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Newsletter Subtitle:  Some New England and other Books withSpecial Offers

Month Day Year:  January 14, 2011


JP68 Crazy Crate JP 68:  Friday, January 14, 2011.


Hello everyone!


Well, the holidays are behind us for a few weeks, so now things are beginning to get back to normal for most of us(whatever normal may be).  Here are some good books for this crate JP 66!


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 1:  Writing the Family Narrative.  By Lawrence P. Gouldrup.  Ancestry.  1987.  First printing.  157 pages.  Softcover.  This book was written for the family historian who has compiled scores of pedigree charts and family group sheets, has spent years poring over forgotten manuscripts and staring into dimly lit microfilm readers, and who now wants to bring it all together into a final narrative form.  Five chapters discuss what is family history, using genealogical and local history sources, writing the narrative, choosing the point of view, and adding finishing touches.  Price:  $7.50


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 2:  How to Climb Your Family Tree.  Genealogy for Beginners.  By Harriet Stryker-Rodda.  Baltimore:  Genealogy Publishing Co.  1997.  144 pages.  Softcover.In this book, the author shows you how to find clues in family keepsakes and memorabilia and introduces you to various sources of information, including county records, Federal census and immigration records, military and church records - even gravestones, wills and mortgages.  Thirteen chapters include beginning research with yourself, keeping records, using libraries, utilizing geography and history, private and public records, church records, cemeteries, deeds and mortgages, probate records, military records, census records, pitfalls, and beginning your research overseas.  Price: $7.50


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 3:  Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs. By Karen Frisch-Ripley.   Ancestry.  1991.  First printing.  190 pages.  Softcover. Note:  the upper right hand corner of the front cover has a small square section of the outer coating missing, exposing the cardstock cover.  Also, there is a crease on the cover, running from top to bottom, possibly indicating that someone had tried to jam the book onto a shelf between other books and the cover was bent in the attempt. 

Seven chapters cover important information in determining the variety of informative clues shown in the photographs.  The steps include identifying the family, keeping accurate records, clues to dating photographs, public sources of information, recognizing types of photographs, care and restoration of photographs, and how to locate photographs.  The four-page index coves nearly 200 entries.  The thirty photographs used as examples in the book all come from the author's collection.  Price:  $7.50


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 4:  Family Reunion Planning Kit for Dummies.  By Cheryl Fall.New York:  Hungry Minds, Inc.  2002.   302 pages.  Softcover.  In this book and the accompanying CD you can find valuable information and resources to help you manage your family reunion effectively.  Information includes checklists, address and RSP lists, ideas for games and family-oriented activities, cleanup tips, and lots of other helpful advice.  Twenty chapters cover: understanding who to invite for a reunion, locating kinfolk, organizing information, setting the date and location, types of food to prepare, preparing for arrival of family members, bridging generation gaps, establishing family traditions, speeches, cleaning up the mess, keeping in touch after the reunion, planning and organizing future reunions, genealogy basics, exploring records and sources, separating family fact from fiction, selecting software for genealogy research, lessons in family dynamics, preserving family records and photographs, types or themes

for reunions, internet sources, recipes, and more.  The CD contains copies of shareware and freeware programs including Brother's Keeper, Calendar Builder, Mustfind Pro, Professional Bartender 2000, and WinZip.  The 20-page index covers nearly 1,200 entries.  Price:  $15.00


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 5:  Your Family Reunion.  How to Plan It, Organize It, and Enjoy It.  By George G. Morgan.  Orem, UT:  Ancestry.  2001.  169 pages.  Softcover.  Every type of family get-together can become a "family reunion".  The keys to a successful event, however, are to plan and organize a structure for it, get the family together, and provide opportunities for a variety of memorable activities.  This book is a guide for organizing a successful and exciting family reunion.  It includes chapters about getting started with the organization process, determining how to finance the event and work with vendors, deciding where and when to hold the reunion, creating a simple and effective record-keeping system,

figuring out how to locate and invite family members, planning opportunities for family members for all ages to get to know each other, setting up the actual reunion site, managing the reunion onsite, and conducting a post-reunion review so that the next one will be even better.This book also includes a wealth of web-based reunion sites that are filled with great information.    Price:  $10.00


