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Month Day Year:  January 15, 2010

My apologies: these first few books should have been on Tuesday's Crazy Crate 05 to 10.  But somehow I missed them, so here they are now to lead off this new crate consolidation!
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS10:  BOOK 12: An excerpt from a book which covers members of the ALDEN SHEDD FAMILIES.  Including Elwell - Grimes - Morse  Part II of the Albert Martin, Alden Family Series. (A contribution to the knowledge of the genealogy and family history of the families of Albert Martin Alden and his wife, Maria Elizabeth Snedd and the families of their descendants.)  Photocopy, 2 pages up, of this portion of a book, nicely bound in acetate covers in a metal pronged binder.  Compiled by William A. Wheeler and Elisabeth Lines Hagy.  1965.  This section is titled Elwell Branch, (only this one page -+- Hoffman Family 1 page) and then begins the Grimes Branch - Ancestry of George Sutherland Branch.  (Page 155 to Page 195).  These 40 pages cover a lot of Grimeses.  This is a genealogical excerpt from this book and details the lives of this Grimes branch of the family in much detail.  Has personal memories, stories of family members.  Would take too much time and space to detail an index of these 40 pages, but they would be wonderful to have if you have Jonathan Grimes (1768-1797) down to George Sutherland Grimes on your family tree.  The last entry is for the family of Alden Reynolds Grimes (1917-?) of Minneapolis, MN.  A bargain at $5.
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS10:  BOOK 13:  THE GRYMES - GRIMES FAMILY.  [Another photocopied excerpt from a genealogy book concerning the same surname as the above.  This part begins with the photocopy of a Grimes Coat of Arms.  Then starts with Page 1 -- 1st generation Rev. Charles Grimes, first of the name in Virginia, born in Kent, England, in 1612.  Goes 70 pages to Hariett Rebecca b. Dec 25, 1849, who married John Farlowell.  Then the following photocopied pages are devoted to actual reproductions of a letter in George Grimes' handwriting relating his Civil War experiences and an illustrated poem titled "Old Grimes Is Dead".  Nicely copied and bound, a real plus for your collection of Grimes memorabilia.  PRICE: $10.     
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS10:  BOOK 14:  THE BOWSER FAMILY HISTORY.  By Addison Bartholomew Bowser, A.M.  Authorized and published by the Executive Committee of the Bowser Reunion, which meets annually at Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, on the last Tuesday of August, this gathering in 1922.  Reprinted in 1976 by Unigraphic.   310 pages, hardbound. Many photographs.  Indexed.  From the Bausser and Bousser all the way to the now accepted Bowser, this genealogy of the family is like a fine jewel.  The German penchant for accuracy and thoroughness has been accommodated here in many ways.  [Note: The Palatine area is the same area as my immigrant ancestors came from, so I gave this book a thorough look.  [Nope, my Van Treese's  were not in there.]  Mathias Bauser Sr. landed in Philadelphia on September 28, 1733.  That same year Daniel Bousser and two brothers came via Baltimore, Maryland.  Settlers in Pennsylvania named their community - Germantown, and it is here they flourished.  Surnames in the index, which is divided into branches by the names of the ancestors, with five or more first names are: Mathias Bausser, Sr. Branch:  Adams, Allen, Andrews, Ankeny, Babb, Baker, Barbor, Barker, Berkheimer 20, Boney, Bonner, Booher 30, Bouch 20, Bowser 14 columns (2 to a page), Boylestein, Brown, Burford, Burnheimer, Buzzard, Carl, Claypoole 30, Cogan, Collier, Colvin, Cordron, Cousins 20, Craig, Cravenor, Crawford, Crisman, Dailey, Davis, Depp, Dunsmore, Edwards, Ekis, Emminger, Fair, Flenner 20, Foster, French, Frick 20, Gamble, Geiser, Grantz, Greesly, Harding, Hawk 20, Hawkins Hays, Heasley, Helm, Henry, Holder, Hooks 20, Hauseholder, Jack, Jones, John 50, Kerr, King, Kline, Lramer, Lasher, Logan, Mahaffey, Mabross, Marks, Marshman, Middah, Miller, Montgomery, Morrison, McCullom 20, McCullough, Olinger, Painter, Philips, Rebolt, Reynolds, Rickel, Roudabush, Russell, Schreckengost, Sheasley, Shrader, Shuster, Slagle 20, Smith, Southwoth, Spang, Swigart 30, Thompson, Toy 40, Truby, Troutner, Walker 20, Wible 30, Williams, Wilson, Wolfe, Wyant 40, Younkins and Zillefrow.  (Numbers are rounded and approximate, but are a  pretty good guesstimate.)
The next sections are smaller and numbers will be approximate again.  Total numbers for Daniel Bousser and his Descendants: over 500.  Henry Bousser and his Descendants: over 120.  John Bowser Family: over 90.  John & Eve Bowser over 250.  PRICE:  $35
Thanks for reading this e-mail.  Hope you found an idea, a clue or a book you could use.  Pat from YOGS. 

