barton, Brown, Chafee, Clark 6, Davenport, Denton, Edwards 4, Elston, Everhard 4, Fauver 4, Gillet/t, Green, Johnson 5, Linderman 6, Lovell, Maltby, Ogden 4, Payne 4, Savercool 4, Sebring, Smith 6, Stark/s, Strong 4, Taylor.  Each town in separately indexed, so I am getting too many little towns with complete alphabets.  But how lucky for you, because you will know what town to search in half of them!  In the book, but not abstracted here are the TOWN OF CHEMUNG, TOWN OF DANBY and TOWN OF ELMIRA, but they are in the book!  SAlE PRICE:  $5.  Multiple copies are available.
NY- CRAZY CRATE YOGS 21:  BOOK 4B:  THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT - A FAMILY HISTORIAN'S GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY CEMETERIES. By Carolee Inskeep.  Published by Ancestry. 2000. 272 pages, 7.5 by 10 inch pages, slick wrappers, Rapid development, rising property values, lack of space, health concerns and government regulations have conspired to not only move your poor dead ancestor, but to move the entire graveyard he was buried in many years ago!  So how do you go about finding him and his new resting place before they move him or her again?  This lady wrote the book on this problem and included the answers!  Telling the story of the changing landscape of New York City graveyards was her mission.  She provides the new names of the moved cemeteries and the present location, so you can find your lost ancestor.  She also provides you with the names of some of the rich and famous or the rich and infamous who are buried in the same location.  The book has a very complete index that helps you locate his old burial ground and his new resting place.  NEW.  PRICE:  $25. 
NY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 22:  BOOK 1:  NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH.  By Dr. George Schweitzer Ph.D., Sc.D.  ©2005.  This book is the best guide to doing genealogical research in New York, has a recent copyright, 287 pages, 6 by 9 inches in size, slick finish cardstock covers for durability and is priced at only $12.  If you have ancestors from New York, this book is the key to getting the records you need to prove it.
He begins with a short, concise but comprehensive coverage of NY history and geography as it applies to your ancestor, and therefore to you-the genealogist.  The historic and geographical background can be so important as to where they came from and where they went next after NY.  Chapter 2 covers 35 different types of records detailing what they are, where they are kept and how you get copies.  Chapter 3 delves into the mysteries of the locations of large quantities of records collected for genealogists to use.  Chapter 4 concerns research procedures and includes special notes on New York City Research.  Chapter 5 is always my favorite.  This chapter goes county-by-county and details the types of records available in that county.  All-in-all, for any state Dr. Schweitzer has done; his book will be the best guidebook written to assist you with your work. Multiple copies are available.  $12
NY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 22:  BOOK 2:  WHERE TO WRITE FOR RECORDS IN NEW YORK.  Another Researchers Publication.  No date.  An eight-page list of the most important locations of records.  Includes Birth & Death Records, Marriage Records, Will, Land, Military, WWI & WWII, Naturalization Records, Census Records, A full list of counties with year of formation, county seat and zip code. Addresses for 15 denominational church record depositories, and other depositories of church records at other localities are included.  Several addresses may be dated.  Multiple copies are available.  PRICE:  $2
NEW JERSEY, SOME PENNSYLVANIA and MARYLANDSold Out! Thank you very much!
Here are just some of the counties that have not appeared on the crates in a long time!
 VA - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 24:  BOOK  9:  MARRIAGES OF GREENE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1838-1850.  By John Vogt & T. William Kethley, Jr.  Iberian Publishers, 1984.  $7  New.  Formed in 1838 from Orange County, the new county covered 155 square miles and was named for Gen. Nathaniel Greene, commander of the Army of the South in Revolutionary times.    Marriages with three or more first names appearing in the index are:  Archer 4, Breeding 3, Bryant 4, Collier 5, Cox 3, Crawford 3, Davis 9, Dean 4, Deane 4, Dickerson 6, Douglas 6, Dowell 5, Dulaney 4, Durrer 5, Durrett 3, Early 5, Eddins 6, Estes 4, Frazier 4, Gentry 3, Gibson 5, Gilbert 4, Goodall 4, Ham 5, Haney 10, Jarrell 7, Lamb 11, Long 6, Mallory 4, Marsh 4, Marshall 4, McDaniel 3, McMullan 3, Melone 3, Miller 7, Mitchell 5, Morris 39, Parrott 4, Powell 7, Riddle 12, Roberts 4, Sherman 3, Shiflett 53, Shivy 5, Sims 10, Snow 6, Sorrille 3, Stephens 3, Taylor 3, Teel 3, Thomas 5, Walker 4, White 4, Williams 3 and Wood 3, $7
Hope you find something of interest in these Virginia Records.  One of my favorite states in which to do research is Virginia.  Here in Indiana we have a little under 200 years of research we can do, but you go to Virginia and you may have over 300 years of research you can do!  WOW!  What an opportunity!  See you with another crate next week!