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 6:  TWO BOOKS ON RESEARCHING CHURCH RECORDS:  1) Church and Tombstone Research.   By John W. Heisey.  Indianapolis: Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe.    1987.  30 pages.   Softcover.  Many people think that "church records" mean only registers of births/ baptisms, marriages and deaths.   However, most churches also kept other types of records.  This book provides a list of records sometimes kept by churches.  It also provides a listing of 168 addresses for denominational archives and 42 addresses for selected archives and libraries. Also included is a listing of the various Church Record Inventories conducted by the W. P. A. in the 1940s, providing the state and the inventories for each denomination which were inventoried in that state.  A two-page section also discusses various types of death records and where they may be found.  Information is also given on tombstone styles, tombstone cutters, rubbings and how to check a cemetery.  2)  Researching Church Records in America.  By Ray Gooldy.  Indianapolis:  Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe.  1993.  14 pages.  Softcover.  This book discusses the importance of the church in the lives of our ancestors.  Ten of the original thirteen colonies had an "established church" and almost everyone belonged to some organized church.   The church was viewed as the community "gathering place", as well as the community social organization, generally assuming the responsibility for caring for the poor, widowed, orphaned, and otherwise needy members of the community.  In order to keep track of various activities, most churches began to keep records, including tithing, births, deaths, marriages, cemetery, christening, membership lists and much more.  Many of these records were kept long before civil registration was required.  Sometimes the only way that you can establish your ancestors' birth and death is through church records.  A study of your ancestors' religion will provide insight into their characters, as well as providing clues to their movements, places of residence, and some of the important events of

their lives. This book covers some church records not discussed in the previous book, provides a listing of dates indicating when major denominations first established churches in the U. S. (prior to 1800), a listing of 85 church archives and repositories  (arranged by denomination) and the listing of W. P. A. Inventory of Church Records.  Both books contain a short listing of suggested readings for further research, but the lists do not duplicate each other and do not show any books published after 1984.  Both books provide listings

of church archives and repositories, but the first book contains more addresses.  The second book has fewer addresses but gives some sources not listed in the first book.  Price for the set:  $19.00

Multiple copies of these two-book sets are available.


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 7:  The QuakersA New Look at Their Place in Society.  By John Sykes. Philadelphia and New York:  J. B. Lippincott Co.  1958.  First edition.  287 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  This is an ex-library copy, with plastic cover over book jacket, remnants of tape on the cover, check-out pocket, etc.  The binding is good, the pages are clean, except for several pencil checkmarks for names in the index.  Most of the  pages have a slight dent on the outside top corner, where it appears the book may have been dropped and the book hit the floor on those page corners.  Probably no religious group today is accorded more wholehearted approval by people of all faiths than are the Quakers.  Now this fresh study of the Friends, their history and their place in the modern world explains what Quakers basically stand for and why that stand is important.  The author gives a perceptive explanation of the meaning of Friends' meetings, their method of prayer, and their testimony for peace and reconciliation.  He traces their history from among the radicals of Cromwell's day and includes superb profiles of George Fox and other great leaders of the group.  During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the Quakers settled down to enjoy wealth and respectability - laced with evangelical piety. 

This tended to cramp their social insight, but able leaders reawakened their concern for right action, leading to their work for slaves, for prisoners and for the education of the poor.  No photographs.  The seven-page index covers nearly 200 entries.    Price:  $5.00


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 8:  The Messenger.  Volume 23,  January - December 1960.   The Province  of St. Joseph of the Capuchin  Order, Detroit, Michigan.  About 140 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  Possession stamp:  "Capuchin Seminary of

St. Mary, Crown Point, Indiana. No. P298"   Also contains a check-out card in the back.   Information in this volume includes the jubilees of Brother Philip, and Fathers Alvin, Berard, Clement, Edmund, Leonard, Peter and Roland;  Necrologies and brief biographies of Brothers Andrew and Pachomius, and Fathers Basil, Celestine, and Pacificus.  Other articles cover ordinations, a memorium for Father Solanus, and more.  Price:  $5.00


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 9:  Marriage Bonds of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786 - 1858.  Transcribed from the Original Records, Annotated and Alphabetically Arranged.  With a New Index of Brides, Parents, and Sureties.  By Marshall Wingfield.    Originally published by the West Tennessee Historical Society, Memphis, 1939.  Reprinted with a New Index by Genealogical Publishing Company, 1973. Reprinted by Clearfield Company, 1997.  299 pages..  Softcover.  It will be noted that few marriages bonds are listed for the years between 1850 and 1858.  These bonds are lost and there is little hope that they will ever be found.  For the sake of brevity, only Christian names of parents are given, except where full names make for clarity.  As early as 1631 Virginia laws required that no minister could celebrate the rite of matrimony without a license or having had the banns published three times in the parish or parishes of the bride and groom.  Licenses were issued by the Court Clerk of the county in which the woman lived.   Ministers were required to keep church records on all births, deaths and marriages in their parish and copies of the Parish Register were to be provided the colonial government.  Until 1780 The Church of England was the only recognized Established Church, and ministers of other religions (except Quakers and Mennonites) were forbidden to perform marriages. In some cases, marriage banns could be used as a legal substitute for a license.    Records of marriage licenses were kept at the office of the County Clerk.  Records of church banns were kept in the Parish Register.  Colonial marriages were not evidenced by marriage bonds filed with the county clerk.  The marriage fee under banns was just one fourth as much as the fee under license, and therefore it is reasonable to suppose that many couples were married by banns.  Unfortunately, not all parish ministers sent copies of their Parish Records to the Virginia colonial and, later, state government.   A marriage bond was not something given by the prospective groom to the prospective bride or her family.  The bond was given by the groom to the State as a prerequisite to securing a marriage license.  Nearly 5,000  bonds are listed.Information includes the names of the grooms and brides, the date of the bond, the name of the surety, and a number indicating the name of the minister.  A two-page listing provides the names of 114 ministers.  The 43-page index covers the names of over 5,000 brides, parents and sureties.   Price:  $27.50