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YOGS CRAZY CRATE 11:   Here we go!  Another crate of family histories!  I hope you find one on your family here today.  Notice that I do not often spend a lot of time telling you where this research was done or where these cousins lived.  That is because most of these books have cousins in so many different localities that it would double the size of the crates!  I would buy a Gooldy Book or a Van Treese book because I want to know where ALL of them are or were!
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 11:  BOOK 1:  A FAMILY HISTORY OF THE REV. ROBERT SMITH WARREN FAMILY 14 pages, clear plastic binding.  Photocopy, $3.  Original book from which this excerpt was copied included the Smith, Jarratt, Royall, Farrar, Keyser, Morris, Warren, Gurley, Peterson, and Pybas Families.  Also the McAfees and the McCrees.  Compiled by Col. Robert C. Warren.  Omitted was the Chapter I which covers the Smith Family of Virginia.  This is only the Chapter II which concerns the Jarratt Family of Virginia.  Chapter III, and the other chapters of this book were not photocopied by the previous owner, so this original 165-page partial book copy.   This is a photocopy, but appears to be of only the second family mentioned in that book.  This printout is in a nice plastic binding with a clear acetate cover of the title page, but contains only the second chapter.  As such, price is $3. 
YOGS  CRATE CRAZY  YOGS 11:  BOOK 2:  THE DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM BROWN (1819-1908) AND ISABELLA KENNEDY (1820-1894) OF IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND HAMPTON FALLS, NEW HAMPSHIRE.  By Wilma T. Regan and Laird C. Towle.  Heritage Books, Inc.  ©1972.  Indexed, 165 pages, 5" by 8", wrappers with pictures.  Used.  Only sign of use is address label of previous owner on inside front cover.  Good condition.  William Brown and Isabella Kennedy married in CountyDown in Ireland in 1835.  They had five children born in Ireland before they moved to Wigtonshire, Scotland about 1846.  They had five more children there.  About 1870 the whole family emigrated to New Hampshire.  There is a lengthy master chart which shows all the descendants of William and Isabella Brown including all the female lines as known in 1970.  The index is every name, but we have chosen to list those surnames that have five or more first names.  (Should they have more than a half column, we will add that information because it will usually indicate several more than one generation of that surname related to this Brown family.):  Adams, Ajemian, Anderson, Argabrite, Barker, Bartlett 20, Bastine, Berry, Blatchford, Blicker, Block, Bristol, Brown (4½ columns!), Brunt, Burke, Burkland, Bussiere, Buzzell, Card, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Clark, Clarke, Clough, Coffin, Colwell, Correy, Coulter, Dearborn, Delude, Donatello, Dow, Downing, Drysdale (½ column), Duarte, Elliott, Estabrook, Evans, Ewing, Ferry, Francis, French, Fuller, Galford, Gernt, Gill, Glover, Godwin, Graves, Harger, Honns, Hoitt (½ column,), Holmes, Hudon, Jaffery, Janvrin, Jenness, Johnson, Jorgensen, Kelly, Kimball, Laffey, Lamb, Lane, Leach, Leavitt, Leighton, Long, Marble, Marden, Markie, Marston, Maynes, McCarthy, McDonough, Meserve, Metze, Morrison, Osgood, Paige, Perkins, Pitkin, Porter, Prentiss, Purington, Purinton, Quanlle, Reid, Richardson, Sanborn, Santosuosso, Sawyer, Schmitt, Sheely, Sherwood, Shipley, Smith, Soarles, Standish, Strout, Sweet, Sweetland, Tarleton, Thompson, Towle, Tyler, Vear, Walsh, Wells, Wheelock (almost a full column), Whenral (over ½ column), Whenell, White and  Woodburn, PRICE:  $15
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 11:  BOOK 3:  FROM AYR (a county in Scotland) TO THURBER (a town in Texas).  THREE HUNTER BROTHERS AND THE WINNING OF THE WEST.  Compiled by William Hunter McLean.  First Edition. ©1978 by Fort Worth Genealogical Society, 158 pages, Hardbound.  Very good condition.  This book centers attention on the three Hunter brothers, Robert Dickie Hunter, William Hunter and David Hunter, who left descendants, but only one male among them, who unfortunately died unmarried.  However, they did leave strong female lines and these are mostly what appear in this book.  The author was a descendant of a Hunter female and chose this way of preserving the Hunter Heritage for the grandchildren and their descendants.  With the exception of Elizabeth, half-sister to the three brothers and her husband, Silas B. Funk, little was found about the other brothers and sisters that does not appear in the unpublished manuscript of Margaret Lothian (Mrs. David Hunter), which is, fortunately, also included in this book.  The early day tales of cattle drives, ranching, prospecting, and cattle commission companies, running from New MexicoTerritory and Texas to Montana and from Colorado to Illinois, are presented in historical context and are priceless.
The unique coal-mining town of Thurber, Texas, gets a share of the tale, too.  Great reading, besides the genealogy, about the Old West and the Hunter families who helped to make it worth remembering.  Surnames appearing in the index for a significant number of times are listed here:  Atwater, Blair, Bonney (Billy the Kid), Bradley, Brown, Buchanan, Buel, Burnett, Carpenter, Chisum, Coates, Cochran, Cody (Buffalo Bill), Coker, Crosby, Cross, Dickie, Dillon, Downey, Duff, Embree, Evans, Fakes, Foy, Foyer, Funk, (Garret, Pat), Goodma, Gordon, Gould, Hendricks, Hershey, Hopkins, Hunter, (over 1 column out of the total of ten, of course), Jacobs, Johnson, Jones, King, Kissick, Lancaster, Little, Lothian, Low, Marston, Murphy, McCown (½ column), McLean, Neal, Neilson, Nichols, O'Connor, Pendleton, Phelan, Pierce, Prestwick, Reed, Rehmet, Reynolds, Rhodes, Robinson, Scott, Shields, Simpson, Smith, Sprinkle, Sutherland, Tabor, Thompson, Turner, Waggoner, Warfield, Webster, Wells and Zallee.  PRICE:  $35