We are taking a few days out from our Virginia Book-a-Thon to do some of the other books which have come our way this spring.  These books have to do with foreign places from which our ancestors came to America to make a home for themselves in a land so bright with promise that it still shines like a beacon to the world. 
After all, how many countries are so fortunate that people are willing to get arrested just for coming here?  Maybe that tells us something about the land we live in and the precious freedoms we share.  The Russians built a huge wall to keep their people IN!  We are building a long, huge wall to keep other countries' people OUT!  I sure am glad I live on the right side of that wall!
Almost all of these books are part of a collection that was given to a library upon the death of the owner.  Some may have underlining, highlighting, or other marks made by the previous owner.  Where the gift book was kept by the library, the library's former book appears here with regular library markings.  They are legitimate library discards and the library has received remuneration consistent with the value they put on the books.  I have kept the ones that fit into my collection and am now passing on the duplicates to my Crazy Crate readers.  This may be your lucky day!
NORWAY - CRAZY CRATE SALE ITEM YOGS 25: BOOK 2:  TRACING YOUR NORWEGIAN ROOTS.  By Maralyn A. Wellauer, 1979, Revised in 1986.  70 pages, cardstock covers, punched plastic circular binding.  Shelf price is $9.  For the rest of the month of June, it is on our June special sale for only $5.  The Table of Contents indicates the wide base of knowledge this author has acquired in the pursuit of her families' Scandinavian Roots.  The breadth of coverage this author shows in her book covers broad areas and is extremely comprehensive in nature.  She introduces Guides to Genealogical Research in Norway, American Sources, Library Research, Addresses of Genealogical Societies, libraries, (where, what and how); biographical sources, Norwegian Language Newspapers, Pioneer Family Certificates (Wisconsin State Genealogical Soc.), and much more.  There is a map of Norway in 1850 showing county boundaries, Included are addresses of Archives and a descriptive list of the principal places to search in Norway.  There is a section on genealogical terms in Norwegian to help you decipher papers you may have or receive from Norway.  Having walked this path herself, she is uniquely equipped to guide you.  Her skills as a High School teacher are revealed in her graphics and step-by-step guidance.  70 pages of help from someone who has been there, done that, with success!  Until June 30, SPECIAL CRATE SALE just $5.  We have several in stock at this time.  Shelf price is $9.  Special January Crate Sale price is $5
AMERICAN & BRITISH - CRAZY CRATE SALES ITEM YOGS 25:  BOOK 3:  AMERICAN & BRITISH GENEALOGY & HERALDRY.  A SELECTED LIST OF BOOKS.  Compiled by P. William Filby.  American Library Assn., 1970.  184 pages, hardbound, dust covers vary in condition, books are new, not used, and several copies are available.  Shelf price is $10.  Special Crate Sale is $5.  Here are the books listed by area of concentration that can only be regarded as books everyone should know about, have checked for their family names, and having read for the general information they contain.  I am familiar with every one of the Indiana and Kentucky books listed.  I have almost all of them in my research library and I have copies of a great many of them for sale in the shop.  These are works of undisputed worth.  This work is a collection of the proper bibliographical information on these essential collections of material which is the core of genealogical research.  I am getting a copy of this for my library and I am going to check each of these off as I obtain them! I have a respectable number of the Virginia and Ohio books also.
