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Hello! Welcome to YOGS Crate Crazy Sales

 Past newsletters will be available here for a few weeks. As books are sold we will remove them from the listings.  At the present time we cannot make the one-of-a-kind sale books available for on-line ordering.  So if you see something here you like be sure to call the shop and order it.

1880 Tennessee Census Records

Found more of the Tennessee books in a box from the warehouse, so I have added them in to the first list I made and am extending the sale through the month of October.  With these books you get everyone of your surname in the particular county in which you found one of them.  They may very well be parents of, or brothers and sisters of, or even cousins or aunts and uncles of yours that you would never find if you did not search the whole county—a luxury does not provide as easily as these books do.  HAPPY HUNTING! 


TENNESSEE 1880 CENSUS COUNTY BOOKS AVAILABLE Published 1977 - present: Softcover books, either arranged alphabetically by head of household or in order of original schedules with an index. Names and ages of all individuals included. (All of the books marked with an asterisk can be special ordered at the regular price.) Price for each county book follows the county name.  The following entry from the Smith County 1880 census shows you how much more than a census index these are! The entries are arranged alphabetically by head of household.  In general an entry comprises all members of a given household in the order they appear on the original schedules; any individual whose surname differed from that of the household head are shown as a separate unit.  An asterisk (*) identifies each entry which does NOT consist of an entire household.  They are either living with someone else or someone else is living with them.  The symbol (B) identifies black or mulatto individuals or families.  If the (B) follows the first name in the entry it means the entire family is black.  Where the household is mixed, each black person is separately identified with the (B).  The number after each person’s name is his age.  The number in parentheses at the end of the entry indicates the stamped page number on the original schedule.  Since the stamped number aqppears on every-other page, the page following the numbered page assumes the same number, so be sure to check both the numbered page and the following page.  The 1880 census required information not previously required.  Of primary interest to the genealogist is the data requiring the relationship of each member of the household to the head of that household—wife, son daughter, grandson, daughter-in-law, niece, etc.  Also of great importance was the birthplace, not only of the person, but also of his father and mother.  Sample entries for one surname follow:

1.)  WAGGONER, George 74, Hariett 21, Albert 13,  (149)

2.)  WAGGONER, H. 18(m)* (146)

3.)WAGGONER, Jacob 75, Celia Ann 35, Jacob H. 28, Nancy G. 20, William B. 7, July E. 3, no name 5/12  (m) (154) 

4.)  WAGONER, Margret 22*, Abner 4 (111)

In this chart, each book is available at 20% off for the month of October only.  Books with an asterisk are not in stock at this time, but will be ordered for you, if you wish, at the regular price as stated on this chart.  For books with a two (2)

behind them, that indicates we have two of those in stock to sell to you.  There is enough information in these entries to help you solve the puzzle of whether these are your kin or not.




TN-AND-55               Anderson    $15.00*

TN-BEN-375             Benton        $14.00-2  $11.20

TN-BLD-69               Bledsoe      $12.50*

TN-BRD-78               Bradley       $15.00*

TN-CMP-87               Campbell    $14.00-2   $11.20

TN-CAN-249             Cannon       $14.00       $11.20

TN-CAR-371             Carroll        $19.00       $15.20

TN-CHT-100             Cheatham   $14.00*     $11.20

TN-CLA-929             Claiborne    $15.00-2    $12.00

TN-CLY-9913            Clay            $10.00       $  8.00

TN-CCK-9651           Cocke         $16.00       $12.80

TN-COF-9252           Coffee         $14.00-2    $11.20

TN-CRO-930             Crockett     $16.00-2   $12.80

TN-CUM-931            Cumberland $10.00-2  $ 8.00

TN-DAV-9947           Davidson    $45.00       $36.00

TN-DEK-9304           Decatur      $14.00-2   $11.20

TN-DCK-9311           Dickson      $14.00       $11.20

TN-FEN-9403           Fentress     $13.00-2   $10.40

TN-FRA-9420           Franklin      $18.00       $14.40

TN-GIL-005              Giles           $21.00-2    $16.80

TN-GRA-9502           Grainger     $15.00-2    $12.00

TN-GRN-9332           Greene        $20.00       $16.00

TN-GRU-9348           Grundy       $10.00*    

TN-HMB-9349          Hamblen     $14.00       $11.20

TN-HAM-9652          Hamilton    $22.00-2    $17.60

TN-HAR-0112           Hardeman   $20.00-2    $16.00

TN-HRD-0114           Hardin        $17.50       $14.00

TN-HAW-9654          Hawkins     $20.00       $16.00

TN-HAY-021             Haywood    $21.50-2    $17.20

TN-HEN-0128           Henderson  $17.00       $13.60 TN-HNY-0127           Henry         $20.50-2    $16.40

TN-HIC-9924            Hickman     $16.50       $13.20

TN-HUS-003             Houston      $10.00-2    $  8.00

TN-JCK-376              Jackson      $14.00*   

TN-JAM-372             James         $11.00-2    $  8.60

TN-JFF-9475            Jefferson    $16.00-2    $12.80

TN-JHN-9476           Johnson      $13.00-2    $10.40

TN-KNS-9656           Knox           $29.00*

TN-LAK-029             Lake           $10.00-2    $ 8.00

TN-LAU-0211           Lauderdale $17.00-2    $13.60

TN-LEW-9826           Lewis          $10.00-2     $ 8.00

TN-LIN-9837            Lincoln       $21.50        $17.20

TN-LOU-0212           Loudon       $10.00-2     $ 8.00

TN-MCM-9532          McMinn       $16.00        $12.80

TN-MAC-9303           Macon         $14.00        $11.20

TN-MAD-015            Madison      $26.00        $20.80

TN-MAR-9531          Marion        $14.00*     

TN-MRS-9946           Marshall     $19.00-2     $15.20

TN-MEI-373             Meigs          $13.00-2     $10.40

TN-MON-374            Monroe       $15.00        $12.00

TN-MNT-9827           Montgomry $22.00-2     $17.60

TN-MRG-9657          Morgan       $12.00-2     $  9.60

TN-PER-9926           Perry          $11.00-2     $  8.80

TN-POL-377             Polk            $13.00        $10.40

TN-PUT-368             Putnam       $13.00-2     $10.40

TN-RHE-369             Rhea           $13.00        $10.40

TN-ROA-370             Roane         $16.00        $12.80

TN-ROB-9905           Robertson  $16.00-2     $12.80

TN-RTH-9817           Rutherford  $27.00        $21.60

TN-SCT-9503            Scott           $12.00-2      $ 9.60

TN-SEQ-9504           Sequatchie $10.00-2      $ 8.00

TN-SEV-9658           Sevier         $17.00        $13.60

TN-SMI-9405           Smith          $22.00        $17.60

TN-STW-9919          Stewart      $16.50-2     $13.20

TN-SUL-9253           Sullivan      $18.00        $14.40

TN-TIP-9254            Tipton         $19.00-2     $15.20

TN-TRO-9916           Trousdale   $13.00-2    $10.40

TN-UNI-9960           Unicoi         $10.00       $  8.00    

TN-UNN-9659           Union          $13.00        $10.40

TN-VAN-9918           Van Buren  $10.00-2    $  8.00      

TN-WSH-9421          Washington$19.00       $15.20

TN-WAY-9921          Wayne        $16.00-2    $12.80  

TN-WEK-011            Weakley     $22.00-2     $17.60

SS-TN-WHT-9917     White          $14.50-2    $11.10

SS-TN-WLL-9922     Williamson $26.00        $20.80

SS-TN-WIL-9255      Wilson        $23.00*      $18.40

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!


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