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 11:  BOOK 4:  THE BULLA FAMILY.  By Robert A. Gennings, Ralph L. Bulla and Juanita J. Keslar, ex lib, library stamp several places and marked withdrawn.  516 pages, 8.5-by-11 inches, $45.  Liberally sprinkled with actual family group sheets, mostly filled in plus documentation where available, in the form of actual photocopies of records.  This is a genealogist's genealogy.  It is easy to follow as every family group sheet is a three generation chart and all of them are grouped from the first generation down to the sixth generation.  Extraneous information, always nice to know as the worth of a man can be known by his actions, is included in the narrative portions found throughout the book.  Good condition. The every-name, three-columns-per-page, index runs twenty pages and is quite easy to use.  Surnames with five or more than five first names are:  Albertson, Alexander, Allen, Barbour, Bates, Birkhead, Borden, Brackney, Brady, Brank, Brannon, Brookshire, Brown, Bula and Bulla 24 columns (each holding approximately fifty-four lines), Burgess, Burne, Burton, Caudle, Chalfant, Clark, Clittick, Coble, Cole, Condra, Connor, Cothan, Cox, Craven, Cunningham, Davis, Dougan, Druley, East, Estridge, Farlow 20+, Gard, Gordon, Graves, Hall, Hardie, Harris, Henley, Highley, Hill, Hoover, Huey, Jackson, Johnson, Julian, Justice, Keesling, Kem, Kigen, Kimbrough, King, Lang, Laswell, Lax, League, Matlock, Maust, Miller, Millikan, Moore, Moss, Murray, McPherson, Newby, Newson, Owen, Parrish, Peace, Pearce, Pierce, Piner, Redding, Reynolds, Rich, Ridgill, Robbins, Robins, Rockafield, Rush, Shute, Smelser, Smith, Spencer, Stanley, Sutherland, Taylor, Tedder, Underwood, Vanschoiack, Walker (½ column), Watson, Welborn, White, Willcox, Williams (½ column), Winslow, Wright, Wyatt and Younts.  PRICE:  $45.
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE 11:  BOOK 7:  RICXHARDS-COXAND BARBEE-ALEXANDER FAMILIES.  By James D. Richards.  ©1995.  198+ pages, hardbound, new book.  The author has dedicated his book to his three beautiful daughters whose pictures get this book off to a wonderful start.  No every-name index.  Families covered in depth in this book include the Richards family with allied families of Patterson, Leib, Watts, Bogardus and Allen.  The Cox family with Kimble, Martin and Rayle lines.  The Barbee and Monroe lines and the Alexander and Wicker lines.  This is the story of an Indiana family and their quest for their roots.  Many pictures throughout the book add to the charm of the stories the author shares.  PRICE: $30
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE 11:  BOOK 8:  JOURNAL OF THE DORSET, [England] FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY.  Four volumes.  March 1996 Volume 9 #2; September, 1996 Volume 9 #4; December, 1996 Volume 10 #1; June 1997 Volume 10 #3. All 4 for one price.  These are interesting little booklets including such goodies as a recipe I have copied for my files for an Apricot and Cinnamon Cake.  This British Society welcomes any family researcher, but those from Dorset are, of course, most warmly welcomed.  Each Journal is about 40 pages + or -, the tale of the two Bungey girls of Edmondsham, Dorset.  These poor ladies lived a life to make anyone blush starting in 1728!  [NOTE:  If you are not feeling well, you might want to take the old-time medicine recipe that starts-Take a handful of earth wormes and put them awhile in salt and water to cleanse themselves then put them into a quart of white wine-well, it doesn't get better!  I think I will pass.  I think it would be better to be sick, than to take a medicine that would make me sick if I knew what was in it!  The other recipes in this part are even worse!], land records.  Includes an interesting article on the weekly expenses of a family of 7!  I warn you, if you read this, you will never complain again.  Note:  "Few poor families can afford themselves more than 1 lb. of meat weekly plus four other items.]  Member's Interests is a database of a Surname, a parish, a county, dates, and the number of the member who is doing that research.  Delightful little magazine, in all about 160 pages.  PRICE:  $5 for all.
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  11:  BOOK 10:  RECOLLECTIONS OF THE BALL FAMILY OF SOUTH CAROLINA AND THE COMINGTEE PLANTATION.  By Anne Simons Deas. ©1909.  Alwyn Ball, Jr.  Reprint by South Carolina Historical Society. 1975.  Entire page with signatures of members of the Ball family.  Many photographs and portraits are found throughout the text.  This account was compiled from family records, letters, wills and other old papers, supplemented by traditions, handed down from one generation to another.  [NOTE: The dates of births, deaths and marriages, says the author, are owed to Mr. William J. Ball's admirable and carefully compiled family records. While to Mr. Isaac Ball I am indebted for the loan of old letters, for information as to the recent alterations to the house at Comingtee, and for many important suggestions - and to other family members also.  Were you to be a member of this family, you would be so proud of what your ancestors had built and enlarged and remodeled and cherished.  The home is lovely and would be a country home to be proud of; but you could be proud of the ancestors who lived there, too.  Charts at the back detail the families involved.  The book would be even more valuable if there were an index, but the use of the charts is sufficient to work out the main relationships.  As a family history, it is inspiring!  Previous owner's name and address are written on inside front cover.  Otherwise book is very nice.  It belongs in the home of a proud descendant of this family.  It should be as prized as the Family Bible.  $35