This would make an excellent checklist because, knowing of and having read so many of these and having them on hand to search here makes doing research fun and not frustrating!  This book is an invaluable reference source for the study of local history, and will be a great help to you if you are trying to build a resource library for your family archives.  Some 1,800 books are mentioned here.  It includes both regional and ethnic groups of the US, Canada and Great Britain.  Furthermore for each state in the US (except Alaska), there is included a selected list of books considered the most useful for genealogists working in those areas.  Got your research bases covered?  You will have, if you have checked these books.  Someone should take on the job of updating this book for each state!  Wow!  I know Ray and I have published over 500 books on Indiana and Kentucky since we started 5 years after the date of this book.  Indiana would need a book of their own now.  That is for sure!  Get your checklist now while it is on sale!  How many can you check off for the states in which you are researching?  Are you missing that one book that has your information in it?  SALE PRICE:  $5
ENGLISH - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 25:  BOOK 6:  CENSUS RETURNS 1841-1881.  A DIRECTORY TO LOCAL HOLDINGS IN GREAT BRITAIN.  Includes Channel Islands; Isle of Mann.  Fifth Edition.  Compiled by Jeremy Gibson.  1989, GPC, 56 pages, cardstock cover, wrappers, 5.5 by 8.8 stapled, $5.  The enumerator's record books for the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 census records of Britain are available at the Public Record Office in London.  This book tells you what other repositories also have the records on microfilm.  This would be a dandy book to take with you on a day trip when in England, so you would have the location of all these records handy to check for something you might not have with you or something you just discovered.  PRICE  $5
ENGLISH - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 25:  BOOK 8:  BISHOP'S TRANSCRIPTS AND MARRIAGE LICENCES, BONDS AND ALLEGATIONS.  THIRD EDITION.  By Jeremy Gibson. 1991.  GPC, 40 pages, folded cardstock cover, stapled.  All three of these have very small type and are pocket/purse/ briefcase size.  These are the most sought after records in England as they are here.  This book will tell you where you can find them over there.  If you write to one location and get no answer, you may find a dozen other locations that have those same records and a second choice may do the work for you.  SALE PRICE:  $5. 
ENGLISH - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 25:  SALE BOOK 9: ENGLISH FAMILY RESEARCH.  REVISED EDITION.  1989.  J. Konrad.  Summit Publications, YOGS, 65 pages, slick finish cardstock covers, 8.5 by 11 inch pages, 22 by 27 inch folded and stapled.  Chapter I covers the country of England for both the geography and the history.  Chapter II covers the English immigration to the US.  Chapter III teaches that you start by doing your research of your US ancestors collecting as much data as you can on your way back to your immigrant ancestor.  Chapter IV covers Searching for Your English Ancestors in England from the US.  More can be done here than you might think!  Although some addresses may have changed, most of the other information will really help you out.  Shelf price is $10.  Our Special January Sale this book is priced at only $5. 
WALES - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 25:  BOOK  13:  WELSH GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH.  By Charles M. Franklin.  1995.  Heritage House.  76 pages, 8.5 by 11 inches, cardstock multicolored cover with the Flag.  Stapled and taped.  Multiple copies are available.  The Table of Contents includes 1.) Wales:  Its History. 2.) Welsh in America.  3.) Research in Wales. 4.) Basic Welsh for Genealogists 5.) What is in a Name? 6.) Welsh Towns and Their Counties. And 7.) A Bibliography.
The Author in his preface says-After researching my own Welsh ancestry [His mother was an Evans!] a pattern of problems became evident.  Nowhere could he find an available and inexpensive reference in layman's English to help simplify the many perplexing problems posed in researching in Wales.  He wrote this book, among the almost 200 he wrote for us to help you, the genealogists, with this problem.  The bibliography is full of other aids he found in doing the research for Welsh ancestors. 
This book brings together the many resources necessary to solve the problems that are unique in Welsh research.  Learning what records are available, where they are located, is not sufficient in doing Welsh research.  The tremendous language barrier he helps to solve with the translations in the book for first names and of words useful in doing research in Welsh Records.  Also included is an explanation of the unique naming system found only in Wales.  Regular Price $14.  January Sale Price $10.  Order before January 31 to get the sale price.  $10
You know, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take each moment, it is measured by the number of moments we have that take our breath away!  Pat from YOGS
HI!  We are ready to do some Irish books today.  Thanks for taking your time to look at our Crazy Crates.  You never can tell when a surname will jump out at you and you will have found a book with some real help for you on your families.