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 10:  TWO BOOKS ON MISSOURI HISTORY AND RESEARCH.  1) Missouri Genealogical Resources. By Charles M. Franklin.  Indianapolis:  Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe.  1997.  15 pages. Softcover.  This booklet provides a brief history of Missouri and information on where various types of records can be found.  Records discussed are vital records, tax lists, probate records, military records and divorce records   Addresses are provided for genealogical and historical societies, libraries and archives, and major genealogical periodicals. One section provides a listing of Missouri counties, arranged chronologically by their creation, showing their date of creation, parent counties, and county seats.  

2)Missouri History of Your Heritage.  By Anne Ross Balhauzen.  Indianapolis:  Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe.  1995.  90 pages.  Softcover.  The awareness and importance of understanding history when doing genealogical research is of

great concern to the author.  The first part of this book presents the pattern of historical research as

it relates to genealogy.   This is followed by a brief description of Missouri, and a chronology of the important facts that will enable the genealogist to access easily the events of the state so that those events can be fitted into his or her family history in the proper time period.  Chapters include Missouri's geography and  its place in history, chronology from ca. 6000 B. C. through 1920,  a research checklist of the historical chronology, a six-page bibliography of books about Missouri, and 21 hand-drawn maps to help the researcher.  Price for the set:  $18.00

Multiple copies of these two-book sets are available.


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 11:  TWO BOOKS ON VERMONT RESEARCH:  1) Vermont Research Tips.  By Fran Carter Walker.  Indianapolis:  Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe.  2001.  95 pages.  Softcover. This book discusses the early migration into Vermont, chronological growth of the state, town government, various kind of civil records including probate, a listing of research books for state papers, land records, church records,  military records,  naturalization and immigration,  private collections, town records and county records (arranged by county) and a nineteen-page listing of Vermont towns and their origins (including name of town, county, date it was founded, which state claimed it, and the Probate District.  There are no maps in this book, except on the front cover.    2) Vermont and New Hampshire: Their Counties, Their Townships and Their Towns.  Compiled by Joan Colbert Gioe.  Indianapolis:  The Researchers.  1981.  Unpaged  (28 pages).  Softcover.  26 hand drawn maps show the various counties in Vermont and New Hampshire and the individual townships within each county.  Information includes the name of the county, the names of the townships, the date of the formation of the county, and the county seat.   The remaining pages provide an alphabetical listing of the towns in Vermont and New Hampshire and the counties in which they are located.    Price:  $29.00 for the set.  Multiple sets of these two-book specials are available.


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 12:  ANNUAL REPORT OF THE OFFICERS OF THE TOWN OF FAIRLEE, VERMONT,FOR THE YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1969.  Topsham, VT:  UniLith.  60 pages.  Softcover.  Note.  The cover is present but detached from the report.  The back flyleaf has three columns of numbers written in pencil.This booklet provides the names of the town officers, covers the reports of the Auditor, Budget Committee, Public Library, Recreation Council, Road Commissioner, Selectmen, Two Rivers Regional Planning and Development Commission, the Town Meeting, the Vermont Department of Health, Vermont Department of

Social Welfare, Fairlee Water Department, the School, Treasurers' accounts, notifications of upcoming meetings,  Vital Statistics  (4 births, 8 marriages, and 9 deaths (each entry has names and dates), a listing of delinquent taxes, showing names of delinquent taxpayers  from 1960 through 1969 and the amount they owe, and more.  Price:  $5.00


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 13:  GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF VERMONT NEWSLETTER.  Volumes 1 - 5, January 1994  -  November 1998.  20 complete printed issues in one bound volume. 98 pages. Note:  this is an ex-library copy, with some library stamps.  The binding is tight.  Information in these newsletters includes the society's by-laws, board news, advertisements, upcoming meetings, family reunions, lists of members, requests for books etc.  Price:  $5.00 


Crazy Crate JP 66 Book 14:  GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF VERMONT NEWSLETTER.  Volumes 6 - 9, February 1999 - November 2002.   16 complete printed issues in one bound volume. 74 pages. Note:  this is an ex-library copy, with some library stamps.  The binding is tight.  Information in these newsletters includes the society's by-laws, board news, advertisements, upcoming meetings, family reunions, lists of members, requests for books etc.    Price:  $5.00 


Thank you, John, some of these books are certainly unusual and may well be just the thing our readers are looking for!  Call Pat at 1-800-419-0200 if you see something that might help you scale one of those 'brick walls" of yours.  Voice Mail is still not working, so please call me back rather than leaving aa message.  Pat from YOGS



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