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 11:  BOOK 12:  THE ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF F. A. MARSH AND IVY CRITES.  By William R. Marsh, M.D.  331 pages, 6" x 9:, hardbound.  This book contains information about the ancestors in America from 1620 to the present with the origins of some English and German ancestors as early as 1480.
At least two generations of the following families are presented.  Number indicates first names indexed:  Alden 10, Bigelow 25, Birchard 8, Biscoe 14, Bond 11, Brooks 6, Caulkin(s) 26, Church 16, Conrad 23, Cates ?, [Crites 29], Doggett 9, Eddy(e) 26 , Ferris 12, Flagg 6, Hart 9, Heath 7, Heller 21, Horsewell 8, Hyde 7, Janes 19, Judd 11, Linnell 10, Lockwood 25, Lombard 8, Long 7, Lord 21, Marsh 148, Montgomery 29, Moody 17, Mullins 5, Myers 10, Newcomb 47, Pabod(ie/y) 18, Parker 85, Pearce 33, Pierce 11, Potter 12, Pratt 13, Pyles 15, Rogers 13, Rossiter 13, Rouse 18, Savery 2, Saxton 31, Searles 8, Shaw 15, Simmons 31, Skinner 23, Spencer 24, Steele 7, Stonard 3, Sunderland 18, Talcott 11, Tallman 15, Tonge 5, Tucker 6, Warren 21, Wickware/Wickwarr/Wickwire 35, Wilbore 21 and Woolson 5.
Names not mentioned in this list above, but with a significant presence in the index are mentioned here:  Bates 5, Bee 5, Bernico 8, Bigelow 25, Bird 6, Blackman 5, Bornhold 5, Boulter 5, Briggs 7, Brownell 10, Butler 6, Casper 5, Chandler 5, Christensen 10, Clark/e 10, Cocke 6, Cook/e 9, Crawford 14, Creutz 25, Dodge 11, English 9, Flegg 11, Fraser 6, Hammond 9, Hanify 7, Harris 8, Hickman 6, Hill 7, Hobart 5, Holbert 8, Hubbard 6, Jensen 7, Johnson 6, Jones 5, Kendrick 6, Lyes 14, Lamey 6, Lindahl 17, Loomis 5, Lowr(e)y 6, Lumbard 7, Mayhew 5, , McClure 7, Mesner 42, Miller 7, Morrison 7, Palmer13, Piles 9, Randall 5, Reeves 23, Richmond 7, Sampson 5,  Smith 17, Southworth 5, Sprague 5, Strong 5, Taleman 7, Taylor 10, Tupper 5, Werner 8, Wheeler 6, Williams 7, Wil(l)son 5, Wood 7, Woodman 6, Woodworth 5 and Wright 9.  This is such an extensive and comprehensive genealogy.  Lineage after lineage is packed, not only with birth, marriage and death information, but also with notes about their occupations, their education and their family life.   Reading this turns these different groupings into a family.  The chart to put all these together would require a wall 10 foot high and a hundred feet long!  Cousins enough to spend the rest of your life just trying to talk to some of them.  In the section titled Notable Kin, connections are shown for the lineages which also represent the following famous people:  Millard Filmore, 13th U.S. President; James A. Garfield 20th U.S. President; Gerald R. Ford  38th U.S. President; John Quincy Adams 6th U. S. President; Ulysses S. Grant  18th I. S. President; Franklin Delano Roosevelt 32nd U. S. President; George Herbert Walker Bush 41st U. S. President [Note-and by extension-George Walker Bush Past U. S. President although he is too recent to have made the book!].  In addition shared lineages are shown down both lines that include James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok; Henry David Thoreau; Orson Welles and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Don't you think with ancestry such as this, all current progeny should consider either literature or politics as a suitable career?  The previous owner of this book has marked out his or her name on the inside front cover.  In the above list of families I have added the number of first names from the index. 
The author has-on the dedication page-placed these words of wisdom-For William Alexander and Sarah Alyson Marsh without whose help this project would have been completed three years ago.
If you are not grinning yet, you need to reread that sentence!  If you are still not grinning or laughing out loud, read these further words of absolute truth from this author.  It is easier to dig up the last 10 generations than to raise up the next one.  Now you are grinning, aren't you?  Well, maybe not, if you have no children of your own.
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WELCOME to our newsletter:  Yogs 12 !  More family genealogies for you this week.  I have found about four crates of these and it seems smart to get them out where you folks can see the abstracted, modified indexes that I do. 
Now you already know that most of the time I do not list any surname from the index that has less than five first names in the index.  This helps you to know you can be fairly sure that you will find something of interest if your surname is listed on the newsletter.  You may find your family was in the area the book covers.  Most of these books have people in many states and countries.  The fact is sometimes I can not tell you where the family in the book lives because the author does not always give all that information or, and this is usually the case, the progeny leave the main residence and move somewhere else in the USA and sometimes, even outside of it!   In order to help you decide if the book is right for you, you can call us at 1-317-862-3330 and I will check the book for which first names you are seeking or the location of the surname in the book, if given.  I keep the book in the office for the first week after the newsletter goes out, so checking this information usually can be done quickly.  Since helping genealogists is what we do here, and we do not want you to buy a book that is not helpful, I am willing to offer this service.  You do not want to miss buying the book if it has a branch of your family, which, maybe,  has been previously lost, in it!

YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 12:  BOOK 5:  HUBERT:  HERE, THERE & YONDER.  By Hubert C. Mathews.  This is the tale of a minister whose life was so incredible, that it deserved to be made into a book.  185 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, laminated covers, wrapper style.  A tribute read on Dr. Mathews 50th anniversary in the ministry says simply, "Hubert C. Mathews' fine and sincere lantern shed its light across my path when I was too near its end, and the light from his friendship shall ever, until the end, be an inspiration for me.  Should I then be asked for credentials permitting me to travel on, it would be simply this:  I knew Hubert C. Mathews."  By H. Otto Bosselman in April of 1963.  Obituary pasted on back page dated in pencil, 17 June, 1981, at Springfield, Missouri.  He had pastorates in the Baptist Churches of Nebraska, California and Massachusetts.  He was an alumnus of five Colleges and Universities, was a frequent speaker on both radio and television, and was very active in interdenominational activities.  This book is full of his stories, many humorous.  This book is, also,  full of the stories of a wise and dedicated man who lived his life with charm and wit, and left his mark on many who are glad they knew Hubert C. Mathews.  When you have finished this book, you, too, will say I am glad I knew him.  PRICE:  $5                      
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 12:  BOOK 6:  THE ROBINSONS AND THEIR KIN FOLK.  THIRD SERIES, 1906.  159 pages, Cardstock, wrapper style.  Published by the Robinson Genealogical and Historical Association.  The book is worn and has had patches of tape applied where the cover has appeared to be weakening.  Officers, Constitution and By-Laws are included.  Secretary's Report, Historical sketches, illustrated, plus members of the Association.  Articles on Rowland Robinson, the man and his century; Deputy Governor William Robinson, The Narragansett Pacer [Not a basketball player from Indiana, this is a tale about a very special horse!], along with a genealogy of the Robinson Family of Narrangassett, R. I.  There is a further article on Rowland Robinson and his daughter, Hannah.  Articles follow on Jeremiah Potter Robinson, George Champlin Robinson, Atmore Robinson, Hetty (Robinson) Green, Morton Robinson, M.D., and Gilbert Stuart, the famous painter, who was a native of Narrangasset, whose father married an Anthony there who was allied to the Robinsons.  Further articles cover George Robinson of Watertown, Massachusetts, and William Robinson of Dorchester, Massachusetts.  More on John Robinson of Kittery and Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Abraham Robinson, John Robinson of Exeter, N. H. and  Isaac Robinson of Barnstable, Mass.  Some notes on the Fell Family, Capt. Ralph Hamer, The Robinson Family of Virginia, Samuel Robinson of Rehobeth, Mass, AND a list of members of the Robinson Association,  Pictures and drawings throughout!  Over a hundred years old! Looks like an antique, but then it is!  PRICE:$18
YOGS CRAZY CRATE 12:  BOOK 11:  GENEALOGY OF THE DENNY FAMILY IN ENGLAND AND IN AMERICA.  DESCENDANTS OF JOHN DENNY OF COMBS, SUFFOLK, ENGLAND IN 1329.  Original compiled and published by C. C. Denny in 1886.  Reprint from a microfilm of the original.  Much of the original work of compiling this history of the family was done by Joseph A. Denny of Leicester, Mass. who died in 1875.  This genealogy follows the family from England to America. The index includes the following surnames with five or more than five first names: Abbott 13, Allen 6, Andrews 20, Arthur 5, Ayres 8, Babcock 6, Balch 6, Baldwin 13, Bancroft 6, Barnard 23, Bertody 5, Boggs 9, Botsford 5, Carpenter 5, Carruth 12, Clark 15, Crane 9, Cutting 7, Danforth 9, De Morse 5, Denny Six Columns of 47 names each, Dix 12, Dunham 14, Dunkle 38, Dunscomb 6, Edmunds 46, Emerson 5, Estabrooks 23, Gale 1 column, Gilbert 11, Goodnow 8, Goodwin 7, Green 5, Greene 6, Griswold 15, Harris 11, Hayward 26, Henshaw 1 column, Hinckley 6, Holbrook 5, Holcomb 8, Hooper 8, Hubbard 6, Ingraham 17, Johnson 6, Jones 6, Joy 11, Kellogg 6, Kendall 8, Kerlin 6, Kimball 7, Kollock 17, Leonard 7, Logsden 8, Lynds 30, Mason 12, Mathews 15, McFarland 5, McGill 14, Meeker 6, Miles 27, Mills 5, Moore 7, Morse 6, Nichols 8, Olds 6, Palmer 6, Parker 14, Phillips 6, Phippen 9, Potter 5, Prince 5, Ray 5, Richardson 68, Rhodes 9, Ripley 8, Robinson 20, Rockwell 6, Ross 5, Rupert 6, Sargent 40, Sawyer 5, Smith 25, Sprague 21, Stone 6, Stoughton 6, Stowers 1 column, Thompson 9, Thurston 6, Tucker 5, Underwood 14, Wallace 9, Ward 65, Warring 6, Washburn 7, Waters 8, Webb 8, Whitney 7, Whittemore 4, Wiley 5, Williams 11, Winship 9 and.   Worcester 5.  There is a separate index to the Samuel Denny Family, the David Denny Family and a list of the descendants of Daniel Denny, of Leicester, in the fourth generation living on January 1, 1886.  The book contains 262 pages plus several additional pages of index by family.  $40
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Today we have a mixed-up-crate because I have three partial crates that I want to try to empty, so I can refill them with some goodies for the first seminar which is coming up soon.
CRAZY CRATE YOGS  13:  BOOK 3:  ILLINOIS, CABINET HISTORY OF ILLINOIS FROM ITS EARLIEST SETTLEMENT TO THE PRESENT TIME. By W. H. Carpenter abd T. S. Arthut.  Part of the Cabinet Series which wanted to produce a solid history of every single state in the union.  This is the one for Illinois. Ex-lib.  4 inches by 6 inches in size, this little book packs in a lot of history!  This book was produced in Philadelphia in 1854.  255 pages plus some additional advertisement pages from sponsors of the book for 24 unnumbered pages.  No. 41 is written in ink on the back of the front cover.  The print is small, but very readable.  One page 155 to 156 appears to be missing.  There is foxing along the edges and some discoloration.  Contents are in fairly good shape and the story they tell is fresh with the flavor of the telling of recent events.  This is history recently lived and fresh with some of both the good and the bad that happened in Illinois early on before the Civil War. Over 150 years old, this book is a piece of history and is priced as such at $25
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 13:  BOOK 4:  EPOCHS OF AMERICAN HISTORY - THE COLONIES 1492-1750.  By Reuben Gold Thwaites, LLD. With four maps and numerous bibliographies.  1910.  3.5 by 6.5 inches in size, hardbound, Longmans, Green and Co., New York, London, Bombay & Calcutta.  First Edition 1890.  This history of the United States along with two others covering the later years of our countries history were to comprise a total history of the United States.  Chapter I, which is this volume,  covers the Land and the Native Races, Chapter II Discoveries and Early Settlements (1492-1606); Chapter III concerns Colonization and the Colonists; Chapter IV covers The Colonization of the South (1606-1700); Chapter V Social and Economic Conditions in the South; Chapter VI, The Colonization of New England (1620-1643); Chapter VII.  New England from 1643 to 1700; Chapter VIII.  Social and Economic Conditions in New England in 1700; Chapter IX. The Colonization of the Middle Colonies; Chapter X. Social and Economic; Chapter XI Other English North American Colonies (1605-1750); Chapter XII The Colonization of New France; Chapter XIII. The Colonization of Georgia;  XIV.The Continental Colonies from 1700-1750;  Chapter XV + Index pp. 285-301; plus  Fold out maps.  1.) North America 1650; 2.) English Colonies 1700; 3.) North America 1750; and 4.)  Physical Features of the United States of America.  All in color.  Small print but great ideas about our early history by a renowned author.  $12.50
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 13:  BOOK 5:  BASIC BAPTIST HISTORICAL MATERIALS, 1966 EDITION.  MICROFILM CATALOG.  By the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Nashville, TN.  Ex lib.  1996 edition.  78 pages.  This is an index, by name, of people who appeared in this book as well as the articles that appeared in this periodical, which vary greatly.  Samples include:  Anderson, Vernon A. Witchcraft in Africa; Atwood, Elmer Bugg.  Outlines of a history of missions in China; Barlow, William Harvey.  The Present unrest of the negro in the South.  The variety is astounding, the page numbers of the microfilmed documents clearly identified.  This index only identifies the author and the article number.  Information and print-outs of the microfilm covering 8, 150, 855 pages in 1966, is  available from the Historical Commission.  Undoubtedly much more is available now, but this is a start.  $3
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 13:  BOOK 6:  THE GENEALOGICAL HELPER INDEX TO THE NEW BOOKS ["ON THE  BOOKSHELF" SECTION], SPECIAL FEATURES and SELECTED ARTICLES.  © 1983, Compiled by Gay P. Kowallis and Laraine K. Ferguson.  123 pages, cardstock cover, plastic spiral binding, Indexed by Surname, Locality and Subject.  Get a head start with this index! $10
CRAZY CRATE YOGS 13:  BOOK 10:  OF DUTCH WAYS.  By Helen Colijn.  This unique tour of the Netherlands takes us from the beloved sublimity of Rembrandt's art to the doubtful pleasures of hiking over mud flats.  This book is a richly detailed account written by an insider who was born and raised there and returns every year for an updated look.  She describes their complex political system, their unique educational system and the problems of living in a country that, except for Bangladesh, is the most populated in the world per square mile.  She has also shared her personal experiences in culture, sports and everyday living.  Read this book to find out more than wooden shoes, windmills and tulips.  Full of pictures, recipes and stories to delight the hearts of anyone who wants to share his/her Dutch Ancestry with his/her grandchildren.  tHIS BOOK EXPLAINS WHAT THEY THINK AND DO; AND WHY THEY THINK IT AND DO IT THAT WAY! PRICE:  $5