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 26:  BOOK 6:  IRISH FAMILY RESEARCH MADE SIMPLE.  REVISED EDITION.  E. J. Collins, Summit Publications, 1993.  Before 1922 for 700 years, the British ruled all of Ireland.  Irishmen like to believe that their ancestors constantly struggled against the British rule.  This is not entirely true.  Until modern times, the nineteenth century, the resistance was not always consistent, nor was it concerted.  Many people who came to Ireland as Englishmen, the oppressors, later became the oppressed, as they became absorbed into Ireland.  It is said of some of these Englishmen that they became more Irish than the Irish themselves.  The Table of Contents speaks first of the Irish immigration from their previous homelands.  Then came the Irish History and the Land.  He starts you on your research with the Chapter Begin Your Research into Your Irish Family in the U.S.
Then it is Off to Ireland, by Internet, Telephone, by Letter, through computer, book and microfiche.  There are 19 illustrations in this user-friendly book.  Lots of large print for those of us who are optically challenged!  A great way to begin or augment your search and our special SALE - A - THON book.  You can buy this great 75 page, 11 by 17 inch book folded to 8.5 by 11 inch per page book for, not its regular price of $10, but for only $5.  This book tells you how to, this book tells you when to, and why to and where-to and its on sale!  What could be nicer!  Order for only $5  and find that lucky Irish family of yours!  JANUARY SALE PRICE $5
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 26:  BOOK 8:  SEARCHING FOR YOUR IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR.  By Fran Carter-Walker.  ©2000.  New Printing.  90 pages, cardstock cover, stapled three times.  She starts with the basics.  On the first page she defines Migration as [the act] of moving within a country from one place to another.  Emigration is the act of moving out of a country.  Immigration is the act of moving into a new country.  Associated with these is Naturalization which is the act and process of becoming a citizen in the new country. Twenty-two Chapters lead you through the process - backwards, of course - from their arrival back to their departure from the old country.  She identifies the sources you will need to know about and in every day English tells you what to do to be successful.  This lady leads you to the sources, tells you how to use them and then guides you to the next step.  Years of being successful as a teacher and researcher have brought her tremendous success and her books have helped others to be successful too.  This book, ordinarily priced at $18 is another SALE-A-THON SPECIAL at only $15.   Order now!
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 26:  BOOK 9:  SEARCHING FOR YOUR PRE-1800 IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR.  By Fran Carter-Walker.  ©2000.  New Printing,  Regular Price $15.  SALE-A-THON PRICE JUST $12.  71 pages, 8.5 by 11 inches, cardstock covers, stapled 3 times.  This lady has written over 31 books on genealogy.  She has spoken at dozens of local, state and national meetings.  She knows what she is doing,  And she knows how to teach you how to do good, documented genealogy.  She helps you first to create a research outline.  You fill in what you know and she tells you what, where and how to find what is missing.  She tells you about early census records, using probate, wills and inventories to expand your knowledge of your ancestor.  She helps you find what is already in print and cautions you to be careful about using it, because too often it may not be reliable.  She leads you to look for land records, military records from early wars and militia notes county-by-county.  She points out major migration trails and helps you be aware that they were not all open at the same time.  She guides you to look for early church records and how to find and utilize early newspaper records.  She leaves no stone unturned and neither will you after you read this book!  Remember until January 31, this book will be priced at just $12 for the targeted help you need.
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 26:  BOOK 10:  THE ORIGINS OF OVER 200 IRISH SURNAMES, The Researchers, 21 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, cardstock cover, 8.5 by 11, inches folded in half, price $3.  Now SALE-A-THON priced at only $2.  Sample of descriptive paragraph:  BARRETT:  This name was introduced into Ireland in the late twelfth century by two distinct Anglo-Norman families.  One settled in County Cork and the other in the Mayo-Galway area.  The southern Barrett's, who gave their name to Barretts Country in County Cork, were more prolific than the Northern Barretts, but it was the Connacht family which played a greater role in Irish history.  These Barretts founded a sept and in time came to possess much of the land in northern Mayo.  GALLAGHER:  The O'Gallaghers' territory extended over a large area in County Donegal.  The name ranks 14th on the list of the most common names in Ireland.  It is found mainly in the northwestern counties of Ulster and Connach and in County Donegal.  RYAN:  There are nearly 28,000 persons by the name of Ryan living in Ireland, making it one of the ten most common names.  The majority of Ryans come from the counties of Limerick and Tiperary where the traditional territory of that sept was located.  Over 90 surnames are treated in this manner.  Over 215 surnames in the index are placed where they belong in this book, so you know what name you are really looking for!  SALE-A-THON PRICE  $2.  Multiple copies are available.