Office Telephone 317-862-3330
Orders Toll-free telephone - 1-800-419-0200

The first caller [Use the toll-free number 1-800-419-0200.] for each book will be the recipient.  In many cases, especially for the used books, we have only one copy.
The I. G. I. is well known as a source of information about people identified with a place, a name, and a date.  It is a lead to follow up for more research.  These printouts are for one surname per book in one state and they give you the first name, an event, a date and a reference number for you to check with the L.DS. Library in Salt Lake City, UT.  It is most helpful if all you already know is [he says on the census he was born in Virginia].  This book has been printed from the microfiche.  It is best read with a magnabrite.  The following books in this series are now available:
YOGS  CRAZY CRATE YOGS 14:  BOOK 8:  CLARK IN VIRGINIA.  THE RESEARCHERS.  Pages are alphabetical and not numbered but about 40. Printed one sided for clarity.  Cardstock cover, stapled and taped..  PRICE: $10.


Shipping/Handling Fees:  For newsletter subscribers only:  U. S. Post Office $5 per order -  I am extending this discount for newsletter subscribers on the U. S. Post Office fees for now, but I am afraid an increase is coming.  Online orders pay $7.

HI!  We're back!  This crate will feature books from KENTUCKY and VIRGINIA.  These are super favorites of our crazy crate members, so remember to call us starting at 10:00 a.m. I try to answer the phone if it rings before 10:00, but it is a long run from my room to the shop, and I don't always make it.  Please leave your name and telephone number on voice mail, and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

CRAZY CRATE YOGS15:  BOOK 8:  KENTUCKY SURNAME SERIES.  SMITH, VOLUME 1. (I have all that were published .)  Compiled by Colleen Alice Ridlen, Published by The Researchers, no date.  This data was collected to help those people who did not have access to the databases of today and who certainly had little or no chance to visit huge library collections.  Haven't you always wished you had a checklist to make sure you have not missed something?  Well, here it is!  The book includes the index to 1790 taxpayers listing 12 Smiths with their county of residence.  The 1800 KY Taxpayers lists 106 Smiths with county of residence in Kentucky.  Various references from KY Genealogy & Biography are included.  And that is just Page 1!  Page 2,3 and part of 4 give the entire list of Smiths with the reading of the census detail and the number of people in each age bracket.  Then follows the 1820 with page number and county name for all Smiths.  More of the various references she abstracted.  Next follows the index to all the Smiths from the 1830 census of KY.  More wills listing heirs named Smith, followed by an index to the 1840 census with county and page number. The Smiths from the 1850 KY come next.  This volume apparently only does the later census heads of household with first names from A through D.  Several pages of Smith marriages with spouse, date, and county follow this 1850 index.  22 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  HEADS UP! This was a lot of research to get for $4.  It always helps to get another opinion on research by someone not involved in s
earching a single family.  Multiple copies available. PRICE:  $4

YOGS  CRAZY CRATE 15:  BOOK  9:  KENTUCKY SURNAME SERIES WILSON/WILLSON #1 (All that were published). Compiled by Colleen Alice Ridlen, Published by The Researchers, no date, 20 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  $4.  This data was collected to help those people who did not have access to the databases of today and who certainly had little or no chance to visit huge library collections.  They include the index to 1790 taxpayers listing 15 Willsons and 38 Wilsons with one L with their county of residence.  The 1800 KY Taxpayers lists 15 Wil(l)sons with county of residence and 175 Wilsons with one L. This is just Page 1, 2, and part of 3!  The rest of page 3 and all of page 4 give the entire list of Willsons/ Wilsons who left wills in Ky.  Pages 5 through 11 starts the 1810 census with names and with the number of people in each age bracket in every household.  Then follows the 1820 census index, 4 ½ pages, with page numbers and county of residence for all Wil(l)sons.  Next follows Wil(l)sons from the marriage licenses of Bourbon, Clark, Daviess, Estill, Fayette, Floyd, Gallatin, Grant, Hardin, Henry, Lincoln, Nelson, Nicholas, Oldham,  Pike, Pulaski, Shelby, Trimble and Washington Counties of KY. This volume apparently does the heads of household and marriages from A through Z.  Several pages of  marriages with spouse, date, and county follow this 1850 index. 20 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  HEADS UP! This was a lot of research to get for $4.  Multiple copies available while they last.

YOGS CRAZY CRATE 15:  BOOK 12:  KENTUCKY STATIONS, #3 IN THE SERIES.  BY Arlene Eakle.  1993, 32 pages, cardstock covers, stapled.  A station was the name given to a settlement or stopping point on a trail where, hopefully, the traveler could stop, rest, and be safe for a while before moving on.  These are listed alphabetically by their name which often became the name of the town which grew up there.  Information given is helpful to understanding how KY grew.  [Example:  1.) St. Asaph-also known as Logan's Fort:  1775.  A settlement in Lincoln County, one mile west of Stanford.  (See also Logan's Fort.) [So, I did! It said: Logan's Fort Settled by Col. Benjamin Logan, one mile west of Stanford in LincolnCounty, the same as St. Asaph.]

2.)  Sullivan's Old Station:  A settlement in Jefferson County on the Bardstown Road five miles to the east of Louisville.  (The Applegate Family lived there.)] 
There are 8 to 11 stations mentioned on each page.  Lots of research went into this book to assemble the place names of early Kentucky.  These were the names the early settlers called these places and this book is where you find out what counties those places were in and where they were located.  $17

YOGS CRAZY CRATE 15: BOOK 13:  GENEALOGICAL ATLAS OF KENTUCKY.  By Charles M. Franklin.  YOGS ©1997, 39 pages, cardstock wrapper, 8.5x11 inches.  Regular price $14.  New Printing available now at only $10 for newsletter subscribers!
This book is a KY genealogists best friend.  This book has in it what you have always needed to know, but did not have room to store in your busy brain between bouts of heavy genealogical pursuit of those elusive KY ancestors of yours.  Here they are, all gathered together in one place, to keep you straight.  On the cover is the map of KY with "the big three" counties of Virginia from which KY was created-Jefferson, Fayette and Lincoln.  The book has eight parts, each one of special use for genealogists.  First there is a history of Kentucky Formation giving the historical basis for its creation.  Next there is a list of all counties giving their formation date and the other counties which were affected by its formation both before statehood and after statehood.  Following that there is a list of the many counties that have had a change in the county seat whether it be by site or by name.  One of the best features is Part 4 which tells about the major migration trails and traces through KY.  This is accompanied by a statewide county map showing the actual route of each trail.  But it is in the important facts filling Part 5 that a genealogist finds this book most helpful.  In this part the author traces each county through all the many jurisdictional changes in county name and location of records that they went through to the present day.  The chart for AdairCounty shows how helpful this section is:

ADAIR WAS CREATED  ON 1 APRIL, 1802, But its land was previously found in:        GREEN   CO. from 1793-1802
        Was in    NELSON from 1785-1792
        Was in    LINCOLN from 1780-1784
        Was in    KENTUCKY CO.. Virginia from 1777-1780
        Was in    FINCASTLE CO., Virginia from 1772-1776
All 120 counties are shown with the same thoroughness as Adair!

Looking for marriages and other courthouse records is simple when you know where to look!  Like her parent state, Virginia, Kentucky had many short term changes in the county, but a chart like this one tells you where to look, particularly for marriage records, at each one of those different years.  Let's hope your family didn't live in Robertson County or Wolfe County!  Those counties have eleven prior courthouses in which you may need to search for the marriage records of your ancestors!! 
Part 6 is a bibliography of all the sources from which the author pulled this information.  And then come the maps.  If a picture is worth a thousand words then a map should be worth ten thousand, and there are maps for 1780, 1792-the year of statehood, and 1912 when the last county of 120 was formed, McCreary, which was formed in 1912.
Finally, in order to save you time, money, effort and embarrassment, there is a chart showing the counties that have had major destruction of records due to fire, etc. and it includes what major records are missing.  If you have Kentucky ancestors, this book will be the greatest helper you can buy.  PRICE: is for newsletter subscribers for the month of January 2010 only just $10 from us.  You can get it on the book dealer's websites, but they want thirty-five dollars for it. 

YOGS CRAZY CRATE 15:  BOOK  14:  KENTUCKY BOOKS IN PRINT.A CATALOG REPRESENTING OVER 160 VENDORS OF KENTUCKY MATERIALS USEFUL TO GENEALOGISTS.  Researchers Publication.  1989, Regular Price $12, Sale Price $6.  50% off to you.  This book, no longer in publication, is well worth its sale price.  The prices for most of the materials published herein will not be correct in today's market.  Nothing much is cheaper today than it was in 1989, but maybe, in 1989 we did not as yet know we needed it.  There is over 70 pages of good information on Kentucky materials in this book.  Theauthor starts with state-wide information and general books, and then she continues with state-wide census indexes, most of those are our own Heritage House publications and still available to you.  Check out our website: WWW.YOGS.COM by clicking on the website address if it is blue on your computer and you will be taken post haste to our website, click on Main Catalog, then on Kentucky and then on Census to see what we have for you!  Following that are the county-by-county sources, alphabetical by county.  There are listings of ten or more for most counties and 15 for PulaskiCounty, 16 for OhioCounty, 22 for NelsonCounty, 29 for Hardin County and 53 for GravesCounty!  Can you afford to have research to do in these counties and NOT know what has already been put into print?  It is easier and cheaper to locate a book than to drive there and search the courthouse yourself.  Of course, it is much more fun to do it that way, but it is much cheaper to buy the book when you consider today's gas prices and motel fees!  The Internet has only a very small number of entire books on it compared to what is available in libraries, E-Bay, private vendors and shops, especially ours!