Hope you can find some help with your ancestry in these books.  See you later in the week with some Scottish and Scotch-Irish books on Friday.    We are sorry you have been getting two of these newsletters each day.  We hope our service will have the bugs worked out soon.  Thanks for reading our newsletter.  Pat from YOGS.  
This is the Scottish and Scotch-Irish crate I have been promising you.  Plus two additions from John Palmer's collection and the map of Scotland beautifully and safely ensconced in archival materials for its preservation.  Frame and hang it on a wall.  Its 11 by 14 inch size and subtle color variations make it a lovely addition to any room of your house.
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 27:  BOOK 1:  THE CLAN MUNRO.  By Charles Ian Fraser.  This is a part of a series named "W. & A.K. Johnston's Clan Histories".  This booklet with 33 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, covers the Clann an Rothaich.  Originally published in 1954, this has been reprinted by Clearfield Co. in 1993.  $5.  There is an excellent map of the territory possessed or occupied by this clan.
The Munro country has ever been the "Fearan Domhnuill" (Donald's land), long Anglicised to Ferindonald, and today comprising the Ross-shire parishes of Kiltearn and Alness.
Even before a Munro is on record in Foulis Castle, there was a castle in Dingwall.  The writer suggests that the Munro country was normally capable of supporting the clan in the austere fashion of olden days, and of keeping them "gainfully employed" in the process. 
The clan boasts of at least one illustrious American, in that two-time President of the USA, James Monroe, was thought to be descended from this clan.  There is a road trip through the country of the Munros, pointing out both physical and man-made highlights of the countryside.  For a short, but thorough history of the clan's background, this booklet is superb.  People, physical features and accomplishments of the clan are herein noted. 
The history given is informative and it is easy to discern that these were a people to be reckoned with.  The Munro family produced some great military leaders and their careers are detailed here.  The music of the clan is listed with its history.  Information about the association of Clan Munro is given including the Heraldry associated with the Chief.  All-in-all, if you have a Munroe ancestor, you owe it to them to become familiar with this book!  You will be glad you did! Two copies are available.  $5 
CRAZY CRATE 27:  MAP 1: YOGS1-SCT: MAP:SCT: #1-Scotland, 1855
John H. Colton The advent of the use of lithography for mapmaking led to development of a strong cartographic industry in New York City. One of the important firms responsible for this was the J.H. Colton firm, who issued this fine map in their atlas of 1855. The precise detail and soft hand color of this map are typical of lithographed state maps of the second half of the nineteenth century.
Encased in clear archival holder, in colors, 11 by 14.  PRICE $9

Here we are, finally, with a crate of German-related subject matter.  This one seemed to take a long time to get to.  In the past few weeks we have done mostly foreign-oriented materials and we thank you for your patience if your research for your ancestors is still all stateside.  If you research well, you will, sooner or later, reach the point where you have identified your foreign ancestor and hopefully, exactly where he came from to get here.   Check out our website for 18 different maps of Germany at different times.
Watch for some additional foreign books as we clean off our shelves to make additional space for the research shelves of Kentucky to come back out to the shop and take their rightful place on the shelves.  There will be sure to be some duplicates of our materials when they do and you, our readers, will be the first to know about them before they are put on sale to the general public.
But first, to the business at hand! 
 TIPS FOR GERMAN RESEARCH.  By Fran Carter-Walker.  2001, Published by YOGS (That's us!), 39 pages, cardstock covers, 3 staples.  Regular price $10.  This is the feature bargain this week on our SALE-A-THON at $7!  Fran is an author with over 30 books currently in print.  Like us here at the shop, helping genealogists is our business and it is hers at well.  She has spoken at dozens, per year, of local, state and national genealogical meetings for more years than she likes to think about.  This book has in it what you will need to know to research this country's records first and then start your research in Germany without having to go there in person.