Next there is a section of Kentucky books available on microfilm which can usually be used at your local library and can also be printed out for reading at home.  There is an entire section devoted to Kentucky Family Lines in print in periodicals or book form.  There is a listing of Kentucky Historical Society, Genealogical Societies and other private genealogical periodicals in print.  There are listings for all of the vendors, but they may no longer be valid, although mine is, and I saw several others that were also.  An addenda lists those whose paperwork came in to late to be included alphabetically where it belonged.  Wow!  It took her over a year to plan for, contact vendors, and create this extremely helpful book.  It will save you time, money and further your research.  I have worn my way through three copies over the years!  Please do not order the microforms that appear on the blue pages at the end of the book.  Although this is of much value to a researcher to know the actual reel number of all the census for all the counties of Kentucky, I can not even buy it for the cost of what it is listed for in this catalog!  Also do not respond to any of the research information on the peach pages because that firm is no longer in business.  You still have 70 pages of specialized book listings with author.
How can you look a book up on the Internet if you don't know of its publication?  Once you know of its existence, you can begin to look for it.  Most of these materials still exist and this is a first step in finding them.  Plus you are getting a real bargain today, read on! For our newsletter subscribers only, this book, priced at $12, is available at $6 Half off in January, 2010.  plus shipping/handling of only $5, no matter how many books you buy, just one $5 bring them all to you!

Now for some Virginia Books:

CRAZY CRATE YOGS15:  BOOK 15:  EXCERPTS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX [IGI] FOR THE CLARK SURNAME IN VIRGINIA, A Researchers Publication. 1990, 39 pages copied one side only for clarity.  $10.  This material has been copied from microfiche.  There are a few places where the microfiche was not as clear as the publishers wish it had been, but use of a magnification aid will usually handle the problem. $10

CRAZY CRATE YOGS15:  BOOK  16: EXCERPTS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX [IGI] FOR THE JONES SURNAME IN VIRGINIA, A Researchers Publication. 1991, 70 pages copied one side only for clarity.  $18.  This material has been copied from microfiche.  There are a few places where the microfiche was not as clear as the publishers wish it had been.  Use of a magnification aid will usually handle the problem. $18

INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX [IGI] FOR THE LEWIS SURNAME IN VIRGINIA, A Researchers Publication. 1990, 36 pages copied one side only for clarity.  $9.  This material has been copied from microfiche.  There are a few places where the microfiche was not as clear as the publishers wish it had been, but use of a magnification aid will usually handle the problem. $9

CRAZY CRATE YOGS 15:  MAP 1:  MAP OF KENTUCKY.  $1. No name, no date, but a useful map nonetheless. One 8.5 by 11 inches page printed 1 side, perfect to keep in your three-ring binder with your KY families.  $1. This map shows the county divisions of Kentucky after the creation of Fulton County from Hickman on April 1, 1845, but before Taylor was created out of Greene on March 1, 1848,  [Information leading to this conclusion from the Genealogical Atlas of Kentucky by Charles M. Franklin.  See above review.]  Printed on nice paper and punched for a three-ring binder.  Shows major rivers and names them.  Also names counties and county seats. 21 counties not formed by this date are not shown, but date still makes it quite useful to genealogists whose families left Kentucky previous to 1850.  $1 

Now for some complete county printouts of Virginia's 1850 census!
You have surname, first name, age, sex, color, profession, occupation or trade, value of real estate, state, territory or country of birth, married within the year, attended school within the year, persons over 20 years of age who cannot read and write, whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict for each person listed.  There are 50 people listed on an entire census page which takes four 8.5 by 11 inch pages done landscape style in the book, so they are very easy to read.  Plus there is a surname index at the end of each book to help you find your ancestors when the census taker misspelled their name.   These books are softbound for ease in photocopying.  They are all done in landscape mode so the reading is much easier than it would be on a microfilm machine.  Wow!  I wish they had had these books when I was doing our lines.  The writing is black on white just like the originals!  The heading is printed as originally printed on the census blanks the census taker used or handwritten as the census taker wrote it, so you know everything that is on the actual sheet.  The number of the page is printed on every other page rather than each page.  BECAUSE If you print it out on a sheet of 11 by 17 inch paper you get one half of the actual census page, the next page is not numbered because it is just the bottom half of the sheet before it, so it is referred to as 227B in the index and it follows the numbered sheet in the book, so for each census page you get TWO 11 x 17 inch sheets of paper to get one whole sheet of the census.  If your people lived in a community long, they probably had kids who were born there, grew up there, and married there, so you can follow the married ones  who were married prior to 1850 just by checking their married surnames in the index.  Since you have the entire county in this size book, you can check the kid's entries even if they moved away from the home place, but stayed in the county, or went to work for a neighbor, or were living with grandparents for the summer!  Here is the list of what I have in stock.  All have been marked down $5 for the little ones and $10 for the larger ones.  The page numbers refer to the actual number printed on the original census sheet.  The times 4 is a reminder it takes four sides of the two sheets of paper in this book to cover one sheet of the actual census.  The white plastic comb bindings are not the best idea.  Some of the teeth on some of the combs are bent or broken.  Coil wire would have been better. But if you ever wanted an entire roll of census film already printed out on paper so you can see the whole entry, this is your chance.  No machine needed!!!
YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS14:  BOOK 16:  1850 UNITED STATES CENSUS FOR CULPEPER COUNTY, VIRGINIA.  215-281 pages (x4) plus index.  Softbound, comb binding.  USED.  PRICE:  $30.
YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS14:  BOOK 18:  1850 UNITED STATES CENSUS FOR FLOYD COUNTY, VIRGINIA.  377-447 pages (x4) plus index.  Softbound, comb binding.  USED.  PRICE:  $30. 
YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS14:  BOOK 19:  1850 UNITED STATES CENSUS FOR FREDERICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA.  200-363 pages (x4) plus index.  Softbound, comb binding.  USED. PRICE: $50.
These books really do make census reading a lot easier on these old eyes of mine.  There are some dark spots at the bottom of some of the pages, but they were on the original pages when filmed or developed.  I just love black ink on a white page!
Thanks for checking out our combined crates this week.  We have finished our first 15 crates out of 75!  We still have dozens of good books you will enjoy looking through in the weeks to come.  Helping genealogists find what they need is what we do here.  And we really love our jobs!  Pat from YOGS


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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