The author starts with what to do first if you do NOT know where in Germany your ancestor lived.  The next chapter is full of the research tips that are helpful for you to know if you DO know where he lived.  Finding a specific place to research is the first goal of research in Germany.  People coming from Germany or people who say they are German, may refer to many parts of that country which differed in make-up and composition from time to time.  That makes it necessary that you find in an Atlas, Gazetteer, map or book showing what portion of Europe was actually known by that name at the specific time your ancestor lived there.  On our website, WWW.YOGS.COM, we have over FIFTEEN MAPS of Germany that will help you find your time frame.  Click on the blue URL above, go to Main Catalog and check out (click on that), then to our Atlases,  Gazetteers and Maps section (scroll down to the subsection: John Palmer Maps of Germany.)  Scroll down, reading the time frame and description of the maps. 
Back to the book!  Then the author takes you through the process which helped your foreign ancestors from Germany become Americans.  The process differs according to the year your ancestor became an American through the process of Naturalization.  The table in the book, dated probably prior to 1800, for immigrants from Germany, shows 103,000 beginning in 1680s, with peak times in 1738, 1749, 1754 and 1764.  This was mostly to locations in Pennsylvania and in 1710 to New York.
This table also shows 9 other sources of immigrants with when and where.  In that group only the immigrants from Africa, England and Ulster had greater numbers than the German.
This book is full of things it is neat to know about Germany, and lists of essential German terms and vocabulary.  The importance of Frakturs, Bible Records and Family history writings, diaries and journals is covered and there is a bibliography of other terms you may encounter in letters, notes and writings if you are lucky enough to find yourself with family records.  One of the nicest items in this book is a full-page sampling of the German alphabet in Gothic print, used in many German books and letters, and the Script letters with both capital and small letters written in a variety of handwriting styles.  That one sheet will help you with the writing styles that are sometimes used by census takers in this country.
Another helpful list is the one of German Genealogy-Helpful Sites on the Internet.  Maps of Former German States, a Glossary of German words with their English Translation of Terms found in Genealogical Documents and a Latin Glossary with English Translations especially helpful in translating inscriptions on tombstones and in church records.  Even the German signs of the zodiac are found here (and also sometimes on tombstones.)
There is an example of a German Baptismal Certificate and its translation that will help you identify one if you have it and figure out what it says.  There is even a list of German abbreviations you may well find useful. 
The simple Tombstone Inscriptions with their translations are very important because many seventeenth and eighteenth century tombstones in the U.S. were actually written or engraved in German in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Virginia.
Many death records list the cause of death and there is a list of them, with translations here also.  Der Mumps was not hard to figure out [Mumps], but I must admit, I did not have a clue what die Blutvergiltung [Blood Poisoning was! And if my Doctor had told me I had die Lungenentzundung, I would have been even more worried than I was when he told me I had pneumonia!
We had a good time looking at this book when we undertook to publish it for the author, and we have chosen to print it one page to a sheet of paper leaving the back of the sheet for you to add the items you find in your research written in German that you want to add to the many pages she has provided for you.  Then all your German data will be together and your book will grow in value in that way also.  It is harder to lose a book which can sit on a bookshelf than it is to lose an envelope with notations copied on the back of it!  $10, SALE-A-THON PRICE $7
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 28:  BOOK 5:  THE WUERTTENBERG EMIGRATION INDEX.  VOLUME FOUR.  By Trudy Schenk and Ruth Foelke.  ©1988 and published by Ancestry, 240 pages, hardbound, These books are NEW.  $20.  Part of the above collection.  There are 12,000 records of German emigrants in this volume from Abele, Alois; d.of.b. 16 April 1850; pl.of.b. Boehmenkirch; O'amt- Geislingen; date of emig. Aug 1870; destination-N.-Amer.; micro # 572047 all the way to: Zuschnitt, Karl Gottfried; d.of.b. 17 Jul 1841, pl.of.b. Ditzingen; O'amt-Leonberg; date of emig. June 1862;  destination N. Amer. Micro # 835788.  The district towns covered in this volume are not listed inside it. The two given here appear often, but many others are listed also, such as Oberndorf, Kirchheim, Leonberg, Geislinger, and Rottweil.  [Do Rottweillers come from Rottweil? ] $20
Thank you so much for checking out our crate lists.  Helping genealogists is what we do here, and I hope you find something that will help you here today.  Remember to call us at 1-800-419-0200 as soon as you decide on which book(s) you would like to add to your library.


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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